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Senate | May 7, 2013 | Chamber | Session

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Senator ?? is recognized for motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Sorry, Mr. President. The journal of Monday, May 6th 2013 had been examined and has been found to be correct. I move that we dispense with the reading o the journal and that it stand approved as written. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection, the journal of May 6th stands approved as written. A leave of absence is granted today for Senator Walters. Senators we do have a nurse with us today. Becky Bagley of Winterville, North Carolina. Becky please stand and be recognized. Thank you for your service to the Senate. On the motion of Senator Bob ?? of ?? county, the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to Lynn ?? and Wayne Weston of ?? Inc. who's company celebrated their 60th anniversary located in Statesville, North Carolina. ?? is the worlds leading sports specific sock manufacturer. They are one of North Carolina's own. Made in North Carolina, made in the USA. Please stand and be recognized today and thank you for what you do for North Carolina. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President. Mr. President, motion please. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator ?? has the floor for motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President, members, I know we all get nervous when we see two ?? bill on one calender. I'd like to take a second and send bill 193, Child Nutrition Program, and move it from today's calender and place it on tomorrow's calender so we'll only have to deal with one today. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection sir ordered. Ratification of bills ??. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Their own bills, their own clerk reported the following bill. Report the following resolution dually ratified properly enrolled and presented to the office of the secretary of state. ?? joint resolution 35 a joint resolution honoring the life and memory of Edward Ed Walter Jones, former member of the general assembly. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Reports of standing committees. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator ?? ?? rise. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Send forward committee report. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Send forward your report senator. Clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator ?? program evaluation committee submits the passage senate bill 32 periodic review and declaration of rules favorable. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senate bill 32 calender. Senator Newton ?? rise. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Send forth committee reports. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You can send forth your committee report. The clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Newton ?? committee submits the passage senate bill 264 ?? nuisance drug sales from stores title and ?? ?? nuisance laws to close down businesses that repeatedly sell controlled substances and to create a rebuttal ?? pretrial release for repeated offenders who sell drugs at places of business. Sent bill 530 committee substitute number one public e-cigarette sales to minors unfavorable as to committee substitute bill number one but favorable as to committee substitute bill number two. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senate bill 264 senate bill 530 calender. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Gunn ?? rise. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Send forth a committee report. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator you can send forth you committee report. Clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Gunn ?? commerce committee submits the passage senate bill 648 unfavorable as to bill but favorable as to committee substitute bill titled an act to create criminal offensive employment fraud to clarify the classification of interest for accidents for personal injury and wrongful death prohibits predatory third party finance in the litigation by assignment to plaintiffs right to receive proceeds and to create transparency in contract the attorney general enters into with private attorneys to represent the state.

at Saturday the first rise since a report Saturday the students and forty committee report that he was present but read [SPEAKER CHANGES] that Jesus say the government committee submits that house bill three fourteen a.m. chart from the law extended favourable Senate Bill two eighty eight leg board of commissioners make the same able to build three one four drunk out of water way for client projects, measurable, seven oh four eighty three streamlines certain leases of state agencies also favour house. the reporting calendar,Senate bill two eighty eight, Senate bill three fourteen seven oh four eighty three calendar sooner. all rental herbs drugs is supposed in the sense of visual resource. overall, I am concerned for your committee report Marguerite there are answer judiciary to committee said Smith. the passive Centre ville, four sixty five prohibit use of fact that the software. payroll seven oh two fifty two increased bounty controlled substance crime favourable simpler for sixty five Senate Bill two fifty two calendar that reads the bill too busy to one more time. check up to fifty two. increase fairly controlled substance crime. the bill of Everest base of the bill, Senate Bill two thirty two calendar children. we were him, starting with public bills on second reading Senate Bill one oh one three seven and DSC technical correction twenty thirteen Senator Hutchens recognizes Quenne ville. [SPEAKER CHANGES] this is known as Sanchez commissioned the contents of the present on Windows technical amendments and come from the commission, which deals with signs of a runner, advertising and fashion.however, since I was surprised that some concern children– but if it's not already is read in apostle most of it avail. there are some organizers plan amendment things. first one was at him last fact genocide commission approved another five hundred million technical amendments than those five are the contents of the absent for an opportunity to discuss and debate airing unpleasant for the Senate is the passage of amendment one. all favourable. I was about no five seconds artwork or that Raven Raven forty nine hundred affiliated zero in the negative amendment one is adopted and the bill as amended back for the body said her heart is recognized and trusted him sometimes professionalized as I sat beside him on this conference are some tomatoes calendar and that on him and that was just about the best video newsroom him reasons that are out there… will definitely so ordered to build three thirty seven February Jim at a public charter school where centred. sermons recognize and explain the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] thank you, Mister President, this bill simply sets up the best#. the legislation to change when I was leaving the charter schools, charter schools as you have charter schools are public schools, and this can cause out the legislation would have five things I would land the uniqueness from how head out

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themselves. Appreciate your support. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Stein, for what purpose do you rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Set forth an amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Stein you send forth your amendment? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes I have. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Stein moves to amend the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Stein is recognized to explain the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. President. The Senate. Charter schools do hold promise to development innovation, create new ways of teaching, organizing schools. And ideally having a partnership between charter schools, public schools can improve all public education, whether it's a traditional school in an LEA or a charter school and so there's much about charter schools and charter school movement that I'm enthusiastic about. For them to hold promise they really have to be a meaningful option for every kid., Right now our LEA public school they're open to everybody and they have to take whatever comes in, be that child disabled, be that child low income, whether they come from a family that can provide food or have transportation to get their child to school. And so, for a public charter school to have real, for it to be a real option for every member of the community, we have to be able to ensure that every kid that can actually get to the school and when they're there they're not hungry. And that's why we have public transportation for our public schools and that's why we have free and reduced lunch in our public schools. What I'm concerned about legislation without certain protections is that it isn't a meaningful option for a very large segment of the community and it's an easy problem to remedy. A very large number of existing charter school s provide food and provide transportation today without a requirement. The amendment I've sent forward simply says that within three years of getting a charter a school has to provide transportation for those who request it. Not every child will want transportation. And if you are eligible for the free and reduced lunch, they have to provide food. And that can either be, that can be in 1 of 4 ways. It can be through a kitchen, which is probably the most expensive way. Or it can be catered by a private company. It can have a contract with an existing school to buy a certain number of meals each day that traditional public schools will do that. Or they can provide a non-cooked meal. And again it would only be for those kids o are of an income where they need that tradition in order to learn. This wasn't how I originally structured this amendment, worked extensively with Senator Tillman. In fact, if you like the words, the reason you like them is because he wrote them. These words were exactly how Senator Tillman asked me to draft this amendment. I did that. And I hope that you all will support this amendment. Thank you very much. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Tillman, for what purpose do you rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President, to speak on the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Tillman has the floor to speak on the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I did help Senator Stein write this amendment, and I'm not a very good amendment writer, sir. I guess I should've gotten more help on this. Senator you make some very good points. I think it will be an undue burden on the charter schools at this time, many of them are just getting started. To put this on them...most of them are providing already service of meals, or bagged lunches and so forth, and for that reason, I would ask you reluctantly, to vote against this amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Chairman. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Stein, for what purpose do you rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To see if the bill's sponsor will yield to a question. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Tillman, do you yield? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes. Senator Stein, have your fun. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The amendment specifies that they need to do it in three years and if they can't do it in three years they get an additional two years. So every charter school has five years in order to get up to speed, even though we want them to do it immediately, and as you said, most of them are doing it now anyway. So, haven't we taken care of your concern that it might be a burden on some of these newly started schools? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Stein, most schools, as I said, are doing it now, and if you put this requirement on them parents are already selecting the charter school based on the services that are available to the students that are now available. And there's a waiting line in those schools, and they're taking schools whether they have transportation or whether they have lunch. They're opting to send their children there. And if you would give me an example of someone that's been denied entrance to a charter school, I would like to have that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator-

Senator Nesbitt or what purpose do you rise? [speaker changes] To speak on the amendment [speaker changes] Senator Nesbitt has the floor to speak on the amendment. [speaker changes] Thank you Mr. President, and Members of the Senate. Every time we get on this billl, the debate just really gets better and better, and we kind of get further away from the basic problem that public schools face and that we hope charter schools will help us solve. We have children who don't have parents who can take them to school, who don't have parents that can plan which school they're going to send them to. And if you're going to have true diversity in these schools, you're going to have to make allowances for that, where if a kid wants to attend a charter school, and tries, but he can't get there, that we get him there. We do that in every public school, here in Wade County with all these magnet schools, I'd assume they get them there. Somebody transports them to wherever they decide to go. But for some reason, there's a roadblock to getting these kids to a charter school, and the only conclusion one can draw is that they do not want these disenfranchised children in their schools. That's the net effect of what you're doing here. And to simply say that if a child wants to go to a charter school, and he or she can't get there, they ought to make arrangements to get them there, just like we do in the public schools. This is not onerous. It gives them five years to do it. If I were doing it, I'd say do it tomorrow. Five years. And like I said, the conclusion has to be that we're going in one direction with charter schools in terms of who we want in them, and another direction in public schools where we accept all children. [speaker changes] Senator Hise, for what purpose do you rise? [Speaker changes] To ask the amendment sponsor a question [speaker changes] Senator Stein, do you yield ? [Speaker changes] I do [Speaker changes] Senator Stein, I have a charter school in my district that serves children from four counties in the current area. As I read your bill, and just trying to get you to clarify this, the charter school would then be required to provide transportation within all four counties, to all four students, something in excess of what any of those four LEAs would have to do for their transportation plan? [Speaker changes] The amendment reads, that on the transportation plan for someone who lives in the LEA. So I am fine with an amendment that would limit it to the county in which it's operated in, to the extent that there's any confusion on that point. [Speaker changes] Follow up [Speaker changes] Senator do you yield? [speaker changes] I do. [speaker changes] Even if we limit to within that country, counties also create bussing routes for individuals so they don't have to be transported all the way across the county for school. And they'll actually select a district in which they would attend school. We're also saying, would we then even be saying that charter schools would have to go above and beyond the districts of the LEAs to provide for anyone else in those? [Speaker changes] Not necessarily. The charter school can contract with the LEA to provide transportation, and if there is a way some works - like my kids go from a middle to a high school where they'll pick up more kids, and then they'll go around the county- if they had an arrangement whereby the LEA collected the kids and dumped them off at a high school, the charter school could pick up the kids form the high school and transport them to the school. Any of these problems are surmountable. It's just a matter of will. That's why a majority of them do it today. [speaker changes] Speak to the amendment [speaker changes] Senator Hise has the floor to speak to the amendment [speaker changes] Thank you Mr. President, members of the body. Charter schools are very different. They don't represent defined areas, those little squares where we carve the state up into 115 LEAs. I don't think the areas in which children are willing to travel, where parents are willing to take kids to make sure they get a good education, isn't subject to those current limitations we put on. And I don't think any of this was considered in drafting this amendment. I feel like this amendment is just finding a way to penalize the uniqueness that the charter schools are. And I would ask that you oppose it. [Speaker changes] Is there any further discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question for the Senate is the passage of amendment 4

All in favor will vote Aye; opposed will vote No, five seconds will be allowed for the voting. Clerk will record the vote. Sixteen, having voted in the affirmative, and 33 in the negative, amendment 4 fails; the bill as amended is back before the body. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Barringer, for what purpose do you rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To send forth an amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Barringer, you can send forth your amendment, the clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Barringer moves to amend the bill. Senator Barringer has to floor to explain the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. President. This amendment makes Senator Tillman's good bill even better, by insuring the safety of students in that it will regulate and require that the charter schools adopt a policy, when, in their local LEA-- if that particular school board has a criminal background check requirement, then any charter school within that LEA would also adopt, or mirror, that particular policy. Thank you; I request your support. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Is there any further discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question for the senate is the passage of amendment 5-- all in favor vote "Aye," all opposed vote "No," five seconds will be allowed for the voting, the voting clerk will record the vote. Rucho: [?] Blue: Aye 48, having voted in the affirmative, and zero having voted in the negative, amendment 5 is adopted. The bill, as amended, is back before the body. Is there any further discussion or debate? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Bryant, for what purpose do you rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To send forward an amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator, you can send forward your amendment. Clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Bryant moves to amend a bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Bryant has the floor to explain the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. President and members of the Senate. This amendment makes four additions to the bill; it doesn't change anything in the bill; but it makes four additions, which will provide for integrity, the elimination of any conflicts of interest and accountability of the board [?]. First change is on page one, lines 28 to 33, in the section on qualifications of members. And it adds a preliminary paragraph that just provides that no person shall be appointed to the charter board, if that person or a member of that person's extended family, or a business owned or managed by that person, or a member of that person's extended family may incur a reasonably foreseeable financial benefit, from a decision of the charter board. For purposes of this subsection, "extended family" is defined as in the Ethics Statute in section 138. The reason for this provision is because in the statement of economic interest, which you have on your desk-- it's the long, legal-size handout-- you will notice that the statement of economic interest in our state ethics act, focuses on business being done with the state. It doesn't focus on business being done with non-profit entities that are funded by the state. And you can see, on the legal sheet you have, that I've circled the four relevant questions on your statement of economic interests-- they ask you about doing business with the state, or receiving state funds; they talk about having a relationship with the state board or employee entity, they talk about being on having yourself or having a family member being on a governing board of an organization with an interest before the board you're being appointed to. But it doesn't ask you about your own financial benefit or interests in the board you're being appointed to; and it also asks you about material business dealings, or contracts with the state-- the provision being added in qualification of members is "No person should be appointed to the board if that person, or a member of that person's family, extended family, or a business owned or managed by that person, or a member of that person's extended family may incur a reasonably foreseeable financial benefit from a decision of that board." The benefit we're concerned about for conflict of interest is the financial benefit from dealing with charter schools, which are not state entities, they are private entities. And so that would be the reason for the need for that provision.

It's similar to the provision you added in the regulatory reform bill, Senate bill 612. In which you also have on your desk in section 138 8-15. You added a provision that people appointed to advisory boards could not be, had to disclose all reasonable foreseeable financial benefits for matters under recommendation of that board and could not be appointed if such financial benefit could be reasonably inferred, I'm paraphrasing, to influence the member in being a member of that board. Now the only reason you had to add that provision in Senate bill 612 is because it's not covered in chapter 138, you added that provision to chapter 138 specifically for advisory boards, but that provision would not cover this charter school board. So I'm only pointing out that when you create a board that's gonna regulate a private entity that we fund, our general ethics provisions don't cover the financial interests in the matter that's being regulated, which is why have these provisions in several places in our, as it relates to boards. So that's the first edition. The second edition is around accountability of the board in the terms of accepting or giving out charters for the charter schools. It provides measurable standards for it says the board shall create standards for giving charters to charter school. And it gives 7 areas ,standards to focus on. And you can see those 7 areas on page 2 of the amendment. Measures of student achievement, academic growth, achievement gaps, post-secondary readiness, attendance and recurring enrollment, financial performance and sustainability, and compliance with all applicable laws. So a charter board shall include in the charter that it gives to a charter school the standards or requirements they must meet in each of these areas in order to get the charter and maintain their charter. So that's the second edition. The third edition is we just renumbered a section under the powers of the charter board and made it. The fourth edition adds to the factors that have to be considered when charters, when your revising a charter, when a material revision is submitted and the charter school would have to find in addition to all the areas listed there, that the board of education of the local school administrative unit has had an opportunity to be heard on any adverse impact that proposed growth of the charter school would have on it. That provision was already there in the statute, was eliminated in Senator Tillman's bill, but I'm suggesting that if you are going to revise a charter and allow growth that that's a reasonable thing to allow the local board of education to be heard. It does not have to dictate the result. Those are really the three main changes. One conflict of interest, if you are financially. If you're in the business of managing or providing services to charter schools or have a significant financial benefit from charter schools we're asking, suggesting that it would be a conflict of interest up front that should preclude you from being on this board. We have plenty of strong charter school advocates and people who have been involved in the founding of charter schools and operations of charter schools who don't get that financial benefit. Then secondly, asking the board to create standards when you issue the charter so the charter schools know what they have to comply with to get the charter and maintain it. Then if you are going to increase their enrollment that you just let the local board of education be heard. Just those three items. Thank you. I recommend the amendment to you [speaker changes] Senator Tillman for what purpose do you rise? [speaker changes] Mr. President, I think we just heard a new charter bill if you want to run one that would be a start, that amendment it is so bad I don't know where to start. Let's start with this, if you trust the charter school board and you trust your state board of education, we're putting different requirements on the charter board. They are already subject to the same SEI, same financial disclosures, same everything. Therefore, and when they're taking public dollars they are not a private entity anymore, Senator Brian, that makes them a public entity. They're taking ADM money based on the headcount just like every body else. You're setting a different standard

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[0:00:00.0] The bill in two particular places the first thing that it does I gotta tell you over the past few weeks you have made believers out of me and if we have one governmental entity giving up a resource or an asset and that governmental entity would like to give it up for it’s fair market value. So, the first part of this amendment we see that on page 5 that basically a Charter school could request to the local board of education a building and the local board would have to rent it two at least two the Charter school but it would do it for it’s fair market value, excuse me. The second thing that the bill does on page 11 we have a provision in the current bill that says if any of the assets that remain from a dissolved or closed Charter school would go back to the state if it received any public funds for it. Since these Charter schools within the counties the second amendment simply or the second part of this amendment simply says that the assets that were purchased by public funds will go back to the local school administrative unit as opposed to coming to other state. I move the adoption of the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Tillman for what purpose you ask? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President to speak on the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Tillman has the floor to speak on the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Blue we are talking about public schools to public schools you have a building sitting over there in Wake County and let’s don’t use Wake, they probably don’t have an empty building, well let’s use other county, you got an empty building sitting there and you don’t have any use for it and it’s testing your LEA between minimum of 15 up to 50 to a $100,000 a year to maintain that with utilities, custodial services knowing ___[02:05]. Now, that’s tax paid dollars started to bloom that’s tax paid dollars going from an empty building and if your Charter makes an offer to your LEA in good faith, we wanna lease that building from you, we are not telling what the lease price is, we are saying negotiating and if you don’t need, if the Charter does not like what the terms are and down here Senator Goolsby you have got one ___[02:32] for 70 or $80,000 a year on a building that’s costing them about that much tax paid dollars it would go to a good use then it will be maintained well equipped and custodial service paid for the Charter schools. It seems like to me that’s a reasonable approach, very reasonable. Therefore, if they can see an agreement fund we are set to price and secondly if the Charter does not agree with it and in the case they are trying to hold them up for Ransom then make appeal to the County Commissioner and they have the final ___[03:05] and they will settle it and that’s it. So, therefore, I have got several needs for your amendment I would like that particularly and I would vote against the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Any further discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question for the Senate is the passage of amendment 7, all in favor will vote aye, all oppose will vote no, five seconds will be allowed for the voting the clerk will record the vote. 17 having voted in the affirmative and 32 in the negative, amendment 7 fail, the bill as amended is back before the body. Senator Robinson what purpose you ask? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To send forward an amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator you can send forward your amendment. The clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Robinson moves to amendment the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Robinson is recognized to explain the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. President and to members of the body if you were a part of the education committee you have heard my concerns about the quality of education for all of our kids and what I hear from the bill sponsor and from a lot of you, you intent for Charter schools to be an alternative to make sure that children who are not achieving and the traditional public school had an opportunity to go to a Charter with their flexibility but also where they can receive individualizing instruction etcetera that will help them to perform. One of the pieces that are critical to high performance is quality teachers but teachers who have a Bachelor Degree and who are licensed as well to teach. Now, there has been… [0:04:59.9] [End of file…]

data about his lives in JS zero and at the same time, the station in terms of the day after the facts that have as 79 visit and some just as intense as a recent weather and stacks of childhood fires bowl of an honest and attack and a lot of events inside, you know that it takes to get an education, the certification that when the standard riled the sovereignty course of the stages one dozens center at times, a futurist and then-president as he is the length of the times for-the-sand in terms of offering an alternative education students share his father and he was at the hands of 70 contestants and that any time, articles and restaurant that that these changes out of school teacher is within one-day time that he has been an accident and I have this opportunity for residents to the best teachers in message that's what happened once at trial that has these will be tested with the object of U.S. Internet address and the option-and-to-last in the setup is that this indictment hands and that I m (SPEAKER CHANGES)your support such a definition as times the statements and has more speed, the teachers and the situations where time-shares fell to the use of entity chairs have a bad about that, some end up in the nation-to-day time has been for us that, that is that the GSM, that indeed, that ??? passions has vanished as the seven-night that the defense of-the-handed-seventh of the 700 ??classes, and that these fish. The stones and the staff used as I know-it-and-one , this is the weekend that the events that, even then that side of the facts of the time that this man-in-the-fact is that might have is that some of these women, ages of seven and has the speed of the facts about the teachers and that the advantage of not have the data have 1/2 hour, seven-and that was a very fast and then I love about this and as many as two- cent I'm stressed and-pop business edition center, the certain that the gel and then-senator, and wants U.S. and elsewhere AMD will hand-me, and send them that the giants times as well and about them and find the city of the nation's fans ran that this man, this whole issue-successful , and that the statements, said that happens, two---and that says this time if the invitation, said, not been updated, said that the man with no limits to all ms-DOS-end of the Jews of the times that of the day that the giants and it has fashioned a end of this visit is a past decades whole time-the-to-work for the ??69 and 133 and native of men and the Federal laws is not for one to the session that ?? said that former zeros-this-and-center has been as high as the highest-time say that some of his memory of the fact that comes ????................

I was jealous is the admonition everybody about overreaching and when you look at this, but it's my understanding statement of Chairman Bill Toby your site for care is opposed to the second floor of this war… mamas painting education through him. he feels like it's unconstitutional. that's not send anybody down where the same. we don't want disclosures on the state where that you're creating that might disclose a conflict with the people there policing were saying we don't need to certify the takers for# and development, and we don't want any of that Popper, however, determined that our schools. eleven. all we would need take time for that. but before you get there and you're going ahead here,creating a situation for a black life in the idea that these signs are self policing in its free enterprise and it'll display care of itself. this is baloney. it hasn't taken care of yourself. you have charter schools are not doing well mild end and put out of business. I got kids and a minority and educate. and as you go down the threat you just keep finding letters targeted lose funding it loose and well is just too hard to build state boards will create her own board. nobody more friendly to us and let us do more things like we won't know. keep this up and you're going to destroy the very thing that you're trying to promote her fellow site the day that the he admires people that have well but Brady is that I would doesn't break going on this, but from the charter school industry. they just want their way and time on her percent of the time. I don't understand this with poverty. we don't have time to do with that. we just got site here only gives it his past problem off every morning here so that we can not do this and I think I think you're headed for disaster long term in this building resentment out here in the public school system and then have to be this way. these amendments were offered in here. they weren't mean-spirited. maybe they were just like you like them will face you can send a perfecting amendments or hypothetical of the time and Canadian autonomy. I asked once or twice and you'll get good ideas and you make it strengthening. I'm telling you when you put people out here in charge of our children. we owe those children. some beauty make sure the vis is operated and reasonable price [SPEAKER CHANGES] I think you're going way too far here is a discussion space for Senator John. the book looks to us to speak final, Mobile search Elizabeth is becoming the man to your newsrooms around the reported Leslie Newsweek magazine that at the top of highschools in the United States of America to ask those in the triangle area may top one hundred North Carolina school of science and math twenty three and a charter school charter high school number forty. either schools in the top one thousand and the nation was East Chapel Hill high school in thirty three minutes, gemstones, outgoing and twenty three and seven has to forty do you see you got the three charter schools that are among the very best in the nation and the him a job and then waiting list. the new to everyone. the charter schools and there's a reason for that is to have a evening on Manhattan's design I may not grasp patterns. the first ten minutes ago and is now graduated and not finishing finishes in the subclass( respond to be at mad mama I have RCA and not without families let the absolute mail man than the fact that the other doing the student does not define the rounds was because of them. thank you for the first two I know some tournament in reference to the spirit of the bill and the intent of the bill as many of you know that I am a big charter school guy. I was able to go to Washington DC last year and won a national child is more with the speaker of the house

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Prior approval of the county board, [??] has no objection to this provision. Section 2 increases the informal bid cap for local department of transportation projects from 1.2 million to 2.5 million dollars. The current cap was set some years ago and raising it will allow NCDOT district engineers increased flexibility to expedite smaller projects, such as turn lanes, intersection safety and guardrails. NCDOT has no objection to this change Section 3 creates a study commission to consider the financial impacts that some counties encounter when large areas of state wildlife and gamelands ares removed from the property tax base. The federal government now offers some reimbursement to counties to offset costs of services to federal lands such as fire and law enforcement protection. And having said that about the bill, Mr President, I'd like to offer an amendment. A confirming amendment that should be displayed on the dashboard. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You can send forward your amendment, senator, clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Davis moves to amend the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Davis is recognized to explain the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] In another part of the bill we had changed from 1.2 to 2.5 and this just makes sure that the bill shows that throughout. Is there any discussion or debate? Senator Ford, [??] ayes [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President, send forth the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We need to vote on this one first, Senator Is there any further discussion or debate? Hearing now the question before the senate is the passage of amendment 1. All in favor will vote aye, all opposed will vote no. Five seconds will be allowed for the voting clerk to record the vote. [??]Senator Graham 48 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative, amendment 1 is adopted. The bill as amended is back before the body. Senator Ford, for the purpose of your ayes. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Send forth the amendment [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator, you can send forward your amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Should be on the dashboard. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The clerk will read. We don't have the amendment, senator can you send it forward please? Senator, do you have the original copy of the amendment? We need the original copy up here for the clerk. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The email that I sent to you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Ford, can you come up to the [??] please? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Apodaca, with your permission, we'd like to displace this bill while we get the original copy of the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] [??] place it at the end of the days calendar? [SPEAKER CHANGES] so ordered [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Apodaca[sp?] for the purpose of your ayes? [SPEAKER CHANGES] [??]Up a motion, please? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Apodaca[sp?] has the floor for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. President. Today's calendar, house bill 243 Lean self-service storage facilities, move that it be removed from today's calendar and placed on Thursday the 9th calendar. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection, so ordered. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. President. An additional motion, please? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Apodaca has the floor for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senate bill 581 is currently in rules committee. It has something to do with boilers. I ask that it be removed from Rules and be referred to the "Ag" committee. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection, so ordered. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. President. Senate bill 310...

to this committee, said that lacked a severe events and 730-ish of action for ??has the energy that every -that these as the property of many of the summertime is recognizes when the as if that's the trial of the stuff has the sense of timing was that the last comments, some of his friend, john enough time and that is sad that this man has the NT some of the two-hour the smell of seven times the rate -sensitive that mental states; as recognizes by the time they finish(SPEAKER CHANGES) President Nixon said, is that has been cited a national and the main reason that these of sight, is actually a given time the section included a senate bill 612 regulatory reform act of 2013 with the pass and send announcements the ?? this season, says that some in-inventory of the known in the materials time we wouldn't have any comment line fails to provide safety economic redevelopment § of space is only supported by, and as far as I know, there's no opposition is still a ??in this point , to support the joint session of a hearing on the question forces passed to the subs to the house bills and six on a second reading all the time-and 5¢ below the 4.1 right on gentile, was six and 13 and three in the subject of his own six passes and reading about section record time of the division at DS-day hearing that this does is passed a substantive house bills and 6¢ to reading all tables that I'm opposed the downside in the subject of a sudden six passes the real key and riles and ago which has tiles and that's for sure is innocent of the-services and forefinger or, more with only ???? cent-five in summation passing the bill for the ??for a few years on the upside was designed to ?? in a maze of that no gain of more times than the three days of June, 1 has made the all the time the patients have been the ?? seven, of the form is an operations center realities of the whole ?? ever before to discuss some of which are as safe as informal times- only?? Send them????.............

Time Service has a seven-and-benefit us to events have to know that enacted them that the membership of time in the far right now, the county's commissioners for a long fight an operation to appear in the data for the ?? behind them, but replied the users have no say that some time, says that one of the last time the 91 the only one is wanted by some laws of Edison-time this is the exception that we passed positions, that the pastime major changes in the last one ?? as comments was fun for us to demolish the attention of the country's real time session that were the question for the senate is the notion of words and will be out 61-time that isn't ?? with six at the department to mandate of operations in 21 visit, and now some reason, said no reason I'm here ( the two-to-head of the legislation tiles other forms recognized 79¢ an hour for the fair this president's times and the day off-the-the city's events make informed of the offenses as a client, and then shows the times and the time to investors-date centers rest of student services for speed of the nation's president, said his ?? be before August, 1994 and won support the server intersection that sentiment sometime as the misuse the actions of forgiveness and is that time, the U.S. side of certain areas for speed, distance, and eight women-day waiting for them, it's not just on his resume out of a disappointment that I love. And that is the first Russian mission as long as you as a defined time in that sense that has been a ?? of a NATO member of the other hand, when the center data for the center for a imposition that China has risen as a bastion of NT one of those is no ?? because the races and, if not as smooth as the use of a time of set-up than seven times, non-event is adopted the last act by the possession of a end, as this is passed in a substance and all three 7th time in a second reading of the I-5 seconds behind them and that more than ?? with a six- ?? ??............................

Speaker: affirmative, 2 in the negative. Senate committee substitute to senate bill 372, as amended, passes its second reading and will, without objection, be read a third time. Clerk: NC[xx] Speaker: Further discussion or debate? Senator Parmen, for what purpose do you rise? Representative: I needed to vote yes. Speaker: Senator Parmen changes her vote to yes on the previous question. Final vote is 47-1. Further discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question before the senate is the passage of the committee substitute of senate bill 372, as amended, on its third reading. All in favor will say aye. [aye] Opposed no. [silence] The aye’s have it. Committee substitute of senate bill 372, as amendend, passes its third reading. The amendments will be engrossed and will be sent to the house. That wraps up our calendar for the day. Do we have notices or announcements? Senator Nesbitt, for what purpose do you rise? Representative: Thank you Mr. President, to may an announcement. Speaker: Senator Nesbitt has the floor to make an announcement. Representative: Thank you sir. The democrats will caucus immediately after session. Speaker: Senator Apodaka , for what purpose do you rise? Representative: A moment of personal privilege. Speaker: Senator Apodaka has the floor for a personal privilege. Representative: Thank you Mr. President. The [xx] and I often wonder what Senator Jenkins did with his clothes as he outgrew him. We just happened to glance over and the young man next to his seat is definitely the best dressed young man I have seen in this chamber for some time. Sorry Senator Jenkins isn’t here. Does he have an excused absence? Thank you Mr. President. [laughter] [clapping] Speaker: Senator Brown, for what purpose do you rise? Representative: An announcement. Speaker: Senator Brown ahs the floor for an announcement. Representative: Thank you Mr. President. The republicans will caucus immediately after session. Speaker: Any other announcements? Senator Davis, for what purpose do you rise? Representative: A moment of personal privilege. Speaker: Senator Davis has the floor for a personal privilege. Representative: Thank you Mr. President. Ladies and gentleman of the senate, I was very privileged to participate in an event yesterday organized by part of the government security detail, that would be Bryan Lane. As many of you may remember, last fall, we had a state trooper that lost his life. His name was Bobby Jean Demuth Jr., and his watch was Saturday, September 8, 2012. Let me tell you a little bit about Bobby. He was 42 years old. He had been in the patrol for 12 years. He was a veteran of the U.S. Marines. His cause of death was a vehicular assault. The weapon was an automobile and the suspect was charged with murder. Trooper Jean Demuth was just doing his job when he was struck and killed by an automobile being driven by an impaired driver, who was fleeing from Raleigh police who were attempting to arrest him on two charges, including two counts of kidnapping. Demuth was struck by the subject’s vehicle as he was attempting to ploy spike strips. After hitting Demuth, the subject continued to flee but was later taken into custody after he crashed into a guard rail. The dash camera in a deputy sheriff’s car shows that the suspect intentionally swerved to hit Demuth. The forty year old suspect who was admitted to Nash General Hospital with non threatening life injuries, was later transferred to central prison in Raleigh, where he was held under a $2 million bond. I n addition to charges stemming from the incident, he was also charged with felony murder, driving while impaired, and speeding to elude arrest. Trooper Demuth has served NC patrol fro 12 years was assigned to Rocky Mount Troop C, District 1, highway patrol office, at the time of his murder. He also served his country as a U.S. Marine from 1988-1992. He began his law enforcement career in 199f as a deputy with the Wilson’s sheriff office until moving over to the Edgecomb’s sheriff office. Before joining the patrol, he was an officer with the NC motor vehicle division enforcement section. When Trooper Demuth was murdered, a wife lost her husband, an 8 year old boy lost his father, and a mother lost his son, and an entire nation lost a hero. I was privileged to be part of that ceremony. Our lieutenant governor was there and he spoke, in addition to Secretary Shanahan. The event was a bicycle ride. We rode about 64 miles, into the wind the whole way, and then rained for about 30 miles, but it was a great cause. We were met by many cheering people, EMT, fire department people

him as we go through the municipalities and more clapping for us because we were there to honour a fallen hero entrepreneur 's life was there and she was presented with the I don't know where it was taken to the Jews. present was something in the in Nashville at a ceremony there as well and we finished up in Rocky Mount and the Rocky Mountains of big city when I got to Rocky Mount was tired and the city limits sign I will write about another five miles until he got the weather service dinner advanced driver had about thirty five people, including Secretary Shanahan's daughter, Karen. she was along as well. but we had some DEA agents. we had our patrol officers from South Carolina and Georgia were there as well, but it was a real privilege to honour the son of slain officer and the and I think that we need to recognize when you see Brian to make sure that you appreciate what he did this, I got to meet his father and his father was along on this right as well in their continuing that rather than going to DC this week on bicycles or event is well on County as well you know who they believe are to see you out there next districts that went on a bike ride. you know who they believe are expect to see you out there next week because this can be a good early event and not thank you very much and Mister President, with your permission I would like to adjourn today in memory of trooper to make sure him [SPEAKER CHANGES] was not the chair recognizes Senator Barbara promotion at John in memory of five hundred and seventy two season, [SPEAKER CHANGES] we refer to the referral and we were full of bills and resolutions and receive messages messages from the house and the governor to reconvene on Wednesday May eight two thousand thirteen at two p.m. emotions. this is now done subject to the stipulation stated by Thunder bird to reconvene Wednesday May fifty p.m., second by Senator Kevin and I know the eyes have it presented. John