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House | May 14, 2014 | Chamber | House Intro

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[0:00:00.0] The house will come to order, members please take your seats visitors please retire from the chamber. Members and visitors please silence all your electronic devices the prayer would be offered by Representative Stenberg, members and visitors in the gallery please stand and please remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. Let us pray, “God and Father of all mankind here are our prayer—in the wisdom of man, the Church and state our separated but we praise that the state has associated the ministry of worship and its work recognizing we as our heavenly Father and seeking ??, strength and guidance. We lift the gratitude of our hearts to that our prayers have been heard and our lives been inspired and thrill with a sense of live presence. The spirit leads us beside the still waters of assurance and into the green postures of the abundant life where we shall fear no evil because now arched with us. We pray for decisions to come through a wisdom and skill. Make us all susceptible to helpful influences born in deep conviction in the spirit of fairness and away from those dreams that dazzle for day, arouse within us ambition and public service to be led and directed by the, it is in our masters name that I pray. Amen.” [SPEAKER CHANGES] Amen. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yeah, ladies and gentlemen the Needham Broughton High School, ?? will present the colors. [Pause] I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [Pause] Representative Morris recognized. Mr. Speaker the general for September 4th has been examined and found to be correct and that is approved as written. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker the journal for September 4th approved and written, all those are in favor say ‘I’. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I [SPEAKER CHANGES] All those not say, ‘No’. Yeah, general approved is written. Petitions ?? papers address general assembly of the house. Letter resignation of Rep ??, the ??. [SPEAKER CHANGES] North Carolina General Assembly, house principal Clark please accept this letter as a formal notification that I’m resigning from my elected office as Representative North Carolina House District 50 to fill the unexpired term of office of former state Senator ?? September 25th, 2013. I’m thankful to the people of the District 50 for their support and look forward to this new opportunity. I would also like to thanks Senator ?? for her continued service to the people of North Carolina, if I made to be of any assistance during the transition please let me know respectfully she…Proclamation of pointing rep Mayo, Greg ?? by the government of state of North Carolina proclamation whereas the honorable ?? for she elected representative… [0:05:00.4] [End of file…]

House District 50 2013-2014 general assembly its resigned and whereas the provisions of general statute 163-11 required that the vacancy created by the resignation of the honorable Valerie Foushee be filled by appointment of the person recommended by the 50th state House district executive committee of the democratic party and whereas the 50th State House district executive committee of the democratic party has notified me of its recommendation for Graig R. Meyer of Orange county, North Carolina to fill the unexpired term. I do by these presence appoint Graig R. Meyer as member of the North Carolina House of Representatives 2013-2014 general assembly. A witness whereof Pat McCrory, Governor attested by Elaine F. Marshall, Secretary of State [Speaker Changes] Representative Meyer was administered the oath of office on November 12th 2013 by Denise Weeks notary public. He will occupy seat 117. Representative Meyer, welcome. [applause] Letter of resignation of representative Mcmanus. The clerk will read. [Speaker Changes] Representative Thom Tillis, speaker of the house. Dear Mr. Speakers, with deep sadness I have decided to resign from the House of Representatives, effective today, in order to focus on a personal matter that has arisen. It has been one of the greatest honors and pleasures of my life to have served the people of the 54th district and I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish. I will remain forever grateful for the opportunity to serve and for the support I have received throughout my service. Sincerely, Deborah H. McManus. [Speaker changes] Noted. Proclamation appointing Rep. Reives. The clerk will read. [Speaker Changes] The appointment of Robert T. Reives the 2nd by the governor of the state of North Carolina proclamation, whereas the honorable Deborah McManus elected representative from the house district 54 2013-2014 general assembly has resigned and whereas the provisions general statue 163-11 require that the vacancy created by the resignation of the honorable Deborah McManus be fulfilled by the appointment of person recommended by the 54th State House district executive committee of the democratic party, whereas Executive Committee of the 54th State House district democratic party has notified me of its recommendation of Robert T. Reives the 2nd of Lee county, North Carolina to fill the unexpired term. I do by these presence appoint Robert T. Reives the 2nd as member of the North Carolina House of Representatives 2013-2014 general assembly. In witness whereof, Pat McCrory, Governor. Attested by Elaine F. Marshall, Secretary of State [Speaker Changes] Representative Reives was administered the oath of office on February 10th 2014 by Judge Joseph Buckner. He will represent seat 119. Welcome, Representative Reeves [applause] Upon motion of Representative David Lewis from Harnett county, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Mr. Westseels[??] and his civics class from Triton High School. Please stand and let us welcome you. [applause] Clerk will read committee appointments. [Speaker Changes] Speaker Tillis makes the following committee assignments: Representative Lambeth appointed as chair of the appropriation[??] subcommittee on health and human services. [Speaker Changes] Representative Lambeth, please come forward and take your gavel. [Applause] [Speaker Changes] Representative Meyer will serve on the following committees:

speaker:agriculture,education,finance governor regulatory reform,regulatory reform sub committee on local government and transportation resent grieves will serve on the following committees agriculture, appropriations ,appropriation sub committee of justice and public safety elections judiciary,judiciary sub committee b ,regulatory reform,regulatory reform sub-committee on acquirement and transportation. Speaker changes:ladies and gentlemen the senate would be notified of the seating of representatives smite and Reeves. later nominating Mr.Curls Alan to the north Carolina industrial commission be referred to the committee on the rules counter and operations of the house,?? Speaker changes:Ms.?? Alice principal clerk on research of the north Carolina general scathing 9777 i m please to nominate Ms caltomill Alan to serve as commissioner on the north Carolina industrial commission for conformation by the north Carolina house representatives Mr Alan has previously planked his law in the community of states full concord in Wilmington.The aspire experience in the field of works and compensation law in addition to other areas of law Mr .Alan a graduate of the university north Carolina chapel hill and received his us doctorate degree from universe north Carolina skill of law including you find five graphical information please need contact unity sincerely glad Corey -Governor. Speaker changes:the later be referred as noted,ladies and gentle men the chair and behalf of all the members the chair?? to extend the courtesies of the gallery to two friends and former members representatives Carolyn justice and representative Layne brown from Stanley county please stand i guess of Carolyn standing not sure you can tell, your welcome Carl, ladies and gentlemen the chair is also happy the courtesies of florid to the houses of two members ,Helen sultry and mourn wises and talus ,Susan welcome a letter from central assemble of Virginia regarding establishing a joint committee to study construction of proposed interstate 73 the corporate Speaker changes:?? i m enclosing a letter of SR 32 to establish joint committee of scenic media and local government,scenic media of transportation study construction of proposed interstate 73,the resolution has been transmitted in order for your state to be a price to be the of the action of the Senate Virgina in the matter with in recommendations to appoint a similar entity your state to work corporately with the joint committee in promoting the construction of proposed interstate 73 the pattern of this resolution is senate to William T Stanley Jr 13 Beverley Booker t Washington highway Virginia 24121 the resolutions agreed to the senate on February 26th 2014 with con list regards i m sincerely yours Susan Clark Shaw, Speaker changes:the letter being referred by the committee of transportation ,letter nominating Linda com so stay control of the corporate Speaker changes:?? governor Dan fores ,the honorable tom talus governor far res and speaker talus i m please to appoint Linda calms as state controller to serve for the reminder of the term ending June 13 2015 and hereby signing her name for conformation general committee of prison north Carolina general statue 143b-246.37 per n peed ms.calms qualified for her education experience and i m grateful for her willing in to serve the state north Carolina in this capacity enclosed your claim for this graphical information of the potty please be operate contact for staff and additional information.

Note: I also used "??" for names that I attempted to spell but were unsure of. ...Pat McGorry, Governor The letter is being referred to the Committee on Rules Counter?? and Operations of the House. Ladies and Gentleman of the House, May 14, 2014 marks the Second Annual Childhood Apraxia of Speech Day set aside to raise national awareness about childhood apraxia of speech, a particularly difficult, persistent, and severe speech and communication disorder and is among the most severe of speech and communication problems in children. Upon motion of representative John Zoka?? of Cumberland County, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Robin Eaton of Hope Mills, and North Carolina’s advocate for Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America. Robin is joined by her son, Sam, who was diagnosed with childhood apraxia, her daughter, Maggie, and husband, Christopher. Please stand and let us welcome you, and thank you for your efforts. [APPLAUSE] Rosenna?? Bowles, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I am a speaker of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentlemen is recognized for appointed personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] As many of you all might have heard, yesterday there was a mining accident in Turkey, and a lot of us had visited Turkey, and I’d just like to stand up and say that we keep the Turkish people in our prayers, ----here-- over in Turkey and also here in North Carolina. I think they’re at least 238 who have died in the mining accident and 120 more that are unaccounted for, but they’re good people here that have been a great ally to the United States, and if we could just keep the Turkish people in our prayers. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Ladies and Gentlemen, the chair would like to recognize a group of parliamentarians from the Republic of Moldova, and gentlemen, I apologize in advance if I do not get the pronunciation of your names correct : George McCannu??, Simone Gristuk??, and Edgar Benua??. Welcome. [APPLAUSE] I would like to get your feedback whether I even came close to pronouncing your names right. [LAUGHTER] Resolution from Buncombe County Board of Education ?? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Buncombe County Board of Education, received May 5, 2014. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The resolution is on file. Any member wishing to get a copy can see the principal clerk. Letter from the Governor Designating Employees to Receive Bills ?? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Denise Weeks ??, Pensive Clerk, Sarah Lane, Pensive Clerk of the Senate Dear Ms. Weeks?? and Ms. Lane: This is written to comply with Section 1 and Section 2 of the Executive Order No. 107 signed by Governor Hunt on February 20, 1997. This should serve as my official designation of Room 1039 within the Department of the Administration Building as the Office of the Legislative Council under provision of Section 1. I hereby designate the following employees of the Governor’s office as officials to whom delivery bills can be made under the provisions of Section 2: ?? Nicole Hines and Lea Burns. ?? Nicole Hines shall serve as the designated liaison to the ?? over half of the office. Mr. Steen’s?? office is located in Room 1038 of the Administration Building, and his phone number is 919-814-2030. Ms. Hine’s office is located in Room 1030 of the Administration Building, and her phone number is 919-814-2029. Sincerely, Pat McGorry, Governor. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Noted. Ladies and Gentlemen, please silence all electronic devices or basically anything that makes noise. Representative Horn, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Appointment of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] John is recognized for appointment of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. On February 26, 2013, we introduced in this House Kyle??...

On April the 24th this house unanimously passed Kyla's law went to the Senate where it was again unanimously passed and signed into law on...in late April. It became the law of North Carolina on December first. In the next few days, Kyla's law will become the law of the land in the United States of America. I rise to thank the members of the house. The members of the legislature the state of North Carolina, for getting behind this law which is designed to protect children and keep those responsible for the terrible devastation caused by child abuse. So thank you very much on behalf of all the children in North Carolina, you guys did a great job thank you. (applause) SPEAKER CHANGES Hosanna Martin please state your purpose. SPEAKER CHANGES ?? personal ?? SPEAKER CHANGES ?? a point of personal privilege. SPEAKER CHANGES Thank you very much Mr. speaker. First of all if I may note the irony of asking everyone to silence anything that makes noise and then calling on Representative Horn to speak. (laughter) But on a more serious note, I'm sure everyone saw on the news that yesterday the president awarded the medal of honor to a former army paratrooper, sergeant Carl White and I'd encourage everyone in here, if you haven't already to read the stories about the actions that lead to his receipt of the medal of honor. But I think it's particularly important to note that Sergeant White, after he left the army, came to North Carolina, went to the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and has made North Carolina's home. And I just like to say that I hope our country will always be the kind of place that produces people like Sergeant White and I hope North Carolina will always be the kind of place that folks like him want to come and put down roots, thank you. (applause) SPEAKER CHANGES Ladies and gentlemen we're about to welcome some honored guests here and before we do, I would like to move forward with a couple of other courtesy requests that have been sent forth and I'm going to try to do these as a group. Upon motion of representative Stephens, Dixon, Spechally and many other members, representative Steinberg the the chair is happy to extend a courtesy of the gallery to the North Carolina GOP executive committee. Her in the gallery, to Diane Laden chairwoman of Perwomans county. Seal Watson chair of Craven county republican women. Carl Miska chair of Craven county GOP, and Larry Erwig of Bowferg County. Please stand and let us welcome. (applause) The chair's also happy to extend a courtesy's of the gallery to Matt Pealer county commissioner from Paicoima's county, welcome. (applause) Okay ladies and gentlemen we are honored today to have a special guests with us, representative Johnson, Samuelson, Starns, representative Larry Hold and representative Ray will retire to the rotunda and exhort the Nascar hall of fame inductees and distinguished guests to their seats.

[0:00:00.0] [Applause] What an exciting opportunity to the courtesies of the floor would like to extend to Brian NASCAR CEO, Richard Childress or Richard Childress racing, Ned Jarrett, Dale Jarrett, Bobby Allison, Junior Johnson, Dale Inman, Jack Ingram and Rusty Wallis what an honor to have you all here today. I’m going to the…Let’s stand up. [Applause] I’m going to the All-Start race on the Saturday night and inform when I’m on the parking lot the Young Shum has done, have in the past. Welcome to the house of the representatives, Representative Moore please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Promotion Mr. Speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The general ?? state his motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker I believe of the house so that HJR 10:30 can be placed on the calendar for immediate consideration. Without objection HJR 10:30 will be placed on the calendar. The ??... [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representatives Chanson and T Moore HJR 10:30, a joint resolution honoring NASCAR and the inductees of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. HJR 10:30, a joint resolution honoring NASCAR and the inductees of the NASCAR Hall of Fame whereas North Carolina has a rich heritage in the sport of start car racing and is proud of NASCAR presence in the state and it’s position as a start car racing capital of the world and whereas after World War 2 start car racing evolved as a sport in the Foothills, ?? and ?? of North Carolina and quickly became one of the deepest traditions in the states popular culture and whereas North Carolina is the home of NASCAR and motor sports events which stays his first sanction purely start car race at the Charlotte Speedway on June, 1949 and whereas in 2011 Start Car Racing became the official state sport of North Carolina and whereas the Charlotte Motor Speedway currently holds six NASCAR events annually including one NASCAR camping world series truck race, two NASCAR nationwide series races and three NASCAR Sprint Cup series racing. And whereas motor sports and Start Car Racing tremendously affect the economy of North Carolina through the travel and tourism and job creation and whereas NASCAR non-profits operated by both drivers and owners have provided million of dollars to support and enhance the quality of life in North Carolina and whereas the NASCAR research & development center located in Concord focuses on safety, improvement and development of the sport. The NASCAR Transportation Center located in Concord provides equipment to support races held throughout the year both in North Carolina and throughout the United States. And the NASCAR Plaza located in Charlotte houses of NASCAR corporate offices as well as the sight of the new digital floor containing NASCAR.com and NASCAR’s Fan and Media Engagement Center which was build in partnership Hewlett-Packard and later became the center piece of Hewlett-Packard’s multi-million dollar advertising campaign in 2013. And whereas skills and trades use the NASCAR are supported is part of the states educational system at the University and Community college and career school levels whereas the states motor sport industry partnered with the military in February, 2000 to share technology related to performance and safety to have our nation service men and women and whereas the home to many of the legend pioneers of start car racing it was fitting the North Carolina was chosen in 2006 as the side of the prestigious NASCAR Hall of Fame which open in Charlotte in 2010 and whose mission… [0:05:00.0] [End of file…]

[0:00:00.0] …He has to preserve the history of NASCAR and to entertain and educate racing and non-racing fans alike and whereas each year the NASCAR Hall of Fame recognizes those who have made outstanding contribution to the sport by inducting five legends into the Hall of Fame, whereas this year’s class of NASCAR Hall of Fame inductees Tim Flock, Jack Ingram, Dale Jarrett, Maurice Petty and Fireball Roberts will join other Hall of Fame members Bobby Allison, Buck Becker, Dale Earnhardt, Richie Evans, Bill Frank Senior, Bill Frank Junior, Dale Inman, Ned Jarrett, Junior Johnson, Bud Moore, Cotton Owens, David Peterson, Lee Paddy, Richard Paddy, Herb Thomas, ??, Darrell Waltrip, Glen Wood, Lineage Wood and Cale Yarborough now therefore, be resolved by House of Representatives, it’s a Senate concurring Section 1, the North Carolina general assembly plays tribute to the racing legends that have been inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame and comments NASCAR for the many valuable contributions it has made to the sporting seen and popular culture in North Carolina. Section two, the North Carolina general assembly owners, the memory of the deceased NASCAR Hall of Fame inductees, Dale Earnhardt, Bill Frank Senior, Bill Frank Junior, Lee Paddy, Richie Evans, Buck Becker, Cotton Owens, ??, Tim Flock, and Forbore Roberts and express his appreciation for their contribution to the sport. Section three, the Secretary of state shall transmit a certified copy of this resolution in NASCAR and the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Section four, this resolution is effective upon ratification. Ladies and gentlemen we are on the second reading representative Louis please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To speak on the resolution? [SPEAKER CHANGES] The general recognizes to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker I have three purposes today. The first off course is to welcome our great guests that are here and to speak about all of the many benefits of NASCAR, the tremendous economic boost that it brings to our state but more importantly that NASCAR is truly a North Carolina sport it’s a sport that brings families together, it’s a sport that we all enjoy to pull for our favorites and perhaps pull against something we don’t like and it is a uniquely North Carolina sport and we are so proud to be home to it. Also I want to point out specifically two of the guests that are on floor today. The first Mr. ?? I was asks to do this and I’m glad to do it, how much you do for our department of commerce? How much you do to boost tourism in our state for the many great jobs that you provide and you are a true asset and an innovator in our state. So, we are so honored and thrilled that you are here. And also Mr. Speaker get to talk about my favorite race car driver, ?? is sitting on the floor with us today and that is really cool sir. I have been a fan of the true car for a long time and I wanna to share a brief story with you because I think it connects with how NASCAR continues to grow and to thrive as a sport and it does that because it values its fan and it cares in most times with his fans. Mr. Wallis does not remember the first time we met but I do, it was in February, 2000 and he was signing autographs after happy hour at the North Carolina Motor Speedway in ?? and I was in a very long run and my wife was not able to come to that race as we were expecting our first child and time was getting close so as we got close to Mr. … [0:04:58.0] [End of file…]

As I got close to Mr Wallace I pulled out my cellphone and called my wife who was at home, pregnant, and I said babe you aint gonna believe what I'm about to do. I'm gonna get, I'm gonna ask Rusty Wallace if he'll sign this beautiful $21 poster I believe it was that I had just bought so that we could hang this in our new child's room and I'm going to see also if maybe he'll say hello to you. And sir I know you don't recall this, but as I, as I got to the front, and those of you who know me know it's not easy for me to say anything but I explained to Mr. Wallace that my wife was also a big fan and that she was not able to come because we were expecting our first child, would he say hello to her? And much to my surprise, he actually took the cellphone, propped it on his ear, course the staff kind of pushed me on through but he talked to her for like 5 or 10 minutes as he signed the stuff. Finally, they gave the phone back to me and I said, babe, what did y'all talk about, and she said well maybe Rusty's not such a bad name for te the kid, I mean you know... But I share that with you to say that I think NASCAR is one of the unique things about our state. It brings people together. It is a time of great excitement and enthusiasm for all of us who have a chance to attend the races or watch them on tv. I want to thank all of the NASCAR pioneers, those that are here in the room with us today, those who could not be, those who have carried the torch for this great sport, and as great ambassadors for our state for so very long. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Speaker Change: Representative Carney is recognized to debate the resolution. Speaker Change: Thank you, Mr. Speaker and Ladies and Gentlemen of the House and distinguished guests with us on the floor and in the gallery. I rise today to speak in honor of this resolution, very proudly, as a North Carolinian whose Mom grew up in Person County and was very attached to some guys in that county who left to go out and race cars on the weekends, so I grew hearing about a lot of these drivers as a city girl. I do want to talk just a little bit about the investment that this legislature made in 2006 for our Hall of Fame which resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, but it is the North Carolina NASCAR Hall of Fame. We're very proud of it in the Charlotte region and I know those of us across the state also share that pride. I just wanted to share with you just a few information, a few information facts, first of all if you have not been you should come and visit. It is an incredible interactive entertainment experience that you will have honoring the heritage and the history of this great sport that is known around the world. It is a must see attraction by NASCAR fans and people that are not necessarily fans. They have come with others, and when they leave there after seeing the history and being a part of the interaction within there, go away wanting to come back, or refer people back to us. It is, the customer satisfaction for those of you who have heard anything about it, it is, on a scale of 5, customer satisfaction is a 4.7. That's a big plus for us. The Hall of Fame contributes 6 billion dollars a year to the motor sports industry and 20 billion dollars a year to the tourism industry. It is the 20 billion dollar a year industry, the NASCAR Hall of Fame is part of that. Ovr 85% of our guests indicate that they will come back. And we also have on our information 2.5 days is what they stay when they come to visit the Hall of Fame. I will tell you that it has been a great investment for us and this state, but also I want to just say that of these inductees that are here today, there are 25 that have been inducted over the last 4 years.

[0:00:00.0] When the Hall of Fame opened four years ago 25 inductees I know that it’s very hard for those on the committee to make that decision as they go forward but they have made some great selections, in next week they will be making the next round of inductees into the Hall of Fame. For all of us in here I know we carry a great deal of respect and admiration for these drivers and on a lighter note we appreciate you having your experience in driving the cars, we try to be in here last session to pass a bill that when increase to speed limit on our interstates to 75. I personally thought against that because none of us have the experience in driving a car the way you all do. Thank you. [Applause] [SPEAKER CHANGES] Ladies and gentlemen the Chair would like to extend the courtesies of the floor to former Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court and former member of the Senate, Beverly welcome. [Applause] Representative Harley please state your purpose? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I will speak to the Morris Petty position today he’s not here because his wife passed away and he has been very power of the NASCAR family and I would remember him in his family today, he is having a memorial service today. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative ?? please state your purpose? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To speak on the resolution to recognize the debate of the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker and ladies and gentlemen it is indeed an honor for me to speak to you today on this resolution and to acknowledge two Catawba County sons who are not only the two only living father and son inductees to the NASCAR Hall of Fame but they are also the proud of Catawba County and the entire race community. This racing and this family racing dynasty begin in the 1950s when Mr. Ned Jarrett inert the arena of NASCAR and haven’t being gifted with determination, grace and ___[??] he was able to succeed in the endeavor. Mr. Ned Jarrett and ?? success during his tenure behind the wheel which included him reaching the pinnacle when he captured two championships in 1957 and 1958. With this impressive career and his ability to promote the sport of NASCAR throughout his life Mr. Jarrett has become one of the NASCAR’s greatest ambassadors and the sport is a better place because of your efforts Mr. Jarrett. Mr. Jarrett son Dale soon took a hold of the rains of his family tradition and continued to reach numerous victories during his career taking the check route flag in 1999 Sprint Cup Championship series with additional top five championship, top fives for 1993 to 2003. The Jarrett family has earned their rightful place in the NASCAR Hall of Fame. And we are proud of this accomplishment. Mr. Dale Jarrett is also referred to as Gentlemen Ned and that is the title that is well deserved and was earned but his son Dale also earned that title and that is a fact I can verify personally. As we progress through life at times we don’t realize the impact we make on people but several years ago in a grocery store in the town of Claremont Mr. Jarrett was in the checkout line there was a gentleman that was behind him pulling two buggies of groceries and this person tell me that he did not wanna, he knew who Mr. Jarrett was but he did not wanna interfere with his time, they spoke Mr. Jarrett left he paid his groceries and left and when this other shopper who is finally checking out Mr. Jarrett has groceries left a generous amount of money for that person’s groceries. Now, that is a Christmas gift that was a conduct and one that was not supposed to be advertised in this form or any other. But the reason I know the story very well we discuss it quite a lot in my family is the person that was in the…We have the two cars it was my brother and he was very touched by that and you have also in my heart are also Gentlemen Dale. At home… [0:05:00.0] [End of file…]

it would refer to this as they are good people and the Jarrett family meets that definition and we are proud to say they are from Catawba country. I'd like to thank the rest of the inductees. We're proud to have you hear. We appreciate your patience as we go through our processes. I know that they may seem a little tedious and they seem tedious to us at times too but it's the tradition here we understand and deal with. Welcome to the General Assembly and we are happy to have you in the House of Representatives. I commend the resolution to you. [APPLAUSE] Yeah, if you can believe it sometimes our sessions go longer than the 600. Representative Howard, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Speak to the resolution, Mr. President. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady is recognized to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Most of you know I reside in Davie County and we don't have a famous race car driver in Davie, so we just go across the river and we take claim to Davidson County and so today I would like to speak about a gentleman that I've had the privilege of working with on many occasions, Richard Childress, and I believe that's the number 3 car, if that's correct. Many years I sat in seat 3 and you know we have the license tags that have our seat number on the back and I was at a stoplight in Winston-Salem and this young man was motioning to me to roll down my window and I did and he said, "you must be Richard Childress, my," "no sir, but thank you for the compliment." I've got to know Richard and his wife Judy and they are very generous people with their time and their talents and their resources. I know for a fact that they established a pediatric center over at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital. He works endlessly with many other wineries in the state of North Carolina. He's very generous with his time and talent coming here to promote the wine caucus. There's just so many positive things that I could say about all of these drivers. It's such a honor to be sitting here on the floor of the House and know that these people can really drive. We think we can but we can't. It's absolutely frightening to see how fast they go and how well they do but Richard Childress from the, member from Davie County and we'd like to thank you for all the many things that you have done to promote the great state of North Carolina, many of them that we don't even know about but we're very proud and it's an honor to have each of you here today but I'm still the number 3 car, thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Moffitt, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Speak on resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Gentleman's recognized to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen of the House, distinguished guests, it's a real honor to be able to stand here and bring forward a constituent of mine and speak about this constituent as constituents refer to me back home. Long before, or decades before Robert Downey Jr. dawned the metallic gold and red Iron Man uniform that everyone is familiar with today, Asheville, that sleepy little hamlet up in the mountains of west North Carolina, had it's own, very own Iron Man, Mr. Jack Ingram. Jack Ingram is someone that is a legend in our area. He is a legend in NASCAR, and in 1998 he was named one of NASCAR's fifiest greatest drivers, and if you asked us from up in the Asheville area, we consider him the best driver of all time. For those of you that are not familiar with NASCAR, that means that your more familiar with moonshine or drinking moonshine and that's quite alright because those of us that enjoy NASCAR enjoy all of those things. But in regards to Mr. Ingram, he won the late model sportsman division three years in a row, from 1972 to 1974 and when NASCAR formed the Busch series officially in 1982 he won the inaugural title then and he also won again in 1985. Now, he was on his way to reclaiming that title in 1986

[0:00:00.0] …And he was suspended for driving rough. Now, for those of you that are familiar with NASCAR if you are not driving rough you are not in NASCAR. So, up to this day it’s been quite the mystery as to why that happened but yeah the distinguish career and the Bush Series and between the tender young ages of 45 and 50 he won 31 times which was a record on ?? so Martin beat that in 1997. So, it is a distinct honor for me to stand here on the floor of the general assembly and recognize Mr. Jack ??, thank you very much for the honor and thank you for being here and congratulations to your induction. [Applause] [SPEAKER CHANGES] ?? please take your focus. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Speak up the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You are tracking us to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker I’m very proud to recognize one of our inductees today Bobby Allison lives in Iredell County and we are proud to say that. I would just like to side a few of his accomplishments over his career, it’s been very distinguished. He started out as a Mechanic and an Engine Tester and then he eventually became a driver. So, he learned his way around, he moved to the Grand National Circuit in 1965 and in 1966 his first victory was in Oxford Plains Speedway. Now, some of these names might not be familiar because Mr. Allison was not born in North Carolina but he had the good sense to come here. He accumulated at least 84 victories there are some discussion or might have been a few more and making him the fourth all time including three victories in the Daytona 500 in 1978, 1982 and 1988 where he finished one-and-two with his son Davey Allison, congratulations. In 1972 he was voted the National Driver of the Year for wining ten races and taking 11 Poles. In 1983 his NSACAR Winston Cup Champion, in 1982 he was the fourth driver to sweep both the Sprint Cup point races at Daytona and after he accomplished that no driver repeated it until 2013 with Jimmy Johnson. So, he had that title for quite a while. He was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame in America in 1992 and 2011 into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Allison was one of eight drivers to have won what was considered a career grand slam by winning the sports four major Daytona 500, the Winston 500 Talladega, the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte, and the Southern 500 at Darlington. And off course we are most proud of his accomplishment in ?? was when he located to Iredell County so congratulations Mr. Allison and thank you for being with us as well your cohorts. [Applause] [SPEAKER CHANGES] Please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I would speak on the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] ?? to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I would love to say a few words about Wills County native Junior Johnson. When I first came down here to the legislator one of the former members and I’m not gonna name his name, he said, “You are the new ref from Wills County we see the place where they grown corn and ??” And that tradition has really shakes my community and what it is today and it surely shaped Junior Johnson. When Junior Johnson was growing out the depression and poverty was unbelievable, I remember asking my grandmother, “Do you remember the depression?” She didn’t even know what I was talking about because people in our area were so poor and all values in our community of hard work and doing whatever we needed to do to provide for our families prevail during that time period. For those days ?? outside of Cleveland Community Junior developed his driving skills such as the power slide that was featured on top gear a few years ago with when they tried mimicking what he ?? on the dirt roads. In NASCAR, Junior was considered innovative with his driving skills, he created the technique called ‘Drafting’ and he won 50 races. As success came to him he invested back in our community with things such as Hall of Fames. Now, Tyson which is our county’s largest employer, after being a driver he became an owner and his teams wracked up 132 wins including six series championships. He has been named one of the NASCAR’s 50 greatest drivers and he is now in the NASCAR Hall of Fame. I thank Esquire Magazine they did the best, they called Junior ‘The last American Hero’… [0:04:59.9] [End of file…]

Joinder, you are a hero to the people of Wills County and I thank you for all that you’ve done for our community, while representing who we are and our values. Thank you and I commend the resolution to you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Samuelson, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To Speak on the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady is recognized to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank your Mr. Speaker. I didn’t expect me to be a Nascar fan, but like Representative Lewis, I will never forget the first time I ever saw a race on TV. I was hooked within seconds. And in fact, this May, I’m looking forward to going to my 14th consecutive 600. And while Representative Carney spoke about the economics, you have all made a huge economic impact, not only on me. I pay for my own race car ring time. I have my annual pass to the Hall of Fame. I have various Tony Stewart’s past - I haven’t gotten his new stuff as much - paraphernalia that I spend a lot of money on. From an economic standpoint, you’ve made a huge economic impact. But the part we don’t talk about much is the science of Nascar. You guys take it hard. You are exhausted because you are science in motion. There is a wonderful book written by a woman named "The Physics of Nascar”. I would encourage many of you to read it because it answered my quest. One of things I love about this sport is not just the competition, but watching all the adjustments, all the things you do to accommodate the science. And in fact, for my 40th birthday party, my best friend, whose husband was the chaplain for Joe Gibbs, says, “ What do you want to do for your 40th? You want to go out?” I said, “No. I want to take a tour of the Joe Gibbs Racing Shop because I want to watch someone do a track bar adjustment up close. She looked at me and said, “You’re crazy.” But I got on the floor and I rolled up under the car and I watched a track bar adjustment. And so, there really is a science to it. And when you go to the Hall of Fame, one of the things you will see is the science of pitch on the tracks. When you do the simulators, it’s a whole lot harder than it looks. There really is a science to it. I would encourage the teachers, I think there was a bunch of teachers here earlier, to consider going to the Hall of Fame. We’re actually using Nascar as a way to teach physics and teach certain parts of science. What I wanted to close with is simply to say to you gentlemen that while I appreciate your economic impact, and I appreciate your philanthropic impact- I’ve been to a number of your fundraising events you all have sponsored. I appreciate your science impact. I mostly appreciate the legacy and the fun, the fact that you’ve have given us something call North Carolina home. So when we go other places in the world, the know North Carolina partly because of the wonderful sport that you have given us. I appreciate your dedication and encourage you to continue it for multiple generations. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Arden, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. First off, if you’re concerned about the length of the 600, we can always send Representative Moore to move the previous question about the mile 400. But I’m proud to support this resolution because of the impact that Nascar has had on North Carolina. It has made our state the center of the racing universe. In much the same way that North Carolina is also the center of the military universe because of the presence of Fort Bragg, Camp Lucerne, Seymour Johnson, and a whole host of other installations. And as the resolution talks about, Nascar and our military have partnered up because if you’ve got the technology to keep a car gripped on the track on the banking at Charlotte Motor Speedway, you can also adjust the suspension to accommodate the extra armor on an up-armored vehicle to take it over the rocky mountains in Afghanistan. Both those things are not only good for our soldiers, they are also great for our state’s economy in creating a lot of jobs. The technology of Nascar is absolutely appropriate for a high-tech state like North Carolina. Mr. Speaker, this high-tech aspect of Nascar was highlighted to me when October of last year, we hosted a group of British wounded warriors involved in a program to find jobs in the motor sports industry over there for wounded warriors. And taking a look over here, Mr. Speaker, you were instrumental in helping make that happen. And these folks’ image of Nascar I think was last formed when they watched Days of Thunder. They still think that build race cars back in barns. Well, we took them to Joe Gibbs Racing where Representative Samuelson had been and it was superior to anything they have seen in Formula One or sports car racing right here in North Carolina. We then took them to the Nascar Hall of Fame and the ended up going to the Bank of America race in Charlotte where we had a British Royal Engineer and a South Carolina National Guardsman, both wounded warriors who were the co-marshals…

…the beginning of the race. So they went back to Europe with a completely different understanding of exactly what high-tech is, and they learned that here in North Carolina. So I talked about two of North Carolina’s core competencies – racing technology and also military technology. There’s another thing that we really do right here in our state and that’s our community college and university education. We also took some of those wounded warriors over here in October to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to their motor sports program where in one part of the campus, you have a traditional race shop. You go in there and you will see the same tools they have been using for decades to work on cars. Then in the room just next over, you got a really high-tech laser plasma cutter. You then cross the street and students involved in the program doing some of the high tech aerodynamic simulations on computers. It highlights that racing still has its roots in old school technology, but you are not going to be able to win unless you understand how to use a computer to model the flow of air over a race car. We have responded in North Carolina to the need to train students to work in this high-tech industry that has been created here. If you go to ?? State University, they have got a program on motor sports management there. I have had the honor to go to Forsyth Tech to see the motor sports technology program there named after Mr. Childress and they are doing some amazing things there just like ?? Community College and a host of other community colleges and universities throughout our state. I’ve talked a lot about high-tech and I’ve talked a lot about educational programs, but at the end what made Nascar great in the beginning and what’s going to keep it great going forward is the people. That’s why it’s a delight to be here to honor these gentlemen here going to the Nascar Hall of Fame. Thank you. Representative Ford, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Growing up in ??, Minnesota, we all knew the Earnhardts. I was an Earnhardt fan from the dirt track days in Concord and seeing Ralph Earnhardt race and then of course following Dale and Dale Jr. I have finally forgiven Dale Jarrett for beating Dale Earnhardt twice in the Daytona 500. I wanted him to know that. It took a while, but I did. And then I remember Rusty Wallace winning 11 races that one year and didn’t win the championship. Just think Rusty, today you would win the championship going away with that many wins. Everybody’s looking for a win now and you had 11. So Nascar is in my blood. It’s in my veins and always has been. I was listening to a sports talk show they did a while back and they were talking about North Carolina only has one national sports championship and that was the Carolina Hurricanes. So naturally, I had to call them and correct them. I said, “Have you heard of Nascar? We’ve got a bunch of champions in the state of North Carolina, including the 7 from Dale Earnhardt and the 7 from Richard Petty, the Jarretts and on down the line.” So it is a great sport and I appreciate the folks. And by the way, talk about our seat numbers. Representative Johnson sits in seat 8 and she’s also from ??, North Carolina. When she comes by you on I-85, you cannot see the 8. You can see a red blur. I’m tell you, she whip all you guys. I’m convinced of it. She has a lead foot. That foot is in the carburetor from the time she leaves the parking lot. I’m impressed with Representative Johnson. She is a true, true race car driver. It is so good to be here today and to honor these guys and Nascar and thank you for all that you do for our sport. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Ford, as I recall the race for the speed limit and Representative Johnson was against it because she thought it went far enough. Representative Wilkins, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] To speak to the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We recognize this gentleman to speak to the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Members and special guests, Nascar has always touted itself as being about family and you look at some of the driver through the years prove that they are the Allisons, the Pettys, the Earnhardts, the Wallaces, the Bartons, the Saddlers, and of course, the Jarretts.

[0:00:00.0] Let me tell you Jarrett family story from a personal prospective, most of you who served would know that I was a newspaper writer for 30 years what you probably don’t know is that I left the newspaper business for four years and during those four years I manage to NASCAR Short tracks, Orange consistent tracks, Orange Country Speedway and South Boston Speedway. And during that time Dale Jarrett won his first Bush race ever and won it at Orange County and I remember telling him that night and he I talked about this earlier today, I don’t remember telling him, we probably have 10,000 to 12,000 folks there and everybody wants an autograph and he said, “They will get it.” He stayed until 3 o’clock in the morning signing autographs. So, NASCAR is about families and NASCAR is about having its stars being available to the public and that’s one thing, two things that have made the sport great and I just really appreciate the fact that we have this great group of headliners with us here today, thank you for coming and recommend the resolution too. [Applause] [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative ?? please state your purpose? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Few gentlemen recognize the debate resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen you have heard a lot of talk about the big problems that were in…First of all with NASCAR and then how it blossomed into the major sport that it is today. My first experience with racing was not the NASCAR there was no NASCAR at that time. It was in the middle 50s and racing as I knew it considered your brother, your cousin or some of what Miss. Johnson going out into the local lake road or the black top and challenging each other that was racing to me. Then I found out in the middle 50s that there were actually organized races but they were all of short tracks and they would on tracks like North Woodsboro, resident in Charlotte etcetera primarily in North Carolina, in the beginning it’s right here in North Carolina. And the process was real small, very small and you couldn’t watch it unless you were fortunate enough to get there because there was no television, you have to listen to it and stretch your imagination as they talked about how close the rack was or how close the engagement was? And you really, really, I got intrigued about that as I listen to one of my neighbors who live by up the road that’s what we call up the road and ?? Thomas who actually won a couple of races back there in the mid 50s and that really bring my appetite into the racing genre, it grew and grew and grew and to what it is today. So, I’m really proud to say that I learned to appreciate that as I listen to that radio and listen to the ?? and listen to Nick Jarrett and the Flock Brothers and many of the folk back in that day and it was such a safe time because you listen and then gosh you find out that there were certain fatalities and that really, really bothered me quite a bit. But races come so far now, you still occasionally may hear of fatality but that’s primarily not on very, very short tracks, it’s on the super speedways that we have now ?? or Talladega, Daytona etcetera and even those tracks are real safe except when someone makes an unsafe movement. So, we have come along way in terms of racing and racing back in that day really a lot of folks don’t recognize that and don’t realize that but you had your first diversity issues in racing I had a good friend by the name of Windi Scott who and in that time he didn’t have a Pit Cruiser, the Pit Cruiser were your family and friends. So, he didn’t have any family friend… [0:04:59.7] [End of file…]

gonna be very successful, didn't have any sponsors, so he won't gonna tear up the equipment. So he'd run around the apron and try to avoid trouble and just complete the race. Well, ?? finally got a good quality race car, and he received that race car from their ??. So, I was really happy to know that NASCAR really became interested in diversity, so I commend this resolution to you. [speaker changes] Representative McNeil, please state your purpose. [speaker changes] Speak to the resolution. [speaker changes] The gentleman is recognized to debate the resolution. [speaker changes] I rise today to welcome Mr. Dale ?? from Randolph County. We're very proud of Mr. Edmond and the fact that he is from Randolph County. If you've ever heard of Richard Petty, you're obviously going to know who Dale Edmond is, because behind every legendary driver there is a legendary wrench man. And he was that legendary wrench man. He was Richard Petty's crew chief for nearly three decades and set records for most wins and championships by a crew chief. Dale was from ?? (Levelcross?) North Carolina. He was a man with a plan as a crew chief and enjoyed one of the most successful careers in history of NASCAR as a crew chief for the king, Richard Petty. He set records for the most wins and 193 championships, and 8 championships by a crew chief. We are proud to have NSACAR hall of fame inductee Dale Edmond with us today, and we're proud of you and Randolph County is proud of you. Thank you. [speaker changes] Representative Robert ?? please state your purpose. [speaker changes] Speak on the resolution. [speaker changes] The gentleman is recognized to debate the resolution. [speaker changes] Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen, first I'd like to thank all of our racers. I am from Mooresville and as you may know, in 1980 Dale Earnhardt moved to Moorseville and we've been growing ever since. We appreciate it, appreciate the racing industry, NASCAR tech, and all the things it's meant there. As I listen to the stories I'm gonna have to tell one on Richard Petty. He is a gentleman, and I spoke at his induction in the Racing Hall of Fame, and you may remember when he ran for Secretary of State, he had a little episode- you talk about driving fast where he bumped the car in front of him. Anybody remember that? And the newspapers had a hey day out of that. Well, it was embarrassing for me. It was embarrassing because, as we were.... we went down, my wife went with me to induct him into the hall of fame. And we were standing back in the motel hotel, and he came in- the hallway was empty- he came in at the other end. I said "I'm going to be speaking on his behalf in a little bit, could I go down and speak to him?" They said yes. My wife went with me, and I shook his hand, I said "Mr. Petty, I'd like to introduce you to my wife." Cute little thing said "Oh Mr Petty 'm so glad to meet you," now, you all don't get offended, "you're my favorite race car driver. You are the best. I tell my children to look up to you and follow the example that you set. And Mr Petty, don't you let those newspaper people get onto you, you can bump my bumper anytime you want to." The gentleman that he is, he turned red and said "Thank you ma'am" and walked off. We do appreciate, we appreciate the ?? you brought to North Carolina, the entertainment, and the good humor. Thank you. [speaker changes] Representative Jeter please state your purpose. [speaker changes] Speak to the resolution. [speaker changes] The gentleman is recognized to debate the resolution. [speaker changes] We've been in here for an hour and I haven't talked yet and that's about my limit. In 1986 I was in the hospital. t might have been 87. And I was in the hospital, the hospital only had three channels, and my dad came by to sit with me in the hospital. And we watched the Daytona 500. That's the only thing we could get and I wasn't well enough to argue with my dad. Darrell Waltrip won, got out of the car, and tried to do his version of the Icky Shuffle, if you remember that. And it was one of those moments in my life that I remember dramatically. It's one of those moments in my life that I remember about my father. And I think that

[0:00:00.0] What makes NASCAR the Jarrett, Rusty Wallace and his son Steven and all these other families, Richard Childress and Austin Dillon, it’s about family. And my son went down to speech a week down at Charlotte and I represent hundreds and so have Joe Gibbs racing, they race Toyota so it’s kind of like NASCAR but not exactly the same. And my son went downtown and he wait into car bush and apparently car was side to be nice that day and now my son is now car bush fan, you have no idea how frustrated to have a seven year old son watching every race going and how well is car bush doing. But we watch the races together and it’s me and my son just like me and my dad did and I think that’s what makes this so special and I think what’s makes it uniquely North Carolina and I really can’t tell how much I appreciate it because there is lot of families like me whose fathers and sons grew up watching all and allowing us to bind by watching what you all do so well, I come in the resolution team. [Applause] [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Johnson please state your purpose? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To debate the resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The ladies debate resolution. [SPEAKER CHANGES] And to take for myself. [Laughter] [SPEAKER CHANGES] Your nick name forever be flash. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Well, I’m very honored to be here today and Representative Moore and I sponsored this and I wanna thank the speaker for allowing us to do this on the first day of our session. It always is wonderful to be first and I also want to say I apologize to those who are behind me that cannot turnaround to speak to you but sometimes it just is really nice to be on the front row isn’t I guess? [Chuckle] [Laughter] Well, as I stay to speak on this resolution because for 14 years I have represented Catawba County and as you know that’s the in Concord, North Carolina and that’s compared as County and I have also had the pleasure it. I had five districts so I have had the pleasure of representing a lot of your teams and your fans and it’s just been an honor to cheer the NASCAR along with the Senator ??. I did want to say a few things today, I opened my paper the other day and I look at the advertise on the page and it says before the Need for Speed it was the need for Shaun, this is their promotional words and they are advertising but this is the history, this is our history. However, it is our history and it is the history that has grown us the industry of NASCAR. And to you we will always be grateful for what you have done for our state. Those that are to see that like at this time to call out their names so that all of our members will remember them and that’s Dale Emhart, Bill France Senior, Bill France Junior, Lee Paddy, Richie Evans, Beth Baker, Cotton Owens, Herb Thomas, Tim Flock and Fireball Roberts. We thank them for the legend they have left us but just like everybody else here today I have got a little story to tell also. I just happened to live three-four houses from Ralph ?? I remember who Ralph is, well Ralph went on bike with break, I have take it up to the shop and he stop and he fix my bike and young people think they are just grown up. So, I would say, “How much do I ??” And he would say, “Just bring your mom and daddy and come to the dirt track Saturday night.” Because he was planning on wining part of that money. [Chuckle] And he is bigger and he will get paid. That’s the kind of real and representation our North Carolina you bring to show what the spirit of… [0:04:59.8] [End of file…]

[0:00:00.0] North Carolina ES and the people of North Carolina and the spirit of our state, you love this for it shows the people of North Carolina live the sport and it shows, we are so familiar with things that we see everyday and sometimes it just way too casual because we all say NASCAR and we think of the emblem there on your jacket, but NASCAR is a 20B in our business and industry that brings way off to our state, it brings jobs, it also brings the fans ask the other day and I found out we had fans coming from all 50 states and I believe it was 11 foreign countries, I’m not really sure. And we love them to come here and with their pockets full and leave with their pockets empty. But I want to take this and I want to thank you and let you know the heritage that you bring to our state is so appreciated and I ask our members to vote on the resolution, thank you. [Applause] [SPEAKER CHANGES] Gentlemen we are just about to take a vote and it occurred to me that’s probably the longest job you had to sit in an uncomfortable chair that wouldn’t go almost 200 miles an hour for an extinctive period. So, we appreciate your patience but we do truly appreciate the impact you can hear the stories here and they represent hundreds of thousands of stories of North Carolinians were proud of you. We appreciate what you have done on the track but we also appreciate what you have done for the community, you heard stories about entire education or education systems been impacted by our communities. So, there are so many things that you have done and we appreciate you are spending your time with us today. Further discussion, further debate? If not the question before the house is the passage of HJR 10:30 on it’s second reading, all in favor say ‘I’, we will take a record of both, all in favor will vote ‘I’, all in favor will vote ‘No’ ??...We have two members on the track who have not recorded all those who are wishing to record please record your vote including Representative Shepherd. The ?? machine record the vote, 116 having vote affirmative, none are the negative HJR 10:30 has passed his second reading without objection and we have it third time resolves further discussions, further debates? If not the question before the house is the passage of HJR 10:30 on its third rating, all in favor say ‘I’. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I [SPEAKER CHANGES] All of those, ‘No’, yeah just have it, HJR 10:30 have passed its third rating and will be sent to the Senate by special message. Gentlemen, I thank you for being here today, if the Escort Committee will please come to the well at the house and escort these gentlemen out that I can assure you that we had about as many people speak today as they are members of the Senate. So, I may go a little bit more quickly over there. Thank you for being here. [Applause] [Pause] Ladies and gentlemen Promotional Representative Linda Johnson from ?? County, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to North Carolina Governors motor sports advisory council chaired by former representative Karen Ray, Karen thank you for being here. [Applause] Ladies and gentlemen the Chair would like to… [0:04:59.5] [End of file…]

Thank the nurse of the day. The nurse of the day is from Chapel Hill. Megan Williams, thank you for being here. [applause] At this point we'd like to welcome the pages. If we could have the pages, please come to the front of the chamber. [long pause] Pages, as the clerk calls your name, if you'll stand forward and give us a wave so we can put a name to the face. The clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Ally Anastasi, Sampson. Wesley Anderson, Sampson. Gabriel Dunn, Sampson. Peter Glenn, Sampson. Brian Lee, Sampson. Cassidy Morris, Sampson. Richard Osteen, Sampson. Immanuel Pennington, Sampson. Chiquan [sp] Townson, Sampson. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Members, before you think it's a coincidence that they're all from Sampson. They're all a part of the Tarheel Challenge. They come from various parts of the state. The pages, we want to welcome you. You got today a rare treat. We don't have Nascar Hall of Famers in here every week. So you got a rare treat today. We'll have a session tomorrow. We welcome you for being here and we look forward to having you all come back. Hope you learn a little bit along the way. Thank you much for your service in advance and we'll see you tomorrow. Thank you. [applause] Members, before we move on with business. I just wanted to note that I think a good friend of many of us in this body passed away this week. Keith Crisco. He was a man that I got to know really well over the past couple of years and it's a very sad moment. I hope you'll keep him in your prayers. If we could just briefly pause for a moment of silence, I would appreciate it. [pause] Ladies and gentlemen, I do belief that Mr. Crisco's funeral is on Friday afternoon. If you need any information and intend, and would like to attend, we'll get the information to you. Representative Moore, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Motion pertaining to today's calendar. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized to state his motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker, would move that the first two bills, SB 127 and SB 287 be removed from the calendar and refer to the Committee on Rules' calendar and operations of the House. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection? So ordered. [SPEAKER CHANGES] And with respect, Mr. Speaker, to HB 725, move that that bill be removed from today's calendar and calendared for next Tuesday. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection? So ordered. Representative Mobley, please state your purpose. Ladies and Gentlemen, upon motion of Representatives Zieler and Hamilton, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Brunswick County Commissioner Frank Williams. Frank, please stand and let us welcome you. [applause] Special message from the Senate. The Clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Special message from the Senate, Mr. Speaker. Sorry that it must be sent through the Honorable Body, but the information is Senator Dan Blue has been elected minority leader of the Senate. Respectfully, Sara Lang, Principal Clerk. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Howard, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I'd like to make an announcement, please, sir.

Ladies and gentlemen, we will move to notices and announcements. Representative Howard is recognized for an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Speaker, the formal finance committee will meet in the morning at 8:30am in room 544. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Dollard, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized for an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. Two announcements. The first one is, you will have place on your desk, a list of emergency contact numbers for all of the area hospitals. We hope that you don't need this at all. But if sometime, while you are here serving in Wade County, and need to get a hold of a hospital, we've got your twenty-four hour contacts. Please feel free to get a hold of any of our fine hospitals and they will be happy to take care of you. Also, along that line, although we don't have much time left, there was a blood pressure screening today, and I think they're going to continue in the eleven hundred court until 2:00pm. If you haven't had your blood pressure checked, you should. They're going to come back and do a follow-up screening on the 27th, excuse me on June 17th. Hopefully your blood pressure will be no higher at that point in time. We'll wait and see. And Mr. Speaker, a final announcement for tomorrow morning, full appropriations committee is meeting in joint session with the Senate tomorrow morning in room 643. We want you there right at 8:30. We're going to get started right away at 8:30. This will be the presentation of the Governor's budget, and we invite any other members to come and attend as well. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Larry Hall, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Gentleman is recognized for an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. Democratic caucus will meet immediately after session in 1425 for about a five minute meeting. Immediately after session, 1425. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Moffitt, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. See if Representative Stan would yield for a question and an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Stan, does the gentleman yield? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I guess. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman yields. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Representative Stan. A couple years ago, Representative Deborah Ross stood up about this time, during that particular year, and asked the body to support Scotty McCreery. And, as I recall, you rose and asked her, "who was Scotty McCreery?" And, she informed you as to who he is. Well, I'm goint to ask you if you're familiar with Caleb Johnson? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Moffitt, I've agreed to be his area campaign manager. He is, doesn't he have sort of gravely, rock-n-roll voice? And, I encourage everybody to vote for [SPEAKER CHANGES] Caleb Johnson. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized for a point of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. It could not have gone smoother. Thank you Representative Stan. Ladies and gentlemen, another constituent of mine, Mr. Caleb Johnson, is the final three on the American Idol television series, and he'll be competing again tonight. So, I encourage you to watch, and more importantly, encourage you to vote. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Starnes, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized for an announcement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, of the House, two announcements. First of all, immediately when we adjourn, there is a reception for House Republicans downstairs in 1228. Then at 2:30 there will be a joint House and Senate caucus in 644, in the other building. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Glasier, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. Point of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is recognized for a point of personal privilege, the House will come to order. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you very much Mr. Speaker. This is, you may notice that my seat mate, Representative ?? is not here today. Most of you know, but just so the body knows, she is in the hospital at Durham General, and is doing very well. She just had an operation. Hip operation. She is doing well. She is already up walking around, and the operation was yesterday, and hopefully will be home on Thursday. But, you might want to send your regards, I am sure she would appreciate it. And we'll welcome her back as soon as possible. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Fischer, please state your purpose. [SPEAKER CHANGES] For a point of personal privilege, Mr. Speaker. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The lady is recognized for a point of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Speaker. We just had an announcement on the floor from Representative Glasier, but I would like to bring the body's attention to the fact that Representative Glasier is a new grandfather, and I can

and sort of relate to this because I am a new grandmother as of six months ago and just got to see my new grandson from Japan until early this morning at about 4:30, but I would really like for the body to recognize representative glaziers new status as grandfather. [Speaker Changes] Representative Johnson, please state your purpose. [Speaker Changes] An announcement [Speaker Changes] Please ??notes for an announcement [Speaker Changes] and ?? a personal ???. The Governor's office, Nascar has brought some of the race cars up and they are in ?? mansion out on the grounds. The Governor and speaker ?? have invited you to go up there. All you'll need is your little pass,for your house pass and they hope that you'll come up and view those after our two caucuses, both democrat and republic, but they wanted to extend that invitation to you. The personal privilege. [Speaker Changes] Ladies write notes for a point of personal privilege. [Speaker Changes] Last week representative Langdon's wife had an accident. The car was totaled, they were very blessed in that she only broke her arm. I wanted you all to know that she is doing very well and we hope to have him back soon. Thank you Mr. Speaker. [Speaker Changes] Ladies and gentleman, I think representative Moore may cover this, but for your planning purposes we have a time-sensitive bill that we will take up tomorrow. It's largely technical corrections on some of the tax reform. I do not believe it to be controversial, but we need to come in so we can read it in at 8 am and then refer it to finance. It will be reported out of finance and we will have that one vote on the floor tomorrow. I apologize, just so we can actually vote on it as quickly as possible next week. So there will not be a vote tomorrow, but we will have something added to the calendar and carried over to next week. So 8 am for a brief session. Representative Moore did you confirm with representative Howard on when we would come back? [Speaker Changes] The consensus is to come back at 11am. [Speaker Changes] So we'll come back at 11am. [Speaker Changes] Can I make an announcement Mr. Speaker? [Speaker Changes] The Gentleman ?? to state an announcement. [Speaker Changes] Members the legislative services commission will meet tomorrow at 10 o'clock AM in room 1228 of this building. [Speaker Change] Gentleman is out of order. Representative Louki, please state your purpose. [Speaker Changes] Thank you, Can I ask represenatitive Moore a question? [Speaker Changes] The gentleman yields. [Speaker changes] Just trying to get the times straight. House Finance at 8:30. [Speaker Changes] Correct [Speaker Changes] And then at 11 am is? [Speaker Changes] 11 am is session, 10 o'clock am is legislative services comission, 8:30 is house finance. Representative Howard tells me she needs only about an hour for that bill. [Speaker Changes] Thank you. [Speaker Changes] Again ladies and gentleman just for your planning purposes we'll be convening at 8 simply to refer the bill. So that if your time constraints in the morning make it difficult for you to be here you need not worry about anything else being taken up on the Agenda. Representative Louki please state your purpose. [Speaker Changes] to make further inquiry [Speaker Changes] The gentleman may state his inquiry. [Speaker Changes] Representative Moore. [Speaker Changes] The Gentleman yields [Speaker Changes] At 11 O'clock we're coming in just to read the bill in so that the bill can be heard on Monday night? [Speaker Changes] That's correct, there will be no votes taken on the floor tomorrow. [Speaker Changes] Thank you very much. [Speaker Changes] ?? motion Mr. Speaker [Speaker Changes] Any further announcements? The Gentleman has ?? notes for a motion. [Speaker Changes] Mr. Speaker I believe that the house adjourned to reconvene on Thursday, May the 15th at 8 o'clock AM. [Speaker Changes] Representative Moore moves, seconded by Representative Johnson and in memory of Secretary Keith Crisco that the house has now adjourned to reconvene on Thursday MAy 15th at 8 Am. All in favor Say I, all who oppose say no. The I's have it, house is adjourned.