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House | April 29, 2013 | Chamber | Session

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him. I also got to visitors when the chambers are to close the doors members and users will place our soft gel funds for the offer but represented just and are members of the visitors in the gallery will place and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance and your Lord, [SPEAKER CHANGES] we thank you for the opportunity to gather for another way to serve the citizens of this great state, and as we start our deliberations for the week. we just pray for your guidance in your wisdom, your love in your mercy with presidential watch of region, every member. this chamber our families back home and all the other citizens of this state, as well as all of our leaders across the country down for the communities and as well. we pray for Mayor Fox is the best take on a new role in Washington DC. we pray for all of those leaders and the signature give them guidance, your Lord me just ask that in your name in Jesus name on it, but the way to the flag of the United States of America and the Republic with a one-day God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all [SPEAKER CHANGES] ages will introduce you tomorrow when more people are here to the resident birds recognize [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mister Speaker, the Journal for April twenty fifth, has been examined and found to be correct to move the to be approved as written and fitted vermouth of the Journal for April, April twenty fifth the approved as written doesn't favorable say I is oppose no guys have a journal is approved as written petitions.moreover, papers address the General assembly of the house. ratification of bills and resolutions of article written [SPEAKER CHANGES] the you are on resolution rep problem presented off circuit state have strong reservations about ninety nine. joint resolution for the government Akamai from weekly prayer from North Carolina reveals the United and if the nurse 's airway producer is not only producer later messages from the Senate clerk rate [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senate committee. such of our house built by fifty five. ability got a knack, a laptop can use a design build method of construction, government presented for Senate Bill four fifty five ability .net increase penalties for violation of the Siegel agriculture to favourable Judiciary subcommittee be to identify forty five government. for the use of master metered electric and gas service. when the tenant and landlord have agreed the lease at the cost of the services shall be included in the rental payments and the service shall be in the landlord 's name history subcommittee be works of committees of record. Murray is recognized, r [SPEAKER CHANGES] presented Murray or the right performance subcommittee of this is labour reassignment bills. the full committee report house fell eighty three.connect CON committee recommendations noted, acetyl, eight thirty four Amman locksmith license act raise the ceiling notice to work with here is recognized as an informant for the commerce of job velvet subcommittee on military and I on bills resounded commerce in job relevant committee, Houston six twenty nine and definition of special-purpose project is you are asked for some more re- referral. I hear your emotions speak or act three referrals. the first is to withdrawal. I house bill three twenty seven from their preparations committee and we refer to finance and that is the fire and rescue pension revision of twenty thirteen. as an agency bill objected that a serial referral to add the health bill, eight twenty three oh preparations and that is the taxpayer transparency act of objection noted and then for House Bill nine eighty two withdrawal that bill from the Health and Human Services policy committee and refer to the Judiciary subcommittee and that is the modify Medicaid subdivision statute without

noted notice this is an announcements if none representative burr is recommended for motion thank you Mr. speaker i moved that the house do adjourn to be reconvened on Tuesday April the 30th 2pm representative burr moves 2nd recommended that the house adjourn to reconvene on April 30th 2pm those in favor say i those apposed say no those in favor say i those opposed say no the i candidate the house stays adjured