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House | April 25, 2016 | Chamber | House Opening Session

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Testing, House Chamber. [BLANK_AUDIO] [NOISE] The house will come to order. Members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber, the Sergeant At Arms will close the doors. Members and our guests in the gallery are asked to please silence All electronic devices. [BLANK_AUDIO] House will come to order. This evening's prayer will be offered by Representative Burch Jones/g [UNKNOWN] members and our guests in the gallery please stand during the prayer and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. Representative Jones. [BLANK_AUDIO] Let us pray. Our Father and our God, this is a day that you have made, and we will rejoice and be glad in it, Father we have so much for which to be thankful, Great length blessed our state and our nation in so many ways. Your word reminds us that blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, we pray for the citizens of our state and we know that many of them are also praying for us as we open this year's session The Legislature, we pray that you will grant us the wisdom to know and the commitment to do what is right in your sight, they will offer disagreements due to the nature of what we do, help us to conduct ourselves with dignity and grace to speak truth in love, to Debate policy rather than attack people, and to forgive one another when we offend. I pray that we will always strive first to honor you Lord in all that we do as each one prays in their own way. I offer my prayer in the nae of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. >> Amen. I pledge allegiance To the flag of United States of America and to the republic in which it stands one nation under God invincible liberty and justice for all. >> Representative Louis is recognized. >> Mr speaker the journal for September 30th 2015 has been examined and found to be correct I move that it stands approved as written. >> Representative Lewis moves that the journal for September 30th 2015 be approved as written. Those in favor will say aye. >> Aye >> Those opposed no the journal is approved as written. Petitions memoirs/g papers are addressed Of the General Assembly of the house, [INAUDIBLE] House will come to a order [INAUDIBLE] Incorporate the apartment of Christopher Michael [INAUDIBLE] 2015/2016 by the Government of the State of North Carolina approclamation. [INAUDIBLE] Downsen, elected representative from your house, District 58 for 2015 2016 General Assembly died on March 15th 2016 and who order asked for provisions of General Statutes 163-11 required that the vacancy created by the death of the Honorable Rafcy Johnson be filled by appointment by the person recommended by eligible My eligible members of the Gift for County Democratic Party Executive Committee, in where I ask the Gift for County Democratic Party has noted meet that it's recommendation for Christopher Michaels Grow of Gifted County, North Carolina to be jail unexpired term. I do by this presence apon Christopher Michaels Grow as member of the North Carolina house of representative 2015, 2016 general assembly in witness for the oath I here on to sign [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] the great state of North Carolina has kept in the city of Rayleigh thsi 13th day of April in the year of our Lord 2016. Pat McCory Governor is a marshal/g sector state. Representative Scrow/g was administrated the oath of office from April 24th. He will occupy seat 116 I would ask all my members to please join me in welcoming Representative Scrow/g o the house of representatives. >> [APPLAUSE] BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] The chair directs that the message be sent to the senate informing them inform that honorable body of the seating of representative . They cooperate and remain in correspondence To the house.

>> Davis Wicks and Miss Lane/g. [INAUDIBLE] to comply with section one and section two of section executive order number 107 signed by Governor [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] on February 20th 1997. It shall serve as my official designation of room 1039 in the department of administration bill as the office of the legislative council Counselor on the position of section one. I hereby designate the following employees of the governor's office as the officials to whom the bills can be made under the provision of section two. Fred Stine Lee Burns Chris Jones. Fred Stine and Lee Burns have served as designated liaisons of juleopery/g in this office Mr Stein office is located in room 1038 of administrative [INAUDIBLE] and his [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] 9198142030. Mr Barns office is located in room 230 of administration bill and the her phone number is 198142049. Sincerely Governor Pat McCory. Noted. >> Dear Mr. Speaker,I'm writing to inform you that effective today,at 5 PM, I am stepping down as member of the North Carolina House of representatives.It has been my highest professional honor and accomplishment to have served the people of house district 105 in this capacity and to have done so amongst such Such many friends and colleagues.As many are aware in recent days, my role and responsibilities with my company Schaefer Associates have expanded to such a degree that I would unable to meet these new exiting obligations without taking away from my daily commitments with most of the people of the house district Five and to my fellow members. It is truly been a pleasure in serving my district and the great State of North Carolina and I will look back on my days as member of the North Carolina General Assembly with great pride. I wish you and all of my colleges in the general assembly the very best, kindest regards Representative Jacqueline M Schaffer [NOISE] Noted. >> Then Mr. Speaker, the short, to North Carolina General Statute 143B, that's 926, I'm pleased to nominate Mr. Robert Schrmier Jr Sir as Director of North Carolina State Grow investigation. Mr. Schrmier is a law enforcement veteran with nearly 30 years of experience Please feel free to contact my staff for any extra information sincerely Governor McCory Governor. >> Negative. Members in motion]of all members on the house, the chair is happy to extend the courtesy of the gallery to the youngest mayor in North Carolina Trent Lewis and his wife Danielle Who are here from Ashville county would you all please stand so we could welcome you for being with us this evening. >> [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO] >> And our motion of the gentlemen from Granville Representative Representative Speciole the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies to the gallery to Pastor Jim Core/g and his wife Susan and his daughter Shannon from Freedom Baptist Church in [UNKNOWN] would you all please stand so that we can welcome you as well. [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO] Also members of the Chair is happy to thank our Nurse of the day whose here with us this evening, Mary Garth from right here in Raleigh. She back there? She may have stepped out. We'll come back to it in a moment. Madam court chair would direct that the appointment, the nomination of Mr. Schiermeyer as Director of SPR that be referred to the committee of rules counter operations to the house. Members just a messages from the senate, the clerk will read. >> And there are none. >> Members if you would join me, we're gonna welcome our pages shortly. We'd gonna ask all the pages to please come down front. And in just a moment the clerk will call your name And your county. And when the clerk calls your name please step forward. Don't be shy, come on. Members while they're coming, I wanna inform the body tomorrow's session will be at 11 AM, but there will be no votes. So tomorrow is a no vote session, so members will not need to be present. I think some committees are gonna start working and we do anticipate taking some votes in the house probably on Wednesday and Thursday, but tomorrow there will be none committees will be meeting on some bills. All right I'll ask the clerk to introduce our pages. >> Maria [INAUDIBLE] Wayne County, Brandon [INAUDIBLE], Guilford County, Hope Cork-room, Gaston County, Mary Collins, Blaten/g County? Isiah Facemayer/g, Alamance county, James Fitz Henry Durham County,

Eli [UNKNOWN] County. Gabriel Comorous/g Granville county. Jacob Hart, Surry County, Kay Hill Durham county, Keyli/g Howard Lenoir County, Jacob Jefferys Durham county. Telon/g Marshal/g Johnston county. Aaron Binger/g Wake county, Julian Price Mechklenberg County, Diama Rosen/g Gaston Couty, Madison Joints/g Fortyth County. [BLANK_AUDIO] Members I would ask you all to join me in welcoming and thanking our pages this week. Thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] [SOUND] You may return to your stations. Notices and announcements, for what purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative Dollar rise? >> An announcement the gentleman has the full floor on announcement. >> The appropriations committee the full appropriations committee is meeting Wednesday morning that's Wednesday morning at nine o'clock, to hear the presentation the governor's budget. All members are welcome to attend whether you are on appropriation or finance, and this afternoon our Senate colleagues decided they wanted to join us as well in terms of your Budget book for the governor, we have been working with our [UNKNOWN] in the governor's office on that. At this point and time, it looks like this budget book will not be available until Wednesday morning. It should be online Wednesday morning, and we're attempting to arrange to get those books there by the time that we had our meeting and presentation from director Heath on Wednesday. So I'll be happy to answer any questions. >> What purpose does the gentlemen from Wayne representative Bill us? >> For an announcement, >> The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, and members, I want to announce the recognition of [UNKNOWN] North Carolina legislative sports was caucus in October 2006 North Carolina became the 31St State to form The Legislative Sportsman caucus under the National Assemble of Sportsman caucuses umbrella. The North Carolina Sportsman caucas is to protect the advance the traditional rights of North Carolinian citizens to hunt fish and pursue outdoor activities. Leadership of the Sports caucus includes myself, Representative Michael Ray, and Senator Buck Newton. I hope you'll join us in supporting endeavor to protect in advance this great traditions and support our vision on wildlife management, and I encourage all members to join if you already haven't so thank you very much. >> Chair has been informed that we are now in possession of a message from the senate the clerk will read. >> Mr speaker it's ordered that the message be sent to the honorable body pursuant to the proclamation issued by Governor Pat Mccory on April 19th, 2016 chartering/g has been appointed to fill a vacancy created by resignation of senator Josh Stein form the 16th district. Senator [UNKNOWN] has [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] seat number 41 respectively [INAUDIBLE] >> Noted for what purpose does the gentleman from Guilford representative [UNKNOWN]? >> Mr speaker a point of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> I just wanted to comment that it is humbling to be part of this honorable body. Representative Johnson loss is mourned by all of Greenbrough so I have shoes to fill, and I just wanna let folks know that I intend to work on a host of issues that are impactful to my home in Greensborough and all of Guidford County. And given an honor I will forward the conversations around those issues with people on both sides of the aisle thank you. For what purpose does the representative from Durham Representative Hall raise. >> Point of personally privilege. >> The gentlemen is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker and members I know you've noticed the chamber is looking better than it did when we left and things look much brighter. You would note that was probably due to the return of Representative Paul, Lucas and I ask that you join me and welcome my seat mate back. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative

Pidleton/g rise? >> For an announcement. >> The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. >> I just want to remind everybody the prayer breakfast is this Wednesday in the auditorium room 730 to 830 and if you're on Appropriations the chair has changed it to 9 o'clock so you got to update breakfast. We hope everybody will try to make an effort to come thank you. >> Further announcements and announcements? For what purpose does the lady from wake Representation [UNKNOWN] rise? >> Thank yo Mr speaker I wanted to To let you know that the nurse of the day is here so if you can introduce her. >> Thank you for that. Our nurse has shown up as introduced by our other nurse Mary Grant from Rawlins. Miss Grant thank you for being here please join me and Wargon/g. [NOISE] Further notices and announcements, not the gentleman from [INAUDIBLE] Representative Louis is recognized for motions. >> Mr speaker I move that the house adjourn to reconvene Tuesday April 26 at 11 o'clock AM. >> Representative Louis Blue seconded by house to be at ease. [NOISE] >> [CROSSTALK] >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Gentlemen representative Louis has moved seconded by a representative stamp for the house to now adjourn to reconvene Tuesday the 25th at 11 AM. Those in favor say aye. >> Aye. >> Those opposed say no. >> No. >> [INAUDIBLE] stand adjourned. [BLANK_AUDIO]