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House | May 20, 2013 | Chamber | Session

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suspended member to thank your cease to our paper are to close the doors members and visitors of the Southall cell phone or a background represents Angleton members and visitors of the gallery please enter my standing the Pledge of Allegiance and sandals and recognize warning [SPEAKER CHANGES] our father who is in heaven with your name, your kingdom, your will be done on earth as it is now done.get us today our daily bread and forgive us our sins as we forgive those not lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil. for yours is the kingdom and the power and glory forever and ever revenues and is written in the Pledge of Allegiance. first isolated to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic, which is a one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all represented Santos is again recognized as the promotion. Mister Speaker, the Journal for May sixteenth is examined and found to be correct on this video print is written, [SPEAKER CHANGES] representatives, and of the lives of the journal from May sixteen be approved as written, the paper will say I proposals I know it. I said at the journalism proof is approved as written petitions, memorials or papers address the General assembly or the house. the clerk will read representative Debra K Ross, May twentieth twenty thirteen to the Honourable Tom Till is dear Mister Speaker, it is my deepest honour to represent districts thirty eight and thirty four for the past ten years and to serve the will grace the North Carolina House bugle boy, County of our diverse confidence. I'm honoured by their faith in the and proud to serve as a representative as you know, I have decided to step down from the house prior to adjournment of the twenty thirteen. long session, please consider this letter as official notification that I will resign from the house of effective at noon Saturday June first twenty thirteen. it is been my pleasure to work with my colleagues in the North Carolina House. thank you for all you do for our state. yours truly, [SPEAKER CHANGES] Debra K Roth noted with regretafter bills will be happy messages from the Senate oratory, also four thirty three ability entitled an act support the activities of the Armed Forces and to maintain and enhance the military 's presence in North Carolina by regulating the height of buildings and structures located in areas that surround military installations in the state. our pursuant rule thirty sixty total eighty five, a bill to be entitled back to conform and modify the statues on initial votes by city and county governing boards ever that of the one twelve. the bill to be entitled an act to amend certain environmental and natural resources law and to limit local government regulation of storage, retention or use of non hazardous recycled materials environment that all one fifty one ability entitled an act to amend the reading fisheries laws amend the law governing construction of terminal growing an NCA and a permitting laws and clarify that cities and counties may enforce ordinances within the state public trust areas environment Senegal one fifty six of those we entitled an act to clarify the legislative ethics committees invest procedures and make other technical changes, as recommended by the legislative ethics committee, House committee on ethics of the one eight zero build to be entitled back to eliminate appeals or infractions to modify appeal to the Superior Court in probation revocations in which the defendant has waived the hearing to amend the law pertaining to re sentencing upon the reversal of the pheasants on appellate review, editing, reclassify certain misdemeanour's as infractions. it is receptor made me set up to ten ago to be entitled act provide for the appointment of chief magistrate industry subcommittee, said that it will to eleven ago three, entitled an act authorizing cities provide annual notice to chronic violators of public nuisance ordinances by regular mail and posting ever been filtered through six ago three, entitled an act to repeal a nineteen thirty five. during County local act concerning firearm registration rules calendar operational accounts, Senate Bill two thirty

A bill to be entitled to an act authorizing counties to assume responsibility for construction, improvement, ownership, and acquisition of public school property (SPEAKER CHANGES)Rules calender and operation of the house (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 257 a bill to be entitle an act to enable the transition of properties of the area along there common boundaries between Alamance county and Gilford county, by requiring ta survey of the bounty line between the counties (SPEAKER CHANGES)Government (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 294 a bill to be entitle an act to allow entities regulated under phase 2 of the national pollutant discharge elimination system program, to utilize the department of transportation best management practices toolbox for linear transportation projects. (SPEAKER CHANGES)Commerce and job development (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 297 the bill to be entitled to an act providing that the city of Winston Salem may undertake certain economic development activities, without complying with the states contract laws (SPEAKER CHANGES)Government/ (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 376 a bill to be entitle to an act to direct the wildlife resources commission to enact rules to the year round trapping of coyotes, and establish a permit for the year round trapping of coyotes by landowners and leases of there land to provide the wildlife resources commission to the authority to establish trapping seasons in the exercise of its temporary rule making authority to increase the penalty for unlawfully selling possessing for sell, buying a fox, or taking any fox by unlawful trapping or with aid of any electronic collaring device, and to create penalties for removing live coyotes from a trap, and transporting a live coyote after removal (SPEAKER CHANGES)Agriculture (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 406 a bill to be entitled to an act to appeal laws and ordinances that were denied pre clearance of section 5 of the voting rights act of 1965 (SPEAKER CHANGES)elections (SPEAKER CHANGES)senate joint resolution 431 a joint resolution to confirm the governors appointment of ray graze to the office of commissioner of banks (SPEAKER CHANGES)banking (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 463 a bill to be entitled to an act to amend the law providing for minimum standards for jail dormitories to allow counties with populations in excess of 250,00 and house 64 inmates per dormitory as so long as certain minimum standards are met (SPEAKER CHANGES)Rules calendar operations of the house (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 468 a bill to be entitled an act to specify that when appliances dollars are licensed to perform all aspects of an installation, just one permit and inspection will be required (SPEAKER CHANGES)Regulatory reform (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 465 a bill to be entitled to an act to make various technical clarifying and other changes of the professional employer organization statute (SPEAKER CHANGES)Insurance (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 477 a bill to be entitled an act to prohibit insurers and health benefit plans from limiting or fixing the fee of an optometrists, may charge patients for services or materials, unless the services or materials are covered by a reimbursement under the plan or insurer contract with the optometrist, and to require the optometrists to provide a written disclosure to the patients (SPEAKER CHANGES)Insurance (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 494 a bill entitled to an act to authorize community service as a discretionary condition of the post release supervision, and to amend the requirements for voting by the post release supervision and parole commission on matters coming before the commission (SPEAKER CHANGES)Rules calendar and operations of the house (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 501 a bill to be entitled to an act to modify the definition of all terrain vehicles to reflect changes in the types of all terrain vehicles sold in North Carolina (SPEAKER CHANGES)Transportation/ (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 515 a bill to be entitled an act to revise the nutrient management standards applicable to the Jordan Lake Watershed (SPEAKER CHANGES)Environment (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 580 a bill to be entitled to an act to establish the north Carolina contamination source and removal and disclosure board, and to direct the board and the division of waste management of the department of environment and natural resources to study development and implementation of a pilot program to allow a public private partnership for the safe and expedited remediation of pre 1983 landfills at little or no cost to the state (SPEAKER CHANGES)Environment (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 583 a bill to be entitled to an act to make various amendments to the statutes that regulate secondary metal recyclers (SPEAKER CHANGES)Judiciary sub committee C (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 584 a bill to be entitled to an act to expand the protection against false leans to include the immediate family of a public officer or public employee (SPEAKER CHANGES)Judiciary sub committee b (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 614 a bill to be entitled to an act to amend the insurance laws relating to the notice required for cancellation to workers compensation insurance policies (SPEAKER CHANGES)Judiciary sub committee A and if favorable commerce and job development (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 653 a bill to be entitled to an act to require the department of transportation to develop and design construction standards specific to green ways (SPEAKER CHANGES)Transportation (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 689 a bill to be entitled an act to amend the trapping law relating to conna bear type traps(SPEAKER CHANGES)agriculture (SPEAKER CHANGES)Senate bill 717 a bill to be entitled an act to authorize the division of motor vehicles digression in assessing

the reasons of safety inspection light holders for safety inspection law violations, activation records annual fund is recognized for a series of motions relative to the calendar. thank you, Mister Speaker, I'm at that house Bill one sixty nine honour fallen, fallen honour fallen soldiers. a withdrawn from the committee on rules and the calendar without objection, so ordered. I made it. house Bill two forty one blue Monday shed for a new fifth-round, the committee on rules invented the calendar. [SPEAKER CHANGES] that objection, so ordered [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mister Speaker, I'd like to make it, and then went to deal one sixty nine honour fallen small and soldiers. the only calendar for Thursday without objections our house Bill five oh seven honour. the Centennial be withdrawn from the committee on rules with the calendar that objection. the water. house Bill five oh eight honour founders of Mecklenburg County be withdrawn for the committee on rules and since the calendar that objection. our house Bill five seventy six honour town of what a relief mechanic committee on rules and moved to the calendar without objection, so ordered. house Bill five seventy seven. honour the town of Linden withdrawn from the committee on rules and that the calendar that objection in House Bill ten ten on earth. we hand their short title is hereby recognize you. thank you for strongly feeling of unequivocal consent of the calendar that objection, so ordered Mister Speaker, while not have a point of personal privilege. you're right– one for the privilege of members who are here. I was a yesterday to have lunch with her now seem to be resigned representative on I'm really missing by Ron at the time, and she's excited about her new job. I think she's well-qualified for it, and I wish her the best. thank you [SPEAKER CHANGES] notices and announcements or query out to be an education will meet Tuesday May twenty first at ten a.m. six forty three LL.B. Rector 's annual set is recognized her another motion. I was just a grab if you also turn to reconvene on Tuesday May twenty one two p.m. FM Sanofi Luczak in the lab representative speciality at the health of urine reconvene on Tuesday May twenty one at two o'clock p.m. as the Bible say I oppose it, but I will say I was. I know guys haven't health editor