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House | May 12, 2016 | Chamber | House Session Convenes

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[BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] The house will come to order. Members will take their seats. Visitors will retire from the chamber. The sergeant at arms will close the doors. We're to ask all members and all the visitors to please silence all electronic devices. This morning's prayer will be offered by Representative Conrad. We're to ask all members and all guests in the gallery to please stand for the prayer, and to remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. Representative Conrad. >> Please join me in a prayer from the National Federation of Republican Women's Prayer book. Heavenly Father, as we begin this session we bring your presence with us. We speak your peace, your grace, your mercy, and your perfect order. We acknowledge your power over all that will be spoken, thought, decided and done at this assembly. Lord we thank you for the gifts you have blessed us with. We commit to you for using them responsibly to your honor. Give us a fresh supply of strength to do our task for the people of this great state. Anoint our ideas,projects and energy so that even our smallest accomplishments they bring you glory.Lord when we're confused guide us. When we are tired and infuse us with the light of the Holy Spirit. May our gathering today bring faith, joy and a smile to all we come in contact with.All in your name and for your glory. Amen. >> Amen. Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God. Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> The gentleman for [BLANK_AUDIO], Representative Lewis is recognized promotion. >> Mr. Speaker. The general for May 11th has been examined and found to be correct. I move that it stands approved as written. Representative Lewis moves that the journal for May 11th be approved as written.Those in favor will say aye. >> Aye. >>Those opposed no.The Ayes have it.The journal is approved as written.[NOISE] >> Members we have a number of guests with us in the gallery, First up we have a couple of school groups, chair would like to introduce. First we have a group of students from Wake Christian Academy here in Raleigh. Would you all please stand so that we can welcome you. Thank you for being with us today. >>[ APPLAUSE]>> We also have a group of students from the Morehead Academy in Charlotte where are you all? >>[APPLAUSE] >> Glad to have you here today as well. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Over here too. >> [APPLAUSE] >> On motion of the gentleman Wake. Representative Stan, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Tony Bennett who is the former Superintended of publican structure for the state of Indiana, would you please stand so we could welcome you. Thank you for being with us today. >> [APPLAUSE] >> On behalf of representative Collins, Richardson of Nash the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to faculty members and student leadership council members from Wilford elementary school and [UNKNOWN] would you all please stand? >> [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Representatives Davis and Ford are recognized to set forth the committee report, the clerk will read, >> Representatives Davis and Ford, local government committee report, House Bill 1009, Wake City [INAUDIBLE] animals favorable >> [BLANK_AUDIO] Favorable calendar pursuant to rule 36 B without objection [INAUDIBLE] I'll read the title again. This is a local bill Wake County town's donate retired service animals. Any objection to this bill being added to today's calendar? Hearing none, so order, clerk may continue. >> House Bill 984 translate [INAUDIBLE] correctional we refer it to appropriations.

>> Committee reports favorable. Bills [UNKNOWN] are [INAUDIBLE] They refer additionally to the committee on appropriations. >> House Bill 1022, [INAUDIBLE] finance Committee reports the favorably report to the committee offence. Representative [UNKNOWN] recognized to send forth the committee report, the clerk will read. >> Representative Daughtry, Judiciary one committee report, house bill 1020 [INAUDIBLE] amendment favorable. >> Calendar 36 B and without objection. It is the famous short title [INAUDIBLE] Defense service amendments. Representative [UNKNOWN] tells me there is no controversy on the bill [UNKNOWN] knows it. So, without objection today's calendar, [INAUDIBLE] or may continue. >> House Bill 1021 amend innocent commission statues favorable committee substitute on favorable revision Bill. >> Regional Bill on favorable counter committee substitute calendar, and Chair will determine if that's to be edited to today's calendar in just a bit. [BLANK_AUDIO] Members house bill 109 the chair previously add to the calendar will be removed from today's calendar and will be on calendar from Monday. The plain purposes it does appear we may have a couple of votes Monday night. Now will be taking madam clerk chair directs 109 be removed from today's counter counter from Monday. We have a lady from Wake have her amendment ready by Monday? Okay. >> Mr. Speaker. >> Yes sir what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland representative Floyd rise? [INAUDIBLE] >> Mr. Speaker the Representative that you mentioned we should have amendment ready by Monday, is that time sensitive sir? >> She just advised that she would have the amendment ready to proceed. And I think the gentleman's question goes to the necessity of having votes Monday night, is that correct? >> Mr. Speaker you you are somewhat on track. >> So it does appear that there will be a couple of votes on Monday night, but nothing majorly [UNKNOWN] well I don't mean to say that about a bill. Nothing controversial the Chair is aware of, but there may be a couple of votes. I believe that's a local bill. So that may not even be a recorded vote, that would be a non roll-call sir. Chair is unaware at this time of anything else that would be on for Monday night, but if something changes the Chair will advise the member. There is another bill about the innocence commission that maybe added to the day's calendar, The chair wanted to find out some more information about that bill before making that determination. Calendar house bill 958, clerk will read. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> [INAUDIBLE] house bill 958 data bill to the entire [INAUDIBLE] providing increase [INAUDIBLE] boating result in death on serious injury and to a clarify the penalty for repaired body as recommended by the house select committee on wildlife resource. General assembly North Carolina enacts. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Cabarrus.g representative Pittman rise? >> Speak on the bill. >. Just a moment. The house will come to order give the gentleman the attention he deserves. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, and before I get into the bill I would like to thank the Speaker for having Lewis King work with me on this. He did an excellent job guiding me through the various twists and turns to get here, and citizen Sykes/s did a great job putting the bill together and I do appreciate their efforts very much. Also appreciate Representative John Fraley for his input, and for the other who helped, Representative Bill, getting it in his committee here in the inner/g room so that it could be eligible to come this year instead of next year. And so I do appreciate all that help that I have heard. Shire Marshall was a very beautiful 17 year old young lady, with the love for life and a lot going for her. She was very active very outgoing and friendly. Loved softball. And their is now softball tournament in her honor in her memory. But she was outlast July 4th having fun with family and friends I don't like Norman. She was on a knee board and a boater who was drunk. Knew he hit the boat but swerved in time. to miss the boat and run over her and killed her.The family came to me in August and asked if I would do something about the fact

that sentencing for this act is way out of proportion to if the same thing would be done with a car. And our feeling is simply that if you kill or injure someone while operating a watercraft while impaired, what's the difference between that and doing the same thing and a car? And so what this bill does is raise the level of penalties for causing serious death,or injury in boating while impaired to the same level as penalties for doing so while driving while impaired. It's really a very common sense and straight forward bill. And thank you everyone who has supported it so far and I hope that you will support the bill today. It is named for Shayan, It's Shaya's law. And we want to remember her and many others, I think the're four more of these incidence that occur each year. I know there were seven deaths and multiple injuries last year and over the last several years.I think they've been like 53 killed on the waterways in North Carolina in similar instances. So we need to remember Shayan/g and we need to remember all those who suffered and especially those family who have been deprived of, who knows how many years and other joys that Shayan was bringing into their lives. So I appreciate your support for this bill. Thank you.>> What does the gentleman for Iredell representative Fraley Ross. >> To speak on the bill. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you. About the same time that of the Marshall family approached representative Pittman. Like many of you, I was spending time with the wildlife people understanding how they patrol the lake, by water and air. And trying to understand more about law enforcement. The group that I happened to be with on the water was the same team that was first on the accident when this happened. Ultimately our conversation led to talking about how do we try to prevent these things. And the first thing the wildlife officer said was we really need to have some real penalty involved.In accidents like this that injure,seriously injure or kill someone.I started looking into this after that. Found out that representative Pittman was working on the same thing. And we joined forces just on this I think it's very appropriate bill and we would appreciate your support thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Further discussion further debate, if not the question before the house is the passage of house bill 958 on it's second reading, those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] Are the following members on the floor Representatives Jordan Richardson, Bill Richardson, Terry and Vascaville, [INAUDIBLE] machine record the vote. 109 having voted in the affirmative note in the negative house bill 958 passes its second reading and wield that objection be ready a third time, [INAUDIBLE] Further discussion further debate, if not the question for the house is the passage of House Bill 958 on it's third reading, those in favor will say aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed will say no, the ayes have it house bill 958 having passed this third reading will be set to the senate, members the chair would like to a motion of representative [INAUDIBLE] county All members of the house, the chair is happy to extend the courtesy regarded to Sayan's Marshals family they are and if you all would please stand as I introduce you her father and mother Kenneth and leader Marshal, her sister, Montana Marshal, her grandfather Kermit Marshal, her uncle and aunt Thomas and Selinda Howl, Cousins Gaby and Ashley K. Howl, and her aunt Mancy Pulpin, we wanna thank you for being with us and please know your families are in our hearts and prayers. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [BLANK_AUDIO]

Lady from Wilson, representative Martin is recognized to send forth a conference report, the clerk will read [BLANK_AUDIO] >> The [INAUDIBLE] appointment to resolve the differences between the civic and the house representatives on Senate Bill 50, a bill to [INAUDIBLE] actually increase the authorization for Wilson County [INAUDIBLE] house committee substitute favorable 71615 so make it report just sitting in the house agree to the following amendment of the house committee substitute service 1615 and the Senator concurs in the house committee substitute as amended to lead the entire house committee substitute for every service 1615 and substitute the text propose conference committee substitute S50-PCC S454 The conferees work senate and the house of representatives adopt this report. The conferees approved in May 12th 2016. Conferees for the senator. Senator Ben Clark, senator Gitten/g Chair conferees of the. house of representatives. Representative Martin chair, Representatives Butterfield and Louis. And Representative Sein. >> Calendar. >> House bill 1020, the clerk will read. Representative Doughty, house will be here in 20. The board actually meant the Department of Commission have rendered their first services, made various changes to foot services and to recommend by the joint legislative oversight committee on justice and public safety, general assembly North Carolina enacts. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from [INAUDIBLE] Representative Daughtry rise? >> To explain the bill, house bill 1020. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. This bill came about as a result of a joint legislative oversight committee on justice and public safety, that met during the time between the long session and now. We had about five or six meetings and at the end of the time we adopted this report, which is now this bill. It changes the appointments made by the commission, by the chief justice, the governor and the general assembly. And you can sorta look in the bill and see how those changes were made it puts the IDS under the AOC and AOC may modify the budget but only after a quorum has been looked at it and give their input. One of the big problems we found was that there was a lot of capital defenders clustered in [INAUDIBLE] and we had to tell you that now there will be a capital defender move to Robinson county to Nash County and perhaps to Lake County so that they will be closer to the cases that they will be handling, I don't have any objections to the bill I appreciate your support. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Orange representative Meyer rise? ? To ask her question of the bill sponsor >> Does the gentleman from Johnston yield to the gentleman from Orange? >> Yes I do. >> He yields. >> Thank you representative [INAUDIBLE] can I just clarify you are confirming that this bill doesn't [INAUDIBLE] position away from Durham and to other counties. Mr. Maihar/g the director, when a position becomes available that position will be placed in his public defenders office in the areas I talked about. So that that public defender can be in that part of state and try those cases. >> Follow up Mr. Speaker. >> Does the gentleman from Johnson yield to an additional question? >> I do. >> He yields. >> So is the Durham area losing anyone from their current allocation? >> Temporarily not, but they will be as time goes by. >> Mr. Speaker may I just speak on the bill briefly? [BLANK_AUDIO] My apologies. The gentleman's recognized to debate the bill. >> Thank you. I just register brief opposition to the bill that I know that the Durham district attorney has expressed to me that they're dealing with a high number of capital cases there and so without the opportunity to talk to him about this bill which I should have taken the time to read before today, I'd probably vote against today. Thank you. >> [COUGH] >> For what purpose does the lady from Surry Representative Stevens rise? >> To speak on the bill. >> The lady has the floor to debate the bill. >> Thank you Mr.

Speaker. One point I do want to clarify, is that not that Durham County is losing capital defenders. These capital defenders are intended to deal with all cases in the state. They just happen to all be centralized right now in Durham County. So it's not that Durham County is losing a position, we're taking the statewide positions and dispersing them throughout the state so it's easier to try all of the capital cases. Those defenders are not there strictly for Durham county, they are the capital defenders that defend all capital cases throughout the state so I hope that provides some clarification. >> What purpose does the lady from Guilford representative Harrison rise? >> To ask the bill sponsor a question. >> Does the gentleman from Johnston yield to the lady from Guilford? >> I yield. >> He yields. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, I just wondered as I was looking at the appointments or the changes in the appointment to the IDS board and it looks like you're taking out the recommendation from the North Carolina Association of Black lawyers and the North Carolina association of women lawyers and I didn't have the benefit of the oversight's committee's discussion. I'm just wondering about the appointment changes, if you could just go into a little bit more detail about why you made those, or why the bill proposes those changes. Thank you. >> Well we added, the chief justice has an appointment, the governor has an appointment the speaker has three appointments and the present pro-team/g has three appointments, and when we got through we thought that was enough to run the Energy [UNKNOWN] services, so that's when we stock. We think that's a good legitimate number of people to run a commission, and we just elected to do it that way. >> What purpose does the lady from Orange, Representative Inscale arise. >> I'm to ask a bill sponsor question. >> Does the gentleman from Giasty/g yield to the lady from Orange? >> I yield. >> Yield. >> I'm not familiar with the administrative workings of this defense services what, and I assume that there are periods when we have more people that need services and periods when we have fewer people needing services. What's the mechanism for adding more providers to this group? Is there a mechanism for increasing the numbers so that the distribution across the state will be more equal. >> Well we believe we have enough, but there are fortunately a large number of capital cases in Cumberland County as well as Robeson County and when someone drives from Durham to Robeson County, it's a long way and it's inconvenient for judges and the courts and we thought it would be better have a capital defender in that area. We think spreading them out like that will make it easier and we think it will be cost effective. I don't think we need anymore right now. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Robinson, Representative Graham, rise? >> A question for Representative Daughtry. >> Does the gentleman from Johnston yield to the gentleman from Robeson? >> Yes sir. >> He yields. >> Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Representative Daughtry, what kind of representation would they had previous to this becoming? >> Well there's two choices. You can get private counsel or the capital defender's office would defend a person for his life. And that capital defender would likely come from Durham down to where you live and what we're hoping to do is have a capital defender right in your town so it would be more convenient to look after those cases in your area. He may very well go to New Hanover County or any place nearby that he thinks they can utilize his services. >> Thank you. Follow up. >> Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? >> Yes sir. >> He yields. >> Well I like that thinking Representative Daughtry. So you're telling me these folks who are going before justice will have better representation? Not saying they have not had in the past but are we looking at giving them good experts in terms of capital cases? >> That is correct. They would just be located in a different place, a more convenient place. >> Thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland, Representative Floyd, rise? >> I think Representative Daughtry is standing and I'd like to ask him a question please. >> Does the gentleman from Johnston yield to the gentleman from Cumberland? >> Yes, Sir. >> He yields. >> Representative Daughtry, you mentioned that the Robeson county and the great state of Cumberland so they will receive one of those. >> That's correct. >> Follow up, Mr.

Speaker? >> Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? >> Yes, sir. >> He yields. >> How many total positions are there? >> I don't know but I think there are eight capital defenders in Durham, but I'm not sure. >> Thanks. >> What purpose does the gentleman from Durham, Representative Mitchel rise? >> To ask Representative [UNKNOWN] a question. >> Does the gentleman from Johnston yield to the gentleman from Durham? >> Yes sir. >> He yields. >> And the reason I'm asking you is because just to make clarify some things These are not people who are involved in the public defender's office. Is that correct? >> That's correct. >> Second question. >> Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? >> Yes, sir. >> He yields. >> There is this specialized group of lawyers, I think there are about eight or 10 who handle only capital cases. Is that correct. >> That's correct. >> Okay. Just wanted to make sure that everybody understood that. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Orange, Representative Meyer, rise? >> To speak a second time, Mr. Speaker. >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill a second time. I just wanna express appreciation to Representative Daughtry, Representative Stevens, Representative Michaux, a couple of other colleagues help me understand the bill. I'm happy to support the bill. >> Further discussion, further debate? If not the question before the House is the passage of House Bill 1020 on it's second reading. Those in favor will vote aye. Those opposed will vote no. The Clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 109 having voted in the affirmative and one in the negative, House Bill 1020 passes it's second reading and will without objection. >> Objection. >> Having been objected. The gentleman from Nash having objected, the bill will remain on the calendar. Members, on motion of the members of Buncombe County, Representatives Fisher, Tater and Ager, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to visitors from Mountain Crew Company Executive trying to read Representative Fisher's handwriting here. Directors Juli Mayfield, and Bob Wagner, [INAUDIBLE] came of a chair who is the communications director, Grady Nancy, and Maryanne Reckof who are board members, would you all please stand so that we could welcome you? Thank you for being with us today. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Members for your planning purposes, it does appear there will indeed be votes Monday night at 7, and they will be recorded votes 1020 we'll go over Fritz/g third reading. And we have a conference report that will be taken up as well as the local bill and perhaps some other things. There may be about three or four bills for Monday night. For your planning purposes, you may wanna notice this. When we adjourn you will hear that we have adjourned until 10 AM Monday morning. There will not be votes at 10 AM. That is for the purpose of administrative matters of moving around the bills related to the budget. And also we expect that we're gonna have a new member with us on Monday replacing Representative Schafer/g. And that member will probably be sworn in at that time, and will be assigned committees at that time. And since the budget is moving along quickly we wanna be able to get those assignments done. So Monday's session will start at 10. There will be no votes at that time. There will however be votes Monday night at 7. The Chair is also happy to inform our doctors and our nurses today with us. First off our nurse of the day is Tamra/g Jones from here in Raleigh. And our doctor is Dr. Karen [UNKNOWN] from Charlotte. Would you all please stand so that we can welcome them. Thank you [UNKNOWN] >> [APPLAUSE] >> We also have two more school groups who've shown up with us today. We have a group pf students from Wentworth Elementary School in Reidsville up in Rockingham County. Would you all please stand so we can welcome you. Thank you for being with us. >> [APPLAUSE] >> We also have a group of students from Eastover Elementary School in Charlotte. Where are you, I would like to welcome you as well. Thank you for being with us too. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Notices and announcements. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake, Representative Stam, rise? I rise to a point of personal privilege. >> The gentleman's recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Mr. Speaker, Members of the House, a while back I was discussing with the assistant secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Dr.Randall Williams, who some of the heroes of North Carolina medicine might be.

And one of them that we both knew and he thought had done great things for North Carolina medicine is Dr. Watson Bows who is here today with his wife Chris and we nominated him for the Order of the Longleaf Pine. Dr. Bows spent his career at the University of Colorado in a couple of decades at Chapel Hill also in the US Army Medical Corps during the Vietnam conflict. His special emphasis has been in high risk obstetrics, preterm births all aspects of labor and delivery and also medical ethics. He has been the chair on the Committee on Ethics at the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He's been the chair of the University of North Carolina Ethics Committee. I won't read you the 147 papers he's written or the 128 chapters of books that helped to train the people who deliver babies . He's delivered thousands and babies and saved thousands of lives. Perhaps you're all too young to have been delivered with his help but your children or grandchildren have been safely delivered through the work that he's done. One time after my first couple of children were born, I realized I really wished I had been a pediatrician instead of a lawyer but it was way too late for that so that's why you have me here. But anyway, what could be a better privilege than be able to really help save the lives of thousands of little ones. So Mr. Speaker, I have a request, if I may. >> The gentleman has the floor. >> As I read the citation for this Order of the Long Leaf Pine would it be possible for Dr. Bows and his wife and Dr. Randall Williams to stand while I read the citation. >> Chair will grant that, I believe they are up to the right here as a matter of fact. >> Pat McCrory Governor recognizing confidence in the integrity learning and zeal of doctor Watstin Aboss/g junior I do this presence confer the order of the long lead pine with the like of ambassador extraordinary privilege to enjoy fully all rights guaranteed to members of this exalted order among which is the special privilege to propose the following North Carolina's toast and select company anywhere in the free world, here's to the land of the long leaf pine, say it with me now. The summer land where the sun does shine, where the wheat grows strong and the strong grow great, here's to down home the old North state, Signed Pat McCrory. Congratulations. >> [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO] Members before we get too far, I'll ask the pages to come forward, I know we have a number of announcements I'm gonna ask the pages to come forward. [BLANK_AUDIO] To our pages we've heard nothing but good reports about the work you all have done this week in the committees and here on the floor. Hope it's been a good experience for you and you've made some friends and learned a few things, of course gotten out of school for a week, that's never bad. But I would as my colleagues to join me in thanking you all for your hard work this week. Thank you for being with us. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you. Y'all may return to your posts. For what purpose does the gentleman from Union, Representative Horn, rise? >> For an announcement. >> The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, the house appropriations committee on education we've been bouncing around rooms in our announcements so the room is 544. 544 and will convene at 12:15 so 544 at 12:15 For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg representative Brody rise? >> For an announcement. >> The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. >> Thank you Mr. speaker. The house committee on finance will meet at 8.30 in room 544 next Tuesday the 17th their will be one bill on the agenda that will be house bill 1030 the appropriations act and we will take up the finance portions thank you. What purpose does the gentleman from Gaston representative Torbett rise? >> Gentleman has the floor on an announcement.

>> Thank you. Proud to acknowledge that the house committee on transportation appropriation will not be meeting this afternoon, we have completed our assignment it is boxed and wrapped with a nice bow on it thank you Mr. Speaker. >> For what purpose does the lady from Wake representative Avila rise? >> For an announcement. >> Lady has the floor for an announcement >>Thank you Mr. Speaker the appropriations sub-committee on health and human services will meet this afternoon at 2 o'clock in room 643. Thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Alamance representative Riddell rise? >> For an announcement >> Gentleman has the flow for an announcement. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. Colleagues and following up and email I had sent out to you an invitation to meet in room 414 if you still on the campus this afternoon at 1.30 we've got Mississippi representative Tobby Barker and some fork from the few charitable trust. Will be their to discuss results first. Initiative that's the evidence based policy making framework that we passed out of this body enormously last session so. If you are on the campus. We're not heading home. 1:30, room 414. If you can't make it, please feel free to send one of your staff members, somebody else to learn a little bit more about the program. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. >> For what purpose does the lady from Carteret, Representative McElraft, rise? >> For an announcement. >> Lady has the floor for an announcement. >> Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Just wanted to let the folks in Appropriations for Agner know we will be meeting again at one O'clock to finish wrapping our present. Thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Guilford, Representative Faircloth rise? >> For an announcement. >> The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. >> Reminder to the members of appropriation JPS committee, we will reconvene immediately after session in room 415 LOB. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Catawba, Representative Adams, rise? >> Point of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Just wanna recall a moment in my father's life. I've mentioned before he was taken as a prisoner of war in World War II. And he used to say that it happened on the 13th hour of the 13th day of the 13th month. That would be January 13th at one o'clock in the afternoon. 13 was a very bad number for him that day, but tomorrow May 13th is the day that he was liberated from German prison camp at [UNKNOWN] May 13th 1945 by the Russian army. Just wanted to share that with you. >> What purpose does the gentleman from Durham Representative Hall rise? >> For an announcement Mr. Speaker. >> The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. Democrats will [UNKNOWN] at 6 PM on Monday evening. 6 PM on Monday evening. For those who are here. Thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Does the appropriations chair have an announcement? The gentleman is recognized. >> If the Speaker wants me to have an announcement I'll have an announcement. You've been previously noticed we'll have a full appropriation meeting beginning on Tuesday morning. I think we're currently scheduled for 9 O'clock, we may move that to 9:30. A 9:30 start and we'll begin discussing the adjustments to the budget at that time. Hopefully you will have on Monday as soon as we can get it all put together, copy of the budget. And we're also working on the timing in terms of getting that online. But you'll have a hard copy in your hands certainly before the meeting, and it'll be online prior to that as well. Thank you. >. What purpose does the gentleman from Raeford Representative Hager rise? >> For an announcement. >> The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. Republicans will caucus on Monday 3:30 at a location to be determined, check your email. >> What purpose does the gentleman from Alamance, Representative Ross rise? >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. Members the- >> [UNKNOWN] ask for an announcement. >> The committee on pensions and retirement will meet Wednesday at a time to be determined, a location to be determined and be taken off the budget. >> What purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland Representative Floyd rise? >> To see if Representative Dollar will yield for a question. >> Does the gentleman from Wake yield to the gentleman from Cumberland? >> Always. >> He yields. >> Representative Dollar, could you just give us a [INAUDIBLE] about amendments those kind of things. I know we get a written copy, but could you just give us just a little brief of how you want those amendments if any. >> Yes sir, we follow our customary procedure in the house of having request for amendments to be in staff,

drafting staff by noon. So we'll have that in writing for you in Tuesday morning but amendments as long as those request are in and they conform by the rules by noon. And then of course the drafters will have those ready will probably vote on amendments. We anticipate voting on amendments in the afternoon as they're completed and judged to be following the rules. Proposer in order will be voted on those who do not want thee. >> Follow up Mr. Speaker. speaking >> Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? >> I yield. >> He yields. >> Do you anticipate [INAUDIBLE] so. >> Hopefully we will be finished we should be finished sometime Tuesday afternoon. >> Further notices and announcements. If not the gentleman from Harnet representative Louis is recognized for a motion >> Thank you Mr. Speaker. Subject to the receipt of committee reports the re-referral of bills and resolutions and committee appointments I move the house adjourn to reconvene Monday May 16th at 10 O'clock AM. Representative Louis moves seconded about Representative west. That the house do now adjourn subject to the receipt of committee reports re-referral of bills and resolutions and committee appointments to reconvene on Monday May 16th at 10 AM. Those in favor will say Aye. >> Aye. >> Those oppose will say No. The Aye's have it we stand adjourned. [SOUND]