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House | July 24, 2014 | Chamber | Personnel

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00:00 representative Brawley. from my follow up on the does that mean that the state can then build a county or the city to make up the loss the year before. it does not mean that. representative [??]. and this is just I guess a swag but is it possible that the claims could be less than the premium. that is possible the other [??] it say here if you look at the paragraph especially the third paragraph under estimated impact on the state estimates that the impact will range from either a slight gain so the possibility that the claims will be less than the premium to a net cost of a hundred ninety five thousand per year. for those who remember we talked about some of this when we had the previous bill last week [??] it is true historically that a lot of times groups try to get on something like state health plan because of bad claims [??] but now remember what the ACA one group that's getting large premium increases are very healthy young people so you know we don't know why they're coming over whether they got a lot of unhealthy people whether they got a lot of healthy young people [??] they're gonna get large increases under the ACA so again all we can do is estimate what the cost is gonna be. and Mr chair if I could ask well they're already I'm sure you all cover this all the way through a number of counties that are already permitted to join the state health plan many of those are your smaller rule counties that typically have that need the county employees here in Montgomery county the county has struggled financially in the past they dug themselves out of that hole but this is certainly something that would help them to retain and recruit good county employees that they lose to the other areas around folks have been going to Randalph county or [??] county or other areas it's one way that they can help encourage folks to stay there and work. representative Lambeth. thank you Mr chairman and representative Burr touched on my question a little bit noting that there're already a number of local governments do we continue to track how those local governments perform under the plan one they're in or they actually adding to the [??] or adding a positive contribution. [??] fiscal research again they haven't done a complete analysis but there's been a partial analysis done the [??] showed that the cost were less than the premiums for the local governments that were in in total. representative [??]. thank you will the current 13 retired employees be a part of the health plan. no Ma'am. representative Brawley. I voted for adding the others and at the appropriate time I'll make a motion to do this too but I would point out we need to be paying closer attention to this a third of these employees are over 50 years of age and that means they're trying to keep up with me but we do cost more on medical bills and I believe I got an email that says we got to look at what the new [??] care act is gonna do to our current state plan and the [??] of several hundred million dollars just because the added requirements of it come January and that means I guess I would ask the question too in these figures and projections you have here has that included the changes that will be taking place in January. [??] again there is no substantial impact of the affordable care act expected on the state health plan in January 2015 there's a minor additional fees and other things but nothing substantial. representative Stevens. thank you Mr chair do we know a point at which we will need to cut off cities and counties from joining or do we perhaps amend this bill to say any city or county that wants to join as long as they'll pay the premiums can come in I mean it seems to be sort of where we're headed. who are you addressing that question to. 05:00

I'm assuming maybe staff might know if we, what if we invited every county in or every town in? Do we have a clue as to whether that's going to bankrupt the state? What point do we stop this slow slide down? [SPEAKER CHANGES] We don't have an estimate. I will note that House Bill 1213 would have allowed any local government to join the State Health Plan so there is a bill to do that and they, the estimate on that was that the impact was unknown because it was unknown how many local governments would choose to join. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Other questions? Representative Wilkins. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chair. Am I to take it that the total number of new participants will be somewhere around 220? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thats correct. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Anyone else wish to be heard at this time? Representative Mobley. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chair. I've been thinking about this issue since the last time we had a request such as this and I wonder, is it something that we need to create some type of study on where we would go if we would just open it up to whatever cities or counties that might be interested? Because we do keep adding on, adding on and maybe it would, the other question is where is the bill that was just mentioned about allowing any and all to, who are interested, to come on? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I don't know where that bill resides? Do you know? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I believe it resides in the Government Committee right now but I will, that was where it was referred and it has sat there since May 28th. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Other questions? Yes sir, Representative Davis. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chairman. It's not a question but if it is appropriate at this time I'd like to make a motion that we have an unfavorable report to the, a favorable to the proposed House Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 376, unfavorable to the original. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Alright. You've heard the motion. All in favor let it be known by saying aye. All opposed no. The aye's have it. Thank you for attending.