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Joint | June 23, 2016 | Press Room | Senator Chaudhuri Press Conference

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at the federal and state level to try and share such a watch list or a similar type watch list with the Connecticut law enforcement officials. >> So the answer is we don't have a mechanism yet,but [INAUDIBLE] one >> I think that, would be the answer that there has not been a formal mechanism that is in place. As I mentioned in my opening comments we do know that the state of New Jersey does have a similar watch list. And we also know based on the experience of New Jersey Law Enforcement officials that that watch list has been successful in keeping terrorists away from having access to guns. Yeah? >> [INAUDIBLE] of North Carolina. So would you be looking I guess then to create a similar type watch list, you mentioned New Jersey, or a system here in North Carolina? Would you be looking more so to have that sharing of information you were talking about I guess ultimately how do we facilitate this? or how would you facilitate this? >> Well look I think the concept of having known and suspected terrorists that are on the watch list, ultimately how you facilitate that can be deferred to law enforcement experts which is The State Bureau of Investigation and local law enforcement authorities, but again my understanding would be that the information that is found on the watch list can be, if the proper conversations are taking place between the state and the federal level, that information can be shared with law enforcement officials, that information can also be put into the criminal background check system, that would then allow us or a local gun dealer from preventing a terrorist from actually purchasing a firearm. Yes. >> From your perspective is this a realistic proposal that you see passing, given so much opposition from the majority party? And who specifically is getting in the way of such a bill being introduced from the Republican side? >> So I will tell you that, I think it's important that the minimum that we have a conversation around the need to make sure the terrorists do not get access to firearms. There has been no bill introduced. I mean the need for sending a letter today and holding this press conference is to ask leadership to start this conversation and for asking them to introduce it to legislation. >> As of this point,who is , if anyone is, preventing this conversation from taking place on the senate republican side? >> I would say no one is preventing it right now but we're just starting to have that conversation. >> You said you sent a letter? >> We did. >> To who? >> To Senator Berger. >> Have you gotten support from other senators to draft this bill and what are your next steps? >> So the letter has been signed by eight other members of the state senate. [BLANK_AUDIO] The terrorist Watchlist is even being criticized[UNKNOWN] is not exact [UNKNOWN] specific identifying information that people [UNKNOWN] excluded from picked up, screens what have you because of that, why rely on something that, whether you listen to ACLU or Speaker Ryan as a fraud instrument? >> Couple of points Mark. First is the watch list has been established and in place since 2004 when President Bush created the Watchlist. And secondly, the Watchlist does allow for an appeal process which frankly is no different than the appeal process that we have for federal gun law. So for example as many of you know, there are 11 categories in which an individual will be barred from buying a firearm. That can include someone being a convicted felon, someone who is deemed to be mentally ill, someone who's a domestic abuser. All of those individuals have an appeals right if they are on the Criminal Background Check System, if they are wrongfully placed on that system and so there's an Administrative Appeals Processes that is put in place for someone who's on the Watchlist as well. >> With regard to the letter itself, can you just say which a people signed it. >> We have copies of the letter and the letter was sent this morning. >> Okay. >> Mark one other thing that I would add to my comment to you response the government accounting office did a study that looked at terrorists gaining access to firearms between 2004 and 2014. Of the approximately 2,500 terrorists that tried to get access to firearms, explosives, 91% of those terrorists were able to successfully obtain forearms and explosives. >> Procedurally why did you go the letter route and not introduce

legislation on your own right now? >> Well, I think one is the opportunity to introduce legislation now is too late. And so secondly I don't think that there's an avenue for us as democrats to introduce legislation. And thirdly I would say that it be a bi-partisan effort, which is part of the reason that we're asking for the Senate leadership to take a lead on this. >> Would your letter then, the plan that you're hoping to address this in 2017? Or right now? >> No clearly time is of the essence and I think that's why we decided to take this action when we did. I mean we could start this dialogue right now and there's a possibility that they could suspend the rules, and actually do something about this We're not in a position to suspend the rules. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Other questions? >> Senator Vandine pointed out majority [INAUDIBLE] are form suicides, and they again show loophole in the state where you can buy firearms without a background check. Why attack the terrorist angle if there are sort of far more opportunities and damage being done through these other [INAUDIBLE] >> Because from my perspective Mark in this area where there appears to be clear bipartisan support and where an overwhelming majority of North Carolinians, more than 80%, support such a measure to me it makes sense for this to be the first step that we should take with gun reform, and if we are able to achieve that, I think that can serve as the first step for us to look at other examples but this morning the ask is simple, the ask is the same that we want to prevent terrorists from gaining access to firearms and not responsible than others [BLANK_AUDIO] All right thank you. >> You too [BLANK_AUDIO] You see that copies of others. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO]