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Senate | May 11, 2016 | Chamber | Senate Session Education

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In the back if you wanna talk there's a microphone, I'll be glad to listen [BLANK_AUDIO] Welcome to the education committee, thank you for being here. We have one bill on the docket today but before then let me tell you about our great sergeant at arms that we have from the senate. Charles Marcellus who knocked out the great running back Jim Brown way many years ago Cleveland Brown, and he was on the defensive squad and they had orders not to hit Jim Brown, he was the greatest running back for all time up to then. Until he decided one day he was gonna get it. So in practice Brown ran through [UNKNOWN] ran over Charles on the next play, Charles wasn't supposed to hit him but knocked him out cold. And back then, Charles where are you? They fine him $500, and in 19 and 12 $500 was a lot A lot of money. That's a true story, check your web in 1912. That's the great Charles [UNKNOWN]. He played NFL football by the way and he was a great baseball player. Charles Jeffrey's. I don't know what to say about you, Charles and Matt Hurburn/g, where is Matt? He's back there. He's learning the trade. He's good. Pages today. Nick Griffin from Greensboro fostered by Tillman. Where is Nick? Your parents love you by the way Abigail [INAUDIBLE] from Sanford sponsored by senator Sanderson. Martin Davis from [INAUDIBLE] sponsored by Smith [INAUDIBLE], senator Smith [INAUDIBLE] where is she, I don't see her here and it worry's me so that's just important. >> All right we had we had Jeff Joe Hart from Greensboro sponsored by Representative Protam/g Berger. >> Good morning I'm Senator Davis. And Marika Samuelson from Salmon sponsored by Representative Protam Berger. >> Thank you pages, I hope you have a good week, and we'll learn a lot and we certainly hoped so. Have a great, great day. The bill we have before today has a PSC, I need a motion. I'll here from the great senator from is it Durham isn't it. >>[INAUDIBLE] >> That's in North Carolina isn't it. Yeah.Okay you're legal. You're legal. We got a motion. Second. All approved Aye. >> Aye. >> All right, the PCS is before us and Senator Chad Barefoot will be presenting the bill. It's yours. Chad.[BLANK_AUDIO] Thanks Mr. Chairman. This bill comes to us from our state's YMCA's. Basically as our childcare recreational child care programs across the state have moved to fit the public schools decision to operate year round schools. Flexibility was needed in the exemption portions of the state child care licencing statutes to allow those to operate. Currently the YMCA runs a program called the tracheal program that provides old age care to school aged kids. Who are enrolled in year round school. It only meets for two to three weeks at a time when those students are tracked out of their year round school program. This is exactly similar to the exception that summer recreational camps are members of the YMCA.Here to speak on behalf of the bill, should any members have any questions. The reason it comes to us is the department of Health and Human Services needed some clarity, and how they judge the licencors process and my understanding is they are supportive of the proposal that's here before us. And they're members from the department here to speak and with that I would ask the committee for a favorable report. >> Alright,if no one from the audience then we'll look look to questions. First of our motions is the one from senators. So Senator Pate first >> Sir, I have a question Mr. Chair.Senator Barefoot do you know how many LEA's across the state have year round schools? I do not know the answer to that question, I think one of the reasons why this bill has come to us is because not all LEAs have your realm programs and so, and not all YMCAs have tracheal programs. So this is a relatively new thing with some LEAs. >> I believe we have an answer up here, senator Barefoot from staff. James Ryder from legislative analysis we currently have five that

use traditional and you realms and we have 128 schools that are year round. >> All right, thank you James any other questions? >> Over here. >> Senator [UNKNOWN] >> Actually this is a comment I want to make. My children actually were in [UNKNOWN] for a number of years and took advantage of the wonderful y track out programs. They are critical to a year round school existence because they aren't options because the summer camps aren't running the rest of the year and they are positive and upbeat and my children thrived in that atmosphere, and so kudos to the why for what they did and thank you for bringing this legislation. >> Very good senator. Senator Tart. >> Yeah Mr. chair do we By doing this does this have any impact on the student funding for the LEAs that are year round? >> Question is does that impact student funding for those year round schools and [UNKNOWN] Kara is shaking her head and the marvels/g tell me it does not. She's as close to an expert, she and Dropdi/g and the rest of them too but in their league it's way up there, so we can take that to the bank. Senator Pate. >> Thank you mr. chair, a question for senator Barefoot then um how about transportation issues how are they met for kids who would go to the Y for their track out weeks? >> Senator Pate you are looking at a real life alumna of camp Rising Sun at the Triangle Family YMCA and a former licenced By the state of North Carolina bus driver for the tutorial programme, and the YMCA operates a wonderful programme that coordinates with their track out um that provides transportation to and from the public schools to all these programmes, and I had the wonderful opportunity when I was in graduate school to be a part of that and um hopefully that answers your question. >> That's a product right there, for better or worse, there he is [CROSSTALK] Either way senator Hopid/g did not hurt the bill's [LAUGH] No you can't hurt this bill that bad [LAUGH] The bill might be a little better than you are senator. Senator Krawiec./g >> Thank you Mr. chairman. At the appropriate time I would like to move for a favorable report. >> That sounds like a move for a favorable report and seconded by senator Woodard cuz he tried to make one earlier. We have a motion for a favorable report, To provide the committee [INAUDIBLE] >> For the proposed committee substitute rolled into the original and therefore we got the bill. Committee sub rolled in. >> Correct sir. >> That's what you wanted say? >> That's exactly my words. >> All right you've got the motion. All in favor. >> Aye. >> Any opposed. Senator Barefoot, you will handle this bill on the floor. Hopefully today. Thank you. Good bill. All right.Now we've got no business for the agenda today but keep your eyes open.There will be some heavy duty legislation that's in the works now that we'll becoming forth and we will have a busy few weeks before we wrap this thing up. Hopefully towards the end of June and that's our hope and thank you very much. Any other senator want to make a campaign's speech in anything else? No hearing none,