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House | February 11, 2013 | Chamber | Session

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...visitors retire from the chamber, the Sergeant-at-Arms please close the doors. Members and visitors, please silence all cellular phones and personal electronic devices. The prayer will be offered by Representative Jason Saine. Members and visitors in the gallery, please stand and please remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Let's bow our heads in prayer, please. Dear Heavenly Father, Great Architect of the universe, please bless this House, and every member, and their family. And, as we travel back and forth, to and from our work, in our district and out of our district, here in Raleigh and elsewhere; look after our families. And, look after each and every one of us. Look after us as we interact with each other, as we debate--sometimes lively--but understand that each and every one of us has pledged to serve You. In Your name we pray, amen. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands; one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Burr, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] All right, Mr. Speaker, the journal for February 7 has been examined and found to be correct. I move that it be approved as written. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Burr moves that the journal for February 7 be approved as written. All in favor, say aye. All opposed say no. The ayes have it. The journal is approved as written. Petitions, memorials, or papers addressed to the General Assembly or the House? Ladies and gentlemen of the house, the Chair would like to extend a welcome to--I see--I believe the nurse of the day is in the chamber today. Linda O'Boyle of Elm City, thank you for being here today and thank you for your service to the House. [applause] [pause] Reports of standing committees and permanent subcommittees? Representative Stevens is recognized to send forth the committee report. The Clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Stevens, Judiciary Subcommittee C, committee report. House Bill 24, [??] abusive treatment program and notifications, favorable. Committee substitute unfavorably to the original bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Committee substitute bill, calendar; original bill, unfavorable, calendar. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Introduction of bills and resolutions, the Clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Pittman, Hardester, and Ford; House Bill 79, annexation amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Government; if favorable, finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative T. Moore, House Resolution 80, UNC Board of Governors vacancy nomination. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Calendar pursuant 32A for February the 12th, Tuesday. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative T. Moore, House Resolution 81, Election to UNC Board of Governors. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Calendar, pursuant rule 32A for Tuesday, February the 12th. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Howard, House Bill 82, Internal Revenue Code Update. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Torbett, Glazier, Collins, and Boles, House Bill 83, Enact Certificate of Need Committee Recommendation. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Health and Human Services; if favorable, Regulatory Reform; if favorable, Appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Alexander and Harrrison, House Bill 84, Enact Medical Cannabis Act. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rules, [??] Calendar Operations to the House. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Reprentatives Langdon and Waddell, House Resolution 85, Agricultural Education, Future Farmers of America Day in North Carolina. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Calendar, pursuant Rule 32A for Tuesday, February the 12th. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Hamilton, Shepard, R. Moore, and Catlin, House Bill 86, Restore Wallace to Wilmington Railroad. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Transportation; if favorable, Appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative G. Graham, House Bill 87, Lenoir County Local Option Sales Tax. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Government; if favorable, finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Messages from the Senate? The Clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senate Joint Resolution 47, a joint resolution-- [end of data...]

Informing his excellent state governor Pat McCrory that the general assembly is organised and ready to proceed with public business and inviting the governor to address a join session of the senate and the house of representatives. [SPEAKER CHANGES] counter percent rule 32A for Tuesday February 12th Rather than introduce you today. I didn't get a chance to come over and greet you a little bit earlier this afternoon. What we're having today is what we call a "skeleton session" and I can see that the Democratic caucus got the memo, except for two "die hards", but this session is one were we don't have any bills or recorded votes, so sometimes on Mondays and sometimes on Thursdays early in the session we have to convene because the constitution requires us to, but we don't necessarily require the members to come here. Otherwise I'm sure every member in both caucus would be here. So rather than introduce you to a bunch of skeletons.. I thought we'd wait until tomorrow and we'll introduce you to the full body. but we welcome you here and we'll greet you properly tomorrow. Representative Burr, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] After two motions Mr Speaker [SPEAKER CHANGES] ?? recognized your motion [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr Speaker. for First motion to move that Senate bill forward to North Carolina Exchange and medicaid expansion the serial referral to appropriates be stricken. [SPEAKER CHANGES] noted. [SPEAKER CHANGES] And for the second motion, Mr Speaker, moves that house bill 16, a same short title, be withdrawn from the committee on rules and re-referred to the Health and Human Services committee. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without Objection? So ordered. Members, this concludes the business of today. We'll do notices and announcements in a minute. For planning purposes, Representative Jackson or Representative Hall if you could communicate this to the colleagues in your caucus. For planning purposes so far we will still be on a 2:00-2:00 schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday. We're conferring with the committee members to see if we can move up the time on Thursday. At this time it's 1:00, but if the business of the house and such we can move it earlier we will continue to do that. And members, Just by way of warning,the reason that we're trying to move things earlier in the session is because we notice as we go later we will have late Thursdays and maybe even some Fridays, so I hope you'll be patient with us if we move some things around that make conflict with calendars. The main reasons for that is to use the time now to let people get back to their districts and their businesses because as we get into April and May these opportunities will become fewer and further between. Notices and Announcements. Representative Holloway, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Make an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] This gentlemen is recognized to make an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We are going to attempt to start the basketball practice tonight. I know we've got a slim crowd here but we've got the law district coming over with their team and staff and several members have expressed interest so we're going to practice at Peace College tonight, probably around 6:45. Members need time to change clothes, but the key thing you've got to remember is we've got to wait. Don't bounce any balls or shoot any balls if you get there because we've got forms. We've all got to sign our lives away so we wont sue if someone is injured. So, please just wait until we all of the forms signed and the officer is supposed to be there to take them up and they are expecting us so come on out. Probably start at about 6:45, and we'll practice until we fall over. Mr Speaker, again we need a little help and assistance, I know you said to draft a letter so I am drafting a very "trash talking letter" to send to South Carolina's legislature. And we need to be thinking of a date as well that we can all do it. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I'm looking forward to sending that to my friend, Speaker Harrol [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Blust please state your purpose [SPEAKER CHANGES] inquiry of the chair [SPEAKER CHANGES] The Gentlemen is recognized to state his inquiry. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr Speaker, looking around tonight, are there any veto overrides or anything else we can bring up? [SPEAKER CHANGES] "crowd laughs" [SPEAKER CHANGES] No, Representative Blust, what i noted from this was trust on the democratic caucus that we were going to have a Skeleton Session and I don't know what this says for all of the Republicans that came in wondering what I had in store Representative Ller please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] This Gentlemen is recognized for an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] First announcement last Thursday and, for the record, there is a meeting tomorrow, at noon of the.

Transportation Committee in Room 643. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Further notices and announcements. Representative Burr, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker, I move that the House do now adjourn to reconvene on Tuesday, February 12th at 2:00 p.m. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Burr moves that the House do now adjourn to reconvene on Tuesday, February 12th at 2:00 p.m., seconded by Representative Jackson. All in favor say aye, all opposed say no. The ayes have it. The House stands adjourned.