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Joint | May 16, 2016 | Press Room | Holley Press Conference

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[BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Are you finished, okay. Alright good morning everybody thank you for being here today my name is Chrystal Richardson I'm the director of advocacy for equality North Carolina. I'm also a volunteer with the human rights campaign and with [INAUDIBLE] two organizations That were very integral and beginning some of this protections in

Charlotte North Carolina. We are here today for one simple reason HB2 is not just bad for the LGBT community but it is also bad for transgender people and for women. Every one is impacted by HB2 because if women are put at risk for discrimination our families are put at risk too, here is a simple fact, Governor McCoy, Speaker Moore, Senator Berger, talk a lot in the past few weeks about protecting women and protecting privacy, today we're going to talk about what protecting women would actually look like, and protecting women and what protecting women would mean, by repealing HB2 so that we could impact, excuse me so that we can combat race discrimination. It would mean repealing HB2 so that minimum wage earners a majority of whom are women would have a chance to get a raise and it would also mean that repealing HB2 for transgender women wouldn't be forced to use the rest rooms that are inconsistent with the gender Identity. With that I am found to launch our women for the repeal of the HB2 tour. A coalition that will stop in Charlotte and in Green-vile as we talk to Carolinian women about why we need to repeal HB2. Afterwords we will take questions. Now we will start with Alecoius/g Dee. The presidents of the Board of southern conference. A conference which is one of the largest gathering for the transgender communities. Good morning as she said my name is Alexis Dee. And I'm identified as a transwoman. I'm lucky enough to be married with one daughter and one grand daughter. As she said I'm the president the board of directors at southern comfort. Southern comfort is one of the largest transgender conferences in North America. We are celebrating our 26th year. SCC as it's known purpose is to inform educate and help the transgender community. We are partners with business health care professional and other entities to make this endeavor work, I have done this for about 10 years. I am a resident of North Carolina. I own a home and a business. I have lived in South Port for 22 years, for the last 15 of those years I have worked and traveled presenting this female during that time. I frequent local Restaurants, shopping malls, theaters in both North Carolina ans South Carolina. I fly extensively throughout the United States using various North Carolina, South Carolina airports, Merlybeach, Wormington, Riley Charlet. I have used the women's restrooms exclusively in all those places for the last 15 years with absolutely no incidents, problems or privacy issues with me or with any of the other users of the restroom. So governor Mclroy went on record during his interview with Chris Wallis regarding HB2, tat he was not aware of any bathroom problems or issues regarding transgender people in the entire estate of North Carolina. So where this came up from the fact that we are doing it to protect people is crazy.The condenship the governor's contention at trans-gendered women and men are predators or pediflle is not only personally virtue and very insulting. It is hurtful and insulting the entire trans community and it is very Very, very wrong. The term LGBT is used to describe a very diverse group of human beings living and functioning on this planet. They are just people. I would like to also point out that gender is what's between your ears not between your legs, so HB2 needs, to be repeal, it's discriminatory towards the whole LGBT community. And it's citation that the privacy of individuals will be invaded is totally unfounded, thanks for your time. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Thank you, now we will hear from Monica Johnson Hasler. >> Thank you very much Priscilla as Priscilla just noted my name is Monica Johnson Hasler, and I am the executive director of the North Carolina coalition against sexual assault. In cikasa/g we are also known as provides a decay training and legislative policies support for our 90 plus rate crisis centers that provide direct services to sexual assault survivors across the entire state of North Carolina. [INAUDIBLE] was created in 1980 to actually really look at how do we address sexual assault survivors who were the most vulnerable

population and how do we also work in North Carolina to eliminate sexual violence, in many ways and facets we do that but the primary way we look at how do we end sexual violence which is [INAUDIBLE] committed against people they know People they know they were 80 to 85% depending on the department of Justice Study that you look at report that survivors are actually sexually assaulted by people they know so that's family members, that's neighbors, that's extended family members, people you know and trust. Sexual assault predators are often miscalculated in the In the public identity is the way that we talk about them of course there is no scar laying on their head but they are also the people who are most close to you which makes those survivors most vulnerable and that is exactly how [INAUDIBLE] and non members should begin to actually speak out against HB2 and what it means for sexual assault survivors in North Carolina, acknowledging that when we talk about Talk about HB2 in protecting women and children in bathrooms is important for us to know that we don't have [INAUDIBLE] sexual assault in our bathrooms even if I do we want to extrapolate the difference between sexual predators and transgender people and that we talked about that I think it's important for us as anti- sexual violence [INAUDIBLE to come forward Forward and be clear to the public that this are not the same individuals and that we wanna be sure that if we are going to talk about ending sexual violence against women and children then we talk about ways that we do that and those ways including insuring that we are not discriminating against anyone, discrimination against any one person is as good [INAUDIBLE] against all of us. And quite frankly leads us to a false assumption of how we protect women and children, and some of the anti sexual violence the we that we talk about [INAUDIBLE] we talk about changing the culture that we live in so discrimination, prejudice and bias against any people are things that uphold the rate culture and allow people to continue to be vulnerable to sexual assault in North Carolina. And so I stand with my colleagues across the country as we talk about the importance of not using sexual assault as a way to discriminate against anyone, and so at least staying firm with our partners in this rule and there is all across the country who think it's important that we acknowledge that [INAUDIBLE] in sexual violence must not be discriminatory against anyone. And at this time I'd like to introduce Emma [UNKNOWN] the triangle field organizer from Plan Parenthood South Atlantic. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Thank you Monita, good morning my name is Reverend Magpen and I'm a triangle field organizer at Plan Parenthood South Atlantic, even after Even after national criticism Governor McCoy still continues to defend [INAUDIBLE] hospital two, a discriminatory law that stripped protection of transgender individuals in North Carolina. It's outrageous and creepy to say the least, very simply hospital two is a discriminatory law passed under the guise of protecting women, empty women stance with transgender North Carolinians And reject Governor Mccrory's hypocritical claims. In defense of house bill two here are some direct quotes from our governor, where the state describes to allow our people and businesses to be as independent as possible without overreaching government regulations, this unnecessary and intrusive of mandate complete with the basic exploitations of privacy in the most private of settings. The Governor Mccrory's history of restrictions on women's health reflect otherwise because he signed legislation that were government over reaches and enshrouded on women's private health decisions and this ridiculous law suit against the federal government Governor Mccrory trumpets his concern about women's bodily privacy But not even a year ago Mccrory signed house bill 465 into law which amongst other restrictions required doctors of women speaking the safe and legal abortion in North Carolina to send their patients ultrasounds images to the state government for collection, this law is a blatant attempt to intimidate women and doctors Doctors and is a huge violation of personal privacy, yet Mccrory through his full support behind the law and for a second time broke his 2012 campaign promise to veto any restrictions on safe and legal abortions, my faith teaches me that we shouldn't hide behind our words and be honest and truthful when we are trying to make change. If Governor McCrory really cared about the privacy of North Carolinians he would have veto house bill 465 and made those quotes a year ago. We are calling on Governor McCrory to stop using transgender North Carolinians as a scapegoat and pretending that he cares about women's privacy because if he did we didn't have to send our private ultrasound images to government regulatory Agencies. It is clear that Governor McCrory is far more concerned with his political aspirations in actually enacting laws that protect the privacy of North Carolina. It's time for the political game to stop. And for our states repeal the national embarrassment that is house bill two. Next we'll have Glory Delosansos/g the down Director of Action and Seal. [SOUND] >> Thank you [INAUDIBLE] >> Again my name is Glory Delosantos, I am the Director for Actionancy here in Darlton North Carolina,

also the stable eye director for the Stay With Women and Families campaign. In the seat of North Carolina discriminates the Gives women of all race, religion believe and appearance of any health and anything else that makes this person different. It happens everyday. One of the most significant discrimination takes place in the work place. Women who are equally trained and educated with the same experiences as men are not equal. Equally paid. Women represents two third of the minimum wage across the country. And about half of the minimum wage workers in every day. Today the federal minimum wage of seven hours with 25 states an hour. A full time earning of 14500 a year. leaving a family of $3000 bellow the. Federal poverty line. This form of any quality dates fact for centuries extend from the common believe that men provide for women and women take care of the home and children. Men therefore are more efficient in the career. This is called systematic discrimination. So what is the simple truth about pay gap and work. discrimination. The simple truth is that the pay gap is barely moved in a decade. And at the current rate it will not change for more than a hundred years. According to the national women law. Law says majority of the women are minimal wage workers. North Carolina women are paid 85 cents of every dollar paid to a man. Amounting to our average wage of $6376. Is worse for African American women and Latino women. African American women are 64% of a dollar to a white man, Latino women only are in 48 cents for the same, and now now we've house bill two, it convince women from earning a fair wage, it discriminates women in the work place where they are seeking equal pay or equal work, or preventing local cities for setting their own laws of minimum wage is disproportionately hurts women. North Carolina we have to stop hurting women that you say you love and protect as an advocate the work that I work for our women here in the State, the fight of this issues clearly show that it's not fighting to protect women of North Carolina. The women of North Carolina calls on the government body to stop fighting against women and help us provide, protect and serve our families becaus because as of right now North Carolina you're not doing that, let us help you make North Carolina beautiful again, a state that you say that you love, and let us help make it equal for women so we can provide and protect our families, let us have equal pay, affordable child care child care, affordable healthcare, and the equality that we were so well deserve, that is what makes North Carolina beautiful. Not hateful, discriminatory, prejudice loss like HP2, it has tarnished our state reputation, this is what makes North Carolina beautiful not this hateful law. thank you. And now I will introduce representative Yvonne Luis Harley from Wake county. >> Thank you, I'm again Yvonne Harley from district 38 which is here in Wake county and I just want to reiterate the wonderful things that these ladies are already saying, and I' here to back them up. I am your gladiator, one of your gladiators, one of your fighters in the general assembly on the first front line, I'm on the front line here, but you're in the front line of the community, as some of you are even more vulnerable. As an African American female in the course of my career I have I have found discrimination on a daily basis, there's not a day goes by that some variety does not remind me that I'm a black woman. And I'm female not a day in my life putting some budget on it that I wear with great pride, because as a black woman and in spite of obstacles I've been able to achieve. And it's because of policies and laws that have given me a level of protection. And now you're taking away these policies laws not just against me, but you're doing it by hurting our most vulnerable at the current moment. Now when I grew up, there were people called mean girls. There were people who took pride in using something against somebody else to make themselves look better or feel better. And I think that the General Assembly has become a mean girl. >> [LAUGH] >> And that we are doing things to make ourselves look better but it's not working. It was shallow and superficial when we were in the 8th grade, and it's shallow and superficial now. And I fought it then and I will continue to fight it. So I stand behind these women today. And I stand in front of them when I need to. Because I know they have my back.

And I today have their back. So I want to commend them for standing up for what they believe and we need to stop and repeal HB 2 in it's entirety. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Good morning. I am Representative Rosa Gill from Wake County. I am very proud to stand in support and work with these women to repeal House Bill two. Many North Carolinians believe the purpose for this special short session and for this House Bill 2 was to protect women and children from predators in the restroom. There is neither evidential facts nor sound logic to back this claim. It is a blatantly false False and misleading claim. It is already illegal to enter a restroom for the purpose of assaulting anyone. If it was true that this is the only reason for House Bill 2 the solution to that problem is very simple. We have a law to protect anyone from being assaulted in a bathroom. This entire bill should be repeated. This is one of the most discriminatory bill that I have ever seen in my lifetime. This bill, HB 2 mandates that no district in the state can raise minimum wages above [INAUDIBLE] wages. This perpetuates conditions that lead to poor health outcomes and barriers to healthcare as addresses by previous speakers. It allows individuals to be fired and this is to refuse services on the basis of nothing more than one sexuality. One sexuality or gender. House bill 2 prevents employees who are terminated to discriminating reasons for seeking redress in our courts, in our state courts. A subject that is unrelated to the stated purpose of this bill nor the reason for the short session. House bill 2 eliminates the ability of local governments to create ordinance that determines the safety of their own communities by bending all local anti-discrimination determination orders. These last four reasons that I've given you is a reason for us to repeal house bill 2. Americans do want to choose hatred and begotry over equality and acceptance. So please join with us and help us fight to repeal house bill 2. Thank you all for being here. >> [APPLAUSE] >> I thank you all for coming this concludes our press conference, and we'll hear for questions and answers and you may ask any of the speakers if you have any questions thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [NOISE] [NOISE] [NOISE] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO]