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Joint | June 5, 2016 | Press Room | Larry Hall Press Conference

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[BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Let us say good morning to everyone I'm Robin Curtis [INAUDIBLE] I'm the director for field operation for the North Carolina State Conference of the NWACP, and we're very excited about why we're here today and on the phone I have the North Carolina WACP State Conference President Robin [INAUDIBLE] II, leader also of the movement. And I'd like for him t start us off this morning. Robin Barber/g. >> Thank you so much Robin Gatewood, and to all those who are there especially all of our branch leadership from out west in the Western part of the state. I had to be away today so I'll [INAUDIBLE] I had to come take care of one of my children [INAUDIBLE] And what I want to say to the media today, is that you can [INAUDIBLE] at the podium. The end of[UNKNOWN] is not a black organization or a white organization or a brown organization. We're just this organization. Rights for organization. And we've been that way, since 1909. We were diverse in our beginning, we're diverse in our current stage and we will be diverse in our future. But also, to those media [INAUDIBLE] listening end of [UNKNOWN], the western branch Having a major [UNKNOWN] in the western part of the state, they'll tell you all about it. But they wanted to come down to the legislature and [INAUDIBLE] of how the powers is being passed by this extreme /g legislature [INAUDIBLE] For instance, yesterday, you saw the governor Said that signing and asking for medicate weaver/g and attempted

to use again another campaign [INAUDIBLE] real issues. [INAUDIBLE] right there. We've been three years late. This process may take another 36 months. While he's doing that, people are dying Hospitals are hurting, people are crying out and I want you to listen today. People from Western North Carolina who would talk about the hurt. And many of the persons there happen to be White, but as Dr. King said when you deny health care you hurt, it is on of them most grievous things you can do. And Is hurting all people. The governor said on yesterday's press he wanted to make sure that medic aid expansion goes to those who need it. Well in this current form it would go to those who needed it, working poor people, veterans, people who have to make the choice between food and health care. 500,000 North Carolinaians, 386,000 of them are white, some hundred thousand are African American, all of them don't deserve health care and that's just one issue that they'll talk about today. I'm sure somebody is gonna talk about how this [INAUDIBLE] call intuition not only hurts HBSCU but will hurt Western Carolina. Well I'm in silver where we would have the Mall Monday, and will hurt [INAUDIBLE] school and how it is just a ploy. And when Senator Apodaca says he wouldn't do anything to hurt this alma mata or to hurt people that West Western North Carolina, that's why he's strong will. Listen to the people today, and then what if I tell you that he has passed bill after bill that in fact is hurting people in Western North Carolina that is in fact is hurting the very people that he claims to wanna represent. So excited that you all are there, I wish I could be there, but we will be back but We certainly launch with him, we'll be with you on the 13th in Western North Carolina. And as we say all the time forward together, >> Not one step back>> God bless you all, Thank you >> God bless you, and before I turn over I do wanna just let you know that we have a best selling Author Professor Dr. Timothy Tyson who we're lucky enough to have as our education committee chair for the North Carolina NAACP, who's also gonna be bringing you greeting and welcome. >> Good morning >> Morning >> I'm Tim Tyson, as Reverent Gatewood mentioned I'm the state NAACP CP education chair. In 2013 I got a phone call from my niece, who's from Mitchell county and she said you sure stern things up in Mitchell county. I knew from Allison that Mitchell county was 99 percent white or so, roughly 90 percent republican. So I wonder what that was going on but what she said was that the folks were meeting at the food line parking lot, twice a week they were meeting on Sunday afternoon for a rally and then meeting in the wee hours of the morning on Monday. And coming down to more on Monday, demonstrations and Rayleigh. I asked reverend Barabra/g if we can go to [INAUDIBLE] county, and when we got it he agreed, actually what he said is that I knew you were gonna get me killed. But when we got there what we found was a large and enthusiastic crowd deeply concerned about public education and if she is around poverty, like medicaid expansion soon there after 10,00 people according to the police estimate showed up for mounting more Monday in Nashville, since then we've witness the birth of five new NAACP branches, majority white NAACP branches in the western counties. With remarkable energy and dedication those join several existing branches. I think we've got enhancing mutual swine, Jackson in [INAUDIBLE] county representative here this morning, but as education chair I just want to welcome my brothers and sisters from the western part of the state to talk about mountain more on Monday, thank you. >> Good morning my name is [INAUDIBLE] I am president of the [INAUDIBLE] county branch of the NAACP, on Monday, June 13th coming up at 5 pm there's going to be a moral Monday even in Silver North Carolina, it's going to be a rich park. Members of the legislator who are coming here where I want to invite them to come and hear the stories of people

that have long been neglected by choices of this particular legislator that have affected all aspects of their livelihood. Yes reverend Barbara/g and he's going to be there and he's going to bring his representation of the movement and his prophetic voice. But we're also going to highlight other stories, stories that have not been heard before that our legislators need to hear. That members of the media need to hear so we can see full effect of these extreme legislator. in the lives of North Carolinian's particularly out west, this point what I want to do is that I want to present the leadership of the NAACP branches of [INAUDIBLE] Mitchell counties. >> Thank you [INAUDIBLE], good morning My name is Robin [INAUDIBLE] and I'm from the [INAUDIBLE] Mitchel NAACP we're proud to be one of the five newer branches and to be part of the North Carolina conference of branches, we know that we share the same concerns about issues up in [INAUDIBLE] and [INAUDIBLE] and Bakersville with people throughout the state and we are predominantly 99 percent caucasian county, we are, Bakersville is considered the most conservative city in the state, we have the least amount of democrats registered to vote in the state and the second least amount of African Americans registered to vote in the state, but out of the 25,000 people that make up both counties of [INAUDIBLE] and Mitchel, 1500 people are without insurance and fall into the medicaid expansion gap, we have we have the same hopes and dreams that other people have in the state, a decent education for our children, the opportunity to make a living wage, voting rights, equal rights, clean environment and most definitely affordable healthcare, the idea of having access to healthcare is very dear to to us in the [INAUDIBLE] and Mitchel counties because one of the leading and the largest opponents of accepting federal phones to provide healthcare benefits for our citizens is from my home town legislator [INAUDIBLE] from [INAUDIBLE] he has continued to shout a resounding no to expansion regardless of presenting letters written, list from constituency or the deaths of his friends and his family members and there have and will be more deaths, [INAUDIBLE] came to speak to our representatives Mitchel [INAUDIBLE] and Josh Bobson in rally about issues in concern we had in general in that area, I should have been accompanied by vice president [INAUDIBLE] but she had just died from an easily treated cancer that she would have been able to diagnose diagnose during procedures that would have been covered by medicaid expansion but she did not have that, she was a working woman with a family and children and she fell into the medicaid gap and she's no longer here, her needless and senseless death was a direct result of your bad policy [INAUDIBLE] we share personal, Josh Bobson and your inability or unwillingness to admit your mistakes, since then our branch has been researching in stadium economic and human effects that by not accepting medicaid expansion of what is done to our area that same area of your friends and family representative [INAUDIBLE], the same area of your constituency Josh Bobson and the same area of your neighbors senator [INAUDIBLE] we spoke with active and retired doctors in the local hospital, medical clinics, healthcare workers, city council members and county commissioners and we did not find a single person, not one person who felt that denying healthcare for half a million North Carolina's was a good idea, not one person. So who are you representing Mitchel [INAUDIBLE] and who are you representing Josh Bobson, who are you speaking for [INAUDIBLE] We know the facts so where is this disconnect happening. do you think that in November that your constituent will thank you for federal funding laws, for employment laws, for production laws for state tax revenue laws, for county tax revenue laws and for their family members lives lost. I think that everything can be said has been said about the negative effects of not accepting medicaid function.

We've attended hearings we've written letters and now I would like you to hear from Bob Carry about our medicare expansion group we had formed in Mechiline/g [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] counties. At later we will share this information with our legislators. Thank you. I Thank you. I'm Bob Carry from Yancey county, and I am a very proud member of the Ancy Michel NAACP and I'm presenting today on behalf of them. But I would like to bring out some of the other experience. In the health area that I have been a member if Lines International years, their are known as the nights of the blondes. I'm presently a member of the family advisory committee to the building right of North Carolina and I was a member of Nomye west North Carolina for over. 20 years and I was a member of consumer and family advisory committee for several years to blue rate or western highlands LNE so I'm well aware what's going on around the state. I'm retires from the US force service and I think that gave me particular insight when I come down here and see that things like alot of times we are taking to trees, they are not listening to us, they are not listening to the cries of the people. Would like to present organisations that we have that have signed resolutions over the past year or so for medicaid expansion. The Yancey county department of social services. Board. The reverent health district board. The Bakersbill community health center, the COO of friends meeting, COO of health center board and the Metro Yancey medical society. In addition to that my wife is a member. The state consumer and family advisory committee on mental health developmental disability and substance abuse are at the state level advising the governor and legislators on those issues. They have signed two letters in the last year Year or so I know of to the governor and to the legislators recommending Medicaid expansion. They're not listening to us. [SOUND] >> Why/g? >> [UNKNOWN] before that some are trying to maybe get Medicaid as a a part or Medicaid expansion as a part of A part of Medicaid reform that's just not good enough. I'd like to read a quote and then I'll tell you who this quote's from. Allover the last five years several public hearing have been held and universally we have had doctors, dentists, nurses, patients Pharmacists, therapists, families, healthcare providers of every stripe all across the state who have spoken very loudly, very clearly, with a unified vice and they have said this, they have said let us have the opportunity to reform the healthcare Care system. Let us put North Carolina ability and know how into crafting a system that would truly innovative, a system that rewards quality health care outcomes. Unfortunately my friends those voices have largely been ignored. that was a statement That was made by Representative Nelson Dollar the co-chair of the joint legislative over sight committee on Medic aid and North Carolina Health Choice during the hearings for the medic aid reform bill. They're not listening, It seems like Nelson Dollar is listening so who are they listening to? The article in the paper, our own Senator Hise recently was recognized at the general assembly as the [UNKNOWN] home health care North Carolina legislator of the year. [INAUDIBLE] is one of his contributors in a privately held company that stated revenues of 815 million in 2012 and that they expected to reach 1 billion revenue in 2014 he was recognized because he inserted budget language in 2015 to

increase the PDN nursing, rate paid to the providers by either, of course is one of these providers, they are not listening to us, these are the people that that they are listening to. I thank all of you. [BLANK_AUDIO]. >> [INAUDIBLE] again president of the Jackson county NAACP. Jackson county is part of the old homeland of the Chucky nation. There's a Chucky belief after quoting in James Mooney that in the mountains of western North Carolina far west from here, there's a beam called great thunder, whose thunder roars through the mountains and echos in the valleys of the oldest mountain range in the world. The appalachian and as it's often the case this being has given the people medicine to cure many diseases that are in the form of and stories. We are here today in the capital of our state, in the house of the people, with some good medicine from the heart of southern appalachian, for what troubles the has and the moral consciousness of the people of North Carolina, medicine that rolls like this is thunder and not less powerful this medicine is the song and stories of many people, they are the songs of the native people that have an enduring centuries of ethnic cleansing and campaigns to eliminate their language and the rights to exist. They are the songs and stories of freed African American slaves that escaped the execution of racism from surrounding states so they may build thriving communities in the mountains. They are the songs and stories of those who have witness over generations, the over exploitation of the land leaving behind wreckage of contaminated soil and water and our witness in this being done again They are the songs and stories of those who live in the margins who don't know where their next meal will come from. Who are not abated, do not have access to healthcare or their are a healthcare bill away from hunger and homeless and yet choose to live with hope. These are whites, black, latino, merry voices who are being ignored. We know that the people that we have elected to serve all of the people of the state have not heard the stories of those people that have been denied affordable health care because our people have chosen not to expand medic aid. We are talking about 1659 residents of Jackson county, 1719 residents of Hayood county, 997 of Pennsylvania county, 6765 Mecklenburg county, 555 in Swain county, 932 in In [UNKNOWN] that 392 in Clay, and 307 in Graham county. Our legislators have not heard the stories of people who work full time in multiple jobs without issuance who cannot still make ends meet. They have not heard about our local governments. We are denied the right by the general assembly with HB2 to increase our minimum wage to say $10 and 10 cents and hour, which would have given this working families in the 10 west most counties in the states. $122 million dollars of additional income each year. With no expectation for loss of Jobs. Our representatives have not hard about how fragile our resources for safe drinking water are. And how many people in their mountain communities absolutely depend on well water which is often near depletion. They have taken away. Our mountain community's ability to protect our ground water sources from fracking waste water in a region. They have not understood that our part of The Appalachian Mountains have some of the highest concentrations of radioactive isotopes such as radon-222 and lead-210. With radioactive Radioactive decayed products that pose elevated health risk such as have been seen in the Marcellus slate in states north of us. They do not know how fracking waste water spills can inject radioactive radium-226 originating from miles down below the ground Ground to near ground water that people depend on. We're extremely concerned about a bill being considered today HB169/g that simply will allow electronic waste in our landfills. We know that over decades those heavy metals in these electronic sources Will leech out. Will be part of the ground water, will flow into streams and rivers. These are heavy metals that need to be recycled that The United States does not have enough to support its own electronic industry

and need to be imported from places like China. we have come here to sing the song of our people's in the far west of the state that it being known that the forward together more movement is present and routed in the mountains of North Carolina, on Monday June 13 at 5 pm the NAACP with our allies will have a mole Monday in downtown [INAUDIBLE] on bridge park that we will hear and that it will be known the stories of this people that have been ignored and neglected, the general public must come, our legislators must come, the media must ere strong because these are stories that are not being heard, thank you very much have a good afternoon. [BLANK_AUDIO]. >> I would like to ever get ready to conclude when we probably have some more [INAUDIBLE] field secretary for the area, if you just say something to the so called religious political football that has been used, a lot of times when we talk about religion and even angelical we are only talking about issues of homosexuality or abortion or prayer in school after we've been given so much we need to pray, but we never talk about religion when we're talking about how a half a million people in North Carolina were denied medicaid expansion when we already have 1.7 million North Carolina's living in poverty and over 600,000 of which were children so we wanted to make sure that we understand that we bring the moral in religious together on issues of medicaid expansion, when you hear about real lives that were lost of people we know because we are denying people medicaid expansion where the dollars were there, the policy were there and they are just using into position and nullification to stop what had already been passed at the federal level, and the last ting that we wanna thank also attorney Larry, leader [INAUDIBLE] for hosting this even today, we want to say to those legislator who are doing the right thing, thank you And to those who are not. We are not going anywhere we are gonna stand together black white red brown. We are going forward together not one step back. >> It's very clear what's happening in the west is not. Victim-less in the decisions that are being made by the legislators that are supposedly representing this area are making decision that are hurting the residents of Tachmountanis/g. The folks behind me from Jackson county, Swain county, yanke county and Mitchell county have already gone and visited the. Roger West and Gosam Queen and following this new conference they will be going to Ralph Hise, Deanna Ballard, Jim Davis, Michel Prestnol and Josh Dobson office. Both to invite them to the Moral Monday on June 13th as well as to raise this concerns around medicaid expansion. Thank you. >> Thank you very much. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO]