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Senate | July 31, 2014 | Chamber | Senate Evening Session

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will come to your builder saves members guessing. please silence all electronic vices that is back in session members saw before we get any business that I have a couple things. one excused absences are granted for Senators, Harmon and Hartsell and am pleased to note that centered on his back and shine him at but also like to dislike moment members through a recognized with three pages to have been serving this week and while all the other pages were dismissed. though this afternoon. of these three have decided to hang around and help us out. so why would appreciate if you recognize them for for saying with him for some reason, they are extremely interested in him. what would been doing and then we haven't scared them off yet so that so it's really good messages from the house clerk rate Change speaker: misprint that it is one of the message be sent to the Senate informing them are more body. the representative went now have been removed the covering of representing the D Hall and attitude as comfrey, your house Bill two seventy two sank may substitute that the vision, ability and time back to one provided vision motor vehicles hearing on license for vocations and a result, driving while impaired vision analog violations. we held a license County residents to direct the motor vehicle is your senile registration no circle for each vehicle registration plate three. clarify earlier permanent him all the Obama fairly recognized tribe for clarify application of dealer fee disclosure requirement five of eleven million motor vehicles, place a license issued under the motor vehicles bill may affect the nice Islam probation. six. provide a notice of suspension revenue agent on the new license on the more legal development, manufacturing license law should be given: the roof floor of the Rules of Civil Procedure, seven extend by one year, fast fashion. this van is minority-owned and women-owned business programs and eight direct revenue loss that a major study digital dispatch observers speculated me this week, Change speaker: federal court for new rule next year I will take Change speaker: the rabbit outlook for Roth, Melissa must present the relative, Change speaker: the supplemental calendar• resolution eight eighty one. the atomic resolution I wanted to displace the end of the calendar and we didn't do it on our eleven o'clock session on twelve fifteenths/* mistrusting and unemotional. the work was present. I believe I will. on our last management act two thousand fourteen Senate Bill seven twenty nine, the not once but the drawback force for reconsideration. the motion is due on ringback orbitals are against the Los Angeles seven twenty nine Senate Bill seven twenty nine to reconsider the non- concurrence of Change speaker: without objection, so ordered Change speaker: I move that we put seven twenty nine on the eleven o'clock but it only ten o'clock supplemental down the road. the judge 's order. Change speaker: negative eleven personal privilege. you have more members than the best thing that's going on here, Mister President members tonight we're going to get into the crimes of mental calendar and window recess. the lab that time, we probably will have another supplemental calendar for your consideration. I hate to say this, but it was like the only way we're going to get our last bill is to buy the version House sent back to us so will will discuss that next session I can describe Change speaker: going to supplemental calendar members on health built-in fifty four court route

him before then. now they fear to the Change speaker: collection device is recognized. Change speaker: I think you missed friends and members is sending a running in this conference report as they consistently trying to get this enforcement veil on the houses, requirement, the Cape fear be added back into the building. we had taken out all right. Mister Sandel have no object to others, and would like to be added on investment or support Change speaker: further discussion or debate. the only motion to adopt the courthouse built-in fifty four Samantha Bryant. what purpose draws Change speaker: to ask the sponsor question, Change speaker: so I sealed a deal as I know is he late in the session, and all these different bills, get Ryan's around him. he would not exist. the provision out. we had a bad hip revision where people are paying for the sewer hook up even if they don't use the source of the light directly. what oh what are Change speaker: we changing and what income I can speak for the spring. the participant consistent throughout the other part of a charge for the impact the for when they run sewer lines from particular area individuals normally pay the bill, but the reading also the cost of having run the line. you may have the option of disconnecting, I am which you pay a twelve dollar monthly which comes about a hundred and forty four dollar year for industrial customers, our resident follow-up that are hardest to you. Change speaker: you don't want to take the Europeans. Change speaker: they were at a backhanded slam of the unlikely God suitably represents a very, but as I understand that this is the same provision that has been request for the town of spin. they'll honestly has to apply to one or more of Oliver Bryant also dies. he in fields. I let the other thing that the Zionist BL Rye other things the same, Change speaker: this is not change the fleas that can be charged. they already have the authority to change those on this a lot, but this allows them to go to collection is with property tax because of most utilities. the collection method is to say we could shut all utilities that doesn't work very well for individuals who are currently receiving the utilities. this does not impact whether or not they are authorized to charge and that's elsewhere inspection. this allows uncollected property that were more questions from their highs and real. Change speaker: you now have a number that he made this is the one that would allow them to garnish wages for these the right awe. this would allow the neglect and Simon are they reflect property. this Change speaker: resident road on the ridiculous also curtail the spread of viruses look taller. other visitors having this very reason Iran. Change speaker: I have centralized the question of ICU sunglasses as well, LLC AOL video in it. it's like the kiss of Change speaker: woodwork throughout the conference report you have the thing to give me concerned about this trend, and I'm deeply concerned about it is because what we are doing is first of all were talking about fees that are charged to people even though they don't receive water and sewer service is availability fee. let's say I'm a homeowner I owned this particular home. my home is that even connected to water and sewer are either that home may be vacant and it's not connected to water and sewer. I still have to pay that sewer availability fee will reestablish the right for communities to do that. the power. this bill is adding those further if you as we know the right to enforce collection of monies and maybe owned the same way you do with property taxes that mean they known he invited to a guardianship window in your wages and take it four stars or service you are not even receiving having anything to your situation. those fees dropped about fifty dollars. mom saw me. we were talking about a trend that I don't think we really should be encouraging work with on a slippery slope question is how folders live halfheartedly fall. I think if you would, as most property owners viewed as others if they thought they ought to be of the collective is the same way they can ad valorem property taxes if becoming a strain extraordinarily extreme. they can already go to collection agent

and let you make is easier in an immortal blemish on your credit report don't have that ability to collect the fees, but do you really want to go down that slippery slope and allow them to start taking money out of people 's bank accounts and out of their paychecks for services they do not receive personally, it gives me some heartburn. I did have problems to spend IL-1 in of itself is a small area. I did check with those from the Cape fear area earlier in the city represented Hager should look only needed and now I don't even know why Kate peers in their heat input in their it is not added earlier when it is spoken, centered mostly about it. he was unaware of them warning of authority are needing that authority either, but I think I have a much broader area down there in Wilmington area. a lot more people being potentially infected, so maybe we start on other slow all these other water authorities to be wanting it to is that really what we want to do is matter of public policy lectins are going to post by accounting garnishing wages, access fees will seraphic aqueducts, and because the guilt of requesting Change speaker: I went thanks similar things, not to know him and him and account member take clear Change speaker: anywhere. am I missing something, Change speaker: you grew up in their own many years ago I him him as he is actually a night and a you are you are the county 's that in now that Change speaker: we do not indicate if you are a job with another river basins, but I think what we need to talk about the best workout of what is a public policy as a whole policy, then we have to bastard run, then we have to sign off upon it. we legislate upon and I guarantee you there will be many individuals one day that I gave your area will be deeply concerned when their bank accounts are invaded. I can't support Change speaker: further discuss that are devoted to the rapid Aqua Park draws a lot of lot of leader microphone would still be on Change speaker: one additional question for Senator McKissick about my conservatives revealed Change speaker: the stimulus is this anything like that upon Change speaker: this has no relation to food, sex foods that have to be put up for referendum, typically in the end they have to be run by the population at one similarity I can say is that if you would put this up for both monthly and overzealous when you are down and that I can assure you Change speaker: there will purpose throughout SMS to Goolsby, of course, there goes video to yield a physical thing. it just came to my attention that I got to look into this more closely that also people. oddly, there can be seen, and I corrected liens can be put on people 's property for the use of anything that can be foreclosed upon out one day to that was what you wanted and you know what town of amounts. these were talking about. indicate the area that would be involved here were Change speaker: representatives from the local area place this in the bill over in the House and Senate back over some sort of you have the answer. follow the GOP field do you know whether or not it is simple and involves liens on property and the property can be foreclosed over the nonpayment of the sewer fees Change speaker: further discussion or debate their water. what purpose draws pests him question rapid author to yield you a you and I have another one of their own. Change speaker: yes, our Minnesota-based Otto Zeno River is the base. I share the map with you because the bottom southern third of the visit I indicate your basin, so I believe Senator McKissick is correct, then it does have validity in Finland, Change speaker: and I'm sure that geography with the center unsure to me. I is for the taxi done that so many times I Change speaker: further discussed later in this present them if you think you could assist in user you want to live

The plan say that if the mushroom them that this would have sent a few questions that goes to deal the center field to 10-nation EU said the unit nine don't even mention that this should be a part of this dilemma is that still remain the situation serving you have any harm them about the care about them that some of the masters seven, Samantha Mathis understand the company wasn't that MSN, the panel's decision and management of the national misspending fact, over to the form of a: (SPEAKER CHANGES) this is a conference report due the other than that, then you can take anything out like that and photo that are the discussion but their numbers for the same as a bastion of the motion without a compass courthouse build 1054 : Favre without those that no 5 seconds below the voting court record book 29 having voted in the affirmative and 15 in the negative emotion that is adopted in the house will be so much fun fair for what purpose arrive soon for pickup sure the level set for June 4 14 rout improvements at the speaker has represented from 3.25 different players said enough to represent the house bill could turn into a building and pattern had two weren't provided a bit more of it: giving a license revocation the column on issues like ballet should be held in life is having read this and that those among the provisions failing registration renewal specter for each vehicle registration played three, five billion, mike lake, the bigger than the senate 554000000 application bill if it is closer, five love to read them all a bit of-life issue, Monday, bill may affect the election law provisions 6589, suspicion revocation of Allies among them a good film and fact of life and last week in that clash with their own role of civil procedure seven fender one year, catfish and if they are the day of them women and that this program a director revenue lost study committees to do this better serve but objection that the one place a bet the end of today's calendar said bill 193 incorporated said that they must actively affect reporting requirements who was explaining this converts to a moment about two explained motion is my understanding this could say this in the page through the lead, zinc controversy for a while and as you can save the changes the 6 to 8000 as to $80,000 , and compensation that's the main change for further discussion and debate about this,(SPEAKER CHANGES) for sure of that seven of a question to the deal but if he'll but if the session sent as a concept as the compensation to them for those 3:49 SSM 9 , and that these basic compensation cases those with those steps of a , had a letter word from head of the data that put the value of that is as effective estimate as fast as this route to C requirements threshold of a speed of the governor's ??..........

him for Greg will center around what I think this does is there is reduces the number of people who have to file statements economic interest to people who are less than eighty thousand were no if you are less than sixty thousand four. you didn't have to follow your considered mid weight person, and now were raising and eighty thousand, which will capture more people who don't have to file, which to me seems like bad policy. why is good policy. as I was a lesser question presented logically about how to yield at my sons are rhetorical Change speaker: questions on those the real tors that I know that I was in glacier when the amendment to change this. he was part of fixing this piece and this is part of his language. it has passed unanimously if that helps. since his arrival that over there may not go after it was otherwise. Change speaker: I got it out of my garage earlier. doesn't everybody Change speaker: do this for the rest of the book works draws cinder block and are very concerned about this bill, Spiegelman, Bill, we weren't in your valuable. we will learn about the crimes, but when weheard the representative glazier and now sinners. I like to win everything position. thank you Change speaker: to run what herbs run up Change speaker: to speak on the conference report on on the motion gets a motion to concur regarding motion to concur you have a full on, I'm just concerned with. I seems like only speed three, we've had a revolving door of these changes on the net. it was just a couple of days ago. do we have another set of amendment somewhere in the technical corrections of some changing some of the same provisions, and I'm concerned with is new in a cave that rather than lots of issues about transcript areas about transparency self-dealing and other things that we're making it now even less transparent. what financial interest of folks who have the will be working in this new copy three and I just want to state that the record and interesting. it's that we cannot be opposing this motion, but also the only encourage others of the numbers to be more concerned about the count change. thank you Change speaker: further discussion or debate your question was that it is the passage of the motion to concur in the house would substitute Bill one ninety three, all in favor the motion will, but I hope those about note five seconds via level of voting clerk record, but thirty nine, having voted in the affirmative center bang on. I forty, having voted in the affirmative, and four in the negative. the motion to concur is adopted in the bill will be enrolled and simply go conference report for adoption, Senate Bill eight fifty three four three ten fifty three business court will take center barriers recognize at Change speaker: thank you, Mister President on at as a reminder on this bill has passed the Senate about four times unanimously. it is fast to house twice unanimously on it only has business court language and in the holding company, language, and in the time since it left here. I worked very closely with stakeholders to make this goodwill even better and asked for your support. Change speaker: further discussion about bearing on the question before the Senate is adoption of the conference report to Senate Bill eight fifty three: favorable vote, I'll close, but no five seconds bailout for the voting clerk report,but forty four, having voted in the affirmative and non- in the negative of the motion carries and the comfort report is adopted by the Senate and House be so notified crap. you won't win the two seventy two, As he ville two seventy three

but the changes number to the board recognized Change speaker: as the Senate the house. maybe the minor changes to the root, support, I would ask for your support. Change speaker: further discussion, but I suppose that is the motion to adopt the conference report to the opportunity report to house Bill two seventy two, all inflatable boat. I'll close, but no five seconds. the lab about important court, but said Woodard Center), forty three, having voted in the affirmative, and one in the negative orders adopted the house is about five stress Change speaker: sonogram. what Brooks draws on personal gives just one moment telegrams recognize remote person for Change speaker: this is not center left since the last time and thank the citizens of District thirty four. allow me the honor that privileged over the past ten years as a member of the state Senate him the is on staff past and presently working with me and my staff members my office last ten years. I want to thank my colleagues that are savvy about the Avenue in downtown privilege of working with them. certainly I would be remiss if I don't salute says approved the use work as he encouraged me to run in to get some sanitize them away and then Jesse Jackson, but my campaign and in the Filipino sixteen thousand and seventy year and sentiment just as my colleague from this mouse over and about tonight is not traveling to China, but then I do not have an opportunity if I was not a member of the state Senate, but I think I am just everyone for the privilege of serving God in this body. certainly there were times when her signature. thank you to the development of the thermostatic Dodge College curricular patent policy for the state of North Carolina two minutes and really enjoyed writing… in particular very good friend of mine reacquainted with this agreement are a lot of things that the iPhone. I cannot go to be recently went to understand this Internet that is about as well appreciate your friendship and your advice and you look pretty good living. but there is no that that I this is that not goodbye to public life in students a temporary vacation. I believe that being a public servant is not who I am, that's what I do him for a pretty good tennis player question is, so there's nice for mathematical methods. this is certainly at this step alone with him. I'm currently trimester have inherent differences( or enjoyment is him and his president. Change speaker: the roots that would verbally run and was losing you know thank you Cindy Graham, I will have to see you later that differences, but I respect everything you've done, the people of North Carolina. he did a yeoman 's job in standing up what you believed we made out of agreed that I enjoyed anytime being with you and we definitely wish you invest in the

you are a Senator Graham and his future in political life. we had a picture taken the other day. he uses an endorsement sometime in the future is in it, Change speaker: and I'm delighted to have that you are Change speaker: starting to work for hereof Change speaker: double that for normal men really good orders in the Senate should remember one of you never MySpace at it. I don't think you ever may migrate with him and I said is not like we are going to prevail. I will rather be stands exactly where is this… expect and understand them. I appreciate the camaraderie with the head of minimum was then alleged statements on you, but that value memoirs… look for drugs. Change speaker: well this is all warm and fuzzy, but others will identify and overcome it back at eleven says that my first privileged minimizing you have the diagram. it has been an absolute pleasure and you want to any time you want to come back. we love Betty all the best to you and your family was rather a move. Change speaker: the decision, but we may have some other folks involved in the profession to become gentlemen, Change speaker: yes I do it. I just asked him similar to have some sun. the conference committee reports on the eleven o'clock calendar him him copies of this is really how to follow them when they first have to ship on the screen when using Google to get copies of whom certainly appreciate it. I don't think that a problematic work that is our center talk report for drug and bruises will be Change speaker: unable all since sooner Graham stood watches for to your server via an always righteous player of following along with what Jerry said, I really do admire you. you want people neither can speak for five minutes without seismograph in the omission of your class acts are in good luck to you and that future endeavor. I just want to mention that am I who is in his early forties, one of my goals for mocking year was getting married and then last week Ian Joey and his wife Catherine Stans berry had a little girl, Jacqueline Diane Stans berry. she was six pounds seven ounces and twenty inches long euros one. few people that would be coaching soccer twenty strong Social Security sizes: abuses were live. I know that thank you Change speaker: underground Orchestra with an floor. I want to thank map in the again acting in the same time ten years ago to its disarmament is been that long, but it has been an and I got the map. molybdenum is a great family man is to dollars that are very athletic on a set of Vuitton monogram of them. I keep up with an final basketball and a dozen driveway. now it has lots of breast elves, notices in a very professional. what he does and I will appreciate that will go mission Change speaker: for the business come for Senate in advance, etc. not as much set up Change speaker: in the Senate now recess subject messages from the house and examiner will probably reform bills and resolutions, receipt number follow-up committee reports, the receipt of office records ratification, but in the appointment of compadres to reconvene Thursday July thirty first two thousand fourteen at eleven p.m.. Change speaker: motion is to do now adjourn. subject listed one of sorry resales, subject to the stipulations that must thereafter, Doctor reconvened at all not allow the thirty first at eleven p.m., seconded by Senator Davis, all in favor will say I all closed mode as having the Senate stand and reset him. I still come to the rapid authors recognize promotion of

him recess eleven twenty seven by the amount of Change speaker: any announcement so forth. I got most of the rounds recognize I must present the focus will help to spend recess. Change speaker: their blue duty to make an announcement Change speaker: says as racist. eleven with recessed within normal stipulation that we resist the single-sided recess with normal stipulations, eleven twenty four house bill twelve twenty four president of the Senate. the conferees appointed. the deficit commission Hoffman House Bill twelve twenty four and build mankind with an active member of local government sales and use tax rate to one half percent to give Canada the flexibility to move up to one half percent of the local sales and use facts of public transportation of public education for general purposes or for combination. there are to make various changes to tax and economic development involves calendar Change speaker: today so can't order members. it is some eleven thirty five have thought a list of the bills that are currently held here at the at the clerk 's desk for action of AR house bill twelve twenty four, which is a conference report for adoption, Senate Bill seven twenty nine and it which is the twelve fours. the local sales tax options, economic elements, I just say Bill seven twenty nine, which is the coal ash management. the bill, which is over concurrence and then the German resolution also joint resolution eight eighty one surround docket is my understanding that you're going to move through Wahab Senate Bill seven twenty nine and Senate joint resolution eight eighty one place on tomorrow's calendar Change speaker: section. yes, I object to so ordered and dog. we will then take up house bill twelve twenty four Asheville twelve. one portal rate Change speaker: after twelve twenty four local sales tax option, a con development chain Change speaker: services recognized Change speaker: the present of sorry sir John's record on Change speaker: thank you, Mister President. I'll quickly on lodges talk about the economic development toolkit that has been enhanced to GMAC, JD, modifications, new crowd funding bill and the job catalyst on. we really don't put the Commerce Department and opposition to do a lot of positive things relative to economic growth supplies. same of Bill 's provisions that you are seeing before this present this time I'll me know as soon as requested about age-related, but also like Turner, producers, Richard explained exported when I was right the first of its original 's record. Change speaker: thanks, Mister President says again, thank you you've done a great job in shepherding the twelfth twenty four through what they don't have some great economic positive impact on the state of North Carolina in five people I is enough of the Senate has one two two four on that Palin and I thought pretty convincingly. there are a few changes in this bill and I'd like to just briefly go over them with you their worst concerns about just some counties feeling that they need to have an opportunity to vote on the one quarter cents so that is felt that his views. it provides back of accounting the opportunity to vote on the one quarter cents general purpose of tax levy and and indeed give they do have that I believe it's on the ballot in November of this year. if it passes, they will be allowed to do two. seven five F if it doesn't, they will revert back to the two. five the second provision is that Forsyth

in wake County 's will have a similar opportunity to to have a one quarter sales tax, general purpose many for a referendum again prior to at the time of the November election, and as with the same provisions that if they don't succeed, then it'll revert back to the two. five percent cap under that situation if you remember one two two four V there was some options that we won't go in a lot of detail, but they can pick all transit or all education or a quarter of each so that provision will continue in their it also provides that part of this will describe the general purpose of levy that gives the opportunity for local governments to give grants with their sales tax, levy, and at their own discretion for any type of rehabilitation of either nil or any type of industrial structures on historic structure so that gives a little bit more flexibility for those communities of the revenue loss study committee of will also review the questions of the balloon validity of any type of subsidies or incentives of the historic rehabilitation including the property that will be done during the interim, and reported back to the two thousand and fifteen General assembly– also Senate Bill forty two, which we did of vote on in its similar contents to house Bill one oh six nine employment uninsured unemployment insurance Asian gentleman we had done a excellent unemployment insurance proposal passed House passes Senate. unfortunately, the governor didn't see the value in that bill. there was a lot of good things. we made great strides. we will see the unemployment insurance fund solvent Bible will see the fact that because of all the good work. this general simply did that somewhere around made of two thousand and fifteen we will completely eliminate the three billion dollars worth of debt. it's on the right path. I unfortunately am sad that the governor didn't see value in that, but for the protection of the businesses we ate we included the provision of a the confidentiality provision, which will minimize any possible increase in in the FUTA tax upwards of three hundred dollars per employee per year and this way the businesses will be protected and at some point the other good provisions that were written. this bill, hopefully in two thousand and fifteen will be moved forward and there is also we did pass, says Senate Bill seven sixty three, which was the Senate finance technical corrections. they are listed. they were included. not all of them are listed in this bill. some of them because of the fact that they will roll call will have to be delayed for another period of time, but the ones that are there are included. many of them were from the Department of revenue aware requests, and therefore we met that obligation. originally, the Senate got to go in front of you. we have loaded on each of these bills, and there really isn't any of the news they are. I will lost it for any questions, Change speaker: Mister President. in this book him, but center blue book for trial him him Change speaker: question the site is similar to, as I understand this. they tell me that night him and used to put a proposition on the ballot as to whether or not it wants to tax its citizens. open out of a sense for educational purposes. Change speaker: this is a United Ireland that that illusion will be the same one offered to the four counties that will burn weight, Guil ford and Forsyth and my understanding is, it wasn't. it was a general purpose of levying it was not strictly for

but if something contribution to make that decision is a you this is for you. please think this way to full site in Mecklen burg separate special demands. Change speaker: okay, I'll set it up blue. actually, there were six of them. the cooling of Durham and Orange already gone to five to two. seven five. this gives the other thoughtful counties the opportunity to do the same and we felt it was a very fair way for them to achieve with such we assume is what they wanted. Change speaker: now the question is Change speaker: a you and this that have not already have this referendum and imposed a tax on way to emphasize don't have balance. I don't have propositions currently on the ballot Change speaker: as a man. okay, metal bar does it ever does, and weight. my students considering it, and I don't know what happen. what if Forsyth is in the position to act on it. but again, what we're trying to do is give them an opportunity as you were critical of us that they now will have the opportunity to have a two. seven five and therefore you should be thrilled and happy to achieve your goal. Change speaker: now the question is present to you on page nine of this conference report of line ten lines ten through sixteen. it talks about the use of this text, I guess that would be generated if it's put on him him before December thirty first, explain to me what this program, which actually means us, especially when it says that that attacks must use the passions must be used for any unlawful purpose under section and then under section BMC 's policies may be used must be used for any unlawful purpose, except they may not be used for purpose for which a tax levied under article forty three must be used Change speaker: if I am correct in my interpretation what it's saying is that if it's used for projects like Neil, rehabilitation or historical properties. if it is a public purpose use that that is eligible for it. it is not for a public use, then it won't be eligible from that that source of money and I can begin: Change speaker: Underwood, Change speaker: I am ultimately also that the quarter sandwich. it was in the original bill was that you cannot use that transit, which is what was in the original bill that we passed out of the two. seven five past could be happening of after said could be used for transit. the other one is general purpose, not Saints go to the present of the Change speaker: suitable before you get it and I don't want us to follow up about two things I want to take your work in of Jerry: somebody sometimes referred to as the fifty first senator and not in this chamber is sought is retiring, effective midnight tonight felt my understanding is enough to leave the chamber before midnight or he turns into a pumpkin or something and thought he is in the chamber. now I just thought it would be appropriate from recognizing before deporting and W Lu, they use those

the excuse that the minor of the session thunder would recognize Change speaker: him as an Change speaker: Senator Araujo consulted the four senators who represent County about this has consult me, and I represent about two hundred thousand of million people in this county. maybe you could consult the other four. but when you're setting up your college professors mentally show something with you because we can see some a rather achieved what it has achieved both enhance economic vitality and focus educational pursuits, and I agree that family calendar, deciding what's best for wake County seven hundred constraints of what our Constitution and state statutes provide that for our side. I got a tell you an opportunity this morning. some lady talked about nationally certified and certified teachers in late County than anywhere else in the United States. that's because the county government decided who valued education will run a conference of teachers in this county, etc. above teachers across the United States County him him him last year decided we wanted to have the biggest bond issue. I can only ever voted for in the state. in the past, roughly a billion dollar bond issue to build schools in this county now say that because when, so then what's going on what's on the calendar. then I looked at the anonymous election clarifications bill for three on an open wound vote on it was successful in passing that bond issue last year by very comfortable margin because two of the chamber, which is a County wide chamber for all intents and purposes into the citizens of this county. it was important to put that bond issue on the ballot when they could attract the most attention from the taxpayers in this county. I like the bestseller for him and him have prohibited wake County from Clinton. it's about down thing gets punishment about the last few values willingly turned out for this different treatment of candidates sometimes and you know something that is just paddling in the things that wake County people about a prepared for the side of themselves and that's pretty much the way I see this compromise provision inherently smart enough. it is a compromise provision because it took us months upon months for the chamber first to raise the money to do this bond issue. second, limited idea from everybody who needed to be a part of it, and we got by and from the entire community across him will him position back on issue, and I was offended that this compromise does is Charles Austin with Johnny that this is a test in about five minutes tells us that between August, September and October. you got to first organize the people in this county. secondly, you got to raise the money to start advertising photos shows tax referendum. thirdly, you got to convince the people that feels familiar campaign themed and relevant. I want to think about it in place is much smaller than wake County for together a campaign and that is just the start about the start assembling your campaign team, raising the money and then going out

him, asking him county at .com commissioners meeting to talk about it. mind you they haven't put it on the ballot. they haven't even discussed the County commissioners meeting Mecklenburg County. I guess sometimes been discussing the cent sales tax to the county has been discussing both of them on the ballot and it means that some another. they planned it and they put together teams to do it slowly. you know you're giving us a choice. it's not really a choice, so don't make your solving the problem district created the wake County Botswana status in the House delegation was on it, but apparently there were financed, how you put together campaigns or just don't want to have the options that these other counties have in connection with using this medicine. sales tax is still allowing this county governments commitment to arms and the counties and creating additional transit system, a transit system that develops high-capacity as I said on Robert special remains and out of these other things against the light rail train systems. so, I just don't want to be suffering under the illusion that you fix this problem that has been created for the county. because you happen and I told the commissioners may talk about the sales tax increase. I was beginning to seven hundred letters him exhale what the issues we dispatched and I don't regret a thing sets in property taxes for schools in this county. most of the citizens of that state property tax increase feel the same way. now, fortunately, in this county. we don't have the highest tax rates, tax rates would probably lower than most of the opportunities that have visibility to have to go back to the citizens of this county and talk about property taxes to fund the things that we decided are essential for this County, but it's unfair. unfair to keep keeping on. wake County. these extra burdens that you can run us without any great reason for it can't for the life of me understand if you allow us to so determine our own fate. you tell us if we got to do it in the next session and ninety days just doesn't make sense. and so I think that's out of the young senator and made a very important observation. and I agree with him on the other parts of the bill that will create economic opportunity that the power funding and all of those things really do create economic opportunity in the same bill that began that children's economic opportunity in this county. I just want you to think about the gravity of what you do when you do something like this. I plan to vote against Bush, simply because this proposition about the sales tax and how it affects weekends and I wish I could vote for the other sections in the him. the sections and then move the financial investment outlook of the state. once we thank you, Change speaker: if talkative further discussion or debate on this bill will your way to need to all adjourned for the day and this will be unfinished at the end of the day will be taken up more and so on rapid authors Change speaker: recognize for much less frustrated that the main that the Senate do now John subject to messages in the house and a gunnery referral referral of the old resolutions receiving referral committee reports receipt of competent rewards the ratification of the bills and the appointment of conferees to reconvene August first at twelve fifteen a.m.

now adjourned subject to the devices that bus rapid talk to reconvene on Friday August first two thousand fourteen at twelve fifteen eighty a.m. seconded by Senator blue, all in favor say Ihope others know guys have episodes than zero