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House | May 23, 2016 | Chamber | House Convenes

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[BLANK_AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE] Is this Pete? >> Yes, it is Pete.>> What [UNKNOWN] the marines? isn't this the official color of the marine[UNKNOWN] >> Yeah. >> [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] I can hear a prayer. >> You know you are reduced to the minimum and I'm saying a prayer. [BLANK_AUDIO] [NOISE] [NOISE] [LAUGH] Pretty good. We're in your conference room. With power company [INAUDIBLE] [BLANK_AUDIO] And you and I were thinking the same thing as soon as we get this [INAUDIBLE] That's basically [INAUDIBLE] related.[INAUDIBLE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [SOUND] The house will come to order. The Seargent-at-arms will close the door, I should ask all members and visitors to please silence all electronic devices. This evening's prayer will be offered by a representative [UNKNOWN], I will ask all of the members Guest and Gallery to please stand for the prayer and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. Representative Speciale >> Oh mighty God we thank you for this day. This day that you have made, we thank you for each other,for our friends, our families and our aquitances. We thank you for the blessing of living in this land of freedom And we pray that you'll guide us in the preservation of liberty .We thank you for the opportunity that we have to serve our fellow citizens.And that you'll never let us forget that it is an honor to represent them.We thank you for all that you've blessed us with for we know all that we are blessed with, comes from you. We pray that you will guide us Through the days of this session.That you will guide us to do what is right. We pray that you strengthen us against those who would weaken us.That you would give us the knowledge to contemplate all sides of the issues that come before us.And that you will guide us to make the right decisions on behalf of those who sent us here.We pray that you will give us the courage to stand tall And to defend those ideas which have made this country great.And to be a bulwark against those ideas which would causes us to fall. We pray that you will guide our temperament with one another. That you'll fill us with patience, courtesy, respect and consideration for one another.And we pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> The gentleman from Henderson, Representative McGrady is recognized for a motion. >> Mr. Speaker The journal from May 19, has been examined and found to be correct I move that it be approved as written. >> Representative McGrady moves that the journal from May 19, be approved as written, those in favor will say aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed no. The aye's have it. The journal is approved as written. We actually have a doctor and a nurse of the day with us. I'll introduce them. First we have Dr Doctor Ken Hope from here in Rowley and Sindy Haart is the nurse of the day from Apex please join me in welcoming them.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you for being with us >>[APPLAUSE] >> This is what is know as a nonvoting session and so there will be no votes that's why there're a lot of empty seats. We'll pick back up with votes tomorrow, however. Introduction the bills of resolution the clerk will read. >> Representatives for [UNKNOWN] house bill 1134, administrative changes retirement system treasure >> Ancient/g retirement >> [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] house bill 1135, retirement [UNKNOWN] service >> Pensions and retirement. >> Representative [UNKNOWN] house bill 1136 [UNKNOWN] >> Rules counter on operations of the house. >> Representatives [UNKNOWN] house bill 1137, treasurers 2016 investment administrative changes >> Pensions and retirement. >> Representative [UNKNOWN] house bill 1138, [UNKNOWN] secondary roads >> Transportation. >> Representative [UNKNOWN] house bill 1139 [UNKNOWN] >> Local government Representative Louis, house bill 1140, 2016 governor's budget. >> Appropriations. >> Representative [UNKNOWN] G. Martin [UNKNOWN], house resolution 1141 [UNKNOWN] > Rules counter on operations of the house. >> Representative [UNKNOWN] house bill 1142 Implement whether every county schools >> Education K 12 >> Representative [INAUDIBLE] house bill 1133 spend some mountain chart. >> Local government messages from the Senate the court will read. >> Senate Bill 838 committee substitute second edition of [INAUDIBLE] Have to require further, reporting from the problem of helping doing the services related to transformation of the medicate and not [INAUDIBLE] health choice programs to modify certain provisions of medicate transformation and legislation [INAUDIBLE] >> Madam [INAUDIBLE] the chair makes the following committee appointment representative Is appointed as a member of committee on education K 12. [BLANK_AUDIO] Members, we have a number of pages with us tonight but we are not going to do the introduction since this is just a skeldon/g session had an opportunity to be here with them earlier to see looks like we've got a really good groups so So looking forward to having them here with us this week and we'll more properly introduce then tomorrow night. It is the intention of the chair that we have two votes tomorrow, one is on the bill that is coming back for concurrence vote, the other will not show up on the calendar but it is a senate bill I believe honoring Senator [UNKNOWN] that will come And over that resolution that [UNKNOWN] take the over and I believe members of the family will be here for that purpose, the chair is unaware of any other bills at this time. Notices and announcements. The clerk has an announcement, the clerk will read. >> House committee on finance, sub committee on [UNKNOWN] We'll meet Tuesday May 24 at 9.00 am in 544. For praying purposes, the chair will attempt and I can't guarantee anything, we're gonna try to dispose off business on Tuesday and Wednesday if it means adding some bills the chair knows nothing of great consequence. [UNKNOWN] some local Bills that may be flooding around I'll try to keep Thursday pretty light since we're gonna be [UNKNOWN] on the memorial day but we'll play that by year in any event members next Monday can certainly plan on not having any votes or anything next Monday on memorial day. We'll probably have a [UNKNOWN] Friday but we'll determine that but some members may plan according Monday we don't have to be here. >. For what purpose does the lady from Buncombe , Representative Fisher rise? >> For an inquiry of the chair. >> The lady may state your inquiry. >> Could you let us know what time session will be tomorrow. >> 2 o'clock. >. For an announcement. >> Lady has the floor for an announcement. >> The democrats will concuss Usual location at 1 o'clock tomorrow. Thank you. >> Any further notices or announcements. If not The gentleman from Henderson representative McGrady is recognized for a motion. >> Mr speaker I move the house adjourns to reconvene Tuesday 24th at 2:00 pm. Subject to re-referred bills and resolutions Representative McGrady moves seconded by representative Rowley that the house should now adjourn subject to the re-referral of bills and resolutions to reconvene Tuesday May 24th a 2:00pm those in favour will say aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed no. The ayes have it we stand adjourned