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Senate | May 19, 2014 | Chamber | Senate recognition of members

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Senate will come to order. ?? at arms will close the doors. Members will go to their seats. Members and guests in the gallery please silence all electronic devices. Leading the Senate in prayer is the Reverend Peter Milner Senate Chaplain. All members and guests of the gallery please stand. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Let's pray together. Father in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. We need your covering tonight, Lord, everyone of us. We need our hearts covered, our minds covered, our families covered. All the education in the world doesn't really help us out sometimes. We need so much more than that. We often fall short of what You desire for our lives. Lord, spare us from our wills. Have mercy upon us who does not know what to do sometimes. Lead us into the way of righteousness. Bless all those in authority here on this night. Bless their cities that they represent, their counties that they represent, every city throughout this wonderful place that we call North Carolina. Lord, there's only one strength - that's the strength of love. So spread abroad Your spirit of love that all peoples may be gathered under the banner of the Prince of Peace, as children of one Father to whom be dominion and glory now and forever. In Christ's name, Amen. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Pates is recognized for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. President. The journal of Thursday, May 15th, 2014 has been examined and is found to be correct. I move that the Senate dispense with the reading of the journal, and that it stand approved as written. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection, the journal for May 15th stands approved as written. Senators, today we have leaves of absence granted for Senators Berger, Parman, Sanderson, and Jenkins. Senator Apadaka is recognized for motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. President. I have multiple motions, if I may. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You may. [SPEAKER CHANGES] First, SB 556: IRS health insurance pull needs to be removed from this evening's calendar and re-referred to committee on appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] No objection, so ordered [SPEAKER CHANGES] SB 144: non-profit grants removed from tonight's calendar; re-referred to appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] No objection, so ordered [SPEAKER CHANGES] HB 150: zoning design, anesthetic controls removed from tonight's calendar; re-referred to committee on rules. [SPEAKER CHANGES] No objection, so ordered [SPEAKER CHANGES] HB 691: limit soldiers' community college tuition moved from this evening's calendar; re-referred back to appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] No objection, so ordered [SPEAKER CHANGES] SB 734: authority to adopt certain ordinances, remove serial referral to state and local government and add serial referral to finance [SPEAKER CHANGES] No objection, so ordered [SPEAKER CHANGES] SB 648: North Carolina commerce protection act 2013. Need to add a serial referral to committee on finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] No objection, so ordered. [SPEAKER CHANGES] SJR 796. I move rules be suspended to the end at SJR 796. A joint resolution expressing gratitude and appreciation for the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. It was filed today. I move the rule be suspended so it can be introduced this evening and placed on tomorrow's calendar for the consideration. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Objection. It will be added to introductory bills this evening after session. Senators we have a nurse and a doctor with us today. We have Julie Alexander from Apex, North Carolina. Nurse Alexander, thank you so much for joining us in the Senate today. And we also have with us Dr. Rich Atalmen, who is an M.D. Thank you as well, Dr. Atalmen, for joining us in serving the Senate today. Senators, upon the motion

Senator Bill Cooke of Beaufort County, the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery or floor, where are we Senator, are we in the gallery? Courtesies of the gallery to his wife, Holly, his daughter, Carrie, and his son, Billy Cooke, If you are in the gallery please stand and be recognize. Thank ya'll so much for joining us. [APPLAUSE] Upon the motion of Senator David Curtis of Lincoln County, the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to his wife, Rachel Anne Curtis. Rachel Anne if you'll stand and be recognized please. [APPLAUSE] At this time we'd like to introduce our pages for the week. So pages, if you'll start making your way up here to the front of the dais and the chamber so we can do introductions. And since we have such a big crowd tonight we'll go ahead and have the reading clerk start reading the names. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Pages serving in the chamber this week: Nick Corn from Rocky Mount, Ashton Kraft, Ben Seabo, ??, Camden Diggs, Norwood, Katie Dorrity, Washington, Madison Henderson, Dunn, Sally Hennessy, Ashburn, DJ Jacobs, Durham, Zara Jilanie[?], Mint Hill, Josh Johnson, Fuquay-Varina, Emmalance Wilson, Jennifer Matthews, Winson-Salem, Daisy Macketeer, Fayetteville, Carla Metcalf, Matthews, Rachel Paramore, Hampstead, Isaiah Roberts, Charlotte, Terrell Robertson, Laurinburg, Corbin Robinson, Spring Lake, Jennifer Rodgers, Fayetteville, Maggie Schaefer, Clinton, Mack Schaefer, Clinton, Jordan St. John, Raleigh, Jane Sullivan, Raleigh, Rose Tucker, Greensboro, Jackson ??, Elizabethtown, Taniv Belton, Newport. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senators I think there's one for each of you this week so that's great. Pages, welcome to the senate, we thank you for serving this week and we look forward to working with you. [APPLAUSE] Do we have any notices or announcements? Senator Wade for a purpose to your eyes[?] [SPEAKER CHANGES] To send forth the conference report. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Wade you can send forward your conference report. Clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To the President and Senate, Speaker House Representative the conference is appointed to resolve the differences between the Senate and the House of Representatives on HB 688, a bill to be entitled "an act amending the continuing education requirements for certified well contractors." [SPEAKER CHANGES] HB 688, Calendar. Senator Blue, for what purpose ?? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Inquiry of Senator Newton [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Newton, do you yield for a question? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Newton. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Apparently. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You do yield? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Newton, SB 648, if I was correct in making my notes, has been re-referred, serially re-referred to Finance. Is that a direct referral or a serial referral and I ask that question to inquire as to whether it is still under calendar for J1 tomorrow. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Senator Blue, yes it is still on the calendar. I was going to make an announcement to that effect. Does that answer your question? Okay, thank you. We'll see you in the morning. Mr. President, may I go ahead and just make that formal announcement? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Newton you have the floor for your announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. President. Colleagues, there will be a meeting of the J1 committee at our usual meeting spot at 10:00 tomorrow. We will take up 648, I believe it is, it will be for discussion only and we will see where that takes us. So we look forward to seeing you int he morning.

Do we have any other notices or announcements? Is there any further business to come before the Senate? If not, the chair recognizes Senator Pate for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. President. I move that the Senate do now adjourn, subject to the receipt and re-referral of messages from the House and the Governor. The introduction of bills and the referral and re-referral of bills to reconvene on Tuesday May 20, 2014 at 1PM. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Motion's that the Senate do now adjourn, subject to the stipulations stated by Senator Pate, to reconvene Tuesday May 20th at 1PM, seconded by Senator Hise. All in favor, say Aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Opposed, No, the Ayes have it. Senate stands adjourned.