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Joint | June 8, 2016 | Press Room | Stevens Press Conference

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[BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Good morning and it is still morning. I'm representative Sarah Stevens and I represent the. The 90th house district which is Surry county in a passion of wilt. For the past several years I have been sort of asked to be the host of this event to present the awards for the North Conchester of American Planning Association. I wanna thank all this legislators who have come to be with us. Elected officials form the various towns and cities who are with us today. As in the past years we are assembled to recognize great places in North Carolina of the communities that sustain them. Successful and careful planning in the great places recognized today. Required thoughtful engagement from many stakeholders. Including cultural and community. The advocates business and economic interest as well as private citizens and land owners. As a state legislator I think I speak for all of us in saying that we appreciate how much work our local leaders and planners do everyday. To make this main streets and neighborhoods welcome Welcoming wonderful

places. The awards that will be presented today truly underscore that fact. A few years ago and I think it was the first award given here was my home town of Mount Arrien and it was recognized by the planning association. It was a source of enormous pride for me and for all the [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] businesses. Elective leaders and citizens that were honored at that time. Again I want to thank you for being here today and for all the work you do to make our towns and cities across the state, great places to live. Richard Ferning/g you just wanna come up and join us? And any other members of the legislation wanna come up and about their towns is great. Again, thank all of you for being here and all the work you do For towns and cities across the state, making them great places to live and now I'm gonna turn the program over to Jason [UNKNOWN] claiming the [UNKNOWN] for the town [INAUDIBLE] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you representative Stevens/g. Good morning. On behalf of the North Carolina chapter of the [UNKNOWN] Association I would like to welcome you to the 2016 great places of North Carolina press event here in Rowley on town hall day. This year we are pleased to be celebrating five years of the great places initiative. This is one of our chapters most highly visible programs. It began five years ago with the aim of recognizing outstanding planing efforts that facilitate the creation of. Main streets, great public places, great neighborhoods, and ultimately great communities. This places are the result of dynamic and collaborative partnerships that bring bring together and state government with business leaders and citizens. We are pleased to join today with state legislators to recognize six great places in North Carolina and the communities to sustain them This year the great places initiative choose to recognize great main streets a great main street in the making. A great historic rehabilitation and a great place for healthy living. It's imperative to recognize the importance each of these elements as vital components to creating great places. We've found much greatness in this years class of winners. From Weignvile/g To Matthew's, to Statesville, to Rocky Mount, Greensboro, and Pitt County. Behind every great place is a story of North Carolineans working together to improve their community. We're pleased to join legislators in celebrating this efforts and proud of the role that professional planners play in making this initiative successful across our state. So with that I'd like to introduce John Mark President of the North Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association to officially recognize representatives from each of the communities designated as 2016 Great Places in North Carolina. Thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thanks Jason. The event this morning has become one of my favorites of the year. As we come together to celebrate the great places in North Carolina and the communities that sustain them. Many thanks to Representative Stevens and the legislators, local leaders and state officials who have joined us this morning. The North Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association is an organization of 1500 professional and citizen planners dedicated to preserving and creating great Great communities throughout North Carolina and today we are here to recognize six great places from across the state. I would like to take a minute to recognize the legislators who are with us this morning, Representative Susan Martin, Representative Rina Turner, Representative Joe Sam Queen, Representative Greg Murphy, Representative William Browly and Representative representative [INAUDIBLE] thanks to all for your attention we know you're very busy with the legislator currently in session and I'd also like to recognize the hardworking volunteers and staff who make make this program possible, our 2016 great places project manager Jason [INAUDIBLE], coach Kelly Bernet the APA-NC executive committee, the expert panel members who put in long hours to review these nominations and our Chapter administrator Bonnie Estis/g and our Chapter legislator liaison Randolph Cloud. 2016 is an anniversary year for the program. We have now been celebrating great places in North Carolina for five years. It has been immensely popular and I think we can now say that it's become an annual tradition. In fact, this program itself has won a national award. In 2015, the North Carolina Chapter won the Karen B. Smith Award for chapter achievement from APA National. This year we're showcasing great place in great main streets and great historic rehabilitation and a new category, great Great places for healthy living. This new category recognizes the connection between promoting healthy lifestyles and economically successful communities. Creating a successful main street or a great public place isn't something that occurs overnight. It takes time and commitment to develop a vision, build community support and make things happen. We salute we salute the collaborate of efforts of community leaders, local merchants, town planners, legislators and many others who have worked to ensure that these main streets and rehabilitation projects are vibrant centers of conversing community and so on behalf f the North Carolina chapter and my planning association it's my pleasure to recognize our 2016 great places in North Carolina, these include Mainsville for main street,

Statesville for center and broad streets, Mathews for trade in Mathews station and our great places in the making winner rocky mount for main street. In the peoples choice category [INAUDIBLE] for the south eastern building and a great place for healthy living, [INAUDIBLE] county for the county home complex and now now we invite representatives from each of these places to come up and share a few words about what makes their places great, [INAUDIBLE]. Anyone who has enjoyed the classic charm of a main street knows intuitively when it's a great place to be. [LAUGH]. I'm not reading an announcement, I'm staying here, yeah Waynesville nomination highlighted the role that main street plays in a community as a center of vibrant activity then includes an inviting street scape, independent retailers and furniture makers, route pubs, art gallery's and the historic strand theater, local partnerships maintain the street state improvement including the side walks, pocket parts, content text sensitive landscaping and public art. It was a combination of existing vitality and proactive dedication of the town and community that created the successful main street and led the expert panel to select this a 2016 great main street. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Good morning. >> Good Morning. >> I am John Vaictor/g and I am honored and humbled to be here representing my home town of Waynesville, North Carolina. I am a new council member and I am just thrilled to be here. As I started to think about what I might want to say about my home town, I thought of something that happened late last week. I had been out of town and as I pulled back into town I got to a stop light at a location known as Five Points and I saw this four guys running across the street, they were running to help a fifth gentleman who happened to be a highway patrolman and they were there to help a little grey haired lady who's car who's car had stalled, so here are these five big, strong men pushing this car out of the road. The guy who actually was the slowest runner didn't even have a place to push, so there were more people than there were places to push on the car and as I watched this scene unfold the thought that popped into my head is. this is why I love this place so. I tell this story because the story of down town Waynesville is a metaphorically if not literally the story of the five men rushing to help a lady who's car had stalled at the intersection. It's the story of merchants and property owners and community leaders who looked at what Waynesville was in the mid 1980s and said, we can do better. That effort resulted in the formation of the Of the Downtown Waynesville Association in 1986 and by the way we'll be celebrating our thirtieth year this year. As a member of the North Carolina Main Street Program. And since then we've seen over $90 million invested in Downtown and that is the majority of that money is private money, we've seen our vacancy rates decline from over 23% to less than 2% and that is consistent it is not an abnormal situation average rents have increased from about $2.50 per square foot at the beginning of our revitalization program to as high as $19 per square foot today. Downtown Waynesville is thriving and it's all due to the same spirit of the five men who rushed across Across the street to help one of their neighbors who was in trouble. On behalf of everyone in Waynesville, North Carolina, thank you very much. >> [APPLAUSE] >> I would like to recognize Senator Louise Pate and Representative Shelly Willingham who just walked in as well as Senator Erica Smith-Ingram. Our next award winner is Statesville. Statesville nomination highlighted the role that Center and Broad streets play in the community as a center of vibrant activity that include boutique-style shopping, independently owned restaurants cafes, art galleries and public art,

music festivals, wine tastings, art calls and holiday gatherings punctuates Statesville's main street as the center of the community's values. It was the successful implementation of a vision over time that led the expert panel to select it as a 2016 break main street in the professionals category And now I would like to recognize councilman William Morgan to come up and speak for Statesville. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Absolutely Rain/h, absolutely. As the agenda says my name is TBD. >> [LAUGH] >> [LAUGH] >> We are truly honored and thankful to have been recipient of one of the great places in North Carolina, great main street in North Carolina. From the legislative building press room, I wanna take you to Statesville. Thanks, if you wanna close your eyes that may make it easier. A widow keeps her husband's memories alive at a charming restaurant and a lounge renamed for him. A love story plays out of two nationally recognized musicians, performing together for more than 65 years. Sharing their love of music with their home town. A teenage entrepreneur with an interest in baking and as her fourth year as store owner, still not old enough to have a glass of champagne to celebrate. We are downtown state full, the intersection of center street and broad street know affectionately as the square, is truly a great main street. There is a flurry of activity everyday from school uniforms to business suits, the live music and night life. There is art at every corner and the cafe and in the shop, art galleries and the sculpture park The boutique star shopping and independently on restaurants are centered around the towns square. Festivals bring music and laughter, friends gather to taste wine, families eat pie and smash pumpkins at a pumpkin fest, couples feel young again while dancing in the street. The main street serve as the center of our community's values and quality of life that we cherish, intersecting With our broad dreams for a dynamic future. Downtown is the hub of our city with retail, dinning and entertainment. Churches, schools and professional offices call our main street home, along with 400 historic homes that surround it. Our city is 223 years old, and many of the commercial buildings adjacent to the square are on the national Strolling down the beautiful street scape on also gets to enjoy the architecture of the past as most of the structures were built around the turn of the century dating from 1860 to 1930. Some of the most [INAUDIBLE] buildings near the square, include the [INAUDIBLE] court house, city hall, clock tower building and the commercial The Commercial National Bank. As a tribute to our history, different types of herbs were engraved on stone accents in the street scape as that was a driving industry in the early days and home to the largest source of herbs in the United States. Statesville has one of the largest historic down towns on our area, and we pride ourselves on maintaining our heritage while creating a dynamic future Future. We invite you all to come visit Statesville and again on behalf of all the residents of Statesville, thank you very much. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Matthew's nomination highlighted the role that trade and Matthew Station play in the community as a center of vibrant activity that That includes shops, churches, restaurants and special events including the community farmers market, Matthew's Alive festival, and the Food Truck Friday. These streets serve as the heartbeat of Matthew's where citizens can shop, eat, play and experience the town. It was the combination of the existing vitality and proactive dedication of the town and community which led the The expert panel to select trade and Mathew station street as a 2016 great main street in the professionals category. I now like to invite John Urban to came up and speak on behave of Mathews. [APPLAUSE]. >> Good morning all. [INAUDIBLE] on behalf of Mayor Taylor, and the town board, and the citizens of Matthew's, I'd like to thank the North Carolina Chapter, the American Planning Association for these funds, distinction recognition. The town is very excited to have this mission selected as the winner of 2016, great places North Carolina program. The heart and soul sole of Mathews is Mathews station and Trade street. It is where our history and our future intersect, both publicly and privately cuz our town hall exist on Mathew station street. First of all I wanna do recognize that this recognition would not be possible without he hard work of forces of our town planning department, and I Amount specifically we have Kathi Ingrish, Jay Kemp, Mary Jo Gollnitz, Joan Leary, Carla McCoy and Shannon Robertson, they all work diligently everyday to make this reality for Matthews, but I really wanna go out beyond that a little bit because there are a few folks in this room that the recognition needs to go to and that's the town manager, the town staff and the other town board members that I serve with And most importantly to the citizens of Mathews. If it wasn't the citizen of Mathew's we won't have a town.

That's all their is to it from my stand point. Tray Street has been one of our primary roads in the towns since Mathew's had his early beginning in about 1879. We started as a farming community. Business revolved around trade street. Pretty much maintains that appearance as it does today in the 21st century. A majority of the building was along trade street apart of the national historic places. The Mathews community farmers market is also in a prime location the kids were on the street as well and just celebrated his 25th anniversary. Ironically enough I talked about the history in the future of intersection, with the community. That trade not like connects stone town park which is our history to North sandwiches our new used district so the town is looking backwards as well as looking forward since preservation. Trade street is also one of the pedestrian streets in Mathews featuring wide side walks and less plantings. Walk is gonna enjoy. Along trade street including a numeral next to farmers market, and a sculpture at the entrance of Stop town park. One of the towns most popular invite full gathering areas. Complementing the riches history of Trade street is Mathew station street. It was an in fill project taken on by the town in the early 2000's which was previously a ferrous cheater strip shopping center. This addition to the town core adds a great deal of charm and walk able streets that leads to the now town green, the now town hall, and public library. Along this streets are diverse business ranging from coffee shop craft bear establishment , their so many restaurants in our first electric vehicle charging station. Visitor to trade streets in Mathew station not only enjoy this amenities but are welcome by heavy landscaping west planings along the side walks. But it's this places our community the community wide events that really make this places. Their was a mention of first Thursday their was a mention of food track Fridays. Every weekend their was something going on. In the town of Mathews, including the annual Mathews of live festival this summer counts service and movies. This area offers a complete package of dinning, shopping activities for everybody in all ages, so it's a well developed, well diverse community, it's for everybody and again we thank For your distinction thank you Representative [INAUDIBLE] for your support >> Thank you >> [APPLAUSE] >> A great main street in the making is street that is still being planned or developed but has Has potential for great success, Rocky mounts nomination highlighted the Douglas block plan, street scape plan and down town master plans as key to capturing the communities vision for main street and identifying appropriately implementation strategies. City Staff forged many partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders to begin implementing the vision Main street. Over the past 14 years, the city has invested 50 million in revitalization projects in the vicinity of main street coupled with 10 million in private funding. These efforts led the expert panel of judges to choose Rocky mounts main street as this year's great main street in the making. Rocky mount is the only community to receive this particular award this year. Now I'd like to Recognize Charles Penny city manager of Rocky Mount >> [APPLAUSE] >> Good morning, thank you I wanna recognize counsel member W.B Bullock whose with us this morning. On behalf of Mayor David Combes/g and the members City council we wanna thank you for this recognition. City council recognizes down town is very important to the life the community. Down town is the living room of your community. And every now and again the living room falls into dis repair. So you have to do a make over. We did have some help from Congressman GK Butterflied by getting a five million dollars set aside, we were able to take that five million and add about seven to it. And we spend about 12 million dollars On the Street scape along Main Street in addition to that we were able to revitalize the old blight business district known as The Douglas Block, 25,000 square feet of commercial space, eight apartments. We also were able to build what we call our imperial center It is our gym, it is 130 thousand square foot, old tobacco processing plant. It was a 31 million dollar effort with about 12 to 13 million dollars in new market tax credits and historic tax credits. This is only the beginning, in order to grow a community you have to grow Rural community from the inside out, you don't start on the outside and build to the center.

You want your main street to a vibrant place and that will help to attract people to move to your community. Our city council had made a commitment to revitalize downtown and right now we are working on an effort to build Build a facility for youth and armature sport that will be called the Event center, the Downtown Community Facility, its a 32 million dollar project that will in effect infuse 264 million dollars over a 10 year period of direct spend to our local economy. Downtown is economic development, our members of the city council and our community have recognized that part, we appreciate you for recognizing the efforts that are underway but certainly not complete and we hope to be back a few years later to b recognized for all those other But we also recognize that private investment follows public investment. If you do not use public dollars to help seed development you will not get private investment. Business people are not gonna spend their money if they don't see the local government Investing in their community, thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] >> People choice categories, every year Every year we include two award called people's choice where special online votes are conducted. This year the categories were Great Historic Restoration and Great Livable Place. Winning in the category of Great Historic Restoration was Greensboro for the Southeastern building. Historic rehabilitation projects aided by historic preservation tax credits Can go a long way to revitalizing a community. Folks in Greensboro are quite familiar with the successful use of historic preservation tax credits to rehabilitate a historic building. Built in 1920 the American Exchange National Bank was Greensboro's first skyscraper but the bank field failed during the great depression and the building was sold and remodeled for office use. During its heyday the renamed Southeastern building was home to some of the city's most successful businesses. After years of neglect the building was renovated to include a mix of apartments, offices and retail space. The street facade's were faithfully restored and the two story classical columns were reconstructed. The Southeastern building is once again making a strong contribution to the economic vitality And architectural significance of the center city. These efforts led to South Eastern building in Greensboro to be recognized as the people's choice, great historical rehabilitation award winner as part of the 2016 great places in North Carolina awards program. And now I would like to recognize assistant city manager David Paris to come up and Say a few words, and I might add that having been a former resident of Greensboro and having [INAUDIBLE] for many years, I'm pleased that this is historic. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you for the North Carolina volunteer staff that put this on and Thank you to the legislators for your support, and I'd say [INAUDIBLE] how cool is this? This is cool, walking in here, seeing all this, the recognition, I'll take pride as being a hometown Greensboro fellow to recognize and represent our city, but not for what we have but for all the other cities have Recognizing that the state of North Carolina is a great place, and as a North Carolina resident long time all my life and I think most people in this room thank you again for the legislature of all of us for continuing to make this a great state all that you are doing in your communities. The Southeastern building began life as the The American Exchange National Bank it featured a Greek temple facade with classical columns, a popular choice for banks at that time. It was constructed of Indiana limestone and it was our first sky scrapper which opened in 1920 at 9 stories tall, and at that time it was one of the tallest buildings in the state State of North Carolina during it's heyday the building was home to some of the city's most successful doctors and lawyers and apparently some restaurants that were very successful to. It was a hub of our commerce, it is at elm and market for us which is our 100% cornered/g account of designation in many respects. It is a very popular corner now we have our Have our Lincoln Financial our Southeastern headquarters is right there across the street from the Southeastern building which is a sky scraper but the building itself is at a great location. After the second World War though in favor of suburban shopping centers Southeastern building began to lose some of its luster About 2000 if was vacant and neglected. It was a blight in our down town and thankfully some local developers stepped up and that private investment followed some of the public

investments that they were witnessing. Barry Seagal and Willard Turker recognized the building's potential and they stepped in and they stepped up in a big way They put together a plan to take advantage of available financial incentives including historic preservation tax credits which were key to this project being successful. City council designated the building a landmark in 2010 which reduced the property taxes, this approach helped the financing building a successfully re-purposed mix use of Of apartments, offices and retail space. The tax value increased from less than two million dollars to now over 20 million dollars and a number of new jobs have since been created and that facility is now 95% occupied. Today with its 1920's facade fatefully restored The building is, the Southeastern Building is once again a centerpiece of our downtown. We have some planned pubic street scape to go along the side of it. We're gonna follow that private investment where we should. As a centerpiece of our downtown historic district, it's contributing to the continued revitalization of our downtown close to 200 million dollars coming to our Or downtown, this is the key center piece kinda jump start a lot of that. The southeastern building restoration embodies all the things that contribute to a vibrant community, the reinvestment in the existing stork asset, the mixture of uses and its location at a prominent corner will make a lasting impact on our city. So thank you again for All of you for your recognition for the people of Greensboro that voted. >> [LAUGH] >> I tried to vote multiple times >> [LAUGH] >> [INAUDIBLE] to do it once, so they kept blocking me but thank you again for the association's recognition, for our staff, for Sue Schwartz our planning director, Jennifer Snare with our city attorney's office for all their support in making this work. Thank you very much. [APPLAUSE] >> Our final category for today is for a great place for healthy living. The winner was Pitt County for the county home complex. More and more people have come to value communities that provide opportunities for healthy living, whether it's an act Bicycle or greenway network, consorted efforts for social interaction and are ageing in place, access to locally sourced foods or the active involvement of children in the community, healthy living has no boundaries. In Pit County the county home complex encompasses collaborative resources for physical activity, nutrition, education, county heritage, Headed option and recycling. The complex is included in the city of Greenville Greenleaf plan and will soon be connected to the network, providing access to additional healthy living opportunities. Pitt County is recognised as the people's choice, great place for healthy living award winner is part of the 2016 great places in North Carolina wards program. Now I'd like to call up commisioner To speak on behalf of Pitt county >> [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO] We are just so excited to be here and I'm glad to be the end because you are a captive audience until I get through. >> [LAUGH] >> I do wanna say that, this is the first time a county has been afforded. This opportunity to accept this nomination and this award and we are so proud as a county. We have ten municipalities in this county from tiny Brooklyn which is the smallest and we have a lot of tiny once. p to Green bull which has just tipped into the 90000 citizens population category. I say that because listening to all of these wonderful presentations of your municipalities in many of these surround. Where we are in Pitt/g county and I can say that from folk land to greenbull/g, at least part of what you all were saying about your municipality is going on in all that ours. And we are most grateful for that contribution. To our county. I am Beth Ward I'm chairman of the Pitt county border commissioners. And I want to thank you for acknowledging home complex as a great place for healthy living in North Carolina. I have to explain a little bit of history just the one sentence about county hung complex you are going where did you get that name my gracious, they rode that goes by there, used to way back

even before my time had a county hung for [UNKNOWN] adult And seniors and that's how it got to be county hung road, that's how it's designated on the map and and that's how you get the directions. So when we started building out there and looking at we have right much property out there, I guess that suppose we did own the county hung back in the day. On both sides of the road so that is where we looked to start our county hung complex so that's where the name came from, there are more than a dozen facilities out there and I'm not going to speak to I follow the. The first one is Alice F teen district park. And it is named for one of our biggest advocates who, the first time I met her she was coming down the steps at the take County Board of Education, and she had just recently Recently been hired as the community and schools program director and that was the beginning. Alice Tin has been an advocate to all the citizens of Tek county for healthy living. We got on the nutrition trend also, so there And so we've named the district park. There's never a day, except maybe Sunday, there's plenty of soccer players out down the hills behind the district park every weekend. So, seven days a week, the're cars parked there, people walking on our There at the complex, we also that is our kind of anchor part of our complex, over to the left we also have built a beautiful senior center which serves all of pick county and they do our meals on wheels, they do Everything so and that parking lot is always filled too. We have a making fit Pitt community garden which citizens throughout the county can have a plot free and grow fresh vegetables Whatever it is that they want to do. We have also involved across the street an elementary school, actually it's a primary school and an elementary school, Wintergreen, and those kids come over everyday they have their own plots to grow food and And vegetables that they can take home to their families and these are a lot of children who have never seen things grow that you can pick and eat. And some of them don't get to go to the grocery store that often. Across the street from that on the same side that the school is in we have The Leroy James Farmer's Market, and it is a lively place. We're looking to expand, we're hoping that's going to come because we've got tents and things set up all on the parking lots and we hope we're gonna expand that soon. That's kind of our dream Officers and mission of that we're looking in to do. Next door to that, we have the Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum. We have an old filling station, for those young people ho don't know that, it's like a shiksa. >> [LAUGH] >> But back in the day we used to call it- >> [COUGH] [LAUGH] >> Filling station, that is the North Carolina State. But we have an old school house, we have an old general store. We have lots of farm equipment, we've had a lot of the boy scouts locally to build our fences and pathways and Contributed to that, so we have lots of visitors coming there particularly our young people from our schools, and they get to walk over. I've got to throw in the healthy living I realized that. We have our animal shelter and we encourage our animal center, it's It's not a kill shelter it's an adoption shelter, and that is hard for a county to do and to fund, but we have remarkable people working there, so even our dogs are included in our healthy living project, and we also have our recycling center out there, it sound like it's a Municipality in itself, but that's just part of what is out there and we're continuing to add, and we are so proud to be the first county to get this honor and I can't tell you how much we appreciate it, and I appreciate our friends here from

[INAUDIBLE] county thank you all for being here, our representatives and our senator and we plan on continuing to expand this park, we still have land out there and out of 10 municipalities from the smallest to the largest We have a county transit system that brings people out there, so that they can participate and be a part of it, so it's not like we're just isolated in the middle of the county, it's a very large county but we've people from all over the county are participating. I can't tell you how proud we are everybody in [INAUDIBLE] county is proud, commissioners particularly thank you, thank you again for this honor, for recognizing us. >> [APPLAUSE] >> It's wonderful to hear what makes each of these places great, we hope it inspires you I urge you to visit them sometime soon in your travels throughout North Carolina. Please join me in congratulating once again our 2016 great places in North Carolina winners. >> [APPLAUSE]. >> That concludes the 2016 ceremony, thank you for coming from pretty far away to attend. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO]