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House | July 1, 2016 | Chamber | House Convenes

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The house will come to order.Members will take their seats. Visitors will retire from chamber.The sergeant-at-arms will close the doors. Members and visitors will please silence all electronic devices. The prayer will be offered by Representative Jones. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Let us pray. Our father and our God it is a privilege that we can come before the throne of grace today and everyday. And father today we lift up our state, our citizens, our nation and our world father we lift up this institution and each member and each family represented here. And we recognize that today maybe the last day of this session, hopefully so, perhaps tomorrow. But as we wind down further we just pray that even now as we are tired, as we have worked hard, we pray that you would give us proper wisdom and discernment with the business before us. Father that we would do our best. That you would grant us wisdom from above. Father we do pray that you would keep every member safe as people will be travelling home and other places, we just lift up each and everyone. Father as we come together help remind us of what a privilege it is to serve and to be a part of this institution. And father we make mistakes and we confess those before you. We pray that when we offend one another we would be mindful to seek forgiveness and that when are offended we would be quick to forgive. Father we pray that you would make us quick to hear, quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger as James tells in your word. So father again as we complete the business of this day and the business of this session we just pray that you will guide us, that you would direct us, that you will give us that wisdom and discernment that can only come from you for it's in Christ' name we pray. Amen >> Amen. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under God. Indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> Representative Lewis is recognized. >> Mr. Speaker the journal for June 30th has been examined and found to be correct. I move that it stands approved as written. >> Representative Lewis moves that the journal for June 30th be approved as written. Those in favor say Aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed no, >> No. >> The Aye's have it and journal is approved as written. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Representative West informed me that since he started session day he had my car towed from his parking space so. >> [LAUGH] >> Thank you Representative West. Ratification of bills and resolutions the clerk will read. The enrolling clerk reports the following bills duly ratified for presentation to the governor. Senate bill 105 an act to require the secretary of Revenue to compile information about the number of immigrants filing tax returns in North Carolina annually and to provide information to the department of Military and Veteran affairs.

Senate bill 814 an act to provide that the state chief information officer also be referred to secretary of department of information technology. House bill 151 an act to amend the vacation rental act to clarify the role of real estate brokers in transactions between landlords and t, to Protect Members of the Armed Forces to Allow Termination of Rental Agreement Upon Transfer or Redeployment, to Clarify the Procedure for Awarding and Collecting Certain Court Fees and Election Proceedings and Allow [UNKNOWN] of Real Property to Orange County to Facilitate Jail Construction. House Bill 550, an act authorizing ownership of service animals owned by the state or a unit of local government belonging to the service animals handler or other specified persons upon service animals retirement from public service. House bill 630, an act to require coal combustion residuals and apartment owners to provide permanent alternative water supplies for residents in areas surrounding Coal Combustion Residential Services Entitlements Repeal, statutory provisions related to Coal Ash Management System, Modified Enclosure Requirements for Coal Combustion Residual [INAUDIBLE] under the Coal Ash Management Act from 2014 and Modify Permits with Mining Commission and Oil and Gas Commission, an act to clarify the requirements for initial licensure to [INAUDIBLE] engineer to allow North Carolina public schools to reduce cost of allowing employment and license schools maintenance plumbers. House bill 959 an act to make various changes to the transportation and laws of the state as recommended by the joint legislation oversight committee. House bill 992, an act to modify industrial hemp research program to clarify the definition of research purposes and to responsibility of licences. Creating civil and criminal penalties for violations of the industrial hemp program and granting rule making authority to industrial hemp commission. House bill 1044, an act to create public service alert system to aid in the apprehension of suspects who kill or inflict serious bodily harm on a law enforcement officer, to provide that the Head or the Chief of the Law Enforcement Agency may designate a person to submit a written request for a deadly weapon to be turned over to law enforcement agency, to amend the Silver Alert System to expand the class of citizens it protects, and to prevent motor carriers from avoiding civil penalties owed by the state by transferring title prior to payment, to make minor changes to definition of emergency in the North Carolina Emergency Management Act, to provide that the Training Academy is specifically exempt from the Umstead Act and to create an exemption to the Length of Service Requirements for Forensic Scientist [INAUDIBLE] Career State Employees. And the following bills duly ratified, properly enrolled and prepared for presentation to the Office of the Secretary of State. Senate Bill 50. An Act to Increase the Authorization of Wilson County to Levy Occupancy Tax. >> Chapter bills will be noted. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Dollar rise? >> For a member statement. >> The gentleman is recognized for representative statement. >> Thank you Mr speaker members of the house I rise today to present a representative statement recognizing the distinguished service of Richard David Bostic and we'll ask them to come to the front in a moment but let me read this statement. Richard D Bostic is retiring from, his position is principle, fiscal analyst. Now the general assembly's fiscal research division after 30 years of distinguished service. And whereas Richard D. Bostic is one of our longest serving physical research staff members in the division's 45 year history, and whereas Richard D. Bostic has dedicated most of his professional career to the North Carolina legislature. Having served as staff to the finance committees, appropriation committees, including general government, transportation, education and most recently house budget development. And whereas Richard D. Bostic served as staff for Forsyth county office of budget and management and it was a fellow in the Illinois governor's fellowship program and served his staff in Illinois Bureau of budget and whereas Richard D. Bostic served as active members of the Raleigh community. Serving on the Raleigh parts recreation and Greenway advisory board and the Wake County planning board and where is Richard D. Bostic has devoted countless hours to service with the past 18 years of life with passion for National Parks and Recreation areas, clearing trails along Appalachian train, Acadia National Park, Golden gate National Recreational area and serving as a member and volunteer of the friends to the mountains to the sea trail,

Appalachian Trail Conservancy and American Hiking Society. And whereas Richard D. Bostic is an excellent example of the quality education in North Carolina, having graduated from Chase High school in Forest City before earning degrees from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Duke University. And Whereas Richard D. Bostic has been married to his loving wife Pam, for more than 30 years and together have one son Webb, daughter in law Greta, granddaughter Blake. Now therefore Richard D. Bostic deserves to be congratulated on the occasion of his retirement and wished continued success and happiness in the future and witness thereof the undersigns certifies the foregoing statement was read in the house and placed upon the journal on the first day of July 2016 Representative Dollar, House Principal Clerk, Denise Weeks and with, Mr. Chair with your indulgence if we could have Richard with this wife Pam come to the front and when they get here receive congratulations.I do wanna add as they're coming up if that's >> The chair directs that the courtesies of the floor are extended to Richard and Pam Bostic. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> I know you wanna get out from the middle of this, go ahead. [LAUGH] I do wanna add a couple of personal- >> You may kiss the bride. >> [LAUGH] >> Mr. speaker if I can just proceed on a personal word. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr speaker in addition to the representatives statement, I just wanna, on a more personal note tell you they're just no more dedicated person than we have in General Assembly than Richard Bostic, he has been a real pleasure to deal with. He gets very interesting the later the night Night goes. Sometimes at two and three in the morning he's very famous wit, which is quite dry. Gets sharper the later the evening goes >> [LAUGH] >> And sometimes a little more opinionated from time to time. He tries to keep that in check but thankfully he doesn't. Sometimes we need to hear some of those words, and he is a true renaissance man. He really is. As I've got to know him a little bit better and kinda of peruse his office. That describes Richard [UNKNOWN] and I know they're gonna have a great time doing a lot of travelling, hiking a lot of trails, cleaning up after some of the other people here and some of the trails. And all of that will certainly be welcome and Pam, one thing for you and we greatly appreciate your indulgence with Richard, But now you realize that if he comes in late or early in the morning, all disheveled and kinda disoriented, he no longer has the excuse that he was working on the budget. >> [LAUGH]. >> Thank you so much. >> [APPLAUSE]. [APPLAUSE] >> Mr Speaker don't let him out of the door yet, don't let him out of the door yet Mr Speaker. [CROSSTALK] Mr. Bostic, would the sergeant-at-arms invite Mr. and Mrs. Bostic to return to the floor? >> [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO] The gentleman from from Durham is recognized to speak up to three minutes to a point of personal privilege, and the Boustics/g are confined to the chamber

the sergeant at arms will close the door. >>[LAUGH] >> Richard I had to bring you back in here cuz I raised you. >> [LAUGH] >> When I served in the same position and Representative Dollars I was serving in Richard was working on the staff at the time and I knew he was destined fir great things. Karen told me about him and said he is going to be great, and I got to know which then he working hard everyday and then lo and behold one day I walked in there and there Richard was one of the senior principle clerk for appropriations. I said Richard do you know what you're getting yourself into? >> He said no but we'll try, and I had good talks with Richard since that time and I want you to know that he has grown into a great person to talk too .He knows the job, he learned it well and any success you may all have whether you believe it on is because of the team that Richard worked with. So you all really need to give him the acclamation and kudos that he deserves. Congratulations Richard. We're gonna miss you. I'm gonna miss sneaking up there talking to you. And we wish you and Pam the best in the world. Thank you so much for serving us. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> Mr. Speaker. >> What purpose the gentleman from Wake representative Martin arise. >> In hopes of not extending the senates who senates the Boustics/g for much longer for a speak to a point of personal privilege. >> The gentleman has the floor to speak up to three minutes to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr Speaker, Representative Dollar really captured what makes folks like Richard great North Carolinians. I've been form Wake county, I've had the opportunity to observe Richard in his work outside the general assembly that the gentleman from Wake spoke of so eloquently. And I think it's safe to say that North Carolinians like Richards and work like that are in deed the glue that holds our community and our state together. And it is capacity here at the General Assembly, he has been the safety net that under both chairman Mitchell and chairman Dollar, kept our state from going into the abyss. So Richards thank you for your work, both here at the general assembly and throughout the state. >> [APPLAUSE] >> What purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative Pendleton arise? >> Point of personal privilege. >> Should keep the Baustics/g? confined to the floor. >> I would like to vote the house republicans to join me and welcome representative Gale Adcock I noticed in the new and observer today that she is a new republican. >> Mr and Miss. Baustics/g thank you again for your service and thank you again for being with us today. >> [APPLAUSE] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg representative Bradford arise? >> To request a moment of personal privilege please. >> The gentleman has the floor may speak of the three minutes to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr speaker and this is not Baustic/g related, 12 years ago a friend of mine and his wife had this idea that under privileged children should be able to enjoy Lake Norman and this idea of bringing up this under privileged children to spend a day out on the lake really turned into something very special. That day has become and is called and known very well in my community as big day at the lake. For those of you who that are from Mecklenburg, Ayden or Lincoln around the Lake Norman area you might have heard of big day at the lake. Because big day at the lake has been going on for 12 consecutive years. And on some Saturdays during the summer, usually in late June, or July several hundred little brothers and little sisters, and their bigs all travel out and meet boat hosts. And for half of the morning, basically the first part of the day they go out to the lake and they swim and they ski and they tube. And they just enjoy a privilege that quite frankly they don't have the opportunity to have. And after their big day on the lake they go over to the Duke Energy Center that they enjoy a giant picnic where the sponsors have games and slides and prices. not only is big dad at the lake a special day for these bigs and the little.

But it raises money for the big brother and big sister organisation of Charlotte. In the last 12 years. This little idea has grown to raise almost what three quarters of a million dollars conservatively. In fact it's probably like $800,000 but we feel very good 750,000 is a good number. Based on the accounting. And that money has goon to the big brothers and and big sisters organisation of Charlotte. And you can only imagine, what three quarters of a million dollars can do to an organisation like this. I have participated as a bow host and I have had this children. And their sponsors being the bigs on my boat. And my children have interacted with them and it makes me probably fill better than the time they are having. It is really incredible. I just wanna say that this year their goal was $80,000 and they have surpassed that rising $90,000. It's and incredible event it's and incredible fete, these two individuals Dave York and Tracy Yorkam/g have been surrounded by volunteers who have been with them from the very beginning and new volunteers through the years. Mr. speaker if it's okay I would like to send forth a representative statement to be read by the clerk. >> The gentleman may send forth his statement the clerk will read. >> Recognizing big day at the Lake day. Where as big brother big sisters of greater Charlotte provides one on one mentor relationship to folks on school success work and family and volunteers keep children out of delinquency in support of family competency, and where as celebration of annual accomplishments and more importantly in celebration of the youth PVC as BBC as of greater Charlotte services big day at the lake committee will hold its 12th annual big day at the lake event on July 23rd 2016. And whereas the committee organizes two volunteers, a day full of fan activities on lake Norman for participating DVBS of greater Charlotte marches and where as since 2003 the big day at the lake event host more than 1400 DVBS youth all of whom have treasured opportunities to laugh play mingle and make new friends. And whereas all the past 11 years the committee has raised more than $750,000 for DVBS of greater Charlotte and in 2016 has a goal of raising $80,000 and where as the committee encourages volunteers to become DVBS mentors known as bigs following the footsteps big day at the Lake participating who have embraced the opportunity to mentor. As whereas the committee and DVVS of greater Charlotte, along with many volunteers and sponsors deserve appreciation and recognition for enhancing the quality of life of the residents of Mecklenburg county and surrounding areas, especially to the youth. Now therefore, July 23rd 2016 should be recognized as big day at the lake day and observed as a date to make a difference in a child's life by becoming a big brother a big sister mentor. A witness full of the undersigned certifies that before Warren statement was read in the house and placed in placed upon the journal on the first day of July 2016. Submitted by Representative John Bradford the third. House principle clerk Denise Wicks and Speaker Moore, speaker of the house. >> Noted members. Upon motion of representative John Bradford from Mecklenburg county, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Dave Yorkam founder of big day at the lake and Heidi Hanson volunteer for the big day at the lake. I think they're in the gallery, will they stand and let us welcome you please. >> [APPLAUSE] House bill 1030 the clerk will read. >> The conferees report to resolve the difference between the senate and house of representatives on house bill 1030 a bill to be entitled enact to modify the current operations of Capital Improvements Appropriations Act of 2015 and to make other changes in the budget operations of the state. Senate mentions in retirement and agent committee substitute adopts 616 6th edition engrossed submit the following report. General assembly of North Carolina enacts. Members before the consideration of, the third reading of the conference report. The chair has been informed that an arrangement has been reached without objection where 15 minutes will be allocated to representative Dollar and those speaking for the budget and 15 minutes will be allocated to representative Hall. There being no objection so ordered. Representative Dollar you have the floor to debate the conference report.

Thank you Mr speaker members of the house I just want to again a lot of the staff is not here that's worked on this. But to thank them for all of their tremendous work on the budget this year, they had some really fast turn around times and they did an outstanding job as always. Again I wanna thank all of the chairs of the area appropriation committees the did an outstanding job putting together the house budget and did probably even more outstanding job in defending that budget and making sure that our house priorities are reflected in that document. And again I believe yesterday's vote, which was a strong bipartisan vote one of the largest votes that I believe I've seen on a conference budget report is reflective that although any budget you look at it's never gonna be perfect, there are always ways that it could have been better, could have done this a little bit differently, wish you would have done that a little differently on the whole, this budget does a wonderful job of rewarding teachers, state employees within the resources, limited resources we've had provides stability and budgeting for the future which is very important and tax relief for working families in this state. You just can't really get a better combination than that, and all of the other good pieces that were talked about in detail yesterday and education policy, and agriculture, and natural resources policy, in the areas of justice and public safety where we really started to make some strides to, reinvigorate our courts and to begin to fund those things. Ad I'm glad we were able to really get a lot more money back in the with Representative Daughtry with his last budget, and I think that if I can speak for him a little bit, I do think he can be very proud of the job that he's done and where the priorities we were able to there for our court system. So again I thank every member of this house that voted for the budget on second reading the conference report. And I would ask all the other members to please to give it a prayerful consideration today, and to support this conference report. Your strength initially and your strength today gives us even greater bargaining power in the future. So I would ask for your support. Thank you. >> The gentleman from Durham Representative Hall is recognized to debate the conference report. Thank you Mr.Speaker, and of course house members we went through the budget yesterday as we all know, you can look at this budget a lot of ways. And we shouldn't be afraid to have other people have their view of what is good and nor sufficient in this budget. I agree with representative, Dollar there are some good things that could be seen in the budget, and if we were aspiring just to be good instead of be great that would probably be sufficient, that might be enough. And if you were in the line of folks of who got the hand out or the special project then you can certainly go home and somebody will pat you on the back and, say hey, you brought home the bacon or at least a strip for our little community. Unfortunately we don't take an oath to just our community, we take an oath to the citizens of North Carolina to the state and to the broader community as well. So we do have some responsibilities beyond just our own individual, district. This budget screams on supporting the foundations of prosperity that we have here at North Carolina. And the proposals fail our communities. North Carolina communities strive when our schools have great leaders and great teachers, when the roads are maintained, when our neighborhoods were safe and everyone could get high high quality health care, we know we can't get something from nothing. We have to face that hard truth that we had to plan for the future like those before us did so we can enjoy the North Carolina we currently have. There's a reason why we could do better, and our oath should never be just do enough to get by, just do enough to be able say well there's something good somewhere, and so that should be enough. We shouldn't have to settle, we're forced to look for a great future not a good future or passable future, a minimal future or a a minimalist future. We continue to face in rate reduction on personal income and corporate profits, now that's good for folks at the top of the scale, and

that's good for out of state corporations. But for North Carolina overall, we have to invest in the future, we live here, our children of succeeding generations, they live here and they'll be, be bound by the decisions we make. If we are gonna reduce taxes without targeting those tax goods, so that they help those most needy, then we are doing ourselves a disservice. Because of what we've done we are trapping ourselves into a minimalist future. Again we know we have to pay for what we get, yet and still we continue the illusion that there's gonna be something or nothing, and we can get it if we just legislate it, and it really doesn't work that way in our communities. We have serious needs that still aren't met in this budget. This state is growing no matter what you do to try to stop people, they recognize the potential, may be not realize that North Carolina. And people are gonna continue to come to North Carolina and seek their great future, but we still have more than 7200 families on the wait list for, free kindergarten education. Those kids are our future, tuition and fee increases are still gonna make it hard for people to attend college although there are some minimal efforts in here to look at that problem in the future. They're disguised as present solution, when in fact they just forecast what future legislators might consider doing. Some folks get a salary increase, others did deserve it, don't, other really end up with a salary decrease, instead of reason deliberations, to determine, our needs and to allocate our resources, we got stuck in the cash machine line for those who had special interests and special ability, and then the rest of us who just wanted a plan that we could all participate in got shot, out of the process. We can't turn our back on this great state, I hope you will not. This is one but of many budgets that we'll have and you'll have the opportunity going forward. But I can't say and I can't stress enough that we didn't take an oath just to do good enough to get by. That's not the oath we took. And we didn't take an oath just for ourselves, our family and our small circle of friends, that's not the oath we took. And so I'd ask if folks raise to gaze that they look at the whole state and the future of the state, and that we have these deliberations in public for the public that we serve, and then plan and work to be great, and legislate to be great, and leave this state greater than we found it, not in a depressed state. I'd ask that you vote against the conference report. Members have 12 minutes and 16 seconds remaining and what will the chair will designate as round of affirmative debate, are their any other members who seek the floor. The gentleman [UNKNOWN] representative Dobson is recognized to debate the conference report. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. I would just like to say that with regard to Health and Human Services I'm proud of the work that we have done the investments that we have made in pre-care the investments that we have made in subsidies. Commitment we've made to put the single stream funding the investment of 30 million for this year that's been transferred and 30 million for next year that's gonna be transferred assuming that we have a surplus in the rebase. The commitment we've made to the mental health task force. 10 million in recurring money, 10 million in non-recurring money from a task force that was on a by-partisan basis. A commitment to mental health in this state. So we've made that commitment with regards to our children, to make that investment that investment that we need. We've made that commitment with regard to mental health which we all know is a problem in North Carolina and is a problem across this country. So we made that, we made that investment. And I look forward continue to make that investment as we continue to move this state forward and I would urge you to support the conference report. >> The gentleman from Union representative Horn is recognized to debate the conference report. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, As you all know by certainly I'm passionate about education in this state.

I'm passionate about serving under served kids and I'm particularly passionate about how we deliver education in state. And you heard me stand here before and tell you that I was committed to a fundamental change in the delivery of education. Now I make no pretenses that I'm an educator, I make no pretenses that I'm educated That's probably obvious. But I will tell you that with seven grandchildren all having gone through the public school systems in this state and others, I am absolutely committed to to ensuring that our children, your children or your grandchildren are on the right path for the 22nd Century. All of us have heard that at least 60 of the kids graduating from high school this year will end up doing jobs that have not yet been invented. How do you prepare kids to do jobs that haven't been invented? We have to be innovative, creative , we gotta try some t hings that haven't been tried before, we have to challenge our, teachers and our administrators to reach beyond their grasp. This budget absolutely, in my few years here and years looking back, is on e of the most innovative and creative budgets for education that we've ever passed. We put a heavy emphasis on this budget on training the teachers, offering teachers opportunities to grow not just because they can earn more money but so they can take on more responsibility, every professional wants to improve their ability as a professional, teachers most among them. Teachers go out and pay for their own advanced degrees, teachers take time and they work deep into the night, this budget by including such things as advanced teaching roles, is an opportunity for those teachers. We're working on improving leadership, we all know how important leadership is in every profession, particularly in education. A strong principal can lift a school far beyond its capacity as we would have thought it. That's why this budget invests in expanding, improving principle preparation. We wanna give teaching assistance with house has stood firm in supporting of teaching assistance, we wanna help them go beyond their current position give them opportunity to fill some of our biggest needs. So we're gonna pilot some programs that's gonna help teaching assistants move on to full teaching roles. We all know know how important it is kids read by the end of the third grade. The data is crystal clear, not just sort or kinda, crystal clear. So we are gonna create a two year pilot for third grade reading teachers and reward them for high performance. We are gonna work with our university systems and our community colleges to expand opportunities of reach deeply and coordinate with our high schools around the state. As I said when stood up, this is an opportunity to reach beyond our grasp, to look into the future, to move this state further forward. Innovation is already happening in our schools and we want to encourage that and reward it. You can look at this budget if you want to as half full, you didn't do enough, you never do enough. How much is enough? Well there's no such thing as enough because the goal line moves, it just moves. So take all the cheap shots you want on it, it's never enough, okay fine. But I'd rather look at it as we are off to a pretty damn good start. And we need to keep it going. And we need to keep it going with positive support, positive ideas and positive support from this legislature. I beg you to support this bill. Thank you, Mr.

Speaker >> The lady from Orange, Representative Inscore is recognized to debate the conference report. >> Thank you Mr Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen of the house I recently heard of a new take on an old famous quote. The ark of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice. It's just that we have to do the bending. Our decisions that we make about the future have to be intentional. That's why we're here. You can't reduce the waiting list for childcare subsidy from 41 children on the waiting list to 20 children on the waiting list by reducing the eligibility. You can't cut $152 million out of mental health and say that ten million is good enough. [BLANK_AUDIO] I know that we all wanna be re-elected, we all wanna have a budget that we can run on. Also I do believe we all want a prosperous state for everyone. We really can do better. And this budget is not adequate, I urge you to vote no. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Are there further members wishing to speak on the conference report? [BLANK_AUDIO] The gentleman from Haywood Representative Queen is recognized to debate the conference report. >> Thank you I appreciate the good words of Representative Horn on the positive attitude that he has taken towards education in this budget and many of the positive attitudes that this budget has in it. All I do in my arising at this time, I know I'm not changing any votes, I know this conference budget is going to pass. But I do speak to the future that we can create those hundreds of thousands of jobs I spoke yesterday on my comments by extending medicaid when we get back. We can have a comprehensive natural gas plan to for North Carolina not just a reactionary plan for a few communities but for a whole state. We can have a broadband plan that creates last mile universal broadband in this state, If we work together we can do this. Maybe not today but in the future. So I look forward to each of you working hard had in this election cycle committing to smart things in the future and working together to get there. I know we can because we have. Our NC connect bonds will make a difference. By partisan working together with our citizens to invest in the future. They want us to have a plan and invest. They do and they don't want small ideas, they want big ideas, vision of greatness for North Carolina. This is a great state. in working with our people together we can realize it's potential and the next generation can flourish as we have. Thank you. >> Are there further speakers wishing to debate the conference report? The gentleman from Wake representative Dollar is recognized to debate the conference report for a time not to exceed 5 minutes and 53 seconds. >> Let me just make an inquiry. is Representative Hall on the floor? >> Did you wanna speak again sir or are you good? >> If that's the will of the body. [LAUGH] Mr speaker I believe that the will of the body is to vote so thank you for your vote. >> The question before the house is the adoption of the conference report to house bill 1030.

Those in favor will vote aye those opposed who vote no, the court will open a vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK AUDIO] The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 91 having voted in the affirmative, 22 in the negative, the conference report of house bill 1030 is adopted. The senate will be so notified the bill is ordered enrolled and sent to the governor. [BLANK AUDIO] House bill 805, the clerk will read. [BLANK AUDIO]. >> Representatives Blackwell [UNKNOWN] house bill 805, a bill to be entitled, an Act to provide for measurability assessment of the state programs to provide for certain county services to [UNKNOWN] land the eastern band of Cherokee Indians and to make Technical Clarifying and other Modifications to the current operations and [UNKNOWN] improvement to the appropriations Act of 2016. The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Dollar rise?>> For a motion to concur. >> The gentleman is recognized for a motion. >> Thank you Mr speaker I move that we concur with the senate committee substitute for house bill 805. >> The gentleman has moved the house concur with the senate committee substitute to house bill 85 and is recognized to make the motion. >> Thank you Mr. speaker members of the house. This is our normal budget technical corrects clean up bill. Obviously has a number of sections in it I can can go through and read every section to you if that's what you wish or we can vote on it I can tell you that the vast majority of items are purely technical and the other adjustments that might be considered maybe not quite technical of I know of no opposition to and were generally very small moving a one extra position that we needed for the museum of history and I believe was a bust that was needed for Otario/g challenge down in Summer camp not summer camp but Sailinburg/g where we dint have the correct budget code. As far as I know there are no issues with bill I'd be more than happy to answer any questions. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Nash Representative Collins rise? >> To ask the bill sponsor a question. >> Does the gentleman from Wake yield to the gentleman from Nash? >> I yield. >> He yields. >> Representative Dollar I've just been asked kind of be on the look out for something I'm not sure. Sometimes what you don't read is as important so what you do read, I'm looking on page 2 , excuse me page 4 section 2,4. Page 4 line 34. Is this, I have been warned that this would becoming up in some bill and I'm not sure this is it or not? Is this a situation where a county is being asked to provided services without being compensated for them? >> Representative Collins I ask staff as we come on the floor because this was a floor amendment in the senate, and our staff assures us that it is purely technical, and we have staff in the back, if we can hold on the bill if you would like to go back and just confirm that for yourself that would be perfectly fine. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Guilford Representative Scurry rise? >> To debate the bill Mr. speaker. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the motion. >> I just wanna make sure that folks have flagged that in section 8.1 we are moving $500,000 from the disaster relief fund so that we can litigate a problem that this body brought upon the state of North Carolina ended up itself to litigate around house bill two. So I just wanna flag that and assume that our coastal communities especially will not appreciate that moving into the future thank you. >> For what purpose does the lady from Guilford Representative Harrison rise? >> To debate the motion. >> The lady has the floor to debate the motion. > Thank you Mr. speaker, I caught that same section and I just wanna ask Representative Dollar what sorts of things does the state emergency response and disaster really spend normally. >> Does the gentleman from Wake yield for a question from the lady from Guilford, does the gentleman yield? >> I yield.

>> Thank you Mr. speaker, I find that section too and I was just wondering what sorts of items does the state emergency response and disaster relief fund, fund? >> That particular fund we keep a few million dollars in that from time to time. From time to time we out money into it. This year we had some additional non recurring funds that we decided to put in there. This actually does some very, very small items. It's really not for major disasters we have other procedures to handle big things most of which require the General Assembly to appropriate funds. This just takes care of a very very small items that Office of State Budget and Management has allowed to do. There's more than sufficient funds in there to cover the current needs and the needs into the future for next year. >> Thank you, may I debate the bill? ->> The lady has the floor to debate the motion. >> Thank you Mr Speaker I appreciate that explanation I checked with out counting and we have spent $8.4 million in tax payer money defending legislation that this party has passed. I'm not sure that's the best use of taxpayer money and this additional 500,000 could be better used for other more important pressing maters for the state. So unfortunately I would be voting no, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham Representative Michaux rise? >> To ask Representative Dollar a question. >> Does the gentleman from Wake yield for the gentleman from Durham? >> I yield. >> He yields. >> Mr. Dollar I lost my place on the dashboard but I see there is an appropriation that was made to Elizabeth city state university has been crossed out. Can you tell me what that is. >> I apologize which section? >> It's in the education section. Like I said I lost it on the dashboard I was trying to find it when I got called, but does a cross out of $ 250,000 to Elizabeth City State University. >> And let me see if I can find. >> Page three on page three I think it is, page 3 line 13. >> Is that correcting reference to the budget code $250,000 for marketing the NC promise tuition [INAUDIBLE] program shall be allocated, I believe if that's the if it's 4.2 you're talking about it is my understanding that is purely technical. >> May I ask?- >> Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? >> Yeah. >> He yields. >> May I ask ask, I mean, you do, and this senator was a $350000 pay day if there, now I see $250000 crossed out. And when you say purely technical I'm just wondering what technical means, whether or not it's cut 250 or just what it is. >> Mr speaker if I may be allowed the staff on the floor. >> The gentleman is permitted to have the staff on the floor. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> There was a conflict between a bill that was passed and the money report and this just corrects the The inconsistency between what the bill says, what the actual budget bill says and what was in the money report. So the money was always gonna go to general administration I believe and so there's no change, it's just a technical correction to make sure that the bill and the money report line up. >> Just one final question. >> Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? >> I yield. >> He yields. >> How much money are we taking about. >> Well it's no additional money or no less money, it's just a matter of getting the citation correct, the same between the bill and the money report. >> For what purpose does the gentleman Duplin Representative Dixon rise? >> To see of Representative Dollar would yield for a question. >> Does the gentleman from Wake yield to the gentleman from Duplin? >> I yield.>> He yields. >> Doctor Representative Dollar in reference to earlier question that was asked about some money that was for emergency in the last session did we not cover the possibility of expenditures in the event of the avian flu in the livestock area? >> Yes sir there was money reserved for avian flu in case that epidermic visited [INAUDIBLE] North Carolina and fortunately we did not have

to deep into those funds. >> Thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Rutherford Representative Hager rise? >> To see if Representative Harrison would yield for a question. >> Does the lady from Guilford yield to the gentleman from Rutherford. >> I believe so yes sir. >> She yields >> Thanks Representative I was preparing an amendment didn't here, the you has stated a number that we had spend on litigation on statutes, could you tell me what that number was again the dollar amount. >>8.414 million. Thank you representative. I would like to see if representative Dollar would. >> Does the gentleman from Wake yield from Rutherford? >> I yield >> He yield. >> Thank you representative Dollar. In this technical corrections bill do we have a piece in their that takes that, $8.1 or $8.4 million from the attorney general from him not doing his job? >> I would have to consult with staff on that. I'm no aware. I think the interest is and I don't recall which bill or which section, but I think there is effort underway to ensue that the attorney general and attorney general and staff will defend those cases. Which everyone has always accepted as those that should be defended by the North Carolina Department of Justice. >> Further discussion for the debate? >> Seeing none the question for the motion to concur with the Senate committee substitute, the House Bill 805. Those in favor vote aye those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote. >>[BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Blust, Representative Mitchell the gentlemen record the vote. Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 89 having voted in the affirmative and 23 in the negative. The motion to concur with the senate committee substitute to house bill 805 is adopted. The bill is ordered enrolled and sent to the governor. Special message from the senate the clerk will read. >> Mr. Speaker it is the message be sent to the house of representative with the information that the senate adopts the report of conferees for house bill 561 a conference committee substitute. A bill to be entitled and act to modify the authority of school system to regard legal processing and investigation. When the appropriate action has has been taken by both chambers the bill be ordered enrolled respectful set a line principle clerk. >. The bill is ordered enrolled and sent to the governor. Senate bill 747 the clerk will read. >> Senator Gunn, Hartsell and Krawiec senate bill 747 a bill to be entitled enact to require the department of administration to actively manage the states portfolio real property into require measure of the current utilization of the state owned facility to ensure the accuracy of real property inventors maintained by the department of administration, and to ensure that the use of state owned space will maximize before leases are entered into and renewed as recommended by the program evaluation division of the general assembly. General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from New hangover representative Davis rise? >> Speak on the bill. The Gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen I rarely say that something is a good bill but this actually is a good bill. I'm on the Program Evaluation Committee and PED, and I was in a sub committee where our job was to deal with, what are we going to do with all the state surplus property that we have? And what the sub committee did was it came forth with a recommendation that was voted on by the full PED board and is presented to you in Senate Bill 747, that's here before us which is a companion bill to House Bill 975 that was introduced by Chairman Ford and Representative, Rena Turner and myself, Krawckec, Horn the tree of us and basically what it does it implements various recommendation of the PED committee. Regarding the way in which state owned real property is manged and disposed of. Broadly speaking this changes will require more active management of state owned. owned real property. On going identification and disposal of surplus state owned real property. Ongoing measurement and reporting of the utilization of state owned real property. The on going updating of state owned real property. Inventories and ensuring that state owned property is not available before leases are approved or renewed by the state.

In particular it requires the Department of Administration by no later than December 1 2018, and every five years thereafter to develop and implement a state facilities plan to comprehensively manage, acquire and dispose the facilities, spaces required to fully support state government operations, I ask you to support the bill and stand ready to answer any questions >> Further discussion further debate? For what purpose does the gentleman from Union Representative Arp arise. >> Bill sponsor question. >> Does the gentleman from New Hanover yield to the gentleman from Union? >> I'm not the sponsor but I'm here walking the dog but here I am. >> There is no modification from when it came over from the senate right? Is that correct? >> As far as I know sir this is what was done. There was one bill in the house, one bill in the senate, the senate happened to come across first so we honored that and went forth with this bill. >> The question before the house is the passage of Senate Bill 747 on the second reading. Those in favor will vote, aye those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] The clerk will lock the machine record the vote. 114 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative Senate Bill 747 passes it's second reading and without objection be read a third time. >> General assembly of North Carolina enacts >> For what purpose does the gentleman from, Representative Daughtry rise? The question before the house is the of senate bill 747 on its third reading those in favor will say aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed no the ayes have it. Senate bill 747 passes its third reading the bill is ordered enrolled and sent to the governor. For what purpose does the gentleman from Johnson Representative Daughtry rise? >> Speak to a moment of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr speaker its come a time for me to say goodbye to my service in this house and the General Assembly, I have been here for 13 terms, 26 years and while I am not the oldest rat in the barn I'm pretty darn close. The fact that I've been here so long reminds me of a speech I heard by a lady named Doris Carnes Goodwin who was a great novelist. Actually she's a great biographer, she wrote the biography of Lincoln and she wrote the biography of Lyndon Johnson. And she says, in order to be a rounded person you need three places in your life, you need your family, your occupation and the third place, for her it was the Boston Red Sox, she lived and breathed the Boston Red Sox. For me my third place for 26 years has been the General Assembly. And when I leave here a part of my soul will be left in this place and I cannot tell you that I won't certainly miss being here with you in the years to come but it's kinda like buying stock. It's pretty easy to know when to buy stock but it's hard to know exactly when the sales top. And I've seen people who've been here and they've been here too long. And I don't want to smell like three day old fish, I think it's time for me to consider retiring. Now Rodger West and I, are good friends. And when we decided to not run again, we both could wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweat and we would shake and obviously we were having withdrawal pains. So Rodger and I talked about that and I think I was worse than him and I said you know we probably need some, counselling, so I called the lobbyist at Duke and they recommended three psychiatrists, one in North Hills and I called the psychiatrist and I told him my problem, we are addicted to the General Assembly. And he said that he could help us and I told Roger Roger said, what does he charge? And I said $450 an hour, Roger said I think I can do better. So a few days later he came back and said I've got a person who's not a psychiatrist but he's a great counselor. Well I said, what exactly are his credentials? He said well, he was on an opportunity scholarship at the Donald Trump University

[LAUGH] So we went to see him and to tell you the truth I've got a lot of good advice from him, he said when you're addicted to something like this, just like cocaine or smoking that you can't just have withdrawal, you just can't quit cold turkey. People who smoke put on these patches and they try to substitute nicotine and while it's not the same, at least you go over a period of time until you finally are unhooked So he had a course of conduct for me to get away from this addiction that I have for the general assembly and he helped with my wife and what I'm gonna do when I get home, is when the general assembly is in session, we have a routine at home where I get the newspaper and we come down for breakfast and we read the newspaper, and she usually reads the front section and I read the sports section first. Well, when we come down, we decided that it's important to have lingo and a tradition, continue to beat the addiction so the first thing they're gonna do is say a prayer and then pledge allegiance to the flag. >> [LAUGH] >> And then after that, she will read the paper and if she wants to talk about say a new project she has to start out by saying I'll be brief >> [LAUGH] >> Now that's Lingo that will help me in my addiction, and if I don't like what she's saying I'll say I didn't intend to speak on that subject. >> [LAUGH] >> That's another key word, and then if she doesn't like what I'm saying she can say you are too much in the weeds and I should just get out my wallet. In the weeds is the other Lingo. Then at night if we were at home and I asked her how her day was she can reply by this word, I will drill down and tell you. >> [LAUGH] >> And then I can say to her, today have you really Moved the needle or not that will make you feel better, and then if she wants to purchase something, like a piece of furniture the word I'll have she'll have to say is she needs another tool in the tool box. >> [LAUGH] >> And then I will reply let's kick the can down the road >> [LAUGH] >> She did not agreed to the hat and bow tie day. >>[LAUGH] >> Nor a baseball game with South Carolina. I could try to give you all some advice about the General Assembly, but it wouldn't do any good you wouldn't follow it and it wouldn't serve a purpose. All I can say is that in the words of the great song writer is that if you need a friend summer, winter, spring, or fall I'm close by. I'm grateful to you for the opportunity to serve with you, you are my great friends and I know this will be a greater institution going forward thank you very much. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Johnson, Representative Langdane arise. >> Point of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Since Leo has spoken and i'm from Johnston County also. And I also did not run for reelection so I thought I'd make a comment or two.

Number one is don't expect me to be as good as Leo telling jokes, not gonna happen. But Leo has been my mentor and we've been in politics together for a long time. So that friendship is very special and a bind that will not change, I've been proud to serve, God has blessed me. so greatly to be here, we accomplished a lot of things during the time I've been here which is 12 years. I served 8 years as a county commissioner for [UNKNOWN] and I did develop some true friends that are here. Becky Carney and Bison/g who were county commissioners when I was county commissioner and that friendship has just grown. As we've been here serving at this level. I appreciate very much the opportunity to serve and to know you and to develop the friendships. One of the things that I do is to actually be friends with people on the minority side and on the majority side, it's just what I am. Because I found that is extremely important, and if you've noticed, have put forth the bill, it had my name on it that made sense. Just about 100% of the people voted for it. That didn't just happen folks, that happened because I have worked to make that happen, and that is the kind of friendship we need to develop. Because it's so important to do things that work for North Carolina, and we need to do that together. If we do, then we do exactly what we should do as a legislative body, and that is to make North Carolina better because of our time here. And I hope that that is true for me and for you. Now I told somebody, they said, I was in a meeting and said, I told them that I was leaving and that I'd miss you but not long. [LAUGH] That probably is in a sense true because what we do is take the next step, and I hope that I'll be busy in my community, and in my church into things that are important to me. And I'll make a few more for pens. Now, I'm gonna take another step in the pen making business, I'm gonna actually start selling the pens. >> [LAUGH] >> So if you haven't got one, and you feel like you would like to have one, then for me that is a deal we can make cuz I won't have time to do that. You have blessed me so much I can't really tell you how much. I just want you to know that I am so proud to have been a part of this assembly, let's keep this institution like it should be open, clean to the point that people understand we really are trying to do the things good for North Carolina and I thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from New Hanover Representative Davis arise. >> Point of personal privilege. >>The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr speaker, when I came up here I didn't know my hair from a hole in the ground and probably a lot of people say I still don't. Here was more in person here that took me into their wing right away and served not only as a friend, a confidant, a mentor and that was Leo Daughtry. This house is loosing a legal scholar someone who is not only a great attorney, but in my opinion is the epitomy of a southern gentleman and a southern politician and acts the way that someone I want to be like acts. And I just can't tell you Leo how much you have meant to me personally, and many lives you have touched since you have been in service up here. And I know you will have a wonderful retirement, and you will never

be forgotten, you will be missed and you will never be forgotten, especially by me, and I just wanna thank you publicly for all you've done for me, and everyone else in this house. over the years. Thank you Mr. Speaker and thank you Leo. >> [APPLAUSE] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake, Representative Martin rise? >> To speak to a point of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. As I leave my district here in lovely scenic Wake County and drive through Johnson County, there is nothing there that would indicate that it's the sort of place that would give rise to such fine folks as we are talking about today. But wonders are bound and it has, Representative Langdon, so many times in this body, in this building, we say things, but don't back them up with our actions. You said today that you've worked to reach out and make friends across the isle, and in your tenure here, everyday you've lived up to that. And a couple of years ago, as a token of our friendship, you gave me a pen. I thought I was special, I didn't know everybody was getting a pen too. But even though I'm not the only one that got one. I want you to know I've had it at my desk everyday since you gave it to me. And when I use it and write with it, or just look it, I'm reminded of our friendship, and I'll continue to do that as long as I'm here today. With regard to the other gentlemen, from not quite as lovely as Wake County, Johnson County, there are those who would say that we have too many lawyers in the general assembly. And I would argue that, well, first I wold concede that perhaps that is true but I'd say that we can never have too many lawyers like Leo Daughtry who through his wealth of experience both in the practice of law, but also in the practice of politics was one of the lawyers here that ensured that we got things right. Separate from whether our intent was right and he and I had sometimes disagreed on whether the intent was right. He is one of those lawyers that got in the weeds and made sure that we made not as many unintended mistakes. And I do think with his departure and of other lawyers, we're gonna have to be very careful about that. After I took a break and for about six months Leo and thought that I had kicked the habit of the general assembly successfully, I fell back into my old habits, in my old addiction again and came back in that time though I've been pleased to serve in the judiciary one committee. Those of you that serve on the J- committees know that they can often be a pleasure because while we do with partisan issues, it's the nature of what we do down here. Often times we're just dealing with the nuts and bolts, legal issues and those of us who have experience with the law either as lawyers, or folks who have been involved in law enforcement, or other aspects of the legal system can come together and just work on solutions. And it was a joy to work for Leo in that regard. He did have a strange way however of putting me to work all too often I would show up for a committee meeting, and a staff member would come to me and say chairman Daughtry wants you run this amendment. Now I'm probably not as diligent as I should be and didn't always read the Bills before the committee, but I surely wasn't prepared to run a five page amendment that Leo wanted me to run but I run it anyway and he was there to back me up and was happy to do, his bidding in that regard, either way Leo it's been a pleasure to work for you in J-1 and serve with you in the legislature, thanks for your service. >> [APPLAUSE]. >> What purpose does the gentleman from Caberraus representative Pittman rise? >> To see if representative Daughtry would yield for a question. >> Does the gentleman from Johnston yield to the gentleman from Cabarrus. >> I yield. >> He yields. >> Thank you Representative Daughtry first I wanna say that when I voted for you for governor sometime back it never dawned on me I'd be up here serving with you and that has been a great privilege that appreciate what I wanted I ask you is that it might be possible for us to prevail upon you to have copies of your comments earlier coz I'd love to be able to keep that. >> I certainly will, thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Pendleton rise? point of personal privileged. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Leo and I have been friends for over 30 years and I have always followed his service in the newspaper, and we used to talk on the phone when I was a county commissioner, he's given me a lot of good advise and really good advise and served me in here and I just appreciate what he's done and mentored me. The only negative thing I have to say about Leo is he's never bought me any Johnson Cane wine liquor.

Thank you. >> [LAUGH] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Sampson Representative Bell rise? >> Point of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, members of the House. I just wanted to say thank you to Representative Daughtry and Representative Rangdam/g, they're two persons who represented Sampson county for many years, Representative Daughtry whenever he was, representing Sampson county just to visit the school where I was a principal at one time and I am not saying that both of them I did not thing of what party they belong to because I have never considered myself a politician because I just wanted to come back and speak to the kids and do those things that they wanted to do and I find both of them to be good persons and to represent us well, I consider both of them friends, and on behalf of the people of, Sampson County that I represent, I wanna thank you for your service. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Guilford Representative Blust rise? >> Point of personal privilege. >> Gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr Speaker and I almost feel about Leo, Daughtry, like I do about Roger West and we just go back so far to my first term i the house and is really just starting to hit me that both those fellas are gonna be gone next time just gonna seem right and, to sum up Leo Daughty I think I just have to say he is a class act. I think all of you guys men and women in here know that he's a gentleman. I have been reading about about grants overland campaign and one of the characteristics of Grant was when things were falling apart and everybody else has panicked, Grant stayed calm and kept doing what he needed to do, and I've seen Leo under many circumstances and he is a lot like that. Leo Daughtry was the minority leader my first term, and I guess of all the times being in the majority is great but I'd have to say that was probably my funnest session. That was the famous one that went one till December 7th perl harbor day and part of that was. Because we were so good as a minority that babbling up the, don't wanna rub salt on it mostly of you all weren't here. We were so successful and gaming up the work especially on the redistricting plans. And it was just a lot of fan to have really no power and still be able to do some things and a lot of that was Leo Daughty's calm leadership. And another reason I'm close to him. I don't wanna drench up old wounds here but I imagine people who are liberated from the POW camps have a bond they developed over time but during the year the session Leo would have been the speaker. Leo Daughtry under the normal circumstances would have been the speaker, republicans worn a majority and Leo was selected by the carcass but for different reasons, it didn't come to fruition and the way things work out, a small group of us kinda of stuck together. I don't think persecution is an improper word the powers come down and they reach down and try to find every way to mess with you, and so I've just got a kingship with that group of people that we went through that together and I wear with pride the picture on a handout at the State Republican convention during lunch somebody went in there and gave handouts attacking Leo Daughtry and my little picture was on there with a few other peoples being part of the Daughtry gang. [LAUGH] So I'm a proud member of the Daughtry gang like Leo I'm a lawyer and I think when you use the term lawyer with Leo it's what it ought to be, he's really a professional and he's a student and a servant of the law and I admire him greatly, I hope he won't like Roger West, I hope he won't just completely disappear that

I'll continue to get to be friends with him because I always love it when Leo calls the office of my firm in Greensboro has a someone who came from great Britain a female who I love that British accent and I love hearing Mr Blust come over my phone line, Leo Daughtry is on line two so I hope he'll continue to stay in touch and call I'm gonna miss him greatly here as I will Roger West thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham, Representative Michaux rise? >> Point of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak on a point of personal privilege. >> To break a bubble that Mr. Burr just out out there. Leo Daughtry has always been a good friend, even though he was a Republican. I got some good friends who are Republicans like Roger whom we'll miss, but Leo has done a great job we've talked a lot Leo even when we met at TK trip trying to take over some few little situations. That's the first time that I have known since I've been here when a Republican and Democrat got together To take over the house of representatives, you remember that, O'Neil you've done a good job, we got to be friends that year. And got to be real good friends, he's a legal mind, he tried to get me to do some work for in Durham I tried, it worked, and is just one of those, things. You don't run across people as solid and as gold as Leo. Mr [UNKNOWN], that wasn't the redistricting thing that all held up that year that kept us here to December, the was the infamous game of apt/g. >> [LAUGH]. >> I wanna, make that clear because there were eight of us here who held the general assembly here until December. Because we did not want to raise the sales tax that was on the calendar, that was eight democrats that did that and I was proud to be one of them. For what purpose does the gentleman from Craven Representative Speciale rise? >> For a point of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Usually don't get up and get all emotional and stuff, I keep my feelings to myself. >> [LAUGH]. >> But we're losing some good people, people moving are moving on and i don't know if I've got all here, but everybody in here, has something to offer, it doesn't matter what part you are, it doesn't matter what your ideological beliefs are, we all have stuff to offer and if we look, if each of us looks at one another and tries to understand and tries to listen and tries to hear, will take something from each person in here. And from some of those that are, leaving I have I try to take something from them sometimes I'm successful sometimes I'm not. Representative Stam is leaving, you know from him I try to take a little wisdom, do your research, make sure you know what you are talking about. Representative Langdon the ultimate diplomat I try to take diplomacy I try to look at him and I admire his ability at diplomacy no matter what the issue is. Representative Daughtry is his tact, tact is being able to tell somebody to go to Haiti's, but making them smile as they go on the merry way, that is an ability. Representative West this is the humor I don't believe I have ever seen him without a smile on his face, Representative Brown who is not here right now I'm gonna miss her I'm gonna miss her humor, I'm gonna miss her perseverance, I'm gonna miss her support, quite frankly. Representative Caitlin my first seatmate, I look at him I think of knowledge and I think of loyalty. Loyalty to those things that he believes in, I'm just you know all of you that are leaving, you've all left something Representative Daughtry I don't know how many of you know that I've had to run for this seat four times before I actually won, and each time Representative

Daughtry at different points in the campaign was there you know if I had a question or if just for moral support just to say give it all you got. And I appreciate that and sometimes that's what it takes for somebody that's new that's getting involved or sometimes you know you think you wanna give up and to have somebody stand in there saying keep going, you're doing fine. So to all of those that are leaving and If I missed anybody, I apologize but to all of you who maybe leaving, I wish you well in whatever you do, and I hope that we can all, we can stay in contact, some of you I've come up and I've asked fork your contact information and I, really do wanna stay in contact to continue to bother you at some point down the line. [LAUGH] But God bless everyone of you that's leaving and I wish you well in whatever it is you're doing retirement or whatever, God bless you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Vance Representative Baskerville rise? >> Moment of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> I just wanna take a moment to thank Leo and to tell Leo publicly that I'm going to miss you and I appreciate the help that you have given me during my time in the General Assembly, I didn't know why you wanted to help me, I didn't understand why you know would take me to lunch and try to explain things to me on how to move Bills and how to run a law office and be up here in session at the same time. But I watched you, I watched how you moved and how you debated and you didn't always jump up and talk and that made it so when you did stand up, every body listened, it was quiet, when Leo got up and talked, and you are a statesman to me. You are a lawyer, you are a statesman and also a businessman, and all three things that I truly respect and the other thing that I wanna say about Leo is that, everybody knows that he's smart and he knows his way around here, but the thing about Leo, Leo makes it look good. Leo makes it look good how he can maneuver and move about the chamber, and that's something I always wanted to be able to do as well Leo, I truly respect you and I'm gonna miss you, and I appreciate you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland, Representative Floyd rise? >> Inquire the chair. >> The gentleman may state his inquiry. >> Mr. speaker May I withdraw my inquiry and take a few moments please. >> Gentleman is recognized. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. I just want to say that Representative [INAUDIBLE] when I first arrived here I was trying to do a project in our community which was basically realignment and we needed some funds n order to make sure that when Barrack come to [INAUDIBLE] that we will have the proper unity in place. So as I was walking around her trying to find some money, his seat mate came and told me that there was some money available in this particular account, and he has no objection against you utilizing a million dollars from that account, and that really helped the program in our community, and that's something that I never mentioned to him since then. But at that particular point in time, he did not have to reach out and let me know that that money was available, and with that I'm always thankful and the last thing Mr. Speaker that I wanna say to my colleagues, I truly want to thank you all for not being angry with me when I ask you to do what is appropriate at the end of the day because, believe me Mr. Speaker, we have an opportunity to read legislation about three to four times an I'm at the age now that it bores me to death when someone is gonna read from a monitor and read me the entire bill again. And we're here three or four times in the committee so that's why Mr. Speaker, I asked a person could you do what [UNKNOWN] Because we have a responsibility when we come here to read the bills that come before us. So I just like this morning Representative Dollar was getting ready

to go through the whole budget thing again, and when someone said to him no, Representative Dollar did not augur the point. He just simply call for the question because we had a long debate yesterday. So why should he go through another 15 minutes to or go with the bill again which we know from ourselves that many of the votes are not going to change. And so please the seats are real hard and we'll be coming back in January those who are gonna come back, the seats are real hard and the time are real long so it's not necessary for you to go through Genesis and end to be at Revelation, thank you Mr Speaker. >> [LAUGH]. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Alamance Representative Ross rise? >> Thank you Mr Speaker, a moment of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >>Representative Floyd, I completely say that I have, have learned a great deal from you and I have been working over the past few years trying to shorten my presentations. When you come to the general assembly, most all of us, we come in here green, and you are a little shocked and you are not sure which direction you're going and you don't know, the rules and takes you a little while to learn. And when I got here, one of the first things that happened for me was Representative Daughtry coming to me. He took me under his wing and said I've got a bill here that I think you might have some interest in, I'd like you to help me with it. And so I agreed and started with the bill. Next thing I knew he backed away and let me handle the whole thing. And I learned a great deal on that. That was my First bill and since that time I have learned to always go to Representative Daughtry any time that I've had a question and he's been a great mentor to me. And I can say that without a shadow of a doubt I will miss him enormously. And I thank you for giving me that start and teaching me what you taught me. And I have learnt the abbreviated versions so with that I wish you well. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland, Representative Lucas rise? >> For a moment of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a moment of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr Speaker as I listened to the accolades given to those who are desirers of retiring and/or leaving. I'm reminded of the old Shakespearean quote, partying is such sweet sorrow. I've come to know those who are leaving us in most instances on a personal basis. Those who proceeded me coming I'll mention those two Leo Daughtry, Roger West. When I first came they both made me welcome. Leo was on one side of the isle but he really embraced my novest/g procedures. Roger though being Republican you can never tell because Roger really was sort of a mentor to me. Roger sat right near Representative Bell and me. And Roger would always keep us on task. I learned to appreciate that Roger. I also learned to appreciate the services of Representative Caitlin/g his institutional knowledge in engineering and blessings that he's bestowed upon this general assembly. Langdon when he first came with his teaching background and fit right into the educational committee. You immediately knew that he was nonpartisan. I suppose that hew had to register as something, but he registered as really a quality human being who is interested in the welfare and the progress of the students of this great state and he still is. We have others who are retiring. One of my great friends Tricia Cotham, tremendous educator and orator. You've heard her on this floor but when Tricia first came,

I though she was a student. She was an assistant principal but so young and so knowledgeable about education, and she immediately demonstrated her vast knowledge of how to negotiate the educational mine fields. And she continues even till today to be quite an influence on my field of knowledge. I appreciate you Tricia, more than you would ever know. We have Ken Wadell from our side who is leaving. Ken represents the rural segment of the state and quite often the rural folk have been left out. They have not received the monetary commitment that they should have been receiving for quite some time, and so the rural areas are beginning to die out but Ken has always maintained that thrust for the rural community. And Ken we are gonna miss you because we must continue to keep that uppermost in our thrust in preparation for the expenditures that we put out in the state. We know that the tier, three counters are gonna do well. We know that tier one and most of our rural areas fall under in these areas, we've gotta stop neglecting those and we're gonna miss folk like Ken who espouse that kind of philosophy. We have a new resident attorney, many of the folks say we have too many, we could never have too many attorneys especially of the caliber of Nathan Baskerville. If you ever heard him debate on this floor, you could distinguish that he is a new person on this floor, because he knows how to negotiate the minefield of debate. So much so that a couple of times he's probably influenced folk in a way that they never thought that they could be influenced. He's just that charismatic when it comes to institutional debate. And finally Chris Ross. Been here only a few months but he's really made an impression on this general assembly. I hope that his legacy, and I know that it will because he's not really going away But he's just changing jobs. He'll still be here to influence this General Assembly. And so, as we bid adieu to these folk who are leaving and/or retiring, we wish them God speed. Thank you. [BLANK AUDIO] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Members we want to do something special I know folks are looking puzzled why am I standing here and you'll see why in just a second. Want to do something special for, our retiring members today and we have some certificates to present as well as the order of the long Live pine. To these individuals who've served and I wanna call each one up individually and to present that certainly we'll start withe speaker [UNKNOWN], Representative Stam, [BLANK AUDIO] No surprise he's carrying a stack full of papers. >> Mr Speaker. >> What purpose does Representative Ford , what purpose does the gentleman rise? >> Please don't let representative Stam run he might have a heart attack in the chamber. >> He's more sporty than you would believe if you've ever seen him play tennis, you would know that. >> I can't thank you enough for the service you've given us as a speaker Pro tem, you and I came in as freshman year and you've a friend, been a friend even before then when we were thinking about running for court of appeals, I'm glad we didn't, I'm glad we did this. And you have been unwavering in your support of the values you hold dear and I know you love this state, you love your family, you love this institution and I just wanna thank you for your services Speaker Pro Tempore And for your service and I'm gonna present

two things, one is a certificate that on behalf of the general assembly thanking you for your years of service. And the other one your office had this framed by the way, I can't take credit is the order is the order long live Pine on behalf of the governor so I Just wanna thank you, for your service Representative Stam and your friendship, thank you. >> Thank you so much. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> I'd ask Representative Baskerville to please approach the well. [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Baskerville is certainly a skilled attorney. I've seen him back there and I could just about swear, especially when we were at odds, that we've got a case against each other, but neither was able to collect a fee on it. So it's just not a good way to do that. But Nathan I want you to know that I have valued your input, your friendship I know you love this state, you love this institution, and also have the same for you, have the certificate signed by myself and Miss Weeks, and also on behalf of the governor of the state of North Carolina the order of the Long leaf pine. I wanna thank you for your service. >> Thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] Representative Bishop. The gentleman approach the well. I would say that Dan is retiring but for some reason he decided he wanted to go over to the lower chamber but it is somewhat of a retirement, you don't get along fine though because you went to the Senate so that's, Dan I want you to know I've really enjoyed getting to re-know you. We met years ago and he hasn't aged a bit. And is a tireless advocate for the causes and beliefs he has and is just a super person and an excellent representative Dan I'm gonna miss you being here but looking forward to keep working with you I hope you'll step this certificate and long for the day you were a house member. >> Thank you Mr speaker. >> And happy birthday >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> Representative Brown. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] I've warned everybody be careful stepping up here I don't know if many of you know last year when I was rules chair I stepped down and actually fell wiped out on the floor there so I don't want anybody to do that, that wasn't fun. Rayne I want you to know I have really valued your friendship and your service in the house I know you love Lexington and you love North Carolina and you love this people and I just thank you for your service and what you've done even a tiles advocate for causes you hold dear and we are gonna miss having you here I hope you'll accept this certificate on behalf of the house representatives as well as the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, thank you for your service. >> [INAUDIBLE] I never thought I'd get one, thank you very much. >> Thank you >> [APPLAUSE] >> That's a very nice gesture. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] Representative Catlin [BLANK_AUDIO] You know Rick is an engineer and we all and Mike Hager told this joke and I keep using, that was how can you tell and extrovert engineer he looks at the other guys use when he's talking to him. >> [LAUGH] >> But Rick I would say you have not been an introvert at all, you have spoken up and you have stood strong on the courses you believe in and where you stand. And I know you fought very hard for New Hanover County and for this entire state and you've become a great friend to all of us, and I wanna thank you for your service and I hope you will accept the certificate on behalf of the house of representatives as well as the order of the leaf pine on behave of the governor, thanking you for your service. >> [APPLAUSE]

Representative Cotham. [BLANK_AUDIO] Trish I wanna thank you for your friendship and your service. You've done a tireless job, I know you care about education and when we've talked a lot it's always been about what you can for children in the schools and I know that's where your heart is and I wanna thank you for your service. You've done a fantastic job for not only for Menkenburg county but for all of North Carolina. And I have also enjoyed getting to know your father especially now, I keep trying to talk him into running for the house. But she says I cant do that. But Trish I hope you'll accept this certificate on behalf of the house of representative as well as the order of the long leaf on behalf of the governor. Thanking you for your service. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thanks for letting me come to your caucus. >> Yes she actually popped in our caucus for a minute, there, Representative Hall. So we bow our heads next to Republican but she walked out real quickly. She did she thought it was the rules committee but it was a funny thing what would have happened. Representative Daughtry. >> [APPLAUSE] Leo, I can't say enough good things about you and your service. The institutional knowledge that's being lost with you leaving is something that we just can't replace, we'll miss. And we may in fact while you guys are reading the paper in the morning I might call you and ask for you advice, I think it was Nathan Dascal who said not only do you do it well but you make it look good while you're that and I think that's very appropriate. I actually I'll tell a real story on Leo, I actually was here as an intern in the senate when Leo was serving in the general assembly so that's how far It goes back. And you really haven't aged at all. You just look just like you did then. Leo has been a magnificent house member, he's been a leader not only among republicans but among democrats and everyone who has the greatest respect for what you've done. And I hope you'll take this small token of appreciation, this certificate and the order of the Longleaf Pine in commemoration and thanks for your service, Leo. >> Thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> Representative Langdon [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Langdon, you have been a solid force for good. As you mentioned in our caucus you don't always speak. But when you do, I can promise you a hush fall over this chamber and people pay attention and they listen. Because the words you speak are always full of wisdom and great advice. And when you speak I always make sure that I listen. And I'm gonna miss having you here, and I'm gonna miss your service. The people of Johnston county owe you a debt that can never be paid as well as the people Of North Carolina and he is already received the order of the longleaf pine, well deserved. And I hope you'll accept this certificate in appreciation for your service. Thank you JH. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> Representative Robinson. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] George I want to thank you for your service you have become a great service. You've become a great friend George has served so many of us here back in 80s and 90s. As a matter if fact I was an intern here when you here in the house as well. And I've heard so many great stories about George and gotten to know him and I call tell you he loves North Carolina and Caldwell County. And has been a tireless advocate for economic development and in numerous issues. George I'm gonna miss having you with us but I wanna thank you for your service and I hope you will accept this small token of appreciation, this certificate as well as the order of the longleaf pine in appreciation for your services as a house member.

Thank you very much. >> Thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Representative Taine [BLANK_AUDIO] To the only men I know who can join a vacation rental bill, and an Orange County Jail bill. Paul I wanna thank you for your service, it has been fantastic gGetting to know you and you becoming a friend to so many in this institution. You've done a fantastic job, you've been a great advocate not only for the outer banks but also for the entire state of North Carolina. I'm gonna miss having you here but hopefully it's just a temporary absence, at one point you'll come back but I hope you'll accept this small token of appreciation the certificate on behalf of the house as well as the order of the Longleaf pine. Thank you for your service Paul. Thank you [APPLAUSE] >> Representative Waddell [BLANK_AUDIO] Ken I wanna thank you for your service you've become a great friend you're an advocate for East and North Carolina, and we're gonna miss having you here. You've made friends on both sides of the aisle. You care about issues that affect rural North Carolina and as a fellow rural North Carolina guy that's a strong bond that we have. Ken has really worked hard, I know he makes that commute from South Eastern part of the state up here and has really been a tireless worker. I've seen him here early in the mornings and late at night, and really is a strong advocate. Ken I wanna thank you for your service and I hope you'll accept this small token of appreciation, we have a certificate as well as the Order of the Longleaf pine. on behalf of the Governor. Thank you for your service. >>[APPLAUSE] >> Representative West. Roger, every time I see that Possum hanging in my office I'm going to think about you. Everybody was talking a little bit about things, I'm going to tell a story on Roger just a minute. We used to be roommates at one time. And we actually lived above representative Hall. And I will never forget the one night that he was throwing dice on the hardwood floor and Julia came up there and scolded us. You remember that? >> [LAUGH] >>That's about the only story I can tell, I think. So I will quit there [LAUGH]. You going to the mountains I'm gonna be here so I'm gonna stop. Just a couple of minutes about Rodger, Rodger is really a friend to everybody. When my dad talks about things up here, he asks what's Rodger West doing? When I go different places around the state people ask about Roger West. You can be in Paul Tan's district, in outer banks and if you talk politics long enough with somebody, somebody is gonna ask you about Roger West, and if you go into the Northern part of the state, you better acknowledge you know him if you wanna get out of there. So just Roger has done so much. Of course the issue is that he had been concerned about are the wildlife issues but economic development and he knows so much about construction,transportation. He can look at fiscal issues and policy matter before the general assembly and can act on those things and do it with experience as a business owner. And I'm really gonna miss you Rodger. If you come back after lunch, I'm gonna put you on the chair, if you are not that will be fine but I just really appreciate what you've done, you've been a friend to so many, you've always had a smile, and just can't thank you enough for your years of service. I hope that you'll accept this small token of appreciation, the certificate as well as the order of the Longleaf pine for your years of service. Thank you Roger. Appreciate it. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> Representative Whitmire [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Chris we're gonna miss you.

Being with us but you're gonna be flying above us every now and then I guess, passing over, so wave to us when you do. Chris Chris is a tireless advocate for Western North Carolina and for all the state, his military experience, his service as a commercial air pilot have been something that we don't have, we haven't had very many of those in the general assembly and sometimes some bill will come up having to do air travel or something. This guy knows what he is talking about and I just wanna thank you for your service career, you've done a fantastic job, you've become a great friend, we're gonna miss having you here, but we know where to find you. We'll probably see you at the airport sometimes travelling, but I hope that you accept this small token of appreciation for your service, that being the certificate from the House of Representatives and also the order of the long leaf pine, thank you for your service Chris. >> Thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Representative Scrow/g. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK AUDIO] Chris I wanna thank you for your service, you've been with use a very brief time, but you have made your voice heard and you, have stood for what you believe in and I know you love the people of Guilford county and this state, and I wanna thank you for your services brief as it have been I know we'll see you around some more and I just know the brief time I've enjoyed the little bit time we've had to work together and I look forward to you continued friendship and your service to North Carolina. I hope you'll accept this certificate in appreciation, for your service in the house. Thank you very much. >> [APPLAUSE] >> I don't believe that we need to make sure if we have any more we had to have two more brought in, just a second a go. We're trying to do this, this is something we haven't done before to recognize members but I just wanna take a point of personal privilege to brief, we are by the way don't get the idea that we're ready to cut out here any time immediately soon but, we will be in here today taking up the, remainder of the bills. But I did wanna at least to say a few words to thank folks for being here. All of us have families and friends and business ventures and things that we take time away from to be here to serve in the General Assembly. I think often when we get into the passion of debate and everything, it gets very easy to overlook that and so I just wanna thank you always for the opportunity to serve as your speaker this term. It's something I'll never forget and it's a high honor to serve and everyone of you who are retiring, we really are going to miss you and I know there will be more speeches later in the day. I didn't want the day to go. I know some are leaving who have to travel and wanted to make sure we did that. We are about to go into recess until 3 PM so that members will know sort of the order of the business for the rest of the day. We are going to I think there's a Finance Committee meeting that's going to announce and there's a number of meetings that may happen. I think Representative Hager is gonna probably announce a caucus, but we're gonna come back. It's almost 2 the plan is to come back at, just a minute, we may make it 3:30. Let me check. Did I give you what you need? We're gonna come back at 3:30. We still have a number of bills from the calendar from this morning I suspect there will be some some committee reports will probably get some things back from the senate, so I would say 3:30 and we'll get as far as we can we may finish today, we may have to come back tomorrow morning. At this point I'm not looking at a midnight session so we are thinking something during the daylight and we really wanna try to the more formal adjournment which hasn't been done in a while, with that being said, notices and announcements. Representative Hagar is recognized for an announcement. >> Thank you Mr speaker Republicans will caucus immediately after this recess in 12:28. >> Mr speaker. >> For what purpose lady from Buncombe Representative Fisher arise. >> For an announcement. >> >> The lady has has the floor for an announcement. >> Democrats will coccus briefly in our usual location immediately upon recess. >> Any further notice or announcements, for what purpose the gentleman from Gaston Representative Hastings rise? >> Mr. speaker the house finance committee will meet at 2:30 in room 544. Any further notices and announcements? Seeing none, subject to the ratification of this Senate, committee reports, conference reports, re-referral of those resolutions, and appointment of conferees, the House is going to stand in recess

till 3:30 PM. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Special message from Senate, clerk will read. >> Mr. Speaker, you decided that the message be sent to the House of Representatives with the information that the Senators got the report of conferees for senate bill 482, conference committee substitute, a bill to be entitled an act to make technical and clarifying changes to the limited liability conflict [INAUDIBLE] define the employees rights. [UNKNOWN] employees when appropriate action has been taken to both chambers the bill would be ordered and rolled. Respect Miss Sarah Lane, principal clerk. >> Noted. >> Mr Speaker, it is ordered that the message be sent to the house of representatives with the information that the senate failed to concur in the senate bill 727, house committee substitute fourth edition, a bill to be entitled an act to modify the timing of referendum for the permissible use of the quarter six local option sales tax for Moore county as request the conferees. [INAUDIBLE] appoints Senator Rabin is here, Senator Rucho and Tillman the part of the senate to confer with light committee appointed by the honorable body to aim that the differences arising may be resolved. Miss Sarah Lane, the principal clerk. >> Speaker appoints Representative Boles and Representative McNeill as conferees on the part of the house and the senate will be so notified. On motion of Rep Lewis, senate bill 821 GCS technical corrections is withdrawn from the committee on rules, re-referred to the committee on finance and if favorable to the committee on rules.