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Senate | July 1, 2016 | Chamber | Senate Convenes

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Senate will come to order. Without objection the senate will now stand at recess subject to the standards stipulation set forth and senate rule 24.1. The receipt and referral of committee reports, and corporate reports, messages from the house, ratification of bills and the appointment of conference to reconvene at 11 AM. [BLANK_AUDIO] The ratification of bills, clerk will read. >> The enrolling clerk reports the following bills duly ratified for presentation to the governor. Senate Bill 105. An Act to Require the Secretary of Revenue to Compile Information About the Number of Veterans Filing Tax Returns in North Carolina Annually and Provide This Information to the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. Senate Bill 814. An Act to Provide that the State Chief Information Officer may also be Referred to you as the secretary of Department of Information Technology. House bill 151, an act to mend the vacation real act, to clarify the role of real estate brokers in transactions between landlords and tenants to protect the members of armed forces by lan termination of rental agreements fund, transfer or redeployment, to clarify the procedure for wanting and collecting some court case and they get [INAUDIBLE] to allow amendments to at lease of real property to Orange county. If it's okay the open struction/g. House bill 550, and that cost right ownership with service animals owned by the state or unit local government to be transferred to the service animals handle or at a specified person from the service animal public service. House bill 630 an act to one, require coal commissioner residual empowerment owner to provide permanent alternative water supplies for residents in areas surrounding coal combustion residual service empowerments to repeal statutory provisions related to coal, ash management commission. Three, modify the -closure requirements for coal combustion residual service empowerments under the Coal Ash Management Act of 2014 and four modify appointments to the mining commission and the oil and gas commission. House bill 1042, an act to clarify the requirements for initial life insure as a professional engineer and to allow North Carolina public schools to reduce costs by allowing the employment of licensed school maintenance plumbers. House bill 959, an act to make various changes to the transportation law of the state is recommended by the joint legislative oversight committee. House bill 992 an act to modify the industrial and health research program by clarifying the definition of research purposes and the responsibilities of licenses. Creating civil and criminal penalties for violation of the industrial hemp program and granting rule making authority to the industrial hemp commission. House bill 1044. An act to create a public service alert system to aid in the apprehension of suspects who kill or inflict serious bodily injury on a law enforcement officer. To provide that the head of chief of law enforcement agency may designate a person to submit a written request for a deadly weapon to be turned over to a law enforcement agency to amend the civil alert system and to expand the Class of Citizens it Protects, to Prevent Motor Carriers from Avoiding Penalties Owed by the State, to Transferring Titles Prior to Payment, to make Minor Changes to the Definition of an Emergency to the North Carolina Emergency Management Act, to Provide that the Samarcand Training County is Specifically Exempted from the [UNKNOWN] Act and to Create an Exemption to the Length of Service Requirements for Forensic Scientist to Become State Employees The following duly ratified properly and well prepared for presentation to the secretary of state, Senate Bill 550 an act to increase the authorization for Wilson County to levy an occupancy tax.