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House | May 25, 2016 | Chamber | House Convenes Two

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Get's ripped co-lashed permanently and removes it's risk to the environment. Co-lash commission original finding included beneficial reuse is the best method for disposal. The already mixed industry is being forced currently to import ash from sources around the world such as China, Turkey, South East Asia and yes South Carolina. When North Carolina. Has over 110 millions in his ponds, and my friend the engineer in co-lash touched on some of the input and output numbers. I don't need to open that I would appreciate very much support for this amendment and I stand ready hopefully for none but I stand ready for inquest. >> For what purpose does the gentleman From Henderson Representative McGrady rise. >> To speak on the amendment. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. >> This is a good amendment it is consistent with what we did two years ago, Representative Tobbet is like a bulldog when it comes to beneficial use. And he has amended the The budget, he has amended another bill and now he comes forward to amend the second colash bill. And so I appreciate his doctorate approach to beneficial use and I urge the members to support the amendment. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Nash Representative Collins rise? >> Ask the the sponsor a question. >> Does the gentleman from Gaston yield to the gentleman from Nash? >> I'm excited to Mr speaker. >> He yields. >> Representative Torbett I like your amendment I just have one question from own, since I can't determine it myself. Is this amendment complementary to the one we just passed or does it in anyway negate any of what we just passed? >> Complementary Thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Union Representative Horn rise? >> To ask the amendment sponsor a question. >> Does the gentleman from Gaston yield to the gentleman from Union? >> Ecstatic Mr. Speaker. >> He yields. >> Thank you Representative Tolbert, I just wanna be clear at present and and without this amendment we cannot Do, it's not allowable for us to do what you, with this amendment puts into the bill, is that correct or incorrect? >> Ask me that question one more time. >> The gentleman may restate his question I will restate it. Without this amendment North Carolina cannot utilize coal ash in some form at all Or for the purposes you define? >> Thank you for the questions Sir, actually what this amendment does like Representative Harger's amendment is that it pushes for the use of coal ash that would otherwise be left up to Other devices to make those termination, we're pretty much insisting that there's a use, there's a supply and a demand and we need to bring those two together for the best of North Carolina. >> Further discussion, for what purpose does the gentleman from Pender Representative Millis rise? >> To ask Ask Representative McGrady a question. >> Does the gentleman from Henderson yield to the gentleman from Pender? >> I do. >> He yields. >> Representative McGrady I am definitely behind the amendment sponsor's attend on to actually utilize this coal ash for beneficial reuse. My question to you is tentacle a nature looking at the actual amendments Section 2H is rewritten and what it actually says here on line 10 that the language of allowing a variance for full out excavation for an empowerment to use for beneficial reuse, it looks like it narrows the Commission's authority only for this provision, that's, my question to you is that not a concern while we are doing this good amendment. The concern is are we also, I guess unknowingly narrowing the Commission's purview when it comes to variances because the way that the language is in line 10 where it says, if. >> Responding to your question, and thank you for it, I am advised by stats that you have a correct reading of the amendment and it does in fact narrow the authority And if you wanna understand more about that, I guess we could spend

discussion on the amendment and we can talk about it, I wanna make sure it's right, but your reading of the amendment as I understand it is correct. Speaker, may I speak on the Amendments? >> The Germans recognized [INAUDIBLE]. >> Ladies and gentlemen I'm definitely very supportive representative of Tobias santana but I think that we need to possibly displace this and look at the fact that this various provision does not narrow the purview of the commission in a potentially harmful way so again feel free to vote what you like but I would like to work with representative [INAUDIBLE] to displace and to make sure it doesn't have any unintended consequences with these good intentions. >> Mr. Speaker. So we'd say so it's done temporarily? >> The amendment will be temporarily displaced, the chairs the possession of an amendment sent forth by the gentleman from Hornets, Representative salmon. The chair rules that the member is out of order, 43 and constitutional provision as well .The chair is in possession of an amendment send forth by the gentleman from Bancomer, Representative Ager the chair rules that the same out of order is not drew main to the bill. Chair is possession of amendment sent forth by the gentleman from Stocks Representative Haul, the chair rules that amendment out order for senate rule 43. The gentleman from Pender Representative Millis, is recognized to send forth an amendment the clerk will read >> Mr. Speaker >> Reprsetative Millis >> [CROSSTALK] >> For what purpose does the gentlemen from, the clerk will suspend. For what purpose does the gentleman from Henderson Representative McGradyrise? >> Perhaps you can move to my amendment [CROSSTALK] >> The Chair will displace the Millis amendment, the Chair just realized the gentleman was away from his desk. Representative McGrady is reconginzed to set forth an amendment, the clerk will read. >> Representative McGrady moves to amend the bill Page 4 lines 32 through to 35 were we writing those lines to read? >> Before General will suspend for what purpose does the lady from Wilson representative Martin rise. >> For plain personal priviledge. >> Lady's recognize the speaker point of personal priviledge the house has come to order. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. Earlier in this month, Wilson was named one of the best small cities to start a business. It was just before small business week and while it had analysts compare the business friendliness of 1268 small size cities. Included cities with populations from 25 to, 100, 000 residents. This was the city proper excluding the surrounding metro areas. The findings we based on 15 metrics in three key dimensions, business environment, access to resources, and business costs. Now Wilson was ranked 12th overall best small city for, For launching an enterprise. It was the only North Carolina city to be in the top 100. We did however have 21 cities in the top 500. So I thought it would appropriate today while we're joined by the president of the Wilson chamber of commerce and leaders representing diverse organizations and industries to share this recognition, and I ask, Members to please join me in congratulating the engaged citizens and leaders of Wilson in being named a top small city to start a business. >> Members our motion of the members of Wilson county, Representatives Martin and Former Battlefield, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies that go out to the dynamic leadership Wilson class of 2015, 16 Who are visiting along with Ryan Simmons, President of the Wilson chamber of Commerce, would all stand so that we could welcome him. Thank you for being with us today. [APPLAUSE] >> The gentleman from Henderson now has the floor to debate the amendment The amendment. >> Mr Speaker this is a two part amendment and it is intended to be trans quickly technical. The first provisions lines four through nine and the amendment clarifies of the state water and infrastructure authorities power to approve an alternative water Water supply plan does not omit the need for any other federal state and local permits. This was drafting issue that was raised and I move to make sure that there is no lack of clarity. Secondly the lower portion this is in the appropriations portion of the bill that was taken up in committee this morning. But a question arose as to whether the money could be used to contract with consultants for example engineers and so this provision you'll note in the middle of the section clarifies the appropriated money came to use to contract with consultants engineers

and others that the commission may find their technical skills needed to make whatever determinations they're considering. I would ask support for the amendment. >> Further discussion for the debate? If not the question for the house is the adoption of amendment A5 set forth by representative McGrady, those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] The chair will give members a few minutes to get to their desk to vote. Representative Wardell does the gentleman wish to record? Representative Malone, gentleman on the floor, representative Robinson, representative Pendleton, Representative Johnson are those members on the floor and wishing vote? Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 109 having voted in the affirmative and none of the negative, the amendment is adopted. The Chair'is possession of amendments sent forth by the By the gentleman from Burkam/g representative Turner, Chair rules the same out of orders, is not being the main of the bill. Is the gentleman from Pender ready to proceed on his amendment? The gentleman from Pender representative Millis is recognised to set forth an amendment the clerk will read [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Representative Millis moves to amend the bill on line four page 17 through 40 b y rewriting those lines to read. >> The gentleman from Pender has the floor to debate the amendment. >> Thank you Mr Speaker and ladies and gentleman of the house. What this amendment deems to do is to take the good intentions of what is currently drafted in the bill and actually massage it a little more into reality. The intention of the currently drafted bill is to make sure that those individuals who may have the risk of being exposed to this coal ash basins by way of their current drinking water well would actually be provided the option of either a water distribution system or filtration systems, and what it actually does it intends to bring peace of mind to these citizens as this decade long problem is actually solved by this current administration. What this amendment does is that instead of having an arbitrary radius, as you all know when it comes to ground water ground water doesn't move uniformly by a way of a circle. It's influenced by hydraulic aspects it's influenced by geographic by geology in general there's a lot of aspects actually Actually influence the way the ground water moves, so what this amendment seeks to do is to actually assess where the ploom/g is today and to actually assess where the plome/g may go into making sure that those residents and their drinking water wells will actually be, they would actually be able to receive either a water distribution system or a filtration system to provide them with clean water. So instead of having an arbitrary distance, we're actually targeting the problem specifically and making sure that no citizen is actually left out of being provided clean drinking water, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have and I just wanted to share what the intent is. Again the Bill sponsors have the right intentions, we're just trying to make sure by way of actual physical characteristics, by way of ground water, that their intention is actually achieved. What purpose does the gentleman from New Hanover representative Catlin rise? >To debate the amendment. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. >> This is a great amendment it deals very technically with the ground water issue just to give you an idea out of the 150 radius 424 well owners were told to drink, but only 12 of those were truly contaminated. So this will actually look at which way the ground water is flowing, it might go a lot further than 1500 feet because of that, so truly protect the people, so I think it's a great amendment, it also gives us a little schedule, flexibility, so thank you. >> What purpose does the gentleman from, Rutherford Representative [UNKNOWN] rise? >> To debate the amendment. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. >> Thank you Mr speaker, this amendment congratulate Representative [UNKNOWN] did what he did, he's using science to actually determine who gets water, whose wells are contaminated, whose aren't so I will say this is a great amendment, please vote for it. Representative [UNKNOWN] thank you for bringing it forward. >> For what purpose does the The gentleman from Henderson Representative McGready rise. >> Speaking on the amendment. >> Gentleman is recognized to debate the amendment. >> I join others in noting that this is a good amendment. It actually started out as my amendment but I am not an engineer

and I knew what I wanted to do when we put the bill together we just sort of arbitrarily drew a circle, and this amendment actually sort of came from the hue. Secretary of Anvert/g spoke to us on a number of issue over the last several days and it became apparent this is an idea that we wanted to follow up and I just wanna thank my colleague Representative Millers for taking what I had and getting Representative Kelvin and others on board. I believe it's a good amendment and I urge your support. >> Further discussion, further debate on the amendment, if not the question before the house is the adoption of amendment 84 set forth by Representative Mills [BLANK_AUDIO] Just a moment. [BLANK_AUDIO] Those in favor will vote aye, those opposing will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO]. Representative Hamskire/g wish to record the clerk will lock the machine record the vote. 112 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative the amendment is adopted. Does the lady wish to be recorded as I see the ladies light on. I don't see Representative Insko on the floor. Members where we are there is one amendment Pending by Representative Tolbert that I understand is being worked out on technical issues and I understand from the staff that there's gonna be a a technical issue to resolve the last amendment that was adapted, so those are the only two amendments the Chair is aware that will remain pending, so that being said I would open the floor for debate on the bill. Members are wishing to debate the bill. For what purpose does the lady from Yale Representative Hair's/g arise. >> To debate the bill. >> Lady is recognized to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen in the house, I promise often the very awkward position of siding with a North Carolina chamber of commerce and Duke energy over my good friends in the environmental community in support of this legislation I am, don't wanna repeat too much what Representative McGready has said about why the sort special is necessary, but I do feel quite strongly and this is why you thought quite strongly 2 years ago that we needed the Independent over sight provided by the Coal ash management commission. We showed actions about the department of Environmental Quality of Left some of our citizens with some lack of confidence and the ability to protect the public health, and I think most obviously has been descion of old advisories. We had last week several residents of neighborhoods near coal ash ponds that had then given Warn advisories to not drink their water that had been contaminated with the [UNKNOWN] Cake sevelant cromium. And then then the under pressure deterior later resented those letters. Those residents need that compass if they have the kind of oversight that they need and the protections coming from our actions on coal ash management So I feel like we'd have, and as Representative McGready mentioned, we have other important over sight commissions such as [UNKNOWN] management commission, Crystal Resources Commission, other commissions. His roles in providing some sort of independent and objective over sight in the actions of the agencies is really important and we did not wanna put that at risk, so So I think that they've been issues raised about the delay of provided in this legislation and I think Representative McGready made the important point that as we were constitute the coal ash management commission we need to give them a little bit time to do their job. I think with the improvement with the water supply requirement and In the bill that is not currently required by State well the cold ash management that we enacted two years ago simply required that [UNKNOWN] would have to provide bottled water but that's not a permanent solution. If you heard from those residence/g last week about what their days were like when they had to cook with bottled water and they had to take [UNKNOWN] because they were worried about the contamination that they were bathing and especially their children. So I think there's really important improvement and I appreciate that. I think that this is something we need to do and I know there's a lot of opposition out there, and I know our governor is opposed to it But I think that by having the oversight that this bill contemplates from the coal ash management Commission is critical to us doing our job to protect the public health and natural resources of our state. So I would urge you to vote for this bill. Thank you. >> Are there further members wishing to debate the bill?

For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake, Representative Hall, rise? >> To speak on the bill Gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Members, I'm about to do something that if you had asked me yesterday I would have said would never, ever happen in a million years. I'm about to disagree with Representative Harrison on an environmental issue and disagree with the former president of Sierra where I've been a member for many, many Years. For the members that were here in 2014 you will remember how much we worked on this. Every detail we talked about, we talked about in detail even which sites would be classified as high risk. Lots of amendments on that. We came to a consensus of six sites We told Duke that they had to clean their sites up. It's been two years and to this day not one ounce of coal ash has been cleaned up. Instead they've spent those two years looking for ways to delay, looking for ways to reclassify and that is exactly what this bill does I appreciate that the well crafted balancing act as Representative McGready called it, and I sincerely appreciate all the work he's done. I know how important it is and that there's lot's of good things but the public doesn't want us to create another commission, they want us to take action, so I hope you all If you all vote no and let's stop kick in the can down the road on this one. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Dolla rise. >> To debate the bill. >> The gentleman has a forward to debate the bill. >> At first I would to disagree with my colleague from Wake county The original bill was groundbreaking and historic from a national perspective. I don't know that any other state took on the legislation as comprehensively as the state of North Carolina did. What we are seeing today is a bill that helps Move this process forward. I didn't know that coash has bee and is being addressed as we speak, if that's my understanding I know there's been a good deal of clean up that's been underway, there's more that needs to be done. I think this bill helps add some clarity as well As well as addressing ground water issues for people around sites so we can move forward on that. This bill very much furthers the aims and the objectives of this general assembly and I would hope we could move forward with this and allow ourselves The ability to think about long term rate payers. Think about the best possible way of addressing this comprehensively which we started on that journey a couple of years ago this moves us down the road as well. I would urge your support. [BLANK_AUDIO] For what purpose does the gentleman from Rutherford Representative Hager rise? >> Debate the bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr speaker I was gonna speak on this but Representative Hall kinda made me stand up on this when he said that not any ash has been moved and I think he indicate that They certainly can't correct me, if he wishes that the technology has not been taken in this issue seriously and i have problems with that, because i know what they have done, if you look to what they've done across the system the old energy system, they have clossedall their peaking plants like [UNKNOWN] Like bugstein/g station, like riverbein/g station and river. They moved ash out of ash hole plant and moved into a line ash pond at [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] and out to the damn river plant . I don't want [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] district they are working on that. They've converted all of their wet ash systems across the systems to To drive systems which takes a load of where you don't have the impala problems and the pulling problems. And they spent billion of dollars to do this and this is all been in a year and half. So to that they don't take this problem seriously, you should. Cuz I can name amount the combustion to back the conversion And a lot of these other places with natural gases leading away from coal. That's millions of dollars and millions of millions of work that Duke power employees or Duke energy employees have done in the last year and a half. There has been a herculean effort, it will continue to be a herculean effort and we need to work with them to solve this problem. Let me remind everybody we didn't get in this problem A problem since year 2010. This has been a problem that this legislature this day has okay for the last 80 years. Now we not gonna go and fix it in five, this is an 80 year issue that Duke has worked their tails off for the last year and half to fix and get who we are today.So let's give them a level of credit

for what they have done so far Let's give them a little credit when you flip that switch and when you go home, you take for granted that the lights will come on, so let's give them a little credit fro the work they've done so far. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Any other members wishing to debate the bill, I know that Representative McGready wants to speak last The bill sponsor, are there any other members who wish to debate the bill. The chair believes it might take about maybe 10 minutes fro those amendments to be ready, I am not gonna out the house in recess, but I think what we'll do is simply stand at ease for about five to 10 minutes, so we are still in session, but we will stand at ease [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] Mr speaker the House will come back to order, for what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston Representative Torbett rise. >> Request that my amendment be withdrawn. >> The amendment will be returned to the gentleman, the gentleman from Anderson Representative McGrady is recognized to send forth an amendment the court will read. >> Representative Moves to amend amendment four on page one line 27 through page two line two by rewriting those lines to read. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. >> This is a most technical of technical amendments. My amendment had gone first in order and when Representative Millis offered Inadvertently it wrote out a portion of my amendment. So we're just sticking my amendment. You've already passed I believe unanimously back into the provision as we adopted it in Representative Millis' amendment. I ask your support of the amendment. >> Further discussion, further the debate if not the question before the house is the adoption of amendment A6 sent forth by Representative McGrady, those in favor will vote I those opposed will vote No, the court will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Murphy, Representative George Gram, Representative Pharma Bettafield the members on the floor wish to record they need to do [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] this time, now the court will lock the machine to record the vote 108 having voted in the affirmative And none in the negative, the amendment is adopted. We're now back on the bill. For what purpose does the gentleman from Pitt, Representative Murphy rise? >> I'd like to be recorded as voting aye for the vote. >> The gentleman be recorded as having voted aye on the previous amendment. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston, Representative Torbett rise? >> To speak on the bill Mr. Speaker. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you so very much With deep and honor respect for my colleagues. I was sitting here reminiscing, it seem like we've been down this road before. And it seemed like just maybe a year ago or so much, that I have my concern about what we're doing. I think we're trying to make the best out of a very bad situation. But I think I think the best will end up being the worst. There's not a single doubt in my mind that again we will be hiring attorneys to defend the position of the house against the governors cradle state North Carolina. And with that being said I think much consideration much thought, tremendous amount of thought needs to be applied first and foremost

To do what's right. Either will make up your own determination on varieties. i don't think we need to look at what's politically right. I think we need to look at what is right this is a great state North Carolina. I've been thinking that for the past couple of days and I just felt compelled to To make that mention, that I think would just suffering a back case of Dejavu and perhaps embarking down a same road that we know is full of bumps, hurdles and it just a bad trajectory. Thank you for those time Mr. Speaker. >> What purpose does the lady from Wilson Representative former Butterflied rise. >> To vote yes on the amendment i was I was in the chambers Mr Speaker. >> Lady if you recall us having voted on the previous amendment. The gentleman for Henderson Representative McGready is recognized to debate the bill a second time. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, I wanna start just by addressing an issue the gentleman from Wake Rose The points that he made representative Hager is already jumped into this one, and the gentleman from wake said their is not once ounce of cole ash that's been cleaned up. And that just wrong. This year. We had over a million tonnes of coal ash dug up and moved. Bordering my district, the ash fold city air port has a about four million tonnes of coal that's been up and moved. If you've been reading the papers, that the coal ash upstream of Charlotte, one of the high priority sites, the rail line is being used to move coal ash across the state to clay pits And so just don't leave that if it's not true. I've been an environmental leader for about 30 years. We make a mistake sometimes of over stating what the facts are but the facts here are really Really clear and with the work done, coal ash has began and begin shortly after the dam river spill and it's been pushed forward by the bill that we passed in 2014 and it will be pushed forward with a bill that we are about to pass today Members I am sort of I am here with mixed feelings, this has been a very stressful time particularly for our leadership, I wish we hadn't had to come back to deal with the compensation to coal ash commission but we did and I wish it was some other commission actually but the reason these two things came together is that with the coal ash commission was the one that had the highest authority. It was high profile and we were in the amidst of the decision making process we put Forward. This is a good bill I'm not in no way apologetic for the bill that I put forward here. It's a good bill, it's in fact a better bill than the one I tried to give you about a week ago. Because the whole scene with the additional time, we were able to address providing piped water to large number of people across the state and that's one of the highest priorities of mine that's where I hear the most about. That's something we we ought to be about so what were the issues? The first one obviously is to protect pubic health safety and welfare of North Carolina citizens, this bill does that. We have set forth, set up a process I believe that will protect the rate payers of North Carolina and that's huge. We shouldn't be spending to much money, we need the lowest coast but most effective regulation of coal ash that we can get. And you made the hard choice two years ago. Don't back away from that hard choice because some group of my former colleagues are pushing to have more dug up again. I have seen as I've stated before I have seen more of these coal ash basins than anybody but representative Hager. and they were all different and I really do think we are making

a mistake if we move off what we decided hard decision we decided two years ago. And finally the thing that has been most difficult is that I feel like the bill has become one where I have to protect the institution of the house and our relationship with the governor. Their are checks and balances between the governor and the legislature. We litigated one of those, and now we are responding to that litigation. I have talked to any and every lawyer that I know and they've given me the same answer on this except for one, the governor's lawyer and so I consider an honor that I get to work on separation of powers, I am glad the speaker and the president of Rottem have come to my aid. I believe the bill is protecting the institution and separation of powers which I swore to protect in an oath on this floor and that I would uphold the Constitution of North Carolina, and again I am sorry that the bill is coming forward at the time and the way it is, and the acrimony draft, but again it's a good bill, it's put on policy Policy and it protects the prerogatives of the General Assembly. And I would ask for your support for the bill. >> Further discussion, further debate? If not, the question before the House is the passage of Senate Bill 71 on its second reading. Those in favor will vote aye. Opposed will vote no. The Clerk will Open the vote [BLANK_AUDIO] The clerk will work.The machine will record the vote.86 having Voted to the affirmative and 25 to the negative .Senate bill 71 passes the second reading and with an objection the third time>>[INAUDIBLE]>> further discussion further debate if not the question for the house those is the passage of senate bill 71 on it's third reading.Those in favor will say aye,those opposed no.The ayes have it Senate bill 71 having passed it's third reading amendment is ordered engrossed and sent to the senate. House joint resolution 1141 the clerk will read. >> Representative [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] G Martin, Cleveland and El Hall house joint resolution 1141 Dropped a resolution in honor of service members doing , the house resolve>> speak on the resolution, the gentleman has the resolution thank you Mr speaker and members of the house In June of 1963 in the city of Detroit, in an earlier version of a speech that was came to be known as ' I have a dream ' Martin Luthor King said thisthis Even if he tries to kill you, you develop the inner conviction that there are some things so dear, some things so precious,some things so eternally true that they are worth dying for, This memorial Day and with this resolution, we come to pay tribute to those in America's history who have that inner conviction that the eternal principles and ideals upon which rest freedom in America were worth dying for At the close of the Cuban Missile crises near the close president John F.Kennedy addressed the nation and said that the cost of freedom is high but the Americans have always paid the cost and one path we will Never choose is one of surrender or submission .We seek not the victory of might but the vindication of right, not peace at expense of freedom but both peace and freedom here in this hemisphere and we hope around the world .God willing That goal will be achieved.Today we come soberly ,we come solemnly and we come soberly to pay tribute

to those who paid the ultimate cost with their lives to achieve both Peace and freedom in this country.We owe them such a debt that maybe it can't be repaid for we know as representative John said a few weeks ago on veterans,it's the soldier not the politician who gave us A republic.It's the soldiers not the rabbi/g priest or pastor who gave us the freedom of religion .It's the soldier not the newspaper editor who gave us freedom of speech .It's the soldier not the lawyer who gave us the right to Do process , its the soldier, not the protester who gave us the right to peaceably assemble and its the soldier who salutes the flag who serves under the flag and whose coffin is draped by the flag Who made it possible for the protester to be able to earn the flag, so how can we pay the tribute we owe to those who died? We can toll this at Gettysburg that it requires more than just words It requires action, recall is a mortal words, it is for us the living rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus for us a nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the Great task remaining before us. That from this honor dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion that we hear highly resolve that this dads shall not have died in vein, but that this nation Under God shall have a new birth of freedom.So it requires more than words. In the cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion was the cause of preserving Freedom. In a republic there will always be a great task remaining before us because as Ronald Reagan pointed out , freedom is always only one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it on to our children in the bloodstream.The only way that They can inherit the freedom we have known is if we protect it, fight for it, defend it and then pass it on to them with the well thought lessons of how they in their lifetime must do the same. And if you and I don't do that then we may well spend our sunset years telling our children and our grandchildren What it was like once to be free in America and ladies and gentlemen I fear we are approaching that day. A leading veterans group has said that most of our veterans, most of those who served Certainly those who died posses seven attributes. Duty, honor, courage, commitment, integrity, country, service and we see that that this true. We see how the public reacts and holds those who died in such high esteem Because those selfless qualities are so self evident. Now in this political year of turmoil I don't know that anyone in here can really explain or could have predicted the cost of our politics this year, but if there is one thing that's evident is that the people of America America are disgusted and disappointed with the political class, those who represent them in office. And I can't help but wonder how different it could be if the political office holders, the political class adopted and emulated Emulated those we honor today by exhibiting those same qualities of duty, honor, courage, commitment, country, integrity and service. If we did that and people saw it what a difference we could have in true leadership, what hope it could bring to the public. And what's stopping us from doing it, from adopting that code us our own.

Because we do have a duty to those who died before. If we let the cost of freedom get off course, if we're the generation that leaves its freedom or even turns over in America America weaker and worse off than we got it from the preceding generation. We broken faith with those very people we purport to honor o this holiday weekend. So I think that should be a sobering thought to everyone in politics. We can still give this nation a new birth of Freedom as Lincoln said and that I think to our actions will be the only way we can truly honor those who in the words of Lincoln, and those we honor today and this weekend we can truly honor those who laid such a costly sacrifice Upon the alter of freedom. >> What purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Jonathan rise. >> Well I don't know how you can follow [CROSSTALK] >> That was just dynamite. I wanted to talk about some of the Some of the things that I've said this Memorial day I will put on my uni progression reform again and always a speaker on Mole day and Veterans day, but I challenge all of you in this room to let the American public know what Memorial day is, it's amazing How many people come up to me and say, on Memorial day thank you for your service, and I said, no I am not dead, this is, thank me on Veterans day. They don't know and it's important you tell them. Would know people that served in the military a lot of them in this room served in the military All the same people got killed cuz that's what we are talking about, will they want you to solemn on memorial day, no they would want you to have a barbecue and cook out in your back yard and drink a beer and toast to them. So when you get out of a beer in your hand or whatever you are gonna drink. Toast to the people who've gotten killed so that we can have freedom. I'm 12 days from now will be June 6th. And lets go back to June 6th 1944. When I was asked to speak that the 60 anniversary memorial day at the state capital. I spoke on the [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] deday. At 3 o'clock in the morning three airborne divisions of about 40000 men jumped out of the dock. Well it was sent completely dark because all the German tracers were coming after the planes and. Would explode in about 40 military of people, trooper would get killed with the crew. Go up in the air and they would be gone. Can you imagine the crew that you took to jump out in the dark with letting [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] fire coming at you. And that was any second their were airborne. The input still exists in the army and the six British airborne division. And their were foreign [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] over 70 miles over Norman. And it was Gold, Jenow and sword, Canadian British features and of course we had Utah and Omaha. In this room I'm sure I have seen saving private Ryan my favorite movie of all time. But in the opening of the movie the anthery unit that landed on Omaha is 6.30 that morning, That unit was [] guard unit and it was Bear Foot Virginia. Bear Foot Virginia. And Bear Foot is about 20 miles north of Lynchburg. And that unit that got saw short up when they landed and you revert back to thinking about memorial day cuz that wasn't in the movie. Just the carnage they went through. But at that thought I'd encourage all of you to go, troll shorts of the a peanuts donated a million dollars to go to the battle park to the people that landed on June 6, 1994. And they raise $11 million, it's phenomenal, I hope you'll go But what happened in Deadford and is when that unit out for company 116 cathedry who joined the guard, 29th of version landed. No one knew any of them were hurt. On that day Any man people from Bedford Virginia were killed when that county only had 3000 people in the town we had 600 people. Six weeks later they found out about it because on that day it was

warm and working in a drug store there in town we were Telegraph while this was, and Telegram started wailing in. Attention casualties, attention casualties. And it went on all day long, and it was one cab driver in the town and he came in and he delivered this telegrams. I mean the army was so sorry that they didn't have somebody go at the house, they had a cab driver I will deliver a telegram. 29 people in a county with 3000 people. Now this people were heroes and that's what I like to think of those many many other stories we can talk about, but the Nomady landing is at down in Bedford, so On memorial day drink a beer to all the service members who have been killed in combat in the United States of America since 1775. Thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Martin rise? >> To debate the resolution. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the resolution. >> Thank you Thank you very much Mr. Speaker, thank you members. It is always interesting to me to see how we Americans celebrate Memorial Day. Which of our national secular holidays in my mind is absolutely the most sacred. On Veteran's Day it's a good day Or when we have Veteran's Lobby Day it's a great day to get up and make jokes about the Air Force. And to share good stories, sometimes exaggerated with my fellow veterans. But as Representative Pendleton pointed out Memorial day is not about us, it's about those who did not come back. And it's not my place as someone who did come back to dictate how we will spend memorial day remembering those who did not return .I will be spending it at the beach with my wife and daughter.And do not know what my friends Come back will have me do, but I do know what they will do if they were still here which is hug there daughter and there wife a little bit closer which is what I will do.I will urge you do the same and as representative Paul Tine said raise the glass of whatever it is you're drinking to them And have a great time and hug your family but add one bit to your memorial day celebration routine which is that a suggestion of IAVA Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans of America.And that's on 12/g memorial.Take a pass from your vacation or wherever you're doing And have a moment of silence and remember.Thank you>> What purpose does the gentleman from Union representative Horn rise? >> To speak on the bill. >> Gentleman has the floor to debate the resolution[BLANK_AUDIO]>> In June 2009 I had the great opportunity to be on Omaha Beach. When you come to Omaha Beach you are up high up on the cliffs and their is an American cemetery on Omaha Beach and you see those Cross the of David and the just seem like they go forever. You cant help but walk through and read the names and wonder about each one of those names and you see names like Theodore Roosevelt, Jr and Andy Muffy. Or names like Sam Jones or David freeburg or names you don't have a clue. who are these people. The you walk down the cliffs to the beach. Now since you're walking down the cliff step, those cliffs are behind you, so of course you're trying to watch where you're going. It's steep and rocky and there are lots of paths. You can't help but think about the people coming up the other way. And you're watching the water. The water there Is generally not smooth. It's not a hospitable place. Now try and imagine storms are raging, weather was not so good. Try to imagine you're 17 years old and maybe some of Some of our pages here are 17 years old or 16. And there were some 16 and 17 year old kids seasick as could be, having bounced around out in the channel for several hours waiting

for the signal. And they're loaded down with gear, and they're scared to death. But they're determined, they're trained, they're ready to go. [BLANK_AUDIO] And they come in and then all hell breaks loose Some of them. Those boats they were on those stickens boats were made out of plywood, are you aware of that, plywood, they weren't steel, they wasn't even steel was that front gate that went down. The side of a boat were plywood, boats are coming through the sides of the boats. Such people right here in the boat in addition to throwing up cuz you are sick than a dog, the guy next to you all of a sudden you are near her something wet on your face, and she's brains just got blown out. And that door goes down and it's screaming and howling and people are falling over dead as they exit, can you imagine, I cannot, I walked a long the beach and I looked in the sand and right there in the sand was a slow of wooden cross with a puppy And I lean down to see what it said underneath and it said, remembrance. On Monday, Memorial Day, I'm asking you the pages, people up in the gallery and each one of us we're here because of those guys. And that's not just Omaha Beach and Utah Beach, but it's Iwo Jima, Okinawa and unnamed islands in the pacific. Actually there were 15 and 16 year old kids. 15 year old kids so that we could be here right now dealing with important issues and some overstated, not so important issues. So on Monday, please just for a moment Give it a little bit of thought. Those people died for us. For the opportunity for us to indulge in this practice of self government. For us to still stand as we do today as a beacon of freedom around the world. Let us not just savor that let us embrace that with every fiber of our being. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Transylvania, Representative Whitmire, rise? >> To commend the resolution. >> The gentleman's recognized to debate the resolution. >> Some eloquent, substantive words that you've said. I appreciate those from all of you. The other day I couldn't quite get out what I'm gonna say very clearly. I'm gonna try again. The resolution talks about our nearly 1.2 million folks who have given the ultimate sacrifice and also the 38,000 that are officially missing in action. With that I ask our Lord God Almighty above to watch over those who are presently serving. Our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters, to bring them home safely. And for those that are wounded, to take care of them and certainly for those who've lost their lives, and this is where it hits home when you're back home. Enjoy that festivity, but remember the families who sacrificed, to let them know that you appreciate the sacrifice they and their loved ones who are no longer with us, has given and certainly for the children, let them know the ultimate purpose for which their lost mother and father served. Thank you. >> Further discussion, further debate If not the question for the House is the adoption of House Joint Resolution 1141 on its second reading. Those in favor will vote aye. Those opposed will vote no. The Clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] The clerk will lock the

machine and record the vote. One out of 11 having voted in the affirmative and none on the negative, house joint resolution 1141 passes its second reading and will without objection be read third time. >> The house votes to [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] concurred. >> Further discussion, further debate. If not, the question for the house is the passage of [COUGH] house joint resolution 1141 on it's third reading. Those in favor will say aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed no. The ayes have it. House joint resolution 1141 having passed it's third reading Third reading will be sent to the senate by a special messenger. House be at ease momentarily. [BLANK_AUDIO] What purpose does the gentleman from Stanly representative Brody rise. >> Mr. Speaker my previous objection to senate bill 838, I have gotten my questions answered would like to remove my objection at this time. >> Are their any further objections to. Third reading to senate bill 838 if not senate bill 838 clerk will read. >> Senator Hise, the bill 838 the bill to be entitled an act to require further reporting from the department of health and human Services related transformation of medical aid of North Carolina choice program and to modify certain provisions of medic aid transformation legislation. General assembly North Carolina enacts. >> Further discussion further debate if not the question before the house is the passage of senate 838 on it's third reading, those in favor say Aye. >> Aye. Those oppose No. The Aye's have it. Senate bill 838 having passed it's third reading will be sent to the senate. >> Try to concur through the the senate. [BLANK AUDIO] What purpose does the gentleman from Wilkes Representative Elmore rise? >> An announcement Mr. speaker. >> The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. >> The education K12 meeting. will take place 15 minutes after we conclude here in room 544, to take out house 1080. >> Members it appears from the chair's review of where are that there would not to be a voting session tomorrow. and there will not be a voting session on Monday or Friday as well. Who was that that objected? >> [LAUGH]>> Somebody's about to become real popular over there. It does appear What we can do is we would probably have a none voting session at this point tomorrow and a non voting session on Friday and then actually voting session on Tuesday, so madam clerk the chair will direct of any Bills, well we'll counter any bills but there'll be no bills countered before Tuesday. There is a local government committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning, I think Representative Davis had an announcement relative to that, the gentleman's recognized. >> Thank you Mr Speaker, ladies and gentlemen of the house in view of the skeleton session tomorrow the meeting that had been planned for local government committee at 10 O'clock AM will be cancelled and we'll reschedule it for the following Thursday. Thank you Mr Speaker [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO] What purpose does the gentleman from Reagan Representative Sain rise? >> For an announcement. >> Gentleman has the floor for an announcement. >> Thank you Mr Speaker, members of the Finance committee something you know for your planning purposes we will not meet tomorrow obviously but we will also not meet Tuesday, so plan for a Wednesday finance meeting. >> Does the gentleman from New have any further announcement, Representative Davis? What purpose does the gentleman from [UNKNOWN] Representative Hall rise? >> I wanna withdraw my objection. >> [LAUGH] >> And for a point of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker and ladies and gentlemen of the house we have lost this day a former member of the house, Howard Clement III of Durham North Carolina former council member long serving as well as a member of this house and as we approach this weekend and this time

we'll spend with our families I hope we will also think about the service we give both long term and while we are in this house and again think of him and his family And the sacrifice they gave while he served here and long standing and public service in Durham thank you. >> What purpose does the gentleman from Pitt Representative Murphy rise? >> Point of personal privilege.>> The gentleman is recognized to speak to point of personal privilege. Yes thank you Mr. speaker I would like to say now on the 25th of May I would like to wish my beautiful wife who allowed me to be here. I have the 25th wedding anniversary and she's made a lot of sacrifices for me to be here and I thank God for her thank you. >> Congratulations. >> [APPLAUSE]. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland representative Floyd rise? >> To inquire the chair. >> The gentleman may state his inquiry.>> Mr. Speaker I got very clearly your instruction for tomorrow and two on Monday >> So thank you. So for tomorrow and Friday. The only meeting Members who have to be here are the members from Cumberland county. >> [LAUGH] >> Mr. Speaker I object. >> For what purpose does the gentleman arise. Inquiry concerning Tuesday. I dint get that too clearly. >> The On Tuesday at this point we'll very likely have votes on Tuesday but it looks like you're safe between now and Tuesday. >> Follow up Mr. Speaker. >> The gentleman is recognised for a follow up. >> The person that object, was that the minority leader earlier? >> [LAUGH] >> Further notices and Announcements. If not the gentleman from Harnett, Representative Lewis is recognised for a motion [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Mr. Speaker in remembrance of those brave men and women who have given The ultimate sacrifice by being killed in the line of duty in service to the United States of America and subject to the receipt of messages from the senate committee reports, conference reports, the re referral of bills and resolutions the appointment of conferees, committe appointments and Representatives statements, I move the House adjourn to reconvene Friday 27th at 10:00 AM.>> Representative Lewis moves seconded by Representative Horn that the House Oh yes. The Chair is gonna suspend. The Chair forgot, I would ask our pages please to come forward. And as you're coming, I wanna tell you I've heard good things about your service this week and I hope this has been a good experience for you. You've had an opportunity to see a good bit of debate in the House Floor and looks like you guys get an early start to your weekend as well. I don't know if you'll have to go to school tomorrow or not. That will be up to the Clerk I guess. Clerk says you're here tomorrow. And I don't know if members know this or not but our pages, and I wanna thank our clerk Ms. Weeks for this, she's been conducting mock sessions that the pages have been able to do and come in and serve and I've heard a lot of the great debate. So hope you all enjoyed that, and I would ask my colleagues to please join me in thanking you for your services this week as pages. >> [APPLAUSE] Thank you. You may return to your post. Now Representative Lewis has moved that the House do now adjourn, seconded by Representative Horn, subject to the receipt of messages from the Senate and receipt of committee reports, conference reports, re-referal of bills and resolutions, appointments of conferees, committee appointments And reading of representatives statements in memory of those fallen service members to reconvene Friday, May 27th at 10 AM. Those in favor will say aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed will say no.