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Joint | April 25, 2016 | Committee Room | Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on General Government

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We're gonna call our joint legislative oversight committee meeting on general government to order. I'd like to welcome everyone to the committee meeting today. We have our sergeant at arms helping us out today, Warren Hawkins from the house, Doug Harris, Malachi Junior, Malachi and Randy Wall/g. And from the Senate side we have Sergeant Matt Irvin and Larry Hancock. Thank you gentlemen appreciate always your help here. Staff on the committee that's with us today are Lisa Holowell/g, Kara Bridges Bill Patterson and Myra Toraine we always appreciate the hard work of our staff folks thank you for being here. First thing on the agenda is the approval of the minutes from the April 11th meeting. Yo should have the minutes in your packet. I'll assume you've had the opportunity to look them over and be happy to entertain a motion to accept Is written so move second. >> Second. >> [INAUDIBLE] Brown second. All in favor say aye. >> Aye. >> All opposed. Minute/g scanned/g approved, thank you. Now if you get into your packet and fill out the joint legislative oversight report to the 2016 session you'll see the contents Of this including our letter of trans-middle we basically have six entries, six items, to consider in our recommendations, the findings and recommendations are found on page 10 an 11. And what I'm gonna do is ask Lisa Hallowell very quickly to go over this six different Findings and we'll take questions and discussion and then we would like to, if there's no amendments or changes, accept the full report um by acclamation of the committee. So Elisa, thank you. [INAUDIBLE] >> Mr. Chairman and members, on page ten, page ten begins the findings and recommendations. Number one is Related to the state motor pool. That's operated by the Department of Administration. And you heard about how they're doing things regarding the private vendors. So what this recommendation is, is that the law will be changed to conform with what the Department of Administration is Already doing and the legislative proposal is found on page 17 of this packet. Number 2 relates to the Opportunities Scholarship Grant Programme and you heard Secretary Wilson from the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs talk about this potential need that would include in the eligibility criteria Criteria for this grant. Any child whose parent or legal guardian is active duty status in the uniformed service of the United States that would expand that eligibility for that grant program. Number 3 relates to 3 programs that administered within the Department of Insurance/g Insurance, these 3 programs were under a continuation review and you heard the results of that continuation review from um the department earlier um in the interim/g, they are the rescue squads workers, the Rescue Workers' Relief Fund, the Volunteer Rescue EMS Grant Program and the Save our Our protection program and this report states that the committee will um recommend these programs continue and the same funding mechanism that is currently in place which is the transfer from Department of Transportation. Funding and recommendation number 4 is related to the background checks for the office assistant/g The State Controller and this legislation is found on page 23 of this report, um you heard from this agency they would like to be able to conduct background checks on its employees and they would need legislation to allow them to do that, and the committee recommends that that get approved. Funding and recommendation number five is related to human relation commission, and this was another continuation review that you heard about. And the committee would recommend that the program continue with the recurring funding at the current fiscal year 15/16 funding level. And then the last Proposed funding and recommendation number six is related to the office estate controller. Again this is also continuation review. And this would recommend that the committee would recommend continuing with the funding for the vacant positions that are funded through a transfer from the Department of Transportation highway fund. And Mr. Chairman that completes those recommendations. >> Thank you Lisa. Are there any questions on any of the recommendations? Representative Brody. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Thank you Mr. Chairman. One of the questions that deal with numbers are the third one, the rescue Squad and all those three. And I think it was just two of the three had grant program or so.

Not the relief fund but the other two. One of the questions I sent to department of insurance was if a county no longer conducts the inspections First of all I ask, are there any counties that are not doing the inspections and right now they're not. Cuz I thought there was a bill to do that last time and what I found out is that bill is still active. It's in the senate. So I'd just be curious Curious Mr. Chairman if you wiggle through this and put something together, that we might at least consider the idea that if that bill comes from the senate, and does eliminate some counties from doing these inspections. Ultimately they're not gonna pay the fee, that they'd also be eliminated from getting grants from this program. >> Mm-hm. >> And I And I think the last one, if I understand it correctly, that's just the funding mechanism transferred to do this. If corrected that could do the number three here. >> You're referring to finding six, or finding three? [CROSSTALK] >> Finding six is just the finding Mechanism for finding number three. Is that correct? >> No. >> Staff. >> Mr. Chairman and Representative Brody those are separate recommendations. They are both related to continuation reviews, but they are totally Totally separate. And I think what you're asking about is that some counties have the vehicle inspections and some have vehicle inspections, ammunition inspections. Everybody the fee is one fee so the counties that do the emissions and the safety, there's not two separate Says it's one fee in some cases it's combined in some it's just non safety. So while counties there are paying in, is that what your or everyone's paying on this/g. Is that what your asking about >> Yes follow up, I thank you for it because you did follow up Up on my request and well again is right now every county does that. I understand that if you do only one of them, you still pay the same amount of fee. That, that I understand right now but with this bill in the Senate that may be coming our way, that might Eliminates some counties from doing both of the inspections and thus they wont be paying any other fee. If I understand what that bill is [ INAUDIBLE] that I've asked a senator and I hope they gave me a quick answer on that Representative Cleveland. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman. I understand what Representative Brody's speaking of. And I think if the bill does pass through the Senate, then it becomes a budgeting problem that have to look at going forward. [COUGH] Any further staff comments. [INAUDIBLE] Party? Okay, any further questions from the committee? Senator Sanderson. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman. This might be for staff, I'm not sure. This is on Recommendation number five with human resources Commission, question being that since the new responsibility that they've been given in regards to House Bill 2, is there any consideration given that they may need more funding than the current level of funding? Did we look into that? Staff, Representative Cleveland. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman. That has been discussed, it's being worked out in the budgeting process. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Thank you. Are there any further questions or comments from the committee? Senator Krawiec. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman My question is on finding six, the controller in the beacon funds on the transfer. Was this as requested from the controller's office or weren't they requesting recurring funds, permanent funding or something, or do I remember that That incorrectly. >> Representative Cleveland. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman. They are requesting permanent funds and I understand it's in the governor's budget and it's something we'll work on on the budget process. >> Thank you. Any further questions or comments? Representative Brody. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman For the chair, if maybe you can answer this. We had one gentleman here to talk about the estates fund and basically

how the state is living on cash flows. In other words if every Phone everybody. >> Mm-hm. >> And we had to payout everything that we'd a lot of money in the hole. Um can that be one of these findings in here or is that something that we're just I guess too late to do anything about. And I think at this point it's probably Too late but it's something that can be addressed maybe through other avenues through the session. [BLANK_AUDIO] Any further questions or comments by our committee? Seeing none we'll up Senator Sanderson. >> Is that the appropriate time as the chairman of the motion? >> That is the appropriate time is now. Then I make the motion that we accept this recommendation from this committee. >> Okay and we'll also add to the motion authorised staff to correct any typographical or technical errors. So the motion has been made. Is there a second from [UNKNOWN] All in favor in the committee say I. >> I. >> All of those No? No. They're good The report is approved and this committee stands adjourned. [SOUND] >> [CROSSTALK] >> [LAUGH] >> [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] >> So you can go ahead, you guys can all go ahead and sign over here. >> Okay I think- >> [CROSSTALK] >> Okay the only thing that [INAUDIBLE] >> [CROSSTALK]