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House | February 18, 2016 | Chamber | House Redistricting, Part Two

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[SOUND] The house is in order. Members we are going to go back into recess subject to the conditions announced previously and reason for that just to give an update, the staff is still working on getting all the bills drafted that are there. The Redistricting committee is going to go in I believe convenes at 3.30. >> 3.30 >> 3.30 I believe now. Yes change to 3.30. Representative Hager you are gonna call a cuckoos. And recognized for an announcement. >> Thank you Mr. speaker Republicans will cockus at 5..44 immediately after. Mr.speaker recess is aborted. >> So we are gonna come back given that we've initially indicated we would probably come back at four o'clock I don't think that's gonna be fruitful since the committee doesn't meet until 3.30. So subject to the conditions announced prior I'm about to put us into recess until 5 PM. Do we have further notices and announcements. If not the house will stand in recess subject to the conditions previously announced until 5 PM. [SOUND]