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Senate | August 1, 2014 | Chamber | Senate Early Morning Session

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him so dumb daughter started on closing doors. members will go to their seats. members and guests in the gallery please silence all electronic devices, leaving the sedative prior Reverend Peter Milner Senate chaplain. all members and guests. we stay change speaker: a spray gun. thank you so much Lord your another day. my goodness, it is a good CD in your presence. all we need really is to be in your presence on Jesus. plus, everyone from my left my rights and we ask you to speak and to help us finish strong and well and with diligence on. we ask you to bless everybody and we thank you for blessing us with your presence as an intimate friend in change speaker: therapy does recognize her motion change speaker: in this president 's Journal Thursday July thirty first two thousand fourteen has been examined and is found to be correct, a move of the Senate dispensed with the reading of the journal and that is sent approved as written, change speaker: but object to the Journal love Thursday July thirty first two thousand fourteen spams approved as written leaves of absence are right requested in with your approval are granted for Senators Curtis Jenkins Newton hormone Walters and Hartsell and Graham change speaker: go to the calendar. we have conference report that was started only yesterday that we will go back into house bill twelve twenty four. the clerk rate hospital crime. our local sales tax option economic development came numbers as we started as when yesterday we will pick up Bob Oakley where we left off as a further discussion or debate centers on what purpose Roth, change speaker: thanks present to debate a motion young floor. thank you I will stimulate the economic development pieces are all good. well for those our ministry about one specific provision that targeting of wake County and the limitation of the authority that it currently possesses, and Senator Richard said something telling us out. he said this under blue. he should be thrilled and happy he's as comfortable telling them to remove how he should feel about a provision that affects this county, about which there was no consultation or discussion, and he is telling the voters of wake County. they no longer have the authority they have under current law, which is a quarter cent for any purpose.# for France this accounting method, but it's taken care of in the cement, Guilford County thing care of. now the two outliers of foresight and white. it is impossible in ninety days to start a referendum campaign, and there's been no groundwork balance you are all but killing it for wake County and view love for this will be hurting wake County. now, after families of two and three quarters potential down orange for the Mecklenburg of those voters endorse the quarter cent. where is the purity and two and a half cents. why are you saying with you within ninety days him five years when this authority was initially granted the grandfather involved. this is an example of you all talented people like County one million strong. it's, you know better than we what our priorities are and you don't argument against change speaker: further discussion, but change speaker: if you don't, but would set it as the passage of the motion without proper support House Bill twelve twenty four: favorable vote. I all those above. note five seconds. the voting court in Córdoba, thirty two, having voted in the affirmative and eleven in the negative. the conference report motion to adopt is solved is passed and the house will be so notified

him for drugs as well as the calendar that your motion is Change speaker: present. I move that we could Senate resolution eight eight one, at the end of this calendar. Please Change speaker: let objection. the water is Change speaker: present, Somerville seven twenty nine down the calendar asset we put it right before a eighty one next last own church 's order, Senegal four oh three clerk root Change speaker: server for three Omnibus election clarification Change speaker: accounts is going on, but I guess Richard 's original address are thank you, Change speaker: Senator Bingham was kind enough to let me have a chance to do this if you could change his mind. okay him, Senator Mister President, you said I did such a great job in the last one I'm going to make it will bring for funding. we had a great meeting yesterday in rules and had a chance to go over this point by point. the representative Lewis, along with Erica Churchill from our staff did an excellent job in explaining every one of these sections. in essence, members of the Senate. what we've done is we have some corrective language. we have some provisions that actually you know, open up the opportunity for potentially more hours in early voting is clarification. there is in addition to that there is a requirement for in IV January first two thousand thirty what finance reports and then, with that being said, Mister President, I'll respond to any questions by the members Change speaker: further discussion or debate the loop will procure raw Apple Change speaker: must do, and again after Hawaii am so proudly about getting the Burke County authorities that he's unwilling to give wake County at limitary what I'm talking about on page seven of the bill. it's got a provision relating to special elections. I just told you that after chamber that language to do this bond issue last year has done the pulling and studying himself. they decided that the time to to get the highest possible voter turnout on this issue was an the idea. so we did. this referendum referendum in twenty thirteen on this. you are now making it illegal for anybody other than Mecklenburg County. I believe I have a referendum on an idea this is what it does. special elections procedures for Carling and it says that they can set up on the dates, counties, municipalities, and special districts are encouraged to send it on a date that will result in the highest possible to turn out. however, the elections media have only as follows. at the same time as any other election requiring all precincts in the county to be open so that sixty five, seventy percent of the population is in Raleigh and Cary. they were having municipal elections in October. anyhow, the biggest number of voters in the county to have Italians were having elections, but all of the County did not have to be open. I was not countywide election so that this is all I can mandate that I may be others that have bad elections and odd-numbered years, you took away from us last year, the ability to have school board elections in a non- odd-numbered year we moved them to the numbered years and so has I think a couple of issues that account he wants all three sites are open and I

him us him the searches we can only have these special elections during the primary of the general election. you can happen when you want to focus attention on the issue that you'retrying to discuss. that's partially why they decided they decided to do the election here in the odd-numbered year ended in October. in addition, saving money, because also present in the county were open, but out of the precincts in the County will open open open so you are an unintended consequence. when you trying to govern from on high and determined that you got all the answers that we get caught up in a lot of the stuff here in wake County of their two thousand and original seems to get going down the Mecklenburg County, but if I'll I'll I'll let you I listened as the event from Charlotte for international and other places. talk about how he kept innovating in local decision-making, and it seems that weight is a place to want to focus on during the short session that you know better how to run the affairs in wake County from down in Mecklenburg County and the falcon Lake County know how to run our affairs.other than that, again, this is a great deal. it just figures out a way to adversely affect our County and ways that would matter. now, maybe it won't matter in the other counties that you can't do it in odd numbered years, but it would've mattered in this county and one of the most important. we can some voting against this bill to Change speaker: discuss or debate airing on question for the Senate is the motion to concur in health, substance Senate Bill four oh three, all in favor the motion load. I hope those. but note five seconds eleven about important Córdoba, thirty two, having voted in the affirmative and eleven in the negative. the young motion passes, and the bill will be enrolled in• Senate Bill seven forty four comfort report for adoption. third reading roll call for Karen Change speaker: Samuel seven forty four appropriations act of twenty fourteen. the further discussion or debate on this bill. all this comfortable Change speaker: hearing on possible, so does the passage on third reading of the motion to adopt, or the Senate bill seven forty four Lafayette Road, but I'll puzzled about five seconds bailout for the bug report, record, but thirty three, having voted in the affirmative and and and the negative. the motion is the past and the conference report is adopted and the house will be so notified Senate Bill seven twenty nine court ruling Change speaker: Senate bill seven twenty nine Croat management act twenty fourteen. there are possibly as president, Senate Bill seven twenty nine. I'm a ability for the own rules of operation is Change speaker: that objection, so ordered Change speaker: Senate joint resolution eight eighty one clerk really think of a name on a enjoyment in the rapid authors recognize the one resolution famous present members, some favorite time of the legislative session. this is the adjournment resolution will like to send forth an amendment to board Change speaker: your amendment route seven. move your

him not to recognize the one human thing as Change speaker: members of this amendment amends parts of the present resolution. what it does is begin when we talk to set and roles. this morning we have a session seven August fourteenth. if we need to come in. if not, it'll be skeletal will also come in on the seventeenth of November Monday the seventeenth at that session we will take Medicaid reform any bills relating to claims and litigation to the state will also take up any additional. they goes by the Governor or any other objections, confirmations will be on the seventeenth of November. also, and also any bills relating to coal ash management will be listed on that does basically what this amendment does. I recommend it to them one hundred of them, Change speaker: further discussion or debate on amendment one Senate joint resolution eight eighty one. on question Wilson's passage of amendment one two Senate joint resolution eight eighty one, all if I ruled it out." note five seconds eleven. the boating or report about forty one, having voted in the affirmative, and to the negative men, one passes and one. resolution is eight eighty one, is that we as a further discussion or debate the rapid authors recognize. Change speaker: I think the amendment, as well as lines. the bill. I guess we had a couple people don't want to go, so I recommend this, they were yesterday. there would work throughout the debate over secondary. you have the floor. Change speaker: some of us want to go home and that's why it is resolution said and included subdivision five, section four a joint resolution adjourning twenty thirteen regular sessions and assembly sine die at different subordinates that this is the never-ending session folks, it's August. I spoke to us all press conference where it will then be done in June and August ninety one does come back in two weeks and then come back in three months. I'm going to guess this is we need to be done and completely done Change speaker: earlier discussed, but this address. the rapid author Philip Roth Spiegelman, Bill, you have full maintenance Change speaker: present members of my different in the back rows. sometime lend itself to exaggeration. I don't think I'm again with the possibility dominated two weeks isn't that big of a deal. and after right before Thanksgiving. again, I don't think that's that large of a deal to cover issues that are vital to the state. but if we're going to talk about yet. leave in July fourth. I can remember days in the last twelve years that we were about fifteen years ago when we were almost here for Christmas. I think we celebrated Halloween, so less only disingenuous when were talking about calendars because we I was wrong with the session. so again, I recommend is that you Change speaker: program the president of the hearing on what was said is a passage on second reading of said Senate joint resolution eighty one. all unfavorable but I'll close, but not about second eleven, voting record about thirty nine, having voted in the affirmative, and I'm sorry Brian, forty, having voted in the affirmative and three, the negative said joint resolution eight eighty one has passed its second reading and will be read or not. Change speaker: Jackson is a rejection of the best drive in a family that

what dog is the sort of further discussion or debate during unquestioned was a special third readings in joint resolution eight eighty one, all in favor say I followed Moses. I know the Sabbath density joint resolution eight eighty one as passed its third reading and will be sent to the house. now alone, although in the argument will be engrossed the week. we are not quite totally finished yet. sorry I have forgot I have a couple of lines and then not, I'll recognize sooner fight for most first of all, they are or will get the number right. six members of his body, you are not coming back next year that may be more, but there at least six and I would just like to recognize each of them center, Jenkins Center Walters, Sir Graham are not in saber. now they have excused absences that they will not be back on center Goolsby Sirhan consider all ran have also indicated that they are not seeking reelection and they will not buy a bigot is so appropriate for the Senate to recognize the those numbers to have served with distinction over the past thirty years and not at that time. other of the last day. so while I would ask that, though, that we recognize that her Goolsby Sirhan; I could reserve him a him that would procure Change speaker: a just and the one and then come back in November, so Change speaker: you never know. Change speaker: I have one other thing I want one other upwardly recognized parties Sheryl. it was a member of videos that the Sergeant at arms, all is well leaving tonight after thirteen years with Sergeant at arms and where is earning in the back. I would ask that the that he be recognized as well. hike him Change speaker: the world of business income for the soon to spread their white Change speaker: woodwork throughout PowerPoint personal privilege and floor. I just like to wish handset or are in turn raised twenty four today and she got shared cells that will I just like to wish a happy birthday him and other further noses are announced Change speaker: if not you recognize similar paper. most Change speaker: Mister President, I move that the Senate do now adjourn. subject to messages from the Hassan November referral room for those resolutions, the receipt of conference reports the ratification of girls appointment of conferees to reconvene on Saturday August second two thousand fourteen at ten a.m., Change speaker: which will be session motion is set to do now adjourn subject of stipulations stated by certified weakening on Saturday August second two thousand fourteen at ten a.m. seconded by Senator Jackson. all they will say I hope those low guys have it, and the Senate stands ajar