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Senate | May 23, 2013 | Chamber | Session

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Senate will come to order.Sergeant of arms close the doors. Members gather in their seats. Members and guests of the gallery will silence all electronic devices. Leading the Senate in prayer, Pastor Ray Warren of White Plains United Methodist Church in ??. Pastor Warren is a guest of Senator Newton, all members and guests in the gallery will please stand.[SPEAKER CHANGE]Thank you, Lieutenant Governor. Let us pray. God you created people from every race, tribe, tongue and ethnic community. God you called us to live in a community marked by love, peace, justice, respect, mercy and mutual support. Oh God let it be so in me. God forgive us for we draw lines between us and therefore you. We raise barriers, we draw lines, we create parties, we treat one another with prejudice and judgmental pride. Have mercy on us and help us rise to a greater good. God let it be so in me. God in every generation you raise up prophets who speak your desires for your people everywhere live together in mercy, graciousness, and love. You call on the educated, young educated, the wealthy,the less resourced, the single dad and divorced mom who all we can care for one another, support one another as is your will. God let it be so in me. Today may you lead this body gathered to live into the high calling you model for us for all people. May this body to be above egos, judgment and self-interest so they may hear your voice, heed your call, be quick to forgive, eager to listen and desire to govern as desired for all. God let it be so in me. Amen and Amen.

[0:00:00.0] …What purpose you have? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To send forward an amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator you can send forward your amendment. The clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Daniel moves to amendment the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Daniel is recognized to explain the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. President and members of the Senate this amendment reflects an item on money report that is part of the JPS budget showing on page 85, if you look at that page you will see there are number of prison closures that have been made across the state most of which are small facilities. One facility stands out from this list which is Western Youth Institution showing on line 37, a closure of this unique institution that is served as state well for 40 years by rehabilitating youth offenders will result in the lost of 288 jobs in Burg County which is a tier one county with the current unemployment rate of 10.2%. This amendment would restore Western Youth to the budget but with a 10% reduction in current staffing and operational expenses. In order to pay for this change the amendment would eliminate some of the expansion budget that creates new positions in the highway patrol and probation and parole, it also directs the Department of Corrections to make flex cuts throughout the department which currently has more than 1500 unset positions, I ask for your support for the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Any discussion or debate? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President… [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator ___[01:14] what purpose you ask? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To speak to the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator ___[01:15] has the floor to speak to the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you members Senator Daniel and I had a good discussion about this and I appreciate his concern for what's going on his district then the need to 5-4 positions in his district I will tell you that this facility was number one on the list of those identified by Department of Corrections for closure and I would also comment that I do think that the money being moved in the highway patrol and into probation positions are very important. So, I would ask that you defeat the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Is there any discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question for the Senate is the passage of amendment 15, all in favor vote aye, all oppose will vote no, five seconds will be allowed for the voting the clerk will record the vote. 14 having voted in the affirmative and 33 in the negative amendment 15 fails and the bill has amended as back before the body. Is there any further discussion or debate? Senator Nesbitt for what purpose you ask? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. President to speak on the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Nesbitt you have the floor to speak on the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. President and members of the Senate I will be brief today I think we had an excellent debate yesterday, the folks on our side of the aye, ___[02:43] proposals to you to show how easy it would be to restore those teachers that are being cut to restore those teacher’s aid that are been cut, we gave you all alternatives, you could do that or you could help with the economic development and restore those cuts, we even showed you how to expand medicate and it actually made you about 70 million dollars. And we put all those forward yes to make sure that everyone understood that this budget was about choices, we have pass the time when we had to do things and there have been those times, we had and you when you had it and we acknowledge that clearly when the state was in ___[03:38] financially, we have the point of recovery and we had a point where we are going to set the future of the state in motion and I have heard Senator Burger talking about teaching every child to read and I want that was anything I know I think that will solve any problems and anything we can do. But then we come along and we get rid of 4,100 teachers, and 4,600 teacher’s aid and these kids aren’t gonna learn in the back and they are not learn in the room, they are gonna learn when they have good technology and people that would help them more. In healthcare, we are putting our heads in the sand and saying that we as a state can go forward and leave people uninsured out here when the providers that have been taking care of them are not gonna be getting the funds they have been getting to help take of the uninsured. And you are gonna devastate these rural hospitals, they have written you a letter and told you that. We are gonna cut up all the economic development tools for rural North Carolina that works so well over the years. [0:04:59.5] [End of file…]

the rural center i know that you feel strongly as we do that that was a good program. people in rural areas know it is so why in the world do people go away with it is beyond me if you think a corny razor in volley. to take care of everybody out here in the rural areas in volley all we have to do is look at history that's what we used to do back in the early 80's and 90's. no body was coming out and helping anybody. That's why we started the early economic groups. we realized the triangle area and Charlotte and ? were getting all the jobs and we looked to see why and they had all the economic development groups sitting down here on every job that come through there we have all the rural areas at state have the same thing, it wasn't the same thing were not as good as they are but it was something. and those economic development groups have helped the regions of the state ugh mildly over those years. were just turning are back on all of that we don't need the rural center we don't need the golden leaf we don't need an economic development group to help the rural areas we will point it to volley and they will take the drop. good luck with that message and after we got moved it became clear to us that it is really about the number one party that you have for the state is to give a big tax cut to a few wealthy people now we spent a good deal of yesterday discussing whether there was one or not there was maybe 770 million dollars reserved for one and i wanted to give you a reference ugh if you want to see the one were looking at its mctax.com Mr. president? it was on the budget in the budget were debating what page is that on there is 770 million reserved for a finance budget you unidentified it by name in this budget or not yes the 770 million dollars reserved for a finance budget is in the package. i'm not going to get and answer and we were asked yesterday are information and i'm trying to get an answer to give it to you maybe this is wrong theirs a video of senator talking about it and we listened to the press conference where he bagged about it theres a website where you can plug in your income and you can see how much your going to make out of this deal and what it will tell you is is that if you make 30 thousand dollars and your a family of four and married with independence it cost you 900 dollars if you make a 100 thousand dollars and your a family of four with independence you get back 2500 dollars if you make a million dollars you get back 72 thousand dollars i don't know if that's what you want to do its up yo you all its the one you talked about and put on a website and i think i heard statements about people who have bought them and have been getting a free ride to long now they have to pay because anything they buy is going to have a tax on now that's what this budgets about and thats your priority embrace it brag on it if you think the key to the future of this state is tax price to the wealthy tell the world that but your also going to have to tell them that if your going to do tax the ones a dollar more and your going to have to cut all these services to the people out here that need the help that your budget you have a super majority

You have the money and apparently you have the will but we will not sit idly by and let it be blamed on faith anymore. This is your choice and you live with it.[SPEAKER CHANGES]Senator Tillman s for the purpose of your ayes speak briefly on the bill[SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Tillman has the floor to speak on the bill[SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Nesbitt you all had tough times and know you raise the sales tax a penny 750 million dollars that was your answer to it we came in tough times and we cut that your temporary tax was going to be forever it wouldn't came off the votes unless we took it off the votes your other plan for dealing with this was to put a half a billion dollars worth of flexible cuts in the budget let the schools figure out how to do it you didn't call that a cut of teachers but that what they was forced to do and you're telling me if we're cutting 4,000 teachers I heard 10,000 yesterday from the back row back there it's neither I will get you after the first 20 day report from schools the ADM count and the teachers are allotted per school and then per class and you'll show me that you were wrong you were dead wrong we're not cutting those teachers have longed been removed from the payroll those positions are shown in the cut to eliminate the demand for flex cut I'll get you the report it will be in black and white we have one every year on the end of the first 20 days it will show you every classroom has a teacher and the class sizes will be very reasonable as they are this year and you and the MCA and everybody else can say we are cutting thousands of teachers and I will show you we're not We're showing you that you;re so critical of the 770 million dollar in there and that's our plan is to cut taxes and put it back into the taxpayers pockets so they can decide where to spend it and yeah we're proud of that plan and we're going to promote it I believe you'll see some form of it pass.[SPEAKER CHANGES]Mr. President Senator Brown for the purpose of your ayes [SPEAKER CHANGES]Speak briefly Senator Brown has the floor to speak on the bill.[SPEAKER CHANGES]I too was on a mission about the tax bill that you put in place we eliminate went directly to the poor poor people had to pay those and they were supposed to be temporary taxes was proposed to make them permanent that's what your side wanted to do and you're okay with that? Also, this budget none of you want to talk about this adds 1.3 billion dollars medicaid to take care of the less fortunate people in this state 1.3 billion dollars probably more money that has ever been spent in the budget to take care of the less fortunate and you say nothing about that fact I don't think a budget can take care of the poor any more than this budget has it's taken priority over just about everything in this budget and for you to say we're not taking care of the less fortunate is about disingenuous as anything I ever heard this budget does exactly that and I think we got a good budget considering what we had to work with and I ask for your support[SPEAKER CHANGES]Senator Meredith for the purpose of your ayes[SPEAKER CHANGES]Thank you Mr. President, I wanted to ask Senator Brunstetter a question if I may [SPEAKER CHANGES]Senator Brunstetter do you yield[SPEAKER CHANGES]Yes sir,[SPEAKER CHANGES]Senator Brunstetter I want to make sure I'm not confused I understand from Senator Nesbitt that we are eliminating the Golden Leaf and the Rural Center I just want to make sure[SPEAKER CHANGES]We're not eliminating those two items in our budget are we[SPEAKER CHANGES]Thank you Senator Meredith both of those two entities will be alive and well after this I just do not receive an appropriation this year I believe the Rural center has 100 million dollars so that its sitting on and I think the Golden Leaf has 770 million sitting on they will continue operating and the fact there is more money going into efforts of rural NC in this budget than were previously [SPEAKER CHANGES]Thank you Senator [SPEAKER CHANGES]any further question or debate ?? question for the Senate passage of committee substitute number two for senate bill 402 has amended its third reading all in favor, will vote aye opposed will vote no 5 seconds will be allowed for the voting the clerk will record the vote 87 having voted for the affirmative and 17 in the negative you substitute number two for bill 402 has amended

Speaker: The amendments will be engrossed and will be sent to the house ,this time would like to take a moment to thank you for our pages for this week we thank you service to the senate hope you enjoyed your time and hope you back to see us thank you so much, Speaker Changes: Mr president, Speaker Changes: Senator ?? for what purpose do you ask i like to be record for voting on third reading, Speaker Changes: I hope, Speaker Changes: Therefore aye 3317 is the final count senator ?? for what purposes you ask, Speaker Changes: Just moment of personal privilege before the staff gets out of here, Speaker Changes: Senator?? has the floor for the moment of personal privilege, Speaker Changes: Thank you i hope members all here regardless of how the budget will comes out is huge amount of work to go into the budget and probably most patient people on the face of this planet are physical staff who work with us day and day out patiently answers questions from both sides of ?? and many of them as we start taking breaks for few weeks and hide into with the house so i would ask you to give some applause for all their hard work, Speaker Changes: We have any other notices or announcements, Speaker Changes: Mr.President, Speaker Changes: Senate for what purpose you ask, Speaker Changes: Probably little early but ?? at the right time, Speaker Changes: Senator ?? you have the floor for pointing personal privilege, Speaker Changes: I would just thank you would be appropriate today to say happy birthday to see a guy to skid younger with age happy birthday to senator ??, Speaker Changes: If any further business come for the senate not for the ??, Speaker Changes: Senator Brock for what purpose you ask, Speaker Changes: ?? it should have been in the front page of the news and i solved it today fr an announcement that North Carolina reclaim the trophy battle between the states but we ?? the basket ball team last night that senator ?? senator Daniel have played great basketball games ?? played a great hockey game so we had get time last night and it is good by ?? the effort, Speaker Changes: If any further business come for the senate, Speaker Changes: Senator ?? for what purpose you ask , Speaker Changes: I have an announcement, Speaker Changes: Senator ? have the floor for the announcement, Speaker Changes: Thank you me president the democrats will ?? next session , Speaker Changes: Any further business now the chair recognizes senator ?? for the motion, Speaker Changes: Thank you Mr.president an assured announcement for the fans of members what we are going to do is we are going to adjourn until tomorrow until 9 am that will be a skeletal session of the folks in and around ?? county will come in and cover that session for and on Friday they will be adjourned to Tuesday at 4 p.m we will not have any committee meetings in advance of that 4 p.m of sessions that will not give up any opportunity of long and hopefully relaxer week and off course we make sure we want to make some call reminded of the purpose of the week and i think about those who sacrificed in our behalf so with that Mr president i move at the senate will now adjourned subjects ?? house and the governor ?? bills and resolution and receives conference reports on Friday may 24th 2013 at 9.00 am, Speaker Changes: Motions to the senate will now adjourned and subject to stipulations stated by the senator ?? to reconvene Friday at 9 a.m second of senator ?? all in favor say aye oppose no the aye is have it the stands adjourned,