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House | April 27, 2016 | Committee Room | House Rules, Calendar, and Regulations

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[BLANK_AUDIO] We ask members to take their seats. Chair is pleased to thank for the assistance of house sergeant at arms Bill Bass, Dean [INAUDIBLE_AUDIO] Riley, Randy Wall, she would also like to thank and ask him to stand, our pages, that are with us today, Isaiah Fesma/g, James Skits Yenley, Jacob Jeffreys and Madison Johnes thank you for being with us today. Members the purpose of the meeting of the committee rules today is to review and recommend for adoption three resolutions that will confirm dignatorial appointees. The first matter that's going to be considered by the committee today is house bill 982. The chair would like to point out that there is a proposed committee substitute for house bill 982 that makes it house joint resolution 982. Representative [UNKNOWN] has moved the house joint resolution 982 duly properly before the committee. Is there objection? Seeing none, house joint resolution 982 is now before the committee. Representative Bowls/g would the gentleman like to present House joint resolution 982 to the committee? If so would you come to the front please. [BLANK_AUDIO] Thank you Mr. Chair. On April 13th 2016 Governor Pat McCrory/g nominated Mr. Schurmeier/g as director of the North Carolina state bureau of investigation. Mr. Schurmeier is that correct, right? He has nearly 30 years experience in law enforcement filled with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, where he served in numerous different roles and divisions of the department. He established the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police department and volunteer homicide, cold case unit and pioneered initiatives that have become models for other law enforcement agencies. Since his retirement in 2004 he has served as president of a private investigative and security consulting firm He's a graduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as the FBI National Academy. He currently is a resident of Iredell County where with his wife Trisha and a daughter which I think is currently at UNC also? Starting in the fall, good, they love your alumni money [LAUGH] so congratulations. At this point in time if we make a motion or- >> Representative Bowles/g has moved that the proposed committee substitute creating house joint resolution 982 be given a favorable report, we now move into discussion on that motion, representative Bale the gentleman help discuss it. Representative Carney if you hold for just a moment the chair would like to point out that the chair did distribute to members of the committee the backgrounds and also the statement of economic interest for each of these nominees chair also has placed before you in your packet so the chair is going to recognize Mr. Shermire to speak but before that representative Carney, does the lady have have an inquiry or question? >> I wanted to make a comment at the appropriate time. >> Let the chair recognize Mr. Schurmeier to make just a few words and then the chair will return to you first. So please sir please come forward and you have the floor. It's our pleasure to welcome you to the rules committee [BLANK_AUDIO] >> I'll be very quick, I grew up in Mecklenburg county and as Representative Bowles/g said I was formerly educated at Chapel

Hill and came back to the police department where I spent a full career most of it in middle and upper management at one point I was interim chief there. I worked throughout my law enforcement career with the fine agents of the FBI and the LE so there I have a long history with the bureau and would look forward to entertaining any questions. I did graduate from the FBI national academy which is a management school and also the Senior Management Institute for Police which is partnered with Harvard University so I think I've met most of you I regret if I haven't met you but would look forward to meeting you sometime in the future but, thank you. >> Representative Conney/g what purpose does the lady seek recognition? >> To speak on the motion. >> The lady has the floor to debate the resolution. Prior to that a promotion of Representative Bowles/g ruled 12, 8 is suspended. The lady may proceed. >> Okay thank you. I just wanted to speak in favor of Mr. Schurmeier's nomination today. I've had personal experience with his work and the incredible amount of experience he brings to this division. My husband was the former aviation director of operations in Charlotte [INAUDIBLE_AUDIO] and he worked very closely with Mr. Schurmeier not Bob And I made a phone call before I came in here today to tell my husband that Bob was up here and we were gonna confirm him today did he have a comment for killing his fame as such [LAUGH] he said, I will just say this when Mr. Schurmeier worked with the department but he worked very closely with the Charlotte Douglas police security and he was just an incredible guy that was a consensus builder, very conciliatory to work with when the airport and the city and he comes highly recommended so I support wholeheartedly your nomination. >> Thank you representative. Is there further discussion or debate? Seeing none, Representative Bowles has moved that the proposed committee substitute creating house joint resolution 982 be given a favorable report, those favoring the motion will signify it by saying aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed will signify by saying no, in the opinion of the chair the ayes have it and the motion carries. And Mr. Shermire the chair anticipates the discretion speaker, this will be on the floor tomorrow, I'd like to invite you to be in the gallery if you are schedule to permit it. >> I will, thank you so much. >> Thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Mr. Chairman. >> [INAUDIBLE] Did you inform him that 0 o'clock in the morning. >> [LAUGH] Members we're now going to move to house joint resolution 978. House joint resolution 978 is the appointment of secretary Bill Daughtry to the industrial commission in way of introduction, secretary Daughtry has amassed an impressive resume over his career holding positions in both the public and private sectors. He last served as secretary for the department of administration a position he held till 2013 before that secretary Daughtry served three terms as a member of the North Carolina house of representatives where he steadfastly stood out for pro business and pro-education legislation. We've also been the president of [UNKNOWN] gas and oil company. A company his grandfather founded in 1929 as well as the whole host of other private sector jobs. For any of this however Secretary [UNKNOWN] was a proud eagle scout and Morehead scholar at Chapel Hill. where he earned both his Bachelor of Science and his MBA. He's married he has two children and he is actively engaged in his community. The Chair will remind the members that the wealth of information on Secretary Doltrage/g is also in your packet. The Chair would like to invite Secretary Doltrage/g to offer a few words if the gentleman chooses to. [BLANK_AUDIO] Secretary Doltrage it's the Chairs pleasure to extend the floor to you welcome to the committee on rules. >> Thank you Mr Chairman, I feel blessed to have this opportunity to do this because I've done so many other things in state government and enjoyed all of them in some aspect.

I believe the first bill I ever passed was cosponsored by Becky [UNKNOWN] and we started off with opportunity to work together and made that it was a little easier for the Democrats and Republicans to work together that point in time when we were coming along there's been a lot of opportunities that we've had to work with good people and make our government better and that's what I have continued to want to do in different aspects. Now with the industrial commission we get to work with opportunities of workman's compensation and tort claims and it's spread into a lot of other areas that we look after and take care and make sure more efficient. I think probably the most important thing now with what we're dealing with is making sure that it's a fair statement that we make when we come to make decisions on agreements that have been had or situations where somebody is suing somebody else within our government and trying to make sure that that goes right too with the tort the claims. But making business more efficient and effective in the process as we go along so we have good goals and great opportunity with a lot of good people over there and I'm looking forward to working with them. >> [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] Members do any of you have inquiries for Secretary Dolrtage/g before he returns to his seat? Thank you Mr Secretary Represenative Stam moves that house joint resolution 978 be given a favorable report. Is there discussion or debate from the gentleman from Wake? >> Representative [CROSSTALK] The gentleman is recognized to have already spoken >> [LAUGH] >> Are there further Members seeking recognition. If not, the question before committee is the motion for the general from the Representative Stam to give house joint resolution 978 a favorable report. Those favoring the motion will say aye . >> aye. >> Those opposed will say No. In the opinion of the Chair the ayes have it the motion carries. [SOUND] Members the next item before the committee is house joint resolution 980. The confirmation of Linda [UNKNOWN] to the Industrial Commission. Linda has built an outstanding reputation among her peers for being both dedicated and knowledgeable as a student. Linda attended Staten University where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in mathematics before going to work for Bellsouth Telecommunications for an impressive 35 years. During her 35 year tenure, Bellsouth Ms. [INAUDIBLE] served in a variety of leadership roles and demonstrated competence and compassion. Since 2010, she's used her talents for the North Caroline Industrial Commission An organization which is better off as a result. Miss [INAUDIBLE] would you like to offer a few words to the committee? If so, Chair would be happy to welcome you, and allow you to do so. [SOUND] Welcome to the Committee on Rules, ma'am you have the floor. >> I'll offer very few words. First of all, I'd like to thank a number of you for taking the time to be with me. I enjoyed your questions, your interests, and it was a great experience for me. I've never been through the confirmation process before, and I was very impressed. I have enjoyed my time at the commission. I feel like a very luck girl after 35 years in one industry to get to start a new career. I've worked hard at it, I enjoy it and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here. >> Thank you members do any of you have questions for miss June/g while she is at the podium. Representative [UNKNOWN] >> Just a comment Mr Chairman She had me at make a brief comment. >> [LAUGH] >> Are there any others? Thank you [INAUDIBLE]. >> Representative Corney/g moves that House joint resolution 980 be given a favorable report. Is there a discussion or debate on the motion from the lady from from Mecklenberg? >> No, I think it's [INAUDIBLE]. >> Is there further discussion or debate? Seeing none the question before the committee is the motion from representative Corney/g to give the house joint resolution 980 a favorable report. Those favoring of the motion will say aye >> Aye. >> Those opposed will say no. The chair the ayes have it, and the motion carries. [SOUND] Members, the chair anticipates at the discretion of the Speaker that these confirmations will be on the floor of the house tomorrow. The chair also instructs the clerk to load all the information that you have before you including the statement of economic Interest onto the legislative dashboard. There being no further business before the committee,

the committee on rules stands adjourned. >> [NOISE] [BLANK_AUDIO]