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House | April 1, 2013 | Chamber | Session

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House Bill 465: No possession of firemarms, undocumented aliens. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Judiciary, if favorable appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives McNeill, Burr, Dotson and Haines. House Bill 466: Amend private protective services act fees. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Judiciary, if favorable commerce and job development and if favorable finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Faircloth, Adams, Harrison and Fulgham. House Bill 467: [??] notification and when. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Health and Human Services. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Faircloth, Hardister, Adams and Brandon. House Bill 468: High point elections. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Government. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Ramsey, Lambeth and Whitmire. House Bill 469: Additional budget flexibility for public schools. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Education, if favorable appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Baskerville. House Bill 470: School calender flexibility in certain counties. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Commerce and Job development, if favorable, Education. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Baskerville. House Bill 471: [??] Warren, renewable energy facilities siting. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Environment, if favorable, Government. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Dockham, Murray and Wray. House Bill 472: Auto insurance rate making reform. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Insurance, if favorable, Commerce and Job Development. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Dockham, Howard, Johnson and Tine. House Bill 473: North Carolina captive insurance act. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Insurance, if favorable, Commerce and Job Development. If favorable, Finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives S. Ross, Dockham and Goodman. House Bill 474: Redeposit government funds into an insured deposit account. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Government, if favorable, finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Jeter, Tine, Torbett and Iler. House Bill 475: Fair tolling alternatives. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Transportation. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Hager, Moffitt and Murry. House Bill 476: Rewrite underground damage prevention act. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Public Utilities and Energy. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Lambeth, S. Ross and Schaffer. House Bill 477: Allison's Law, the use of GPS tracking device, domestic violence protective order. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Judiciary subcommittee B. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Cotham and W. Brawley. House Bill 478: [??] Matthews, special plate. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Transportation, if favorable, Finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative R. Brown. House Bill 479: Amend electrolysis practice act fees. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Health and Human Services, if favorable, Finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Millis, Moffitt, Catlin and Hardister. House Bill 480: Environmental permitting reform. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Environment, if favorable, Regulatory Reform. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Insko and Harrison. House Bill 481: Reduce needlestick injuries. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Judiciary. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives T. Moore, Bryan, Glazier and Schaffer. House Bill 482: Mediation amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Judiciary Subcommittee A. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Murray, Brandon, Blust and Cotham. House Bill 483: Eliminate unnecessary educator reporting. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Education. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives J. Bell, Dixon, McElraft and Whitmire. House Bill 484: Permitting of wind energy facilities. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Environment, if favorable, Commerce and Job Development, subcommittee on energy and emerging markets. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Johnson and Ford. House Bill 485: Stock car racing theme plate proceeds. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Transportation, if favorable, Finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Holley. House Bill 486: Wait municipalities [??] annexation. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Government, if favorable, Finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives W. Brawley, West, Horn and Cleveland. House Resolution 487: Honor the state's veterans. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rules Calender, in operation of the House. The message is from the Senate. The clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] City Bill 209. A bill to entitle and enact authorizing cities to provide annual motives to chronic violators of overgrown vegetation ordinances by regular mail and posting. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Government, if favorable, Regulatory reform subcommittee on local government. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Committee. Senate Bill 228: A bill to [??] find that a unit owned in a condominium or in a planned community shall afford access through the limited common element, assigned or allocated to the owner's unit, or to the association, and when necessary, to the other unit or lot owners, for the purpose of conducting maintenance repair, or placement activities providing that a unit or lot owner is legally responsible for damage to a limited common element caused by the unit or lot owner, and clarifying laws regarding the powers and duties of a planned community and amending the procedures regarding amendment of a recorded declaration. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Judiciary subcommittee A...[silence]...House Resolution 487, A short title expressing gratitude to our veterans, is placed on the calender for tomorrow, pursuant to rule 32A.

Notices and Announcements: Mrs. Fred Hines is here. Upon motion of all the members, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesy of the galleries, to the wife of our Sergeant at Arms---where is she? Would you stand? Thank you so much for your service. Representative Burr is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I thank you, Mr. Speaker. I have a motion on a series of referrals. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Be recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The first referral is to add a serial referral to House Bill 41, that after it goes to a Judiciary Subcommittee A, that it go to Appropriations? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Bill title? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Alcohol Restrictions. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection, so ordered. [SPEAKER CHANGES] On House Bill 217, Criminal Law Procedures. Add amend, to add a serial referral to Appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection, so ordered. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 453, Correct Taxation of Computer Software. Remove the referral from Appropriations Subcommittee on Information Technology, and re-refer to Finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection, so ordered. Representative Burr is recognized for a more important motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I move that the House do now adjourn to reconvene on Tuesday, April 2 at 2:00 pm. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Burr, move seconded by Representative R. Brawley that the House adjourn and reconvene on Tuesday, April 2 at 2:00 pm. Those in favor will say, “Aye.” Oppose, “No?” “Ayes” have it, the House stands adjourned.