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House | June 22, 2016 | Chamber | House Judiciary

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, our sergeant-at-arms today for the meeting are David Latin, Bill Bash, Joe Cook and Matt Carn. Okay, we're glad to have you gentlemen with us. And we are fortunate today to have four pages with us. I'll ask them to stand if they would when I call their names. Nicole Bridgets who is from Cleveland County sponsored by Speaker Tim Moore, glad to have you with us, [UNKNOWN] who is also from Cleveland County and sponsored by Speaker Tim Moore, and Lopena/g, who is Forsyth County sponsored by Representative Donny Lambryth and certainly not least, but last, Evelyn Rogers who happens to be from Vat County and sponsored by the chair, myself, Blackwell, very glad to have you with us. Thank you. Abry I will tell you this, you all can have a seat, [INAUDIBLE] granddaughter of a log time teacher, and daughter of a teacher in the school system, and her grand daddy is a town council man for the town of [INAUDIBLE] College in [INAUDIBLE] County. Well, we got two bills before us today, just sort of orientation. Senate bill 807 and 805, these are both, I am told by staff and by Representative Bryant who's gonna handle them, are basically carbon copies that are companion bills, carbon copies of same bills we've passed the house versions if not last Wednesday, maybe the previous Wednesday so we're assuming that we probably don't need a whole lot of discussion but I'm not trying to cut anybody off, but I thought we would start by simply saying there is nothing new here, but because the senate has not acted on our bills, and because they actually I think passed these two bills, earlier over there then we passed our bills over here, things are now before us. So having said that, Senate Bill 805 fudiciary access says the digital assets sponsors, and sent to Hudsel by Representative Brian did the companion Bill on the House Representative Bryant you wanna say anything? This is is a digital access that we passed unanimously, [INAUDIBLE] >> Questions, comments? If not, would somebody like to move that we give a favorable report to the bill? I saw Representative Bishop first would you be willing to do the next bill? Maybe. >> [LAUGH] >> Any discussion? Seeing none all those in favor say aye? >>Aye. >> Those opposed say no, the ayes have it, the motion is adopted. Senate bill 807, conform full payment checklot to the UCC We had a good bit of discussion about that last time, Representative Dime/g, chairman you have anything to say? Questions, comments? Representative Tobbert, by pre-arrangement, would you like to move that we give a favorable report to this bill? >> [UNKNOWN] Mr. Chairman. >> Further discussion or or comments? Seeing none, those in favor say aye? >> Aye. >> Those opposed say no? The ayes have it, the motion is adopted and the meeting is adjourned. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]