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House | June 28, 2016 | Chamber | House Finance

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[NOISE] Please to your seats. Call us back in from recess. And by recess I hope you all made it to the playground. at least lunch. Thank you. I was about to recognize Representative Jitter but Representative Jitter, if you could hold for just a moment. Might save you a little bit of time. Recognizing Representative Hager. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman. Glad we had a recess it helped Senator Jackson and I sit down and talk through this process, and we've got some assurances from commerce also that this would be the only one. We can't prevent another extension because we can't buy another General Assembly. But I think Senator Jackson shared with me that he won't be involved in the other extensions. I appreciate that. I still frustrated about the dollars we're spending. But I think Mr. Chairman I'd like to have my amendment back and I not consider it. >> We'll return that to you sir. Thank you . That being said, Representative Solka, you should have on your desk- >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Yes senator you're recognized. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman. Jonathan tart has the email and I'd like for him to read it from the Commerce Department just for the record [INAUDIBLE] Representative Hager was talking about. >> Mr Tart if you would. >> Yes sir Commerce has indicated that we have not received any other certifications documents from any other companies other than the one that's been discussed in this committee. >> Thank you, I believe we have before we move forward Sergeant Officer are these new pages at this point okay. Wanted to make sure that we recognize them this is the never ending committee, so welcome to finance. And with us today we got Manny Davis from North Hampton County sponsored by representative Ray we got Evert M Chapin from Bumcombe Sponsored by Representative Presnell, Gabriel Moore from Orange sponsored by Representative Mayer, and M Mousavi from Forsyth sponsored by Representative Hanes, welcome to the committee thank you for your work this week. All right moving forward, we've got the its been passed out to your desk assuming that there isn't no commentary right now on the bill and the Chair is gonna to recognize representative Szoka for amendment. >> Thank you Mr Chair the amendment in front of you deals with the firm's soverate/g issue that we've discussed that length before. What this amendment does is that it changes the Bill back to the way it came from the Senate. And if you look on page 1 line 17 and 19 takes back the way it is. Its only that farmers who are farming servants have to pay this and we work this out and the break/g is falling I believe everyone is on board with this. >> You've hared the amendment Representative Leubke. >> Two amendments I just ask which one we are looking at right now. >> The one for 770. >> This is S770-ATQ-102 version 1 we may have two copies of that. >> Mr Chairman. >> Representative Jitter The peanut gallery back here doesn't have it. >> We'll make sure that you have it sir. [BLANK_AUDIO] Everyone back there a moment or two to look at that. Any commentary on the amendment? Seeing none I'm sorry Representative Adam. >> Thank you Mr Chairman. >> For time not to exceed two minutes. >> I'm not gonna vote for the amendment because I still disagree with the concept of Using funds to promote the farm service industry in any way shape or form. We'll see where it goes from here. Thank you sir. >> No other commentary. Seeing that, allthose in favor of the amendment->> Mr. Chairman. >> Representative Jeter. >> I would like to read the amendment if possible >> I'm sorry sir I thought that you had a copy. [BLANK_AUDIO] We will give you time and provide staff if you can not make it through the amendment. >> Mr. Chairman if I may. >> Yes Senator you are recognized. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman all this does members is put it back to the way it came to you from the Senate, and the way it was written from the Senate and this is the way that we will revert back to is that it only applies to severed farmers and they pay the fee, no one else does but them. >> Representative Jeter. >> I'm curious if representative Dickson would yield to a question Question. >> Representative Dickson is here or was.

Representative will you yield for a question? >> No sir. >> He will not. Representative Cecil. >> I move for adoption. >> We have a motion on the adoption. All those in favor signify by saying aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed like [UNKNOWN] In the opinion of the chair the ayes have it the ayes do have it and amendment is adopted. Back on the bill anyone wishing to speak? Seeing none a motion would be in order. Right Representative Warren you're recognized for a motion. >> Mr Chair was that a PCS? [CROSSTALK] All right I'd like to make a motion for a favorable report to the PCS as amended for Senate Bill 770 unfavorable to the original. >> I'm sorry it was not a PCS sir. >> I'd like to retract that. >> Yes thank you. >> [LAUGH] >> I make a motion for favorable report on Senate Bill 770 s amended and rolled into a new PCS. Thank you. >> Thank you, you've heard the motion. All those in favor, signify by saying aye. Those opposed [UNKNOWN]. In the opinion of the Chair the ayes have it, the ayes do have it, and the motion and bill moves forward. Thank you, sir. >> Thank you, Mr. Chair and thank you, members. Always a pleasure to come before House Finance I thank you senator. >> [LAUGH] >> [LAUGH] We enjoyed our time together, its been delightful. Before we break we have one more, we have Senate Bill 727 and I believe we have Representative McNeil and representative Boles presented before us and there's extra news that the bill be before the committee [CROSSTALK] >> Thank you Mr Chairman and committee to present this a local bill dealing with Moore county. Basically what this does is that as you know by statute county commissioners are already authorized to put a referendum on the ballot for a quarter cents sales tax. They can already do that by law so we're not asking that. What we are doing is asking that, and the statutes sets the language, that would be on the ballot. What this bill does is it changes the language that goes on the ballot to basically say that taxes to be used only for public school construction purposes and it goes on. Later in the Bill it also talks about use, the County may use the funds received under this part only for financing and constructing public schools. So that's pretty much the Bill. Also Mr Chairman, there is an amendment that Representative Jones if now is the appropriate time. >> Now is the appropriate time. Representative Jones I believe you have the amendments so I recognize you sir. >> Thank you Mr Chairman. I'm happy to help out my friends from Moore County and just run this amendment for them. It basically just sets the time the date for the special election and when the county commissioners would submit the request that's required. I appreciate your support. >> You've heard the amendment. Representative Jitter did you get a chance to read that one? Okay very good any questions for the sponsors of the amendment? Seeing none all those in favor of the amendment signify by saying aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed like so opinion of the chair the amendment passes. We're back form the bill is there any questions Representative Stam. >> Yes I'm gonna vote for this local bill. I'd happy though if we could have a amendment that as long as I live and my grandchildren live that it won't apply to Wake county. And I would explain why, all this is doing is just trying to sell a bond and the truth is money is [INAUDIBLE] so to say you're going to use it for school construction is just a sales pitch its not reality. And the second thing to it. By the way if you buy a $100 it adds 25 cents to your tax while you could have saved. If you spent $1000 it would add $25 or 200, whatever it is to your tax. So, to me it's just not a good idea to try to sell stuff by the wording on the ballot. Because you think it might help pass. But, this local bill, if you all agree to it, will vote for it. >>Thanks. And I- [INAUDIBLE] >> Yes Sir. >> I would hope you like the honesty and language that we don't have in lottery. Well, [LAUGH] >> You are recognized Representative Stam. >> [LAUGH] That's exactly the problem, the lottery [INAUDIBLE] has in their [INAUDIBLE] replace other. We have to go back to 2005-6 there who started this. It's been totally [INAUDIBLE] matter of fact, half of what it was [INAUDIBLE] So that's a meaningless sentence so So this advertising on the ballot is not accurate. >> Representative Setzer.

>> So we're all put out of our misery. I move adoption- >> [LAUGH] >> Of Senate bill 727 [CROSSTALK] >> Representative since we have your motion [INAUDIBLE] representative Hall I apologize I did have you down the list. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman and just a quick question sort of along this lines that representative Stam was questioning. Is there any mechanism that's used to set the amount so the voters and people will know if you have supplemented or supplanted. Is there a mechanism formerly in place that sets the base line so that they'll be sure it doesn't supplant? >> Representative Bowes. >> Representative Hall I believe that would be up to the commissioners. All this does by current state laws, they can put this on the ballot. without us doing anything. All they want us to do is to clarify that for the voters, that it wouldn't be used for anything, but school construction or financing. Now I understand what your saying is there anything in place to make sure that they don't supplant that? And as representative Bowes said I think that would be the election of the commissioners and the school board. I don't think at this time it will be appropriate for us legislature to set those restrictions of supplanting. >> Representative Luebke and then representative Dollar. >> Thank you Mr.Chairman here's a question for stuff because I have never seen a bill that did arithmetic for people. That is to say for 100 dollars you'll be paying 25 cents and I wondered if staff just has any recollection of a bill that went into this detail about what a quota cent sales tax means I just never remember it. >> Anyone want to come in? >> I don't think any of the local options sales tax valid questions have language similarity similar to that. >> Thank you. >> Thank you. Representative Dollar. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Thank you sir, Representative Stenzer if you would please restate your motion. >> I move adoption of the finance committee substitute for senate bill 727 as amended. >> You've heard the motion all those in favor stand up and say aye Say Aye. >> Aye>> Those opposed life sign the motion does pass and the bill moves forward, refered to the floor with that we stand adjourned. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]