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Senate | June 8, 2016 | Chamber | Senate Convenes

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Senate will come to order. Sergeant Arms close the doors and members will go to their seats. Last of all, members and guests in the gallery please silent your electronic devices at this time. Leading the Senate in prayer is the Reverend Peter Milner in our Senate Senate Chaplain. All members and guests in the gallery will please stand. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Let's pray. Thank you Heavenly Father for gathering us again today. Not just for the senators but for the guests in the gallery we lift them up to you and all the work that they do in this great state and Lord we ask you to continue to walk with this community here. Help us to be mindful of others that are without hope today, that might be lonely, that might be afraid. We lift them up to you and we ask that you That you would remind us that those who dwell in the shelf of the most high, a bid under the shadow of your might. And Lord help us to say that you're our refuge and that you are our strong hold here. We pray these things in the name of Jesus, amen [BLANK_AUDIO] Senator Burger is recognized for a motion [BLANK_AUDIO] Thank you Mr. President, the journal of Tuesday June 8th 2016 has been examined and found to be correct I move that we dispense with the reading of the journal and that it is stand approved as written. >> Without objection the journal for June 7th stands approved as written Senators we leaves of absence today granted for Senators Alexander, Ford and Wade. And we also have two nurses with us to today serving us in the senate. Lisa Serbia of Lincoln North North Carolina and Angeline Florence of Riley if you please stand thank you so much for serving us. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Senators we have a long list of courtesies here today obviously we have a lot of folks packed in our gallery from all over the state of North Carolina and because of that I'm not gonna read all your courtesies individually we'll be here until tomorrow but I do want to recognize the folks that are with us from our cities and counties all across North Carolina we've mayors here we have City Council members we have city managers and Representatives from our municipalities across the state and we wanna say thank you for your service to the state of North Carolina thank you for the sacrifice you make to serve the people of North Carolina welcome to the Senate Chamber, please stand. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO] Upon the motion of senator Gladys Robinson of the Guilford County, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Livy Hail and Lora Car of the American Association of University Women, the Greens Bar/g Branch. If you're with us today please stand and be recognized. Are you here today? If you see these ladies please recognize them. Senators upon the motion of senator Louis Pate of Wayne County and senator Don Davis of Greene County. The chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to former house representative Philip Badawer Jr. who is here in support of the family of former senator John Car. If you're here please stand and be recognized. Thank you so much. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Senators upon the motion of senator Tom Mcginnis of Richmond County, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to district attorneys Lynn Paul Feder/g of Richmond County, Greg Newman, Polk/g, Transylvania and Henderson Counties and Billy West of Cumberland County. If you're here please stand and be recognized. Thank you for being here. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Upon the motion of Senator Tom against Richmond County is happy to send courtesies of the gallery to Bailey Turtle and Anthony Bristol with

the Richmond Community College Republican Club. Thank you so much for being here today. >> [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Upon the mention of Senator Don Davis Senator of Greene County, the Chair is happy to send courtesies of he gallery to Mr. Bobby Creech of Robeson County, whose granddaughter Katy Sutcliffe/g is serving as a page this week. Mr. Creech if you're here please stand, we'd like to recognize you. Thank you so much. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> Upon the motion of Senator Don Davis of Greene County, the Chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to Coleen Kazinsky , District Administrator of Guardian Talatum Program for District Austin Goldberg and Victoria Kazinsky, a junior at Kingston High School. Please stand if you're in the gallery today. Thank you for being here. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [BLANK_AUDIO] Upon the motion of senator Smith-Ingram of Northampton County, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Miss Brooke Brenson, a seventh grader at Carnage Magnet Middle School in Raleigh, North Carolina. Brooke is shadowing senator Smith-Ingram today so she can continue learning about leadership. If you're here please stand and be recognized. Brooke if you see her say hello. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Senators do we have any reports of standing committees? Senator Davis for what purpose do you rise? >> Send forth the committee report. >> Senator Davis you can send forth your committee report. >> Thank you Mr. president. [BLANK_AUDIO] Clerk will read. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Senator J Davis for the State of Local Government Committee submits to pass it. Senator Bill 883, unfavorable as to bill but as committee substitute bill title, An act to amend a charter of town [INAUDIBLE] to authorize the town counsel to appoint the town clerk. >> Senate bill 883 calendar [BLANK_AUDIO] Do we have any other reports from standing committees? >> Well Senators, we'll move right into out calendar of the day then. We're gonna start off with the local bills, we have three local bills on here and without objection I'd like a block vote these three bills, anybody wanna pull out any of those three? We will block vote senate bill 878, 880 and house bill 1083. So senate bill 878, senate bill 880 and house bill 1083 clerk will read. >> Senate bill 878, Johnsville, Bronsville East bin/g even year election? Senate bill 880, [INAUDIBLE] house bill 1083, Remington initiative and Referendum, are we having a discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question for the senate is the passage of senate bill 878, senate bill 880 and house bill 1083 on second reading, all in favor will say aye. >> Aye! >> Opposed no. The ayes have it. Senate bill 878, senate bill 880 and house bill 1083 pass their second reading. Mr. President >> Senator Apodaca for what purpose do your eyes? >> Can I object the third reading on 878 >> Senator Apodaca rejects to third reading on senate bill 878 only senator >> Thank you >> And it will remain on the calendar [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] So without objection, clerk will read senate bill 880 house bill 1083, >> Senate bill 880 Abolish casual County coronary, house bill 1083 women [INAUDIBLE] initiative in referendum. >> Any discussion or debate?

Hearing none the question before the senate is the passage of senate bill 880 and house bill 1083 on the third reading, all in favor will say aye >> aye >> opposed no >> The aye's have it. Senate bill 880 and house bill 1083 pass their third reading senate bill 880 will be sent to the house, house bill 1083 will be enrolled. Moving on to public bill second reading, [BLANK_AUDIO] Senate joint resolution hold on. Senators we're gonna move right onto the resolution so we want to do this the proper way, so in preparation for Senate Joint Resolution 892 the sergeant at arms will secure the doors all of our pages will be seated, members and staff are reminded to stay seated during the resolution Senate joint resolution 892 the clerk will read in it's entirety. >> Senate joint resolution 892, Honor John H [INAUDIBLE] car third former member Member. Whereas John H. Carr the third, was born on February 28th 1936 in Richmond Virginia to John H. Carr Junior and Mary Hinton Duke Carr, and whereas John H Carr the third Grew up in Warrenton North Carolina graduating from John Graham High school in 1954, and whereas John H Carr the third earned a Bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 1958 where he was a member of five And was award jurist doctorate with honor from the university school of Law 1961 where he was a member of the law review and order of the [INAUDIBLE] and whereas John H Carter III proudly served this country, as a member of North Carolina National Guard from 1954 to 1962 achieving the rank of sergeant and whereas after law school John H. Kerr III and his wife Sandra Moore Edgerton Kerr moved to her hometown of Goldsboro where practiced law for over 50 years. Primarily in the areas of civil and corporate law and served in various leadership capacities for the Bar Association in Wayne County, the 8th judicial district and the state and whereas on the family tradition of public service. John H. Carter III served with honor and distinction. And in the general assembly, served as the member of the house of representatives from 1987 to 1992. And as member of the Senate from 1993 to 2006. And Whereas while in the Senate John H. Carter III made significant contributions as co chair of the finance and revenue laws study committees, vice chair of the select committee on homeland security and emergency management and military affairs. And was a member of several committees including appropriation based budget, appropriations on health and human services, commerce, judiciary too, opportunity and needs for economic growth in North Carolina ways and means, and whearas John H Carter III was a member of the JCs and [INAUDIBLE] and served and served on many boards including the Wayne County Public Library, Wayne Memorial Building, Mount Olive College Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of Wayne County, Northern Carolina National Bank, Southern National Bank and Wayne Bank & Trust. And Whereas, John H Carter III to receive numerous awards in recognition during his lifetime including being named, boss of the year by the Goldberg Trava Chapter of American Business Women in 1978. And receiving the Boy Scouts of America distinguishes and award in 2008 for North worthy and extra ordinary leadership in his community. And whereas in his long and distinguish career, John H Carter III earn the respect and affection of this peers and colleagues for his courage and kind/g vigor and and determination, keen intellect and enthusiasm which gave to all of his endeavor. And whereas John H Carter III towered over many with his physical height but never looked down on others.

He worked to uplift and encourage people and was especially proud to represent his district and spoke fondly of his constituency in Wake county as he worked on issues in the general assembly. And whereas in his spare time, John H Carter III enjoyed spending time with his family, playing golf, hunting and attending athletic events at the university of North Carolina Chapel Hill John H. Carter III was an active member of the Madison Avenue Baptist Church in Goldsboro and whereas John H. Carter died on May 24th 2015 after a distinguished life of public service and whereas John H. Carter III is is survived by his wife Sandra a different [INAUDIBLE] two sons, John and [INAUDIBLE] the fourth and James [INAUDIBLE] the second. Four grand children John Hosea Carter the fifth, Isabelle Cedric Carter, James [INAUDIBLE] the third and Helen [INAUDIBLE] Carl/g. Now therefore be it resolved by The Senate, The House of Representatives concurrent section one. The general assembly honors the memory of John H Carter III and expresses it's appreciation for his long and distinguished career as a lawyer and legislator and for his civic and political leadership. Section two, the general assembly of North Carolina extends it's deep and sincere sympathy to the member, the family of John J. Carter the third for the loss of a beloved family members. Section three, the Secretary of State shall transmit a certified copy of this This resolution to the family John H Carr the third. Section four this resolution is effective upon ratification. >> Senator Don Davis is recognized to speak to the resolution. >> Thanks Mr President, members and to the public who have joined us today it was just over a year ago that we the family had a tremendous challenge with laying to rest a friend of ours and truly an outstanding legislator and Senator John Carr the third. John Carr especially for those who may have not have known him he was tall he was big and he was known by many as Big John. Big John was known not just because of his size, but also because of his ability to get things done, when I think about that list you can put on that list getting the local transport up and running. You could turn on that list the general school East Carolina University, you could add to that list cancer center, eating disorder center, and that list goes on and on to also include the New Cherry hospital. Interestingly that's what he was actually best known for, he was actually famous in terms of his name and efforts to expand infrastructure across the state, if he needed some water lines you call Big John, if you needed some sewer help he called John Carr, if he needed some help with natural gas yep called John Carr If you needed some help with the roads call John Carr. Matter of fact, it was just a few weeks ago the governor came out we were in Wayne County and we were doing the dedication for the Goldsboro bypass the future of Interstate 42. And here today Chuck Owen, I remember in his comments he said John Carr was dedicated to marching right on down the road seeing this happen. Here is the point that I make Senator Tillman, you can truly see and this is a lesson for all of us The mark of a legislator who really makes a difference and you can measure that by the number of times we call his or her name even when they're gone. And I remember this few weeks ago, Senator Tillman had referenced John Carr, In other sessions his name has been mentioned. Surely Senator Carr was just an awesome person, a person that people just absolutely loved and I can tell,

may be he got some of that from his grandfather , who served in the United States Army House representative or may be his father who served as the speaker of the house. But whatever came from we loved him and he loved us. He was a true champion for East and North Carolina, Mr. Eastern North Carolina, and the residence of Green county they really adore John I remember coming in to Green county, there was a piece of farm land, actually on the right side. And for years, for years there was a sign that stood up and that sign read, John Carr And we're proud he is our senator. It was something to that effect, the residents there appreciated his representation and not just his representation but that he represented us well. I went on to succeed John And in office, and I recall one in occasion we showed up to church and we we're at a church before this crowd and I wanted to make sure John then received all the honors and recognition for all that he had done for the state. And I remember telling the crowd And said hey let's give it up for Senator Carr and the crowd kind of goes crazy so went on with my speech today and I started to say, but this are big shoes that I'm filling, and before I could get further my speech Of a certain I hear this big voice come and it does stands and does something like this we see this big foot come up and he says yes they all did, my friends Senator Carr has had a way of entertaining us with his wit/g. For those who've known him he had John Carr stories, and I have plenty of them and he left us with many of them to share. He was much admired around our community and across the state, his legacy will leave on and those he helped without a doubt I'm extremely honored that his family is with us today James to John. And I can tell you I met many grandchildren but I went and shook the hand of John the fifth up there and I think you have a bright future. But I want to also call for a moment because is not just the members that make all this happen, [INAUDIBLE] we recognize you too for all that you did to help John in that office and your loyalty and also I actually recognize Ms Sylvia as he continued on in her office for a little while and I is really pleased to get to know you and her and thank you for being here today, and to Sandra I wanna say to you that John accomplished a whole lot of things in his life but I must imagine that the one thing that was most special to him I can only imagine was your marriage of 55 years, I'm glad that you are able to come Representative [INAUDIBLE] To be here with us all as we celebrate John, and Senator I will say this to you that I'm glad in the end he was able to get home and you are all able to spend a little more time together and those days before we begin the slowly slip away from us, John Carter was larger than life you all, he really was larger than life that he had a gentle giant, I command this resolution to you and I thank this family for sharing Big John with us for so long. >> Any further discussion or debate, Senator Pate for what purpose do you rise? >> To speak on the resolution. >> Senate Pate you have the floor to speak to the resolution. >> Thank you Mr President I'll be brief, but within the past year we have had a Trilogy of sadness in Wayne County because we have lost three of former Senators in our county who served our county well in the years past and we are honoring one today John Carter and I also had a chance to meet John H Carter V just a few moments ago and

I certainly understand what Senator Davis has just said about the future of that young man he looks like his grandfather and when his voice changes and he gets a little bit louder he might just equal John's vigor. John was a big man and did a lot of great work in our state and in our district we certainly appreciate him for all that, I first got to know John when I joined the Goldsboro JC's back a Long time ago when I was first assigned to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and John had just moved to Goldsboro I believe at that time. And we got to know each other at that time. John, one thing that has not been brought out yet in addition to him being physically Physically big and spiritually big, he was I'll say loud when he spoke. He did not speak in a whisper, in fact his whisper could be heard clear across the chamber I do believe. But in fact, he didn't need a microphone when he addressed Members of the Senate. In fact, Mr. President we might want to check the mics on seat 43 and 41, to this day they might not operate I'm not certain. But at any rate, John was a fine person, he always had time to stop and talk Talk to you and was very interested in anything he could do for his constituents or for that matter anyone in the State of North Carolina, I commend this resolution to you. >> Senator Tillman for what purpose your eyes? >> Mr President to speak on the resolution. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> John's family is here and I'm I'm glad they are here I've got a story to tell you that's the truth, John and I were both fairly big and he was bigger than I was and one thing that you I know Senator Berger and Senator [INAUDIBLE] you know he never hit the right button, when he wanted to speak he would either not hit it or speak to vote But never and I don't know how many times Senator Bears and I had to tell him [INAUDIBLE] and David Hall looked around there and straighten him out as they sat back there together, but we were on the elevator one time, John was a finance chairman and he would rumble a lot an awful lot and Senator [INAUDIBLE] Got put out with him quite a few times and this stories [INAUDIBLE] I'll never forget and I loved John Carr and we all did but he was rumbling on and on about the natural gas bill Senator Davis before your time Senator Ryan and I'm [INAUDIBLE] a freshman on [INAUDIBLE] and didn't know much Anything but Senator Ryan turned around and said he's talking too much [INAUDIBLE] yeah I agree I was afraid not to he said watch this, if Tony made a motion that for a none favorable [INAUDIBLE] he said he had a good bill but he talked the side of it, and he killed his bill Bill but the funniest thing is John and I got on the elevator that very day, we were going down and some lady stopped on the fourth floor, I believe we always met on the fifth and she thought I was Senator Carr, and that she didn't know who for sure but she talked me Senator Carr I want you to work on fixing this This bill for me and Senator Carr bless his heart, and said I'm Senator Tillman can I help you >> [LAUGH] >> That lady may have never known the difference, he turned around and helped the lady. I acted yeah, so he was Senator Tillman that day and I was Senator Carr. That I will never forget. We love you John Carr. >> Senator Rucho for what purpose do you rise? >> To debate the [CROSSTALK] >> You have the floor to speak >> Thank you, Ladies and gentlemen of the senate and the Carr family, when I first came to the senate, Senator Carr and Senator Hall were chairs of the senate finance committee. And they set the standard of how the senate finance committee operated and I will say to you they were top standards to me. I remember he would keep the members of the audience with his loud stories, and the stories he was telling he would keep us all on our toes and I also can't count the number of The number of times he would remind the members to be careful about what they said in the committee room because of the fact that he said you know those people in China can hear you and I will tell you ladies and gentlemen the people in China are probably still telling stories about John Carr We'll remember him and miss him

dearly. He was a good friend and a good servant for the state of North Carolina and we wish you all well. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Any further discussion or debates? Senator Brown for purpose of your rise? >> Just briefly speaking on resolution. >> You have the floor Senator Brown. I served with John my first term here and being from East North Carolina I had to ask John a lot of things about what was going on in this North Carolina as I was trying to figure this place out too. And went to dinner with him several times and had dinner and they were always a hoot when you'd go to dinner with him because you never knew what kind of story you Here but being in the car business one thing John hated worse than anything in the world were dealer tags. [LAUGH] >> He absolutely hated to see a car with a dealer tag. And I remember [INAUDIBLE] getting into a debate with him a little bit about, well John what's so bad about these dealer tags? And he said every car in the state's got a dealer tag Tag on it I mean that's the way he failed and he I actually ran a bill and trying to take all my dealer tags and in succeeded pretty much in getting most of them but I learnt a whole lot from John that first year and he you are right Senator Davis he was a true champion for North Carolina and Senator Apodaca some of those bills that might or fine memories cuz the rest of us will just sit there and eat and listen to John and tell the stories so there were always a lot of fun but John was a great guy and someone I learned a whole lot from. Senator Heiss for what purpose your eyes? >> To speak to the resolution. >> Yes [INAUDIBLE] >> I knew John Carr the first day I came to the legislature, he was in house at the time and that was 25 years ago, I'll never forget it this bare of a man whom I'd never seen before in my life Came up sat me on the back and said, how are my cousins the Morrison's? Who happen to live in my district. I didn't know who it was, didn't know what he wanted to do, didn't know anything about him, but we retained the friendship for the entire time that he was here and even afterwards. And I see Sandy [INAUDIBLE] back in the back, I remember going to The services with Cindy and other staff and you will understand how important someone is to this assembly when the staff develops a relationship that they had with John. They respected him as a person, they respected him as an intellect they respected him as a man. The first, I actually dealt with John in three different, actually four. The first was in 2003 when I had the fortune or misfortune of becoming the chair of the judiciary committee. [BLANK_AUDIO]. Which I recall the judiciary committee from [INAUDIBLE] because some of you know this, but that committee consisted of among others, [UNKNOWN] [INAUDIBLE], Tom Apodaca, and the most disruptive influence of all, John Carr/g. He never showed up on time. If we were in the middle of a bill, we had to go back And just re-argue the bill, the whole time he had extraordinary, extremely perceptive questions, he knew what was going on but he was never there on time so we would try to rush through the various bills so that we could get those done before he arrived It never seemed to work however. Somehow the same thing happened in the finance committee over time and the debates between he and Senator [INAUDIBLE] were rather significant, they were rather colorful but they were also very pleasant. One of the committees that most folks don't know much much about that he had a real interest in, which is really strange is administrative procedure because he had an incredibly developed technical mind. Now given the fact that I'm associating with technical bills, we had a lot of discussion and debate about that, but he was very Interested in the process of how we did these kinds of things and we did for a long time and we did it extremely well. He and I co-chaired an economic development group that once Perotex/g closed we had a state wide group that went all over the state, I got to meet John John, it was delightful and miserable at the same time, because we went to all these places,

we heard all these problems, he would listen to every one of them and generated a real response to it. We actually came up with some answers but then again we started a session and we never got to finish it up. Not only did he love the staff here and they loved him, [INAUDIBLE] you were the most, you must be the most self- sacrificing soul I've ever run across in my life and Ms Sandra I'll never forget the day that [INAUDIBLE] and I went down to your home to talk with John about endorsing a successor which was not [INAUDIBLE], It was [INAUDIBLE] He couldn't listen to us he endorsed [INAUDIBLE] but he did so because of his principle, he was loyal and that's something we came to really appreciate. When he really gets down to it what Senator Richard said a moment ago is probably the statement that he's known for the most and that is watch out, they're hearing this in China, and you know we're hearing him and he's even further from China And we appreciate that, and thank you for him and for you. >> Senator Berger for what purpose do you rise? >> Speak on the resolution Mr.president. >> Senator Berger has the floor. >> Thank you ladies and gentlemen, the senate. I came in 2001 and Came rather quickly a friend was John Carter, cuz all I would see when you have met him and known him, he was such a splendid gentleman and he always would talk about, remember the little people. I remember him talking about going In the L-A-B and speaking to all the ladies and gentlemen over there that printed the bills and other things. He knew all of them first hand, name by name. Senator [INAUDIBLE] so I wasn't gonna tell that story and I regret you did that but anyway [INAUDIBLE] we love you [LAUGH]. But anyway we would go with John to eat at night and all of you know I'm [INAUDIBLE] to socializing and that is what it's all about here, while the friendships we make here and we do that, and bill to go, even John couldn't agree more with With that, we would go to [INAUDIBLE] and I don't know if who drunk the most beer, I guess it was me I better not say much about that but we certainly loved pizza and we getting a beef that was six or seven hours, so we getting the beef and telling stories, and I remember John, I always tell him about going through Cobble Pass where some of you don't know where that is but it's in Pakistan in the adjoining Afghanistan and it's a rather rugged territory, there's been a lot of wars and other things but I was walking and hitchhiking through there and so he must've So they asked me 25,000 questions about that track and other things because he was so intent to specifics and he was such a fun gentleman to talk to and we became the very closest of friends and I will never forget the opportunity and Thanks to the family for allowing him to be here for as long as he did, I don't know John had an enemy anywhere but he would certainly, truly be remembered and in some stories I've learnt the hard way and through that, I'm not gonna say on this floor, I might consider telling the family but probably not even them, but anyway he was a very fine gentleman and a very close friend of mine, thank you all for being here and I hope all of you spoke to resolution. >> Mr. President. >> Senator McKirsich for what purpose do you rise? >> To speak on the resolution. >> Senator McKirsich you have the floor. >> Looks like about all of us have spoken He was county clerk back in that time frame and of course when I think back about him I think about the same type of fond memories and so me and my colleagues here have spoken of, but one of the things I really admired and respected about him was not only his he gives attention to detail and specifics and understanding process but he loved politics, he knew every detail about when it happened in the state what was happening nationally and his finger was always

on the polls, but more importantly when it came to East and North Carolina he was the time of person that would not just come here and get things done, he was the type of person who could appeal to any on that he went to. He was a populist, he was folksy, he was down to earth, there was nothing you could say to John that he would not always have a response to. But his advocacy as a member of this chamber was profound, he had many many Projects that he was able to get through to help many many people. It didn't make a difference whether he was Remocrat or republican, if John could help John would help you, in your district or whatever it may be. If you're having a tough time with a bill and getting it through you could go to John and get his advice, get his counsel, try to figure out what other people you could pick up to support it. For that type of advice, that type of counsel, that type of leadership which inspired me and so many others I am forever eternally thankful and for more importantly just being here as a strong, solid voice with compassion. somebody who really had compassion, somebody who really knew how to get things done, somebody who understood what it meant to make the political process work. He was a champion He was a leader and if we were to look up in a dictionary and define political leadership in its finest, there should be a picture of John Carter. >> Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise? >> Mr president to speak on the >> You have the floor senator. >> And I'll be very brief here but I wanna speak to the grandchildren today and I wanna tell you about your grandfather and I want you to pay attention. If when you leave this earth you have this many diverse people saying the things about you that we're saying about your grandfather, you've lived A heck of a life and you can do that because he was proud of his family as much anybody I know or ever known and the one thing I'll always remember back to grandfather was that school bus tie he wore about every other day and we used to call him, remember that We used to call him big bird because he reminded us a lot of big bird but no finer man has ever served in this chamber and I want you all to know that. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Any further discussion or debate? Senator [UNKNOWN] for what purpose do you rise? >> Thank you Mr president, to speak on the resolution. >> You have You have the floor senator. >> John Carter was here when I first got here and he was, I don't know, larger than life in some respect especially when you think back about him but there were couple things that just stood out, one in particular if he was talking there was no punctuation, he would just no punctuation at all. The other thing that Senator [UNKNOWN] saw in those committee meetings generally what would happen is when an amendment or a committee substitute would get passed out, you knew when John got it because the first thing he would say, you all understand what we're doing here or he would ask somebody in the audience what they thought about it and then the third thing is I think JohnCarr knew somebody, he may have known everybody across the state. Because I think every one of us that knew him can point to a time where he would come up to you and ask you about somebody, sometimes he was a very obscure person in your community. So he spent a lifetime getting to know people, entertaining people, serving people and being a good citizen. So I certainly commend the resolution too. >> Thank you Sanders, any further discussion or debate? Hearing none, question for the Senate is the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 892 on its second reading. All in favor will vote aye, opposed will vote no. Five seconds will be allowed for the voting and the clerk will record the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] Tillman aye. Curtis aye. 47 having voted in the affirmative and 0 in the negative, Senate Joint Resolution 892 passes its second reading without objection will be read a third time. >> The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. >> Any discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question for the Senate is the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 892 on its third reading, all in favor will say aye. >> Aye. >> Opposed no, the ayes have it.

Senate Joint Resolution 892 passes its third reading, and will be sent to the House via special message. Senators upon the motion of Senator Don Davis and Senator Louis Pate, the Chair is happy to extend courtesies to the gallery, to the family of former Senator John Hosea Carr III, his wife Mrs Sandra Carr, Son John H Carr IV and his wife Ashley and their son James Hansen Carr II, grand children John H Carr V And Isabel Cedric Carr/g, nieces Isabel Morrison Boyer and Lamat Boyer Farmer and former Legislative Assistant Evelyn Hartsell/g and other guests in the gallery, family we thank you very much for the sacrifices you made as a family to have your husband and family Members served here and we thank you for joining us in the senate today. Please rise and we recognize thank you for being with us. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Mr. President. >> Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise? >> I'm moved that words spoken um about the Carter resolution be spread upon the journal. >> [UNKNOWN] As soon as we have one more item on our calendar for the day, public bill's second reading house bill 817. The clerk will read. House bill 817, Enact Uniform Law on Adult Guardianship. >> Senator Randleman's recognised to explain the bill. >> Thank you mr. president. Ladies and gentlemen house bill 817 will make North Carolina the 41st state to enact the uniform adult guardianship and partake it for saving/g Jurisdiction act. Today 40 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have enacted this uniform legislation. The legislation will not change the substantive guardianship law of North Carolina rather it will address the interstate jurisdictional issues that can occur in a modern mobile society. The first objective of the act is to Is to create a jurisdictional priority that solves the increasingly common problem of two or more states appointing a guardian for the same person. The second objective is to provide procedure for transferring guardian ships/g between states. And finally the other act allows a guardian to register their order in other states in the same way Way any other foreign court judgement can be registered for enforcement. This procedure is most often used either because the protected person owns property in more than one state or because the protected person lives close to a state border and receives across state lines. And Mr. President I would like to send forth the amendment please. You can send forward your amendment senator. The clerk will read. >> Senator Randleman moves to amend the bill. >> Senator Randleman's recognised to explain the amendment. >> Thank you Mr. President. After the bill was reviewed by Janet Paul, one of our staff, the school of government, the administrative office of the courts, clerks of Across the state AARP, the primary bill sponsor representative [INAUDIBLE] and myself. This amendment makes several technical changes to align the language and processes included in the reform the uniform law to North Carolina relatives unique guarding shift system. Across [INAUDIBLE] several terms and definitions/g were those already included in North Carolina guardianship law. It clarifies that the term court as used in the legislation include [INAUDIBLE] who are the judicial officials who have a [INAUDIBLE] jurisdiction over guardianship cases in North Carolina. It Clarifies that the legislation parts only to guardianship proceedings it clarifies that the legislation applies to all stages of a North Carolina guardianship proceeding. It repeals existing law related to transferring adult state adjudication of incompetency and it also clarifies that the new legislation is the exquisite method of exercising jurisdiction and guardianship proceedings. This is a consensus technical amendment and I would ask for your support. >> Any discussion or debate on the amendment? Hearing none the question before the senate is the adoption of amendment one. All in favor will vote aye, oppose will vote no. Five seconds will be allowed for the voting, the Clark will record the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] Tillman aye, J.

Davis aye. 47 having voted the affirmative zero in the negative. Amendment one is adopted, the bill as amended is back before the body. Senator Randleman is recognized. >> Thank you. This bill is supported by AARP, The All Timers Association, The American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging/g, The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. The National Collage of Probate Judges, and The National Guardianship Association. I know there's no opposition to the bill as amended and I would ask for your support on the bill. Thank you. >> Do we have any discussion or debate on the dill as amended? >> Mr. President. >> Senator barefoot for what purpose do you rise? >> To speak on the bill. >> Senator barefoot you have the floor to speak on the bill. >> For the past year senator Robinson and I, at the request of senator Berger, served on the institute of medicines task force for developing a state plan for Alzeimers and related dementia. And this bill comes to us it's been ushered by our former clerks [INAUDIBLE] Turner through the house and Senator Randleman through the Senate, becomes as a recommendation from that task force that this body approved and we developed and I just wanted to make you aware of that as we pass this bill today. >> Any further discussion or debate, hearing none the question before the Senate is the passage of the Senate committee substitute the house bill 817 as amended on its second reading, all in favor vote aye, oppose the vote No five seconds be allowed for the voting and the clerk will record the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] 47 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative Senate committee substitute the house bill 817 as amended passes its second reading without objection will be read a third time. >> North Carolina general assembly enacts. >> Discussion or debate, hearing none the question before the Senate is the passage of Senate committee substitute the house bill 817 as amended on its third reading all in favor say aye >> Aye. >> Opposed No, the aye's have it, the Senate committee substitute the house bill 817 as amended passes its third reading. >> The amendment will be engrossed it will be sent to the house for a concurrence to the Senate committee substitute. >> Mr president. >> Senator Apodaca for what purpose you rise? >> To send forth committee report out of order. >> You can send forward your committee report out of border Senator. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> The clerk will read it. >> Senator Apodaca, the rules and operations Senate committee submits the passage, house bill 169 Senate committee substitute number two unfavorable as to the Senate committee substitute bill number two, but favor as to Senate committee substitute bill number three, regulatory reduction act for 2016. >> House Bill 169 calendar, ratification of bills the clerk will read. >> Enroll the bill, enrolling clerk reports the following resolution duly ratified to properly enroll and prepare for presentation to the office of the secretary of state, senate joint resolution 891 a resolution honoring the life and memory of Lindsay Carter Warren Jr, former member of the general assembly. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Do we have any notices or announcements for today? >> Mr. President. >> Senator Barefoot for what purpose do you rise? >> I rise to send forth the committee report. Out of order. >> You can send forth your committee report out of order senator. The clerk will read [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Senator Barefoot with the education and higher education committee submits for passage house bill 242, committee substitute number 1 unfavorable as to committee substitute bill number 1 but favorable as the senate committee substitute bill titled and activate various changes to the charter school of law. House bill 657, committee substitute number 1, unfavorable as new committee substitute bill number 1 but favorable as to senate committee substitute bill number 2 title an act to increase rigor focusing career readiness to the mathematics standard course of study by requiring the state board of education to modify and revise the Mathematics standard course of study in order to conditional sequence of mathematics courses and to disallow the use of a career and technical education course as a substitute to satisfy graduation requirements for a fourth credit in mathematics. House bills 242 and 650 calendar. Do we have any other reports out of order? Senator Brown for what purpose do you rise? >> An announcement.

>> You have the floor for an announcement senator. >> Republicans' work office immediately after session. >> Senator Random and for what purpose do you rise? >> For an announcement. >> You have the floor senator. >> The Joint Legislative Women's Caucus will meet today at 4 PM In room 414. >> Any other notice or announcements? Senator Newton for what purpose do you rise? >> A quick moment of personal privilege. >> You have the floor senator Newton. >> Thank you Mr. President. First I'd like to say I appreciate all of the words that were spoken about senator Carter a good reminder to all officers, pagers, everybody in here of the effect that we have on this and as I was listening to that like many of you have met with my constituents today Town Hall day and I was fortunate to have lunch today with some of my City Council folks in Wilson Senator Apodaca it was very pleasant and they're really worried about their water supply but we'll talk about that later on but I did want to mention to you all something that we all a part off that's making a real positive effect on lives, in my district and all across North Carolina and I wasn't aware of this until they told me over lunch and I just thought you all would wanna know. Because of the bill that we passed last session that allowed Duke to purchase [INAUDIBLE] assets, there was significant rates savings all across stations in North Carolina but I wanna talk about Wilson real quickly in particular. Beginning in September they were able to implement the largest straight decrease that they've ever had and as of April as of April, from September to April the rate payer and customers are residential customers in Wilson has saved more than $10 million in reduced rates and that is real savings. On average they tell me household stayed more than $60 a month in electric cost this winter, during the winter months and I just wanted to make you aware that because this is a big deal for a lot of people in this state when we did that and I thank you for your support and senators support on that legislation thank you very much Thank you senator Newton. Senator Robinson for what purpose you rise? >> Moment of personal privilege. >> Senator Robinson you have the floor. >> Thank you Mr. President. I recognize today that we've honored some great people who've served in this general assembly, but also throughout our state People who've made significant contributions in our communities and so today I'd like to honor the memory of one in my community Melvin Chester Swan Junior who some of us will remember as the boys broadcasting on North Carolina AMT State Universities football games, but Melvin was born in 1935 in Alabama and graduated from Hampton University and he was the second Lieutenant in the army and having graduated in education He came to Greensboro in 1960 to be the principle of JC Price Elementary School which was then segregated, he was one of this was one of the first schools to be integrated, he served as assistant principal there three years and having a love for the sport he also Coached football, basketball, and baseball, and then he was asked to serve as Director of Student Affairs at a time during integration and was moved to the central law office and during that time that was significant because it was important during the integration of First schools that there's someone there who understood how to get people to work together, the idiosyncrasies of the different communities and he was that person. He later became assistant superintendent for the elementary school and community services in Guilford County and served there There until 1982. He later served as a social superintendent or administration and management. But then we all remember that on Saturdays especially those of you who listen to the Aegis football games and I know we got a couple of Aegis sitting over there. Senators Smith Ingram and Ben Clarke as well and [UNKNOWN] is not here. But they remember hearing every Saturday on the radio listening to Aegis play that there was a [UNKNOWN] Spencer Gwen/g duel.

Both who were educators. Who did the broadcasting and that really made the games. And he did that for 37 years. He loved the public school system and he loved North Carolina ANT where he was honored in the sports hall of fame. But most of all he was somebody who contributed to the entire Wasn't just African Americans it just Caucasians, it wasn't just the schools system but it was the entire community it was like when you needed somebody to call who knew how to get things done, who knew how to get people to work together we call male/g swan And Mare/g was that kind of person and unfortunately I was gonna make this statement last weekend and he died on last Friday night he's grand daughter and my daughter who's just flown in from Dallas today were best friends and so that is also almost like a family member who Died as well,but he's contributed so much to our state. And if you talk to people in the Department of Public Instruction who've been there years, you'll know that he contributed a lot to the State of North Carolina. You know Maya Angelou said that people will forget what you said to them And they'll forget what you did but they'll never forget how you make them feel and we'll never forget how Male Swan made us feel. >> Thank you Senator any other notices or announcements? Any further business come before the senate? The chair will recognize Senator Burger for a motion [BLANK_AUDIO] Thank you Mr. President I move that the senate do now adjourn subject to the standard stipulation set forth in senate rule 24.1 receive the committee reports, appointment of conferees, ratification of bills and [INAUDIBLE] of house messages to reconvene on Thursday 9th June 2016 at 11 A.M. >> Motion that the senate now adjourns subject to the stipulations stated by Senator Burger to reconvene Thursday the June 9th - >> Mr. President. If we could do that in memory of Male Swan and John Curr. >> Motion the senate now adjourns subject to the stipulation stated by Senator Burger and in Memory of Melmen/g Chester To reconvene Thursday, June 9th at 11 AM seconded by Senator Blue. All in favor say aye. >> Aye. >> Opposed no. The ayes have it. The Senate stands adjourned.