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House | May 21, 2013 | Chamber | Session

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The house will come to order, members please take your seats, visitors please retire from the chamber. Members and visitors in the gallery please silence all cell phones and personal electronic devices. Sgt. of arms will close the doors. The prayer will be offered by representative Wanky Wilcons. Members and visitors in the gallery please stand and please remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Will you join me in prayer please? Heavenly father we come before you today to acknowledge that you are our good and great god. May we always do that with humility. But those times do come when we are tempted to toss humility aside. We're in this place, because we were chosen by the people. We might reason, the electric has anointed us. We sometimes boast to ourselves. It is during those times that we are most vulnerable, most fallible. May we understand that the true strength that lives in this chamber or in any other seat of human authority comes only from out good and great god and let it flows to us only because that good and great god is also a generous god. Lord you know the heart of each of us. You know that we came into this place of human authority with the best of money. Help us to understand that our motives will remain pure, as long as we remain focused on you. I ask your blessing on each person that serves here and on each person that is serves. And i ask it in the holy name of our heavenly father. Amen. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of America. And to the republic of which is stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Morris recognized, speak of the journal for Thursday May the 16th 2013 has been examined and found to be correct. I move this approval is ready. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Morris moves that the journal for May 20th be approved as written say aye. All opposed say no. The aye's have it, the journal is approved as written. Petitions, memorials, papers, addressed to the assembly of the house. The house will come to order. Pages if you could please proceed to the front of the chamber, and the pages of the dies please step down momentarily. Pages, yesterday we had a session that I think started before you all got up here and we're welcoming you a day late but I look forward to getting an opportunity to speak with you.

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please send within statute. what was the motivation we read this recently heard discussions along the same line where saving money was the objective. this is a one-time notice that can cover a multitude of storage units that are going to be auctioned what what was the motivating. I have to get back to my knife. I'm sorry I was just prepared to present the changes from the house person pathetic happy to equity and significant question making this into the bill must always recognize of a demotion. thank you members of our rise to ask that we not concur because of this section, we recently had a very long drawn out in-depth discussion of what public is an analogue of the blade will be in continual debate. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I'm what you would be asking members to do is divided against concurrence, unless it looked at the motion before the houses the motor can personally be asking members to vote against concurrence thinking later percent nation [SPEAKER CHANGES] the reason I ask that we go back into conference and remove the either proposition and leave it to the both of them have to be done is when you go in and say they are consistent definition in statute is that it the disposition of collateral and make three different paths, and if she would say in one of those testers otherwise, in conformity with reasonable commercial practices among dealers in the type of property that is the subject of the disposition. well, one of the ways that this particular industry advertisement itself is almost subscription website that is not public notice, but what we're writing here within either are you still allow them to advertise on website that people have to subscribe to it were cutting out the tremendous number of people who get their information as we discussed the other night through the public notices in the newspapers, and is clarified in statute. they were talking about the public site. Neil and I feel like where ever we start this little slippery slope and the camel 's nose under the tea.it's just going to run and we have to maintain and guard the integrity of our legislation in this General assembly. therefore, I would ask that we don't put for concurrence. thank you what purpose does the gentleman from person County represented welcome drives the government, especially the gym has afforded to make much like a much bigger. [SPEAKER CHANGES] first of all, I've got a confession to make. when this bill first came through left electronic notice the speaker don't may continue. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I left electronic notice get by me. you normally use Parker God, you know, if I went in my right mind. I wouldn't let that go, but I'm just a missed, but I rise now to all oppose the motion to concur when we go to electronic notices, especially in this instance, it becomes restricted access that information, I ask you to vote not to concur [SPEAKER CHANGES] members of that objection rule twelve hundred phobias suspended. what purpose does the lady from Surrey County works in a statement draws a countless poker members recognized victimized the second banking on a settlement this is only changed two things. [SPEAKER CHANGES] this is a bill we passed out with rather good notice. I would agree with the two speakers and we got some problems with newspapers and legal notice advertising, but to be honest. how many you ever look at the legal notices in the newspaper. very few people day on it. we talked about some kind of ad that's more directed at people like yourself that are your Belfast MIB Giffords. below are talking that here's a little legal notice the cost quite a bit of money to send out. this is not what we're concurring about where concurring with the Senate changes, which added to definitions that ask for your support. imagine what purposes the Lady Carter et County represented. we characterize being on the motion member has been ordered to make motion. I think you share on if you will remember this one has me on BL, that we talked about what the military was that they all wear electronic now the

the easiest way for the military to be notified when they were in Afghanistan or wherever they were. and quite frankly no self storage units in the eastern part of the state of North Carolina are used when the military get orders overseas where they get worse Afghanistan or wherever they have to move out of their apartments are out of the derricks on inadequate notice they use their self storage units, they have to move quickly. I don't have time to leave anything other than an e-mail address because I don't have anything other than an e-mail address electronic know this is the proper way to notify them and please confirm with this because this is the best way I am. I am totally for more notice in the newspapers or our government meetings in all, I am all about disclosure, but this is themost important in the best way to notify our military when their things are about to be so they need to be notified electronic notices the best way to do that. thank you [SPEAKER CHANGES] what purpose of the monthly County represent it also is become the minimum members recognized by promotion [SPEAKER CHANGES] basically, one of the McElrath to share with you soon true, I will confess a soft drink or by scavenging several years ago I found that sometimes when you even mail notices to the military. when I received it doesn't always get their Hotmail several packages up to young men that we need very well and so out of the four packages didn't get there and she's exactly correct. if it's done electronically. they will get the notice and say for the most all of them have access to computers and a way to get those electronic notice of the new will not get necessarily even if it so I think you litigants is a book about to concur. I want purposes, the general term can irrefutably derives Rosen stein 's yields. the question is late for Surrey County or guilt of the general and our shields. thank you, Ensign Stevens fly water under the bridge since we first had this bill that I had been under the impression and incorrectly that we had taken late fees, late fees out. that is the same increase in late fees. you remember that that that that gets changed in the negotiations with the Senate think they know it. it's not that I think there was a discussion that we had two different issues were working on, and we continue with one with you and not the other, but I recall I don't remember the other specific issues. Allah is the radio through second question, I think shields the Uruguay certain then that you would admit. this is not yet changed by the Senate and government on page three, lines eighteen through twenty three is again my recollections. we can take that out of our version, but I'm asking you what you if you wanted in this discussion right now. bring your copy of how still that whenever said thank you what purposes [SPEAKER CHANGES] the lady from wake County represent a broad trust on task, represented students a question with you step away from her desk. I'll come back in just a moment what purpose does the gentleman from Onslow County represented Cleveland arrives the speed of motion pajamas recognize the recollection. a speaker representative macro wrath and represented Shepherd are correct military stores to stuff when a move in a convenient way for them to give notice is via electronic. however, I believe when this bill. if this chamber. he had him an amendment to the family said it would be by electronic and male, and I think that's what it should be. I am very uncomfortable at this stage in our electronic close in the country of just sayingthe things can be done electronically. everyone here knows that that's, but I don't really think where exactly is the right spot required to be done. I do not think we should concur. I think it should go back and it should be electronic and male. I is the lady who might wish to profound request, and this time reviewed Ross sure. thank you, Mister Speaker represents the deal to play for Mike Shields of representatives just to be clear for the members. they issue of notice is it different in the conference report and

over to the Senate. [SPEAKER CHANGES] This is for us to concur with the Senate. We don’t have a conference report. The change that was made by the Senate is adding a definition of, if you’ve got a copy of the bill, it’s on the first page of the bill. 440A-40, subsection 9 and subsection 10 were added to the definition, and that is the only changes that were made by the Senate. So this is a bill that we’ve already hashed. [SPEAKER CHANGES] May I ask another question? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Does the lady yield to a second question? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I do. [SPEAKER CHANGES] She yields. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Well Representative Stevens, if we don’t concur, would you be willing to see if the Senate would make the changes that people have raised concerns about on the floor, to make it be “both/and” rather than “either/or”, not taking the electronic out but having it be both, and then having that be in a conference report and let that conference report go to a committee under our rules and then come back to the floor? Would you be willing to do that if we chose not to concur? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Well if we don’t concur, something’s going to happen that way, but the electronic notice is only if the lessee signs up for it at the time of contract. It’s only if the lessee signs up for it, if the lessee chooses that as the preferred method of communication. That’s why it’s an “or” situation. [SPEAKER CHANGES] May I ask one more question? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Does the lady yield to a third question? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I do, yes. [SPEAKER CHANGES] She yields. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Well Representative Stevens, there are two places where they talk about the “or” for the notice, and there is one that talks about when you’re selling stuff out of the… It’s on page 2, lines 40 through 44, where before everything had to be in a newspaper of general circulation, but now it’s been added “or” in another commercially reasonable manner, and then there’s a test for why it’s reasonably if three people show up. So that could be in play too if it went to a conference committee. Is that not correct? [SPEAKER CHANGES] That’s correct. If I may respond further. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady’s recognized to respond to the question. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The difference is a commercially reasonable manner can be the normal advertisement like you have for ?? or for other things that are a larger ad. that stick out to people, as opposed to the old manner, which was simply a legal notice in the legal section that most people don’t look at. So this allow a commercially reasonable manner as set forth by the UCC. The whole intent here was to try to get more bidders to come to these sales because the years we’ve been doing them as legal notice, nobody shows up and the property goes for a dollar. What we’re trying to do is a more commercially reasonable manner to get more people to the sale, and that may be by buying an ad. space that we know is much cheaper than the legal notice. An ad. space or another way that will solicit to bring out those bidders, to get the greatest purchase for the property. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Just a final question, Mr. Speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Does the member yield to a final question? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I do. [SPEAKER CHANGES] She yields. [SPEAKER CHANGES] However, you could change the word “or” to “and” and have it be both ways so that people could have notice both in the old-fashioned way and in this new way, and then maybe you’ll get even more than three bidders. Is that not correct? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I agree with you in some parts. I don’t think putting the legal notice in that section’s going to bring more bidders out. I think that is much more of a bone of contention, and I think the longer we leave this open, the more contention we’re going to have because I think the press association’s really been working it, and I don’t know that it’s intended to bring out more bidders. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker, just to speak on the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The member from Wake is recognized to debate the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Or the motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Well members, I think since a couple of issues have been raised and there’s no harm in sending this to conference to try to get them worked out, I join with Representative Avila and Representative Wilkins and encourage you to vote no on the motion to concur. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For what purpose does the lady from Wake County, Representative Avila rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To debate the motion a second time. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The member is recognized to debate the motion a second time. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Earlier I referenced the website. It’s www.storageuntiauctionlist.com, and there’s commentary by the president of the website about how they’ve established this list of storage units and auctions and across all 50 states, and if you subscribe you can find out where they are. Currently there are 135 in the state of North Carolina, and one of the interesting things that he expresses here is the problem

Too many people at storage auctions. When there are too many people the prices get driven up and they don't advertise it widely enough. A lot of belongings, personal, expensive, cheap, worthless, whatever will go for a little bit. I don't think that's what we want around here. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: What purpose does the lady from Surry County Representative Stevens rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: To see if Representative Avila would yield for a question. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Representative Avila, does the lady from Wake yield? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: I do. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: She yields. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: The ?? is that at a national site that they feel like too many bidders are signing up? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: It's a national website that I'm assuming the directive is that the motive behind the selling of the product is to cut down on the number of people who know about it so they can get good deals for a little bit. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Follow-up. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Does the lady yield to a second question? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: I do. [SPEAKER CHANGES]. She yields. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Do you realize that currently the law says we only have to post a notice and nobody can show up at the sale and that at least this requires there be three independent bidders if you don't go with that legal notice? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: I realize how the law is written. I also know that as a business owner I spend a significant amount of money in advertising to draw people to my business and if that is the intention of this storage unit owner, then he would spend the money that's necessary for a successful business. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Mr. Speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg County Representative Brawley rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: I wonder if Representative Avila would yield for a question? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Does the lady from Wake yield to the gentleman from Mecklenburg? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: I do. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: She yields. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Thank you Representative. You mentioned that one had to sign up to find the notifications. Was there a fee involved with that or subscribe I believe was the phrase you use. Was there a fee involved with subscribing? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: That's usually when you talk about subscription there is a price. I didn't go on to try to sign up so I don't know what it was or would be. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Okay, does the gentleman wish to present a second question? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: And does the lady yield? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: I do. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: She yields. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: What I'm trying to discern is from your research we became aware that these notices are not freely available but are only available to those that pay for them. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: That's what this website is about. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Thank you Ms. ?? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: You're welcome. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Further discussion, further debate. Seeing non, the question before the House is the motion to concur on the Senate Committee Substitute the House Bill 243. So many is favor of the adoption of the motion will vote "aye". Those opposed will vote "no". Fifteen seconds will be allowed for voting. The clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 47 having voting in the affirmative and 68 in the negative. The motion to concur fails. Does the lady from Surry have an alternate motion to make at this time? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: I would move that we not concur to send the Bill to ?? . [SPEAKER CHANGES]: The lady moves that you've heard the motion. The lady has moved that the House do not concur and the Senate Committee Substitute for House Bill 243. Further discussion, further debate. Seeing none, the question before the House is the motion not to concur so many is favor the motion will vote "aye", those opposed will vote "no". The clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 108 having voted in the affirmative and 7 in the negative. The House does not concur. Does the member wish to request copies? Copies will be noted later. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Members on motion of the gentleman from Lincoln County, Representative Sane, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the Gallery to members of the Lincoln County 4H Club. Also along wh the 4H Club is Pastor Jeff Johnson of Denver United Methodist Church located in Denver, North Carolina and his wife Christy. If you would all please stand so that we could welcome you. Members upon motion of Representative Larry Pittman from Cabarrus, County the Chair

Happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to the following individuals, Ron Greer and Debra Greer, Ronnie and Martha Long and Tracy Bingston, all from the Cabarrus County Republican Party. As well as Diane Umbarger from the Iredell county Republican party and Vowie Bubank from the North Mecklenburg Republican women. If you all would please stand so that we may welcome you. Representatives Brawley and Iler are recognized to send forth a committee report. The clerk will read. [Speaker Changes] Representatives Brawley and Iler with the Transportation committee, House bill 236, permanent registration plates for authorities favorable as to the committee substitute, unfavorable as to the original bill and serially referred to finance. [Speaker Changes] The original bill unfavorable calendar, PCS is referred to the committee on finance. Representatives Brawley and Iler are recognized to send forth an additional committee report. The clerk will read. [Speaker Changes] Representatives Brawley and Iler for the transportation committee, House bill 67, permanent license plates for charter schools favorable and serially referred to finance. [Speaker Changes] House bill 67 referred to the committee on finance. House bill 254, the clerk will read. [Speaker Changes] Committee substitute for House bill 254 a bill to be enacted amending the requirements related to notice of land use planning and zoning changes to be given to a military base by counties or cities near the military base. [Speaker Changes] House will please come to order. For what purpose does gentleman from Cumberland County, Representative Glazier rise? [Speaker Changes] To explain the bill and to make a motion. [Speaker Changes] Member is recognized to make a motion and debate the said motion. [Speaker Changes] Thank you very much Mr. Speaker and Members. This is a bill I believe that passed unanimously and it relates to a notice to military bases on zoning changes. The Senate simply made more of a grammatical change than anything in the end of the last paragraph and it was just to correct the language about how we describe the 50% of the subdivisions land. I know of no objection and move the House do concur. [Speaker Changes] The clerk will please read to amendment. [Speaker Changes] Senator McKissick moves to amend to bill on page 1 line 26 by rewriting the line to read. [Speaker Changes] The question before House is concurrence in the Senate amendment to House bill 254. Does the gentleman from Cumberland county desire further debate? [Speaker Changes] No Mr. Speaker [Speaker Changes] Alright. Further discussion further debate? Seeing none the question before the House is the motion to concur with Senate amendment number 1 to House bill 254. So many as favor the motion will vote Aye, those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the cote. 115 having voted in the affirmative and 1 in the negative, the amendment is adopted. Senate will be so notified and the bill is further enrolled and sent to the governor. House bill 433, the clerk will read. [Speaker Changes] Senate committee substitute number 2 for House bill 433, a bill to be entitled, an act to support the activities of the armed forces and to maintain an enhanced military presence in North Carolina by regulating the heights of buildings and structures located in areas that surround military installations in the State. [Speaker Changes] Does the lady from Yancey county, Representative Presnell wish to change her vote on the previous vote? [Speaker Changes] I did, I'd like my get out of jail free card. [Speaker Changes] Without Objection? [Speaker Changes] I think the get out of jail thing may ended last week but I'll defer to the speaker on that. [Speaker Changes] For what purpose does the gentleman from Wayne county, Representative Bell rise? [Speaker Changes] For a motion. [Speaker Changes] The gentleman may make his motion and debate said motion. [Speaker Changes] Mr. Speaker I'd like to motion that the House not concur on House Bill 433 and establish a conference committee. [Speaker Changes] The gentleman from Wayne has moved that the House do not concur with the Senate committee substitute for House bill 433. Is there further discussion or debate? Seeing not. Actually for what purpose does the gentleman from Onslow county, Representative Shepard rise? [Speaker Changes] Yes sir. To ask a question of the bill sponsor. [Speaker Changes] Does the gentleman from Wayne yield? [Speaker Changes] I do. [Speaker Changes] He yields. [Speaker Changes] Representative Bell can you tell us why you don't.

To concur? SPEAKER CHANGE Yes, the Senate added an amendment there that dealt with cell phone towers and radio towers, and we're in a little negotiation with Verizon and AT&T, and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and Cherrypoint have everything worked out, but was not worked out in time to take care just be able to today, so in order to make it clean and transparent, we chose to go to a conference committee with it, working out how to bring it back to the floor. SPEAKER CHANGE Further discussion, further debate on the motion? SPEAKER CHANGE Seeing how the question before the House is the motion not to concur with Senate committee substitute for House Bill 433. So many as favor the adoption of the motion will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The court will open the vote. SPEAKER CHANGE Does the lady from Orange County wish to vote on this? The court will lock the machine and record the vote. 113 having voting in the affirmative and 3 in the negative, the motion not to concur is adopted. ?? will be appointed and the Senate will be so notified. ?? for the House will be Representative Bell, who will be the Chair, along with Representatives Whitmire, Stam, and Glazier. Any other Senate will be notified of the ??. House resolution 508. The court will read. SPEAKER CHANGE House resolution 508. A house resolution honoring the founders of Mecklenburg county, while observing the counties 250th anniversary. The house resolves. SPEAKER CHANGE What purpose does the lady from Mecklenburg County, Representative Earl rise? SPEAKER CHANGE To request that the resolution be read in its entirety please. SPEAKER CHANGE The court will read the resolution in its entirety and before doing so, members, we would ask that the House come to order for the reading of the resolution. The court will read. SPEAKER CHANGE Whereas in December 1762, Mecklenburg County was formed from a western section of Anson County, and named in honor of King George the 3rd's wife, Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany, and whereas before a courthouse was built at Trade and Trion Street, court in Mecklenburg County was first conducted on February 26, 1763, at a cabin of Thomas Fratt, which was located in what is now Caswell and Randolf Roads. And whereas in 1767, Lord Augustus Selwin agreed to sell 360 acres of land, known today as uptown Charlotte, to Abraham Alexander, Thomas Polk, and John Purlhot for the price of 90 British pounds. And whereas in 1768, Abraham Alexander and Thomas Polk where put in change of establishing Charlotte town as the Mecklenburg County seat, an emerging center of political power in colonial America, and in the early years of the United States. And whereas the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, the first Declaration of Independence made in the 13 colonies during the American Revolution, was adopted on May 20, 1775 in Mecklenburg County, as honored on the great seal and flag of the state of North Carolina. And whereas on May 31, 1775, the 27 signers of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence met again to draft the Mecklenburg resolves, which were new laws to govern the now independent citizens of Mecklenburg county. The signers included patriots representing the families of Alexander, Revard, Harris, and Polk, among others. And whereas the North Carolina state Constitution approved in 1868, gave the citizens of the county the authority to elect officials who govern them, called a Board of County Commissioners. And whereas the Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners has honored the rich history of a county by designating February 26, 2013, as the 250th anniversary of the founding of Mecklenburg County. And whereas the Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners celebrates, honors, and recognizes the anniversary by designating calendar year 2013, as the year of the Mecklenburg County sestercentennial celebration. Now therefore, be it resolved by the House of Representatives, section 1, the House of Representatives honors Mecklenburg County and joins the residents of Mecklenburg County in celebrating the county's sestercentennial.

Section 2, the ?? Clerk of Court shall transmit a certified copy of this resolution to the Chair of the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners. Section 3 - This resolution is effective upon adoption. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: For what purpose is the lady from Mecklenburg County Representative arise? [SPEAKER CHANGES]: To speak on the Resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Member is recognized to debate the Resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES]: Thank you, Mr. Speaker and Members. You've just heard how Mecklenburg County got it's start in 1762. May 20th, however, is very significant in the history of Mecklenburg County. We wanted to do this last night, and I know how disappointed you are we didn't come in to hear this on May 20th, but I thought that probably hearing it today you would be more receptive. On May 20th, 1775, Mecklenburg declared its independence from Britain and it was the first to do so. The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence was signed the year before the United States Declaration and the Meck Resolve drafted on May 31st was as significant as the Meck, referred to often as the"Meck Dec". Mecklenburg County will go onto have first of many. I am very proud to live and to represent Mecklenburg County. Mecklenburg is a growing, diverse and progressive county. The major industries are banking, manufacturing and professional services, epsecially those supporting banking and healthcare. Mecklenburg is home to seven Fortune 500 companies. Bank of America, New Corp, New Progress Energy, Sonic Automotive, Family Dollar, Goodrich and SPX. The largest employers are Carolina's Health Care System, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. It is a freight railroad transportation center with twenty-five freight trains daily. It's the hub for the trucking industry and it's US Air's leading hub. Mecklenburg has expanded over the years to almost a million people, and I would think that probably with the under count that Mecklenburg has reached nearly a million population. When I first moved into uptown Charlotte, ?? in 1993, Uptown Charlotte was almost dead by five o'clock in the afternoon, the streets were deserted. Now it's a very popular place. We have many hotels, restaurants, bars. We have museums. There's a lot going on in uptown Charlotte and that just reflects on the growth of the county. When I first started in the legislature in 1995, my district went all the way to Huntersville, Cornelius and Lake Norman. Much of the speakers' district and much of Representative Jeter's district was my district at that point. And then when we redrew the districts my boundaries came a little back closer into the city and then after the most recent redistricting, I came even more back into the city. So that just reflects on just how much Mecklenburg has grown over the years and we have increased the number of Legislative Represemtatives from Mecklenburg County. And with the industries we have here you can see that Mecklenburg County contributes quite a bit to the economy of this State. I have placed on your desks a bit of history and trivia concerning Mecklenburg County. I know it's probably more than you ever thought you wanted to know about Mecklenburg County but just in case you had the need to have more, you have it at your fingertips. Also, In your trivia piece, you will see that Lance crackers were started in Mecklenburg County and it still remains there

In fact they are celebrating their 100 year anniversary, and my first idea was to put crackers on your desk, and I couldn't do that. So there is a basket of crackers back there on representative Jeter's desk and there's crackers over here on my desk. We just want you to enjoy some of what Mecklenburg has to offer and again I am very proud to live and represent Mecklenburg county. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston county representative Bumgardener rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker, on 433 I wanted to vote yes on that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection? The gentleman's vote will be noted. For what purpose does the lad from Mecklenburg county representative Samuelson rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To speak on the resolution. Member is recognized to debate the motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Members this is probbaly a little more of a Charlotte thing but as one whose lived in Charlotte since I was two and since it's in the resolution and since representative Earl brought it up I wanted to correct a mistaken impression as to why we call it uptown Charlotte. All my life it was uphill, and so anybody who tells you that we named it uptown Charlotte because we're uppity doesn't know the geography, but uptown Charlotte is uphill, it's always been uphill and the ring around the uphill part was part downtown, and I thought everybody had an uptown and a downtown until I got old enough to go somewhere else. So it's uptown Charlotte cause it's uptown and if anybody ever tells you anything else they're wrong. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg county representative Brawley rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To speak on the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Well, with all due respect to representative Samuelson there are some people in uptown Charlotte that are kind of uppity. But I grew up in Charlotte and now I live in one of the smaller towns in Mecklenburg, and one of the things that I never understood as a child but as I got older I really began to realize it was the nickname. It was always called the Hornets Nest, and I want to know why is everything a hornets nest? Because every time I get in a hornets nest I get stung. That was actually a name given to us by Lord Cornwallis [SP],. and he said that Charlotte's town and Mecklenberg is a veritable hornets nest of rebel activity, because they were very independent minded people. And I have to admit that we still are occasionally argumentative and very quick to assert ourselves as most North Carolinians are. Now look there, Rodney is over there and he's agreeing with me. Right on my brother. But we thank you for this honor today and that is also why you keep hearing hornets as theme names, absolutely. Mr. Speaker I commend the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Further discussion, further debate? If not the question before the house is the adoption of house resolution 508, so many have favored the passage of the resolution will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 114 having voted in the affirmative, and none in the negative, the resolution is adopted and is ordered printed. House resolution 576, the clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House resolution 576, the house resolution honoring the founders of the town of Wade while observing the towns 100th anniversary. The house resolved. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland county, representative Szoka rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To speak on the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The member is recognized to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Ladies and gentleman, this past weekend I went to the town of Stedman and you might recall that you voted unanimously to honor the town of Stedman on their 100th year anniversary. While I was there we formally presented that and they hung it in their brand new museum and they were very appreciative of the fact that we recognized here inn the general assembly that their small town is special and unique and that we took note of that. Before us today we have another two towns from Cumberland county, my district. The towns of Wade and Lindon [SP]. Unfortunately the mayor and the commissioners of those two towns could not be with us today which is why I ask that the full resolutions not be read.

However, the best honor that we can give them, and that you can give them today, is to vote yes for these resolutions and to let people in the small towns throughout this state know that we value the people, we value the institutions, and we care about them. So I ask for your support and vote this resolution and the next one. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland County, Representative Floyd, rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To debate the resolution, Mr. Speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The member has the floor to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker, I hear the individual from that small community of Mecklenburg County talk about uptown, downtown, and we are just flatland. That's all. Just flatland, and home town folks. Real country, real laid back, and you can park anywhere that you want to, and you would not get a ticket. I commend the resolution to you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Further discussion, further debate? Seeing none, the question before the House is the passage of House resolution 576, as many as favor the passage will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 113 having voted in the affirmative, and none in the negative, the resolution is adopted and is ordered printed. House resolution 577 the clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House resolution 577, a House resolution honoring the founders of the town of Linden while observing the town's 100th anniversary. The House resolves. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Does the gentleman from Cumberland County desire further comment? Seeing none, further discussion, further debate? If not, the question before the House is the passage of House resolution 577. So many as favor the passage will vote aye, those who oppose will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 113 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, House resolution 577 passes and is ordered printed. House resolution 1010 the clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House resolution 1010, "A House Resolution Honoring the Life and Memory of Leander Alton Respass, the First African-American Police Officer in the Elizabeth City Police Department". The House resolves. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For what purpose does the gentleman from Henderson County, Representative McGrady, rise? For what purpose does the gentleman from Chowan County, Representative Steinburg, rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To ask that the resolution be read in full. [SPEAKER CHANGES] [the following portion is omitted from the recording] Whereas, Leander Alton Respass was born on February 6, 19 [omission ends] 17, in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, to Henry Respass and Annie Lucas Respass; and Whereas, Leander Alton Respass graduated from P.W. Moore High School, where he was the captain of the varsity football team; and Whereas, Leander Alton Respass received several athletic scholarship offers and chose to attend Shaw University, where he played football until an injury caused him to leave the team; and Whereas, Leander Alton Respass later earned an associate's degree in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice from Beaufort County Community College in 1972 and furthered his education by taking courses and training sessions at the College of The Albemarle; and Whereas, Leander Alton Respass was married to Beulah Lamb Respass and was the father of 10 children, all of whom attended college; and Whereas, Leander Alton Respass worked as a porter for the Standard Drug Company for 23 years; and Whereas, on April 13, 1963, Leander Alton Respass began working as the first African-American police officer in the Elizabeth City Police Department; and Whereas, according to statements made by then chief of police, Clarence Owens, to the local newspaper, Leander Alton Respass became a member of the department on his own merit and was not sponsored by any organization; and Whereas, at the beginning of his career, Officer Respass, at the age of 44, was assigned to a late night shift on the weekends in high-crime areas that he patrolled on foot carrying only a night stick; and Whereas, Leander Alton Respass gained the respect and admiration of the members of his community and his

travelling police officers and whereas Leander Alton Respis excelled as a police officer earning the rank of corporal in 1973 and sergeant in 1975. Whereas after 21 years of service, Sgt. Respis retired from the police department in 1984 but remained on staff as a consultant until his death on March the 21st 1993. And whereas, in remembrance and recognition of the 50th anniversary of Leander Alton Respis becoming Elizabeth City's first African American police officer, an event was held in his honor at the Museum of the ?? on April 21st 2013. And whereas Leander Alton Respis service on the Elizabeth City police department during the Civil Rights era helped to pave the way for the hiring of other minorities in Elizabeth City, now therefore be it resolved by the House of Representatives Section 1 The House of Representatives honors the life of Leander Alton Respis and commends him for his fortitude in succeeding in Elisabeth City's first African American police officer. Section 2, the principal clerk shall transmit a certified copy of this resolution to the family of Leander Alton Respis, the mayor of Elizabeth City, and the Chief of Elizabeth City police department. Section 3, this resolution is affective upon adoption. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman from ?? County, Representative Steinburg is recognized to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen of the house, and guests and family in the gallery. Growing up in a small town near the Canadian border in upstate New York back in the 1950s there was a lot of fans of a team that was known then as the Brooklyn Dodgers. And the Dodgers, in the 50s, had someone who was on their roster by the name of Jackie Robinson. And Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play Major League Baseball. He was a hero to both white and black alike. He was recognized as a boy by me for his ability as a ball player, never even considering growing up in the north of the racial implications of what transpired with his being hired by the Dodgers. but, growing older I had learned a little bit more about Jackie Robinson and what he had to go through to endure what he did to make history and to pave the way for others to follow in the black community. Today, we're not honoring Jackie Robinson, but, we are instead honoring Leander Respis. Leander Respis is a star in his own right. Or was. While Jackie Robinson got national notoriety, there were other players on smaller stages throughout the country that were accomplishing equal to the feat of Jackie Robinson and other pioneers in the Civil Rights movement. Leander Respis was one of those individuals. Think of Elizabeth City , eastern North Carolina back in the early 1960s and the police department there was a police department that was all white. That wasn't certainly unusual in the south back in those days. But, they were turbulent times, and the police chief of Elizabeth City at that time recognized that perhaps maybe it might be a good idea to have an African American join the ranks of the Elizabeth City police department. Now, it could not be just any African American, it was going to have to be someone very, very special in-

Deed. For you see the chief recognized that this was a difficult decision and it needed a very special player, and this player was going to endure taunts from not only the white community but he was going to be called an uncle Tom by members of the black community. As a little sidebar the police chief that hired Sargent to become Sargent Respis [SP], the police chief was the a man with the last name of Owens. now if that name Owens sounds familiar to you from Elizabeth city, that was the father of Representative Bill Owens. Mr. Respis [SP] as you heard in the resolution was someone who education meant a great deal to him and to his wife. Leander[SP] Respis [SP] was a college graduate, his wife she attended college as well. In fact they as a couple raised 10 children and all of those children are college graduates. All of them excel in their respective disciplines. $44.00 a week, in 1963 that was the salary of a beat officer in Elizabeth City. Now Leander Respis [SP], when he came on the force he agreed to do this at 46 years of age, he entered the police department and was given a stick to carry. He didn't have a gun, they weren't quite sure yet how this was all going to work out. So out on the beat he goes carrying a stick. Well the amazing thing is that ti was a very short time thereafter that we was issued a weapon and it was because of the great admiration and respect that he earned from not only those in the white community but those in the black community as well. This man was a healer. He attracted people like a magnet, they liked him, they respected him. He was fair in the way he handed out street justice, which is often much more difficult than that we see in the courtrooms. He was a student of human nature. He knew the difference between right and wrong and he exemplified those differences not just on the Elizabeth city police department but within the ranks of his wonderful family as well. Several weeks ago at the museum of the [??] and Elizabeth city, marvelous edifice, there was a celebration honoring this great man. He left us back in the late nineties, and I was honored and privileged to be in attendance that day and to be able to sit and listen to people speaking about this man and about his family and sharing some very personal details, and police officers sharing some of their stories that only police officers can tell to one another. And my jaw just continued to drop and drop and drop and I thought, oh my god, I'm not just here for an event, I am here honoring an American hero. Well you see, that's what this man was, was an American hero. We are a nation...

that is desperately seeking role models, the movie 42 is brought to the surface onece again, thats the movie about jackie robinson,and the courage he had within him to overcome to obstacles that he faced.The obstacles that leandra were just as great and even in some aspects greater. His is a story that needs to be told, his is a story that needs to be shared. It is indeed an honor and a privilege and with great humility that I hve the opportunity to be with you here today and to offer this resolution to to you. And I will close my saying what we desperately need in america and in their chamber are more people like this man. Thank you speaker changes What purpose does the lady from hartford county representative marlbury. Member has the floor to debate the resolution. Lady has the floor I have a little bit different story with regards to the respice family because I ws in school with a number of his children. I spoke to the daughter this morning and she shared some interesting things with me about her gradnfather. During the time I ws in the city between 59 and 63 and as you know during that time was civil unrest in the city of elizabeth city that is where the university is located. I was apart of the sit ins that took place and I can just imagine that someone in charge of law enforcement knew the importnce of integrating the city police dept in a time like that. So mr respice was tapped and he was placed ther as a beacon for the black community. He would tell you right quick that there was no black or white in his eyesight. THat is was all blue. A group of black citizens met to about mr repsice accepting the position due to the fact due to the fact that he was not allowed to carry a gun. He responded to a concerned citizen "Once I am in, I believe I can change that" nd with only a nightstick and a badge of courage he took to the streets. And blessed with the shill of gods favor, he changed the community and he was respected by all. HE became captain oline leary stated Respice stressed there is no black or white, only blue. HE also stressed never to do anything to tarnsih or disrespcet the badeg. He was a family man who stresed the importane of integrity and education. Having ten children to attend colege, 9 attended elizabeth city which was there in the city of elizabeth city

him, the central also received a doctorate from Temple University eight graduated from the specific state K-12. at that time that was probably say state teachers at what it was when I was later and major in education. one college and served in the military twenty third of the Nemechek, no chair. he has over twenty grandchildren graduated from college with advanced degrees. nine great grandchildren currently attend college on that the family today and a number of the children, grandchildren, as well as some of his nieces and nephews are in the gallery in a survey of weight on the time when the speaker will allow that our recognition and I did indeed commit in the resolution to you. thank you very much as speaker [SPEAKER CHANGES] further discussion for the event. say not question before the house is the adoption of House resolution and then it's many as five or the passage of the resolution, although not as opposed about note that Oracle implement Oracle lock the machine and records about one hundred and sixteen voting in the affirmative, and none of the negative house resolution ten ten is adopted in his order printed members on him on behalf of the represent is mumbling and represented somber cheers happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to the family. Leander Rasmus and ugly. these bugs are in the legality, we believe we have five daughters present Carol Joyce Geraldine Faye Ray, one son Willie, ten grandchildren and one son-in-law present. also present chief Eddie buffalo, Elizabeth city Police Department Detective Eddie Graham of the Elizabeth city Police Department, one of the founders of the Leander Rasmus Norstar police organization Officer Latoya Flanigan of Elizabeth city Police Department officer Carol Bartlett of the Lisbon city Police Department. Doctor Pat Ashley, director of the district and school information. North Carolina Department of Public instruction, and Nancy Barker, section chief of the district and school transformation of ANSI Department of Public instruction. I would ask all the sites that we stand and asked McAuley was what we all lose him in being written on behalf of the request represents Fuji representatives go also like to extend the courtesy to the gallery to Ms. Amanda Leather man and her parents, Kenneth and Catherine Lyman 's lemon is a senior at East Chapel Hill high school and recipient of the College Board and the Siemens foundation, advance placement in maths and science award. if you don't please rise that we could welcome you also him and on behalf of the gentleman who cites County represent how late jeers happy to extend the courtesy to the Gary to a good friend and former colleague, Mister Holly Robert Mitchell Mister Mitchell cutely stands that we can also welcome to him and represented Honolulu and bless this evening, Honolulu and Jones are recognized as a born leader board will only consider the following Jones bold Health and Human Services committee, Hospital five eighty established state wide pillows conjured program payroll and serial or large appropriation as the file data referred to committee on appropriations as Belmont send one of bandwidth ravage. I'll lost to care. I rose image that you unfavourably to the original bill

appropriation in original you will be placed on the unfavourable calendar committee sassy will be serially referred to the committee on appropriations bill nine seventy three on student here. I agree why contracts I was convinced that you don't buy blizzard original bill, and serially remarkable range written the original bills placed on the unfavourable calendar committee substitute is serially referred to committee on appropriations [SPEAKER CHANGES] house Bill two sixty seven court ruling committee. such a number t [SPEAKER CHANGES] o the house bill two sixty seven, a built-in product to specify the conditions on which the Turnpike Authority may collect tolls on an existing interstate highway notion of the airline and ask what purpose is the gentleman from Nash County represents [SPEAKER CHANGES] college rock star, briefly discuss the new members recognize the megabits of somebody to get a complex is the second bailout had come back in the last two days of after we passed on third reading of member we had one where I asked for to be recalled. this one is being recalled because in fact we did not legally pass this on third reading on Friday it was a roll call bill I got a call from Mark Los Rios of weeks hereby halfway been Thursday afternoon saying this is roll call bill. we could not pass on third reading Thursday and therefore that's the only reason you see it, and I think we've had unanimous support on this every time we voted on it so far. I would ask you to give me unanimous support on it. once again, I want purposes, the gentleman from Craven County representatives bizarrely rise North American members recognized to send forth a member Corey at the develop- one last eleven thirteen by inserting Windows lines of following member from private is recognized by the amendment lays down on this bill first came out [SPEAKER CHANGES] I thought it was a pretty good bill and as part of a section in it that said that the General assembly would have to have any tolls but at some point that ended up coming out of the bill, and by the time we both wanted Thursday. I didn't catch that. and I voted for this bill and I talked to many of you who also said you didn't catch that and voted for this bill of this amendment puts it back in their General assembly approval for any told projects. the details is a hot button issue for everybody across the state and [SPEAKER CHANGES] I don't think that is a good idea to leave it in DOT 's hands as to which roads get told in which roads don't think that's why we were sent up here to make those types of decisions and I don't think that we should abdicate our positions by turning it over to an unelected bureaucrats to make those decisions for us. I think DOT is that it is a defined position obviously to go out and look at the roads to determine which ones should be told to get public input to do all the legwork, but once I've got everything together. they need to present it to us to ensure that we up the body of elected representatives stand for that, on behalf of the people and I would ask that you would vote for this amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] what purpose does the gentleman from Nash County represent a college run by theamendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] the members recognize the bank given, but this does indeed put something back in the field. I originally had and in my builds begin with, and began to work with members of the Senate as well as the what do you see, as well as people in the house and tried to make this bill something we can all agree on our primary concern was that we continue to have all the same number of our free lanes if you will month. Alain is a North Carolina on the interstates that we currently have. I'm open for Howard, one of the ones coming up at Wheaton we can fund was coming up through the gas access planet. we can't want to make hotlines and what if you slide through North Carolina, where Florida and pay for it, that's fine as well. that's not my concern do think that my collective Bob, my collective agreement for this bill from DNC and from the Senate will probably fall apart if this law amendment that do it so often cite my buildings and its success. hopefully, in the other chamber, and a signature by the governor out after supposing them members on behalf of the member from Columbus County represented Wad dell cheers happy to

season before the former Senator RC cells long time legislator from Columbus County Center, Salisbury, please route that we can welcome to the floor after him, and [SPEAKER CHANGES] members of House Bill two forty three ago reasonable house will be represented Stevens revenue Shepherd presented Murray and Peter presenter saying a reason of Glaser and Representative McElrath said it will be set on what purposes the gentleman from Iredell County representative Rolly rocks speak, the devil has afforded a given, but you must figure ladies, gentlemen, I think this house with outdoor general may continue debating the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I think this is a very good limit and House Bill eight seventeen. we virtually gave total authority to DOT to keep politics out of the decision-making process personally oppose toll roads, and I do think this General assembly should approve any toll roads are put in the place, at least collection of the tolls I encourage you to vote for this bill. I think if you don't vote for the next time you will hear about toll roads will be one zero two use one of the one in your district [SPEAKER CHANGES] Speaker for what purpose does the gentleman from Echo ParkCounty representative arrives seeing reps are probably from Iredell, a Gilbert question is, the devil of Martell yields of the gentleman from October is a you are in LA seventeen on page twenty five. it states any other project I Turnpike Authority in addition to the products listed above, requires prior consolidation with the John sleep me on the operations. it lists the very specific turnpike projects based on that page twenty two. house, going seventeen. would you agree that it requires any coal project. besides the three specifically listed here to go to let a slight oversight committee for permission prior to be. I really stop reading. there are those that but if you read the rest of the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I do not agree what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg County, the other represented brawl erupts the debate. the amendment gem as reported by given by he Mister Spader. when this bill was a rent originally introduced, it was to prevent the conversion of free winds on interstates and the toll lanes. I cosponsored it and continue to support the original audio of the bill of the changes being proposed today guzzle more than that. it doesn't just prevent the conversion of free lines tall lines. it prevents any toll lanes from happening at all without a vote of the General assembly that means this bill proposes or pretends to be a bill to protect us from runaway bureaucrats what it actually does is cut part of the heart out of HB eight seventeen. the reform bill that we passed in this body week before last. this amendment is to return us to the old way of building roads in North Carolina, where roads are built by political power without regards to the professional staff their knowledge or any objective criteria, I ask you to vote against the cement [SPEAKER CHANGES] our major purpose of the medium in the survey do you think this figure man's house and SS will strain is your journeys when I came to this General assembly. I was certainly opposed its goals.being a traditional North Carolina, and you didn't like tolls but one of the things that we found out and certainly in wake County in western wake County and Southern white County was that the financials were such that there was no way we run again five forty completed without doing it is no project, at least not in my lifetime, even though I intended little long, but one would now when you put a number of provisions or were not for people near the time when the whole bill was put through. we put a number

there are additional protections, I really like the genius of Rep. Collins's bill, he's basically saying "if you've got free lanes, you keep the free lanes." Those are not in jeopardy. But if you want more lanes, this is a way you can pay for it without having to raise a bunch of taxes. Now here in Wake county, we have the one operational toll road. It's a $2 billion project, of which we have put a billion dollars in the ground. The largest road project in the history of this state. We don't need to come back and impede that, in fact thankfully, in the transportation bill, we took the impediments off of that project so that it can move forward, so we can finish our investment that we have made. It's not only gonna help Wake county, it's gonna help all of eastern North Carolina and the whole state for that matter. So please, I respect the gentleman's intent, but this will harm our ability to finish the largest road project in the history of this state, let us finish our project, we want the toll road, okay. If you don't want one you don't have to have one. But don't impede us from being able to move our economy forward. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rep. Bumgardner, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Speak on this amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to debate the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. I would like to speak in support of this amendment because I don't understand the argument that "if we don't do the toll lane we can't have the road", that's just allowing people to say "let's build this toll road", and when the voters question us about it, we'll say we couldn't help it. And as far as the last comment, the people in the county where I live have been hearing we- They've been saying "we don't want a toll road", but they've been hearing "you're gonna get one anyway" for a long time. And so I don't understand if a toll road is so absolutely necessary and it has to be done and it can't be done any other way, why we can't come back and have a vote on it and the General Assembly say "Okay, put a toll there." or wherever it is you need it. And so I am in support of this amendment, thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rep. Pittman, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To speak on the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to debate the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you sir. I had problems with the tolling language in 817, and talked to some other members and they basically said "well, that's going to be taken care of in 267. And so on that basis I was gladly able to vote for 817 because it had a lot of stuff in it that I liked, except for the tolling stuff. And so the other day when we voted on 267, I didn't realize that language had been taken out, and so I went ahead and voted for it because I thought it was going to help slow down or stop the tolling, but I would not have voted for 267 if I had known this was in there at the time the other day. I just missed it somehow. So I'm glad to say that Rep. Speciale's trying to put it back in, so I support him. I hope you'll vote for this amendment so I can vote for this bill again. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rep. Robert Brawley, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Speak a second time on the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to debate the amendment a second time. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to agree with Rep. Dollar. He said we want toll roads. That's exactly what this amendment does, when it comes before the General Assembly, if you want a toll road in your district, it'll let you vote for it. But those uf us who don't want a toll road, this amendment will let us try to stop it. I urge you to vote for the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Rep. Faircloth, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To speak on the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to debate the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. You know, those of us who lived all of our lives in North Carolina have heard an awful lot about our road system, and at times we brag about it and say we're the "good road state", other times we would be riding along while potholes were tearing up our tires and saying "What's going on in Raleigh?". It seems to me, in the last little while we've seen some progress here in Raleigh particularly with the bill that Rep. Collins worked on, and I'm impressed that he's put together something that will work, that will get us going in the right direction again. And we'll recognized that we've got some- gotta be innovative in the ways we address the future. The future is not all in toll roads. There's a lot more involved to building roads than just toll roads. But that's a part of the puzzle. And I have faith in this General Assembly that if the people we give the responsibility through the legislation we've done this time, if they don't do their job the way we like, we'll be talking to

mood was good. she has to control or I found the report anyway will get a chance to control things so that we protect our citizens. these this is a good approach and improving the way we handle our highways and streets in the state and urge you to not vote for this amendment, and must move forward with the legislation are sent in file or place that your purpose that they will sponsor [SPEAKER CHANGES] Europe will present thou art a muddy and in a sponsor of the Sunbelt file it will sponsor the tournament sponsor of the bill sponsor rep. Sam Collins is John O'Neill and the Gemini else in the regular again you got this guy won't be part of is gonzo women talk a lot about the about tolls and so forth what I call using phase and the like on factors that don't use it, the operator of the question I have is that want this in the and do two things. one cost a lot more money is far as our appropriations process and definitely put politics back into the room… [SPEAKER CHANGES] while I would certainly guess I'll both cases let out a little little anecdote just what we were doing mop mop up alternate sentencing is that were trying to get away from the old political system of you have more influence than I do. therefore, you get a road pay for your area, about with gold mine or do whatever to get my build. so yes, it doesn't fly in the face of that do you agree with you about Rosen of Avila, please take your purpose as questions may have represented to Bill probably presented. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I'll probably just don't menu. I didn't determine yields thank the speaker and references back to House Bill eight seventeen when they refer to that section one. it requires prior consultation with the legislative commission on governmental operations. what power is given. consultation with in terms of the site. for instance, with all the early and some allies invaded everything they come up with something and there's a objection to it. what is the process in terms of supplicant, editing and stop it. what does consultation with and entail outrigger Mister out of a house built a seventeen. are we debating a moment and the gentleman has started a point of order. Jonathan Jerry has jumped to be recognized for point of water in the future. a delay in [SPEAKER CHANGES] the chair will allow the lady to say the questions on answer with the caveat that I have not actually research that exact question, but based on my vast experience with one term in the legislative videotape will come in they will make a suggestion and if the committee says we think that's a really stupid idea. we don't want you doing that does not have the force of law, but what it does have the force of which told you not to do it. if you do it anyway will ditch and I would anticipate legislative action to correct that if that consultation, but I think a more experienced representative than myself could probably answer that question better, should one be willing to volunteer to his. I will say that if I'm a member of that committee and a proposal comes in. that does not make sense and I think is not in the best interest of North Carolina and I advised against it,and it happens anyway. I would be willing to introduce a bill to stop in the next eighteen to the LA fitness regimen very to the point of order that was questioning whether or not I was debating another bill that was is a very clear connection because the language that we either vote up or down in this amendment is going to be controlled by what is in eight seventeen think when we talk about consultation with an innovative of it behaves us to think very clearly about the kind of action that we're going to be able to take in case there is a disagreement in what comes before us from all of the analysis sentiment that David is put before us, we can still make bad decision sand the question is with the prop with the procedure that we put in place of, well, go ahead and do it will cut will pay you shouldn't have, can we stop it fast enough not to cause loss of tax money to the citizens of the state of North Carolina. thank you Arthur Collins, please take your purpose is regulated in the

to pay them a sense of this decline since the first wave of attacks, but it was possible in setting was because the scene, but I'm not in other forces and is in the middle of the city walk throughs, has the knack for all some point on some issues and marine transportation planning organizations in on the Times' that's already is being proposed is a busy as local control of local people present all are multiple run the Syrian designer uses India's army uses it for you again before I am home run 95 we don't want our review of these times and why it has become our 1:14 pm: wall a second point is was on how we didn't insult was an important one for his poll and Jan Davis times in this was the city was behind the scenes: written songs as you to place was because times a week and is the last sentence was announced and use of a naturally makes a times 19-95 and use local controls will veto power to determine story point person is likely station purpose the committee staffer who doesn't know the name that no idea it would force us and below the cost at one to see a whole raft and cents a pack of time and a RE-enact a sign that the copper mines and share deals time now , only serious about to happen in its an action beyond riled out at the embassy will receive the updated list of possibilities of times in some of the needs of these of one of the welfare of subsidy so one of the phone process it if we want all industries stay in the closet, but I made with that song: state religion back of the people of all races. He is widely adopted within your party have a lot to have the opportunity to do that in the possible time of the data, but it is one of these tools so right now we have a pool of buyers, others being there was a pretty cool and it still have time for a May 20 eighth in the closet full of up to a ?? was the one who once we want to wake up every day we will force the steel wall of the DVD copy it, and say, we would get a couple of times these staff to report that is the White House to do it all is the only it were written warning: state that I'll use the product and opportunities in some of the Jacksonville have been an all time: 10,000 shares spin it on the Solaris prevented some average winds and dry on the fifties and have the leverage in all so I can't receive in that time, estimated 61 happens when a resident basically center part time to make them because as a maintenance of this maker, and use its best known as a service that Orange County time Allies have envisioned to get these dissonance as they're ours is correcting to collect calls ?? of the existing interstate, ?? U.N. morning is directed to collect calls of the existing interstate, and that was discussed in the time I'll use as a war of collecting calls of history, when the 40-to: this trial activity and also made his ruling which person is such a PlayStation purpose to go in, said and done as a desolate innocence the time is of any size and there is a phrase that was taken out there and is wondering why visited the city by Mrs. Is a copy of the anti-spam it is as an aside, the CIA of our ?? ??............

Long as the following conditions are met. And what we’re putting in there is one of those conditions that the authorities directed to collect the tolls on the existing interstate highway by an act of the General Assembly. I, I cosponsored this bill. I thought it was good bill. Okay we all have our reservations with, most of us have our reservations with tolls and this and that. But the bottom line is we have to, we have to look at all the options in any ways that we can to improve our roads, way of raising revenues this and that. This tolling is, is another option. And, and I don’t have a problem with that. But I do want to make sure that before we start tolling even additional lanes on roads that the people have already paid for, that we’re doing it because that’s what we the elected representatives of the people intend to do. And that’s what this is all about. And as far as I’m concerned this amendment is, is not about tolling or not tolling. It’s about not abdicating our responsibility to the people to make those tough decisions. And they are tough decisions. And I, I have no problem going on record with any of the decisions that I make. And I hope that nobody in here has problems going on record with any of the decisions that they make. And I ask you not to abdicate your responsibility and please vote for this amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative McElraft please state you purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Speak on the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady is recognized to debate the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] When I came in here I had promised Representative Speciale I would vote for this amendment. And I, I thought because it was in the original bill that I would. And then I’ve started thinking about what the original bill said and what the bill says now. And the reason I wanted to stop tolling is because of I-95. I did not want the people that use I-95 to get to the beaches to have to pay a toll. I love the bill the way it is now. I love the fact that those who want to travel faster are gonna pay for that fast lane. They’re gonna be the ones to pay for it. But those who don’t want to pay for it are gonna have three free lanes to go down there. So we have actually accomplished exactly what I wanted with the no toll lane. Yet we’ve also found a way to find another lane that others will pay for because they want to go quicker down the road. So I think that that accomplishes what my people, the people that I represent wanted with the no toll lane. So I will be voting against [CROSSTALK] Representative Robert Brawley please state you purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Ask the representative a question. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Elraft, does the lady yield? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I do. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady yields. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative do you understand one of reasons this is such an issue with me is because it was agreed that I-95 would not be tolled. They would toll I-77 which is in my district? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I only represent my district. I’m sorry. I would like to further explain, may I talk for the second time [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady has the floor. [SPEAKER CHANGES] And I also see an issue with 95 because we have so many different opinions all the way down with Representatives. So when you leave it up to people in the General Assembly you might have one opinion down in Lumberton area on 95 and a different opinion in, in the upper area of 95 and then you’ve got Representatives fightin’ each other. We need to leave that to the DOT. Now that we have our free lanes I think we have taken care of the people that we represent. And I hope we can take care of your people too. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Collins please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] May I ask Representative Robert Brawley a question? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Robert Brawley does the gentleman yield? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes sir. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman yields. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Brawley you said about somebody has told someone that I-95 would not be tolled. I, I have not heard that from anybody. Could you please expound at that and please say who, who told whom that I-95 would not be tolled if this bill passed? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I can expand upon it. It’s not part of this issue. If you really want me to. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman has the floor. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The Speaker spoke to the trucking association and told them that I-95 would not be tolled. And then shortly after that we started hearing about I-77 being tolled. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Bill Brawley please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To debate the amendment a second time. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to debate the amendment a second time. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. Maybe I can clear up some of the misconceptions that are cert

Ins for the CNN for an ideal fallen off only time I did, insisting on the spot it were to finance upgrades at 97 times and has a channel of his own memory has a strained seven years ago was tested again on a 77 and a few times they ended without money to bail three lines and not the whole Tony Meola and times the law enacted visually turned into legislation during one session which was introduced and passed and those who can't have wheels that the service today about the need is a longtime Indians existing freeways that was paid for with taxpayers' money went to uninstall Lanes and not one and copy of the house to wait time that the lens, paid for with your taxes will continue to exist for you at the George at the issue highlights that you cannot take time out the increase in taxes than the bills but Jones represented the-nation to take about an 77 without a great deal of cumbersome knowledge and involving the peso members only one of the things that ?? people don't seem to understand is we're not doing that, it always is the ones that are free and reduced its wheels information to turn up the twin into a car loan or two of my time in the life of the Shimon from wine and lemon , and very time in the second home run to guarantee his reply, at least 45 miles an hour that money that would generate will pay the cost of the construction of the divine ?? will also provide money for the maintenance of the three lines cost him his call for the three wise for the raiders, like the contract with the Montana State money time-use and defined as net profit is waiting for his conception: suite 90 and $1970 million and 77 on the waterfront of millionaires mother sees acts on three of the document stating that we will not have to stand in the future on the city's war against the dollar profit ??....

/ Holly please enter purpose as represented by the question revisited Bell probably yield is assuming your yields. I was here last to get out and I just hear you say that there was legislation put in to take care of tolling on I seventy seven. that is correct. there was house Bill one zero seven seven okay and you just telling it yet. it authorized the entire project. thank you for regarding them as needed gentlemen is already been recognized as allotment of two times for the amendment this figure presented Robert Riley, please state your purpose is selling a question prisoners for styling. this is a woman, you are you… John can you help me better understand this amendment for the gentleman is out of order. the intent of the amendment is still out gentleman be recognized. the third time the Germans well aware of the role [SPEAKER CHANGES] further discussion further debate back, but an nice trial might rather discuss it further debate, if not a question of what houses the passage of the minutes of board are represented/ hourly to house may subject number two for household two sixty seven, all in favour, but not all those that note, or equipment or plot machinery for the bug eighteen have amended affirmative ninety seven in the negative. the amendment fails were now back on the bill for the discussion further debate on the bill. if not, the question for the houses. the passage of the House committee substitute number today. house Bill two sixty seven on its third reading of a remote call" note Bartlett part one hundred and eight have even affirmative and seven in the negative, asked me substitute number two thousand two, sixty seven as pass its third reading and will be sent to the Senate by Still man. [SPEAKER CHANGES] concludes the calendar for today it out of condo on her. I have a few housekeeping matters this week they the appropriations process will begin in earnest, and that the office of the speakers and everything we can to keep the calendar as free as possible so that the appropriations chairs and then ultimately the committees me what that means is that when representative Bauer announces an appropriations committee meeting in the afternoon following session, you can pretty much count on us adjourning very close that time we will not run over and we will carry. we will simply carry the bills ever recounted him because we think it's very important to remain focused on that also for your planning purposes next Wednesday five thirty p.m. many of you remember at radiation that was started with representative islands and adverbs, and Williams, and others. the that describe what the shrimp and oysters. everything else will organized restart that tradition with bipartisan support. we got members on both sides agreed to underwrite at for all members. we will letter our colleagues in the Senate, the governor 's office of the Lieutenant Governor 's office to join us for that. so if you are in town on five thirty next week I will guarantee at some of the best commercial fishing shrimp, fish, everything is a pity that you can imagine there's some good folks from these guys will come out and I served, was also five thirty eight. I appreciate that the Republicans are the Democrats have offered to participate in and up authorizing that are funding that notices and announcements represent what we think of her this is concerning the calendar don't affect promotion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] thank you, Mister Speaker, I move the House resolution one sixty nine be taken off the calendar for Thursday and recap and review referred to the committee on rules and journalist answers necessary detention as a VCS [SPEAKER CHANGES] the modified without objection, so I represent them are equally sacred purpose, or Nelson was recognized for health commerce meet tomorrow at ten a.m. and in range, six forty three and Centerville seventy six will not be discussed tomorrow and all three plasterer purpose of making an accident, Ms. recognize the full judiciary committee will make tomorrow. fifteen minutes after the house of germs to take up Sayville three three four, Dorothy this lease Rosen of cosmic nature, purpose

The gentleman may state his inquiry. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker I just wondered if there was going to be any red drum or speckled trout or striped sea bass at our fish dinner. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I’ll put you in contact with the commercial fisherman that will be bringing it. Representative Jordan please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Correct my vote on the amendment for house bill 267. I intended to vote no on the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman will be recourse having voted no on the amendment. And ladies and gentlemen of the House just to keep in mind the, my so-called get out of jail free last week for voting changes were only for last week because of crossover. Any member who wishes to change a vote while we are in session before we adjourn may do so until we get probably towards the end of the last week of session where we’ll probably implement the rule again, but provided that changing your vote doesn’t change the outcome then ever member will be allowed to change their votes as they deem appropriate. Representative Sam please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker to request that my vote be changed from yes to no on the amendment, on 267 I was asleep. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman will have his vote changed due to a malfunction. To a no. Representative Langdon please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I want to apply some personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentlemen’s right now, to appoint some personal privilege. The house will come to order. [SPEAKER CHANGES] As you know last week I was out dealing with my heart and I got a lot of e-mails and a lot of calls and a lot of cards and I appreciate it very much. My wife had a real tough time last week with me because I was so sad and crying and so depressed that I wasn’t here for crossover. She had a tough time so I want to thank you for all the wonderful things you sent and said and made me feel really good and I appreciate it very much. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Welcome back. [APPLAUSE] Representative Cunningham please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Point of personals. Privileges to speak. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady is recognized for a point of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Before we begin business today I was hoping that we took a moment of silence for the citizens of Oklahoma who are devastated by the tornadoes that touched their communities. And I wanted us to make sure as we go through today, tomorrow that we always think of that could have been us. So let’s think about the citizens of Oklahoma. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Ladies and gentleman the chair would also acknowledge that representative Cunningham has been so moved by the tragedy that she intends to go out there to, in support of relief efforts and the Chair appreciates the fact that you would do that and represent us well. Representative Floyd please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] A moment of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentlemen is recognized for a point of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker I noticed that I did not have to use one of my get out the jail boats last week and I wanted to thank you for the way in which you carried the session. I did not have to use it because you gave us some breaks. I just want to thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Mobley please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Make an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The ladies recognized for an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. On tomorrow you will observe a number of females out on the Halifax mall. This is the second gathering that we have attempted to put together. I’m working with some ladies across the state and they will be visiting tomorrow and visiting with some of you and trying to visit and talk with some of you with regard to issues that impact females, not only females but families in general. And we ask that you receive these ladies in your offices, come out and visit under the tent. I think they are going to be there as early as maybe eight or eight thirty in the morning. And we’ll be here throughout the day. They will be in the chamber here as well at some point during the day taking pictures with the Speaker. And there will be several colors involved with those ladies and you’ll see those colors of red, white, blue, pink, green, and have I missed a color? I think, all those colors will be visible on the lawn tomorrow if it’s not storming.

I asked that you greet the ladies come out in the sum of a minimum and when they appear your office. listen to what they have to say about the issues and concerns. last year we had about on Benedict three hundred women on the grounds of not sure what is going to yield tomorrow, but it may be more. we were hoping to have maybe five hundred, but on another, they can again if it is around two hundred from what I understand, thank you very much [SPEAKER CHANGES] researcher purpose in asking us to speak [SPEAKER CHANGES] an amazing gentleman 's reminder, tomorrow is Crimson bells. we hope you have humans and humans. you have get your bones. we also have a photo scheduled for one o'clock on the red red stairs so appreciate your support and we look forward to same headgear and your time zone tomorrow and will will see what happens them. if you are in need of had to borrow you can see me on behalf of picture experiment, and I think ever since then, from openings• complains that your purpose is now sufficiently recognized for an announcement [SPEAKER CHANGES] thank the speakers is the follow-up represented Adams loses user is not challenged. if you see me tomorrow to have circled by Johnson or small they are the last time for you that the never never more passive original opportunity… I'm just getting up in the help you and I'll be here early. I am advertising. please come by the office whatever outside the chamber of eleven help you. so that's the best all live ladies out there was, I don't have any attached documents are nearby thanks, the speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] members also understand it is viewer, but it challenged as I am that and are permissible in honour of the lab rooms and Graham, who may were beware of Valero tomorrow presented Jones, the purpose on announcement. the gentleman 's readiness for an announcement. thank you to state here are some of us will be taking out our bite-size tamari betting on basketball uniforms. I just went to him direct your attention to the handout on your desk and edit in particular that I wanted to direct your attention to the that they'd like to operate you have the opportunity to just help spread the word. this is a charity event where have been to let some non perishable food or monetary donation for our paid banks that up, it would be nice if we had a good group. they are to welcome Mark is from South Carolina and what thing I would just like to say that this Tar Heel would like to tip my hat to the Wolfpack defence Everett Reynolds Coliseum had been extremely gracious and not having a facility helping us out. we had our last practice at Reynolds Coliseum last night am happy to say that there were no injuries that come out and about. have a good time with us tomorrow evening and we we look at a good time at Jordan twice that your purpose on a personal privilege to demonstrate us for a point of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mister Speaker, ten years ago on this date, May twenty first of false prophet predicted the world would end. I think we all are werewolves predicted that not occur where all here today. what a world media failed to notice was a critical anniversaries occurred on May twenty one on this day in history. the American Red Cross was established in nineteen eighty one, Charles Lindbergh completed the first solo flight across the Atlantic in nineteen twenty seven like I was born at four twenty seven BC, I have no idea how we know that was actually May twenty first, but nevertheless right of our Ironside was born in nineteen seventeen, Andre Sakharov, the physicist and human rights activist, was born in nineteen twenty one. Mister Cheney was at MIC Mangrum said John. target also sheers, May twenty one his birthday. please send me congratulate him for his achievement half numbers in German also, as is added to announce that the resident Howard is not with us today. he represented Howard lost her mother launches out attending to family matters, please gave rev sand empowered Dan. all of her family in your thoughts and prayers presented early PlayStation purpose by NASA families right now is for an announcement of wrestling at Howard was the chief cheerleader for my life. it is very serious again that if you won't find anyone is a wonderful cheerleaders and you don't basketball match. I remain here will be the cheerleaders and you can pick up uniform

?? office. Thank you very much. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Starnes, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized for an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The Republicans will caucus in the auditorium in 15 minutes. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Larry Hall, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Democrats will caucus immediately after session in 1425 this afternoon. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Warren, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] A moment of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized for a point of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I just wanted to announce that ?? High School won its 17th straight State Classical League state championship. They have done a remarkable job. This year has the 63rd state convention. The school had a first place position with the total of 1103 points. The second place came in at just 516 points. I’d like to ask you to join me in congratulating ?? High School. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Stevens, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady is recognized for an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen of the House, Judiciary C Committee will meet at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. We’re going to take up six Senate bills. I have sent a notice to your offices, but I do have a list of the bills if anybody has a question. I apologize for the delay, but I didn’t come back in until this morning. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Further notices. The Clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Committee on judiciary Subcommittee A, the meeting has been cancelled for tomorrow. The House Committee on Public Utilities and Energy will meet tomorrow at 12 pm in 643 of the LOB. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Carney, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady is recognized for an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve received this email but I thought I would rise and remind you. Tomorrow’s High Blood Pressure Awareness Day in the General Assembly, and the Justus-Warren Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force, the American Heart Association, the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians and the Carolina Center for Medical Excellence is hosting this event. We invite you to go by courtyard 1000 or 1300 or the third floor lobby of the LOB to have your blood pressure checked. It’s important to know whether it’s too high or too low. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Members, the Rules Chair and staff are trying to sort out whether or not any member here has an issue with us trying to move the session up to 1 tomorrow. Does anyone here? If you have an issue or it has a conflict that would be difficult for you, if you’ll just please turn on your light and rise. Representative Martin, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We’re going to have to reschedule our photo at 1 o’clock. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We can do that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] That’s all. [SPEAKER CHANGES] What we’ll do, ladies and gentlemen, is we will meet for the photo at 1, and then that will get you close to the chamber and we will start at 1:15. That will make it likely that at least 70 percent of us will get there. Further notices and announcements? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Got a motion pertaining to the calendar while we’re still figuring out the time for session. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker, House Bill 489, the short title is ‘Clarify Electric load Control Process’, the bill has been heard in Public Utilities, ?? Environment. We move that the bill be removed from the Committee on Environment and placed on the calendar for tomorrow. 36B, I’m sorry. It was House Bill 4… excuse me, Senate Bill 430. The companion bill is House Bill 489. I apologize. I just like saying “House Bill” better than “Senate Bill”. It just sounds better. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection so ordered, and ladies and gentlemen, it turns out that the only conflict the Chair is aware of now is the conflict with the Chair. There is a press conference on healthy eating that was scheduled for 1 tomorrow. We will move it up to 12:30 so that we can accommodate everyone else’s calendars. Further notices and announcements? Representative Moore is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker, I move that the House do now adjourn to reconvene tomorrow May 22nd 2013 at 1:15 pm, subject to re-referral of bills and resolutions and modifications to the calendar. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Moore moves, seconded by Representative Robert Brawley and subject

Subject to re, refer all bills and resolutions. Receipt of committee reports. That the House do now adjourn to reconvene on Wednesday, May 22nd at 1:15 P. M. All in favor say aye. All opposed say no. The ayes have it. The House stands adjourned.