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House | May 19, 2016 | Chamber | House Session Convenes

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[BLANK_AUDIO]. May I have your attention please, visitors please retire from the chambers as the house prepares for its session, thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK-AUDIO]. [SOUND] [BLANK-AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO]. The house will come to order, members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber. The sergeant at arms will close the doors, the escort members and all guests to please sign electronic devices This mornings prayer will be offered by Representative Turner. My I ask all members and our guest in the gallery to please stand for the prayer and remain standing for pledge of allegiance. Representative Turner. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. Pray with me please. Our dear heavenly Father, we come to you today with grateful hearts. Hearts Hearts of praise for you and for your faithfulness and steadfastness of your love that you have for us. We welcome your presence here in this chamber and thank you for it. We ask for your guidance and wisdom as we participate in the governing of our state. We thank you Lord for you plan for salvation to bring your Children to you. We ask that this relationship with you brings us to make good decisions in our roles as legislators for such a time as this. As you remind us in the book of Esther. Lord we look to you for strength and determination.The kind you gave Joshua in perilous times We ask that you prepare the path before us and bring us closer to you as we travel through our time on earth. Be the light that guides us through the darkness. Keep us focused on you as the swirl of destruction try to gain our attention. Forgive us when we fail to recognize your Sure direction. Help us to be alert to your prodding as we move forward in your name. Help us to bring honor to you in our interaction with others. Our debate on difficult topics,and our normal discourse of business. Now go with us, keep us safe in your care, lead, guide and direct our paths For it is in Jesus name I pray.Amen. >> Amen. >> Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.Unto the republic for which it stands. One nation under God, Indivisible with liberty, justice for all. [NOISE] >> The Gentleman from Hardin Representative Lewis is recognized for a motion. >> Mr. Speaker the journal for May 18th has been examined and found to be correct. I move that's it's been approved as written.>> Representative Lewis moves that the journal for May 18th be approved as written. Those in favor will say aye. >>Aye.>>Those opposed no. The ayes have it. The journal is approved as written. Members we have with us a Doctor and Nurse of the day. We have Doctor John Ebert from Charlotte with us and our Nurse Darcy Dennison-Harwood from Bollington. Would you all please stand so we could welcome you. >>[APPLAUSE]>>Thank you for being with us.>>[APPLAUSE]>> [APPLAUSE] >> Okay. [BLANK_AUDIO] Calendar house bill 1058, the clerk will read. [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Conrad, House Bill 1058 a bill to the retirement act to allow the recall of officers of the village of Tobaccoville. General Assembly of North Carolina enact. >> What purpose does the lady Forsyth Representative Conrad rise? >> To debate the bill. >> Lady has the floor to debate the bill. >> I certainly appreciate the chamber's support for the For this non controversial bill for a recall provision in the charter

of Tobaccoville. I assure you that the city of Tobaccoville and all the elected officials are aware and neither Senator Kovak/g or myself have received one negative feedback from the town there, or an elective official. They are all in support, and I appreciate your vote on third reading For what purpose does the gentleman from Forsyth Representative Hayes rise? >> To speak on the bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Colleagues, I agree with Representative Conrad. We are in 100% agreement on the bill, and I appreciate your support. >> Further discussion, further debate. If not, the question for the house is the passage of house bill 1058 on it's third reading those in favor say aye will say aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed no. The ayes have it the house bill 1058 passes third reading will be sent to the senate via a special messenger. House bill 970 the clerk will read. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Cleveland and Waddell, House Bill 97. A bill to be entitled an Act to Authorize Criminal Record Checks for Current and Prospective Employees, Volunteers and Contractors Office of state controller has recommended by the joint legislative oversight committee on general government. General assembly of North Carolina enacts. >> The gentleman from Ashland Representative Cleveland is recognized to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. During the end term the controller came to use and pointed out that she did not have the authority to do criminal record checks on her employees I found this extremely odd and as much as what the controller's functions are so this bill will allow the controller to do criminal checks on present and new employees and the criminal checks should be done by the SPI and of course the SPI will charge a fee for it and that is gist in entirety of the bill. I appreciate your support. >> Further discussion for the debate. What permits does the gentleman from Rowan Representative Warren rise. >> To ask bill sponsor a question >> does the gentleman from Onslow yield to the gentleman from Rowan? >> I yield. >> He yields. Representative Cleveland can you tell me how the controller's getting fingerprints and submitting those to the SPI? >> They will be using the standard forms that are used for fingerprinting. >> Follow up? >> Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? >> I yield. >> He yields. >> Where will the fingerprints be taken? Do they have the capacity to do that or will they be Directing applicants to the sheriff. >> I do not have an answer for that question at this time, but I will find out for you. >>thank you very much. >> Further discussion, further debate? If not, the question before the House is the passage of House Bill 970 on its second reading. Those in favor will vote aye. Those opposed will vote no. The Clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 112 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative. House Bill 970 passes it's second reading. And we'll without objection be read a third time. >> General Assembly of North Carolina enact. >> Further discussion, further debate. If not, the question for the house is the passage of house bill 970 on it's third reading. Those in favor will say aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed no. The ayes have it. House bill 970 passes it's third reading, will be sent to the senate by special messenger. Introduction of bills and resolutions. The clerk will read. >> Representatives Pittman,Mitchell, Brody and Floyd, house joint resolution 1130 placed to uphold the bill of rights. >> Rules, Calendar and operations to the house. >> Representatives West house bill 1131, town of Andrews extra territorial jurisdiction of authority. Local government. >> Representative Blackwell house bill 1132, Glen Alpine de-annexation. >> Local government, if favorable finance. >> Representative Wittmare/g house bill 1133 Paterson election, Transylvania Board of Education. >> Elections. >> Messages from the senate. Clerk will read. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] House bill 474, senate committee substitute fourth edition. A bill to be entitled an act to include in the types of programs that do not constitute the provision of child care takeout programs for children, who attend year round schools for concurrency in the senate committee substitute Calendar. >> Senate Bill 734 first edition A Bill to Be Entitled an Act Authorizing the State Health Director to Prescribe Opioid Antagonist by Means of a Statewide Standing Order, With Immunity From Civil and Criminal Liability for Such Action, as recommended by the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services. >> Health if favorable. Judiciary one. Senate Bill 807 first edition.

A bill to be entitled an Act to Conform to the Comparable Provision of the Uniform Commercial Code This State's Law on Accord and Satisfaction of a Disputed Debt Through the Tendering of a Negotiable Instrument as Full Payment of the Debt, as Recommended by the General Statutes Commission. >> Judiciary four. Members, before we move into the Budget debate the Chair would like to extend a few courtesies we have. First of on motion of the lady from Iredell County, Representative Turner, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Taylor Nightell of Clinton who lives actually in Representative Daughtry's district, who is an intern for Representative Turner. She is an animal Science major at NC State. Would Tyler please stand? Thank you for being with us today. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Also the Chair is informed that we have on motion of the members Member from New Hanover, Representative Davis and Representative Hamilton, that the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to a number of students, teachers and parents from Cottington Elementary School. Would you all stand so we can welcome you? Thank you for being with us. >> [APPLAUSE] And also on motion of Representatives Pierce, Rayne Brown and Watford, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to the Lexington City Schools. Would you all please stand so we can welcome you as well? >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> All right house bill 1030 the clerk will read. >> Representative Dollar, L Johnson, Lambert and McGrady house bill 1030 a bill to be entitled an act to modify Current operation of the capital, improvement appropriation act of 2015 to make other changes the budget operation state. General assembly of North Carolina enacts >> What purpose does the general from Wake Representative Dollar arise. >>To debate the bill>> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Members, greatly appreciate strong bipartisan vote last night. I believe we'll dispense with a few amendments maybe have a couple of closing comments appreciate your support today, thank you. >> The gentleman from Lincoln Representative Saine is recognized to send forth an amendment the clerk will read and the amendment madam clerk is AMQ57. [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Lewis to amend the bill on page 10 lines 15 through 17 by deleting those lines. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment.>> Thank you Mr. Speaker. This is pretty simple amendment after the debate yesterday. Representative Blackwell noted that as we had longitudinal data systems board that had voted to disband that we did need some type of governance model to take care of that. This amendment addresses that we'll study how to do that. So we can continue to work other longitudinal data that we have in State government. But this will just simply give us a chance to get a governing board some type of similar semblance to decide what we need to do I urge your support of the amendment. [BLANK_AUDIO] Further discussion further debate. If not the question before the house is the adoption on amendment A23 set forth by Representative Saine. Those in favor will vote aye, those oppose will vote no. The Clark will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Ager does the gentleman wish to record on this vote? Representative Pendleton does the gentleman with to record on this vote? The Clerk will lock the machine to record the vote. 113 having voted the in the affirmative and And none in the negative, the amendment is adopted. Representative Dobson's recognized to send forth amendment ALU 44. The Clerk will read. >> Representative Dobson moves to amend the bill on page 56 line 47 to 51 through page 57 line 1 through 3 by rewriting the lines to read. >> The gentleman from McDowell has the floor to debate the amendment. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker.Members yesterday we talked about the program improvement plan and the funds that we allocated to the program improvement plan.This just tightens the language to make sure that the department and the local DSS entities work closely together to implement that program improvement plan and neither side objects. I appreciate your support.>> For the discussion for the debate if not the question for the house, is the adoption of amendment 824. Those in favor will vote aye. Those opposed will vote no.The clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote.113

having voted in the affirmative and one and a negative.The amendment is adopted.The gentleman from Burke, Representative Blackwell is recognized as sent forth an amendment the clerk will read.>> Representative Blackwell moves to amend the bill on page 22 line 49 from page 23 line 7 by rewriting the lines to read. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. >> Thank you, Mr. Speaker. These are relating to a few technical amendments that were brought to my attention or suggested largely by the department of public instruction and staff.This is essentially providing for some exchange of information between the LAA's and the residential schools for the deaf and blind. And it simply adds provision that are designed to insure that, that exchange of information complies with [UNKNOWN] and that involves the adding A provision for parental concern and the maintenance of confidentiality of the records.The other piece of this is simply adding a provision with respect to the residential schools enrollment possibly of foreign exchange student. That they must have a plan first that's approved by the state board of education including provision that the full cost of attendance are covered by the plan, they ask the house to consent. I know of no controversy about it. >> Further discussion for the debate if not the question for the house is the adoption of amendment A25. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 114 having voted the affirmative and none of the negative, amendment A25 is adopted. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg representative Jitter rise. >> Mr. Speaker in further consultation with my seating mayor I'd like to change my vote to aye on the adoption amendment. >> The chair will not permit the gentleman to change his vote at this time. >> [LAUGH] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham actually may want the gentleman walks up here first with Mr. Dobson and Representative Dobson consents then the Chair will allow the gentleman to change his vote. For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham Representative Hall rise. The Chair does not believe there are any other members before us that are in order at this time. For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham Representative Leubke rise? >> Speak on the bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Members I'm really not at my best today and I'm really had some repercussions from my illness, so I apologize if I'm not as clear as I'd like to be. And I wanna also say that I'm speaking on my behalf not on behalf of the House Democratic Caucus in the comments that I'm going to make. My concern with looking at this bill is that it is not placed in proper context. And the context is the needs of the state and the decisions that have been made in the last few years particularly since 2013 about taxes. We all know you cannot have appropriation, you cannot have a budget without taxes. And line in times we have a taxes that look for examples like standard reduction, this year in the tax bill, it is the cost quote unquote that is to say the reduction to availability is 25 million. But the ballooning effect is there and two years from now in 2018/2019 it reduces availability by 133 million. So we're taking off the table a lot of potential revenue to meet the needs of the state. Now, you may ask for what are these needs, haven't we done everything on this budget that we could possible do? Well, the answer is no. Wow the budget does rise, I overall by teachers, it doesn't do anything for those teachers, we're beginning. No one can really claim that that $35000 is an adequate income for a teacher. In fact, was shown to data, I have some data that shows that teacher has a family at $35000, that she or he is eligible for income tax credit. That is to say because of the low income and the family size, there

is under that program which is a program as we know I think we have started by present Regan expanded by President Clinton, a teacher at $35000 is eligible for this tax credit because income is sufficient. So we could have been raising that more. State employees 2% why not more than that, why not a flag increase to that all state employees in addition to 2%, all state employees whether there are custodians high low administrator can have more income. Representative Insko talked yesterday about mental health programs. Surely, no one here believes we have done enough mental health problems and these are These are just a couple of examples of where the budget falls short, and it falls short because of a commitment to a tax cut program that really parts of it really are not necessary. In Finance committee on Tuesday, I pointed out that under the tax bill that we have right now based on 2013 tax bill, $400 million is there given to the few millionaires In our state. $400 million. What could we do with an additional $400 million? How would that happen? All one has to do is bring the millionaire tax bracket back to where it was since 1991. The state did not fall apart because of that 7.75% bracket on millionaires. So we would have $400 million additionally on the table, which we don't, and the affect of doing this is just really not recognized. No one talked about it yesterday. People seem to think, there is an assumption and it's carried out in the way that newspapers report it. Cuz they're gonna only report what's being said, as if we have all the money we could possibly have to meet the needs of the state, and that we have meet the needs of the state. And we haven't for the reasons that I've talk about. What are some of the things that we did in those tax cuts? Besides over refunding or giving back money to millionaires and other high end people, we also without any discretion as to which corporations were Needy and which ones were not, we've had huge tax cut in the corporate income tax of $500 million according to data provided to me by Representative Stam. Why? Why do this in an untargeted way and just give the money back by giving it back I mean taking it away from availability. You say well it's there money well if we don't have money from the citizens of our state from the corporations of our state we can't operate we all know that. So in our tax policies are are not talking about what it means in terms of availability and I think we just need to be doing that, another example I give and Representative Johnson we've been long time friends. As he mentioned yesterday that we were moving toward the top in the south east Well what that means we're behind South Carolina. South Carolina? North Carolina over the decades has always prided itself as being the leading state in the south, and as far as where we are in terms of teacher salaries why are we just comparing ourselves to the south east? North Carolina's always been an example of a progressive state that could pay its teachers better than most states, and we aren't doing it, and inspiring to be top in the south east to me simply is not adequate. I do think that if there are going to be tax cuts, they should be directed towards people making less than $35,000 as just as an example or $50,000. Those are people who need it. Those are people who in many cases are living from paycheck to paycheck they have real needs and we're not really addressing that with the standard deduction. You say why?

Well because a lot of standard deduction does go to people who make substantial chunk of money. Why is that? Because contrary to what many of us think because most of us in here itemize, if you don't itemize you are benefiting from the standard deduction. And so, the data shows that it's a substantial amount of beneficiaries of the standard deduction do in fact make more than a 100,000 dollars. And that's not really targeted the way it ought to be. Whether you agree with the argument made by Representative [UNKNOWN] Martin both into the finance committee and here on the floor, at least discussion of 1% $80 is [UNKNOWN]machinery is targeted. It is a decision made to focus on a few companies and that to me makes some sense whether you agree or not. What we've done is simply reduced availability far too much, and we don't talk about it. And the effect of the 2015 tax cuts, 2013 tax cuts, have had a ballooning effect, they reduce availability much more now than they did in the year they were passed. And I just deeply believe that this is missing from the debate, no one wants to talk about taxes, as if miraculously budget can appear without taxes. Who benefits, who pays is often one of the fundamental questions that we ask. And while I know, Representative Stam reminding all of us that when I was a chair of the House of the Finance Committee that there were were increases in the sales tax, and as he knows no one fought the sales tax more strongly than I did. I lost put in the caucus on that point and we did as he knows some of the taxes toward people who did make more than a $100,000. and $250,000 we did that. And I would also know that if we're gonna talk about sales tax then where did the sales tax increases go last year? They went on services that were used proportionally by lower income people. So when you say I wanna reduce the income tax and I will increase the sales tax, you need to look at who it was hurt by those increases. And labor at the autorepair shop to tax that, it's just really clear. It's gonna hit more people with old cars that's gonna need repairs and that's not people who are purchasing Lexus' and Mercedes Benzs So these are examples to me, and I'm just giving some example not an exhaustive analyses of our tax policy, but it is saying that we've made a mistake and I wish for once that we could correct it because by getting rid of some of the excessive tax cuts, especially the individuals at above a million dollars, to corporations untargeted, we just eliminate a lot that we could be doing and I come back to teachers salaries, I come back to which I haven't mentioned yet, benefits for school systems. Ours is one of the faster growing states. To say we're back where we were in terms of budget or we have a higher budget than we've had doesn't address the fact about how much we're growing as a state and what the needs of the state are. Elderly populated Is increasing, what are we doing to focus on that area. This are just illustrations that reflect my concerns at the debate people are afraid to talk about taxes. I wanted to offer those remarks as a way to say, we do not have tax fairness in the state, the various tax cuts were not fare to people in the lower end. They were excessive for people in the upper end and I just hope we'll all think about that as we debate the budget, and we recognize that we could truly have done more, not as a general statement we could have done more, but that there could have been money there to address these problems that are left unaddressed in this budget. Thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Duplin, representative Dickson rise. >> To see if my friend representative Luebke would yield for question. >> Does gentleman from Durham yield to the gentleman from Duplin? >> Yes sir. >> He yields. Thank you representative Luebke. Along the lines that you were talking about representative Luebke would you agree that, when you talked about reducing availability of revenue for the state.

Would you agree that it's also important for us to consider the revenue availability for our counties? To raise revenue. >> Yes that's very much a concern that we ought to have and we could have revenue sharing sending money back to counties as an example. >> Follow up? >> Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? He yields. >> Thank you. Well help me understand how under your leadership on the finance committee we gave enormous property tax relief to the biggest of the biggest corporations by allowing an 80% abatement on property tax? Taxes for solo facilities. This year it affects my home county to the tune of 8 million dollars. This help me understand that. >> What purpose does the gentleman from [UNKNOWN] Representative [UNKNOWN]. >> To object to this line of questioning. >>This gentleman is ruled out of order. >> The gentleman from Duplin has submitted a question, the gentleman from Durham may choose whether he wishes to answer the question. The question appears to be in order. >> I would contend that is [COUGH] non-domain/g to the subject matter at hand Mr. speaker. Thank you. >> The gentleman from Durham has the floor to answer the question if he wishes to. >> Ah yes, thank you Mr speaker. I would say representative Dickson on that point, we can be aware of what the needs of counties are, we can address specific needs. We can share revenue from Rayleigh, from our general fund to those counties that are hurt by that. If you were to introduce Introduce that bill I would support it. >> Mr. Speaker? >> For what purpose does the lady from Buncombe Representative Fisher rise. >> To speak on the budget Mr. speaker. >> The lady has the floor to debate the budget. >> Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen of the house I'm not gonna take very long but I did feel that it was important for me to add my voice to those who are concerned about the direction that North Carolina is heading. We started out the two year budget cycle, giving in a time when we should be recovering from an economic downturn by giving tax cuts to the top 1% as my colleague Representative Leubke described to big corporation and really constraining the budget when it comes to people who are truly in need like teachers, like people with healthcare difficulties without even considering An expansion of medic aid in North Carolina. We are essentially denying the recovery in North Carolina that many many other states are enjoying at this time. [BLANK_AUDIO] In short, and like I Like I said I will not take long and I'm only speaking for myself. But this appears to me to be nothing more than an election year bandaid on a state that has lost economic development opportunities. And seen teachers and state employees fall further and further behind in their Ability to make ends meet and even students using old and out of date text books, sharing them in fact not even being able to take them home. And I submit to you that North Carolina can do better than this, we must do better than this. We need to show that we have recovered from a terrible downturn. Our budget year referred to record shortfalls in the economic downturn and that is absolutely true. But what we're experiencing now is not a recovery. We're seeing record win falls for the top 1% in this state. And ignoring the needs of working people who love North Carolina and want to stay here. I ask you to give very serious consideration to your vote today but I will be voting no. Thank you. >> For what purpose does the Gentleman from Wake representative Saine Saine arise? >> To speak on the bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Mr. Speaker, members of the house, I could ask Representative Leubke a few rhetorical questions but I'll just speak myself. His continuing contention that somehow we have provided all this

tax relief for the wealthy and have Forgotten the poor, $5 billion of sales tax relief since July 1 of 2011, five billion dollars. This year alone it will be be 862 million, that with all the add backs Because we reduced the sales tax rate by 20%, it's been huge tax relief. What a regressive tax. I want that to be remembered. I appreciate the consistency of Representative Leubke and others who opposed A decade of increased sales taxes but that consistency did not show up on the floor when the senior chair of House Finance during those years kept asking and succeeding and getting higher sales tax. Lower is better For what purpose does the Gentleman from Wake Representative Jackson rise? >> To speak on the bill. >> Gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr. speaker. Ladies and gentlemen I won't take long as well. I believe we all know that the problem with the budget is not anything that the sub-committee chairs or the members did. I think they did an excellent job and I'm not saying that just like to turn around and stab you in the back in 30 seconds. I think the problem with the budget lies on page 5 line 30, and that's the 22 to 25 leaving 128 million on the bottom line. I think it's wrong for us to talk about The size of government or the size of growth of government or artificial caps in any way. I think as members of this body we should instead focus on efficiency in government, effectiveness of government programs and providing for the needs of our states. Agreeing to a number that you're gonna spend before even discussing what those needs are, in my opinion is not responsible governing. Second thing I wanna say is in my eight years here I have never seen a budget leave here and get better in that chamber. And so as I did yesterday I will gradually vote with you today. I will hope that you will not go out in the public and make a big deal about Bob Harsten the vote is because we and members on our side that vote with you today are doing that to show strength in numbers to the senate. That we support taking that number to 22 to 25 And possibly adding something to it [UNKNOWN] the state employees and teachers and maybe taking some of that additional money and adding to it. Maybe funding some drug corps, putting more in our mental health programs or looking at the many other needs of our state that are not addressed in this budget. The third thing I wanna refer to is the elephant in the room and of course it's not the wooden elephant that stands on people's desks, but it's the potential the loss of federal funding. But I understand that is a debate for a different day and a different time and so Mr. speaker if I can just send forth an amendment. >> The Chair has previously reviewed the gentleman's proposed amendment under the rules that have been applied to numerous other amendments the gentleman's amendment was not in order. >> Thank you Mr speaker. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham Representative Hall rise? >> Speak on the bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate on the bill. >> Thank you Mr speaker and thank you members again we come to this time when we try to both pass the budget or start a discussion or participate in the second step of the discussion certainly the governors proposed budget, open that discussion and we vote a lot of different ways. I was alerted to the fact that some folks were concerned about whether or not everyone was voting [UNKNOWN] step on the budget and if everyone had the same view of the budget and if everyone thought everything in the budget was exactly the same level of importance. I kinda reflected and said well 2013 all democrats supported the budget, at that time the speaker was Thom Tillis, and we sent it to the senate with that very message representative Jackson talked about. And that was to try to get some strength and backbone to our members in the House who negotiated the budget in the conference committee, and to let them know and to send that message to the Senate that hey, we're uniting. And of course you all know we caved and got beat up again and the

budget came back and we accepted it and didn't accomplish anything by trying that tack. So next time we try to have a majority against the budget to show we won't approve it if it comes back from the Senate and it doesn't meet those standards and once again we got rolled and the budget came back worse as Representative Jackson talked about. So lots of messages come out of how we vote for a budget. This budget is one that I'm a continue, as I said yesterday, to push you to do better. So we've tried every other way, unanimous support virtual majorities, opposition and we just not getting there. So if we keep repeating we've done in the past we'll keep getting what we've been getting, which is getting rolled. So we're trying to do something different and appeal to you on individual and individual issue basis. We're not a lock step caucus. We don't take your cellphones before you come into our caucuses or we don't penalize people for voicing a separate opinion or doing any other thing. That's not how we operate. We're a democratic caucus and we have members who have great ideas and we let them come out, speak about it and try to promote them and whatever way we can. We think that serves the state best and we hope that that will spur some of the same kind of conduct throughout the legislature. We've had a decline of 30% in teachers enrolling at our universities. 30%. That means a 1/3rd decline of teachers in the pipeline that will be available because of how we treated teachers and we didn't give them a high enough pay raise. 15% of our teachers left the state last year. Not only are we losing them in the pipeline, we're losing them in the classroom and across the state. That is the education crisis we really didn't do anything in this budget to even address it or talk about it. And finally if we were doing it at the governor's rate of 5% increase it'd take us 10 years to get to the national average. Again I'm not here to be average, the state of North Carolina shouldn't be average, we shouldn't be aspiring to be average, and at the rate we're doing it'll take more than 10 years. So I hope you'll take that in consideration, we certainly can't backslide any further. Talking about our future and what this budget does [BLANK_AUDIO] Are university spending on our pupils in university system is 15% below what it was at pre-session levels, what is that gonna do to our intellectual capital, our ability to recruit businesses? We have to address it, it's not properly addressed in this budget and again how are we gonna continue to grow North Carolina if we do not have the human resources and the intellectual capital. But we're ignoring developing and investing in it. Our poor people funding the 7.5% in our public school system, 7.5% below our pre-recession level. So again are we investing? I can't say it enough, I know you understand the responsibility, I'm sure many of you in here are parents or grandparents, I'm sure you understand the importance of the future but this is the time to act. [BLANK_AUDIO] We're gonna have, by 2030, a population of 12 million, and again I look toward the future Toward the future and say are we planning and investing for that future? Are we continuing to restrain the necessary investment in our state, so that we can be competitive and be leaders, not just make it to the national average or somewhere there about in the southern region of the United States. So I hope that you'll look at this budget and I hope that in the conference committees you'll think more about the future and this deficients we haven't addressed, and how we get there. I talked yesterday about the fact that we don't have a plan and I appreciate Representative Dollar specified the fact that we have a state budget act and we're trying to aspire to 8% in our Rainy Day Fund. And that's all well and good. My comment was not we don't have a target, my comment was we don't have a plan that we can articulate and say we're gonna use to get to that target, and we still don't have that. And at the same time we We have to invest in our intellectual capital, in our personnel, in our teachers, in our state employees there, because by 2030 when we have 12 million North Carolinians, we won't be able to continue to spend at a 1994 rate.

Just not possible, not doable and certainly without any investment along the way we won't be a successful state. So I implore you once again, my message to you is I'm voting against this budget. Because I'm challenging you to do better and to stand up to the senate and ensure we have the proper investments in our future. We've tried it unanimously, we tried it an unanimous opposition now we are trying in a different way the message is the same. Stand up for North Carolina, stand up for our future lets have a plan let's commit to it, and let's get it done. Again I'm voting against thsi to send you this message. And I appreciate it if you would stand up for North Carolina thank you. Thank you. >> The gentleman from Wake Representative Dollar is recognized to send forward amendment NBC 1269, the clerk will read. >> Representative Dollar moves to amend amendment 23 on page one line four that rewriting the line to read. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment] >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. Can't say a whole lot about the amendment because it is only I believe seven words long. It is a technical amendment that we're running in the IT section for Representative Saine. Purely technical. Appreciate your support. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Further discussion, further debate on the amendment. If not, the question for the house is the adoption of amendment 826. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] The clerk will lock the machine to record the vote. 114 having voted in the affirmative, none in the negative, the amendment is adopted. Welcome the gentleman from Wake Representative Jackson rise? The chair is informed I believe we're at the point where Representative Dollar wanted to make just sort of wrap up remarks, but the Chair's informed that there's an amendment being drafted that's a technical amendment on the finance piece. So while that's being drafted that's the only other member the Chair's aware of that's out there. That being said the gentleman from Wake Representative Dollar is recognized to speak a second time on the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker and members of the house. The first thing I wanna do is to, as we started yesterday with budget is to have all the staff stand up who have worked so diligently on this budget as they do every year they are up late at night over the weekends, lending their tremendous expertise and professionalism and commitment to serving the people and serving this great house. If you'll stand up and have a warm round of applause from all the members. [APPLAUSE] Members the gentleman. The Chair knows that that I believe that our doctor and our nurse of the day are at the chamber at this time. The Chair wants to introduce then while they are here. First our doctor is Doctor John Eburke/g from Charlottee and our nurse is Darce/g Dennis from Barrington would you all stand thank you for being with us. >> [APPLUASE] [APPLAUSE] The gentleman from Wake continuous to have the floor. >> Thank you Mr speaker and gain and I would talk thank the ful chairs of the appropriations committee. And the area chairs of the various appropriations Committees for all of their work, all of their expertise . These people put in a lot of hours, sometimes late, late at night and appreciate all of their dedication to the citizens and everyone that's had input into this budget. Again thank everyone yesterday for really tremendous Bi-partisan vote on this bill and what this particular bill does. This bill as you know is adjustments to the second year of the biennial budget. I would point out a couple of just quick items based on some of the comments today. I would point out for example that we are utilizing Every dollar of recurring money that is available to us and the overwhelming lion's share of those dollars are going into compensation to teachers and state employees. So whether there's the money in the rainy day fund, which we believe

is critically important, could not go To increase continuing salaries for teachers or state employees. The funds on the bottom line are all non recurring money I believe we are in 128 million somewhere in that range. So we have certainly in that regard the spending cap was no impediment whatsoever to Being able to do what we could do this year with respect to salaries and that I believe on a bipartisan basis the highest priority for this house and certainly what we have said very often will continue to say to our colleagues and to the governors well. I would also point out A couple of things I think it gets forgotten sometimes, I believe North Carolina is somewhere in the range of fourth and the nation in our first student support for our University system, North Carolina has been ranked highly in that regard for many many years probably many decades in that regard Regard and continues to be search. I do believe that we are on a plan, long term plan for raising teacher pay as many of you know, some of you who were here it actually picked in terms of North Carolina's average vis a vis the National average we were within about $2000 in 2000. So you have to realize that over the first decade of this century prior to the recession itself that gap began to widen back So just remember that, that happened, we had the recession, we all have been in recovery mode, slow but steady recovery mode. And we have done some very fundamental things that I believe are important with respect to teacher pay, we got rid of that step ladder that everybody had agreed it had gotten out of hand. We went to a more rational way of tiers, rational system of tiers. We have focused our resources in this house budget on way out turnover is greatest and where it is much critical for us. We believe that we have a plan that will not only move up national average, but do it in a way that addresses what is best for our students in the classroom. That's what we are focused on, we are focused on actual student performance. That's what's critical to us making sure that they are prepared for the careers of Of their choice to the further education of their choice and of their families. I would also point out members that this budget probably for the first time in many years really has no major cuts to any of the areas. This economy is growing in North Carolina. The tax policies that so many members of finance committee and others have bee working on have been successful, our revenues are growing, they run again. We are investing in the broader sense in our capacity to encourage capital investment and job growth and entrepreneurs and people coming here. Was noted a moment ago that North Carolina of course has recently crossed 10 million citizens and appears to continue to be growing. People are coming to North Carolina. They wanna be part of who we are and what we are The success of this state, and I will pose it to you this morning, to continue to vote for this bill. This bill does continue us on that path of progress in this state. Moving our citizens forward. And thank you again for your vote. >> Representative Howard is the lady in possession of the technical amendment? [BLANK_AUDIO] For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg Representative Brody rise? >> While we're waiting if I may make an announcement. >> Gentleman is recognized for an announcement. >> Yielding to my naturally optimistic nature I would like to call for the conferees on senate bill 726 the IRC update to meet in room 328 with our senate counter parts at 10.30 this morning. >> That should be a safe bet at this point I think. We'll be at ease in just a moment. [BLANK_AUDIO] For what purpose does the lady from Davie Representative Howard rise?

To sent forth an amendment. >> The lady is recognized to send forth an amendment. We need to get it uploaded to the dashboard momentarily. Actually the Chair will go ahead and permit the lady to debate the amendment as it is being uploaded to the dashboard. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. Many of you were Here when we talked about actually furniture that was a real plus for the county of Davie and for the entire state. And we had some provisions that we needed to have in order to help that company Come in and be productive. We started with 1600 employees, we're now to the point of about 4000. And expanding that industry where we will again add another 2500 more employees in the vivid near future. Mr. Speaker this is Sorely a technical amendment that there was two places that this provision was the end, and it's the mill machine provision. They were just moving it from one place and allowing them to get the credit and another statute. So with that, Mr. Speaker I'd ask for your support. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Lincoln, Representative Stein, rise? >> To speak on the amendment. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment.>> Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I'd just like to urge the body to support Representative Howard's amendment. It's a good amendment. Just something we missed as we were moving some of the language around. So please vote for the amendment. Thank you. >> Further discussion, further debate? If not Mr. Speaker. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham, Representative Michaux, rise? >> I may have missed it but did I hear the amendment read in. >> I'm sorry. >> Did I hear the amendment read in or did I not hear it read in? >> Thank you. The Clerk will read the amendment. >> Representative Howard moves to amend the bill Bill on page 144 lines 10 through 11 by inserting the following between those lines. >> The Chair thanks the gentleman. Question before the House is the adoption of amendment 827 as set forth by Representative Howard. Those in favour will vote aye. Those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 111 having voted in the affirmative and four in the negative, the amendment is adopted. Now back on the bill Further debate? If not the question before the House is the passage of House Bill 1030 on its third reading. Those in favor will vote aye. Those opposed will vote no. The Clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 103 having voted in the affirmative and 12 in the negative. House Bill 1030 passes its third reading. It's ordered engrossed, all amendments are and ordered sent to the senate by a special messenger. Members our motion of the gentleman from [INAUDIBLE] Representative Irler/g the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies to the gallery to the town of Oak island/g mayor [UNKNOWN] town clerk Lisa Staits/g and councilman Jeff [UNKNOWN] would you all please stand so that we can welcome you thank you for being with us today >> [APPLAUSE] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from [INAUDIBLE] Representative [INAUDIBLE] rise? >> A point of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr speaker the main reason the home town folks are here today. They attended the breakfast at the [UNKNOWN] Center this morning. The NC Association of resort towns and convention cities. There were 35 communities represented from the coast to [INAUDIBLE] mountains and convention cities. Representatives Tine , Davis, McGrady and myself were there and a couple of senators. And I wanna congratulate this group for having their first annual breakfast, and hope that it'll grow from here. Thank you. >> I'm gonna ask our pages to please come forward. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Pages I want you to know I've heard

nothing but great reports this week for the work you've done. We hope you've had a great time, that you've made some friends, that you've learned a lot, that you've had an opportunity to see the budget and see the operations of the committees and the full house. I'll just ask my colleagues To join me in thanking you for your hard work this week. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you for your service. You may return to your post. Notices and announcements. What Purpose does the lady from Buncombe, Representative Fisher, rise? >> For a point of personal privilege Mr. Speaker. >> Lady is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> I am proud to tell you that today at about 3.45 PM in Japan [LAUGH] My granddaughter was born. [LAUGH] >> [APPLAUSE] >> She is Sofia Chegoree Fischer, Cheroee/g is Japanese for a thousand birds, and she's named for her 97 year old great grandmother. So thank you all for your encouragement and maybe I'll have some pictures on my desk soon, I hope. Thank you. >> Congratulations Representative Fisher. For what purpose What purpose does the Gentleman from Durham, Representative Hall, rise? >> An announcement. >> The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. It's a two part announcement. The Moog festival is in Durham this weekend, so please join us for that. I believe we pilfered it from Asheville but they saw the wisdom in coming to the flat lands and enjoying Life. And secondly I wanna also alert you to the fact that in Laurinburg North Carolina this weekend, the hall of fame contains Dizzy Gillespie and jazz great Dizzy Gillespie for those of you all who're not aware. And, North Carolinian, and NBA legend and great who was in the floor here in the house last year Sam Jones. Who is also a member of the hall of fame. We have one of our own who would be inducted this weekend and you are certainly invited to come to the ceremony for Representative Gal/g and Pierce who will be inducted into the Laurberg hall of fame. So please give him a hand. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] What purpose does the gentleman from Genoa Representative Grim rise? >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. Just a moment. Members will come to order. What purpose does the gentleman from Lenoa rise. >> Personal privilege. >> Gentleman is recognized, speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Ladies and gentleman we would like to ask that you'll give a special prayer for my seat mate Representative Terry who is experiencing some illness. >> Thank you. >> Short prayer please. >> [BLANK_AUDIO] Amen. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland, Representative Floyd, rise? >> To see if Representative Hall will yield for a question please. >> Does the gentleman from Durham yield to the gentleman from Cumberland? >> Yes sir- >> He yields. >> Mr. Speaker. >> Representative Hall you mentioned the various [UNKNOWN] and the recognition of Representative Pierce/g after the sport portion of your presentation. So has Representative Pierce/g been recognized as a point guard, or what is he being recognized as such. >> [LAUGH] >> And Mr. Speaker I'm not sure if I should yield to Representative Pierce to answer that question, but I would say that he is being recognized for his outstanding service to his community, and the support he has given to that international institution for so many years. But I could be wrong so I would yield to him. >> [LAUGH] >> Representative Pierce the gentleman wanna take a stand stab at it? [BLANK_AUDIO] And by the way on a point of personal privilege the Chair was recently informed by Representative Jackson that his good friend Representative Hall recently was recognized in a local publication as being one of Raleigh's most eligible I believe. So congratulations Dwayne. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Representative Jackson tells me that Representative

Hall's been autographing copies and selling them around the building. So I don't know if that's still happening or not. >> Mr. Speaker. >> For what does the gentleman form Wake Representative Martin? >> Mr Speaker to ask that your remarks on Representative Duane Hall's eligibility be spread across the record so that ladies around the world can see it on the internet, and flock to the Rayleigh area to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. >> We have enough problems I'm gonna deny that request. >> [LAUGH] For what purpose does the gentleman from Harnett Representative Louis rise >> Point of personal privilege >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, we often pause to honor great accomplishments of our colleagues. And here you've heard today some outstanding things, so truly historic amazing news the birth of a child. I felt like accomplishment perhaps from this side of the aisle should be recognized as well. Mr speaker I want to announce that Representative John Szoka of Canberra county was named this week as the kenderwood/g [INAUDIBLE] suite guest of the week. >> [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Mr speaker [LAUGH] >> I knew I should have adjourned a few minutes ago. For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham Representative Michele rise? >> I think it's time we leave don't you. [LAUGH] >> Representative Michele we don't always agree but we do today. Members for your planning purposes session on Monday will be at 5 pm and it is not determined to this point if that will in fact be a voting session or not, we will inform you. It is possible there will be votes at 5 o'clock on Monday, but we're awaiting some legislation from the senate is what we're doing. So that's the reason but we will let the members know, we should know something probably tomorrow. So members can plan accordingly. Any further notices and announcements? If not, the gentleman from Harnet Representative Louis is recognized for a motion. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, subject to the ratification of bills, receipt of messages from the senate, receipt of committee reports, receipt of conference reports. The re-refferal of bills and resolutions the appointment of conferees, the introduction of bills and resolutions, committee appointments and deleting of representative statements. I move that the house adjourn from, it could Monday May 23rd at 5 o'clock PM. >> Representative last move, seconded by representative Michele. The house should now address subject to the ratification of bills, messages from the senate, committee reports, conference reports, re-referal of bills and resolutions, appointment of conferrers. Introduction of bills and resolutions, committee appointments and reading of representative statements, to reconvene Monday May 23rd 5 PM, those in favor will say aye >> Aye. >> Those opposed.