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House | April 10, 2013 | Chamber | Session

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The House will come to order. Members, please take your seats. Those visitors, please retire from the chamber. Members and visitors in the gallery, please silence all cellular phones and personal electronic devices. Sergeant-at-Arms will close the doors. Prayer will be offered by Representative Nelson Dollar. Members and visitors in the gallery, please stand and please remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Members, let us join in prayer. Lord, with the showers of April and the warmth of longer days, the earth shakes the cold of winter and we enjoy a birth of spring, which renews our world and the colorful shades of budding trees and blooming flowers. So, too, do your servants need a renewal of their spirit. Lord, here we are, your vessels. Fill us with your Holy Spirit. Fix our thoughts and actions on your righteous purposes. Grant us both the power of knowledge and the prudence of wisdom. Teach us how to be truly good shepherds leading your people. Lord, you have entrusted us with a great responsibility. Let our minds be fixed on your word, let our hearts be open to your leading, and that our hands be ready to do your good works. And all God's people said, Amen. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Moore is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker, the journal for Tuesday, April the 9th, 2013, has been examined and found to be correct. I move its approval as written. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Moore moves that the journal for April 9th be approved as written. All in favor say aye, all opposed say no. The ayes have it. The journal is approved as written. Ladies and gentlemen, without objection, Rule 12D is suspended. Is there objection? So ordered. Petitions, memorials or papers addressed to the General Assembly or the House, ratification of bills and resolutions, the Clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Enrolling clerk reports Farms bill due to ratified for presentation to the Governor is Senate Bill 175, An Act to Make Technical Corrections and Clarification Chapter 53C of the general statutes. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Chapter bills to be noted. Ladies and gentlemen of the House, the House will come to order. Ladies and gentlemen of the House, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to our Governor and friend, Governor Pat McCrory. Governor, welcome. [applause] Representative Moore, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For a motion, Mr. Speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker, I move that the bill filing deadline, which is set to expire at 3:00 this afternoon be moved until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. We have a situation where bill printing, bill drafting, there's just a backlog of getting members bills in, so we'd ask unanimous consent for it to move that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection? So ordered. Ladies and gentlemen, in the interest of managing the calendar, we will adjourn subject to, or recess subject to a receipt of committee reports, messages from the Senate and introduction of bills and resolutions. The Chair would like to move forward with the first item on the calendar. Calendar, House Resolution 190, the Clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Committee Substitute for House Resolution 190, a House Resolution honoring the memory of Ruth...

l Graham in naming Billy Graham North Carolina's favorite son. The house resolves. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Samuelson, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To request of the chair. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady is recognized to ask me to have the resolution read in its entirety. The clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Whereas Billy Graham was born William Franklin Graham Jr. on November 7, 1918 to William Franklin Graham and Maura Coffey Graham and was reared on a dairy farm in Charlotte. Whereas Ruth McCue Bell was born on June 10,1920 to Dr. Dennis Nelson health in ??, Tiansu, China, where her parents were serving as medical missionaries at the Presbyterian Hospital. And whereas Billy Graham attended the Florida Bible Institute from 1937 to 1940, graduating in 1940, and was ordained to the ministry in 1939 by a church in the southern baptist convention. And whereas Billy Graham and Ruth McCue Bell met while attending Wheaton College in Illinois and were married shortly after the graduation on August 13, 1943. And whereas after a few years, Billy and Ruth Graham moved to Montriet, North Carolina, where they raised five children, Virginia, Ann, Ruth, Franklin and Nelson. And whereas Billy Graham served as pastor of the village church in Western Springs Illinois from 1943 to 1945 as a member of Youth for Christ International where he ministered to young people and military personnel from 1945 to 1950. And as president of northwestern schools, a liberal arts college bible school and theological seminary from 1947 to 1952. And whereas, after world war two, Billy Graham preached are out the United States and Europe, and obtained international prominence as an evangelist through a series of crusades that began in 1949. And whereas, since 1950, Billy Graham has conducted his ministry through the Billy Graham evangelistic association, BGEA, reaching multitudes of people by means of a weekly radio program, Hour of Decision, a newspaper column, My Answer, televised crusades, articles published and Decision magazine, and evangelistic films produced and distributed by Worldwide Pictures, and now reaching millions through the BGEA website, and Billy Graham library in Charlotte. And whereas, over the years bill Graham has preached a live audiences of nearly 215,000,000 people in more than 185 countries and territories and has preached to an estimated 2.2 billion people through television and technology. And whereas, a renowned humanitarian and philanthropist, Billy Graham has tried to help those in need through his work with the World Emergency Relief Fund which gives financial assistance to disaster victims and Love and Action committees which collected and distributed food and clothing in BGEA crusade cities. And whereas billy Graham has received numerous awards and honorary degrees, including the North Carolina award for public service in 1986, and the presidential medal of freedom in 1983, an honorary knighthood KBE from her majesty, the queen of England in 2001 for his contribution to civic and religious life over 60 years. And whereas, Billy and Ruth Graham were both awarded the congressional gold medal for outstanding and lasting contributions to morality, racial equality, philanthropy and religion in 1996. And whereas, Billy Graham received the big brother of the year award in 1966 for his work on behalf of the welfare of children and the Ronald Reagan presidential foundation freedom award in 2000 for monumental and lasting contributions to the cause of freedom. And whereas, Billy Graham has opposed racial discrimination and in the 1950s and sixties never held a segregated meeting, but conducted fully integrated states. And whereas Billy Graham was cited by the George Washington Carver memorial institute for his contributions to race relations in 1964, and was recognized by the anti defamation league of ??

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on many important issues. For example, after her personal upbringing in China, and a high school experience in Korea, she continued to have compassion on the people of Asia and she encouraged her husband to visit, and later accompanied him during his historic visits to the People's Republic of China. It was Ruth Graham who dissuaded her husband from launching a campaign for the US presidency. She told him, and the family can negate this if it's not correct, she told him that she would leave him if he quit his ministry and the American public would not accept a divorced man as president, she warned. Actually sounds like something I might say, but in a statement released from the Wheaton College president Dr. Dwane Lifton, it was remarked, strong, steady, and dauntless, Ruth Bell Graham was the glue that held the many parts of their lives together. While understanding the importance of his calling, Ruth joined Reverend Graham willingly in his ministry. Though, and as the author of 14 books herself, she preferred her role to be behind the scenes. But still Mr. Graham recognized her powerful influence in this preferred role when he said, "only God himself fully appreciates the influence of a Christian mother in molding the character of her children." And then this funny little story that I thought I could also relate to, from the Los Angeles Times on her passing. Ruth Graham was once driving and hit the accelerator instead of the brake, sending her car crashing through a fence. No one was hurt, but in the phone call from California, Billy Graham demanded that she surrender her driver's license. Ruth argued with him, standing her ground, and according to an account in the Asheville Citizen Times, after a long moment of silence, Billy Graham said, "I don't recall reading in scripture that Sarah ever talked to Abraham like this." She continued to drive, and I urge you to support the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Bill Brawley is recognized to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. A few years ago I watched a program on Billy Graham which was on PBS, which I thought was really surprising, because I didn't know that they would cover a subject like that. And the thing I walked away with was a meeting that he held early in his ministry where he and his key leaders sat together and said what has called evangelism ??. And they came up with three rules. Number one is young, single, charismatic men traveling across the country without their families. They would never be alone with a woman to whom they were not related to by blood or marriage, above the age of six, or below the age of 86. Not in a car, not in an elevator. That they would never touch the money. They would hire professional staff to handle all the money. They would take a salary and that's the only money they would have at their disposal. And last, they would not criticize anyone who claimed to be in service. They might not work with them, but if you claimed service, they would accept your claim and not criticize you or argue with it. Those are simple rules that even a simple man like me could follow. And the thing that I particularly liked about it, we've heard how great Billy Graham was, and yet he showed the humility as the Bible tells us. This is what the Lord requires of you: do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly on the path of the Lord. Amend the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Pittman is recognized to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To speak on the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. I hope I can make it through this. When I was born, my dad wanted to name me Billy Graham. And my mom said "well you ought not to marry kids after people they're not kin to." And so they compromised and named me Larry Graham, and I've always wished my dad had prevailed in that argument. Being a pastor myself, I do often think of Dr. Graham and look to his example, though I don't think I'll ever live up to it. But whenever I sign my name, I don't ever sign Larry Pittman, it's always Larry G. Pittman. Because the G is there to honor the man who many of us have come to think of as Brother Billy. And I want to say the Lord tells us in the 5th commandment honor your father and mother

And that doesn’t just mean do what they tell you. It means live a life that is a credit to your parents, and thank God Dr. Graham’s do, and I’m so proud of them and thankful for them on behalf of Dr. Graham and Ms. Ruth. But these are people who mean a great deal to me even though they don’t know me from Adam’s house yet, and I’m just so grateful. I never thought I’d ever be in this body and I’m so grateful to be here today to be a part of honoring Dr. Billy and Ruth Graham and their family, and God bless you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Carney, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Speak to the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady is recognized to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker and members of the House and visitors in the gallery. I rise today to speak to this resolution from several aspects of my life. Sometimes we don’t all know the influences that have happened to each of us up here as we have grown in our lives, but I grew up Raleigh, and my grandfather was a Baptist minister and someone I looked up to. He lived four blocks down from me, and my grandmother was the rock for my granddaddy, and so when I was approached about co-sponsoring this resolution I said certainly, for honor and recognition of Ruth Graham for all she did to lift up and support the great man that we all know, Billy Graham. He was a famous – is a famous Baptist minister, and my grandfather didn’t have the famous name by his side but he was an infamous Baptist minister from many of his wonderful sermons. But I will never forget as a child, my other grandparents lived in Roxboro, and we would drive from Raleigh on Sunday afternoons, every Sunday after church at my granddaddy’s, drive over to Roxboro, but on many of those trips in the fifties, the Hour of Decision radio show was on, and I grew up in the car listening to that radio show a lot, and I remember my grandmother in Roxboro was afflicted with polio as a young woman, so she was bedridden most of her life after bearing nine children, giving birth to nine children, and one of her greatest wishes in life was to go to one of the Billy Graham crusades. Well she never got to go to that, but I’ll never forget my uncle buying her her first TV, and the family marveled at the joy in her life when she could be in her bed and watch the Billy Graham crusade on TV. So it’s been a guiding force in my life, the influence from my religious upbringing though my family, and certainly the influence of the Grahams in my grandfather and grandmother’s life. They did come to our church. I remember as a young child just there was this famous man come at our church, and granddaddy wanted to be just like him, and of course I was a child and we didn’t realize that until many, many years later in life of what his impact has been on many ministers throughout this country and indeed the world. I recommend the resolution to you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Ramsey is recognized to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes, Mr. Speaker. Thank you. Montreat is not the biggest town in the state of North Carolina, but I know some of us, especially from the mountains, believe when you go up the hill you’re a little closer to heaven, and for the past 70 years, Dr. Graham, and up until the last 5 years ago when Ms. Graham was called to go home, that Dr. and Ms. Graham have lived in Montreat. There’s many reasons that it’s appropriate to honor Dr. Graham, but Dr. Graham would not be here in the position to touch so many lives if it weren’t for Ms. Graham and I think his mom, Ms. Morrow Graham. Ms. Graham one time said when they asked her “Did you ever consider divorce?” and she said “No, I never considered divorce. I considered murder at one time.” But Mr. Graham’s parents were medical missionaries in China, and when they came back to the United States they settled in Montreat, and shortly thereafter, Dr. and Ms. Graham

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Representative: …except god and the family who shared in that sacrifice. For that I am profoundly thankful, as many others are, for the impact the Graham’s had on lives they will never know this side of [xx]. Speaker: Representative Jones is recognized to debate the resolution. Representative: Thank you Mr. Speaker, I just wanted to join briefly with my colleagues. Only god truly knows the number of lives that have been impacted by Billy Graham and his family. I stand before you as one of those. As an eight year old boy, I attended one of those crusades preached by one of his affiliates in his ministry, and made a public profession of faith, and recognized that I was a sinner who needed a savior. I continue to follow the ministries of Billy Graham and his family, even today. I want to share with you one of the quotes attributed to Billy Graham, that is something I think we can remember here often on the floor of this house. Billy Graham said that when a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened. Billy Graham was a great man that took a stand. I just want to leave us with this because I believe that it is the sentiment he would have and that his family has as well. In the sermont of the mount the lord said to let your light shine before men so that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven: that is what Billy Graham and his family have done. So I would just say praise god and thank god for Billy Graham and his family. I commend this resolution to you. Speaker: Representative Starnes is recognized to debate this resolution. Representative: Thank you Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentleman of the house, it certainly is a privilege to stand up and remember the late Billy Graham and his wife the late Mrs. Graham. Isn’t it interesting to see how a man started a world wide industry, yet he touched so many people personally here at home – and for that we are grateful. I grew up in Granite Falls. I owned a dairy farm and there were 7 of us children. In the summer time we would be playing – of course you would play til dark because you did not have air conditioning, so you did not sit in the house. I remember one time my momma hollering at us to get in here – we thought something good must be happening. She said for us to sit down and listen to the television. It was Billy Graham. I said momma, we got to go to church Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night: why in the world we got to listen to preaching again here on the television? She said because she said so. You know, sometimes, I think, Dr. Graham learned to use the media to reach people for Christ. I don’t know that it had been used in that way until he began to use the radio and television and know, the internet. I use to think, who would ever listen to a radio program and have a life changing experience – of coming to know Christ as their savior? There was a fellow who lived on the farm next to us that did not have a television, but a radio. He was in high school and doing his homework one evening and the hourly decision came on. He said you know I was doing homework, I really wasn’t listening, but the more I listened, the less homework I did, and before long I realized I was a sinner needing a savior, and so I gave my heart to Christ. Now, even today, he has the 106.9 in Black Mountain, saved on my computer. I like to listen to it here in Raleigh – I bet many of you as well. It has been wonderful that the Grahams have been able to administer to people around the world and yet never lost touch with the people here in NC. Even today, Dr. Graham is planning today to have one last evangelical mission. It is my hope that it is being prepared for right now. I know that you have an opportunity to click on it and participate. I have signed up and others have as well. He has not quit. He is ninety something

years old and yet he's still going, still working, still doing his part to serve the Lord. And if he could do that much at his age, how could we do any less? Mr. Speaker I commend the resolution to you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Mobley is recognized to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. Just briefly my mother has always said and many others that behind every man there's a great woman. So we know she had to be a great woman to stand behind such a great man. However, I can remember when I was a little girl and most of the time you weren't interested in a program such as this one but you wanted to see cartoons. My brothers wanted to see a cowboy and those are the things that you remember greatly. But the thing that I remembered most about the Billy Graham crusade was his teaching that I enjoyed. Surprisingly yes, we enjoyed it. But what I enjoyed most of all was the closing and the singing of the hymn Just As I Am. And as you sat there and you watched people coming from it seemed like miles up walking down to the alter for prayer, that's what I remember most and I do commend the bill to you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Further discussion further debate. If not the question before the House is the passage of the House Committee Substitute for House Resolution 190. All those in favor vote aye all opposed vote no. The clerk will open the vote. The clerk will allow time for the members to return to their seats. The clerk will allow the machine to record the vote. 117 have voted affirmative and none in the negative. The House Committee substitute for House Bill 190 has been adopted will be ordered printed. The clerk will also record the chair who was concerned with getting other members back to their seat he did not press his button I will be recorded as having voted aye. Ladies and gentlemen of the house the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery on behalf of all members to Franklin Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, Annie Lotz, Mara Rigmeier, Rachel Ruth Lotz and Dee Ann Ballard executive assistant. Please stand and let us welcome you. Members by way of housekeeping we will be going into recess at 2:30. We with the bodies' permission the chair hopes to move to House Bill 127 in a moment in the interest of individuals in the gallery who will be recognized at the appropriate time. The hearing on voter ID will commence at that time and it is anticipated that it will go until 8 p.m. At this time we anticipate coming back into session for some period of time at 8 p.m. Calendar. House Bill 127 the clerk will read. Ladies and gentlemen if the clerk the chair forgets that we started at 2:30 we're gonna go until 3:50. The ID the voter ID hearing begins at 4. Chair stands corrected. Clerk may continue. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Committee substitute for House Bill 127 a bill to entitle an act directing the state board

of education you require one arts education credit for graduation. General Assembly of North Carolina, enacts. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Carney, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To speak to the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady is recognized to debate the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen of the House, this bill got a good hearing in education yesterday, and I shared with those on the education committee that I was reminded of Abraham Lincoln's quote, "I will study and get ready and perhaps my time will come." Well there are a lot of us in this chamber, both in our chamber and in the Senate chamber, that for the last seven years have been working on arts and arts education in our state. And I really thank you all for those that voted in committee. The bill simply says, and we have moved to the support of DPI, the association of administrators, we have the support because in requiring arts as a graduation requirement, you have to take one arts course between sixth grade and seventh grade. Between sixth grade and seventh grade, one arts course, that's all you have to take. Seventy-five to eighty percent of our students in this state are already taking an arts course. There are some that are not getting it because it's not required and it's not in their county. But I ask for your support and would welcome any questions. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Adams, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. To speak on the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady is recognized to debate the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the House. Like most human endeavors, art is what's right for the greatest number of people. And if it pleases one ?? individual thing, but when it appeals to many by its own nature, it is a greater force. I'm pleased to support this bill because of all I know about how the arts impact our society. Most especially how it impacts our children. Clearly the arts are avenues for expression and communicating all we feel and do. And sometimes through singing, sometimes through writing, sometimes through dance. And like in my own work as a visual artist, sometimes through the manipulation of two and three-dimensional mediums, whether in painting or drawing or print making or sculpture. And while the arts bring special meaning to communities, when the arts flourish, communities flourish and thrive. Today's knowledge-based economy requires workers who can think creatively and who can solve problems. Individuals who can reason and analyze and have complex thinking skills. I've been an art educator all of my life. I've worked with children and prepared teachers to work with children in the arts. And I know that they are basic and absolutely essential. And while they are nice, the arts are necessities for not only academic growth and success of our children, but participating in the arts, whether studying art history or making it in a studio, it helps children learn more about themselves while gaining an awareness and an appreciation and acceptance for other people and diversity in this world. There's plenty of evidence out here that supports the fact that the arts help young people score higher on SAT scores and it decreases the dropout rates and it enhances attendance. Involved in the arts and education does help enhance communication skills. It does a lot of great things. This is a wonderful bill. It's been a long time coming, and we would certainly appreciate your support on the bill. And I certainly commend it to you. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Adams, the chair would recognize that may be the coolest hat that you've worn in the seven years I've been here. [laughter][applause] [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker, may I, thank you so much for that complement, but I also wanted to mention that because it is arts day and I love hats, I want to acknowledge Chuck Davis who brought this hat to me today. He is the founder of the African-American dance ensemble that's internationally known and actually has performed in this chamber, performed all over the United States and China and Japan, and like many of the non-profit arts organizations, do a great work for North Carolina. So, I'm happy to wear this hat today and add it to the 780 that I have. Thank you. [laughter] [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Larry Hall, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I'd just ask if the Representative from Guilford County will yield to a question. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Does the lady yield? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I'll yield, Mr. Speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady yields. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Adams...

Do you know what city Chuck Davis is from? Yes sir. He is from the great city of Durham. Where you represent. Thank you very much. The Speaker Pro Tempore: Representative Blackwell, please state your purpose. Rep. Blackwell: To see if Representative Carney would yield for a question. The Speaker Pro Tempore: Representative Carney, does the lady yield? Rep. Carney: I yield. Rep. Blackwell: Thank you, Representative Carney. I wasn't able to be in the Education Committee when the bill was being discussed, so you may have responded to this question; I apologize if I'm being repetitive. But can you tell us again if you know, how many of our 115 LEAs will be required to begin offering arts courses that they do not currently offer? Rep. Carney: Thank you, Representative Blackwell. I failed to say, in the excitement of this bill finally being on the floor, that this bill does not take effect until 2016. It will start with the 9th grade class and move them forward with documentation of between 6th grade, I need to correct that, until 12th grade, I put 7th grade earlier. The DPI -- the state board, rather -- is going to be charged with coming back and establishing the procedures and timeline for the phased-in implementation of this arts education requirement. They're also going to establish the minimum requirement to meet the arts education requirement, and they will report back to us within the next three years. So many will be impacted at this point, no, I do not have a definitive answer to that. Rep. Blackwell: Mr. Speaker, I wonder if the lady would yield for a further question. The Speaker Pro Tempore: Does the lady yield? Rep. Carney: I yield. The Speaker Pro Tempore: The lady yields. Rep. Blackwell: Representative Carney, will this report back from DPI, I take it telling us what we will be mandating, will it also include some estimate of the cost to be incurred by the local system in finding arts teachers and creating the facilities such as pottery shops or art classes if things of that sort may be required, and how that will be funded? Rep. Carney: Yes, sir, that is also in the bill on line 15, the reporting that process. This bill also gives a lot of flexibility to our LEAs with this being offered, and that was where we found the magic bullet was to move this out of high school, this requirement, to now incorporate grades 6 through 12, and there's a lot of leeway and potentially not a whole lot of cost to our schools systems. So that will be within their reports as they come back. Rep. Blackwell: Mr. Speaker, may I address the bill? The Speaker Pro Tempore: The gentleman is recognized to debate the resolution. Rep. Blackwell: It pains me to decide that I am probably going to vote against this, because it suggests that one is maybe not in favor of the arts. In fact, I consider myself a strong proponent of the arts, but I have tried to be, as consistently as possible, a supporter of, one, avoiding unnecessary unfunded mandates, and giving flexibility to our school systems. We've tried to do that, especially in recent years, as we have cut back or had to limit the funds available to local schools. To now add this requirement, without understanding what the cost implications are first, in this context in which local school systems can have an art requirement for graduation if they choose to do so, but we would simply decide that Raleigh knows better, and regardless of the local circumstances or local opinions, we're going to make you require your students to take something that somebody in Raleigh will decide meets the requirements of being an arts class. I don't think that's the direction in which our state education policy ought to go, and I would recommend that we maybe do some sort of study to support the arts, and maybe to encourage it, maybe to even try to come up with a way of supporting it financially. But I urge us, in this time in the financial health of our state, not to impose this additional requirement on all of our 115 LEAs. The Speaker Pro Tempore: Representative Johnson, please state you purpose. Rep. Johnson: To speak on it.

The lady is recognized to debate the bill the house will come to order. The state board of education will establish is the part of this bill helps you to understand what in talking with the North Carolina association of school administrators and the superintendent of public instruction they believe with mastery and beginning this credit to be carried over from middle school that there will be no cost in accomplishing this we already do this process with algebra one and their reasons for having this as a requirement house bill 127 will give all students the skills that are required for 21st century schools and 21st century jobs two of these schools are creativity and critical thinking I have some reports that I did not distribute today but I wanted to read you a little bit from proven reports that have proven these actual account of students receiving an arts rich education perform better on assessments of creativity than do students receiving little or no arts education critical thinking studies find that arts education develops students critical thinking skills. skills such as comparison hypothesizing and critiquing. Skills that are necessary for a students ability to apply knowledge and visual solutions. I'm asking you to help accomplish this effort and preparing our students for the real world. I'm asking for your support on this legislation for no educational organization that is against this. SPEAKER CHANGES Representative please state you purpose SPEAKER CHANGES To debate the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to debate the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. I understand that this bill is full of good intentions, However maybe when we have good intentions we still may have some consequence we did not intend. I know for one that if I had be required to pass an art course in order to be able to graduate high school I'd say that I would still be there. It's great to have art and I think we need to support it. I have great admiration for people who have artistic talent. Like I tell some of these tall folks around here I am not prejudice against tall people and I love to enjoy the art my mother was great at painting drawing stuff You can come to my office see something she painted, beautiful. I got none of that talent I have got none of it. And there are a lot of those students out there that are probably like that. and I think the unintentioned consequences of passing this bill will be to subject a lot of students who have no talent and no interest in art to hours in class of utter frustration and feelings of inadequacy that they don't need. To have to go through before they graduate high school. I think we have to support the arts. Keep that as an elective or something available in the program seek out students who have the talent and encourage them to go in that direction I know it will be helpful to those students but to lot of our students it would just be an exercise in futility to which they should not be subjected top as a requirement for graduation Algebra II and chemistry almost did me in and art would have. So on behalf of other untalented people like myself I would appreciate if you would vote no on this bill thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Members this may or may not effect the length of the remaining debate but a part of whether or not we come back tonight has to do with how much we get done today before 3:50 representative Stam Please state your purpose [SPEAKER CHANGES] To offer an amendment [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to debate the amendment The Clerk will read.[SPEAKER CHANGES] representative Stam moves to amend the bill on page one line 8 by adding at the end of the line the following. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The Gentleman is recognized to debate the following. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr speaker members of the house I put a copy on your desk and opn page two.

shows us the future ready core and what credits are needed 4 in Math, 4 in English, 4 in Social Studies, 3 in Science, 1 in Health and Phys. Ed. and then that leaves 6 elective credits to go. My amendment addresses a couple of problems. First of all, you may have a student that comes from another State and in case of my amendment I say in 11th or 12th Grade who is on track to graduate but may need these other required things and just doesn't have room for that credit in order to graduate for Arts. So, that's the first part of the amendment would allow for that student to be accepted from this, and we could put on their diploma that they grew up in North Dakota and that's why they don't know the Arts. The second is probably more significant. That is, many students have lots of Arts education outside the curriculum. They may be every year in the school play, they may have been in the orchestra since they were five-years-old, they may sing in a chorus and so there would be another exception that if that student can demonstrate that they have had as much actual arts and the attention there's as much times in the arts as one credit hour would cover anyway, then they would be exempt from that. I hope you'll agree to the amendment and vote for it. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Further discussion, further debate on the Amendment. Representative Carney please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: To speak to the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: The lady is recognized to debate the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Thank you Mr. Speaker. I welcome the distinguished gentleman's amendment with a lot of apprehension but I want to speak against this simply because what the Bill says is that the State Board will determine all this flexibility play within what they have to work with. Certainly students that are transferring in here they're going to bring a transcript with them from their previous schools. I am sure it will be worked out within the next two to three years with our State Board developing the criteria and the plan of implementation that these types of flexibilities will be built in. I ask that you let us move this ahead and let it work its way through the system as we have been for the last six years so that we can move this Bill forward. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Representative Johnson, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: I would like to speak on the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: The lady is recognized to debate the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Thank you Mr. Speaker. In discussing this same circumstance with the Department of Public Instruction and the Secretary, I asked for some assurance and they assured me they are allowing them flexibility for determining how the requirements would be met. For example, with the new emphasis on mastery based learning, there may be out of school experiences that could be used to help fulfill the requirement. North Carolina Department of Public Instruction will work closely with the schools to determine flexible options that would not create undue hardships on schools. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Ladies and gentlemen of the House. The Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the Gallery to a very large group of students on either side of the Gallery. A group of students, teachers and chaperones from Cotswold Elementary in Charlotte and a group of students, teachers and chaperones from Midway Elementary in Lexington. Welcome. Representative Stam, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Speak a second time on the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: The gentleman is recognized to debate the amendment a second time. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: The sponsors say the State Board will give flexibility but if you read the Bill the flexibility doesn't extend to waiving the requirement for these people. You could have a real go-getter person who has been in orchestra all her life, whether at school or at a non-school event, and that person just really wants to take two years of French or three years of German or two extra career technical education and that person just may not get to do that without this flexibility.

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Please state your purpose.[SPEAKER CHANGES] Read bill a second time. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to debate the bill a second time.[SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker, I'm sorry i have to rise a second time but i forgot to read this the first time around I did wanna share this letter from as teacher in Cabarrus county and it is concerning different bill but i think it's appropriate to this discussion because he's expressing concern about change in Cabarrus county concerning band being an interference with opportunity for students to pursue careers in technical education and I'll just read you a portion of this letter. He says, band offered in the 6th grade means that most students will be starting band will have seven years of instruction in band and learning to play just one instrument and only a very small number will actually use any kind music in their future careers and even fewer will use the instrument they learnt in their vocation. Most of the instruments used by these students we'd put in a closet or attic at graduation never to be played again and significant portion of the letter says this much effort to teach something that ends at graduation seems to be a waste of resources, but is especially wasteful when it shuts these students of from more productive opportunities like those offered by career and technical education courses. I simply contend sir that art as wonderful as it is, is not essential, is not a necessity and should not be required. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative

Representative: …on the back, it is already required in Burk County, Columbus County, Newton County Schools, Pitt County Schools, and Romance Salisbury Schools. I just want to say that if it is good enough for my kid, it is good enough for yours. Vote for the bill. [laughter] Speaker: The house will come to order. Ladies and gentleman, the chair has received information from our election chair that a number of people have signed up to speak tonight. The chair is concerned that coming back at 8pm may not allow adequate time for the hearing to go for as it has to go. Therefore, when we adjourn today, we will adjourn for tomorrow. The chair will, for your planning purposes, let you know that a very long session tomorrow, if we take two hours to get through two bills. Representative Fulton , please state your purpose. Representative: To speak on the bill. Speaker: The gentleman is recognized to speak on the bill. Representative: Thank you Mr. Speaker. Briefly, I planned this argument a little discouraging. I don’t understand why we would be against the exposure of young formative minds to these types of subject matter. Everything I took in high school was painful at times, and I think these are the least painful you can do, if you have a choice. I will not support the bill. Speaker: Representative Moore is recognized. Representative: For a motion. Speaker: The gentleman is recognized for a motion. Representative: I move the previous question. Speaker: Representative Moore moves the previous question. All those in favor vote aye. All those opposed vote no. The clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and open the vote: 100 having voted in the affirmative, 15 in the negative. The motion passes and we are now back on the bill. The question before the house is the passage of house committee substitute for house bill 127, on its second reading. The chair would ask whether or not the majority/minority would like to use their three minute allocation as per the rules. The chair is eternally grateful. The question before the house is the passage of house committee substitute for house bill 127, on its second reading. All in favor will vote aye, all opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. All members wishing to record their vote, please do so at this time. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote: 98 having voted in the affirmative, 19 in the negative. The house committee substitute to house bill 127 has passed its second reading and will, without objection, be read a third time. Clerk: General assembly of NC enacts. Speaker: Representative Jones, please state your purpose. Representative: Mr. Speaker, I was racing towards my button when you called the question on Representative Moore’s question and would like to be recorded aye. Speaker: The chair apologizes. The chair recognizes that there were a few seconds left on the clock – should have given you that time. The gentleman will be recorded as having voted aye. Further discussion or debate? If not, the question before the house is the passage of the third house committee substitute to house bill 127 on its second reading. All in favor will say aye. [aye] All opposed will say no. [silence] The aye’s have it. The house committee substitute to house bill 127 has passed its third reading and will be sent to the senate. Ladies and gentleman of the house, on the motion from all the members, the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to delegates from 37 counties across the state who are attending art day 2013. We welcome you and thank you for your hard work back in our communities. Please stand so we may welcome you. [clapping] Speaker: Ladies and gentleman, because the debate went a little longer than anticipated by the chair, the chair would like to recognize some other groups in the gallery. I would ask that you hold your applause until the three parties have been identified. Upon motion, Representative Balls from Moore County, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Judy Osbourne, theatre teacher from Union Pines High School, in Union County, who is the recipient of the NC 2013 theatre art achievement award; Upon motion, Representatives Ark, Brody and Horn, from Union and Ansing County, the chair is happy to extend the courtesy of the gallery to members of the NC coalition of educators, including Jennifer Money, Carl Ladford, Randon Brown, and their children

[Speaker]: Also the Chair’s happy to extend the courtesies of the Gallery. ON behalf of Representative Schaffer. Representative Schaffer’s niece, Alexandra Fisher, Alexandra’s mother, Angela Fisher, Alexandra’s sisters, Annabelle Fisher and Ashlynn Fisher, Alexandra’s brother, Gabriel Fisher and Alexandra’s grandmother, Rep Schaffer’s mom, Jackie Schaffer. Please stand and let us welcome you all. [applause] [Speaker]: Members, we’re going to go straight to 4 o’clock. At that time we will adjourn for the remainder of the day. But again, the Chair will emphasize, tomorrow will be a long session. We have a very long calendar to carry over. We must dispose of it. Be mindful of the added number of Bills that will come onto the calendar beginning next week. We’ll now return to the beginning of the calendar. Representative Floyd, please state your purpose. [Representative Floyd]: Inquiry. [Speaker]: Gentleman please state his inquiry. [Representative Floyd]: Mr. Speaker, we have an election from 4 to 8 and you indicated that we would stop about ten to 4. I plead with you that we can go over to the election and do our four hours. [Speaker]: The gentleman is free to leave at any time. The chamber will adjourn at 4 o’clock. The Chair checked with the Chairman of the committee that will open the hearing. He anticipates a good five to ten minutes to get ready before the actual hearing will start. We have left at the time of 8 o’clock to end that committee meeting. It could be a very light night in the committee meeting, but the chair has advised the elections chair to take as long as is necessary to have everyone heard. House Bill 261 the Clerk will read. [Clerk]: House Bill 261 a Bill for entitle the act of removing certain described property from the corporate limits of the City of Canapolis and adding the property to the corporate limits of the City of Landis. General City of North Carolina and acts. [Speaker]: Representative Ford, please state your purpose. [Representative Ford]: To debate the Bill. [Speaker]: Gentleman is recognized to debate the Bill. [Representative Ford]: This is a local Bill. All parties in agreement property owners City of Canapolis Town of Landis asks that you support the Bill. [Speaker]: Further discussion. Further debate. If not, the question before the house is the passage of the House Committee Substitute and House Bill 261 on it’s second reading. All in favor vote aye, all opposed vote no. The Clerk will open up his vote. The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 114 have voted the affirmation, none in the negative. The House Committee Substitute the House Bill 261 is passed it’s second reading without objection. Oh and remains on the calendar. Ladies and gentleman we’re now going to go back to House Bill 139. As that Bill is being debated the Chair would like probably one of the last matters we’ll take up. Chair would like to know whether or not there is any objection to grouping. If you go to page four, under and third readings local Bills. Any objection to voting as a group, House Bill 290, House Bill 334, and House Bill 375? If there’s objection I will ask for it when we come up to that matter. At this time we’re on House Bill 139. The clerk will read. [Clerk]: Senate Committee Substitute for House Bill 139 a Bill entitled to adopt the deployed parents custody and visitation act. [Speaker]: Representative Glazier is recognized to debate the Bill and for a motion. [Representative Glazier]: Thank you very much Mr. Speaker. Members this Bill is back from us at unanimously passed here unanimously passed the Senate. The only change is the effective date and therefore I move the House to concur. [Speaker]: Further discussion. Further debate. If not the question before the House is concurrance of the Senate Committee Substitute for House Bill 139. All favor would aye, all opposed vote no. The Clerk will open the vote. The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 115 have voted in the affirmative, none in the negative. The House has concurred in the Senate Committee Substitute for House Bill 139. Bill will be enrolled and sent to the Governor.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to go back and see if there is any objection to the grouping of the three local bills on page 4: House Bill 290, House Bill 334, House Bill 375. Is there objection? The clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Committee substitute for House Bill 290, a bill to be entitled "An Act to Allow the Board of Commissions of Rutherford County to Serve Ex Officio as the Rutherford County Airport Authority," House Bill 334, a bill to be entitled "An Act to Augment the Uses of Certain Monies in the Buncombe School Capital Fund," House Bill 375, a bill to be entitled "An Act to Allow Passenger Buses Owned and Operated by the City of Charlotte to have an Overall Length of Sixty Feet or Less." General Assembly of North Carolina, enacts. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Further discussion, further debate? If not, the question before the House is the passage of House Bill 290, House Bill 334, and House Bill 375 on their second reading. All those in favor will say aye. All opposed will say no. The ayes have it. House Bill 290, House Bill 334, and House Bill 375 have passed their second reading and without objection will be read a third time. [SPEAKER CHANGES] General Assembly of North Carolina, enacts. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Further discussion, further debate? If not, the question before the House is the passage of House Bill 290, House Bill 334, and House Bill 375 on their third reading. All in favor say aye. All opposed say no. The ayes have it. House Bill 290, House Bill 334, and House Bill 375 have passed their third reading and will be sent to the Senate. House Bill 488, the clerk will read. The clerk will not read that one. Nor will the clerk read House Bill 392. We are on page 5 of the calendar. Without objection we will move ahead to the calendar to House Bill 137. The clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 137, a bill to be entitled "An Act to Increase the Reward Amount that the Governor May Offer for the Apprehension of Fugitives from Justice or for the Information Leading to the Arrest and Conviction of Fugitives from Justice." General Assembly of North Carolina, enacts. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative McNeill, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To debate the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to debate the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker and fellow House members, after that last debate, I reserve the right to call this a simple bill until after you vote. This House bill is to amend General Statute 15-53 and 53.1 to increase the amount of a Governor's reward from $10,000 to $100,000. There's two different ways a person can get this reward. And one is by apprehending a fugitive and the other one is by supplying information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of a fugitive. There is no physical impact to this. There is a physical note with it. It all depends on how much the governor authorizes for a reward or his proclamation. And it depends on how many rewards are requested. So there is no physical impact. If there is, the money comes from the contingency and emergency fund. Placed on your desks, if anybody has any questions about how these rewards are often awarded, placed on your desk, the last one was awarded, or excuse me, the last one was proclaimed on January 18, 2013 by Governor McCrory. And that was for a double homicide that occurred in the county of Rockingham. Prior to that, I think the last one, on March 10, 2010, Governor Perdue issued a proclamation in the amount of $5,000 for investigation ?? it happened by the Knightdale Department of Public Safety. And in that case there was an arrest. I stand ready for any questions if you have any, if not I recommend that you support the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Jones, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To debate the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to debate the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I will be brief, I know the time is short. I just could not let the opportunity go by. You saw the handout on your desk, the Governor offering a reward in the murder in Rockingham county. These two victims of this crime were very close friends of mine, and the family is very close to me. And I just want to express, really on behalf of this family, their appreciation to Governor McCrory...

For offering this reward. This is a good deal and I commend it to you. But I just wanted to basically say in memory and in honor of my friends that were lost here, that these are the type of crimes that I think it behooves us to be able to offer such rewards. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Further discussion, further debate? If not, the question before the House is the passage of House Bill 137 on its second reading. All in favor vote aye. All opposed vote no. The clerk will open the vote. The clerk will let the machine record the vote. 115 having voted in the affirmative, none in the negative. House Bill 137 has passed its second reading without objection. It will be read a third time. [SPEAKER CHANGES] General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Further discussion, further debate? Representative Hastings, please state your purpose. Representative Earl, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I’d like to be recorded as voting yes on 139 please. The Chair believes that you were but if not, we will record it. [SPEAKER CHANGES] No, I didn’t. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I’m sorry, wrong bill. I was going on the last bill. 139. The lady will be recorded as having voted aye. The lady wasn’t in the chamber? Ladies and gentlemen, that ends the calendar for today. We’ve got to do the third reading on this one. But after that we will take up all the bills on the calendar tomorrow that we’ve passed over and deferenced to the 4 o’clock Committee meeting. Further discussion, further debate on this bill? If not, the question before the House is the passage of House Bill 137 on its third reading. All in favor, say aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] All opposed say no. The ayes have it. House Bill 137 has passed its third reading and will be sent to the Senate. Notices and announcements, Representative Larry Hall, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Announcement, Mr. Speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes, Mr. Speaker. Democrats will caucus, five minutes, immediately upon recess in 1425. So immediately upon recess from this session in 1425 for 5 minutes. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative McGrady, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] This is just a reminder that we have a County Caucus meeting tomorrow morning at 7:45 in room 425 of the Legislative Office building. This is an opportunity to discuss any items that are interest or concern to caucus members. Non-caucus members, likewise if you’ve got a bill that you anticipate will be particular of interest to counties. This would probably be a good group of people to talk to. We’ve listened to some bills and the announcements that went out that we know what we’re going to talk about but please we’re asking caucus members to come with whatever discussion items they might want to have so we can have a good discussion about it. 7:45 in Room 425 tomorrow. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Ladies and gentlemen, the Chair, before we continue with notices and announcements, would like to thank the nurse of the day. The nurse of the day is Frances Powell from Cary. Thank you very much, Frances. Representative Warren, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For an announcement, sir. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Gentleman is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The Government Committee will meet tomorrow sharp at, 10 a.m. sharp in Room 643. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Samuelson, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To remind Republicans that there is an off-site meeting tomorrow at 11 o’clock at the museum across the street. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Starnes, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For those who are able to attend, there’s a Republican Caucus at 4:15 in the auditorium. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Moore, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Actually, for a series of motions first if I may. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Speaker, these are a series of motions to move some bills. I’ll try to go quickly through these. These are all bills to being removed from the Committee on Finance and be calendared for ?? 36D. House Bill 110. Public contracts project labor. House Bill 313 DoT ?? Property. House Bill 370 ?? Shorten revenue property sale. House Bill 448 contain counties inmate medical cost. House Bill 346 governmental bodies collect unpaid judgments. And House Bill 203, provisions homeowners, Homebuyer Protection Act. Those bills Mr. Speaker, move they all be removed from the Committee on Finance and set for separate calendar 36D. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection, so ordered. [SPEAKER CHANGES] And House.

I believe it's House resolution 599, which is the week of prayer for North Carolina. It could be removed from the Committee on Rules, counter pursuit rule 32A. [SPEAKER CHANGES] That objection. [SPEAKER CHANGES] So ordered. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We're under the main motion now. If the House do now adjourn subject to receipt of messages from the Senate, committee reports, re-referral of of bills and resolutions, and introduction of bills and resolutions to reconvene on Thursday April 11th, 2013 at 1:00 PM. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Moore moves subject to receipt of messages from the Senate, to receipt committee reports, re-referral of of bills and resolutions, and introduction of bills and resolutions seconded by Representative Robert Brawley. That the House can now adjourn to reconvene Thursday April 11th, 2013 at 1:00 PM. All opposed say aye. All opposed say no. The ayes have it. The House stands adjourned.