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Senate | May 23, 2016 | Chamber | Senate Convenes

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Senate will come to order. Sergeant at arms close the doors and members to go to their seats. Members and guests in the gallery please silence all your electronic devices. Leading the senate in prayer is the Reverend Peter known as Senate Chaplain all members and guests in the gallery please stand [BLANK_AUDIO]. Let's pray. Lord as we come before you tonight, we ask you to open your eyes to your goodness to your grace and we ask you to help us to rely less on our gifts and more on yours. Often times Lord we have to be reduced in order to sense our desperate need for you and so Lord we thank you that you take the light in our reliance on you and, Is in Jesus name we pray amen. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Senator [INAUDIBLE] is recognized for a motion. >> Thank you Mr President, journal Thursday May 19 2016 has been examined and is found to be correct I move that we dispense with the reading of the journal and it stand approve as written. >> That objection is drawn for May 19 stands approved as written, soon as we have lease of absence today granted for Senators [INAUDIBLE] Brian, Blue, and Jeff Jackson. >> Mr President, Senator [INAUDIBLE] what purpose you have? >> Motions please >> Senator [INAUDIBLE] you motions, thank you Mr President with that absentee list I wanna bring a few bills to the floor >> [LAUGH] >> But house bill 1023 Municipal Service Districts is currently committing on rows asked to be removed and referred to the committee on Finance. >> Objections order. >> Senate joint resolution 850 On a former Senator Pal-man is currently in the Rose Committee has to be re-referred to the calendar for tomorrow Tuesday May 24. >> Without objections to order. >> House bill 667 Study Athletic Trainer Health Coverage option currently in the busiest committee in the Senate, the Rose committee is now re-reffered to the committee on healthcare. >> The objections are ordered. >> Thank you Mr. President. Motion relevant to today's calendar senate bill 832 currently on today's calendar has to be moved and placed on tomorrow's. >> The objections are ordered [BLANK_AUDIO] Senator Apodaca/g just a point of clarification, I think you said 832 and today's bill was 818. Is that correct being removed from the calendar. 818, >> Thank you senator [INAUDIBLE AUDIO]. Senators we do have a nurse of the day and a doctor of the day with us today a doctor Ken Hold of Raleigh North Carolina and Nurse Cindy Harden of Apex North Carolina please stand to be recognized. [APPLAUSE] Senator upon the motion of senator Ballot of Watauga/g county the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to graduate students and faculty from. From Appalachian State University. If you are with us please stand to be recognized. Thanks for joining us in the senate today. >> [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK AUDIO] Yeah that's [UNKNOWN]. Reports on standing committees. We have any reports of standing committee today. >> Mr. President. >> Senator [INAUDIBLE] purpose for your eyers. >> Sent forward the committee report. >> You can send forward you report Senator. [BLANK_AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE] Senator Rangle from judiciary two committee. >> Submit passage house bill 351 committee substitute number one. Unfavourable substitute bill number one but favourable as to senate committee substitute bill. Title, an act to amend procedures governing Admissibility of written chemical analysis results.

>> House bill 357 calendar. And since we have nothing on our calendar for the day this time we'll introduce our pages. So pages make your way to the front here. And when you get upfront we'll announce your names [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Clerk will read. Pages serving in the chambers this week. Brady Allen, [UNKNOWN], Brently Butler ,Madison, Lauren Byron Winston-Salem, J. Craig III [UNKNOWN], Reena Daniels Burlington, Julia Daniels Burlington, Louis Frank [UNKNOWN] Springs, Emily Harbor, Wellington/g, Ebery/g Wilmington, Audrey Hill Charlotte, Halem/g Ocean house Beach, David Huffman Steadman, Bingy/g Jack Cliffside, Cameron Ketnam Durham, Ben Lee Fayetteville, Katy Marsh Charlotte, Sarah Pool Troy, Sydney Richman Raleigh, Carolina Sanchez Burnsville, Alice Tiso rBakersville. >> Pages we thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us in the senate this week and we hope its gonna be valuable time for you, we know it will be for us. Thank you for your time. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> Do we have any notices or announcements, Senator Brown what purpose you rise?. >> Quick announcement, republicans caucus immediately after session. >> Any other announcements, any further business to come before the Senate? If not the Chair The chair recognizes Senator Berger. >> Thank you Mr President I move that the senate do now adjourn subject to standard stipulation set forth within Senate rule 24.1. The appointment of confrees the receipt of messages from the house to reconvene on Tuesday May 24 2016 at two PM. >> The motion of the Senate do now adjourn subject to the stipulations stated by Senator Berger to reconvene Tuesday May 24 at two PM seconded by Senator Daniel, all in favor say aye. >> Aye. Opposed no.the aye's have it the Senate stands adjourned.