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House | March 23, 2016 | Chamber | House Bathroom Bill

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[BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] The house will come to order, members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber, the Sergeant at Arms will close the doors. [BLANK_AUDIO] Members if the Chair could have your attention just a moment, before we get to prayers, I do think it's appropriate that we observe a moment of silence one for the loss of representative Wrath Johnson, who passed away. One of our colleagues and also memory of the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium. I would ask member and guest please join me in a moment of silence for both of those. [BLANK_AUDIO] Thank you. Today's prayer would be offered by representative Butt Jones. Would ask all member and all guest in the gallery to please stand for the prayer, and we remain for the pledge of allegiance, representative Jones. [BLANK_AUDIO] >>Let's pray, . our Father and our God we came today before you a tread of grace. Acknowledging that you are indeed our God, our heavenly Father, our creator and our sustainer. As our creator you have given our live meaning and purpose. Grant us to wisdom to recognize your authority in our lives. For according to your word the foolish person will say in his heart there is no God. Your word also reminds us that as government officials we are to act as ministers of God, help us to do so as lovers of righteousness and agents of truth. Grant us the courage To speak the truth and the compassion to do so in love. Father since we last met, out colleague representative Ralph Johnson, and our former recent colleague Senator Eileen Parman have passed into eternity. We commend their souls to you, and we pray for peace and comfort for their loved ones. Father we also remember those victims of the recent violence in Brussels and Father we lift up their families and their loved ones as well. May we all be reminded that this earthly life is extremely brief in the last light of eternity, and may we live our lives with eternities values in view. As each one prays in their own way, I offer my prayer in the name of the Savior the Lord Jesus Christ amen. >> Amen I pledge allegiance to the flag Of United States of America, and to the republic on which it stands one nation under God invisible with liberty and justice for all. >> Would ask our members and our guests please silence all electronic devices as well. Chair direct the clerk read the joint proclamation. The clerk will read. >> Joint proclamation to convene the general assembly of North Carolina in extra session. [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] article 2 section 11 of the constitution of the United States of North Carolina requires speaker of the house representative and president of the senate to convene a general assembly an extra sessions by joint proclamation upon receipt of written request signed by [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] board members of the house of representatives and the senate. And I'll ask the president of the senate and speaker of the house representative that each receive written request All the members of the house and the representative from the senate now therefore the speaker of the house of representative and the president of the senate do hereby proclaim that general assembly of North Carolina shall convene an extra in the state session in the city of [UNKNOWN] of North Carolina and the state legislative [INAUDIBLE] on Wednesday 23rd 2016 to consider [INAUDIBLE] to organization operation of extra session. And bills to provide for will single sex occupancy bathrooms and cnahge facility to create state wide consistency in regulation of employment, and public accommodations. A copy of this proclamation will be delivered to each member of the house representative and the Senate and a copy of to the governor North Carolina in the sector state issued this day 22nd day of 2016 [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] speaker of the house representative. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Noted. Members in order to establish a quorum, the chair directs that an electronic call the roll of the members of the house of representatives be conducted. 15 seconds will be allowed for members to answer the call Members will simply vote yes if they are present. 15 seconds will be allowed The clerk will open the vote [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative [UNKNOWN] does the gentleman wish to be counted as present? Representative [UNKNOWN] does the gentleman wish to be counted as present? [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative [UNKNOWN] on the floor, [UNKNOWN] Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 92 members having being present. The chair declares there is a quorum. Members the chair would like to recognize a group of special visitors that we have in the gallery, actually group of students from my district. Group of students from Shelby Intermediate School. Would you all please To stand so that we can welcome you and thank you for being here with us today. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And I'm sure they'll join me in saying the best barbecue in North Carolina can be found in Shelby, North Carolina For all purposes does the gentleman from Alamance Representative Riddell rise? This gentleman wished to be counted as president in the original roll call. The gentleman will be counted in that tally. For all purpose does the gentleman from Harnett Representative Lewis rise? >>Mr. Speaker I have placed with the clerk a resolution for considerations By the body. The chair directs the principle court to assign a member a number to the resolution. [BLANK_AUDIO] The court has assigned the title of House Resolution One. Clerk will lead the resolution. >> Representative Lewis, House Resolution One, and a house resolution to adopt the permanent rules Of the 2016 second extra session of the North Carolina House of Representatives [INAUDIBLE] [BLANK_AUDIO] >> The gentleman from Harnett Representative Lewis has the floor to debate the resolution. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker Ladies and gentlemen of the house, House Resolution one that you have before you simply adopts the rules for this the second extra session of the North Carolina House of Representatives. This is standard boilerplate language. It authorizes as you see on page one the committees which are Authorized to meet. I will point out on page two starting at line seven, it does expand the number of bills that a member may file during this session provided the bill deals with the criteria that is stated therein. I'll be happy to To go into further detail but in the infest of time Mr. Speaker I would just urge the body to adopt the resolution before them>> Further discussion, further debate on the resolution? If not the question for the house is the adoption of House resolution one on its second reading those in favor will vote aye, those oppose will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] The clerk will lock the machine and record the votes. 96 having voted in he affirmative and none on the negative, house resolution one is adopted and order printed. Members pursuit the the resolution adopted here in the committees on appropriations, ethics, finance, judiciary one, two, three, and four and rules calendar and operations of the house had been activated to meet under the rules. Pursuit to the house resolution one the members of those committees are the same as those appointed for 2015 regular session. The chair directs the message be sent to the senate informing that honorable body that the 2015 house of representatives is organised, and ready to proceed with public business for the 2016 second extra session. [BLANK_AUDIO] House will be at ease just a moment.

[BLANK_AUDIO]. Members it appears that in just a moment we will be reading our bill to be taken up [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] members are doing the final review so we're gonna be at ease just for that purpose. It is the intention for the chair for you're planning purposes once this bill is read in that it will be referred to the judiciary for committee. And that the J4 committee will be meeting five minutes after recess. And given where we are the Chair would intend to call us back at 11:15 or 11:30 to take up the bill on the house floor. Well be at ease. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham representative Paul rise? >> Just an administrative question about facilities for the J4 meeting. >> Gentleman has any recognized for an inquiry to the chair? >> Thank you Mr. speaker just We just wanna know are we gonna have the meeting for J4 in a room that has access for internet feed, so that we can have that heard by the citizens? >> The committee will be meeting at room 643, as the gentleman very large committee room. And the Legislative office building. Which is also wired for internet and should have ample room for anyone who wants to be there or an opportunity for any one who wants to listen. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg representing Bishop rise? >> Mr. speaker, I have submitted a bill to the principle clerk for consideration by the body. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> The gentleman is recognized to send forth the bill is the court in receipt of the bill? The clerk will assign the bill a number. The clerk has assigned the house bill 2 the [clerk will read. >> Representative Bishop, Stein, Howard, [INAUDIBLE] house bill 2 an act to provide single sex multiple occupancy bathroom that changes facilities in school and Public agencies to create state wide consistency regulation and [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] the general assembly of North Carolina enacts. [SOUND] >> House bill 2 is referred to the committee on judiciary four. House will be at ease. [BLANK_AUDIO] The gentleman from Burke representative Blackwell is recognized to announce a committee meeting. >> J4 will meet in room 643 five minutes after we adjourn or recess here. >> Further notices and announcements. >> Mr Speaker. >> The gentleman from Cumberland representative Ford is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege, the house will come to order. >> Inquire with the Chair. >> The gentleman is recognized for an inquiry. >> Mr Speaker how would Before how would the business be conducted as it relates to where we reconvened last session? >> The judiciary for our committee today will be taking up house bill two which was just read in. And the chair will defer to the chair of that committee in the manner of proceedings. The chair is about to put us into recess until 11:30, and would hope that the bills reported out by that time. If it is not if the committee is still deliberating the bill then we would delay when we start session, that's the order business. Did the gentleman wish to speak to a point of personal privilege concerning the passing of a former member. >> Yes Mr speaker I think that >> The gentleman has the floor for that. >> Yes Mr Speaker, just like Monday we attended the home going service of one of our members that served in our chamber for 10 years and I would just like to ask Mr Speaker if before we recess if we can just take a moment of silence to honor representative Palm Who was a funulized/g on Monday. >> Members the gentleman's request is the chair joins that request as you know we also lost Senator Senator Eileen Palmer who was former member of this body, and actually came in as a freshman with a number of us in 2002. And is a wonderful away and certainly will be missed. Would ask the members of the house and those with us to please join us in the moment of silence and remember Senator Palmer as well. [BLANK_AUDIO] Thank you. >> Further notices and announcements, for what purpose does the gentlemen from Orange Representative Mayer rise? >> Thank you Mr speaker I have a question for the gentleman from Burke county. Does the gentleman from Burke yield to the gentlemen from Orange? >> I do. >> He yields. >> Thank you Representative Blackwell J4 committee meeting will there be time allowed fro public comment on the Bill. >> That's the intention yes. >> Thank you. >> [BLANK_AUDIO]

>> Further announces and announcements. If not the chair is going to revise the Chairs notice about recess. The Chair is gonna put us into recess until noon subject to receipt of messages from the Senate. Receipt of committee report re-referrals of bills and resolutions and introduction of bills, and resolutions subject to this conditions the house does hereby stand in recess until 12 noon. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]