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Senate | May 15, 2014 | Chamber | Senate Announcments

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Sergeant at arms ?? members will go to their seats, members and guests in the gallery please silence all electronic devices. This microphone's a little loud, if we could turn it down a little bit that would be great. Leading the Senate in prayer is Reverend Peter Milnerson at Chaplain, all members and guests in the gallery, please stand. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Lord, as we open up our lips we ask you to bless them. As we act, we ask you to bless actions. We all come from diverse backgrounds, west, east, north, south, but we all need your discernment and direction for to ?? business of this great state of North Carolina. We don't want to just drop our traditions off at the door. We want our faith to inform everything. Unless the Lord watches over the city the guards stand watch in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat, for he grants sleep to those who He loves. Children are a heritage from the Lord, so open our eyes up today, Lord, once again. Watch over us. Watch over the children of this state. Bless their teachers, teachers around the state like Ms. Zucchino and Ms. Smith who bless my children every day. Pastors, teachers, other moms and dads all over the state, may we rest in the work that you have started Lord, that you will complete, as in your name we pray, Amen. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Pait is recognized for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. President. The journal for Wednesday, May 14th 2014 has been examined and found to be correct. I move that the Senate dispense with the reading of the journal and that it stand approved as written. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection the journal for May 14th stands approved as written. Senators, we do have a nurse of the day with us today, doctor of the day, Dr. Anette Grier from Fountain, North Carolina. Dr. Grier if you will please stand and be recognized, thank you for serving the Senate. [APPLAUSE] Senators, upon the motion of Senator Newton and Bryant of Nash County the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to the students in the fifth grade leadership class at Williford Elementary School. The fifth grade of Williford Elementary School is from Rocky Mount, North Carolina and their teacher is Brenda Collins, if you'll please stand and be recognized, thank you for being with us today. Then upon the motion of Senator Wesley Meredith of Cumberland County the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to the Cornerstone Christian Academy from Fayetteville and their teacher Alice McCain, if you'll please stand and be recognized. [APPLAUSE] Thank you for joining us today. Senator Pait is recognized for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. President. Mr. President, I moved that the Senate do now recess, subject to ratification of bills to reconvene at 11:00 a.m. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection the Senator Tillman, for purpose hereas. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President, I rise to ask Senator Apodaca to remove HB 560 from the Senate's Clerks office and place it in the committee. It is a time-sensitive bill with one of my counties. Somebody let Senator Apodaca know he's asleep. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection, so ordered. Senators, the motion is that we do recess until 11:00. That's really only about ten minutes away so without objection we will stand in recess until 11:00 a.m.