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Joint | May 24, 2016 | Press Room | Press Conference McKissick

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[INAUDIBLE] So we've go choose a sign. we got a sign that kind speak into our main issue to raise reports [INAUDIBLE] [COUGH] [CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE] right around the corner, >> I'm going out here >> [INAUDIBLE] Turn way Out they way [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] Senator Davies, Senator McKissick, Senator [INAUDIBLE] So they may or may not. [INAUDIBLE] So [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [BLANK AUDIO] [BLANK AUDIO] [BLANK AUDIO] [BLANK AUDIO] [BLANK AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO]


[NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] Will be starting in less than 10 minutes. [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [BLANK_AUDIO]

[BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Hi Good morning, how are you? [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] Good morning. >> Good morning. >> My name is McKissick entail [INAUDIBLE] local 150, as North Carolina Public Service Records. We're here today to encourage our legislators to do the right thing. [INAUDIBLE] has proposed some things that are not beneficial for working class so we're here to state our concerns. You're gonna be hearing from speakers that work for the state, a proper state facilities and within the city talking about our concerns. [UNKNOWN], we're gonna have Bernita/g Johnson who is the secretary with assistance treasury [UNKNOWN], she's gonna speak to us, or speak to you, all about dispensing the health plan. Bernita/g Johnson. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Good morning? >> Good morning. >> Speaking on defending the state health plan, when we say defending the state health plan, we're saying in no uncertain terms, release the 20% mandate reserves,

use that $71 million to make health care affordable for state workers. This system has set up for the haves and the have nots. People that don't have anything, pay the most, money, at a percent of total pay amounts are better, excuse me, a percent of total pay amounts are better than flat rates. The recommended changes for 2017 are as follows. The first one, the CDHP plan which there has been very little education on it. I can't even tell you what it means, but I will say it was a quote the haves, it has have a $3500 deductible and that's before the cold phase starts. so we know that's what they have. The second plan is enhance 820 plan. This deductible was raised from $700 for the year 2016 to $1250 for the 2017 year. The ER core paying raise from $233 for the 2016 plus the deductible and co-insurance to $300 plus deductible and co-insurance for so 2017. This equals the half not. number three is 70-30 plan. This plan may not cost you any premium but very costly if you are medically challenged. So in quote that is also for the have nots. We then employees the state of North Carolina feel that the policy of care for us is disgraceful and it displays dishonorable service to the people they give their all in every aspect of state government. We ask that you find the more progressive premium co-pay and abduct able pay structure to lower payed workers don't bear the extra burden. On behalf of UE local 150, thank you. >> Next will have Dwight Walker who's worked for the city of Durham to come with his speech. [BLANK_AUDIO] Good morning. >> Good Morning. >> My name is Dwight Walker and I'm a former employee of the water departmental of the city of Durham. And a steward in the UE 150 and Durham city worker union chapter. We are calling on the general assembly to repeal the house bill two. We want the resident power within our municipals and self determination. House bill two affects and takes away the local city ability to address the human rights in the public accommodation living ways in terms of employment and cultural, socio-economic standards, they used a law to demean it and a scape goat to the last when they gave and transgender and [UNKNOWN] community, they used this to attack and create division among the working class as they took away. I've been a victim of the discrimination of the City of Durham and what this Bill is doing is giving a green light to the employers to do what they want to say and discriminate and gave them the right to say you're fired without even giving you a reason. Because they discriminated against us and my case is still pending against the water department for this terminationso we're calling on the government, the General Assembly to repeal this so we can have some rights into the City because this good, excuse me, is bad that we got elected officials that see what's going on in these departments of discrimination and they won'y do nothing about it. So you just help us out so we can get some bargaining power within then union and stop this House Bill two. Thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] [BLANK AUDIO] >> Next we're gonna hear from, well Senator Davis is not here. Probably in senate session but we have a [BLANK AUDIO] We have senator [UNKNOWN] I wanna say that she has been a long time ally to Union

150, she's gonna speak to us. [BLANK AUDIO] Good morning? >> Good morning. >> I think that several things are important to say and one is that surely we need for state employees serious raises for this year that will be helpful to employees and their families I think the house budget made a start and we need to make sure we hold the position in the house budget and improve it in the senate in addition to that, while our counterparts tell the increased, of state revenue that is being generated by their growing economy, that they take credit for, that economy has not shown up in increased wages growth for any category of employee in our stare but most importantly for our lowest paid employees and so we surely need to look at raising the minimum wage and it surely was a [UNKNOWN] step in HB two to single out and prevent local governments who wanted to increase the minimum wage and had the consensus of their community to do so to prevent them from doing so but we need to look at doing that on a state wide basis and with a collar provision so we don't have to come back year after year after year for workers wages to be increased and so we need to, a $7 minimum wage, I mean there is nobody that can live on that $7, 7.75 minimum wage or, whatever it is. So nobody can live on that and we know that, that's not a living wage or even close. So we need to move forward in that. I think one of the speakers is already emphasized that the whole preneciousness/g or evilness I guess you would say in HB two where we use the, subterfuge or the excuse of concern about bathrooms and the prejudice against the LBTGQ community to then set in place a law that will prevent every person, from suing in a state court for discrimination in employment or in public accommodation. So clearly that was a harmful strategy and sad strategy that we will use to prejudice against that group to then promote that, kind protection that is really unneeded from the business community and most of them say they didn't want. Even though it seems like some of them are still pushing for that. Allow with the minimal way peace being [INAUDIBLE] I guess it's the sweetner so that;s really harmful. I think you are own point to defend the state health plan and we will have to continue to fight for the state health plan as well as the pension for state workers and at least in the House Budget some funding has been put towards that as well as towards the retirement that's a start but we need to continue to, fight for what may happen in the Senate and continue to be vigilant even after that. I doubt there ever will be a time, but we really won't have to fight for these kind of benefits and that's unfortunate. So those are the major pieces I will speak about, surely the issues of, racial profiling, we made some progress on that, there's some Bills that I think will move forward around cameras, police cameras, setting in place a protocol and pa process for that. I think some of those Bills will move forward. We will continue to struggle with the tax brakes, the wealthy and the, corporations and even this new tax brake for in the span of deduction that supposedly is for the middle class and yet what it really will result in is the elimination of a reduction in services that we rely on collectively from the state government revenues and I'm not sure the the trade off I'm hearing that the trade off is not equal and that is not worth what we lose, what we we get individually. My $80 is not worth not having child care subsidy or not having free care slot. Or other needs we have in our community so thank you. >> Thank you. [APPLAUSE] >> Next we're gonna hear from Paul [UNKNOWN] who is another long ally of [UNKNOWN] [BLANK AUDIO] >> Thank you Mrs.

Taylor and it's a pleasure to be, here and I wanna thank all of the members of UE 150 for coming to the General Assembly, it's important for your voice to be heard. I want, all I've asked Ms. Taylor about the incomes of the members of this Union and what I discovered, through the media that the average income is $28,000. Now this is not a living wage so I applaud members who are coming here and fighting and speaking out for those state workers who are the worst payed and really grant much need assistance Assistance really need to see the income for state employees to go out. I would say on some of this issues Senator Brian discovered almost everything I think you just- >> [LAUGH] >> On through it and got pretty much all of the issues out there. I wanna say that fighting for the higher minimum wage. The union here your part of the national movement and some would say oh, they can never raise the minimum wage. Well they have in many parts of the country already and certainly the HB2 and making it impossible, saying it's not possible for local governments to raise this minimum wage is certainly a hit against the low income people like myself's, it's really not fair and we need to try to fulfill the HB2 for a number of reasons. But this is certainly one that affects working people when a city like mine in Durham. I would say that it has [INAUDIBLE] Or general Assembly I've been working for years with the city council try to push the idea of higher wages and to be told that the city even the if decides it wants to do that, cannot do that because of the state law is really really wrong. On the raises I wanna make one important point, when the Raise as in the House budget is two percent. That is not fair to people who are on the low end. >> [APPLAUSE] >> You might say but what are you talking about? Well if you made $60,000 and you get a two percent raise, you know that's a $120 for you But if you make $30,000 and you get a two percent raise, that's $60 for you. So say how do you fix that, well the way you fix that is how the feature in the budget that has the wages go up by lump sum and that means that by the lump sum increase people on the lower end like Yourself will be able to benefit by the same amount as people who are making twice what you are making. And I hope you can get to your Senate Representatives and Senators who are here I know we'll be fighting for that. I appreciate I was sorry we couldn't win that battle in the house. House budget is over there in the senate, but I think that's an extremely important point to make. Another point and I did say this in my remarks on the senate on the house floor on Thursday, people will say well we did everything we could because there wasn't any money, but it's important to remember that the tax breaks beginning in 2013 are so. so huge as they've blown out and you focus on the millionaires who receive those tax breaks. If we simply went back to the taxes that they paid before 2013, the taxes they paid from 1991 till then, we could have $400 million additional and that's from our legislative $400 million was simply went back to millionaires for them to pay the top bracket that they pay through the 90's and 2000's. It's just important to remember that cuz people will tell you they don't their is no money. Their is and we don't have to hit working families we can just hit the millionaires who believe me don't need a tax Break. So I agree with the agenda here in state health plan terrible in terms of the increases that are coming but I will just stop here so let senator Riddell have a chance senator Davis is here so let me just get out of the way. Thank everyone for being here. And thank for the meeting. >> Thank you for coming by the office have received a lot of emails and many of you stop by to share your concerns with me. And your concern is my concern. I was a state employee for more than 30 years. Not in the retirement system. So I know what you are talking about. Because those are the same things that hear each and everyday. Women and children in this day tend to be those who live most in poverty. We cannot afford to continue with $7.25 cents as a minimum wage, we must have a living wage.

Last year we filed the bill asking for that, which didn't go anywhere. You'll hit a day and I applaud you because we have to keep it up. We have to keep that information before those who're responsible for making decisions. And most of all when it comes to retirees, it's in the budget. There was nothing last year. Our retirees cannot afford to continue to live and go without any crisis at all. This year in the budget, the house has one and a half percent. Okay, that's some Something but we gotta do better than that. We gotta catch up to where there was nothing. And so I stand before you today, to encourage all of us to work hard for the rises to make this state the progressive state. Because we've gone so long without Anything and met much of our rate have been mentioned but the other thing don't hear but overturn in House Bill 2. And that's extremely important. Because it's hurting the economic factors in this date as well as many other avenues that exists has to be progressive.Thank you for Allow me to serve a drink. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Our last legislative speaker, whose also a long time allie for [INAUDIBLE] 50. In majesty. >> [LAUGH] >> Senator John Davis. >> [CROSSTALK] >> I tell you I guess when you arrive Arrive a few minutes late then everybody gets the chance to say a lot of important things. Good to see you or saying it to everybody that's here down to everybody that's working hard with UE Local 150, thank you. I remember seeing you at [INAUDIBLE] facilities, we've been together on the corner side of court houses and to take to the general assembly is so important and essential to common allow voices to be heard and share the voices and I do believe that our voices are essential right now when I look at the pay situation. And this is where I begin starve, I believe there needs to be a long term commitment made to our state employees. It's not acceptable, it's not acceptable to wait until an age of presidential election year to roll out whatever the increase may or may not be at this point, but that's not acceptable. When you look at the year, years prior to the recession, you meaningful commitments that were made to the state employees, when you look at the years coming out of the recession, there's been minimum commitments as a matter of fact, one commitment was made at the same time that there was an increase in terms of the co-pays offset of the co-pays and the health plan. We now look at these years post this great recession that we experienced. Salaries and pay collectively [UNKNOWN] salaries are down in some cases, upwards to 15% and here, lies then the problem, if there's not a long term commitment or we wait to play politics every four years, what happens is we have families out there who continue to struggle to put food on the table and it's this simple, more and more increasingly are opting to have to take on part time work. We've seen this increase here and these are the individuals that keep our state running from day to day and to continue to add that burden I think it's time for us to show that we are committed to our employees and we value, value our, employees and to me, what that means then is as we look long term stop playing politics with our employees, then we'll have meaningful increases so that they get the pay that they're deserving. Same thing when we talk about the minimum wage, it's not just good enough to come in and get a 10 or, $15 but it must and this has been a bill that I've been working on for some time that must be placed index of inflation so that we don't place just the basic cost of living increases in the hands of politics. Politicians we've shown that, Yes we do a great job of playing politics, but I truly believe that we must show our value here and our appreciation of our employees by making prompt commitments to them. The same thing takes place when we talk about maintaining the integrity of the benefits, the, employee benefits. We've been through battles even torn between the session here at

[INAUDIBLE] benefits, I mean for crying out loud this are the benefits that employees themselves are paying into. So right now I stand firm and I'm grateful, extremely grateful that your here and let's go out and continue to speak with those and let's fight to show that our employees are indeed worth the value that they are and they provide and services that they render to the state, day in and day out. So thank you again for coming. >> [APPLAUSE] >> We have seen one thing Senator Brian [INAUDIBLE] and that is there is nine [INAUDIBLE] on the arsenic counter today has been taunted as a zero tax bracket and in fact it's important to know that bill on the counter today does not help people like yourselves very much at all. Because increasing the standard deduction goes for anyone who does not itemize. Now that includes most everybody here but it also gonna include people making a hundred thousand dollars. If they choose not to itemize and many don't, many choose not to itemize they benefit from this increase in the standard reduction rightly. So it's important and I hope the senators will have an opportunity to talk with each other, to talk about this if this is not the way to help working people. A great majority of the people under $35,000 get almost nothing from this compared to people above $35,000 get. If you want in one word to talk about one phrase that will help people like yourselves and it's done nationally and federally a lot. It's got earned income tax credit. The earned income tax credit has almost everything focused on people below $35,000. The standard deduction bill before us does not do that so please urge people today to vote against this bill. It does not help working families like yourselves. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak Secretary. >> Thank you. >> And thank you for that nugget of information. It will not fall on deaf ears. Next we gonna hear from Raymond Sanders, president of the Cherry Chapter/g [BLANK_AUDIO] Good morning everyone. >> Good morning. >> We gonna talk briefly about medical health right bill and collective bargain. My name is Raymond Simmons. I work in the Housekeeping department in Cherry Hospital and the president of the Cherry Hospital chapter 150. Mental health care works to provide for care for people with special needs. To revive quality care there must be some basic rights and standard that every mental health care worker as a right to his respect. This is why we are working towards the mental health worker right bill of rights. When we don't have enough staff in DHHS, not only does it stress us out and make us over work but it directly affects the patient that we are hired to get therapeutic care for. This is why there should be some standard level of staff as part of the minimum health worker, Bill of rights, when we don't have proper training, it can lead to staff and patient injury, death or unnecessary, this is why proper training or realistic technique should be a basic standard as part of our minimum health worker Bill of rights. Public workers also deserve to have the, Basic international recognized human right to collective bargaining. And when I'm talking about collective bargaining, 2005, me and my social [UNKNOWN] we was in Mexico where we discover organisation called the International Labor Organisation, we pull that, Organisation to North Carolina and this is where we find that our state should be ashamed of themselves that what they find in violation of this right, they find a book that was about this thick of violations across the state of North Carolina to the public workers. And still yet they refuse to release them. The Bill that we are fighting for concerns discriminatory, [UNKNOWN], all of these stuff collective bargaining can handle with, but what we find that the legislators in the house and I don't mean no disrespect, To you guys but they are finding themselves holding it so we don't have control of our destination where we can sit there together

and discuss our future, our children, our grand children, this will affect all of us. The churches, the community, And when we doesn't help, a legal process out there to support the needs of the worker, we are losing the state right now and 2008, to 2015, there was 11 to 15% cost of living just down, here it is 2016, And they just got to pass a 2% raise, where is the just to it? Where does it stop? Where does a single parents go with a child that they can't justify the college? Where do people sit to make over $100,000 a year just seat back while these people working two or three jobs, Just to satisfy their family. Then we ask ourselves, why are these of rights not necessary? Why is collective bargaining not necessary? I'll tell you, the right to a safe work place include protecting oneself from harm with [UNKNOWN] for their safety for the patient. And the right to refuse work, That the pros endangers to oneself safety. The right to adequate staffing level, the right to adequate and update equipment and technical to ensure safety working conditions and quality care for the patient. The right for families supporting wages so the minimum health care worker can devote their time to the care of their patient. And not have to take a second job, the right to refute excessive/g overtime. The right to a timely [UNKNOWN] about the behavior of patients that workers are assigned to care for. The right to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of the job classification. The right to fair and equal treatment, and opportunity regardless race, gender, age, national organ, immigration search oriented, physical ability or religion. The right to [INAUDIBLE] precision, which includes the right to [INAUDIBLE] all matter that can impact safety, evaluation race, Transfer, promotion, representation [INAUDIBLE] at all level. The right to have input in decision impacting working condition [INAUDIBLE] and the division [INAUDIBLE]level, the right of worker to evaluate the performance of all their supervisors as one of the criteria for the race in the Duty, the right to belong to a union and engage in collective bargain over terms and conditions of workers, that's why we need it, thank you. >> All right. >> [APPLAUSE]. >> All I'm gonna say we do have House Bill 30 that representative Bale introduced about the bill of rights. We're still working to get it or returning the heavy headed made law so that we can really see. Next you gonna hear from our brother Dorian, Dorian Steph. >> [INAUDIBLE] I will look into this as we talk of [INAUDIBLE] Thank you sister [INAUDIBLE], I appreciate that and good morning to everyone. >> Good morning. >> First of all I'd like to thank everyone for being here from our core workers to our allies, to our elected officials and the press. My name is Dorian Smith I work Work in transportation at Murdoch center and I,m the Yui 150 the HHS council chair. It is hard working for the state, we provide many critical services for some of the most vulnerable residence of the state. And provide some of the most critical pieces of infrastructure like roads schools and hospitals. Yeah Judging by the budget of the 2016/17 NC general assembly, you wouldn't know how critical the work is we perform because they [INAUDIBLE] from us. Like Dr. Martin Luther King jr. say as budget as a more document, where the general assembly chooses to spend is money reflects their values Use some priorities. Many state workers know it too. And in a recent union meeting it was reported that [UNKNOWN] Regional Hospital, was up to 40% in the last year. That is a huge cost to the state, not only in loosing valuable employees because they can't afford to work there anymore But they are often see employees to get great care to our clients, care our clients deserve, yet they are now gone. The fact that many hard working [UNKNOWN] employees that have been working in the state for 10, 15, 20 years and are still not even making 13, 14 or 15 Dollars an hour is an outrage, we need to raise the floor for all state employees to at least a minimum of $15 per hour, that's not asking too much for the money that North Carolina

generates. Since 2007 and the great recession the cost of living has gone up by 11 to 15%, Yet we have not even had a single real raise in that time frame. One time bonuses don't pay our bills for the year, $750,000 one time bonus it does nothing, 2% raise does nothing, that's ridiculous. They don't feed our kids. UE 150 is pushing for a $3,000 across the board raise this year for state employees. For most, this still won't get us caught up but it is something it's a significant increase and it will affect a lot of families and usually few percent won't even be noticed especially when they increase our cost in health insurance at the same time so whatever we get they bounce it out by raising our benefits and so we never see it. When we see our facility directors give already higher paid staff big raises like the $5000 raises that were given May 1st of this year to all four division directors at Murdoch but yet the rest of the front line employees get nothing and they always say that they don't have it in the budget, we can't give more raises. [BLANK_AUDIO] this makes us very frustrated and it makes the work very hard The NC general assembly can help fix that, they can give us an across the board raise of at least $3000 for all state employees and not have to live up to the discretion of buyer's/g managers. The general assembly can also increase the minimum wage for state employees at at least $15 an hour. This will be a tremendous boost for many of us doing the hardest work. We call on the general assembly to do more this year for our state employees that are already doing the most for the state for what we are given. Thank you for your time. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Next we're gonna hear from, Adam Fryer/g from [UNKNOWN] who is also ally to UE 150, Adam? [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Good morning. >> Good morning. >> I'm gonna talk a little bit about why wages, raising wages is so important for the economy. Raising, giving every state employee a $3000 raise is important for the economy. One basic reason why, it helps every worker for the basics, basically the workers that are here. Now when someone can afford the basics that means that they can put gas in the car, that means they can buy groceries, they can put their kid in day care while they work, every dollar, that that state employee spends at a local business is a dollar that helps that business owner increase his own revenues, right? Make higher profits hire more workers, give their workers more raises, the raising wages for state employees is good for the economy. Now we hear sometimes that public service, sector workers make too much. >> Wow. [LAUGH] >> We know that that's not right, in North Carolina, public sector workers earn about 150 an hour less than their private sector counter parts and mind you the private sector counterparts aren't doing that well either. North Carolina workers on average make about $2 less an hour than everybody else in the rest of the country, rest of the national average. So raising wages for state employees is one key way that our General Assembly can raise wages for every body. One of the last tools that are left and HB two took another tool for local governments to raise wages so, this is one last chance for, this General Assembly to raise wages for North Carolina workers. Now we also hear and our representative spoke to this, we also hear sometimes this year that we can't afford to give raises to our state employees and teachers because we need to hit them against each other apparently now if that is true, and it is, questionable that is true, it is only true because the decision that were made by the leaders of this general assembly, those decisions over the last three years to cut taxes about $3 billion over the last three years, those are revenues that could have gone to workers could have gone to wages, those tax cuts went to highly profitable corporations most of which, are headquartered out of state, have not been creating jobs in North Carolina, have not been North Carolina's and not been raising their wages. So now we have an opportunity one last chance, to stop tax cuts for millionaires and highly profitable corporations and instead give them to workers in the form of wages that they can use, to support their families and support local business. And we know the tax cuts don't help the economy for raising wages does. It's the right thing for the economy and it's the right thing for North Carolina workers. >> [APPLAUSE]

>> I do okay yes, raise up 15. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay thank you. My name is Abudul Leah Rashid brunnet. And I'm here on behalf on and to fight for 15. What we do is we organize we fight for 15 union rights. Here to support state workers. UE 150. We know that, I'm not making enough, their jobs are complicated everyday. But what the general assembly don't understand is this. Stop hiding the money. Stop using the money to benefit too. Stop trying to keep their pockets rich and keeping our pockets poor. It don't work that way. UE 150 ain't gonna let work that way. State workers ain't gonna let i work that way. Fight for 15 sure ain't gonna let it work that way. They have to understand that living in poverty is not nice. I have to work 10, 12 hours a day just to make sure that my family eat to make sure that my family keeps a roof over their head to make sure that my daughters got dippers. And still at the end of the week when I get my pay check it's still not enough the zero's en't making sense to me. So I'm ready for them to put 15 on my tip. I'm on my way [INAUDIBLE] to make sure they are gonna put 15 on the state worker's check all across the state of North Carolina. >> [APPLAUSE] >> We need it in the south just as well as they got in New York just as well they got in other states. We need down here and we en't going stop fighting until we get what we want, cuz if we stop we en't gonna get what we want and we wont stop until we win. So my faith is that I believe that we going win. We going keep standing up. We going keep organizing we going keep fighting we en't gonna stop. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Okay this concludes our portion of this press conference, we're gonna be meeting with our delegates, our representatives for a while and then we have another, one at 1 O'clock at DHHS, we have some issues that we need to resolve over there so, you're invited to come on over there and get a whoop of that too if you so desire. Thank everybody for coming, we really appreciate your solidarity in he petition. >> We can go ahead , everybody can stay here we only got a couple of minutes to get ready to, what we're gonna do. So people can sit this is orientation. If you can sit real quick. Okay come on [INAUDIBLE] Everybody have a seat. [BLANK_AUDIO] here is your package. What we gonna be doing for the rest of the day. [BLANK_AUDIO] Alright, everybody got one. First page you're gonna see. Pass them around back there please. Okay. Outside. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay. Here is what we are doing today. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] all right, everybody who is not in the orientation leave the room. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, everybody who has got the front page is the orientation for the day today, everybody got one? You're looking at it?

[BLANK_AUDIO] All right, here we go, can somebody close the door? [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, while we're doing this orientation, go ahead and check what's next. The first thing as you see, we already did, is we showed up at 9:30 and we had an excellent press conference at 10 O'clock. What do you all think about the press conference? >> [APPLAUSE] >> Okay, they don't [INAUDIBLE] directly from workers unless [UNKNOWN] is in the house, never, ever, ever, ever. So now we're gonna do orientation, you see 10:45 to 11, we're five minutes late Today is the very first day, we got a lot to do. Get your snacks, hope everybody got water, we got water back there, we're doing our orientation. I've finished going over that, between 11 and 12 approximately everybody is gonna walk around this building where the people in here decide if you're gonna get money or not, they decide if you're gonna get your health claim or not. They decide if HB2 is gonna get repealed or not, they decide if you're gonna get collective bargaining or not. So that's what we're gonna do. Who here, raise your hands please, has walked around the legislative building and talked to legislators. Okay, everybody, who's done that? Now if you haven't done it. So let's do it now we are gonna make change. Dwight have you walked around the building and done legislative lobbying. Now okay so Raymond and you three are gonna be a team. Sister >> We'll look at [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Well I actually came up here to prove a point. >> Well okay. >> Terry you've done it. Okay, so Dorian William, Bermuda I needed account, Oh yeah so you four will be a chain. >> We might switch it up a little bit. So you've do it. so you three are team and you three are a team. A little bit I have seen also here what may be different routine. All right it's. So at 12 o'clock this is why this gotta be so fast at 12 o'clock. especially the DHHS people who are gonna go over [INAUDIBLE] though students campus. A rally about all the crap that they are doing to DHHS. Okay raise your hand if you are gonna stay here and continue to lobby. That's pretty much of your city worker or everyone in DHHS. So, [INAUDIBLE] So you wanna go over to VHHS or what do you wanna do Dwayne. It probably makes sense to go to VHHS. So everybody come here. One of these tables out maybe come in here, there will be a table somewhere around here. By 12 o'clock you gotta be here, okay? We are gonna get the form I'm about to go over and then people are gonna go we weren't able to get a van. About half of you are going be and also the parking was a problem. Who drove? Raise you hand. We drove. >> Okay, and I've got [COUGH] Tell me if this is right. I gotta a Bernardene/g, the people who can come back here after the rally and do a little more lobying is Bernardene/g, Raymond, Tonieta/g, Anita, Daryrl/g, Sherry/g and Dwayne. Is that right? Right everybody come back here till about three. >> Yeah. >> Okay. Who can't. >> Who can or who cannot. >> No, I said can't. The ones who cannot is Lexy, William and Kevin cuz they've gotta go to work. >> Okay. >> But there's people running that car right? >> Yeah. >> Okay, who's driving your car? >> I'll drive it. [SOUND] >> Okay, good. Okay, but all the rest of those people, can come back, right? >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Okay.

[INAUDIBLE] >> They don't [INAUDIBLE] >> Well just tell me [INAUDIBLE] >> I can't go back. >> And we understand that you can't come back. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Okay I'm gonna call one name at a time. You say if you are coming back here or you are leaving the rally. Bernadene [INAUDIBLE] >> Okay. Who you riding with? >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Okay. You are not coming back here. Okay. Fine. That was no problem. Raymond. [INAUDIBLE] >> So you are not coming back. [UNKNOWN] >> Yes coming back. >> All right. [UNKNOWN] coming back to three. Dwayne. >> [INAUDIBLE] right back. You live in Durham right with me right. >> Yeah. >> Do you agree with the governor? [INAUDIBLE] I can't stay here. >> You can't stay. Okay. So you gonna go either way we'll figure you out. Kevin, you can not go. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> William, you cannot go. Come back. I've seen you cannot come back. Linda you cannot come back and [INAUDIBLE] is there anybody I did not call call out? [INAUDIBLE] Okay cool. So we got Anita [UNKNOWN], Sharon and may be Dwayne coming back. [INAUDIBLE] Okay. Cool so everybody go back to this agenda and everybody at 12 o'clock is going to gather right out here, we're gonna return the forms and we're gonna go to the Adam's building, [UNKNOWN] while I'm finishing this is gonna figure out how we're gonna file [UNKNOWN], at 12:45, is going to be the action, Over at the DHHS campus which is going to be a rally and then at the end of the, we gotta change this, when you come back here to the DHHS thing, we'll have, The lunch, that's what they could do, so at 12 o'clock when you come back here, you get your lunch, you'll eat it on the ride over, we'll do the rally. Once we're done with the rally, you can make it back in time to work, whoever's gotta go to work. That's a lot of information. So take a, second to look at it and see what questions you got. >> [INAUDIBLE AUDIO]. >> What's that. >> [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] No, not coming back here is like when we meet here at 12 before we go to the [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] building. >> [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH]. >> [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] Until 1:30 Okay. >> All right. Next page. This what you've already seen. This is what hopeful you've been getting out to the campus. This what you are gonna be given to each office. Each legislative office. Okay we gonna give you a whole package. Your captain of your team. Is gonna go and say hi. We are here to see senator so and so. The name is right outside the door. Is he or is she there? Yes, hi we wanna give this to you. We really need these things. And then you gonna have somebody taking notes, and that's the next page. Okay so you gonna decide on your team who is taking notes and who is doing the talking. If you're taking notes, you write the name of the representative or senator, no no no you write your name and your chapter cherry/g or Durham city or CHR or what not. You write the name of the of the legislator, what county they are from, the issues you managed to discuss and the follow up requires. So hey we are here pushing, [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] union 150 and these are our issues here. We really want to support him. Are you gonna support them? When I will think about it blablabla. >> [INAUDIBLE AUDIO]. >> What's that? >> [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] >> Well we wanna put down can we follow up with the core we follow up with a meeting etc. And then you write that down.

Then you go to the next person and you write it down. You're gonna have several of these forms. Most of the time you're just gonna talk to the legislative assistant, that's okay, that's very, very important. Just like you all really who are in a hospital, the legislative assistants are the ones who really know what's going on, right? So you go ahead and get that to and you ask and we get a email back or some kind of call back about what the senator or representative thinks about this. >> And if you can't get a photo of if you can. >> And that's good point. >> Get a photo of it. >> [INAUDIBLE] that's a good point. >> [INAUDIBLE] take a picture of somebody [INAUDIBLE]. >> It assumes [INAUDIBLE AUDIO]. >> Do we have a list of Representative that we'll be seeing? >> Great question here is how we are going to do it. Because we decided for the first time, [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] could do two things, two different places three, three hours is going to be each group is just gonna take a block of the legislature. This thing is organized by squares, here's a square, there's a square, there's a square back there, there's a square back there. So for Raymond's team you guy's team and then I'll go Who else? Darren you got a team, Okay. Nancy. Okay so [BLANK_AUDIO] Here's at the bottom where it says A and B are the first floor. So if you've got A and B you are on the first floor. If you've got C and D you're on the second floor. Anybody got that and I circle the little thing there. If you are an A on the first floor, you got this one and that one. You only got like 45 minutes or an hour at the most so you probably are not gonna get much beyond that. If you got big who's got big then you are over that square and that square. Okay if you've got C who's got C. So in C you are gonna go up right here their is a stairs right their well to the second floor and change his first quadrant right above here. There is an elevator if you go right here. There is the elevator if you go right down this hall into the right. And then same thing with D. You go that second floor and you go to that square. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay. Now this is a confusing building. Every body knows that is a confusing building. Legislators still don't know how to get around this building so don't feel bad if you get lost. And here at the back if you want. One, two, three , four, five. There is five [BLANK_AUDIO] So you've got five so that's enough to write about. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] But we are gonna argue this fact.

>> Yeah that's a good point. We can't be pushed. We do this work, but if we argue, we are just wasting our energy cuz some of these jokers they don't care at all. >> All right Let's us have time speed. Competition being a positive because what I did in DC with Richard Burke. >> You wanna make that as a motion. [BLANK_AUDIO] You know what I mean. All right guys everybody ready. >> You wanna meet everybody. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Everybody got a pen, well at least we want the secretary to have a pen. [BLANK_AUDIO] Who is in Group B? [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE]