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Joint | May 24, 2016 | Committee Room | Finance Subcommittee

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Good morning, I like to call this meeting of the house committee on finance, sub committee on tax committee to order, I like to welcome everyone here today. thank the committee members that are present. We do not have a great quorum however without objection I'll proceed with hearing the three bills, is the representatives and others are here to present them. I would like to welcome the sergeant at arms Reggie Seals, Marvin Lee, Terry Mcgraw, and Randy Wall, we appreciate you being here this morning and everything that you do for the legislature. We have house pages this morning.Kobe Leopard from Lee county represented by Representative Mark Brody, Morgan Lilly from Tyrrell county represented by Representative Steinberg, Christian Ray from Mecklenburg county represented by Representative Larry Pittman,and Conrad Thompson From Chatham sponsored by Representative Mark Brody. We have three bills for hearing this morning. The first bill is house bill 1039 Increase Sampson County [UNKNOWN] tax Representative Bill will be presenting that bill on the floor sir is yours to present your bill and welcome to the South committee. >> Thank you Mr. chairman. Members of he committee. I have a bill here from the Safety County board of commissioners, occupancy tax bills as you have seen many of. According to the North Carolina department of revenue, the most recent occupancy task collection data for [INAUDIBLE] county was up $62,567. >> The amount was collected using the current 3% occupancy tax rate and house bill 1039 would double that rate to 6% by adding an additional 3% occupancy tax that is What they want and it would give them a total of $69,522 per year collection. And they would like for you to approve that and I would ask you for a favor for a report. >> Thank you sir and I would ask staff Trina Griffin if this is in compliance with The house occupancy tax guidelines. >> Yes sir it does conform to the occupancy tax guideline. >> Thank you are there any questions or comments from any member of the committee. [BLANK_AUDIO] Hearing none is there anyone from the public who would like to speak in favor of this legislation. Hearing none is there anyone in the audience who would like to speak against. Hearing none I then attain a motion, representative Corny. >> Thank you Mr Chairman I move that we give 1039 of favor >> This [INAUDIBLE] there is no serial referral. There is a motion before us to give Excuse me. In their referral to finance. >> Alright then prove the bill favorable report with the referral to finance. Thank you ma'am. That is the motion before us in discussion before we vote. Here in on all in favor say I. >> I. >> All opposed say nay. Passage announced you will receive a favorable report and thank you representative Bill. >> Thank you [INAUDIBLE] The next item on the agenda house bill 1056. The Act can offer tax modification by representative Zachary. Welcome sir. The floor is yours to present your bill. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman [INAUDIBLE] >> Yes sir. No more than 30 minutes please. >> This is probably the simplest bill you'll see. The Aiken County has an occupancy tax district. The only member of it is the county and the town of What this bill does is add this [INAUDIBLE] to that district that's all it does, there's no increase in tax or anything, do you have any questions? >> Thanks sir I note that there is a referral to finance if it receives a favor report here I'd asked for the record Ms Griffin this is to comply with the house [INAUDIBLE] tax deadlines. >> Yes sir it does. >> Thank you are there any questions or comments from the committee representative Cornie. >> Is there any opposition to this are all the players at the table? >>I've got letters here from [INAUDIBLE] and of course the county, so everybody is integrated. Jones was only municipality in the county that's not a member of this, but they are just across the river from Allen/g and they belong to the Allen/g sorority county district. >> Representative Adams? just curious, Mr.

Chairman how many hotel rooms does [INAUDIBLE] >> I think one bed and breakfast. >> One bed and breakfast? >> Right. [LAUGH] I think Espian/g has a bed and breakfast and I've [INAUDIBLE] They don't have the, they've got some old gas stations you could spend a night in, but just about it. But they have high hopes [LAUGH] more activity, I glad to [INAUDIBLE] my time here. [LAUGH] >> Any other questions or comments from the committee? Is there anyone in the audience who would like to speak in support of this legislation?Hearing none anyone that likes speaking against it. Hearing none a motion is in order. Representative Adams? >> Make a motion this is several referral? >>Yes sir to Finance.>> Make a motion for approval from Finance Finance >> I'll second that.All in favor say Aye >>Aye. >>All though say Nay.Pass unanimously. Thank you representative Zachary. You'll receive a favorable report.Next item which is the last item on today's agenda is the Sanford NC tax authorization bill. House bill 1127 which will be represented by Representative Salmon,the floor is yours to present your bill. >> Thank you Mr. Chair, thank you Members of the the committee.Thank you to hearing the bill today.This is a local bill that's brought by the Sanford Lee county business community.Essentially this bill authorizes the city of Sanford to levy an occupancy tax of up to 3% and to establish a Tourism development authority and that the slight wrinkle that this has, is all 3% goes to promotion,resident to two thirds,one third, and that was as a result of the compromise we worked through with the tourism and hospitality folks because the legacy bill.I mean the legacy tax from the 80's that's administered through the county That goes in support of the local community college. But there's no known opposition.I'm happy to yield any question. >>Thank you for the record.Miss Griffin does this comply with the house [UNKNOWN] tax guidelines? >> It does. >> And if I'm not mistaken does not the house guidelines say at least two thirds will be used for promotion of tourism It doesn't mean as limited to that this is at least two thirds >> Right you are correct sir is at least two thirds so that language would allow any county or city that has similar language to use 100% of it for promotion. >> Thank you any question or comments by any member of the sub committee? Hearing none is there anyone in the audience who would like to speak in Favor of this legislation, hearing none anyone in the audience who would like to speak against it? Hearing none I believe a motion would be in order. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Like [INAUDIBLE]>> thank you sir and for the discussion by the committee before a vote, hearing none all in favor say aye Say aye >>Aye. All opposed say nay >> Passed unanimously.Representative Salmon you receive a favorable report.No further business coming for the sub committee.We're adjourned. Thank you.