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Senate | July 1, 2016 | Chamber | Senate Convenes

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[SOUND] Message from the house senate bill 803 and I have to make technical clarifying and administrative changes to the revenue laws, and related statutes. Receipt for concurrence in house cleaning substitute number two placed on the calendar for July 1st. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Conference report house bill 1039. Conferee appointed to resolve the difference between the senate and the house of representatives on house bill 1039. A bill to be entitled an act to increase authorization for Sampson county occupancy tax to modify the [INAUDIBLE] occupancy tax. To modify the use and the proceeds of the Jacksonville city occupancy tax. To authorize the city of Sanford to levy an occupancy tax to create a special taxing district in [INAUDIBLE] county and authorize a special taxing district to lobby occupancy tax and to make changes to the Cumberland county occupancy tax and prepare food tax. Senate Finance committee substitute [INAUDIBLE] 2316 third edition [INAUDIBLE] submits the following report. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Report from standing committees, Senator Apodaca rules and operation of the Senate Committee submits passage. House bill 483 senate committee substitute number one, unfavorable as to senate committee substitute bill number one, but favorable as to committee substitute bill number two. Land use regulatory changes calendar. [BLANK_AUDIO] Reports the following bill to be ratified for presentation to the Governor. Senate bill 124 an act to modernize the law governing the use of assumed business names. To make related, conforming and technical amendments as recommended by the general statute commission, to clarify how the industrial commission refers matters of indirect criminal contempt to the district court. To remove certain properties from the state nature and historic reserve and to authorize the of various properties from the state park system. Senate Bill 326 an act revising the conditions under which counties and cities may inspect buildings or structures. Senate bill 482 an act to make technical and clarifying changes to the limited liability company act to further define an employers and employees rights to Inventions invented by the employee. Senate Bill 667 an act to create consistency in the time provided to complete election canvasses. To require the attorney general to defend local acts against facial challenges, to provide for ballot ordering of candidates for judge of the court of appeals to require explanatory captions for constitutional amendments on [INAUDIBLE] authorize the joint legislative elections oversight committee to study municipal elections and even numbered years to update the filing period for the elections in the city of Louisville To provide for participation in the census redistricting data program and for return of the collection data. Senate Bill 6783 it act to provide recovery of capital related costs incurred by natural gas utility for constructing natural gas infrastructure for Large manufacturing employer. Senate Bill 747 act of require the department of administration to actively manage the stage portfolio real property to require measurement of the current utilization of the state own facilities to ensure the accuracy of the real property in return maintained by the department Department of administration and to ensure that the use of state arms space is maximized before leases are renewed or recommended by the program evaluation division of the General Assembly. Senate Bill 770 an act to provide further editorial lease to corporate community. Senate Bill 865 An Act to make administrative changes to the state health plans for teachers and state employees statutes. To increase the number of local governments able to participate in the state health plan and to make changes to the state health plan program. Premiums paid by local and government employees. Senate bill 886, an act to honor Captain Bradley Long and all future firefighters and rescue squads who were just killed in the line

of duty by amending the North Carolina firefighters and rescue squad workers pension fund to provide a survivor-ship benefit for members killed in the line of duty to Consolidate the public records law relating to retirement and to make other retirement administrative changes. House Bill 561 an act to modify the authority of school systems with regard to legal proceedings and investigations and to direct the program evaluation division to study to study the process of revolving and education funding the disputes between the local board of education and board of county commissioners. House bill 805 an act to provide for measure ability assessment to state programs to provide for certain county services on the trust land of the Eastern land or Cherokee Indians and to and to make technical clarifying and other modifications to the current operation and capital improvements appropriations act of 2016. The following bill duly ratified properly enrolled and prepare for presentation to the office of secretary of state, senate bill 898, an act to appoint persons to various public offices upon the recommendation of president full term of the senate. The Speaker of the house represented as a major majority leader on the senate to elect technical changes. Senate bill 132, an act to amend the charter of the town of Columbia to extend the term of office for the mayor and clarify that the members of the board of all the Minnesota four years stated time and to authorize the town of [UNKNOWN] to take immediate possession of real property condemned by the town for recreational purposes in connection with the [UNKNOWN] lake and [UNKNOWN] lake dam project. Senate bill 739, an act adding certain Certain describe property to the cooperate members of the town on Roseville. Senate bill 848 enact amending the charter of the town of Carrington to delegate to the town manager and authority to grant utility resonates, agreements and other similar interests in real property over town on property Property and authorize in a town to sell exchange or otherwise transfer a real property subject to restriction. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, thank you. Is this the department of 48 to 58 >> [INAUDIBLE] said it, Apodaca actually passed. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Okay everyone on on twitter saying that the. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Okay, they put it out wrong. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Mr. Senator >> [INAUDIBLE] >> It failed. Okay. I thought I voted it down. [BLANK_AUDIO]. >> Senate will come to order [BLANK_AUDIO] Let it show that Senator Lee and Senator Jeff Jackson are back in the chamber, leave of absence are granted to Senator Berger and Senator Don Davis. Members your supplemental calendar will be on your dashboard so let's get started with that, first bill before us is Conference report for adoption house bill 1039 omnivous argumency tax changes. Whose handling this. >> House Bill 1039 omnivous tax standard. >> Senator Jackson is recognized. >> Hey Mr chairman members this This is a conference report that was worked out between the house and the Senate on Sampson County, Yadkin County and Harnett County and I would appreciate just for a vote in Yes,

thank you. >> Any questions? Senator Heiss for what purpose do you arise. >> Senator Jackson will yield to a question Senator Jackson do you yield? >> Yes sir. >> Senator Jackson I know this may be a point of contagion but I just want to verify that all this municipalities and accuracy tax comply with the historical, I would say provisions that we've had for how they would be distributed. >> Mr. President. >> Yes sir, Senator Hartsell do you meet all the rules that our other chamber see it. >> Further discussion or debate? Hearing non the question for the body is the adoption of conference report for house bill 1039, Senator Jackson recommends you vote in favor. You'll be allowed five seconds for the vote, the Clerk will Will record the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] Apodaca aye. 36 having voted in the favorable and seven in the negative, conference report for House bill 1039 is adopted and the house will be notified. [BLANK_AUDIO] Next on the calendar be House bill 483. >> House bill 483, land use regulatory changes. >> Mr. President. >> Senator Gunn >> Explain the bill. Thank you Mr. President, this has to do with multi-phase developments. What this bill will do it will vest/g all phase of a multi-phase real estate development project upon sight, plan approval of the first phase . Cities can not change their [INAUDIBLE] organs after phase one approval Without the land owners consent. This vested rights remain in effect for seven years from the time of the sight plan approval of the initial phase. There is also a definition, it creates a definition of multi-phased development in city statute that require one. A development plan. two. More than 100 acres and And three sight plan approval. The next two sections are all the same except for they apply to counties, and also the final phase of this is the section is effective when it becomes law and applies to multi-phased developments, with approved site plans which are valid and unexpired on the effective date of this Section, anti multi-faced developments approved on or after the effective date on this section. Be glad to answer any questions. Appreciate your support. >> Discussion and debate. >> Mr. President >> Senator Mckissick what purpose you rise? >> Speak on the bill. >> Senator has the floor. >> I wanna thank Senator Gunng and Senator Lee for their work on this I think the Bill is a lot better now than it did when it first started. And I know during the rules committee I raised a question where the association of counties and legal municipalities we have a chance to review and where they stood in connection with it. Neither had seen it but I spoke with both of them in length after the meetings, as well as [UNKNOWN] and other. So I think overall they're comfortable with the Bill as it is today I think we all know we'll all have to come back a long session and work on some other issues that were in the original Bill that are not a part of this compromise legislation. Thank you. >> For the discussion and debate? Hearing the question forwarded to Senate is the passage of House Bill 483. All in favor of vote aye against no, you have five seconds for the vote. Clerk record the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] Aye. [BLANK AUDIO] Senator Curtis, You're gonna vote, Senator Curtis Iaye, 43 having voted in a favorable, 0 in the, negative, house bill 843 passes it's second reading and without objection will be read a third time. >> North Carolina General Assembly enacts. >> Question before the body is the house passage of house bill 843 on it's third reading all in favor say aye. >> Aye>> Opposed no, ayes have it house bill 843 passes concurrent and 43 passes house concurs senate committee substitute number two. [INAUDIBLE] house be sent to the house. >> Mr.President >> Senator Gunn >> Could I request that this be sent by special messenger, everything [INAUDIBLE] thank you. >> Thank you sir. >> Okay for concurrence senate bill 803 revenue laws technical and clarifying amendment changes.

>> Senate bill 803 revenue law technical law clarifying and admin changes. >> Senator Raben has the floor to explain the bill. >> Thank you Mr.President, members senate bill 803 has come back to concurrence I encourage you to concur, this is exactly the very same bill word for word that we sent over it is on a different bill than we sent over. It has not been changed this is coming back for concurrence, it says much procedural as anything else, thank you for your support. >> Discussion and debate hearing none question four to senate is concurrence senate bill 803 senators I ask you to concur on Favor to vote aye, oppose, no. You have five seconds for the vote. The clerk will record the vote. Apodaca aye [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Senator Blue aye 43 haven't voted in a favorable Zero in the negative. Senate bill 803 passes for concurrence vote be enrolled and sent to the governor. Any further business for this evening? Senator Pate is recognized. Stand at ease for a moment. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Mr. president. >> Senator Pate, what purpose do you rise? >> Make an announcement first of appointment of confreres. The senate conferees on house bill 169 regulatory reduction act of 2016 are dismissed and senator makes the following appointment in their place. Senator Apodaca chair. Senator Tucker senator Rucho. And another announcement Mr. president. >> Senator has the floor. >> Mr. president I move that the senate do now recess subject to the standard stipulation sent forth in senate rule 24.1. The appointment of conferees the receipt of committee reports, the receipt of conference reports and house messages and the ratification of bills to reconvene at 9 PM. you've heard the motion. Senator Rucho is ready for dinner see you at 9.