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House | June 2, 2016 | Chamber | House Convenes

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[BLANK_AUDIO] May I have your attention please. Visitors please retire from the chamber, as the house prepares for session. Thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] The house will come to order, members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber. The sergeant at arms will close the doors. We'd ask all members and all guests to please silence all electronic devices. [BLANK_AUDIO] This morning's prayer will be offered by representative Fisher we'd ask all members and all guests in the gallery to please stand for the prayer and remain standing for the pledge, Representative Fisher. >> Morning. An essay by Clarissa Pinkola Estes was forwarded to me recently. She is an American poet, a post trauma specialist and author of women who run with the wolves. The essay spoke to me so I decided to fashion a prayer from some of the messages she was urging in her essay and this is for Sophie Sady. The Lord be with you and also with you. Let us pray. Eternal God, ruler of the universe we find ourselves in a time of bewilderment over the current state of the affairs in our world. We witness daily incomprehensible acts against children, elders, everyday people, the poor, the unguarded, the helpless. Today I ask you to help us not to spend our spirit bemoaning this difficult times but to give us hope and a willingness to engage one another in constructive dialog and action. Keep us from dwelling too much on what is outside our reach or what cannot be, remind us that we are needed for this times. Assist us in needing resistance by revealing to us those who will love us and guide us so that we will know when they appear. We are united in our belief in a power greater than ourselves and we know we are not put here to fix everything all at once. Give us the grace to concentrate on mending the part of the world that is within our reach so that by an accumulation of acts of kindness, we tip the scales toward enduring good. Help us God to remember why we are here, whom we serve and who brought us to this place in this This time. Amen. >> Amen. >> I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> The gentleman from Harding, Representative Lewis is recognized for a motion. >> Mr. Speaker, the journal for June 1st has been examined and found to be correct, I move that it stands approved as written. >> Representative Lewis moves that the journal for June stands approved as written, those in favor will say aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed no, the ayes have it. The journal for June 1st is approved. Ratification of bills and resolution the clerk will read. >> In relation to reports the following bills during the gratify for presentation to the governor house bill 632, an act to protect student online privacy, and the following bills and resolutions duly ratified and properly wield and prepare for presentation of the office of the secretary of state. House bill 469 And I am commending the chatter of the town of Sunset Beach to allow the town to use proceeds from all the streets parking meter in the same manner in which the proceeds from off streets parking facility are used. House bill resolution 2018, our job resolution confirming the governors real appointment of Raymond Iguais to the office of Commissioner of Banks. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Your bills will be noted. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK-AUDIO]. For what purpose does the gentleman from [INAUDIBLE] representative [INAUDIBLE] rise. >> Thank you Mr. speaker just for a question really quick. >> Just a moment, the house will come to all the gentleman has the floor to speak on Point of personal privilege. >> Mr. speaker I believe that their has been a crime propagated last night either from John Bells house regardless Shepherds house the page o your right I think stole one of their codes. >> He looks great he looks sharp their. [BLANK_AUDIO] Messages from the senate the clerk will read. >> Mr. Speaker corseted message from the senate. 31st 2016. Informing the house of representatives that the senate felt concerning in senate bill 838 house committee substitute third edition appoint to be entitled an act to require further reporting from the department of death and humans service related to transformation of the medicaid and NC health choice program and to modify certain provistons To legislature and the president appoint Senator Hise chair Senators Pate, Cook, Tucker, Sanderson and Woodard on the part of the senate to confer with light [INAUDIBLE] and senate bill 805. Noted comprise for the house madam clerk will be representative dollar chair, representative Dobson, representative Breeze from the senate will be notified. Additional messages from the senate the clerk will and also representative Rabon will be a conferee on that bill as well. Messages from the senate the clerk will read. Senate bill 805 first edition a bill to be entitled enact to enact to enact the revised uniform judiciary, access the digital assets act of may conforming an amendment to general statute as recommended by the general statutes commission. The bill is refereed to the committee on judiciary. [BLANK_AUDIO] Calendar. Chair believes their are some amendments. being drafted for house bill 959, the chair is going to move to house bill 1080, house bill 1080 the clerk will read. >> Representative [INAUDIBLE] house bill 1080 to be entitled an act to establish achievement school district, general assembly of North Carolina enacts. >> Further discussion further debate. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenberg representative Bryan rise. >> All right to speak to the bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill in just a moment. >. Member we're now taking up the bill and ask all members who are having side bar conversations to please step up the floor, it's pretty loud from where I am and I can only imagine it's even worse for those who, where the conversations are happening around them please ask the members to give the gentleman the respect he deserves, the gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr.speaker, I hope that the last comment was all right, house bill is a low performing school pilot program with three alternatives. As many of you are aware this bill started well over a year and probably 50 versions ago, as a pilot program to bring successful charter operators to help step in, to help students in five of the lowest performance schools in the state, schools

that are not making an adequate student growth and his performance is in the bottom five percent. We had much debate in the house about what should be classified as a little performing school and we've not always been in agreement with the senate about that But what we know about with these schools is they are not even part of that debate, these are on the lowest end of the conversation we are having about schools that are not showing growth for our kids. I know proportionally why that is in each of these schools and each is is different. But we cant sit by idly and allow that to keep happening without taking action. We need to make sure that our state dollars are making a difference for these kids. This legislation is simply another tool in the tool box to find innovative solutions that work. After meeting with various groups and other other members of this body the pilot program has expanded in two additional ways that help local districts and provide more charter like freedoms to a variety of under performing schools. The first is an innovation zone and the second is a principle turn around pilot program. These additions were added as a part of a bi partisan house select committee They unanimously voted to move forward with this legislation. As you all are aware the K-12 Education Committee also voted to move forward last week. And I wanna take a few minutes to walk through this pilot bill which is unfortunately, got a lot of details to cover. Whatever you may have heard positively or negatively about achievement of school districts in other states or other similar activities in other states let me be clear. The program we are creating is unique to our state with different parameters and different systems in place. And specifically you'll note a slower lead in time Time, to try to help create buy in in our communities. If you're looking online you might take a look at the bill summary, I'm gonna walk through in very short hand, the key points and the bill summary is probably the easiest way to follow along. What would happen at the start of this process is a superintendent would be selected, there would be a committee chair by lieutenant governor and the state board would ultimately select that new superintendent. For the selection of schools, this power is limited to Cay through five Elementary schools in the bottom 5%. Not showing sufficient growth over our multi year period and the list of eligible schools will be created annually. The [UNKNOWN] To select schools for the panel, it's apparently intensive process and should create higher expectations in all of this schools [COUGH] The school The state board education will select the schools upon the recommendation of the superintendent by January 15th of the year. The LOA/g should have a school selected where they end up with three options. They have to exercise their option by March 1st. They could either, adopt a principle turn around Model if they dint want to go into ASD they could consent to the selection of the ASD or they could close the school. They also have to hold public hearings as a part of these process. The next section deals with the selection of the actual operator of the school. In simultaneously with the LEA decision process. The various operator selection process would be on going. Our selection process has guired rains in it not found in other states. In order to be selected as an operator you have to have a record of results of improving performance. Performance of lower performing school or substantial numbers of lower performing students, who have proven record of success in out state. Already have the skin the game in our state in a credible and a specific plan for one of these schools. This entities will also have the opportunity to hold public information session in the community. In the local board prior to the LEA decision. With respect to what the management of the school will look like. The operators would enter into five year contract with the stay board. The enrollment would remain exactly as the district had it previously. Transportation and facility maintenance would remain the same as it is with the LEA unless a memorandum of understanding entered into. In other wards if a school wanted to do a different times for it's school day.They would have to elect their own transportation. And they would just get the normal dollars that a charter school

would get for transportation. It they wanna stay on the same schedule transportation will always continue as it always has for that particular school. The operator will have to enter into an occupancy agreement with the LEA and that operator would have charter like flexibility with respect. The staff and decisions. For funding of the schools their is two options. The first easier for most of us understand is just traditional charter funding but with no transportation dollars because the school district would still be providing the transportation an less they choose other wise. An MOU, a memorandum of understanding for funding. It would basically, otherwise provide the funds that would have otherwise gone to the school, if it had just remained a traditional district school. With respect to this contracts, these any of these operators,their contracts are gonna have Are gonna have their own requirements, but if they don't exceed growth over other qualifying schools then the contract can be terminated after the 3rd year. In addition if they don't improve at the end of their five year contract,they will be terminated. If they are doing a great job, they can have a contract extension for an additional three years, but that is the maximum. Maximum amount of time that any school, can be in the district. At the end of that period they might select to be, they will go through a conversation where they could apply to be charter, they can just be passed back to the LEA, but there would be no automatic extension of anything beyond that. So Now to the second part of the bill that deals directly with our local LEA's and some of their additional freedoms. You'll see an Izone peace. In the I zone peace is a little complicated. But let me explain how it works. school district, your district, your [INAUDIBLE] automatically gets to have its own housing, put the three schools where they can have charter like flexibility in their schools, they don't have to exercise on it but they are guaranteed the right to have their own housing to do, to have charter like flexibility up to three of their lab performing schools Further, the model creates a free standing immediate, as in for up to five schools in the project lift they can [INAUDIBLE] in Charlotte where they are already a successful turn around is already on going where they want the opportunity to exercise charter like flexibilities these and so that's a large urban area. The bill allows for two additional districts, one with under 20,000 students and one with under 6,000 students to also apply for its own independence housing with other three low performing schools and the finla option is the principle turn around option, if the district set his eyes, maybe they've got leadership issues at their school they can actually replace the principle, find a principle with turn around experience, enter into a five year contract, this was actually a request of some of the The school administrators and they have to have a few expectations of what their goals would be if they would exercise that option, there can be up to five of those schools elected as well, you also see there is a study of all the pilots, we've put in sufficient money to do a good study starting on the front end to see how these areas, methods of tackling a problem in the state, how they are doing, how we can all work together to continue to improve them. Finally as I mentioned earlier there is a delayed implementation of the bill intentionally, we'd like to get a super attendant hired, let that super attendant and they spend time working with the districts, looking at the schools, ideally creating a mach for a possible operator in a school but making sure they are aware of the various issues that are on going in the schools and no schools will even have to be selected, and only two schools will have to be collected by year 1819 In the additional three about 1920. So the long runway of time to work with these schools try to make sure each of the districts has the maximum opportunity to make its own best efforts. And finally, this is not an effort to disrupt or Offend districts we are recognizing the need to help those schools that needed the most I don't purport for this bill to be a [INAUDIBLE] nor do I see it as a program that will revolutionize all of education in our state, but I do hope we can help provide a relief to some of our kids who needed the The most and have been stuck in schools that are not meeting their needs.

I ask that if you wouldn't leave one of your kids in these schools, let's hold these schools accountable and make sure kids are getting the very best options they can. With that I will ask for your support and will be glad to take any questions. Thank you Mr Mr Speaker. >> For what purpose does the lady from Wake representative Gill arise? >> To speak on the bill. >> The lady has afforded to debate the bill. >> Thank you. Members of the General Assembly here or Members of The House, let me begin by saying,first. First of all, I think that we have a great school system here in North Carolina. That is from our early child education all the way through our educational system and I am not against charger schools for oakville schools or any other schools That will hope improve the success the academic success of our students, but I wanna begin by thanking all of our teachers for what they do for all of our kids to improve their success, we cannot overlook Book the fact that we have hard working teachers everyday who work in our schools and they work very very hard to improve the academic success of al our students and we have to always thank them for what they do. Even You know it appears to some of us, that they are not doing a great job. But I think we have to remember that we have kids that we're trying to teach. And some of this kids in our low performance schools, come to school with emotional problems, Problems social needs, psychological needs. And or teachers have to deal with this. And we re to be thankful that our teachers are doing as much as they possibly can. I understand that our schools are low Performing but I think here in the general assembly those that were before I came here are somewhat to blame for some of the problems. Because we take a knee jerk response. We do a knee jerk in response to a lot of things. We we hear something all of a sudden we think it's bad. And we can find the answer to correct it. So here we go off on our own tangent sometimes without our stakeholders involved saying lets fix the problem. And I think this is one. One instance in which we are doing it. But I can tell you of others. For example let's grade our schools. Lets's give them a grade but we don't know how we are gonna do it but let's look at some other schools outside of North Carolina. we're going to try to us their instead of grading and we're gonna come up with our own, so we further I guess labelize schools as low performing, and if you look at the low performing schools again from the grading system that we put Put out, they were about 600 of them but you know what we forgot to do, we forgot to ask the other schools about their best practices and how their students where being successful. If we had done that then we Then we may be able to say to our department at DPR, are you using these methods or these best practices in our performing schools in order to make sure our students succeed. So let me tell you what the things that we know Whether we have been told that helps improve the academic success of our students. Increasing access to early childhood education and pre kindergarten. We talk about improving access but why we not looking At the area where the local grooming schools are and putting our early childhood education in the pre kindergarten in those programs, in those schools and making sure that these kids get a good start. That would be one way to do it. Smaller classes and trying to improve our adult to students ratio so that we can have one to one kind of teaching.

We can have a pull out teaching and we can have small group discussions. We have tried very hard to put highly qualified teachers in every classroom but we have not given them the instructional support that they need. We tried this year in our budget to come up with some teacher monitoring and coaches for our read to achieve program. I think that is a great thing. But we need to make sure, we do it in our low performing schools and our text books and instructional materials, and our school technology in broadband access. This are things that we know work, but are we concentrating those things in the areas of our Low performing schools? I think we have to ask ourselves that. This all have a track work record and I think it is worth mentioning that our stakeholders are not necessarily supporting Supportive of this ASD. There are a lot of legal concerns about the establishment of it, the evaluation of it, the operation of it, the management of it, financial responsibility of our And standards that we're gonna use to evaluate them. So, in this I guess you know by my comments here, I am not in favor of the ASD. But, I will end this with this, question, and I want you to think about it. Before we invest in a program, that has been proven to be less effective in improving school performance, than what we're doing in most of our schools, thank you. And vote no. [BLANK_AUDIO] Members upon motion of the lady from Davie, Representative Howard, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to teachers and superintendent Darren Hartness. of the Davie County High School student center. They were recognized earlier today at the State Board of Education as one of the seven STEM Schools of Distinction in our state. Would you stand and let us welcome you to the House of Chambers please? >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] And members, the chair is also pleased to extend the courtesies of the floor to former Representative Robert Brawley, whose in rear of the chamber. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Guildford, Representative Brockman arise? >> To speak on the bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> I'm very glad I got to go next cuz there are couple comments that I definitely wanted to refute. The first one, was that we have a great school system here in North Carolina. I put past something else to every single member and I would love for every single member to take a look at what I have given out, and this is the percent of proficiency folks are actually on On great level and if you look, it has our Charter schools and it actually has our traditional Public schools. And my point of doing this, I'll say this first, is not to pick Charter schools against our traditional schools which parts so many times folks on my side do, but it is to make a very clear point. If you look at the African-American number in out traditional public schools, Public schools what you'll find is that African Americans are achieving at a level, at our traditional public schools of a rate of 37%. That means two thirds of African Americans in the State of North Carolina who go to our traditional public schools are not achieving on grade level. I would like to propose for people to not get upset with me about this next statement I'm about to To make but I think it's actually true. And a lot of times you get yourself into trouble by telling the truth. But if that was the majority, if the majority was two thirds failing in this state then it would be an outright crisis. We would be doing everything that we could using every tool in the toolbox to try to fix this problem. We would not care if it was a The charter school, we will not care if it was a private school, we will be doing everything in our power to make sure that two-thirds of our population of people who look like us, are not failing.

Oh hey folks, that's what I'm doing, okay when I stand up here, when I say that, we need to do something different that statue quo is not acceptable because it's not, this is what I am talking about. We have two-thirds of African-Americans in our traditional system status quo, that are failing. Now while anybody would stand up and argue for status quo, is beyond me, when you have two-thirds folks who are failing. I am here to ring the alarm in the state that we have a crisis on our hands. We cannot afford to continue to do the same thing that we've always done. For year after year expecting a different result, it's been decades, we have schools that have been failing for decades that are traditional public schools, that fail decade after decade. This are schools that you've never ever send your kids to and yet you want someone else to send their kids there and they have been sending their kids to that school for years. Another thing I wanna say is, this This bill is not about teachers, this bill is not about principals, is not about the LEAs, okay so if they don't like it, good okay, this is not about them, it's about this kids, okay, it's about this kids who have to continue to go to this low performance schools, that's what we need to look out for, that's what we need to care about, not who their interest groups of the people who are fighting for the teachers. We shouldn't care about that who cares about the teachers, we should care about the kids, this is what this bill is about, that's who we are fighting for, okay. So, they don't like it, then maybe that's a good thing because status quo right now is not working, status quo right now is two-thirds of African-Americans falling, okay and that's the truth, okay? Those are facts. You guys are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts okay. And these are the facts this is why I put it in the server every member to look at it. I asked every single member to please reject status quo and these are the numbers okay. Thank you. Representative Broadman if the gentleman was suspend members becoming an increasingly difficult to hear the members speak, the Chair would ask members to observe the decom of the chamber or to retire from the chamber to continue extremeness conversations. Before the gentleman continues what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland rise? >> To see if the [UNKNOWN] From Guilford would yield for a question. >> Would the gentleman from Guilford yield to a the gentleman from Cumberland. >> Yes sir. >> He yields. >> Representative Brockman thank you for yielding I'm hoping that I miss understood your statement once you not care about teachers. >> Okay, I was being provacatie but what my bigger point was that we should care more about our kids, not about our teachers. We should care more about the children who they are there to serve is my point. They are there to serve our kids and that's who everybody should be worried about and not our teachers. Our first priority need to be our kids who are not learning in Learning in this system. The facts are two thirds of people who look like us Representative are felon to this system and I think we should care more about our kids than the teachers and I hope that doesn't offend anybody. I'm not saying it to offend people. My point is that we should care more about our kids. >> Mr. Speaker If the gentleman could suspend, the chair wanted to extend the courtesies of the gallery while they were here to the fourth grade class from Lake, while the elementary school in Methenburg County. They sit to the chairs left. Would you stand and let us welcome you to the chamber please. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> Mr speaker. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from [INAUDIBLE] Representative [INAUDIBLE] rise. >> Thank you Mr speaker [INAUDIBLE] for a question. >> Would the gentleman from [INAUDIBLE] Representative [UNKNOWN] yield to the gentleman from [UNKNOWN] Representative Representative Hardester. >> Yes sir! >> Heels. >> Thank you Representative in light of the exchange that just took place, I believe I understand where you're coming from, but I just wanna ask you question to clarify. You aren't saying that voting for this bill is a vote against LEA's or a vote against teachers, it's a vote for the children, because your concerned about this schools that are failing, and we have to do something different? So you're just trying to clarify that you're not against the LEA's, you're not against the teachers, you're in favor of addressing a serious problem related to schools that are failing? is that accurate? >> Yes that's 100% accurate and if that came off in my statements I do apologize. My bigger point was that we should care, our first priority should be our kids. Kids, our children. That was my point and my statement. >> Mr. Speaker. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Gillford, Representative Faircloth arise. >> Go ahead. >> I ask a question of my collegeage, Representative Broklin. >> Which gentleman from Gillford. >> Representative Broklin. >> The gentleman from Gillford, Representative Broklin yield gentleman from Gillford Representative Faircloth Cloth >> Yes Sir. >> yields. >> Thank you. Representative Broklin, I appreciate your comments and I understand exactly what your doing with the chart that you gave us and the points that your trying to make.

I wanna ask though particularly in our county and all the other counties and systems in the state We heard from Representative Gill that there are problems that are outside of what we've talked about in this bill such as what happens at home, the support in the communities, the problems with mental health and social, do you visualize the future there is some other program that we Can work in tandem with this program to address some of Representative Gill's problems. >> Yes sir this again like Representative Brian pointed out this is not a [INAUDIBLE] bill, this is just a pilot bill that really tries to address the problem that uses either use try to use all the tools in the tool box so yes, I think it can work agenda. >> And now for what purpose does the gentleman from Johnston Representative [INAUDIBLE] rise. >> Debate the bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> First I'm concerned about this bill in a number of ways Ways and I suppose my 38 years in public education probably has a lot to do with my faults, and the process of trying to figure out how to answer a problem, we come up with ways that we hopefully is going to do that, I'm concerned about About this bill because there is too many negatives and that we don't know, in other words I defect this I defect that how are we going to do with the kids if the schools fails and we are closing and where does it go back all those kinds of issues. What we wanted to do Is fix the problem. Can we fix the problem in regular schools? Yes. Most of the tie though we do not spend the time necessary to actually fix the problem. In my years of teaching we had a number of issues That failed that was suppose to make education better and the reason for that was we didn't ever stay long enough to make it work, or somebody else another idea particularly from this place up here where we at now that's going to be better Decisions made by people that don't necessarily know anything about teaching cuz they hadn't ever done it and I'm concerned about this because if we go along performance school can we fix it? Yes. They can be fixed and they can be fixed In the regular system and they are fixed because you can take the porous, worse school system in the nation and somehow in that [INAUDIBLE] system you will find the school succeeding at doing well Well and you would wonder why, and you can find all kinds of reasons for that usually relates to teachers and leadership working to actually accomplish the goal that they want to accomplish. We are tied down with a lot of times issues Issues that affect negatively what we do in the school systems. Representative Brian is completely right in the sense of keep on doing the same old thing we are going to get the same old thing we got, but we don't necessarily have to have a charter school to fix it that The process that we are looking at in selecting one the low performance schools, and then the second part of that is how do we connect them to the system that we are setting up, a superintendent maybe somewhere not in that That local entity and connected to those schools. How are we gonna actually do that in a positive ways that's gonna actually improve education for children. The end result is, we'll only improve education for children and that they going to end up End up with the things they need to get out in the real world. I was a cruel and technical educational teacher, I did not get the best students, I did not get academic students. My students were successful because and I'm bragging here, I was a A darn gone good teacher. >> [LAUGH] >> And I did not accept children failing and I did what it took to actually make sure that they got the material.

I could remember teaching Board feet to my students getting ready to go to shop. I give a test and everybody failed and I'm thinking what did I do wrong. Well this happened to be the class that my daughter was in in school So I knew everyone on they called me Mr Jakes rather than Mr [INAUDIBLE] and where do students say Mr [INAUDIBLE] Mr Jakes you do not understand, I said what do you mean, you all did not do your work and you failed your test, he said what you did not understand We are the first class that you've taught that will start the new math in doing math, we don't know how to do this, is that ringing a bell, that was program that was put in that was supposed to teach math better, didn't By the way I did teach them how to do both feet figures and they did make good grades but it was an eye opener to me as a teacher, that is the kind of things that creates the problems we have, we need to change some things but I do not think That this problem will actually do what we want it to do, there are too many variables that won't be fixed it probably can't be fixed so I encourage you to vote No, thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Richmond Representative Goodman arise. To debate bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr speaker, ladies and gentlemen first I wanna thank Representative Brian and Representative Brockman for trying to find a solution to a problem that we all wanna find a solution to, it is something that is worthy a goal is we could possibly have Have but for me I don't believe this is the solution, I've looked at it and I agree with representative Langdam there just so many unknowns and so many variables that we have no idea how they are going to work out, I just don't see how we can try another Another new idea and then throw it away three or four years from now like we've done so much in the past. I do believe that every superintendent in the State of North Carolina that has a low performing school knows what the problem is and knows how to fix it, if they just had the resources and flexibility to do what needs to be done. They also know that there's one common denominator for low performing schools and that's poverty. I challenge anybody in here, to find a low performing school that has an affluence student population, it just don't exist actually our representative Brown made that point when he said, nobody in here will their kids go to one of this low performing schools and that's what happens, they leave people that can vote with their feet, and move out of poor neighborhoods, move out of poor schools districts and leave behind the most challenging students, the most challenging and that creates the low performing school. I've been in a lot of this schools, some greatest teachers in the world work in low performing schools and do not get great results but they work in, everyday, they are talented but some of the things they have to deal with or just something that students or teachers and high performing districts cannot possibly understand I think what we are looking through here is a silver bullet, but the ASDs I don't delivery yet, they've been trying in Tennessee, they will try in New Orleans They will try in Michigan and at the very best results were mixed at the worst they were dismal fingers based on what I can see is risky experience, is a bad business model we don't even know how much is going to cost, there is no fiscal note I just That if we get the money and to the local LEA and hold them accountable and say fix the problem they'll do it, we all care about our children I mean to say that we don't care enough About our children I think is a serious misrepresentation of where we are. We do have good schools in North Carolina. The results are improving every year. We need to let the people who work in education and really understand the problem, deal with it.

We need to hold them accountable accountable but we need to let them do it. As legislators we don't need to micromanage everything that goes on in our school system and I ask you to vote against the bill. Thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from union, Representative Horne, arise? >> To debate the bill. >> Gentleman has the floor to debate Base Bill. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker ladies and gentlemen. I am not a teacher. I am not an educator, could well be urged that I am not educated. I mean ever time I stand up to speak I probably prove that. I have incredible respect for the teachers in our school. I don't know how they do it. I really don't. I am confident there's no one that has more respect for teachers than do I but I'm also confident that nothing works for everyone and everything works probably for someone. I'm confident that how I learn or I learned as a child is not how someone else learnt. I absolutely agree that there's a direct direct correlation between low performing schools and poverty. My concern are under served kids. Number one on my agenda, under served kids. What can we do, what should we be doing us here, this 120 of us here, what should we What should we be doing to help under served kids. Everything that Representative Gills suggested, why haven't we tried that before. Where has that been? Under served kids didn't appear yesterday, great teachers like Representative London who motivates kids and understands them. I would like to think that every teacher in the State is one of those teachers, we know better. That's not for luck of effort, necessarily so what are we gonna do? Now, in the few years that I've been here and been involved in education, there are a few things that have become very clear about that I will say the teachers and principals and superintendents have told me that will directly impact the Delivery of education, among those is, more flexibility, more flexibility in hours, in calendar for teachers to be able to do what they need to do in order to help their kids, because most of them know what they need to do to help their kids. So how do we give them flexibility? This bill offers one of those opportunities in high zones to allow some LEAs to have charter like flexibility for some of the schools in their LEA , that's a really good thing. In testimony and committee we heard from some folks in other states that had theses I zones, innovation zones and one of the comments they made is the I zone would not have been successful had it not been for ASD Achievement School in their Their, in their LAA, in their operation. We also know that we need to help our principals be better principals. We need to help them attract better teachers and support them and help them out and we know that not all of the principals have the tools so you got the ability or the knowledge or the tools available to them to do that. This bill helps those under served kids have an opportunity to find that principal This is not what I would call light switch legislation which, or maybe we could call it rejourn legislation. This bill does not propose that we flip a switch it's all fine. This pre bill proposes a very deliberate and some what link the The period in order to address the issue and ensure that we putting, in to the best of our ability the right people in the right place at the right time and give us an opportunity to evaluate that as it goes along. This bill allows evaluation of the process through out that innovation zone in particular I think is going to be critical to the success

of many LEA's, many superintendents, many principals in order to deliver quality education to the poorest and most under served kids in our state and we cannot not let those kids flounder, I am confident that DPI and the teachers and principles are trying their best and we need to help them in every possible way and give them every possible option, I believe this bill does that. Is it perfect oh no We not yet pass the perfect piece of legislation around this place but fear or failure should never be a deterrent. Last point is talked about I was saddened a little bit To hear about well everywhere else I tried us had failed I'm sad to here that because this is not everywhere else and this proposal is not anyone else's if you read this bill carefully this proposal puts in lots of bumpers or other Opportunities to evaluate, re-evaluate, stay on top and involve the local LEA with the proposition because that LEA is going to get this schools back and they want to help I think the LEAs want or should want the help and particularly again I go back to the eyes on so I encourage you to step back, take a look at this bill in the broadest possible context and focus on under serve kids, under serve kids, as well as teachers that really want to deliver a Education principals that want really good schools superintendents that want good schools in their district and okay so what do we do, what's our role here, and I think this bill helps us help those kids Most deserving in this state, please vote for the bill. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham representative Mitchell rise. >> To speak on the bill and to raise a question. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Mr speaker the reasons on the house you and I have been here a long time and I have gone through a whole bunch of education Asian Guru's so to speak and ever session it appears something comes on the scene that seeks to improve what we are doing in terms of education. You put in one program, it costs you a couple of million dollars this year then the next year you come with another program that costs That costs you ten to 12 million dollars and then the following year you knock out that program and you put in another, there's just been one continuous mess after the other and now we've got programs, I've seen the budget, we've got for the Scholarship program $34 million in there, does that improve the education of the state. I mean there a lot of things that we come in here and do and change every year thinking that we gonna make a change. We do n't have the habit of sticking with one thing and trying to work that one thing through putting the money where Where it would best be suitable. Mr. Speaker I would,like to ask the gentleman Representative Brown a question please. >> To whom does the gentleman wish to direct the question? >> Representative Brown. >> Does the gentleman from Metenburg yield to the gentleman from Darum? >> I do. >> He yields. >> Representative Brown, how is this gonna cost the State to get into this program at$400,000. Follow up. >> Yes the gentleman [INAUDIBLE] an additional question. >> Yes >> [INAUDIBLE] Is the $400,000 carry out the full program? >> I'm not sure I understand the question all the different programs? >> Yes sir. >> Good question there is about $400,000 put in for the achievement school district we have for the I zones about I wanna say $400,000 or $450,000 that could be given out to the local LEAs that's completely just money to the LEA's to help with their risings and then for the principal turn around we require A match but the districts themselves that they choose to exercise that can get 75,000 that's up to file schools that's about is a little over a million dollars total. Further question. >> Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? >> I do that's about a million dollars I read in the bill something somewhere and says it is the intent of the legislature so sum appropriations

is it still the intent you are talking about or is it going to be done? >> Well there is money set aside for pending legislation like this so in the first year I think there is about 8 or $900,000 in future years that's always subject to the next legislatures using the funding. >> Follow up. >> Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? >> I do. >> He yields. >> So what you are telling us is that any money that you got in here comes about I think I read it in here somewhere between 2017 school year that a lot of that money comes into play. >> That's correct here's money that as the program start, which is not necessarily this year, there are not getting money before the program actually starts. >> My I follow up Mr. Speaker >> Yes the gentleman may ask an additional question. >> I did. Yes. >> Let me ask you, is there a fiscal note on this Bill? >> No but there's money set aside on the budget for the Bill. >> [BLANK_AUDIO] Mr. Speaker could I. >> Yes. >> Curk if there's a fiscal note in the file on that. >> The chair has determined a fiscal note is not needed. >> Not needed. Okay here we go. We put more money hopefully it is the intent is what this bill says. You trying to get some future legislator to put some money in here. And no grantee that one legislator can bind the other legislator. But here again is just the thing that every session we have is always some improvement as for that's no where it fails or where it doesn't fail whether it succeed or whether it doesn't succeed. So I why do we keep we doing this. Why cant we find the program that we need and really stick with the program and move that program forward rather than trying something every year building up Thursday, Wednesday can be going to this schools. To promote those programs as it were. I hope you would vote against it. I don't vote for the bill that intend to do something I'm trying to vote for a bill that does something. >> For what purpose does the lady from Franklin Representative Richardson rise? >> Thank you Mr. chairman to debate the bill. >> The lady has the floor to To debate the bill. >> Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, I have always been taught that if you are gonna criticize something you should have a solution and I stand this morning to offer you a solution to improving school student achievement in the state of North Carolina. Our own DPI department has put out a publication that states that with evidence of transforming low performing low achieving schools they have been able to do that through their district and school transformation office. They have been able to in by 2014, 97 of 107 school served by Deep ST over time meet or exceeded growth. They also have stated that their is a total of 581 school that qualify for their services but they have only. But they only have resources for 75 schools, my contentions here is that we have a proven law school achievement program within our state with staff and with employees that have proven to be Either to succeed in our school districts and we are not referring to them, we are not using them, we are not funding them to do what they do best, they also said over three year period that their schools met or exceeded growth and did Neat growth. So, in the research that we have had, it has shown us that it is some what questionable as to whether or not at ASD does what it purports to do. So, we have asked for a That would [UNKNOWN] achievement in the State of North Carolina. I contend that DPI has such a model and that we should be committed to that model because it is one of our own, we don't have to transport anybody in, they know the lay of the land, they know the students, they know the Stuff and they have been working closely with the stuff. So I propose to you that we do have a way of improving student achievement we have just not been able to fund him,

I chose not to fund him and now we're gonna chip away from our budget another million dollar They could go to DPI and more schools to their DFT model that will show and as proven and we would have continuity of services and we won't have to choose five schools, we wouldn't have to wait five years to see that students do improve and wouldn't have to go into a separate oversight committee to do so, I stand to ask you to vote against this bill, thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Haywood Representative Queen Rice >> Speak on the Bill >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> I rise just to say it's important that we try things, I am in favor of taking risk and working for progressive things but what I worry about at this general assembly is some of the things that some of our colleagues have already spoken of. What we do know is important, without a good teacher in every classroom, public schools do not succeed. Without a good principal in every school, public schools cannot succeed. If we give Know this if we will commit to what we know we can improve the schools. If we will quite looking for the flavor of the day we can improve schools in North Carolina. It is our commitment, this bill reminds me a bit just sort of squinting at a gnat while we swallow a camel. We need a quality teacher in every classroom and every public policy decision to make that happen is key to our children's success in transforming public school. We don't need to look to operators to take over our public boards commitment we just need to support our public school boards all across this state with public policies and finding for a quality teacher in every classroom and a high quality principle in every school thank you. Members the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to a group of students from Hunter elementary school from right here in Rowley. Would you all please stand so that we could welcome you and thank you for being with us. Thanks for being with us today. >> [APPLAUSE] For what purpose does the lady from Orange Representative Insko rise? To debate the bill. >> The lady as the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker ladies and gentlemen of the house I just want to add to some of the comments that have been made by representative Landon and representative Gill and Richardson and representative Goodman. That we already know what to do. I want to add their is one more thing that hasn't been mentioned, and that's the importance of early childhood education. Extensive research that burst to age eight are the most important years. It's not that you shouldn't be working with the children who are beyond that age. We should we should be doing every thing we can can. And comments have been made how to turn around failing schools that we need to return our, On our focus to this early childhood years, and I think that we are doing that we are beginning to see again when we implemented smart stuff if you looked at the high school graduation rate when smart start was first implemented and 20 years later when all the kids had an opportunity to go through that program Our high school graduation rate which about 60% to more than plus to 90%, 85 or 86% so we know programs that work and we should focus on programs that work instead of the silver bullet, It's a little bit like arguing about how to How to loose weight, some people try bariatric surgery and that works for some people, and some people it doesn't you like take a pill that doesn't work too long you might have it really exercise program or enacting diet but did we know the answer it is to to take in fewer calories and fewer calories than you use there are many ways to do that. But the big way is to give up sugar and carbohydrates. You change your diet and you change it for life. So we know the answers we just fail to do it.

And I hope that will focus on looking on the programs that we know that work and figure out how to spread them across the state and get you these kids that are struggling and have a right to the same kind of education that we all do and that our constitution requires us to. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg rise? >> To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> We have to many schools across the state that are failing our kids. This is a crisis and this needs to be treated like a crisis. The department of corrections projects the number of beds it needs for future use based on reading levels for third grade and eighth grade. There is a direct corelation between reading on grade level and likely hood of incrustation. Representative highlighted some of the first great level proficiency numbers and those statics are very significant. This bill has many great ideas for the take over charter potion that model that is of concern to those on the other side That are opposing the bill. Let's be clear that this address five schools who are consistently the worst school in the state. Five school of the 50 roughly worst school who are consistently the worst schools in the state. Five school this isn't 100 schools this isn't changing the model for how we do education across the State in every public school. It's five schools, we know what we're doing in those five schools isn't working, we know it. I wish it was more than just five schools but it's a good start for a pilot program and that's what this is a pilot program and we've gotta address this crisis and treat it like a crisis. I'm gonna vote yes and I ask for your support of the Bill as well [BLANK_AUDIO] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from [UNKNOWN] Representative [UNKNOWN] >> To speak on the Bill, >> The gentleman has to forward to debate the bill >> I really I really did my best to not push that button but the more I listened the more I said, no,no no I can't sit here and I can't listen to all of this. I better be tried to other things that didn't work, we tried this, we tried that, well of course we've tried things that didn't work and were gonna continue to try things that may work, that may not work cuz we don't know if they're gonna work until we try them but it's our job, it's what we're here for, it's to take care of this types of things. We're loosing kids by the day, I hear about poverty is the reason, low income schools, that's the reason they're failing I'm a product of the Chicago Public Schools. My mother raised five kids on less than $1 an hour, I'm sick and tired of hearing about that. I graduated and I can read and I can write and all the kids that graduated with me could read and could write. And I look around today and I know people who have masters degrees and who have PHD's at the end of their name that couldn't write a decent letter to save their life. Something is wrong, something is wrong in our educational system somewhere along the way We are loosing schools we are talking about this schools about I'm hearing well we know how to fix some we just need to give them time but this is a pilot program and the schools that would be going into this program have a history of being failed schools, how many years do we allow this to happen, how many children do we loose Year after year after year if before we stand up and say enough is enough, I'm hearing about money being taken away from the public schools, every dollar that goes into the general fund does not belong to the public school system and because money is spent on Scholarships and money is spent on other things does not mean it's coming from the public schools, I'm hearing that if they had more money they'd be able to fix this, we are getting a good deal out of private schools and out of charter schools for less money and a lot of the kids are graduating that That can read and write. And home schools, the fastest growing state in the nation for home schooling. What's going on? Why is everybody pulling their kids out of the public school systems? It's our job to find out why,

it's our job to fix it, it's our job to look at ways that we can improve The education of our children, it's not our job to worry about whether or not we're sustaining a failing system. Yes we need to support our school systems, and that also is our job. But if there are other options for our children, if there are other ways that we can reach out and educate this kids. That needs to be the focus Focus we need to educate these kids, that's the priority. I'm hearing that some of these schools have met or exceeded their goals. That's fine but what does that do for the kid? You seeing that? I listened to the radio one time a few years ago under the ABC Program and they were giving awards and this and that. And one of the counties was patting themselves on the back because 42% of the eighth graders were reading at grade level. I guess that means 58% of them were not reading at grade level It doesn't matter if it's an improvement, we still have a problem. Whatever the problem is it needs to be addressed and we need to look for every avenue that we can to help this kids. And if this program works, then we're better of, if it doesn't work then we move on to something else. And I can promise you that there will be other programs and it doesn't matter who's in charge of this General Assembly whether it's Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians or otherwise. There will be no any innovative ideas because that's what happens, it's called progress. [BLANK_AUDIO] I'm gonna let it go at that, okay, but please support the bill, let's give it a shot, if it doesn't work we get rid of it but we've got to do something because what we're doing right now is not working and keep in mind that the schools that will go on this program have a history of being failed schools. This is not one year they fail and we're gonna go ahead and put them in the program. They have a history, that means those kids in those schools are not where they need to be. How many years do we wanna wait before we try something different, before we look for another avenue. We're looking at the people running this system that have a history of success Success with the kids. I ask that you all support this bill and give it a chance and I'm gonna use one of your phrases that you all use all the time, you all [UNKNOWN] for the children. >> What purpose does the gentleman from Lincoln Representative [UNKNOWN] rise? >> To speak on the bill. Gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I'd like to thank Representative Bryan for his leadership on this bill. In committee, I said to Representative Bryan that I don't think this should be called an achievement school district bill. This should be called a rescue bill. Cuz it's what it's really about. It's not about my son who incidentally happens to be with me this week. It's not about our district. We've got great schools, wonderful public schools. I'm a product of those public schools. We've got great parents, great teachers, great school bus drivers. It's wonderful where we live and it's great. Representative Brockman told you about another story in another place where parents Are hopeless, where children are left to fend for themselves and do the best that they can with what they've got. I don't know whose fault that is, and I'm not here to lay blame. But the reality is if we do not act, if we do not do something now, if we do not understand what the consequences of our inaction are then we are to blame. And thinking outside of the box and finding new ways to approach these old problems I think should be encouraged, I think it's a lesson to our children, it's a lesson to our state and it's our job to think outside the box. If we came here to the legislature to simply do it the way it's always been done, then why are we here for. Why did you run for office? That's a question you should ask yourself. But also ask yourself about the kids in this districts, they are not my kids. In Lincoln County things are great, I told you that. Proud of our schools. Proud of teachers all across the state. I love public school teachers, again I'm a product of public schools from kindergarten All through my experience year at the university. So that being said, representative Brockman talked about truth. And truth hurts sometimes and his absolutely right, and it gonna sting a little bit. We've heard people talk about the soft bigger free of low expectations. We can't just seat back and when we talk about economic development. How we've got to reach out to this different areas that need help that need rescue but then we allow things to continue as they always have and say what happened.

Economic development didn't work. We've never addressed the problem and so simply because there's a different idea out there and there may be other ideas and I think that should be encouraged. I don't fault DP either that's wonderful that they've got plans. That they are doing things. We might learn something here. I'll give you a story from our local school board. Incidentally friends with everyone on that school board the chairman Was one year younger than me in high school. We're good friends. We talk a lot. We work together a lot. His son and my son are on the scout troupe. Couple of years ago as I toured the school was building a new building. School board chair at the time, she's still in the school board called me and she said do you think that the be open to us coming and touring that building cuz I'm hearing a lot of good things and the firm that they have has designed the school building has really saved them a lot of money and we'd like to tour it if we could? That's kind of an odd question but would you help facilitate that conversation. I said I would be glad to It's a good lease. Credit to Representative Arp, I think it was your firm the designed the building, so kudos. Saved us a lot of money, and it's continued to do that in our school systems. But that was thinking outside the box. That is not doing it the same way it's always been done. If we don't act now, if we don't reach these children We are moving backwards and we are talking about a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of schools across the state, this are the folks, the kids, the parents who need help and there we talked about effluents. this parents and the schools they know what's best for their children but they may not have the effluents to To get a better deal for their child they may not have someone suggested bill to vote with their feet or to move to the next school district, they are trapped. I will tell you right now that my son were trapped, I want to do whatever I could do for my son, that's called a pair I'm not a teacher but I am a parent That's my prerogative and that's what all of you who are parents and grandparents in this body know that if it were your child or your grandchild you would do whatever you could and you may not have the tools but they know who you are from, I'm talking about tools and tool box but if you had the opportunity to do something better for that child You would absolutely do it and I think that is all this bill tends to do is to find a new way to think outside the box to find and reach children so we can finally defend the status quo and there'll be people here long after we are gone, our time here is short that we people want here wrong after we are here defending the status The status quo but that does not reach those children and those school districts they are failing the most and is not fair to them we should be doing something Representative Brian I applaud you for doing this those who have spoken in favor thank you and I hope that you all in this body will reach out to those children and those failing districts and do what we can to find something new something innovative and a way to reach those kids and get them out of the situation that they are in and improve our school systems all over the state, we do have red school systems but no one gets it right all the time and in this state there are failing schools we have to admit that but it is our job to find new ways So to find the prescription to improve the situation of those children and I urge you to support this bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. >> For what purpose does the general from Mecklenburg Representative Bradford rise? >> To debate the bill, please. >> Gentleman has the to debate the floor to debate bill. >> We've heard a lot of great debates today but I think we can all agree That no matter your perspective, we all agree that the success of these children is our number one priority. I think it's important to understand that this bill is not a takeover bill. It's a turnaround bill, and there's a big difference between a takeover and a turnaround For those of you that have spoke against it, keep in mind that the LEAs will receive these schools back to their possession after an eight year period. It will come back like a boomerang and it will hopefully come back better than the way it left. So this is not a competitive threat In any way. It's an opportunity to try something new. We teach our children everyday in our schools to be creative, to be innovative. That's what makes America great, that's what makes our school system great and we are trying to apply innovation And creativity to a piece of legislation to practice the very thing that we teach in our schools. I hope you will support this pilot in the world of medicine, we did clinical trails. Just because the drug works 80% of the time doesn't mean we stop

trying new things. To get it to work a 100% of the time. Stand with us it's five schools it's a pilot it's a turn around program they will go back to the LEA's vote for the kids vote green thank you. >> What purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg representative Ryan rise? >> To speak to the bill a second time. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill a second time. >> Thank you. Mr. speaker fellow members I appreciate the comments frankly representative Richardson representative Gill working with you over a long period of time. I will say I wanted a follow up on one point. Mentioned the DPI program and the DPI program is working in about 75 schools. It has cost millions and millions of dollars and there are some studies that show good results and there's a big study that questions those results much like what you've seen in [UNKNOWN] The reality is in some schools Schools, they are [UNKNOWN] just like in some of the recovery school district schools in New Orleans and some of the achievement school district schools in Tennessee and I wanna give you the reminder, we're talking about five schools here. We have put guard rails on, that require us to bring in successful schools. I was looking at Some of the numbers from some of the schools in New Orleans for their last year growth. This was Science and Math 17.3%, 23%, 15.5%, 31.2%, 20.7%, 26.1% [UNKNOWN] Those are the schools we're looking for. And I am confident that in our process that that's what we're gonna find. I also wanna give you a reminder that the [UNKNOWN] which I've heard no one speak negatively off, the way this goes [UNKNOWN] there could be up to 26 schools across the state [UNKNOWN] very much five schools Schools in a possible [UNKNOWN] district up to 26 schools could be in [UNKNOWN] with the districts who have [UNKNOWN] repeatedly for more flexibility, for more [UNKNOWN] for some of their low performing schools, they'll actually have them. So I think that's gonna be a great benefit and a great opportunity for us to work together To accomplish good things for all of our kids. Just renovate some comments I also and may public school product right here in [UNKNOWN] my mum was a public school teacher, my sister was a public school teacher, I was even a public school teacher. I was in [UNKNOWN] Los Angeles A different place with different needs just like we have different needs across our state. But I am confident that all of us in here really want to do the best we can for our students. And we understand that in the 21st century, we have new opportunities to do some things differently And I urge you in this bill to take advantage of those opportunities and vote green for this pilot program. Thank Mr. Speaker. >> Further discussion further debate. If not the question before the house is the passage of house bill 180 on it's second reading. Those in favor will vote Aye. Those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] Te clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 60 having voted in the affirmative and 48 in the negative house bill 1080 passes it's second reading and will without objection be read a third time. General assembly North Carolina enacts. What purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland representative Lucus rise? To debate the bill. Has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. speaker ladies and gentlemen . We've heard a lot about this bill. And I don't have any reason to think that anyone in here. In here is not interested in children in the state and elevating performance of children in the state, but I'm reminded of a state that I think you've heard me say this once before from the late Ronny Edmunds who was an educator Who said that we can at any time we choose teach all children who's education is a value to us, all children and I think the intent of this legislation Is t do that but also would remind you of why we have this condition,

I think you already know that, we know why we have failing schools, I've had someone mention poverty has been one ingredient of a failing Schools I will submit to you that lack of discipline is another reason that lack of study skills, that lack of realistic goals is a reason, how many times have you approached a Child who has I'm going to say from a poverty stricken area particularly if they live in subsidized housing and you inquire them what their goals are, they are usually very unrealistic, I'm going to be a professional Sports person, chances of that are one and infinity, but that's their goal, and I don't know if this legislation is going to address that. We as society Probably responsible for some of that, another common ingredient among this failing schools is the lack of political involvement and don't ever shortchange that, it's very vital Representative Sane said how important it is for his child. Many of the parents in these zones, proposed zones, ESP/g situations, you'll find parents who maybe interested in their child but they don't show it, outwardly show it. They're not going to make provisions, they're not going To apply for a child a school, they're not going to home school that child, or they probably don't have the skills to do it anyway. So we as a society recognize, we recognize where those schools are, everybody in here knows. And what do we do about it We run. We run, we fly, we all do. We say, I don't want my child, I don't want my child to be in that school. We run away, we are running away from the problem rather than solving the problem. And I hope that this does do that, but i have serious doubts that it will. Great teachers are the ones who saw this problem, I really have high respect for representative [INAUDIBLE]. You heard what he said, to all the kids. He didn't take me highly academic academic [INAUDIBLE] kids and I'm sure you probably have some kids who were from homes with lack of discipline, but they took those kids in his classroom and he made them successful kids, again part in their personal reference I think many of you heard me say Yes that I had to leave because My wife's birthday and you probably heard me say my wife volunteered to work at a school with 96% poverty as defined by the free lunch program and she had every child in her classroom reading in kindergarten by March, because she would go there that first. That first day before school began to solicit the help of those poor parents walking over many beer bottles wine bottles or whatever you had to do to solicit the support of that grandmother, that aunt or whoever was working with that child, well last night when I got home, she shared with me that she had received over 300 happy birthday wishes and most of those had come from kids that she had taught, who shared that they really appreciated getting that early start from the poverty situation in the public school that helped them become successful citizens. So we can come up with all the devices we want, but kids we never care about how much we know until they know how much we care. We've got to get into that poverty zone and work with those kids where they are. Work with them in their poverty conditions. That's how you extract and lift them out. They're gonna remain in that same circumstance until we do the basic necessities teaching every child to be successful early on and

this is why I have problems with this bill, I just wanted you to understand that, that we can do it if we so choose that we as society have to do it, we know that they cant do it themselves and let them those out who parents aren't interested in them and that's what we generally do doesn't help the residue those who are left. We just make them worse. Thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative Hall rise? As that be recorded let it be know on that last vote Mr. speaker. >> The gentleman will be recorded as having voted No on the second reading of house bill 1084. What purpose does the representative from Wake representative Stan rise? >> Thank you Mr. speaker I support the bill and just wanted to give additional data that might be of interest to you. Some coloration between poverty of the parents and the performance of the school I also agree with them that their are factors that don't involve money. But their seems to be a misconception around government that their is a direct coloration between per pupil spending and results. Results and I'm sending you by email as soon as it can be done from fiscal research the 115 LEA's and where they rank and per people spending and this includes not only state appropriations but local and federal, but I thought I just mentioned a few of them For example bringing up almost the bottom 114 is Cabarrus County which probably has some pretty good schools Representative Johnson >> Yes >> That's 115 is Davidson County schools which I guess are Fairly good, at 106 Iredale/g state schools which are probably excellent and 109 Johnston County public schools which tells me that the great work that representative [UNKNOWN] did not only as a county teacher, but as a county Information your paid off. They used their dollars to get great results and 111 linking county schools, they are [UNKNOWN] but they get good results. 95 [UNKNOWN] they claim that they have good schools here but they're 95th and pupil spending. Randolph county schools, 113 representative Hurley and yet they have really good schools. 97th Wake county, now Wake county claims to have the best education in the world. I don't know about that but it's certainly not at the bottom. 97th. So this whole idea that it requires more money, more money to get results just doesn't pan out. I won't mention the names but the top five schools in per pupil spending are LEAs with real problems. For example, the one that's 115th in results is also fifth in per pupil spending. So I like this innovative idea, we're gonna try something different in LEAs where they need to try something different other than spending more money. >> Further discussion, further debate? If not, the question before the House is the passage of House Bill 1080 on its third reading. Those in favor will say aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed no. >> No. >> In the opinion of the Chair the ayes have it. The ayes do have it. House Bill 1080 passes its third reading and will be sent to the Senate by special messenger. House Bill 959, the Clerk will read. >> Representatives Iler and Torbett. House Bill 959. An bill to be entitled an Act to Make Various Changes to Instant transportation laws of the state is recommended by a joint state of transportation oversight committee [INAUDIBLE] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from [INAUDIBLE] Representative Euler rise? >> To debate the bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Ladies and gentlemen of the house I thank you Mr speaker [INAUDIBLE] 104 votes, there are some clarifying amendments I believe they are going to be offered as to recognized the amendment sponsors, that purpose. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Stanly Representative Burr rise? >> I send forth an amendment. >> The clerk the gentleman is recognized to send forth the amendment, the clerk will read >> Representative Bell moves to amend the[INAUDIBLE]page two line page 29 by adding the following at the end of the line. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment >> Thank

you Mr.speaker numbers /g in the bill in section 2A which is expending the entities eligible to allocate there land for infrastructure on the state [INAUDIBLE] this amendment will bring clarity to the statutes by clearly stating that in most cases the affected entities, not the taxpayers are responsible for covering the cost of relocating their infrastructure when changes are being made to an affected right of way that they currently occupy so as that section on page two lines 11 through 22 are expanding who's eligible to locate their infrastructure on a ride away or simply making sure that it's not the taxpayers that are responsible for paying to relocate that when there's changes being made to a road that's being expanded or other changes are coming about so it's currently not clearly stated but it's something that is basically been a policy. I've spoken with the transportation chair and I know of no objection from them and I would appreciate your support on the amendment What purpose does the gentleman from Brunswick, Representative Iler, rise? >> To speak on the amendment. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. >> Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Been over this amendment with Representative Burr and the DOT folks and been told it basically clarifies what's existing statute and they have no problem with it. >> The Chair sees several lights on. Are any of these members listed to debate this amendment? Question before the house is the adoption of amendment one send forth by Representative Burr. Those in favor will vote aye. Those opposed will vote no. The Clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 98 having voted in the affirmative 5 in the negative. The amendment is adopted. For what purpose does the gentleman from union Representative Broady rise? rise. >> To send forth an a amendment. >> The gentleman is recognized to send forth an amendment the clerk will read. >> Representative [INAUDIBLE] to amend the bill on page three lines 21 by adding the lines as follows. >> The gentleman is recognized to debate the amendment. Thank Mr. speaker. The amendment is pretty simple it deals with survey. And the corporation between DOT surveys and private surveys just to give you the idea of what it is. When the DOT surveys are right away they will begin at point A somewhere along the project. And they will move along and every single. In their right away but they will always reference it back to the original point. As it goes further and further out this distance gets further away can become miles away. So when a private surveyor might want to survey a parcel along that they will have to actually and go back and locate that original parcel and make it's way back to it. Way back to it. So the amendment which by the way is been cleared by DOT, we talked about it and they said it's fine. Is that DOT from now on or beginning January 1st, will start doing the North Carolina coordinated on at least one point and every [INAUDIBLE] along in a wider way So the private surveyors can actually start from that point instead they having going and [INAUDIBLE] a point that may be miles away. I ask for your support. >> Further discussion further debate on the amendment, if not question for the house is the adoption of amendment A2/g set forth by representative Brody. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the Clark will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] The Clark will lock the machine to record the voting. 106 having voted in the affirmative No in the negative the amendment is adopted, for what purpose does the gentleman from Durham Representative Luebke rise. >> Send forward an amendment, the gentleman is recognized to send fourth amendment the court will read. >> Representative [INAUDIBLE] on that line. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. >> Thank you Mr speaker, members of the house as the amendment is pretty straight forward, the concern that I have and I think other legislatures from the triangle there we have is that in our triangle turn pike it is possible to have a one dollar toll and through one reason or another not get the mailings about the toll [INAUDIBLE] and have your fines and your fees and surcharges sky rocket to civil penalties, typically it can go up to $100 I have an example

here from Consumer who has a bill. who had a bill for $193 and this particularly lead me to talk to the [UNKNOWN] authority about having some kind of cap. My feeling is that I have a compromised amount of $50 or still pretty high on one dollar but. Department is department of transportation, is okay] and looking at that further I've have agreed with them that we will tweet the language in this amendment. They do not object to the amendment on the understanding we're gonna tweek it in the in the Senate and I'm okay with that, there's been some deadline problems. So I would move to support the amendment. >> What purpose does the gentleman from [UNKNOWN] representative Howard rise? >> To comment on the amendment. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate on the amendment. >> Thank you Mr.Speaker. This amendment has been discussed over night and it's with the [UNKNOWN] authority and representative Luebke had come to an agreement. And tweaking is needed and again, look at this, I've got the bill Bill and the one dollar which became $197 in my hand. Is evidence representative Luebke provided that to me, but I believe when he said it first time. But we have file/g this, again it has to be tweeted in the senate fine but there [INAUDIBLE] agreed to look at this thoroughly and come up with a really good solution Solution for this. The bill goes to the wrong place or whatever the reason this process and fees just accumulate. So please support the amendment. >> Further discussion further debate, if not the question for the house is the adoption of amendment A3 set forth by representative Luebke. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The Clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] The clerk will lock the machine to record the vote. 105 having voted in the affirmative One in the negative the amendments is adopted, further discussion further debate, if not the question before the house is the passage of house bill 959 on its third reading those in favor will vote aye >> Mr speaker. >> What purpose does the gentleman from [INAUDIBLE] rise. >> I see my amendment is still on the calendar, the chair has reviewed the amendment and the chair rules the amendment out of order. Further discussion Further debate. If not, the question for the house is the passage of House Bill 950 now in its third reading. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Waddell wish to record on this vote representative Mc Grady wish to record on this vote.The clerk will work the machine will record the vote. 107 having voted in affirmative one in the negative,house bill 959 passes the third reading,the bill is ordered engrossed and sent to the Senate. >> Mr. Speaker. >> For what purpose does the lady from Guilford, Representative Harrison, rise? >> I'm sorry, I wish to be recorded as a no on House Bill 959. >> The lady will be recorded as having voted no on the third reading of House Bill 959. For what purpose does the lady from Buncombe/g, Representative Fisher,rise. >> I apologize I would like to be recorded as having voted no on 954 >> We just did 959 not 954. >> Thank you, thank you. >> The bill we just did. The lady wishes to be recorded having voted no, correct? >> Thank you, sir. >> The lady will be recorded as having voted no. For what purpose does the lady from Orange, Representative Insko, rise Put on that bill thank you. >> The lady will be recorded as voted no. House Bill 954 the Clerk will read. >> Representatives Jeter, Hager and Bradford. House Bill 954, a bill to be entitled an Act to Delay the Department of Transportation or Terminate the Comprehensive Agreement For I77 high lanes project for Mecklenburg and Idea/g counties create a [INAUDIBLE] provided by pavement re-terminate claims we direct remains reservoir account funds suspending specific projects removing authorization of IT constructive I77 hot lanes project as public private partnership and [INAUDIBLE] re >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg representative Jeter rise? >> To debate the bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> I will try to keep this brief, I know that I'm the last thing to you all heading home, getting into your undergarments, curling up with a nice scary book. I'm taking the senate budget with me, so That I'll be frightening enough, this bill has been passed transportation, its passed appropriations, it is what it is it cancels the I77 toll contract the P3 contract that was established by House Bill 1077 in 2012,

it does so under the premise of cause Under section which is my belief and some others belief that they didn't materially explore some potential opinion litigation that we think they should have had to disclose and so that's in essence what it does, however what we have done is put a safe garden measure by By putting in an escrow accounts some projects that should the courts rule that this is a convenient cancellation and therefore the cost could be larger than I expect, we put aside projects from the area to pay for the cost of cancellation cuz it's not fair to making your area pay or it so all the Projects are in Mecklenburg County. I would urge your support and happy to answer any questions. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Brunswick, Representative Iler, rise?>> To ask the bill sponsor a question. >> Does the gentleman from Mecklenburg yield to the gentleman from Brunswick? >> I do. >> He yields. >> As a clarifying point, Isn't it correct the the passage out of transportation and appropriations was by without prejudice and not favorable or un favorable, take through it, I think that's a correct assessment, it got to the house floor which was the bill. >> Thank you, to speak on the bill Mr speaker. >> The gentleman from Brunswick has the floor to debate the bill. Ladies and gentlemen the [INAUDIBLE] where the projects come from, basic statement is going to potentially very potentially cost $300 million in highway funds which may or may not actually be there. But is for up debate, but up to $300 million and highway/g funds to cancel this project and again Myself I don't believe many of the transportation chairs are gonna be supporting the bill thank you. >> With all due respect by colleague. >> For what purpose does the lady from Mecklenburg Representative Cotham rise? >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, to debate the bill. >> The lady has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, members I apologize for my voice I've been battling a flue the last seven Seven days and you can see all the people around me have left now, so I apologize for that. I wanna thank representative Jeter and representative Bradford for this legislation. I filed something very similar at the beginning but mine way just different in a slight way by making sure that NCDOT paid for this project. Because they are the ones who got us in the mess. This is a bad deal in north Mecklenburg, it's a bad deal in [INAUDIBLE] Norman, in Hansville/g. I would encourage you, to leave my house and try to get to representative Jeter's house in time for dinner, just try. Because you won't get there right now in this traffic situation. If this toll roads go through Through, only 5% of congestion will be relived, just by five percent. That's bad business deal, that's a very expensive cost for only a 5% relief. Certain exits won't even be allowed to get off, that's very bad for those small businesses on those exits. So We do need to cancel this project, it is a really big issue not just in North Mecklmburg in all of Mecklenburg County, people are outraged, it's not a republican or a democratic issue, it is not. This is about people in Mecklenburg county and in [INAUDIBLE], I commend representative Jeter on this bill I know you'll get it through the senate and make it law that I ask you to please support this bill. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Cabarrus, Representative Pittman, rise? >> To debate the bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you, Mr. Speaker. There are a lot of reasons I think for going against the deal and therefore supporting this bill. We heard in committee yesterday indication that there is like $10 billion potential to go from the affected area overseas to a foreign company which has been pretty much shown to be highly suspect Their reputation and their record, which is not a good thing to do. I think it was a very bad deal that we should not have gotten into in the first place, and I was always opposed to it. As for the area of interstate 77 itself O don't know things may have changed right in the last four years but up till end of February of 2012 I worked for a company in Concorde called Snyder Packaging and I had to do a lot of travelling up and down I-77 making deliveries and pickups for that company working in shipping department. And yeah, there's some congestion along the way, that sort of thing but nothing near as bad as to justify making a bad deal like this to try to fix it. I don't think it's changed that much in four years since I was doing that and saw what kind of condition it was and just do not believe that we ought to enter into such a

a horrible deal is this and go forward with it to try to fix that little bit of congestion, I represent a lot of, I guess some people call them common people, common folk, I prefer to call us average citizens, before I came here I was a small church pastor, folk lift operator in a small printing company and company chap in there and so I'm one of those average citizens one reason why they wanted me to be here so they would have somebody here who was like them and represented them and I'm hearing from an awful lot of average citizens in that area and not my district but they are in that area, I'm hearing from an awful lot of them who will be affected by having this told and that sort of thing and I know the idea is just for certain lanes and those lanes remain free but I see this as a camel's nose under the tent I don't trust that someday the whole thing wouldn't be tolled and I think this is just the first of possibly many to care of, that's why I'm limited to the previous bill that we're on was to do away with tolling, I'm against toiling as most of the folks like me, folks who live in that are you have to pay toils going back and forth everyday they don't need to be having to do that we need to do away with the whole idea of tolling in North Carolina but even if your gonna do it, you don't need to do it with a bad deal like the one that we're stuck in right now and I understand that there is gonna be some losses on funding to some other projects and that sort of thing. I hate that I Regret that, I wish that wasn't so but our people deserve for us to stop throwing good money after bad and get out of a bad deal, learn from our mistakes and don't do it again. Thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston, Representative Torbett rise? Speak briefly briefly on the bill please. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen, it's up to us to make the decisions for the people that have elected to send us here. Sometimes I'd make a good decision sometimes I'm a make a bad decision that's just how it goes. But let me tell what we're doing. It is extremely easy to take a note of this and a note of that perspective. It is so easy and it's really easy to do that when you have absolutely no solutions to provide or no alternatives or no fixes, no remedies. It's just easy to sit here and say no. It would be so much easier. I could go home and not have a worry on my chest not having to see about the next 20 years of transportation, not to figure out funding methods, not to figure out solutions. Just be satisfied on what we have today and having what we have today 20 and 30 and 40 years from now. That's an easy decision It's gonna take some innovation, some new ideas. The idea of tolling, I don't like tolls either, I don't use them, I don't drive on them, I don't pay them because it's an option for me to do so. I'm not mandated to do that, I don't have to do that. It's an option. I choose not to take. But what it does do in this one case, it takes a project that's $650 million dollar cost and builds that project for $300 somewhat million. So you're getting about 50 cents on the dollar for that project And the other thing and it was mentioned in committee yesterday that the funding gets so large the funding on how STR work and the impact of the funding at the $600 million that yeah, we can build it. We absolutely can. We'll build the first part in five years Years, second part will be 10 years and the third part will be 15 years and it will be orange, baron of bananas, 77 for about 15 years, I'm just speculating, I don't know for sure, I'm just speculating based on what I know about the revenue. And this project for $0.50 on a dollar, you'll be riding on, In 2018 in two years from now. So, with a thought of helping the best for people of North Carolina for 20 years from now and the future is at stake. I'm getting a project at half the cost that the tax payers would have to pay for. That's quite a bargain. I'm getting it in two or three years, where if it all comes out of the taxpayers fund then it might be 15 years. Oh and by the way, we're sure as heck not gonna raise the gas tax

We might actually cut it if it starts going too high to decrease revenue coming in. I don't know, I don't know where the revenue is coming from. It's gonna take some strong willed individuals, you guys, us in this room to make those determinations. One of those options, no mandate but an option, is the application of a toll and more just not like everyone of you all, none of us like to pay for a toll on a road but gas tax is a toll. Anything that goes in the bill of the road, could be considered a tow, that's what a tow is, it's revenue generating device for infrastructure. Some states go exact opposite of what we have for the last 20 years, they actually dive into the general trying to find revenue that come over into transportation of bill of roads. Nelson what's the chance of that happening anytime soon? I'll be coming to see you next year. So maybe that'e the approach we need d Going to general fund to get transportation dollars to come help build projects. Ladies and gentlemen I close with this we are currently with the revenue we have in place we are currently funding one third of the needs that have already been mapped out and out in the books by everyone's MPO or In the steep plan, we have money to fund one-third of those needs over the next ten years, we have a population boom, we have a migratory boom. So look forward to working with you all in the years to come and help find a solution to this. But all I'm hearing as No to this no to that and I've been telling people this and I hate it but I dare say that if the Eisenhower interstate system was trying to be built today it wouldn't have a snow balls chance, so thank you and thank you for your time to make some remarks Mr speaker. >> For what purpose does the the gentleman from Rutherford Representative Hagger rise? >> To see if representative [INAUDIBLE] would yield for a question >> Does the gentleman from Mecklenburg yield to the gentleman from Rutherford ? >> I do >> He yields >> Thank you Representative Gido/g thank you for bringing this bill forward. The question I have is the way I Bundestag I've been 77 a couple of times about anytime of the day you're gonna be in dead stop traffic. If we were to move forward with this tow contract and this other company runs a tow roads, could we build under the current contract and other general purpose lane for our citizens that don't wanna get through towing? >> Not without significant problems. The problem is, the contract specifically states Specifically yes their is a mechanism in place it's not an absolute impossibility. However here is what we would have to do as the state, we would have to pay I77 mobility partners for the privilege of adding a general purpose lane. If they can prove it would take compensation away from the. From the toils which it almost assurely would. Second their we their are taking the last land across the lake. Which means any general purpose lace that we build in the future after this have to be bridges outside of the course way which then become expotecially more expensive. We've gotta pay for the privilege to build them and then we've got to make sure the SCLC and other environmental groups bless them in case we find some. [] toe snail that no one has ever had them before. >> Follow up Mr, Speaker. >> Does gentleman yield to an additional question? >. I do. >> He yields. >> Representative Jeter just thinking about all this. All these numbers I have heard bent around I think representative Olva talking about $300 million to get out of these contract of. Heard you say we could generate as much as 10 billion dollars in the next 50 years. Looking at those numbers and let's just take those numbers at the phase they are. If you are looking at spending $300 million and you are gaining back. $10 billion in 50 years I'm I missing number or does that sound like a pretty good payback. >> I would say that the reality is the state is already committed $317 million to this project. That's state money that is going to be built this is not just. I 77 mobility partners money and so their is a significant amount of state dollars. And then what happens if they default or bankrupt which if you at Indiana and Texas, some would argue is a probable not a possible outcome. What does that do to the state. So I think that we are all talking about conjecture and speculation. The reality is this contract I believe is inherent flawed and our constituence don't want it and I be elite to my responsibility is not to try to cancel on behave of my residence. >. Last question. >> Does the gentleman yield to an additional question. He yields >> And I'm really wondering about these things,

I'm living Rutherford so I don't, I'm not out there all the time. My question is the y revenue generated from the toll run, if this company we have moves forward that revenue I assume is gonna be kept by that company The revenue that is generated from tolls, which is in the billions of dollars, would not be reinvested in the community. It would not go to create opportunities. There is the reality that they would do operation and maintenance So they could hire some local communities to do some of that work but the vast majority of that money is money that's taken out of my community, and as I said it's the equivalent of American Airlines leaving Charlotte in tech economic impact. >> Mr speaker, to speak on the- >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you and looking at this I think we all have to look at this as a long term approach to roads in North Carolina not just today, the roads in North Carolina will go on for the next ten, 20, 50, 100 years, and if you are looking at the business sketch for this if you are looking at where the revenue needs to be Representative The need for money in the future. That's a huge pocket of money that we as a state should be keeping. If there's gonna be a toll road on I-77, I personally feel like we should be running that. We should get that revenue, we should reinvest it in my district, in Craig Horn's district, in Rena Turner's We should invest that money for that toll road all over the state where it benefits all the people of North Carolina not just one company that is not even in North Carolina. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Guilford Representative [UNKNOWN] To speak on the bill the gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Mr speaker and members of the house I've long been aware of this I77 problem cuz every once in a while I used to drive that stretch, sometimes even coming from Greens borough just to part that's in Meclenburg when you And that seems to have been dealt with pretty well. I used to come through back when John Rhodes was in the house and I'd do to him like I do to Linda Johnson. Whenever I'd come through Cabarrus and they were working on the highway, I'd dial her up and say when are you gonna get your roads fixed down here Here and I'd do that to John Rhodes, so that was more than ten years ago. This problem has been brewing for years and this is a black mark against us. I do believe in government, we can argue the nuts and bolts of the new strategic plan and And the MPO's and everything but their is a choke point in the state right now that doesn't hurt just those local, it hurts anybody coming through their. Inter state highways are just ineffective when you have to seat out their and just seating in your car for a long period time. And especially if you are already low on gas or you have to get something to eat or whatever but why don't we not only pass this bill why don't we do something innovative, we've said we wanna be innovative in schools. I know representative millers has a bill I don't know all the details of that. We pass last year and the voted for about a $2 billion bond. And I would definitely say that a lot of things being funded with that bond, by the way if you remember it started of as a transportation bond. Why don't I take some of the lower priority items in that bond and direct that money to not wait for several years. Why don't we start widening that of part I-77 in the near future. If we would act we could handle this problem. And like I said it is this I feel just like I did when it was the Yardken River Bridge on IED five. It's become such a problem for so many people it requires action of all the normal process and. need to find a way to allocate the money and get that problem fixed as quickly as possible. So I would urge not only this bill but I would urge us to find some innovative way to address the problem of widening that highway as quickly as possible. Because as I say it's a check point for the entire state. Flight moving through I can't tell you how many people are impacted

by this, you've got to look at a transportation system as a network this isn't a local road. People some travelling from North or travelling from the south through this area are affected by it and we need to get this alleviated as quickly as possible and find a way to get it done. Thank you. >> For what purpose does the lady from Mecklenburg, Representative Earle rise? >> To speak on the bill. >> Lady has authority to debate the bill. >> Mr. Speaker and members when I first started 22 years ago I represented that area [INAUDIBLE] and it was, traffic was congested in the mornings and in the afternoons with the business folks Coming in and out of Charlotte. Well now it's congested all day, you would think that you could go maybe in the middle of the day and traffic may not be so bad. It is bad all day. There has been a lot of growth in that area but the roads have not kept up with that growth. Mecklenburg North Mecklenburg has been on of the fastest growing areas in Mecklenburg county. And this is not,. I would like for you to just put yourself in the place of these people that leave up 77. It's just bad. The contract most of them don't, it's not that they are against toll roads cuz I'm not against toll roads, if the state. was operating the toll at an amount that makes sense. And most of those people are not against the toll ether, but when you start thinking about you may go to work in the morning and you pay $3 or $5 to go to get on the road. And by the time you get ready to come home in the afternoon you may have to pay $20 because part of the contract states that a 45 mile per hour speed limit has to be maintained. If in fact it gets lower than 45 then they can take that toll up to $20 to deter more people from getting on the toll because they need to get the limit the speed limit back up. A lot of minimum wage jobs that are up in that area. These people cant afford to pay $4, $5, $15 to go up and down the road. Also what's gonna happen is. The traffic is gonna spill over in to the single lane roads that run parallel to 77. And just like what representative Jeter says that we cant do anything with 77. Without pain or cause we can't widen those single lane roles either so can you imagine the spill over coming into your neighborhood is already congested and that's don't even talk about an accident being On the toil on the free lanes, because their is not gonna be any shoulder to pull of on emergency vehicles are not going to be able to quickly get to where they need to be. This is A bad deal DOT negotiated this bill this contract, I just cant understand why anybody in good faith would negotiate a contract like this that to represent our stake for 50 years. That's a pretty long time, another fact is that the toll lane will be narrow than the [INAUDIBLE] lanes and they will not support 18 wheelers, so that means that all the 18 wheelers are gonna still be on the free link.

So I just wish that you would think about this. We can find the money, it should have been and we just passed a bond that started of being about transportation, this could have easily been apart of that bond package. Nothing has been done to 77 in well over 25 years. Money was found to widen 85, we can find the money to 177, so I would ask for your support of this bill, thank you >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Lake/g Representative Stamas >> Speak on the bill >> Gentleman has the floor to debate the bill >> I speak Speak members of the house, I was on 77 watts and determined never to go back, so I don't know about you yet. I've never read the contact, so maybe I can't help you on this bill but I may have a couple of unique perspective representing one of the only two districts that has a tow road in place, the 540. I used to hate co-roads when I was a teenager I put about 50,000 miles on my thumb commuting from 42nd street in New York to [INAUDIBLE] and you have the toes of George Washington bridge New Jersey turn pipe, Delaware bridge in the Delaware plaza, the Marylynne plaza, Richman and Pit, you know what I'm saying What bothered me wasn't the quarters you had to put in there but was having to stop at all those toll plazas, terrible, terrible. Well the good part about that route of course was really good place to hitch hike at the plaza, you could put your sign out where your Are going and people would give you a ride for hundreds of miles, but I have 540 in my district I believe Representative Adcock is the only other one it may there is a touch representative Avila's district at all and here is what I found out, there was some discussion about it a few years ago but it's been many Year since it's been a point of controversy in my district. That doesn't mean nobody is against. One of the I77 groups actually lives in my districts so I get all the emails from him. But in my last contested election in 2012. probably had five complaints from people about it, and what I would say to him, you don't like the toil road why don't you ride 55 instead it's free and it has less traffic now. And they say oh that's a good point. What has happened economically along the route of 540. Well if you look of a map of the districts of the areas that are booming in North Carolina it's the 540 and the projective where 540 can go in southern Wake. So just take that as a little perspective it does it bother people to ride a toll road once they realize as I did that every time I get on 540 I save money. If your time is worth anything you save money. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg Representative Bradford rise? >> To debate the bill please, >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, so a couple of things, I wanna thank my good friend representative Stam for bringing up the toll road 540 that runs through Riley. I think it's important to compare apples to The apples. 540 as a dedicated toll road bypass. We're talking about an inner state, a federal highway that runs through the middle of my district, an inner state that bifurcates many towns. In my district, many are surrounded by water which is like normal, which means it's not easy to build a cause way in the water for a variety of reasons, the most precious resource we have is that dirt that is from the right lane North bound to the south lane left side and this project is going to use that to install not general purpose lanes but manage toll lanes, that is a much different scenario than say a bypass and if we could build a bypass that was specifically told I do not think we would be here. Be here but instead we are using a precious resource which we think should be general purpose lanes and instead putting in manage lanes,

please understand that many of us that live in the North Mecklenburg area do not have the luxury to take alternate roots to get North and South. My children go to school everyday and David said my wife has to get on the interstate and drive North, she could try to take highway 115 but it cuts through the very charming town of Davidson which has stop lights and restaurants and a college, it's a small town road, there are no alternatives. So the real problem we have is it's a local road to many of us. At the end of the day we talk about a 660 million dollar 26 mile project that taxpayers are getting for approximately a fraction of the cost, but folks we've brought a To a night fight, we have a 13 mile issue, not a 26 mile issue, every morning when you travel into Charlotte, as soon as you get passed the southern exit of Huntersville, the traffic opens up but that section is where the second 13 miles is going to start in this project. Folks that is not the problem,the problem is 13 mile north and south which is estimated to be about $225 million to go general purpose lines in that section which is the problem area.This project addresses 50% of a non problem .This is bad policy and I know it's bad policy because I don't think there is a single member in this chamber that gonna run home to their MPO's, and say please.Take part of my dirt in my innerstate and make a manage line. I don't think there is a single person willing to do that and if you're willing to do that then you should vote against thin bill because toll roads can work but not in this particular instance. It's bad policy, we've had 10,000 signatures of petitions in less than 48 hours against this project. Mecklenburg County passed a resolution against it. Every town in my district passed a resolution against it. My chamber of commas passed a resolution against it, we're jumping up and down but we're part of an MPO where Charlotte gets a 46% vote because of their population, we are out numbered, I hope you will vote with us today and undo this, we have along way to go, I know we have to go to the senate but I hope you stand with us, please support 954 and I really appreciate your time this morning. >> The lady from Lake representative Idler rise. >> To debate the bill. >> Lady has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr. speaker, similar to representative Stam I don't really like paying tolls I have paid them travelling on roads in the country because they are the quickest, easiest way to get somewhere and they are worth the money and money is what we need to consider when we talk about this bill, things have changed and they change dramatically since 2014 when our contract with center and its and its partner was first eight, there has been a bankruptcy in Indiana with Central which was a partner in this LLC, I believe it was, that was set up for Indiana contract, they've also bankrupt in Texas under the same type of scenario where they were For the second company and they can slide free as far as the parent company suffering any fallout, it's a deliberate business set up it's to make money and it's not money that's gonna be helping North Carolina, I think is very well within the Of the department of transportation, the governor and anyone else involved in tax payers expenditure of the state of Carolina to look much more closely at the business set up, business reputation and the potential fallout of those following through on this contract. Not only, is it a very questionable business bill at this point in time but I think from the stand point of good common engineering sense, somebody in the department of transportation was a sleek of the wheel, for when they decided this was the best way to take care of that chunk of road. Pleas vote yes, thank you. >> For what purpose does the The gentleman from Cabaras Representative Pittman Ross >> Inquire Chair >> The gentleman may state his inquire, >> Thank you sir. It occurred to me that perhaps the amendment I'll offer to 959 would have me more appropriate to this bill. I was wondering if the chair will let me know whether that would be acceptable, I'm considering a I support this bill but I'm considering jerk into third reading in order to try to offer that amendment. The chairs for me with the amendment the chair would rule the amendment

is not re-amend in the bill. But the chair appreciates the gentleman's inquiry. >> Would be alright if you explain why. >> Because it has nothing to with the bill. well I don't wanna challenge you but I disagree. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from [INAUDIBLE] representative Floyd rise? >> I see representative [INAUDIBLE] was here for a question of. >> Does the gentleman from Mackenberg give up to the gentleman from [INAUDIBLE]. >> Absolutely Representative Jeter, I'm a little bit confused seated over here and listening to that discussion, are you and Representative Higgins the main sponsor of this bill? >> We are. >> But could you ->> Gentleman wish to ask some different question? >> Yes. >> And does the gentleman yield? He yields. >> Do you think it's about the appropriate time now for us to look at where we are. [BLANK_AUDIO]. >> Representative Floyd if the body would guarantee me a yes now I would be happy to call the question, I believe we're only gonna have. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Brunswick, Representative Iler, rise? >> To speak a second time. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill a second time. >> Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I heard a lot of comments and I'll assume they are all true. If I went through them I will find that maybe some of them are half true however I'm not gonna debate that, with all due respect to my colleagues using the information you have to make that point is wonderful, it's good debating technique. But what we're saying is we're defining the problem and I get the problem. My son lives near exit 33, my daughter lives near exit 23, right in the heart of the problem or it may not in the heart but close to the heart of the problem. So I'm familiar with 77, I'm familiar with their attempts and their very skillful way they avoid 77 and they give me some tips on how to get into their house without driving on 77 so I know it's a really big deal and by the way the folks that came initially against the contract were talking about what economic booming it would be to have additional lanes, an economic boost for the area and hear sources like taking the airline out of the area. So a lot of conflicting information but we define the problem over and over, we come up with a solution and say we'll find the money but we found the money, not we but the folks in charge of doing this found the money, so we don't like that they found the money. So, whoever wanted the road right now, when you had the road in two years, or you can have the road in 15 years. Well, we're gonna vote for this or we gonna have it in 15 years, if there's a solution to it. I haven't heard solutions all I had is the problem and this solution is not any good. So just think about that, this is not a good solution to get rid of the contract it's not a solution, is a no solution. Thank you. >> That was to urge to vote no on the bill thank you. [LAUGH] >> What purpose does the gentleman from INAUDIBLE] Representative Charlie rise. >>To speak on the bill. >> Gentleman asked forward to debate on the bill. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> We've discussed whether it should be tolled or it shouldn't be tolled. We've discussed whether if it is tolled, it should be by the state or by a private corporation whose gonna take the money out of the State. A lot of discussion has been held on this. I gotta tell you that I live on the coast so this particular toll does not affect me in any overt way, okay? But I have received 815 emails Emails over the last few months. And see if I count all of the ones that were for the toll added at 815, they were zero. All 815 said please, get rid of this toll, get rid of this contract. The recent ones are saying support this bill. So 800 people to me is a lot of people to be sending emails, that's a loud voice. When not one person has sent an email saying I like the toll road idea, I like what we've done, go ahead and leave it that way. And while most of us don't like ever saying I told you so, I know that a couple of folks, a couple of colleagues over there on occasion do that. So I'm gonna do that now and I'm gonna say that when we discussed the toll Tolls in the first place, about allowing tolls. The originals bill had that we would be the ultimate decision maker

on which roads get tolled and somehow that got taken out. And I don't know if you remember but there was an amendment that we debated for 30 or 40 minutes and it was called the special ally amendment and it Said that we need to keep in the loop. We need to stay in the loop on this. We need to be the final decision maker on which roads are tolled and which ones are not. And we debated it and it lost. We abdicated our responsibility so where we are now, after DOT, after an unelected bureaucracy fascinated decision on the toll road and here we are now trying to debate on whether or not that was a good idea or not, so just for the heck of it I'm gonna tell you that next year I'm gonna submit a bill trying to get that back in front of you so that we never have to go through this again when a decision has been made made, that we are in a position where we have to second guess it, I'm gonna support the bill because people in that area are asking me to support hat bill and I hope that you will support this bill as well. >> Further discussion, further debate, if not, the question for the house is the passage of house bill 954 second reading, those in favor will vote aye, those oppose will no, the clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote, 80 having voted in the affirmative and 28 in the negative, house bill 954 pass its second record and without objection be read the third time. >> General assembly of North Carolina enacts. >> Further discussion further debate if not the question before the house is the passage of house bill 954 on its third reading, those in favor will say aye aye. >> Those oppose no. >> No. >> The aye's appear to have it, the aye's do have it, house bill 934 passes its third reading and it will be sent to the senate. Members we have another school group visiting with us from [UNKNOWN] elementary from right here in [UNKNOWN] can you all stand so we can welcome you, thanks for being with us. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Representative Davis, representative Davis and Ford will recognize to send forward the committee report the clerk will read. >> Representative Davis and Ford local government community record house bill 1131 town of Andrews ETJ authority favorable Calendar 36B for Monday night. >> House bill 1045, enabling chatter revised and consolidation third reading and re-forward to finance >> Favorable to be refereed to the committee on finance. >> House bill 1009 Wake city towns donate retired service animals favorable committee substitute, unfavorable original bill original bill calendar committee substitute, calendar Monday night. Representative Ray the Chair just informed the gentleman wish to be recorded as having voted aye on house bill 954 is that correct? The gentleman will be so recorded. The clerk will continue. House bill 1035, LGC, training for local government finance officers, favor committee substitute and favor of the original bill. >> Regional bill in favorable committee substitute to refer to the committee on finance. >> House bill 1133 Spencer Mountain Charter, favor of committee substitute, favor original bill. >> Original bill in favor of the county committee substitute calendar 36B for Monday night. House bill 1142 [INAUDIBLE] favorable committee substitute unfavorable original bill refer to finance. Original bill unfavorable calendar committee substitute as referred to committee on finance. And members as you can tell we will be having votes on Monday night. [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] >> Madam clerk, the following bills will be re-referred. First off the house bill 948 authorize APO studies is removed from the committee on Rules Calendar and operations, refereed to the committee on Judiciary two. The other bill is house bill 949 occupational licencing board contact information remove from the committee on rules refereed to the committee on Judiciary This year too, for what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland Representative Floyd rise >> To inquire the chair >> The gentleman may state his inquiry >> Mr. Speaker you spoke very profoundly about us having a vote on Monday but I thought I heard you say Monday night of Monday afternoon >> It will be on Monday 7 PM session at the normal time I thought this what it must be, >> And I believe there is a rules committee meeting today and we may very well may have some of those bills to Monday night's Calendar, just member should look at their

Calendar and see there may be some of those that will be on Monday night's calendar. Notices and announcement. For what purpose does the gentleman from Representative Goodman rise? >> For an announcement >> Gentleman has the floor for an announcement and by the way, while the gentleman is doing that, half the pages should go ahead and come forward and assemble upfront. The gentleman has the floor >> There will be an ethics committee meeting Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock and the room will be determined, please watch your Email >> For what purposes the gentleman from [UNKNOWN] Representative Louis rise, For an announcement >> Gentleman has floor for an announcement >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, members the committee on rules count on operation of the House, will meet ten minutes after session in room 1228, we will consider a proposed committee substitute for Senate Bill 600, study autonomous vehicles, we will consider Senate Bill 575 North Carolina, South Carolina original boundary confirmation. House Bill 734, Study American Indian Heritage, Senate Bill 363, a PCS for wage an hour, local government assessment Parts. Senate Bill 160, enhance safety and commerce for port of Mainland and House Bill 451, an LLC study on suicide prevention. >> [BLANK_AUDIO] Further notices and announcements? If not, the gentleman from Harnett, Representative Lewis, is Recognized for a motion. Oh, I'm sorry. I do want to thank our pages this evening. Thank you madam Clerk. Representative Floyd had me in a hurry here for some reason. Pages we do want to thank you this week. YOU all have done an absolutely fantastic job. I hope you've had a good opportunity to observe things and learn. By the way Interest to the members, after we adjourn the pages are having mock sessions now. And if you have time you really ought to come in and watch because the debate that they do is very serious. They actually write bills and come in and debate those, and they take our seats and I think it's a great experience that they'll like. But that you all have done a great job this week, I'd ask Ask my colleagues to join me in thanking you for your service. >> [APPLAUSE] >> You may return to your post, the gentleman from Harrison is now recognized for a motion. >> Mr speaker subject to resit of messages from the Senate committee reports conference reports the re-referral of bills and resolutions and the appointment of conferees I move the house adjourn to reconvene Monday June 6th at 7 o'clock pm. >> Representative Louis moves seconded by Representative Floyd that the house do now adjourn subject to the receipt of messages from the senate committee report conference reports re-referral of bills and resolution solutions in appointment of conferees to reconvene Monday June 6, 2016 at 7 PM, those in favor will say aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed no.