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Senate | May 11, 2016 | Chamber | Senate Session Close

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[NOISE] >> Senate will come to order. Sergeant at arms close the doors. Members will go their seats. Members and the guests at the gallery please silence all electronics devices. [SOUND] Let's go. >> [NOISE] [NOISE] Leading the senate in prayers, the reverend Peter Milner, Senate chaplain, all members and guests in the gallery please stand. >> You can do a long one. >> [LAUGH] >> All right let's pray together. Oh Lord we sure do need you. We need your help as always and you are so good to always provide what we ask for. You're so patient with us heavenly Father as we sometimes try to run our in front of you, and tell you what to do. When the nation's rage and the peoples plot in vain, you remain steadfast in your love though Lord. You're our refuge, you're our strength and as we wait in the shadow of your wings, would you help us to walk together as a family through this short session. It's in Jesus name we pray, amen. >> Amen. [BLANK_AUDIO] Senator Paiden is recognized for a motion. >> Thank you Mr. President. The journal of Monday May 9th, 2016 has been examined and found to be correct. I move that the senate dispense with the reading of the journal and that it stands approved as written. >> Without objection the journal for May 9th stands approved as written. leave of absence are granted for Senators Berger, Smith Ingram and Brown. Ladies and gentlemen we're lucky today to have nurse of the day, Cara/g From Winston-Salem, thank you very much. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Let's move to the calendar. [BLANK_AUDIO] Senate bill 726 for concurrence. >> Senate Bill 726, RIC update. Senator Rucho's recognized. >> Mr. President thank you members of the senate, when we sent Senate Bill 726 over to the House they'll change that we probably should be talking about so I would ask that the Senate not concur with Senate bill 726. >> Is there a discussion or a debate on the motion to concur on senate bill 726? [BLANK_AUDIO] Hearing none, seeing none. The question for the body is the concurrence of senate bill 726 All those that are in favor vote aye, against no, the senator requests you vote no. You'll have five seconds for the voting, court will record the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Okay. Senator Davis, are you happy with that? Senator Davis votes no. Dave where are you, no. Senator Ford, you're happy? Very good. Very good. Okay. >> [LAUGH] >> Motion denied to the concur of fails, the house will be notified. >> A moment sir. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Senator Brown, from Onslow county called in and welcome today Summersville Elementary School. Teachers are Smith and Medina. If you're with us please stand up and welcome to the North Carolina General Assembly. >> [APPLAUSE] [SOUND] Okay. Introduction to pages. Pages, if you'll come forth, and we'll get you introduced and recognized. [BLANK_AUDIO] The Clerk will read. >> Pages serving in the Chamber this week, Audrey Clara, Franklin. Carla Davis, Franklin. Marty Davis, [UNKNOWN]. Abby Forena, Sanford. Nick Griffin, Ashboro, Tucker Hartley Joe High, Greensboro.

Emily Anne Marsh, Zeblan. Marika Samuelson, Selma. Sarah Sugar, Jacksonville. >> We hope you enjoy our stay with us and I hope you learn a lot and decide not to go into politics when you get older. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Notices and announcements. >> Mr. President. >> I'm sorry. Is there somebody's birthday today? Senator Barefoot. I'm sorry. >> Mr. President I would like to take a point of personal privilege. >> The Senator has the floor. >> Thank you. The internship program here at the North Carolina General Assembly is a good one. We all like our interns and all the hard work they do for us. It wasn't that long ago when I was an intern myself and today I just wanted to share with you guys. Sometimes our interns help us, but they also accomplish things in their academic life and in their personal life that deserves recognition. My intern, Meredith Burson, was recently awarded the Wigan's White Award for the practice of Christian social concern. This award is presented Is presented to a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, where I present, who has shown exceptional skill and dedication in his or her involvement in some form of Christian social ministry, a practical application of the Christian ethical concern. I wanted you to join me in congratulating Meredith Burson, my intern on her accomplishment. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Mr President. >> Senator Clark, for what reason do you rise? >> Moment of personal privilege. >> Senator has the floor. >> I'd just like to ask the members on the floor today if they'd join me in wishing Senator Barefoot a happy birthday. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Mr. President. >> Mr. President >> Nice try, Senator [UNKNOWN] you're a little slow. Senator Tilman, what reason do you rise? >> Senator Pate, you may be one of the few that's older Than I am here sit down. >> Senator Tillman, is their a reason you've risen? >> A moment or two of personal privilege. >>senator, reluctantly, has the floor. >> You may have, Mr. President, a couple of recognitions before you up there and you may not but Assuming that you don't have them, I will take a moment of personal privilege to recognize some folks. I know some of them are from Randolph County, and I know at least one and maybe two are from Archdale. But we have several groups here, Sons of American Revolution, Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Six NC State troops, Order of the Confederate Rows, Sons of the Revolution, Military Order of the Stars and Bars, Children of the Confederacy and the North Carolina 26th Regiment and Damon Webb, who I know is from Archdale up there. Thank you, Mr. Webb, for what you do, and also one other Thing while I'm up. Tonight at about 6 O'clock there will be the best sea food you've eaten in your life, guaranteed, over at Fred Mill's constructions site. It's fresh, it was caught last night and hauled in this morning, and it will be a variety of about everything you can catch in the ocean. Thank you, Mr. President >> Senator Tillman. >> Thank you, Senator Tillman. Senator Van Dyne, for what purpose do you rise? >> To request a moment of personal privilege. >> The Senator has the floor. >> Today Buncombe County lost a very dear friend. Isaac Coleman was a warrior for basic human rights. As a young man he served in the civil rights movement As a field secretary with the Student non-violence Coordinating Committee. He moved to Asheville in 1971, where he worked as a city housing inspector for 27 years and for the Asheville housing authority for another five years. He worked tirelessly to advance education and Economic opportunities for minorities in Macon County and help create organizations like Just Economics, that worked with local businesses to promote living wage jobs, Clean Water of North Carolina and Read To Achieve, which was actually an army of volunteers that tutored at-risk students in Asheville City schools. Mr. Coleman was named one of Asheville's living treasures in 2014. He was a dedicated son on Buncombe County and North Carolina, and I will miss him very much. >> Senator Van Dyne, thank you. He will truly be missed . A fine man. >> Senator Page's recognized. >> For a moment of personal privilege Mr.

President. >> You have the floor. >> In the vein of what Senator Barefoot had to say about the interns, I have an intern also, and she Is finishing up her year as an intern. She has just recently this past Saturday graduated from Meredith College and has been accepted into law school of all things at Campbell University, but she would want to stick around here for about a year while she Really makes up her mind and work as a research assistant. I'd like for all us to give a hand to Sinclair Owen. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Senator Pate, would you like to name some conferees Do you have that? >> That ended gentleman's resolution I have >> Okay. >> I have an announcement. >> Also senator Tillman my apologies it was underneath the calendar. Announcement from the excuse me, staff has let us know that if you have a request in for the filing of a bill, it's been turned in, it will be filed. They are very busy right now but everything is under control, no use to panic on the filing of bills before 4 o'clock if you have turned it in. Any further business before the senate? Hearing none Senator Pate recognize for a motion >> Thank you Mr. President, I move that the senate do now adjourn subject to the standards stipulation set forth in 24.1. The appointment of committees, the appointment of conferrers, receipt of house messages, and rectification of bills to reconvene Wednesday May ,11th 2016 at 2 PM. >> The motion is that the senate do now adjourn subject to the stipulation state by Senator Pate to reconvene Wednesday May, 11th at 2 pm and seconded by senator Brock all in favor say Aye. >. Aye. >> Oppose no. I's seem to have it. We stand adjourned. [SOUND]