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Senate | May 1, 2013 | Chamber | Appropriations

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Let’s go ahead and introduce the senate pages. Christine Long from Riley, Senator Berger. I don’t see any pages. Oh here they are. Ray Anderson from Wilson, Senator Bryant. Annie Johnson, Fayetteville, Senator Meredith. Andrew Cavari from Garner, Senator Barefoot. Thank you all for serving pages. Now we also have our esteemed Sergeant at Arms staff without whom we could do absolutely nothing. Thank you. We have one bill this morning. Senate bill 337. Is there a motion to adopt which is PCS 15258, it’s number two. Without objection, Senator Brunstetter moves that we adopt the PCS for senate bill 337 for discussion purposes. Senator Tillman is available to introduce the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chairman and members of the committee. Work on this bill began in January. I have met with all groups that would assemble themselves at the table. All groups were invited. All groups had a chance to ?? to it onto the charter school board bill that we have now. If you remember four or five years ago, Senator Stevens and I introduced the first charter bill of significance. It senate bill 8 at the time. Basically all that happened with that bill was the lifting of the cap of charter schools. This one gets back to the original intent of the charter legislation and that was to set up charter schools that would be administered by the charter school board. Would oversee, make policies and be subject to the state board of education by veto of three-quarters of the members, if they chose to do so. Otherwise, they would set the policy for the charter schools and the PCS that is before you now will outline the changes that have been included since the bill was filed and on page 8 we’re restoring language requiring that teachers that teach grade 6-12 in the course of the core subject areas of math, science, social studies and language arts be college graduates. On page 9 requires the charter board to adopt rules for charter schools that will establish under what circumstances the charter school would check the criminal history of an applicant for employment before the applicant is given an unconditional offer of a job, etc. Then on page 14, clarifies that appropriation or use of fund balances or interest income by local school administrative units should not be construed as a local current expense appropriation included as part of the local current expense fund. That needs clarification, has been fought over and argued for a long time. This will clarify that and make clear the intent. On page 15, makes a standard change to establish a real property tax exemption for charter schools in the appropriate statute and on page 15 it clarifies the North Carolina charter school advisory council has been abolished by this legislation and we will now have a charter school board which will be the first part of your PCS. On page 15 we’re making a technical change as to the effective date. The PCS is now before you. If you have questions or concerns about any section of the bill, I or capable staff will be glad to take those on at this time. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thanks Senator Tillman. First let’s see if anybody in the audience wants to comment on this bill. Okay, hearing no one, now we’ll go to the committee. Senator Tucker. Yes sir. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Tillman, on page 14, section two, can someone on staff explain “data made”, what that really means? On page 14 section 2D. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Chairman. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes sir. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Your staff wants to, they may or I will certainly take that one on. I’d ask staff to go ahead and give their comment on that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Okay, Staff? Dara Drupte [SPEAKER CHANGES] On section 2A and 2…

Section 2B deals with special funds. Occasionally schools will have things like a bake sale or some fundraiser, and this clarifies that any type of individual fundraisers or special funds that a individual school has created are separate and would not be included as part of the local school expense fund. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Tucker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chair. That answers my question. [SPEAKER CHANGES] All right. Anybody else on the committee? Senator Blue. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chairman. On page 9, line 26, section 6. Senator Tillman, it says that the Charter Board shall adopt rules establishing under what circumstances a charter school will do the background check. Does that envision that the board could adopt rules that determine that there were no circumstances that mandated a background check? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Chair. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Tillman. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Blue, that's a very good question. We don't have state law now that requires anybody, any public entity to do a background check. Public schools, universities, community colleges, or charter schools. This simply allows the board to make those calls as they see fit, and I am sort of anticipating an amendment on the floor that will say something to the effect that if your LEA requires background checks, say in Wake County, then your charter schools in that LEA would also have to, by law, do that. I'm not opposed to background checks. Nearly every charter school that I have talked to does them. Nearly every school does them. They set their own policies, Senator, on this, but I'm certainly open to that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Blue. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Follow up. Don't you agree that, whether it's public schools or charter schools, if you're going to spend time with children, that you ought to pretty much be somebody who's clean with regards to your background? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I agree with you, Senator. You're on target, and, like I said, I think there'll be an amendment saying that. We don't have that in law for anybody else, and if you'd like to propose legislation that requires for everybody in all public schools and universities, I'd be happy for that, too. I think we'll fix that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Follow up. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Blue. [SPEAKER CHANGES] By the time they're 18, they can look out for themselves, at least the law presumes they can, but I do think that if you're talking about 4 and 5 year olds up through elementary school, we ought to be careful about how we expose these kids. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You're a wise man, Senator, but a lot of kids in universities are not quite 18 in some cases. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Robinson. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chair, and I'm trying to catch up. Senator Tillman, in terms of the section you just referenced, in terms of teachers in grades 6 through 12 or whatever that was having to have a bachelor's degree, but it doesn't say anything about licensure. Are you saying that they'll have to have a baccalaureate degree- is that in a particular subject they are teaching, or it can be anything, and they don't- I just want clarification what you're saying. You added a piece back in there. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We did. [SPEAKER CHANGES] And I do appreciate that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] That was for you, Senator. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you. Now, let's talk about the licensure. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Let's talk about that. That is a subject that academicians will debate, however, in Ashborough, we have a medical doctor that applied to teach a health occupations course at Ashborough High School, and she wasn't licensed to do that. Certainly, she was qualified under every standard in the world except the State Department, so they said no. We got a pharmacist in Archdale that wanted to teach a chemistry class at Trinity High School. No, you can't do it. He'd had more chemistry than every chemistry teacher there. I'm not all hung up on our licensure situation. I'm for the talent can do that. That's why we've given the charter schools some leeways that public schools don't have, to get these people that have these skills, Senator Robinson. We did this other thing because you made a good point, and we got it in there. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Robinson. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Tillman, I really appreciate that, 'cause I thought you had just cast me out like everybody else. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I cast nobody out. [SPEAKER CHANGES] But the other thing, too, is that, if you'll remember years ago, one of the things we talked about even in public schools, and all of them haven't done it, is that, when we talk about kids passing ACT, SAT, and a course test, if a teacher actually had the degree in

Angus Glen 's festival was a man in the stands and I don't disagree with you about the doc terror, who was released culinary near that of the teacher had been skilled and that particular discipline on the baccalaureate degree. The NHL that the children actually the performance was much better and licen sure might not do that but I'm asking in terms of being a good teams do not think that the point of your charter school pieces that people who have skills in that particular discipline wants economy and offer that kind of instruction [SPEAKER CHANGES] to them. So yes or some film, that is the marketplace is at work if folks will go out and raise money and set up their non profits and put their livelihoods on the line to do a better program for our children that are going to be responsible meeting this for everybody else has been. Why not let them try their spouse of the school you're going to does white will put the scores up and compare them. Let them have the opportunity so sacred for him. Under these rules and regulations that are designed to give them creativity and experimental love things that they can do so. That's why we're doing this in the servant and not the changing [SPEAKER CHANGES] question is chair and thank you and I don't know where it is in here in the life which led it talks about the fund aimed for the child leaves the public school to go to the charter school– Al is a determinedly shallow is release from the charter schooling goes back to the public school out of that finding out that funding handle the doughnut asked staff to give us a little break, that's always been invaded by donkeys my back and forth we do have the role spelled out in here that the own share of good health of your same biomedicine with physical research good morning, [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Robinson 's your question and I'll doesn't specifically make any changes to that particular quick overview of how bad that funding migration might work in the first two months. Adjustments are made for in an outmigration from charter schools, public schools. After that adjustments can be made for children with disabilities funding a pro rate basis throughout the rest of the year, as well as limited English proficiency funding. Otherwise, there's no allowance made for incoming and outgoing ADM of wingnut also the best similar to traditional public schools were typically throughout the year, you would lose students as the year goes on as a special and high school levels. As the students drop out of, or maybe are unable to complete school year seven and anyways runs parallel. After the first few months… there are you saying Brian and that message is looks good that money stays where it is then transferred to article the school secretary stays with OpenGL draw seven seven, [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mister Chairman. Thank you. Out of that, but that's Rex and Robinson wants that bad monies at the under the district from the case. The charter school with that charter school board. It saves thereafter that at second to forge a common question of leg. Mister I have a question of so Tillman isn't as non- correct that the only appropriations for this bill is the forty thousand four hundred and six dollars to set up the terms global limits. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mister said some ugly that's correct, whereas centrally putting the stars towards office and Mangino Pro remember when they were written in the following gifts and provisions again is a forty thousand four hundred and six dollars a bundle as far as the thank you senator out that that is the only direct costs associated with wisdom. Now that we are able to estimate there is early funding for the existing charter school advisory committee or council. So then are the fiscal note that it put together on this bill assumed about forty thousand essentially would convey to the new charter school board, so there's not a specific appropriation in the bill, but that's that's the one clearly definable impact on the bill does also enable the new charter school board to charge a fee for new applications that something potentially and I could have a fiscal impacts which would be supported entirely by new charter school applicants to defer to defray costs associated with reviewing their applications

Funding comes from the state Board of Education, but the forty thousand that that's correct exit Cinnabon. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you , I see where transportation and is not to be required in charter schools is not one of these required to provide transportation as an entity among the key directly to where it is there any talk about nutrition providing meals for students, staff, and we'll couldn't find it to anyone on the chair. [SPEAKER CHANGES] There are two sections are here and a lot of those but seven traffic that you have a plan devised homes go for the service of seven department. It takes two hundred fifty thousand domains also set up a kitchen start packaging and now since we don't get any capital funding for charter schools. Many of them are unable to do this and are not allowed. First use of schools knowing whether they have transportation, many of them do. Knowing whether they offer school food service, many of them do, but maybe they select those knowing what the situation is prior to all this time [SPEAKER CHANGES] I do understand that in heaven that I'll get a job scoop on the ground up, and I know the expense involved, but I also think that not having transportation nor municipal body clip, Barry of Paris in one eight two have a choice of sending the students that with no provision they are, they would be able to muster [SPEAKER CHANGES] all right assembly. It was when this question definitively. Each of the Ford the provision that the local window has to lease the charter school. Its property for no more than an hour if you good enough. Sure, you can distinguish this bug, but that is somewhat different than a state leasing to the city apart, for a reasonable value in getting it back and in the process. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I'm glad you asked. That's what you're thinking of the next property. The Cisco initial public scope of public school you're talking about public and private. About a different matter. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The city is not perfect yet. And follow-up with its government to government that I'm trying to figure out what the distinction is what we that what we did is change that may shall let me just give you a small example around the state, you have an LAA this got a rundown building over here sitting there and you are paying fifteen to fifty thousand dollars yearly that all the grass and repair the windows to get on down, you would love to get rid of that fifteen to fifty thousand dollar a year. Barton on you. You have no useful in this legislation, says Evan, unless and there unless you have a need for our glasses up his economic value to you. You got plenty of violence as a school board and Elliott, not to delete it. You don't want it but it says above builders at ninety nine, unusual wear going to give it to the other public school. But is that the Republicans are so all in all I hear I think that's the way to go within Cisco. The school, all I don't object to it. I'm simply saying that I don't think I think you got a distinction without difference, but when it comes to what reasonable value is a government leasing property to another government market value is a practice that we commonly engage in one of why we would exceptional and asked Mister is the reason is no-fly zone. The gotten their union. Thank you, Lisa nova subversion chairman. I don't think so much Jerry Tillman four nine o'clock like to move unfair policy regime in Tehran. He says the resolution here, the VCS for Cinderella three three seven of our worldwide unclear what the original bill unveiled the first committee substitute authors out those no motions and although no motion adopted asset you get to hear merger