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House | March 21, 2013 | Chamber | Session

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00:00 the house will come back to order and will recess for another what time is it now..it will recess until 1:25 and on motion of myself the school group from [??] elementary if you all would stand we extend the courtesies of the gallery to you and we do hope that you will stick around 1:25 the house will remain in recess till 1:40 the house will be in recess until 2 o'clock the house will come to order members will take their seats visitors will retire from the chamber sergeant of arms will close the door members and visitors will please silence all cellular phones the prayer will be offered by representative Chris Wittmayer. may we pray dear heavenly father lord please forgive us of our sins lord we thank you for the many blessings that you've given us and lord we thank you for the privilege of being an american lord today and for the months to follow we ask that you lead guide and direct us give us the wisdom to do the right things for the right reasons and also to set the example that we would hope our children would follow [??] my pray amen. members and visitors in the gallery will please stand and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all. representative Moore of Cleveland is recognized. Mr speaker the journal from March the 20th has been examined and the contents found to be as reported I move it be approved as written. representative Moore moves at the journal for March 20 be approved as written those in favor will say aye those opposed will say no the ayes have it journal's approved as written petitions remorials or papers addressed to the general assembly of the house, gratifications of bills and resolutions clerk will read. [??] clerk reports following bills [??] senate bill 50 enact to prevent intended theft of charge veterans by restricting release of military service discharge document senate bill 84 enact for [??] aircraft labor and storage lean [??] one fourth times the amount of lean [??] deposit in the clerk record house bill 180 enact to make various [??] corrections to the laws governing mechanic leans. [??] bills will be noted reports of standing committees and permanent subcommittees representatives Cleveland Hastings and Pittminer recognized. representative Cleveland Hastings of Pittman homeland security veteran military and veterans affairs committee report house bill 254 zoning changes noticed to military bases favorable and referred serial refer to finance. house bill 256. 254. alright re-refer it to finance. house bill 256 [??] survivors [??] medicate eligibility favorable and re-referred to serial referral to health and human services. re-refer to health and human services, representatives Stone and Warren are recognized. representatives Stone and Warren government committee report house bill 96 equal tax treatment of government retiree benefits favorable and re-referred serial referral to finance. referred to finance. house bill 261 [??] serial referral to finance. finance. house bill 302 [??] serial referral to finance. finance, ladies and gentlemen we'll hold on introductions of bills and resolutions.. 05:00

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Bust, Warren, and Collins, House Bill 359 Retirement Administrative Changes Act of 2013. [SPEAKER CHANGES] State personnel is favorable if financed. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives B. Brown, Moffitt, Warren, and Saine. House bill 360. Sunday Hunting on Private Land. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Agriculture if favorable regulatory reform. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Faircloth. House bill 361 Justice Reinvestment Thecnical Corrections. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Judiciary subcommittee B if favorable appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Faircloth, House bill 362 Department of Public Safety Changes. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Finance if favorable appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Torbett House Resolution 363 Honor Founders Springfield's 150th. [SPEAKER CHANGES]Calendar pursuant to rule 32a for April 9th, 2013. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives McGrady, Moffitt, R. Brown, and Murry House bill 364 Treasurer's Debt Issuance Accountability Act. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Finance if favorable appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative McManus House bill 365 Special Election Chatham County School Board. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Education if favorable government. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Langdon, Dixon, Brisson, and Martin House bill 366 Farm Service Technical Clarifying Changes. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Agriculture. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Brody, Conrad, Torbett, and T. Moore House bill 367 Title to Unclaimed Collections. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Finance if favorable appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Langdon and Dixon House bill 368 Board of Agriculture, Forestry, Nursery Appointments. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Agriculture. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Waddell, Broday, Langdon, and Dixon House bill 369 Increase Penalties Cede Law Violations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Agriculture if favorable judiciary subcommittee B. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives G. Graham and Brody House bill 370 Shorten Review Period State Property Sales. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Government if favorable finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Bryan and Contrad House bill 371 Chiropractic Assistant Certification Fee. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Regulatory reform if favorable finance if favorable appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives D. Ross and Brody House bill 372 Executive Mansion Sale of Excess Property. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Government if favorable finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Wilkins, Warren, Blackwell, and Waddell House bill 373 Extend State Hold Harmless Sales Tax Funds. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Finance if favorable appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Jordan, Elmore, Glazier, and Schaffer House Joint Resolution 374 Rescind Constitutional Convention Calls. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Judiciary. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Jeter, Bryan, Schaffer, and Cotham House Bill 375 Increase Allowed Size of Passenger Buses. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Transportation. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Foushee and Brody House Bill 376 Establish A+ Schools Special Fund. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Appropriations if favorable education. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Sepciale, G. Graham, and Brody House bill 377 Exempt Department of Cultural Resources Fee Changes Chapter 150b. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Floyd, Lucas, Hanes, and C. Graham House Bill 378 Study Oversight of Metropolitan Transportation Organizations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Transportation if favorable rules, calendar, and operation of the house. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Langdon House bill 379 Verify Board of Agriculture Authority Plants. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Agriculture if favorable environment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Collins Define Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Health and Human Services if favorable regulatory reform. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Collins House bill 381 Retirement Fiscal Integrity Act of 2013. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rules, calendar, and operation of the house. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Hanes, Conrad, Terry, and Lambeth House bill 382 Pyrotechnics UNC School of Arts Exception. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Education if favorable judiciary subcommittee B. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives J. Bell, Langdon, and Dixon House bill 383 Amend Grain Dealer Licensing Laws. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Agriculture if favorable judiciary subcommittee A. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Davis and Stevens House Bill 384 Amend Definitions Property Classification Equitable Distribution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Judiciary subcommittee C. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Stevens House bill 385 Youth Accountability Task Force. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Judiciary Subcommittee C if favorable appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Stevens House Bill 386 Evidence and DNA Expunction Laws. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Judiciary Subcommittee C. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Malone and Stevens House bill 387 Amend Certain Criminal Provisions. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Judiciary subcommittee C. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Jackson and Glazier House bill 388 Assigned Counsel Amend and Clarify

Judiciary Subcommittee B. Representative Holloway, Howard, Jones and Burr. House Bill 389, restore whole harmless sales tax fund. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Finance, if favorable Appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Saine, House Bill 390. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Government. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Study information technology governance changes [SPEAKER CHANGES] Government. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Boles, House Bill 391. Volunteer service in retirement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] State Personnel, if favorable Finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Arp, Horn, Starnes and Burr. House Bill 392, Chair arrest warrant status public assistance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Health and Human Services. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Glazier, Michaux, Gill and Fisher. House Bill 393, essential funding for public schools.   [SPEAKER CHANGES] Appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Queen, Brody and Torbett, House Bill 394 extend rehabilitation tax credits. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rules, Calendar and operations of the House. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Queen, Body and Torbett. House Bill 395. Exempt Department of Resources from the Homestead Act. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Catlin, Moffitt, Millis and Hollo. House Bill 396 an act to private well water education act. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Environment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Burr, Collins, Stone and Hager. House Bill 397 expand district court judge eligibility. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rules, Calendar and Operation of the House. If favorable, Judiciary. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Burr, Hollo and Avila. House Bill 398 systematically reform Medicaid. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Health and Human Services, if favorable Appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Burr, Hollo and Avila. House Bill 399 amend laws pertaining to the Department of Health and Human Services. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Health and Human Services, if favorable Judiciary Subcommittee C, if favorable Appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Torbett, Brody and R. Brown. House Bill 400 Department of Culture resources. Generate revenue vendor services. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Commerce and Job Development, if favorable Finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Fisher, Harrison and Gill. House Bill 401. Efficient and affordable energy rates. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Public Utilities and Energy. If favorable Commerce and Job Development. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Szoka , Dockham, Ramsey and Floyd. House Bill 402, Tricare supplement for Flex account. [SPEAKER CHANGES] State Personnel, if favorable Appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Collins and Brisson, House Bill 403 assess propane dealers distributors. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Commerce and Job Development, if favorable Finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Steinburg, House Bill 404 candid local storm water fees. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Government, if favorable Finance. Before we continue the recess and remind you that we’re back at 2:30, its the intention of the Chair that the calendar will carry over to Monday but there will be one matter considered before we adjourn of importance. I further note that Monday will be a skeleton session, no votes and that today’s calendar will be carried over to Tuesday and Representative Cleveland is going to make, as soon as we come back at 2:30, Representative Cleveland is going to do a motion for a bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House welcome back to order [SPEAKER CHANGES] I’ve been asked by the Speaker to announce that matters on the calendar will be carried over til next Tuesday. That Monday we’ll have a skeleton session, no votes and observance of Passover and we do have an important matter to take before us today. Representative Moore before you do that, I’d like to recognize Representative Cleveland for motion in respect to the calendar. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I’d like to move that House Bill 280 be re-referred to the Committee on Public Utilities. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Short title? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Public staff duty to represent the public. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection, House Bill 280 is re-referred to the Committee on Public Utilities. Representative Moore? [SPEAKER CHANGES] For a motion if I might, Mr. Speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You are recognized for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I move that the having voted on the prevailing side, I move that the vote by which the UNC Board of Governors election yesterday was confirmed, be reconsidered. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You’re recognized to speak on the motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you. Members, I know many of you have already heard about our situation. We had a math tallying error yesterday with our Board of Governors election, as we know we had a bipartisan Teller Committee that met. I chaired that, I will take fully the responsibility and offer my apologies to this body that there was a math error in that. There was a number transposed in the elections results.

that number would appear to have an effect on the outcome of that election those documents were discovered or that math error was discovered this morning when our clerk's office working very diligently to go back in and review the process discovered the math error it was brought to my attention shortly before we went into session and has necessitated of course these the delay today so again I accept full responsibilities and I hope you all will accept my apology for inconveniencing this body and causing this process to be delayed but I guess sometimes we have to it takes longer to get right and we tried a new method of counting yesterday by splitting everything up among groups to try to make the process faster and in the process of that haste apparently I transposed a number when we got that back in so to insure that we have an accurate tally and to ensure that there you know no concerns by anyone two things are happening I'm requesting two things to happen. One of course is that we reconsider this so that and at the end of that assuming that motion is adopted the Teller committee will then regather along with the minority leader and the majority leader back into the speakers conference room to once again count the ballots and make sure that we have an accurate ballot result to report to you and then the other thing that is happening is members asked about their ballots the clerks office has prepared a photo copy of all ballots and those copies will be delivered each members desk if you want to look at your ballot again. I assure you no ballots were changed they were maintained by staff and the clerks office so the ballots are as they were but just answer if anybody had a question and to be super transparent we decided to do that but that essentially is what where we are and we will assuming this motion is adopted will move through this process as quickly as we can but as accurately as we humanly can so again I would urge your consideration of the motion and again to my friends and colleagues here apologize for this inconvenience [SPEAKER CHANGES] members to be clear on the procedure if this motion passes there would need to be a second motion to reconsider the viva voce voice vote then we would send the tellers back to redo their report then with regard to their report there would another viva voce vote then there'd be a final electronic vote and before that that would be debatable and we discussed that with minority leader allowing some time for that is there further discussion on the first of the four possible votes the motion of representative Moore to reconsider the vote by which the confirmation of the UNC board of governors election occurred if not all those in favor will vote Aye all those opposed say No the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will open the vote. 108 having voted in the affirmative 1 in the negative the motion is passed. Representative Moore is recognized for a second motion [SPEAKER CHANGES] thank you as mentioned earlier I move that the voice vote by which the election was confirmed also be reconsidered on the same grounds as the previous motion [SPEAKER CHANGES] further discussion further debate? if not the question before the house is whether the viva voce vote by which the house confirmed the election of the UNC board of governors shall be reconsidered all those in favor will say Aye opposed say No. The motion appears to carry the motion does carry. I'll now direct the tellers joined by the majority and minority leader to continue their duties well be in a recess but while their in recess if you all would do that report back as basically you can [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr Speaker [SPEAKER CHANGES] if you'll hold for just one moment I'd like to thank the pages if you all would stand up for being with us this week. I've given them a link to a work on parliamentary procedures that they can study this weekend so if the tellers will the same tellers plus the majority and minority leader if you will retire. Representative Blust is recognized [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr Speaker since the bills on the

time the result is that all others in the endeavour and David Oliver is in the mail time itself to the list, and I think that if the sale of three of times that made the announcement and, while partial for recognize four of her be folly of the house public folders. I'm Wednesday, Clark did the hospital to 40 star, bullish regard to negotiate healthcare rate ?? and more hunters with the divide all of the advantages of Shiloh and journals and issued an appeal of interesting people I have agreed on idea of being a greater-person jury problem Nachman is a great copy of the professional property shares the shore and journals and ?? its last year the estimable and the national investor George, he said the complaint also persuade first time the hearing from some deals says, and version of the last year times the wires in the Service Centers might be charging them with the greatest player Xavier of this ?? where he's managed one Asian Data for three years and sorrow like, China was the worst as in the family and I have this one, released after Sherri we're talking about some summer shortened times there is a ladies ideology of fiction story her body are so small that fits to-one time duration of a 1945 years of eligibility will soon enter the jury about if young representatives of the ladies timeouts ?? directed-year, and it is not all residents you recommend investing to one and riled red carpet and other personnel are being much wreck scenario for much in ?? operated the right wheels of session on Monday night sales by the intersection the year up is it possible to postpone me is the ?? in a responsible, is making that we are scheduled at the Orange County be I'm only eighties and now we're fighting City Hall to stay in scoring ?? you behind-the- taken a small sedan, Romero their own release timeline or on an idea for a passage of respondents. Documents have been in Spanish and I didn't think you are black and half of all time entry into the small regional companies in the country activities and, in time of life hung up in siebel's is recognized as the debate of the simplest you recognize a trying to work and have the same, Joel academy of an honorary timing rescheduling with one of the there's the city into a greenhouse and go on to another they make ?? makes it real impact injuries you're in for timeline announcement yesterday to recognize a division of this protection only to spend our time in six months probation and 6.3 572 bills house bill to let me when it's on the fox announced time and requires CD comes from and signs registry person that is recognized ?? of restaurants. Iraq has applied for full range of the sea ?? ?? ?? ………

three minutes. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, just want to say, it's not my email campaign, and I guess I should say I'm sorry that you're getting all that, I never realized it would be that much. My only agenda is to people's rights, and I didn't mean to cause all that, but I do appreciate the fact that nobody has shot me yet. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Catlan is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Important announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You're recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you. Since we're having a skeletal session Monday we're going to cancel the republican freshman caucus meeting Monday afternoon. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Queen, are your guests here? Are the guest of Representative Queen from Hayward Jackson and Swayne counties here still. Well in absentia we're glad that you came and the permanent record which is archived forever will reflect that you were thanked for being here. Yvonne ?? and Susie Stewart representing Haywood County Retired School Personnel. Representative Rogers West is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Point of personal privilege Mr. Speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You're recognized for a point of personal privilege not to exceed three minutes. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker and members of the house. For those of you who don't know, Representative Setzer was taken over to ?? Hospital yesterday afternoon. He was there until about 10:30 last night, they ran some tests on him, he has an inner ear problem, he's going to be able to go home this afternoon although he got home here in Raleigh last night at 10:30, and hopefully he will be back in here Monday night or Tuesday morning. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you representative. We'll be at ease for a few moments. We're in recess until the call of the chair and we'll ring the bells and that may not be too long, so please don't go too-the pages are released for the week. House will come to order, we'll wait just a couple of minutes while people wander in. And while we're doing that, if Representative Dobson's wife is still here, Valerie, where's Valerie? There she is. Valerie Dobson. And then our nurse of the day Miss Barba stayed with us so long because we were afraid somebody might have a stroke today, but I think she's finally left, but I'm glad she was here. Just be at ease for a minute until we make sure everybody's in who wants to be. While we're waiting a minute, we have some committee reports. Representative Murray is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Murray for the commerce and job development Committee house bill 194 allowed paid certain ?? veterinary license. The following bills were signed to the job commerce and job development subcommittee on bio technology and health care. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Noted. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 292 establish music therapy practice act. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Noted. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Murray's also noted recognized for something else. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Murray, commerce and job development, submit a bill to subcommittee House Bill 350, plastics labeling requirements, signed to commerce job development on energy and energy emerging markets. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Noted. Representative Paul here, may we proceed? Representative Moore is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. Anyone seen that movie Groundhog Day? Like déjà vu all over again. The talent committee met and the process today as I promised was much more laborious and long. The tellers all met with both the majority and the minority leader and I think when Mr. Hall and Mr. Starnes I believe both gentleman probably see how this process can be tough by sitting through it. You just have to go through it, so anyone who wants to volunteer to count these ballots next year go ahead and get me your name, we'll be glad to accomodate your request. But what we went through, we counted the ballots and Mr. Speaker I would like to read the results of the tally. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Please do so. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The first or the highest vote getter is Rodney Hood having received 107 votes. The second highest votes were received by Mr. Hinton who received 94 votes.

in third place Mr. Mitchell interstate $89.00 or eyes was represented wonder CD five others exploits with Mr. Parish we're seeing these events six points with the straight and your same time in two others said Les wouldn't listen without a hearing timers say six events in eight months was Mr. Shultz swastika time 58 minutes into the Elsinore, like the precedent of his followers Tyler cities in ninth place received 50 sevens west and I'm Ted Koppel has received $52.00 withdrawal receiving a lot of clients received 49 events which arrested in trouble as received drivers which you have more in 13th place received 38¢ timing of 14 months received. There's the students are the details in this from our perspective that the chimes of replacement would be a lesbian bodies found that the election became part of the election step procedure is what I'm worried about the optical local acts like a stopgap be subject to all two-day ball was in favor of the timers in more and more people of the election of Vietnamese slow time worst $4.00 they are all those opposing it does appear to have it has been in real life before use a question about what tried but I'll do its youth was it is recognized on aging timing there has never melted be here for a long time I don't see too much workers on the outstandings, you know before yesterday all makes you want the deal and perspective and somebody who's number six start and submitting time when the democrats were in charge of the hands of actively supported ?? all republican nominee Scott said we would have balance on record and others say no when Japanese and since the great headline on foot and other democratic caucus 21 season or lose weight hearing more on these nasty actually center here now and he's a story in Wayne County not I'm wrong as 20 years and 21 has been appointed governor is on tiny black for in my pockets because we thought was important and downs of the board of governors and not just a democratic nominees and so on down time that that was my experience when I was in the Jordan, sprout to supplier on that there has got to get my hands to support it I also want to know the entire offense, we actively supporting Belmont ridge was now he's after industry I'll always be dealt with his sister in the design of natural and long it would wait because he wanted to run for state treasurer and when the team we in the state treasurer Thailand democrats recognizes their minds and we were happy to support in time, there is always the Bosnian Office even as we understand endorsed an aisle and remembers the days passed what we get the best people and we have included dozens and I'm a frustration with are some interesting Taylor of our history and tiled is inevitable artist in one important, there's where interment will be the guy has a funny time after he has known as EDTA parties about CNN International styles and these are extremely well and when we think it's scary as people try a certain amount of improvising the artists in reasons shop and saw no time will tell him not to pitch ?? …….

tradition of balance and bipartisan work. I'm not here to say it was 50/50, but we worked hard to have that kind of balance when the Democrats were in the majority. And so it's with a heavy heart that we are losing some good strong members and I would contend also some of the fine history of what the board of governors has done and of our university. And I know that we've got some good people who have been elected, but it's always nice to have a few people who have had that perspective, and particularly people with that financial expertise. And for what it's worth I hope that we take this experience to heart and understand that we are all better as a state, as a body, and in our institutions when we don't ignore and shut out the voices of people based on their political affiliation. And for that reason, I simply cannot vote for this full slate. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rep. Blust is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] See if Rep. Moore will yield for a question? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Does Rep. Moore yield? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I do. [SPEAKER CHANGES] He yields. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rep. Moore, the error from yesterday was 10 votes not carried over from a tally sheet correctly, but I noticed today several of the candidates vote totals have at changed at least slightly, how did those other vote totals change? [SPEAKER CHANGES] There were 2 things, one was, and again the members of the teller committee are here, and until you go through the process of counting this ballot, it seems simple enough to be able to count ballots. But through the process of the way it's done, there's room for errors, and essentially what you had Rep. Blust, was just a couple of math errors that would not have affected the outcome. But then, the of cours, the one with respect for ?? where a 3 was written down instead of a 13, and that did in fact affect that. One other thing that was different in the total, Speaker Tillis's ballot was not counted in the mix yesterday when the Sergeant at arms retrieved the ballot, his got left at the dais. And so in this count today, obviously it was counted in and we had used his to determine the requisite numbers yesterday. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rep. Michaux is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To speak on the matter. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You're recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker and ladies and gentlemen of the House, and I want the majority leader to understand that I know who's in charge and what the situation is, just like I know who's the president of the United States. Now he got elected too. But the- let me tell you, this thing goes even further than the board of governors. It goes down to your University system. And I can give you an example right now, the way that even the way the board is constituted which is majority Republican right now, there was a school that had 2 trustees appointed by the Board of Governors. You have to understand that the trustees to these universities are appointed by the board of governors and the Governor. So there you've got a lock on the whole thing, I understand that too, Mr. Starnes. The thing is that these 2 people who were appointed as trustees to that university have no knowledge of the University and no connection with the University at all. And within the next 6-8 months an additional 5 trustees are going to be appointed to that University. Now the problem my friends is simply this: When I came here, the board of governors had just been instituted and the statutes and the legislation that was done at that time had indicated that minority party, every time, would always be represented, that minority by race would be represented on that board, and slots were given to those people under those statutes. Well we got challenged a few years back by one Walter Davis who challenged us because it was a quota system. So we changed the system to knock out all those particular numbers that were put there to create that diversity. But we still kept people in those proportions so that the whole board of governors representing the whole university system would be adequately and

...represented. And now what we've been told and been told to us very plain and clearly, that you're 'gone put all Republicans on there. That you're going for all of these jobs. The other thing is that you have now dropped minority race representation down to two, when in the past we've had at least four and sometimes seven, on a thirty-two member Board of Governors. So this is one of the reasons I got up and said what I said yesterday, because it just isn't fair. It really isn't, and I understand where the power is. You've got it. But why exercise it to a point where you cut out representation on the Board of Governors, a premiere university system. The most premiere university system in the country. It cut out diverse representation by either ethnicity, race, or party. It just really doesn't make sense. And here again, I'm just not in a position to vote for this confirmation. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Hall is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mister Speaker. Speak on the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You're recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mister Speaker and members of the Chamber, I know it's important for us to try to insure people have opportunities, but I do want to point out something about our university system. Sometimes we might narrow our focus and think it's only about folks in North Carolina or folks we appoint to the Board of Governors. But they are required, and I think we expect them to reach out to their circles of influence and get support for our university system. As we all know, we compete for and ask for federal participation in research projects and student aid, etcetera, and we have to work with our federal government as well. So when we narrow our focus and think only of one party and don't keep in mind that we have people at the federal level who are of both parties, as we have a Republican Senator and a Democratic Senator in this state, that we may minimize our opportunities to help our university and help our communities. And so I hope we'll keep it in mind as we go forward, that there is some value in having some balance and having some diversity of thought and of opinion, and possibly of party as well. Maybe we're not doing the best service for our university to completely cut off opportunities for people to help serve and support our university system. And I hope we'll consider that in the future. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Further discussion or debate? If not, the question before the House is the confirmation of the election of the eight named persons to the University of North Carolina Board of Governors. All those in favor will vote aye. Opposed will vote no. The Clerk will open the vote. The Clerk will open the vote. The aye's are 75, the no's are 18. The motion passes, the persons are elected, and the Senate will be so notified. We've already had notices and announcements. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mister Speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes, Representative, who is...I can't see. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Farmer-Butterfield. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes, Representative Farmer-Butterfield. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I was not able to vote. I pushed and pushed and my light's not working. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Oh yeah, I see. That's why, you're getting me confused. I thought Garland Pierce wanted to talk. [SPEAKER CHANGES] That's right, thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Were you recorded? [SPEAKER CHANGES] No, not at all. [SPEAKER CHANGES] How do you wish to be recorded? [SPEAKER CHANGES] No. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady will be recorded voting no. The total will be adjusted accordingly. We've already had notices and announcements, the Speaker Tillis has asked me to advise that Monday will be a skeleton session. No votes in observation of beginning of Passover and has asked that the entire rest of the Calendar be carried over to Tuesday. Does Representative Moore have a motion then? We've already had announcements. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mister Speaker, I move that the House do now adjourn to reconvene on Monday, March the 25th, 2013 at four o'clock PM. It will be a skeleton session, members. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Moore moves...

seconded by Representative Brawley, that the House adjourn to reconvene on Monday, March 25th at 4:00 p.m. Those in favor will say aye, opposed no. The ayes have it and the House stands adjourned.