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House | May 12, 2016 | Chamber | House Session Local Government

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[SOUND] [INAUDIBLE] >> I'd like to call this meeting of the local government committee to order. I thank everyone for being here. Representative Jetter if you'd have a seat please. I would like to thank the sergeant of arms for being here today Young Bay, Jim Orean and Resols SolBerry/g and we appreciate you all being here today, and all you do for the general assembly. I would like to recognize our pages that we have you here today. Casity Davis from Bladen county. sponsored by speaker Til Moore, Natalia Mozzofor/g was I close? From Mecklenburg county representative by speaker Moore. Brandon Mick Water from Union county sponsored by Dean Ore and Elizabeth Mic Dowel from union county sponsored Dean Ore. welcome and I hope you're all having a good week and gonna make new friends and learn a lot how our government works. On the calendar today we have various bills at first we will hear this house bill 956 Anderson county community college project being represented by representative McGrady. Their is a PCS. tom this without objection the PCS was brought before the committee, and if their is favor report their is no serial referrals is that correct representative McGrady. >> That right. >> The follow is your to represent the bill sir. >> Thank you Mr Chairman I appreciate your taking of the bill so quickly. Normally I would refer the committee to the committee the bill summary, and you could read it and figure it out but I'm not sure you can do that exactly on this one. Let me just tell you what this is about. The bill is about speeding up a process for a building. That is going to be both of used by the public school and by the community college. It's early college and for that reason it sort of gets caught between the crack because it's not in either shop and so to speed things up, the plan review here will be done by the Department of Insurance rather than DPI and to try and short cut the approval process. This really doesn't need to go to the state board of community college to approve a transfer of land. That's just a financing function and that's the only reason that's there and so this will probably mean that the project gets done at the minimum six to nine months quicker than otherwise be done and no less reviews, the bill was modeled after something we did in Buncombe county and maybe some other continues in the past, and I would ask a favor report. >> Thank you sir, are there any questions or comments by any by any member of the committee, representative Floyd, all right so hold that thought please, are there any other question or comments by any member of the board| Seeing there and I'll ask is there anyone who is here in the public that would like to speak in favor of this bill? Seeing none I would ask is there anyone in the public who would like to speak against the bill? Seeing none representative Floyd I believe now is the appropriate time. There's a motion before us to have a favorable report to the PCS. Is there any other discussion before we vote? [INAUDIBLE] All in favor say aye. >> Aye. >> All opposed say nay. Passed unanimously, thank you [INAUDIBLE] Next item to be heard also involves representative Mcgrady house 957, Innocent [INAUDIBLE] amendment this is also a PCS without objection that is profit before us I would ask you Representative Mcgrady is their a serial referral to this bill. >> There is none. >> You have the follow to present your bill. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman this bill was. The city of Andersonville. They were just going back to the charter into regards one with respect to salaries. Normally that would be set in the budget year. And be cause of staggered terms and all you could potentially end up in a situation where you had salary change, but some people were paid on salary and some on the other. Their is no intention to raise salary here. The lawyer was just to trying to get the charter up to speed. They also went in and made the various tittles gender neutral. Again to my knowledge their is no controversy here whatsoever >> Thank you sir any member of the committee that has any question to comment representative Fisher. That you Mr. chairman just for a motion at the appropriate time sir. >> Yes Ma'am Representative Cleveland. Any other question or comments by any member of the committee? Seeing none is their anyone in the. public who will like to speak in favor of this bill? Is there anyone in this bill who would like to speak against this

bill? Hearing none Representative Fisher I believe now is the appropriate time. >> Thank you Mr Chairman I move that house bill 957 be given a favorable report. >> To PCS. >> To the PCS and unfavorable to the original bill. >> That is the [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] force Is their any further discussion by any member of the committee before we vote. Hearing none all in favor say Aye. >> Aye all oppose say No. Passes you now. >> Thank you committee. Next Item on the agenda representative Howard is presenting here bill 984 entitled transfer of Davie county correctional center. Mr Chairman. >. Yes sir. >> Is it representative Howard's bill. >> Yes sir. >> I would like to make a motion at the appropriate time. And if this bill does receive a favorable report they will be a referral to the committee on appropriations is that correct representative Howard? That's what I have on my chart. Cuz their is no referral. >> [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] >> I'm sorry there was referral to if the committee on appropriations. >> [INAUDIBLE]. >> My understanding is there is. >> Mr Chairman for a motion. >> I'll let Representative Howard present her bill to let us know what we are voting on before we hear the motion. But if you'll just take time. Yes ma'am if you'll please present your bill to the floor is yours. >> Thank you Mr Chairman in September of 2003 Davie county is the current prison facility that was in Davie county that was going to be closed. And we leased half the property DOT to Half of the property, and we leased half of it. We're to the point right now that we need to make a major investment with some energy efficient and also it's probably gonna be several million dollars investment in the property. So they The EV/g has passed a resolution requesting that the state deed the property over to the county. And it will remain with the county as long as it's used for jail facility. And with that Mr.Chairman I would welcome The motion for a favorable report in the house. I'll stay and answer any questions. >> Thank you Representative Howard. Is there any member of the committee who has any questions or comments? Representative [UNKNOWN] >> [INAUDIBLE] This last year we gave And go through and over and blade them to Latent County to the County government. >> Do they have to give those a good reason otherwise and I'm not talking about your location, just in general. I don't understand if a county really doesn't have a reason why we would give it to them, why don't we sell The property and put in it in the State Treasury? >> Representative Harold do you like to respond? Or would you like staff - >> No, I'll be glad to answer. It's a real advantage to the county to have ownership of the property for financing reasons, that's a big piece. Of the need and it's been sort of history over the last number of years that if a county government has a need, first the surplus properties declared surplus property and then if there is a Need for any state entity to use the property they get the first option, but if there is no need then, it is in many cases offered to local government because they struggle just like we do to make Make dollars mint. >> [UNKNOWN] >> Any further questions or comments by any member of the committee? Hearing none is there anyone from the public that wants to speak in favor of this bill? Seeing none is there anybody who would like to speak against the bill? Seeing none Representative Jader I believe now is the appropriate time Thank you Mr. Chair, I would like to make a motion just incredibly beneficial and valuable bill house bill 984 with a referral to appropriations. That is a motion before is in the and of course representative Howard you that referral could be stricken by the chairman or the rules chairman of the speaker. That is the motion before us. Any further discussion before we vote. All in favor say Aye all oppose say No. Thank you very much I pass you now.

So thank you representative Howard. Thank you Mr. Chairman and members of the community. The next Item on the agenda is representative Piers would be presenting house bill. 1009 town of Markstone. DNXH. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay was written on my list probably is house bill 109. 109 I'm sorry representative Adcock you go ahead. Now before you start, if we do get I'm sorry my schedule does not have your bill I'm sorry for the confusion. Representative Pierce house bill 1022 is that correct. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay I did not get the new schedule. I apologize. 1022, 1099 Wake county town was donate retired service animal represented by representative Adcock. This is the original bill is that correct.? >> Yes sir >> As my understanding their was no serial referral. >> No sir. >> Okay thank you. You have the floor to present your bill. Thank you very much. Thank you Mr.chair. Good morning committee members. This bill is really straight forward bill it creates a new process that's more logical and humanitarian and caring to huddle the retirement of service animals typically canines and canine units. I'm happy to answer any question that you may have. And on behalf of the six, Wake county towns, in the bill, the bill sponsors include myself for representatives Malone,Avila And Dollar the police officers involved, and the service animals themselves asking for a favorable report. >> Thank you all, any questions or comments by any member of the Representative Pendleton Oh I see Representative Jeter. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman I have two quick questions, one is this a local bill? >> Yes sir. >> Thank you, follow up Mr. Chair. >> Yes sir. >> I assume that there's unanimous [UNKNOWN] Of the delegation. >> Yes sir. >> Any other questions or comments by anyone from the Seeing none is there anyone from the public who would like to speak in favor of this bill? Hearing none is there anyone from the public who would like to speak to speak against this Bill? Hearing none, Representative Clinton I believe now is the appropriate time. >> I'd like to make a motion Mr. chairman that we approve House Bill 1009 Is a motion force that House Bill 1009 receive a favorable report, any other discussion for we've, all in favor say aye , all oppose say no, [UNKNOWN] Thank you, Representative, >> Thank you very much. >> next item on the agenda, my Apologize Representative Pierce. Your bill, House Bill 1002, town of [UNKNOWN] I would ask you sir it's not here on my list. Is there a serial referral this bill gets a favor/g report? >> Finance. >> Finance, all right sir. And this is the original bill and not a PCS? >> Great. Okay, you have the floor to present your bill. Thank you sir. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman. Thank you committee. [UNKNOWN] coming for you is a simple deal but I think you look at the bill analysis, it removes the genesis for the bill for the community was that makes sure from the person who wants to be DNX, they will initially end this to run for city government in the town of Maxton and they did not see positions in the town. The city lines were generally meant to bring us in to the city. They're several properties between Iprop and the city limits that are not beyond this city. We wish to return to the conditions of the town before any nx-ation occurred, paying for wardens who are all Texas to the town has been paid and like I said there's property between their property and their city and they just want to be all that property is a underdeveloped lot, a lot with a mobile home and they're home. So they just wanna be put back out of the city. >> Thank you sir. Are there any questions or comments by any member of the committee for Representative Pierce. >> Nothing Mrs. Chair. >> And the city government in the town the city government was a matter of their records that they gave them permission to seek relief here at the General Assembly >> Thank you sir. Representative Fisher. >> For a motion at the appropriate time,

a motion at the appropriate time. >> Thank you mam. Are there any other questions or comments by any other member of the committee? Hearing none, is there any one from the public who would like to speak in favor of the bill? Hearing none, is there any one from the public that would like to speak against of the bill? Hearing none. Representative Fisher, I believe now is the appropriate time. >> Thank you Mr.Chairman. I move that we give House Bill 1022 a favorable report with a serial referral to finance. >> Thank you mam. That is the motion before Senate discussion before we vote. hearing none, all in favors they aye. >> Aye. >> Representative Pierce. Thank you sir. >> Thank you Mr. Chair- >> Favorable report. >> Last item on the agenda House Bill 1037 which will be represented by Representative Sane which is the link at an airport authority conflict link is there a referral here. I understand there's this Jose PCS without objections. A PCS is properly for us. I'd ask Representative Sane is there a thorough referral that this gets a favorable report. >> I think it's before. No there's no serial referral. >> Okay, thank you. You have the floor to present your bill please, >> Thank you Mr. Chair and I'd like to thank Representative Burr for allowing me to borrow his jacket this morning. Good on it. This is a very simple technical change our airport authority is on jointly with our city council, and our county commission they've agreed to this helping them attract a new business into town they just need a little longer lease on the property, putting an industrial type area industry there at our airport and I appreciate your support. >> Are there any questions or any comments by any members of the committee Representative [UNKNOWN] >> At the appropriate time, I would like to make a motion for favorable report. >> Representative Holly. >> Thank you. I've got a couple of questions. >> Yes mam. >> So what we are doing is we're giving the authority now the change their lease from a 25 year to a 50 year. >> Representative Saine. >> That is correct. >> Follow up. >> Yes ma'am follow up. >> Okay follow up in statement kinda I don't have a problem with major operations, but when you are allowing 50 years for a food court vendor or for someone like that to a 50 year lease then you are not opening it up for biding for other vendors be able to come in over a period of time. Or for a 50 year lease in a small airport. You are limiting it to just who's there. And it's no being opened. Is their a process that opens that up in this 50 years period of time? Are there any biding process for the parking or for the advertising you are locking into one vendor? >> Representative Sane. >> Thank you Mr. chairman and thank you Representative for the question. Honestly I don't know all the answers. property their at our airport. Our county commissioners and city council worked very well together on our airport kinda a visionary thing for many, many years. My mother was the county commissioner 1996 to 2002 as I continue to acquire property around the airport. Which I think she is a pretty smart lady. But the forks on both sides here that I will tell you what this intends to do maybe should explain a little bit better. But They have an industry that's looking to locate there. There's a lot of other property their, so this not just one little piece. So there's plenty of capacity their to add other forks over the time. The industry that's looking to come here and I'm not sure exactly all the details because that's confidential. But they needed a longer lease because of the product that they are building. They intend to be their for a lot longer time period. That was the only in this competition for site location that was the only hang up for this location verses another and so we have a Democratic Control City Council and a Republican Control Country Commission. If I've done anything else, I've brought them all in a room together, and they all agree on this lease. There are other things that they didn't all agree on. I told them I would not run this Bill if there wasn't agreement on what we are running so, I think all those things they consider as far as what would be available where other companies could come in and expand? So, there is opportunity there, but this is them trying to attract business to the country. >> Follow up? >> I understand that and I understand what you're trying to do. But I'm just saying that, what you're dong though is you're offering 50 years for everything not just a few things, but for everything, you're offering a 50 year lease. Here you have to have authority and I think in some of the categories is a little far reaching. I can see it for hotel, I can see it for facilities at something big that you list here before. A food beverage person in the facility, I have I have a problem with that. >> Representative Saine did you wanna comment on that? >> No, there's no comment Mr.Chairman.

Thank you. >> All right, Representative Fisher? >> Thank you Mr.Chairman. Just a comment, may be staffs can tell me if I'm wrong, but it looks like this is an up to 50 year arrangement it won't have to be the full 50 years, and then in terms of leasing in the airport or on the airport premises itself that's a not to exceed 25 years that's the old okay, but not to exceed 50 years but that doesn't mean within that time frame they couldn't a have other people, be invited to apply to lease the space. I'm I reading that correctly or not?>> Representative Saine >> Representative I believe that you are exactly right. all kinds of options their for everybody involved. And that's the intent, it's not that cuz I wanted the other. So I do appreciate your question in any right. Representative Ross. Thank you Mr. Chairman I have actually dealt with this before it's a comment. With an airport authority and I can tell you in the world of leasing, and in the world of economic development 25 years will not work and it's essential and what is it they are trying to do here for economic development purposes that you at least go 50 years otherwise. in most cases it wont work. >> Mr. Chairman >> Yes sir. >> If I may >> Representative Saine. >> Representative Ross you hit on a point that is well made as we had this discussions it does give the authority, and this looks involved city council our county commissioners the opportunity. have something that industry well look at and wanna come to, and that really was the hang up you have identified the issue that were not leave with this business to possibly South Carolina, Virginia elsewhere. So for my folks and the folks who wanna work I think is an opportunity, and I think this is probably something we should look at really across the state to get a bigger focus on our economic development I think that's something we should consider. Thank you. >> Representative Setzer. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman I move a favorable report to house bill 1037 on unfavorable to the original bill. As the motion before us before we vote is their any other discussion by the committee. Hearing none anyone i the public would like to speak in favor of this bill? Hearing none anyone who would like to speak against it? Hearing none all in favor of the motion please say Aye. >> Aye all oppose say Nay. It passes and will receive a favorable report. Thank you representative Saine. >> Thank you Mr. chairman thank you members of the committee. >> And no other further business do you come before the committee we are adjourned thank you all for being here. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]