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House | March 5, 2013 | Chamber | Session

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I know our members. please thank you see visitors later time from the chamber members and visitors of the Gallery placed on all cellular phones and personal iconic devices. Sergeant R to close the doors. Ruby offered by Representative Ruth Samuelson, members and visitors and gallery please stand and please remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, it would think that with me, [SPEAKER CHANGES] Lord, we come to you today, speaking many different things. I seek out and healing for friends and family all that seek financial relief for those we love, or maybe even for ourselves. some of us are seeking news from absent or Strange love one for close to half time with those we leave behind when we come here each week whatever Lady Bird MSA Lord, I ask you to help us set aside the start of a section and dwell on these words opposed from the book of authority as your husband Lord shall renew their strength. they shall soar on wings like eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not be asking is lowered, the name of your son, my Savior respecting authority is currently applies only to the eye is an marsh recognize miss him. [SPEAKER CHANGES] March the fourth two thousand thirteen is the examiner found the correct moves approvals with Rosetta Mormons in the Journal for March the fourth paper itis written, I'll is a favorite him out as I know, guys and girls approved as written petitions. moreover, papers addressed to the joust and whereabouts built me know that it plays a gentleman of the house under half of alphabet in order on a half of several members and his entire body to chairs happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to a number of individuals that think we can identify them and their white coats that are individuals here today from and I think nursing students from a points from various areas of the state particular crossing County and that is the group, which represent up your voice and is welcome him to it is other courtesies of the gallery to a group of students that they could just enter the chamber group of students, chaperones and teenagers from Wintergreen intermediate Greenville police van Oslo him to the Blackwell police major purpose personal privilege on his right and as for point of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. speaker they probably are aware that I represent Norcal urine. the North Carolina house and a few months back I had the opportunity to attend the you are applying the Burke County historical Society in Morganton and they unveiled the fruit of Governor Thomas Barclay was after a governor here in North Carolina. his portrait here in the front of the chamber in the US general simile for multi player in the County historical Society was good enough to the line that to us. I think you'll maybe take a look at. it's actually the only yellow filter development work in existence, with the exception of the small cut to the left of the portrait up five which is the basis for the portrait and Rebecca have it leaves the audience to render the portrait decided that they caused some Governor bar R the fiery personality which you may be able to detect a little bit from the a printout that I placed on your desk that I might like to take just a moment to read

she sighed because of that, in the fact that he was on that rant here was probably a good bit for her. he am so she had to sort of infusion. the colors that you see there, but I think it's an interesting story County was nine for Thomas Bark in. he was born in Galway, Ireland. he emigrated to this country at the age of fifteen. we thank settled in the January class, where he practices both medicine and wall in seventeen seventy two he moved with his wife and daughter to Orange County in your hands were on and began his career as a statesman serving in the provisional government that right out say Constitution and also as a delegate to become known Congress he was a leader of the radical movement, an early supporter of the American Revolution and the states rights advocateBurke County, which was formed in June first nine seventy seventy seven. during the revolution was named in his honor. a height of his political career in June of seventeen eighty one he was chosen third governor of our state. he assumed office in what I guess we can all recognize as a turbulent time guerrilla bands of both realist and patriots were terrorizing various parts of the population. he was extraordinary. I activities efforts against the toys in British ruled on September twelfth seventeen ninety one he was captured along with two hundred others inventory rate on Hillsborough. at first he was imprisoned on Sullivan 's Island, near Charleston. two months later he was paroled to James I went away to await a prisoner exchange living conditions there were no better, and he feared assassination in January seventeen eighty two he escaped and made his way back to North Carolina ways resumed his duties him him him him, which is what many saw his prison escape as dishonourable severely criticizing him for breaking Paul before he could be efficiently exchange within five months of imprisonment and lacking the support of his contemporaries,but resigned his office as governor in April of seventeen eighty two, retired to his plantation near Hillsborough dying. they are on December second seventeen eighty three, at the age of thirty six I think it's an interesting story, especially if you like history as I do invite you to enjoy the portrait [SPEAKER CHANGES] production of the resolutions that are already written is what my market center, and LDL have built one night to allow program for the assessment of veterinary education sooner certification that an area license on a [SPEAKER CHANGES] favorable commerce job development. [SPEAKER CHANGES] that's it. if you have built one ninety five coordinators sixteen years of design bill are modifiable regulatory reform that the Conrad and Howard House Bill one ninety six. once inside lymphocyte County school board vacancies, elections, a favorable government message length of Conrad in Hades Hades him. [SPEAKER CHANGES] house Bill one ninety seven local flexibility regarding school calendar education at favorable commerce and job development reticent at Lambeth, Conrad Junior in C Gray on House resolution one ninety eight March of Dimes anniversary rolls down her operations ofthe house reps in the glacier regraded Spam and Stephen's house Bill one ninety nine. increase your spiritual about District Court pictures of committee. let's is it that the appalling column. [SPEAKER CHANGES] house Bill two hundred are certain general reappraisal or more regulatory reform I don't want and reinstate two thousand and nine energy conservation code, I got valve in a favorable regulatory reform. rep.Cindy Dick Hastings got people to and right tell them to include North Carolina National Guard adjutant general appointment right. a person out if favorable appropriations with standard stamina has been filled three revisions. home owner home buyer protection act issues or committee be a favorable finance presented Stephen Bernard Glazier and Hamilton hospital to the update modernized midwifery practice act. opinion deserves is a favorable Judiciary subcommittee. say you didn't release how Snellville by correct technical error in Bourgogne

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