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House | June 22, 2016 | Chamber | House Finance

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I'm gonna go ahead and call the subcommittee to order cuz we need to move pretty fast, we've got four finance coming in here in about 15 or less than 15 minutes. First of all I would like to introduce our house pages, if you would stand when I call your name we got literaly, is it million. >> [INAUDIBLE]. >> I knew I would murder that, welcome. Mathew [INAUDIBLE] and [INAUDIBLE] Hunter and [INAUDIBLE]. You're welcome Also I wanna recognize our sergeant of arms we've got [INAUDIBLE] and they are scattered around, Marvin Lee, [INAUDIBLE], Landy Wall, and we've got four bills we're gonna go through, I'd like to say we're gonna have to move Move pretty quick. first one is the town of rose, Roseville is an annexation of believe this is. >> [INAUDIBLE]. >> Bradford. >> I'm [INAUDIBLE]. >> Your rose was 749. >> Mr. chairman Cornelius. Go ahead. >> This is a PCS, can I have a motion for the PCS we heard, so I'll move it, all right. [BLANK_AUDIO] Are you people ready. >> [INAUDIBLE]. >> All right go ahead. >> Members of the subcommittee This bill simply annexes the state right of way contained in what is the new reasonable by pass in the town of Rolesville and it's for the purposes of the town of Rolesville to be able to deliver fire, police and also put in some side walks that connect the The town to the high school. And I think the change in the Proposed Committee Substitute was within the affect to date. Ask for your support. >> Questions. >> Motion. >> All right, any other questions? All right. >> Move approval of Senate Bill 739 PCS Unfavorable to the original Bill we've reported back to Finance Committee for consideration today. >> All right you've heard the motion, all in favor, signify by I. >> I. >> All right, the Bill will move on to Finance later this afternoon. [BLANK_AUDIO] Next we have To Cornelius, and that is Representative Bradford. >> Thank you Mr Chairman, members of the subcommittee. This bill was requested by the members of Cornelius which is in my District. It fills in some doughnut holes, everything west of Highway 115. This bill's already gone through local A unanimous fable report and I would appreciate the same here. >> Questions? >> Mr Chairman I believe this is a PCS. Excuse me. >> Yeah. >> Okay yes sir I would like to make a motion for a favorable port to have House Bill 1128 with report to the finance committee for consideration today. >> All right, you're further motion all those in favor, all right. Carries will go to the full finance. >> Next is Marvin, this is senate bill 774, Marvin and Asheboro de-annexation Who is presenting that bill? Representative Horne. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> As per >> [LAUGH] >> All right Thank you members of the committee. This is a de-annexation from the town of Marvin. What it really is, how this works is that there is three contiguous process along a county road, a major road. There's a small piece in the middle that That parcel's actually in the town of Marvin which has a whole different set of protocols on zoning. The two large parcels are outside so you've got a small piece in the middle. What we're just working to do is bring all these pieces together for the best use of the land and support from The residence of the Marvin area.

[BLANK_AUDIO] Mr. Chairman, I believe staff can say whether or not they've meet the basic rules that we have for de-annexation bills to be considered by full finance, and I believe that this does So I'd like to move a favor report to senate bill 774 to report finance for consideration today. >> All right, you've heard the motion. All those in favor? All right we'll move this bill on to full finance in about 10 minutes. >> Oh we have any- >> All right Last bill we have today is the town of Bakersville, town of Clyde de-annexation. >> [BLANK_AUDIO] Thank you Mr. Chairman. This is just one small piece of property in the town of Baskersville to be de-annexed. There is no water o sewer and there's one piece of property in the town of Clyde, no water, no sewer and they've both been requested by Clyde and Bakersville and the land owners. >> Questions. >> INAUDIBLE]. >> Mr. chairman, a motion All right, Representative Braford. >> Yes, I would like to make a motion for a favorable report to be sent to full finance for senate bill 852 for consideration today. >> All right you heard the motion, all those in favor? All right senate 852 will go to full finance now in about five Five minutes. >> Thank you. >> That concludes our business so we're adjourned.