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Senate | July 3, 2014 | Chamber | Budget Talks

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The Senate will come to order. The sergeant at arms will close the doors, members will go to their seats. Leading the Senate in prayer today is Sen. Chad Barefoot, all members and guests in the gallery will please stand. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Bow with me. Heavenly Father, Lord thank you for allowing us to live in a country where we can govern ourselves. Lord I pray that we would be ever mindful of this blessing as we approach our annual celebration of independance, and we especially thank you for those who have risked their lives to protect these freedoms. Lord I ask that you help us remember that the beginning of true freedom is only found in the redemptive and saving knowledge of your son Jesus Christ who died to set all people of every nation and every background free from the bondage of sin. And it is in his name in which we pray, Amen. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Sen. Barefoot is recognized for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President, the journal of Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014, has been examined and is been found to be correct. I move that the Senate dispense with the reading of the journal and that it stand approved as written. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Ratification of bills. Without objection the journal for July 2nd, 2014 stands approved as written. Ratification of bills. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The enrolling clerk reports the following bills duly ratified for presentation to the Governor. Senate bill 797, an act to ammend the duties of the 911 board relating to public safety answering points as recommended by the joint legislative oversight committee on information technology and to clarify the collection authority of the Department of Revenue on the collection of the 911 fee on prepaid wireless. House bulletin 25, an act to 1) authorize continuances of Division of Motor Vehicles' inspection station violation cases. 2) Provide that agricultural tours and signs on state highways are subject to Department of Transportation location and placement rules. 3) Change the due date for the North Carolina Turnpike Authority annual audit report to October. 4) Repeal a requirement that the Department of Transportation annually report right turn on red pedestrian crashes. 5) Ammend the state driver's license material technical standards. 6) Apply alternate prioritization criteria under the strategic transportation investments act formula to federal and state funds used for emergency repair work. 7) Re-enact the authorization for the Department of Transportation to participate in private developer contracts for improvement to the state highway system, subject to the limit of 10% or $250,000. 8) To exclude federal lands access program funds from the strategic transportation investments act formula as recommended by the joint legislative transportation oversight committee. 9) Update state law governing Department of Transportation oversight of the safety of rail fixed guideway public transportation systems. 10) Authorize the Department of Transportation to install and operate ramp meters and to provide that violation of a ramp meter system is an infraction. 11) Clarify state law concerning ferry receipt generating activities. 12) Specify penalties for violation of required ethics reporting provisiosn applicable to metropolitan planning organizations and rural transportation planning organizations. And 13) Authorize the Department of Transportation to contract for sponsorship arrangements for department operations. And the following bill is duly ratified, properly enrolled, and presented to the office of the Secretary of State: Senate bill 851, an act to allow First Craven sanitary district to provide for absentee voting in the same manner as municipality, Senate bill 875, an act to stagger the terms of the members of the town council of the town of Bakersville. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The nurse of the day is Rick McGowan from Clayton, North Carolina. Notices and announcements: Is there further business to come before the Senate? If not the chair recognizes Sen. Blue for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. President. As I prepare to make this motion, I would ask the chair to join with me in recognizing the 238th anniversary of our Declaration of Independance, one of our fundemental documents of freedom in that not only those of us present here, but people across the state basically show their appreciation and respect for this great document that gives us freedom. That having been said Mr. President, I move that the Senate do now adjourn subject to messages from the House and the Governor, the ratification of bills and conferrees to reconvene on Monday, July 7, 2014 at 4:00 PM. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The motion have set the Senate do now

Subject to the stipulations stated by Senator Blue to reconvene Monday, July 7th at Four O' Clock, in honor of our 238th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Seconded by Senator Barefoot, all in favor will say Aye. Let us know, the Aye's have it, and the Senate stands adjourned.