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House | April 27, 2016 | Committee Room | House Appropriations, Part 1

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[BLANK_AUDIO] The joint meeting of the House and Senate appropriation committees will come to order. Members will take their seats, any extraneous conversations will be taken outside. We've also hopefully provided sufficient seeding for all members of both chambers who are with us today. Let me mention with respect to your budget books for from the governor, there was one place at each name place for members, if you are a member who is not on the committee and you don't have a book at your place, if you'll come around here to the Sergeant at Arms, they just need to check your name off to make To make sure that they've got your book appropriately delivered to you otherwise they'll be taking those to member's officers who are not here today. Of course if you've got your nameplate, they've already checked you off. Before we start, I'd like to welcome our Pages who are with us. Today,we got on the outside Brandon Buckingham from Billfold County, who's sponsored by Speaker Moore. Mary Collins from Bakin/g County sponsored by Representative [UNKNOWN] Isaiah Filshmire from County sponsored by Representative Ross, Eli Garrins from Catarac county sponsored by Representative [UNKNOWN]. Jacob Hart [UNKNOWN] county sponsored by Speaker Moore. Delma Wilson from Gaston County sponsored by Speaker Speaker Moore. From the Senate pages, Alfia Hamilton from Ashville sponsored by Senator Van Don, sorry about that. Brianna Dunlop from Charlotte sponsored by Senator Wadell. Josephine Hill From Durham County sponsored by Senator McKissick. Karma Sharp from Gastonia sponsored by Senaor Harrington. Lauren Bush from [UNKNOWN] sponsored by Senator Tart, [UNKNOWN] from Clinton sponsored by [UNKNOWN] Burger, Candy From Carey, White County sponsored by Senator Barringer and Samantha Legrand from Pittsborough sponsored by Senator Fushi. Our Sergeant-at-arms from the Senate, terry Barnheart, Becky Mariott, Jim Hamilton, Steve Wilson John Inlad, from the House, our sergeant-at-arms, Warren Hawkins, Ricky Seals,David Latten, Terry McCrawl, Doug Harris, Mark Coon, Joe Austin, Joe Crook, James Murran, David Lithicam Dean Marshburn and Janice Cheery, hopefully, I got most of those names close to being right. So we'll be well taken care of again, any extraneous conversations please take those outside. What we will do today in terms of the order of business, the agenda We will introduce and have a presentation momentarily from Andrew Heath, the director of Office of State Budget and management, following that presentation. We will take questions from members of the committees for Mr. Heath and Also if there are detailed questions, we have the staff here, a number of staff members from the office of State Budget and management who are here to address any detailed questions and of course the individual committees on the House side will get down to business beginning tomorrow and the first next week on all of the details on their normal appropriation rooms. So if there are no further questions, or matters at this time from any of the chairs, we will proceed and we'll introduce Director Andrew Heath from the office of of State Budget and Management to present the Governor's 2016-2017 adjustment to the Biennial Budget. Director Heath, you are recognized. Press that, press that. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman, thank you