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House | June 8, 2016 | Chamber | House Health Session

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Ford, you get extra Brownie points cus you're here on time. [LAUGH]. I'm not sure whether all the committee's in. [LAUGH] We do have some few announcements I'd like to welcome everyone to the health committe. Our house pages if you would just stand and let us acknowledge you and a Bishop Wake County, Casey Jackson Wake County, Seth Latan Georgia. Tell us about Mariette, Georgia. [BLANK_AUDIO]. Wow, welcome. Welcome up here to North Carolina. You go to school here in North Carolina? >> No. >> Good. Matheus Melonis, did I say that correctly? Orange County and Wyre Selane, Wake County. Very good. Thank you for being here this week. Our Sergeant Arms Reggie Seals, Marvin Lee, Joel Austin and Randy Wall. Okay, we've had a slight change in our agenda. We're gonna hear H1145 this morning. We had a clerical error in that H1047 that was to be a Health Committee item, was actually referred to another Committee and H1074 was actually referred to Health so we had a clerical error. What we're gonna do is cuz we need to hear both of those, we're gonna wait till after session today, and come back, reconvene 15 minutes and let the Health Committee hear 1047 after session. So we apologize for any inconvenience but there's not much we can do to correct that until Session re-refers H1047 to Health. But this morning we will hear H1145, Represenatative Jones is here, materials have been passed out. Do I have a motion to, we have a PCS. Do I have a motion to except the proposed committee substitute for Health Bill 1145? We have a motion by Revison Breason, Representative Jones you are up to talk about the Health Bill 1145. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen of the Committee. I wanna start by commending some of our members, we have very diligent members, and I want for you to know that I've heard even from some of the dentists around the State that you've been checking with them to see how the Dental Society feels about this particular Bill and they are. Are very approving of it, that I just wanna commend you for checking. I'll just start by saying that although the short title of the bill is Disapproving Dental Examiners Rule. I want want you/g to know that the bill was written with the advice and consent of the counsel for both the North Carolina Dental Examiners and the North Carolina Dental Society. It has their support and their approval. So it's not controversial, I don't know of any opposition. But it does address a problem and it gives them the opportunity to go back and provide some needed clarity to go forward. I'm going to give you the short background if you want to get further in the weeds I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have. But the state board of Dental Examiners submitted some proposed rule changes to the North Carolina Rules Review Commission in late 2015. And included were some ways to enhance training methods to respond to medical emergencies clarifying the parameters for patients selection for various techniques of general anesthesia. Anesthesian Sedation. And the changes were drafted also in conjunction with recommendations with the recent report from the State Auditor. However, there were identified problems in the definition section and that resulted in a number of objections. And that prompted the need for a Legislative review. And so here we are. Those definitions affect many parts of these General Anesthesia and Sedation Rules and so the State Dental Board delayed the implementation of many of those proposed rule changes until the legislature acts. However the procedural changes recommended by the State Alter/g have been implemented. So again, the Dental Society does support this legislation to send this proposed General Anesthesia and Sedation Rules along with the other impacted sections. And that's why there are other sections in here because they are impacted by the definitions, and so this will send it back to the State Board for further clarification and refinement. I can go further, I can give you more details if you need them.

But just to suffice is to say what we are doing is working together with the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners, to allow them to go back to clarify the definitions of the rules, and the rules that are impacted by those definitions. That's what this legislation will accomplish so Mr. Chairman, I stand ready to answer any questions people may have.>> Representative Jones we'll see if there are questions. And if you have a question, open your mouth real wide. >> Say ah. >> I have a question from Representative Adcock. >> I'm slow this morning Mr. Chairman I just got that upswing. Thank you Representative Jones Is it the entire definition section, I have the rule in front of me 21 in cse 16 queue at the entire definition section or certain definition in there that are the problem? >> The definitions that have a problem related to general anesthesia and sedation in particular ans so if there is a a particular rule. I also have a kind of a short list of each rule and what it means. But these are rules that have to do with as you know medications that would inhibit anxiety. When you go to the dental office, some patients, believe it or not, have some degree of anxiety. And honestly depending on what kind of procedure you're having done, you might be under some level of anesthesia. Administering some kind of a sedative drug that would make you more calm, perhaps put you to sleep in some way, and so these are the rules that are impacted by those parts of the definition of section. They just need clarifications. >> Thank you. >> Thank you. Representative Murphy. >> At the appropriate time, I'd like to make a resolution for positive review. >> Okay, we'll see if there are other questions and come back to you. Are there questions? If not, we'll allow you to make the motion, Representative Murphy. >> I'd like to make a motion for approval House Bill 1145 as written. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> To accept the PCS. >> Yes, sir. >> We have a motion. Was there any other discussion? All in favor of that motion, say aye. >> Aye. >> Any opposed? So Representative Jones it has been approved and we will move that to the floor for discussion as well. >> Thank you very much. >> Just a reminder if you'll be back about 50 minutes after session this afternoon we'll take up the other bill. We know there's at least one amendment proposed so, again we apologize for the inconvenience but not much we can do about that right now. So this meeting will be temporarily halted and we'll be back 15 minutes after session this afternoon. Thank you.