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House | March 14, 2013 | Chamber | Session

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The House will come to order. Members please take your seats, visitors, please retire from the chamber. The sergeant-at-arms will close the doors. The prayer will be offered by Rep. Mark Brody, members and visitors in the gallery please stand and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Let us pray. Gracious and sovereign Lord, we pray as your servants in the legislature that you might keep us faithful to the solemn office with which we have been charged with. Strengthen and uphold us. Guide us and direct us to fulfill your purposes according to your word. Give us counsel and aid that we may preserve the integrity and honor of our state, protect our neighbors' best interest and uphold and preserve all life you have given us. Grant us firmness to maintain and promote law and justice, and determination to strive for the good of our state and the betterment of its citizens. Give us wisdom in the hours of decision that we may speak and decide on matters in the spirit of unity and the bond of peace. Give us serenity in the face of crisis. Guard and defend us so that we may serve the security and well-being of the people you have given us to serve. Make us leaders of a people who do your righteous and holy will in our state, in our nation. We ask in the name of your Holy son, Jesus Christ. Amen. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rep. Burr is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker, the journal for Wednesday, March the 13th has been found to be correct and I move that it be approved as written. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rep. Burr moves that the journal for Wednesday, March 13th be approved as written. All approved say "Aye". [SPEAKER CHANGES] Aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] All opposed say "no". The "aye"s have it. The journal is approved as written. Petitions, memorials, or papers addressed to the General Assembly of the House. Ladies and gentlemen of the House, the Chair would like to extend a welcome and a thank you for serving the House today, the nurses of the day, that we have 2 nurses of the day. Debra Allen from Pittsboro, and Ann Walton, also from Pittsboro. Welcome and thank you for being here today. Reports of standing committees and permanent subcommittees. Rep. Brawley is recognized to send forth a committee report, the clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rep. William Brawley, chair for the regulatory reform subcommittee on local government. House bill 150, zoning design in aesthetic controls, ?? to the committee substitute on favorable as to the original bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Committee substitute bill calendar original bill unfavorable calendar. Representatives Jordan and McGrady are recognized to send forth committee reports, the clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Jordan and McGrady, Judiciary subcommittee B. House bill 31, amend habitual DWI, favorable. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Calendar. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House bill 32, increase year's allowance, favorable. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Calendar. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House bill 156, honest lottery act, favorable as to committee substitute, unfavorable as to the original bill and request serial referral to education. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Committee substitute bill will be re-referred to the committee on appropriations. The referral to education was stricken, original bill unfavorable calendar. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House bill 183, allow hospitals to test blood for DWI, favorable as to the committee substitute, unfavorable as to the original bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Committee substitute calendar, original bill unfavorable calendar. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senate bill 45, in capacity to proceed amendments favorable as to the House committee substitute, unfavorable as to the original bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] This committee report was sent forth by Rep. Daughtry. House committee substitute bill calendar, original bill unfavorable calendar.

00:00 introduction of [??] bills and resolutions the clerk will read. representatives Brandon Lambeth Hardister Hanes house bill 291 start up funds for new [??] schools. appropriations subcommittee on education. representatives Brody Fisher Insko and Warren house bill 292 establish music [??] practice act. commerce and job development in-favorable regulatory reform infavorable finance. representatives Szoka [??] and Hardister house bill 293 mortgages secure and fair enforcement mortgage licensing act. [??] subcommittee A in-favorable banking. representative Tine house bill 294 authority to remove abandoned vessels. government. representatives J.bell G.Graham Dixon and M.bell house bill 295 school calender flexibilities certain counties. commerce and job development in-favorable education. representatives J.Bell Moffitt Martin and Wray house bill 296 [??] education of previous permit. environment. representative Luis house bill 297 matching funds repeal. elections. representatives Hager Collins Avila and Cleveland house 298 affordable and reliable energy act regulatory. regulatory and job development or commerce and job development regular in-favorable regulatory reform in-favorable environment in-favorable public utilities and energy. representatives Jeter Jordan Glazier and Avila house bill 299 law enforcement officer [??]. rules calender operations of the house. representative McElraft house bill 300 [??] public [??] rights. government in-favorable judiciary subcommittee C. representatives Arp Katlyn Millis Hager house bill 301 [??] changes engineers [??] laws. regulatory reform in-favorable finance. representative Ford house bill 302 repeal Cannapolis annexation. government in-favorable finance. representatives Howard Setzer Cleveland and L.Hall house resolution 303 on a marine core and VMFA-31 [??]. rules counter operations of the house. representative Richardson house bill 304 school calender flexibility certain local education agencies. commerce and job development in-favorable education. representatives Fisher and Luebke house bill 305 chapel hill economic development projects. rules calender operations of the house. representative Queen house bill 306 [??] annexation. government in-favorable finance. representative Queen house bill 307 Haywood county capitol expenditures occupancy tax. government in-favorable finance. representatives Insko and Earle house bill 308 funds mental health development disabilities and substance abuse services non medicate eligible. appropriations. representative Brandon house bill 309 high point motor vehicle privilege tax. rules calender operations of the house. representatives Jordan Hastings Brody and Szoka house bill 310 handgun permit motorization act. rules calender operations of the house...Pages if we could have you come to the front of the chamber and the pages could step down for a moment...Pages I want to personally thank you for the work you did this week I hope that you had an opportunity to make some new friends and that you learned a little bit and more than anything I hope that you take your experience back and encourage your friends in school and your brothers and sisters to come join us sometime and hopefully some of you all may even consider coming and serving in this great body thank you very much for your service members let's show our gratitude..and good luck in school do a great job you can go back to your stations thank you. 05:00

based on a house on motion of representative regime chairman like to extend the courtesies of the gallery to two members of member of the representatives use desperate, Lisa Stokley, enemy of our artist from district that the orange County police analyst walking him at Liza Donovan of members are here. I will remind you that we will have a session in the old capital on Monday, we encourage you to get there by six forty five, there will be one on the calendar, it will be a resolution, notices and announcements take your purpose purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Ms. Baker announcement D tour all central prison today on Western Boulevard, then moved to one o'clock cause a short session. those that are interested in is open to the general similar present of stars. [SPEAKER CHANGES] please take your purpose or announcement is recognized, the Republicans will call us Monday not at five thirty Neo Victorian [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rosetta Stone. please take a purpose portal personal privilege to govern us for a point of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mister Speaker, lazy gel and I have an opportunity day to do things they would all likely due to the recession and him recognize my seat mate may you know Jamie Volz is a wonderful person. although Southall, I don't know the one that probably has more friends than Jamie Bowles, any quality given the hardest task is general similes, there had what do you straighten so Saint has probably the hardest all the miserable does a lot of things back home. Jamie is active volunteer with the rescue squad in a volunteer fireman and last week he had an opportunity to deliver a baby is this one. I'll give a warm welcome and thank Jamie for his hard work back home. he assisted, but it was reckoned as last night 's hometown. so anyway what welcome to Jamie and thank him for all his volunteer efforts only here but back home as well and him and you could say that I'm representative Bowles covers of them cradle-to-grave resident Lloyd, please take your purpose to see if you will you will question her thunderbolts as to when you know manual tester to speak yesterday, [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mister something about with Barbara to say who was concerning your Girl Scout so with a you are male e-mail it at thank you represents lowest further notices and announcements. Rosetta burns recognized Michigan recognizes for you. you don't frighten us promotion famous figure. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I first moved that I would withdraw House Bill fifty eight non profit grants and then. house Bill sixty transfer of any culture center of property from the calendar thirty six million rear further through perforations without objection, and so ordered and Second Life in the speaker is to strike the referral of House Bill two forty seven freedom to negotiate healthcare rights strut referral to judiciary a and router for the bill to the full Judiciary Committee without objection, the Lord Rosenberg Greg has promotion and a speaker at this time is the past. do I turn to reconvene in the Althouse chamber to say capital Monday March eighteenth at six forty five p.m. as an affirmative section of our revs and evolves about the now adjourned to reconvene in the House chamber, the state capital on Monday March eighteenth at six forty five p.m. all ever say I all I was saying out as avatar sinister