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Senate | June 9, 2016 | Chamber | Senate Agriculture

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meeting of the senate ag and the environment committee to order. First we'd like to thank out Sergeant at arms that are here today, Terry Barnhart, Ishan Patel and Becky Myrick/g and thank you all for being here today and looking after us. Our pages today, we've got a whole bunch of them, Katie Sutton from Lagrein/g who sponsored by Senator Don Davis if you'll stand up or wave or. Isabella Dyson from Charlotte, Senator Tart is her sponsor. Grace Strickland/g from Elon, Senator Gunn is your sponsor. And Ona/g Ojo/g? Did I read it right? Senator Meredith. Bennett/g Sapp/g from Burlington, also with Senator Gunn. Hannah Williams from Elon, also Senator Gunn. Jake Fane/g from Winston Salem, Senator [UNKNOWN]. And Elias Moore form Nashville sponsored by Senator Newton. Thank you all for being here and I hope you all had a good week and glad that you're here in the summertime. We've only got one bill on the agenda today and it's the House Bill 591. Steady [INAUDIBLE] Festival Park. Governance is a proposed committee substitute. Do I hear a motion? Senator, do you want a motion on your own bill? Senator Cook's motion is that we take out the PCS. All those in favor will say aye. >> Aye. >> All those opposed no. The ayes have it. Senator Cook [BLANK_AUDIO] oh, forgive me. I've got a cold. I can't talk too well but I'll try to do the best I can. This bill essentially does two things. Try not to look so happy about me not being able to talk. This bill does two things. It studies the governance process of the Roanoke Island Commission and Roanoke Historical Association Lost Colony. The study will be done by local interested people and the secretary of Natural and Cultural Resources The attendance for Festival Park has been declining while other sites in the area have been increasing. Also the bill removes the statutory requirements that the Raonoke Island Commission meet four times a year. The department natural and Cultural Resources supports this bill. >> Ronald Rabin. >> Very nice report despite your voice. I move for a favorable. >> Any other questions from the committee? [BLANK_AUDIO] Senator Tucker. Senator Cook, we've had all those nuances, changes with [UNKNOWN], with the park, Elizabeth two, monies unavailable, all that. Does that have anything to do with any of this? I understand a task force to coordinate that. I thought the [UNKNOWN] was doing well. Is it not? >> No, it's not. The attendance has been declining the last year or two. It's not doing as well as we'd like, and this is just going to allow the folks in the area who are very interested in this stuff to try and improve the situation. >> Thank you, sir There are no further questions, thank you Mr. Chair. >> Senator Jackson. >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Senator Cook, refresh my memory. Did you say that commission or whatever would meet four times a year or twice a year? >> There's a statutory requirement that they meet four times a year. This bill would remove that statutory That's at the request of the commission. >>Follow up>> So are we stipulating then that they could only meet twice a yeah? I mean, I met with them yesterday as well, I think they were wanting twice a year they said was sufficient, enough time enough time to meet. So is that what we're allowing them to do here. I guess that is my question. Yes sir, it is. >> Okay. Thank you. >> Any other questions? Do I hear a motion? Senator Tucker moved for a favorable report. Unfavorable to the original. To the proposed committee substitute. All the- [INAUDIBLE] All those in favor will say aye. >> aye>> Let us no, The aye's have it. That's it. We are adjourned. >> Thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO] [CROSSTALK] [BLANK_AUDIO]