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House | April 24, 2013 | Committee Room | House Rules

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And not part of this has to do with designating two amphibians frog and salamander estate symbols and for someone who has a wireless vacation around here a little too much on the serious side effect disgrace and Amber Alcee logically must like to think about it but is even better price on young lady that I was approached by you are the entities and is built a vital hot into with year-to-date with her parents 10 AM graduates instead is a walking encyclopedia on Fox they are trashing of hers she can glitchy the Latin name habitats have been all patterns anything you might want to know about frogs and she is probably one of the best indication that our education system works because she has learned a lot and she has been passionate about helping other people learn how important these amphibians are to our ecosystem that I would hope that you would join me in giving her our thanks for bringing the citation and it will all do a little bit more research on frogs and salamanders now she like to speak to the committee briefly about available she can't Gagliardi would like to write few lines recently approached the microphone back there and then visible but you hold down and introduced himself and tell sorry cannot decided on our stand okay while primates already SMI slightly DSA anti-Semite as an analog for igniting them down where I worked with frosting centigrade when I started my Girl Scout silverware project North Carolina a a a frost able to be celebrated next week for the second year in a row on Saturday and because I was able to petition the state from a successfully identified and North Carolina/of society and North Carolina see petition banners indicating that belt includes the policy found in the marbled salamander species of which are very important North Carolina ecosystems economically culturally and in and highlight Mohammed is now thought to save their soil they are an interest in conservation because they are so severe they are hard to come by unless it's not wintertime with everything and at the first commenters here seem to start reading in December reading of an article… Finance chief on the status and health North Carolina which is a region between Piedmont and because the plane silence that outsider North Carolina found that at least authority must deal of opposition North Carolina MSA North Carolina and I hope that they will really help representatives say they are very high small area is now in and of the coronary the choice on our calendars and events and I much for comes victories appreciate you were actually really proud of herself for it for gems recognition it even matters are even there for some reason there's a Virginia possum and there will change that to a North Carolina hospital know what while we have a Virginia possum in their okay well you believe that will so this is the second possum bill right Whately gentleman from my On his marriage for a favorable report to House Bill 830 is that further debate or discussion saying last minutes I really adoption of the measure for please signify by saying displays nine – Z favorable report and presumably we will probably make this on the calendar tomorrow be reported out today by calling it a great job taking I guess you're talking about that air-traffic represents all represents air without frog list version you were describing the area that's not enough then it is negatively in more County down in that area so scale version of bolting this down he probably did know that thank you very much the next to next two items we have our request is you as his members know that we have a bill filing deadline that applies that deadline however does not apply to this committee and we have had to request the bills to be filed that are reviewed and I'm financing with these the following the rules committee one is a resolution was resolution concerning the town of Aberdeen concerning multifamily development members that should be in your pack

That's down here too that's like the mike stone day down here. Gentleman is recognized to speak on what is his resolution i would assume No this is the one we just discussed wit representative bolls. Okay so we already took care of that. That resolution that would be before us, that the resolution be found as a resolution by the committee and rules operations by the house motions made by the gas-tine all in favor please signify by saying i appose no the I's have it the resolution will be filed the second one is one where we get to help are former college representative Paule who left us and went over to the senate for some reason which is the house resolution helps recognizes the achievements of the 2012 university state football team senate Haynes of asked us to do that and file that one and i understand that the football team is going to be here tomorrow this will require members we will file the bill today and i guess it will be read in tomorrow and it will acquire a suspension of rules to take it up for immediate consideration I'm prepared to make that motion out of the circumstances the committee desire further comment the resolution see now a motion would be in order. motion made by gentlemen by Gaston The motion be filled by the committee of operations by the house please signify by saying i oppose no the I's have it the bill is adopted It appears there is no further business to be done by the committee. Yes representative Floyd please state your purpose shes always got style we will let her do whats she wants to are you missing us already i had a feeling you would there is no further business we are adjourned.